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No, 4.


Genealogical and Biographical




October, 191 2.



226 West 58TH Street, New York.

Entered July tg. 1879. as Second Class Matter. Post Otfice at New York. N. Y., Act of Congress of March 3d. 1879.

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

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Illustrations. Portrait of William Watts Sherman Frontispiece

1. William Watts Sherman. By Capt. Richard Henry Greene . . .309

2. The Doughty Family of Long Island. By Ethan Allen Doty. (Con-

tinued from Vol. XLIII, page 287) 312

3. Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. By John R. Totten. (Continued

from Vol. XLIII, page 272) 3^5

4. Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machacke-

MECK (Deerpark.) (Continued from Vol. XLIII, page 248) . . 349

5. Descendants of Edward Tre(a)dwell through his son John.

By William A. Robbins. (Continued from Vol. XLIII, page 224) . . 373

6. Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey, of the Revo-

lution, WHO served from Franklin County, Pa., and his Sister,
Jeannet Ramsey, who married Joseph Eaton, a Revolutionary
Soldier in Franklin County, Pa. By Orra Eugene Monnette . . 388

7. Hints for the Searching of Records. By Ethan Allen Doty . . 399

8. Book Notices 4oi

Q. Accessions to the Library 408

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^-/-rt^ a^^


ienealogical ma ^mm^xal letort.

Vol. XLIII. NEW YORK. OCTOBER, 1912. No. 4.

By Capt. Richard Henry Greene.

William Watts Sherman was born at Albany ^^Y- Aug 4
i«d?- Vie was son of Watts Sherman, born Feb. 22, 1809, ana aiea
Feb '20! 1865 Tn the Island of Madeira. Watts SherWs fir s^^
wife was Lois Sarah Turner, who died m Albany, Aug. 4, 1838 m
her 2^st year. His children were all of the second wife, Sarah
Maria Gibson whom he married Feb. 2, 1841 She was born Feb.
f 1816 and 'did Mar. 10, 1878, the daughter of Henry Bicker
Gibson (l783-r863) and Sarah Sherman, his wife who was daughter
of Watts Sherman and Olivia Gillson, born m Utica N. Y Sept.
1:: i7Q^- married Dec 9 1812. He was born m Reading, Pa.,
ipri 13,' mThis^ather 'removed to Saratoga, N. Y., and he to
Utica, N. Y., in 1805. /-,7=:7i«i«^

The maternal ancestry is as follows: J^l^^,^^^^^!^///^^"^,^;^^^
married Katherine Bicker; Henry Bicker, born 1722 married
SoXa Heyer! Victor Bicker, Jr., born 1688, marned Annatje
Cr&r vfctor Bicker, born 1652, married Claasje Blanck; Gerrit
Bicker, 'born 1629, married Aaltje Lubbertse.

The paternal Une descends from Philip Shearman, who came to

Roxbury Mass.. in 1633, a single man, made freeman, 1634,

married'sarah Odding. He was born in ^edham, Eng it is said

Feb 5 1610. He was among the followers of Ann Hutchinson

and was banished from the Colony, Oct. 2, 1637 The family

emigrated to Rhode Island, bought land ^^om the Indians at

l^u^tnet and government was set up with Coddmgton for

governor, and ShLman for secretary, this was at Portsmouth R. L

Soon after he left the Congregational Church and united wih

the Society of Friends. His son, Eber^ Shearman, was born m

Roxbury, 1634; he settled on the west side of Na^^^?^,^^.^" .^^^

at North Kingston. His wife's name was Mary; he died m 1706.

Sifeldest son was also Eber« Shearman, married Martha Rem-

m ngton they lived at North Kingston. Henry* Shearman his

younges child, was born Jan. 14. 1724, married Anna, daughter


3 1 William Watts Sherman. [Oct.,

of Dr. Charles Higginbotham in 1747; they resided in South
Kingston. He changed the spelling of the name to Sherman,
other members of the family did the same later. His son Nathaniel,'^
born Aug. 15, 1748, m. Lucy, daughter of Rev. William Tisdale, a
Baptist clergyman. They had two sons: Henry, ** married Sarah
Mitchell of Hudson, N. Y., and Watts, "^ born July 2, 1775, mar-
ried Olivia Gillson, June 12, 1794. These brothers were each in
the ancestry of William Watts Sherman, thus: Henry's youngest
son was Watts^ (William Watts' father) and the brother Watts*^
had an eldest child, Sarah^ Sherman, who married Henry B. Gibson,
Dec. 9, 1812, and their second child Sarah Maria* Gibson, married
Watts^ Sherman, above. This man was teller of the Ontario
County Bank, Canandaigua, N. Y., and later cashier of the
Uvingston County Bank, Genesee, N. Y. In 1833 he became
cashier of the Herkimer County Bank at Uttle Falls, N. Y. In
1834 Erastus Corning was president of this bank and moved to
Albany, N. Y., where Corning became president of the Albany
City Bank and Sherman was made cashier. Mr. Sherman was a
democrat and nominated for Alderman in 1845 and '46, but the
whigs were successful in these elections.

In 1851 he came to New York and became a partner in the
firm of Duncan, Sherman & Co., bankers. He lived at 5th avenue,
corner 22d street until he died Feb. 20, 1865, while at the Island
of Madeira, W. I. They were a generous couple, full of kind-
liness and charity, which the widow continued until her death,
March 10, 1878.

The children of Watts Sherman were :

i. Erastus Corning Watts, ^ d. Aug. 9, 1841, aged 5 years,
ii. Harry Gibson, d. Sept. 5, 1843, aged 5 years,
iii. William Watts, b. Aug. 4, 1842; the subject of this

iv. Duncan, b. Dec. 1, 1844; d. in 1879.
V. Harry Gibson, b. Sept. 13, 1846.
vi. Frederick, b. July 31, 1848.

vii. Charles Augustus, b. April 11, 1852; d. April 21, 1854.
viii. Alexander, b. Sept. 15, 1854; d. March 28, 1857.

William Watts Sherman, the eldest surviving son, married
July 5, 1871, at Newport, R. I., to Annie Derby Rogers Wetmore,
youngest child and only daughter of Wm. Shepard and Anstice
(Rogers) Wetmore; she was born in I^ondon, Eng., and was a
sister of Hon. George Peabody Wetmore. U. S. Senator from
Rhode Island. This family was descended from Thomas^ Whit-
more, who came to New England in 1635, bringing his son John,^
who was born in 1615; they lived in Middletown, Conn. Their
son Israhiar,^ born March 8, 1656, married May 13, 1692, Rachel
Stow. He was Deputy to the General Court and Magistrate.
Seth,^ their son, was born Nov. 18, 1700, married (l) Margaret
Gaylord; married (2) Hannah, daughter of Joseph Whitmore;
married (3) Hannah, born Feb. 8, 1712, daughter of Timothy and

jg,2.] Willian Watts Sherman. 3^^

Esther Edwards; they were married June 15, 1745-6. Hannah
was sLter of President Jonathan Edwards. Seth born M.ddle-
town, Conn., Sept. 10, 1769, married Nancy, faugh er of Gen^
Wm. Shepard Wetmore, Feb. 1, 1800. The parents of Wm.Shepard
Wetmore:mentioned above, who was born in New York and died at
Newport, R. I., June 1, 1859; she died in 1884.

WiUiam Watts Sherman married second in 1885, bopUia
Augusta Brown, who was descended from Chad^ Brown one
of ?he original proprietors of Rhode Island and P-for of he
First Baptist Church in 1642. His son John,^ born 1630, married
Mary, daughter of Rev. Obadiah Holmes^ who died m 706
Tames,^ born 1666, married Mary Harris. He died Oct. 28, 1732^
James/ born March 22, 1698, married Hope Power. He died
^127 1739. Nicholas,^ born July 28, 1729, married Rhoda
tenckes He died May 29, 1791. Nicholas^ Jr., ^ born April 4
1769, married Annie Carter, Nov. 3, 1791. He died Sept 27 1841.
John^ Carter, born Aug. 28, 1797, married Sophia A^tgusta Brown
He died June 10. 1874. Their children were: i^ John Nicholas,
born Dec. 17, 1861; died May 1, 1900. u. Harold, born Dec^ 14
186^- died May 10, 1900. iii. Sophia Augusta Brown, born April


21, 1867

The financial assistance furnished by this family, many years
ago, was recognized by the adoption of the name for the college at
ProVidence R. I., as Brown University, one of the earliest and
more distinguished of the colleges of this country.

The New York home of William Watts Sherman was at 838 l^itth
avenue, and the summer home was on Shepard avenue Newport,
R. I. He had four children, two by each marriage, as follows:

i Georgette Wetmore Sherman, born July 13, 1872; mar-
ried Harold Brown, son of John Carter Brown of
Providence, R. I. .

ii Sybil Katharine Sherman, born Aug. 22, 1875; marned
John Ellis Hoffman in 1895, and later Nome Sellar.
iii Irene Muriel Augusta Sherman, born in Pans, France,
Tune 9 1887; married Sept. 8, 1910, Lawrence
Lewis Gillespie. They reside at No. 11 East 89th
street, New York. . ^ . ^t i ioqq

iv Mildred Constance Sherman, born in Pans, 3 July, 188S;
manied Nov. 25, 1911, Ralph Francis Julian Stonor,
the Lord Camoys, of Stonor Park, England.
Mr Sherman was a member of the Metropolitan, Knickerbocker,
Century City, Automobile, Riding, Colony, Coaching, Raquet
and Tennis, and Calumet Clubs; the St. Nicholas Society, National
Arts Association, Sons of the Revolution, Colonial Wars of New
York and of Rhode Island, American Geographical Society, and
the Rhode Island Society of the Cincinnati. He was treasurer of
the Newport Casino, member of the Reading Room, vice-president
of the Redwood Library and the Historical Society, trustee of the
Natural History Society, and one of the original members of the
Park Commission of Newport.


112 The Doughty Family of Long Island. [Oct.,

Mr. Sherman died at his home in New York, Jan. 23, 1912.
He was a man, prominent in New York City and equally so in
Newport, where his kindly disposition and generous helpfulness
made hosts of friends, who will miss him in the various association
of his active life.

He was elected a member of the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Society Feb. 10, 1893.


By Ethan Allen Doty.

(Continued from Vol. XLIII, p. 287, of the Record.)

50. Hannah Doughty (daughter of Charles Doughty and
Elizabeth Jackson), born in Queens County, N. Y.; married in
Queens County, New York, Samuel Cornell, born 1700 (son of

William Cornell). She died . He married (2) Elizabeth

Doughty, sister of his first wife. By her no children. He mar-
ried (3) Susanna Willet. Children by first wife:

112 i. Hannah, m. Francis Browne,

113 ii. Samuel, b. 1731; m. Susan Mampson; she d. 1778, he

d. 1 781. They were the ancestors of a family re-
markable for intelligence, wealth, culture and in-

114 iii. Sarah.

115 iv. Mary, m. Arthur Mampson.

116 v. Charles, m, Elizabeth Cornell.

117 vi. Robert, m. Anne Links.

51. Martha Doughty (daughter of Charles Doughty and Eliza-
beth Jackson), born in Queens County, New York, 1705, married
(i) in Queens County, New York, 1723, Samuel Hicks, born in
Queens County, New York. She married (2) 1739, Nathaniel
Townsend, born in Queens County, New York, Feb. 25, 1698 (son
of James Townsend of Jericho, Long Island). He died May 22,
1754. She died July 19, 1759. Children by first husband:

118 i. Samuel (Hicks), not married; d. 1759.

119 ii. Mary (Hicks), m. Dr. James Townsend.

Children by her second husband:

120 iii. Martha (Townsend).

121 iv. Nathaniel (Townsend).

122 V. Elizabeth (Townsend).

123 vi. Almy (Townsend).

124 vii. Stephen (Townsend).

125 viii. John (Townsend).

For the Townsend family see the Memorial of the Townsend

IQI2.] The Doughty Fajnily of Long Island. 3 ' 3

58. Daniel Doughty (son of Jacob Doughty and Amy Whitehead),
born at Cow Neck, Hempstead, Queens County, New York, 17th
of loth month, 1703 (corresponding- exactly to December 28,
1703), married ( i) in Burlington County, New Jersey, 1729-30, Ann
Stevenson, born in Burlington County, New Jersey, about 17 10
(daughter of John Stevenson and Mercy Jennings); she d. 24th of
7th month, 1742; he married (2) Mrs. Edith Coate Nevvbold
(daughter of Marmaduke Coate and widow of Thomas Newbold
of Springfield, Burlington County, New Jersey). She had no
issue by this marriage, but had a son William Newbold of
Chesterfield, New Jersey. Mrs. Ann Stevenson Doty was a
granddaughter of Samuel Jennings, the first Governor of the
Province of West New Jersey.

1735-7-9, Daniel Doughty was a Justice of the town of Bethle-
hem, Hunterden County, New Jersey. 1744, he was Member of
Assembly for Hunterden County. 1761, he was Member for
Burlington County. 1750, he purchased from Charles Read,
Secretary of the Province of West Jersey, a valuable Plantation
in the township of Springfield to which Read had given the
name of " Sharon." Upon the death of Daniel Doughty he gave
" Sharon" by will to his grandson, Daniel Doughty Smith, whose
grandson Barclay White now owns the property. 1752, April 28,
Daniel Doughty of Burlington County, New Jersey, conveyed to
five trustees a plot of land, which they at once conveyed to the
Monthly Meeting of Quakers at Kingwood; and in 1764 he con-
veyed another plot in the same way to the same Meeting.

Daniel Doughty died 1778 and he was the first interred in the
burial-ground adjoining Friends' Meeting house at " The
Mount." A stone meeting house had been constructed upon the
brow of a hill about one mile from Sharon; the graveyard was
not enclosed at the time of his burial, and a temporary fence
was constructed around his grave. Children (births being given
still in "old style"):

+ 126 i. Mary Doughty, daughter to Dan' and Ann Doughty
was Born y® i mo. 27th Day 1731.

127 ii. Anne Doughty, daughter to Dan' and Ann Doughty

was Born y® 2 mo. ist Day 1734.

128 iii. Jacob Doughty, son to Dan' and Ann Doughty, was

Born y"^ 1 1 mo. 2nd Day about one a clock in y*^
morning 1736-7.

129 iv, Mercy Doughty, daughter to Dan' and Ann Doughty

was Born y^ 4 mo. i6th Day 1741.
Jacob Doughty, son of Dan' and Ann Doughty, died
the 7 mo. y* 9th Day 1742.

Anne Doughty, daughter to Dan' and Ann Doughty
died y® 12 of 7 mo. 1742.

Mercy Doughty, daughter to Dan^ and Ann Doughty
died y^ 14th day 7 mo. 1742.

Ann Doughty wife to Dan' Doughty died y^ 24th day
of 7 mo. 1742,


314 The Doughty Family of Long Island. [Oct.,

The above is a correct copy of record, as appears in the fam-
ily Bible of Daniel Doughty, now in my possession.

Mount Holly, N. J., 6 mo. 4, 1883.

Barclay White.

64. Abigail Doughty, 2d (daughter of Jacob Doughty and Amy
Whitehead), born in Burlington County, New Jersey, Oct. 3,

1716: married , 1736, William King, born April i, 1714 (son of

Joseph King and Marcia ). Children:

130 i. Marcia, b. June 4, 1738.

131 ii. Amy, b. Oct. 12, 1739.

132 iii. Anne, b. Feb. 29, 1740.

^ZZ iv. Joseph, b. April 20, 1746 (O. S.).

69. John Embree (son of John Embree and Sarah Doughty),
born at Flushing, Queens County, New York, about 1720; mar-
ried Elizabeth Lawrence, born at Flushing, New York, June 15,
1720 (daughter of Richard Lawrence and Hannah Bowne).

134 i. Effingham, m. Mary Lawrence.

135 ii. Lawrence, m. Sarah Pearsall.

136 iii. George, m. Abigail Bowne.

137 iv. Hannah, d., not m., 1798.

138 V. Elizabeth, m. Comfort Cornell. Their daughter, Abi-

gail Cornell, m. (i) June 9, 1795, Jacob Doughty, b.
July 13, 1772. He d. 1798. She m. (2) Israel Corse.
Children by Jacob Doughty: i, Sally Titus, d.

young; 2, Betsy Cornell, m. Clark, was son

Charles G. Clark, Paris; 3, Jacob, m. Charity Valen-
tine, b. 1799.
The above Jacob Doughty, born 1772, may possibly be No.
250, son of George and Abigail Doxey Doughty.

70. John Doughty (son of Francis Doughty and ), born in

Westchester County, New York, about 17 16. By will on record
at White Plains, Westchester County, New York, dated May 13,
and proved June 18, 1789, John Doughty of Rye gives to children
as below. Children:

139 i. James.
+ 140 ii. John.

141 iii. Mary, m. Tillot.

+ 142 iv. Isaac.
143 V. Philemon.

146 vi. Ebenezer.

147 vii. Sarah, m. Van Cott. Had children: i. Ebenezer;

2. Elizabeth.

75. John Doughty (son of Elias Doughty and Mary Ismond),
born at Flushing, Queens County, New York; married at Flush-
ing, Queens County, New York, Abigail Sayre. Children:

148 i. Mary, m. in 1778, Theodorus Deforrest of New York

City, and had children.

tgi2.] The Doughty Family of Long Island. 3 I 5

+ 149 ii. John. , XT. 1 \ mi-

150 iii. Sarah, m. Isaac Hicks (son of Samuel Hicks). They
had five children.

76 Jacob Doughty (son of Elias Doughty and Mary Ismond)
born in Flushing, Queens County, New York; married Elizabeth
Ismond. Children:

+ 151 i. Isaiah.

+ IS2 ii. George.

153 iii. Caroline, m. (i) in 1773, John Clement; m. (2) Thome

+ 154 iv. James.

155 V. Thomas, d. not m. ^t tt 1 1

156 vi. Elias, removed to Dutchess County, New York, and

m. there.

157 vii. Charles, d. unm.

77 Charles Doughty (son of Elias Doughty and Mary Ismond),
born at Flushing, Queens County, New York; married at Flat-
bush, Kings County, New York, Sept. 9, 175°, Margaret De-
Bevoise. He was a member of the New York Legislature.

ir8 i. Samuel, who d. young.

159 ii. Oriouchy (called also "Ariante" and "Adnanna ),bap.

Dec. 3, 1752.

79 William Doughty (son of Elias Doughty and Mary Ismond),
born at Flushing, Queens County, New York; married at Jamaica,
New York, Hannah Doughty (No. 98), born in Flushing, Queens
County New York, 1729 (daughter of John Doughty and Hannah
Sleigh) Mrs. Doughty died in 1826, aged 97 years, 8 months.
It is to her that we are indebted for so much of this record as
rests on tradition. Children:

160 i. Rebecca, m. June 23, 1777, her cousin, Benjamin

Doughty, b. Nov. 10, 1744 (son of Benjamin Doughty
and Hannah Williams).
+ 161 ii. Elias.

162 iii. Stephen, d. not m.

163 iv. Hannah, d. not m.

164 v. John, d. not m.

82 Timothy Doughty (son of Elias Doughty and Mary Is-
mond), born in Flushing, Queens County, New York, married m
Flushing, Queens County, New York, in 1757, Ann Smith. 1765,
they are living at Jamaica, Queens County, New York, where he
was a carpenter. But they later removed to New Jersey.

165 i. Ann.

166 ii. Catharine.

167 iii. Charles.

168 iv. Daniel.

169 V. Mary.

2 I 6 The Doughty Family of Long Island. [Oct.,

170 vi. Timothy.

171 vii. Oranochy.

90. Daniel Doughty, builder, of Northern Liberties of the City
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will recorded in Philadelphia,
dated Aug. 6, 1807. Gives estate to wife Susannah, and legacies
to the children of his brothers and sisters: i, William Doughty,
2, Elizabeth Lippincott, 3, Sarah Fenton, 4, Hester Swift. New
Jersey licenses to marry, 1779, Sept. 18, Enos Lippincott and
Elizabeth Doughty of Burlington County, New Jersey. 1781,
Feb. 27, John Fenton and Sarah Doughty of Monmouth County,
New Jersey.

95. Joseph Doughty (son of Joseph Doughty and Mary
Cornell), born in Flushing, Queens County, New York, about
1728; married in Beekman, Dutchess County, New York, April
18, 1753, Sighches Wiltsie, born September 16, 1736 (daughter
of Martin Wiltsie and Jannetje Suydam). The Wiltsies were
from Newtown, Long Island. They lived in Beekman, Dutchess
County, New York, where he died October, 1807. His widow
survived him. His will dated Aug. 12, is recorded at Pough-
keepsie. New York. Children:

174 i. Mary, b. March 23, 1754; m. Jonathan Hoag.

175 ii. John, b. June 8, 1757; not m.

176 iii. Thomas, b. April 27, 1759; m. Mary Ricketson. They

lived in Beekman, New York.

177 iv. Jane, b. July 4, 1761; m. Philip Flagler.

178 V. Joseph, b. Oct. 14, 1763; m. (i) Allen; m. (2)


179 vi. Siche, b. March 6, 1766; m. Samuel Vail.

+ 180 vii. Martin, b. March 14, 1768; m. Lydia Collins.

181 viii. William, b. Nov. 5, 1770; m. Mrs. Sarah Van Wyck


182 ix. Jacob, b. Oct. 20, 1772; m. (i) Phebe Collins, sister of

Lydia; m. (2) Lois Curtis.

183 X. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, 1774; d. young.

184 xi. Cornell, b. Oct. 28, 1776; m. Elizabeth Adriance. See

Wills, Dutchess County, New York, April 16, 1842.

185 xii. Nehemiah, b. Oct. 14, 1780; m. Catharine Dennis. See

Wills, Dutchess County, New York, Dec. 24, 1840.

96. John Doughty (son of John Doughty and Hannah Sleigh),
born probably in Jamaica, Queens County, New York, Dec. 8,
1724, m. in Jamaica, Queens County, New York, Keziah
Bates. They lived in Jamaica, New York. Deeds are recorded
at Jamaica, New York, of land to him 1757 and again 1765. In
1764 with Keziah, his wife, he mortgaged land at Hungry Harbor,
Hempstead, 1789. John Doughty, Weaver, of Jamaica, conveys
land to Josiah, sonof John Doughty. He probably died Dec. 17,
1795. Children:

186 i. Martha.

187 ii. Keziah,

1912.] The Dotighiy Family of Long Island. 3 i 7

188 iii. Lucretia.

189 iv. Josiah.

190 V. Priscilla.

97. Charles Doughty (son of John Doughty and Hannah
Sleigh), born probably in Jamaica, Queens County, New York,
about 1728, married (i) at Jamaica, Queens County, New York,

Mary Doughty, (No. 78), born (daughter of Elias Doughty

and Mary Ismond). She died . He married (2) Elizabeth

Doughty. They lived in Brooklyn, New York, where he was a
prominent Attorney and member of the Colonial Assembly
1787. Doughty Street in Brooklyn was named after him and he
lived at the corner of Doughty and Furman Streets.

In the Brooklyn Eao^le oi June 7, 1891, an "Old Brooklynite"
gives some interesting items:

" In the morning of Brooklyn's existence, when taxes were
low, politicians were not, and population statistics represented
by hundreds instead of hundreds of thousands, no street was
better known than the now neglected byway behind the Eagle's
back door. Time, the destroyer of all things, has reduced the
prominence of Doughty Street, and from one of the thorough-
fares of the village of Breiicklyn it has become a byway of the
great city of Brooklyn. But it has occurred to me that a retro-
spective glance at the ancient alley and the family for whom it
was named would not be amiss; a forgotten family so far as the
average newspaper interviewer of the oldest inhabitant is con-
cerned, but a family whose name will endure forever in the
annals of Brooklyn as one of the first, if not the very first of
of English birth.

The Doughty family in America are all the descendants of
one individual, the Rev. Francis Doughty, who emigrated from
England and settled at Taunton, Mass., about the year 1633,
which places him among the earliest of the Puritan fathers fol-
lowing in the footsteps of the Mayflower pioneers. The Brooklyn
Doughty family are the descendants of Elias, the second son of
the Rev. Francis Doughty. Their first appearance in this city is
believed to have been about the year 1690; there is, however, no
absolute proof in the possession of the writer that this date is
correct, although it cannot be more than a decade or so out of
the way.

Doughty street takes its name from Mr. Charles Doughty, for
many years the most prominent attorney in the village of
Brookyn, and a member of the Colonial Assembly as early as
1787. In fact we feel safe in asserting that Mr. Doughty was the
first Brooklynite in the New York Assembly. We find mention
of him in the journal of that body under the date of March 3,
1787, when a petition relative to the coinage of copper for the
State was referred to Mr. Brooks, Mr. Duboys, Mr. Doughty, Mr.
E. Clark and Mr. Taylor. Mr. Doughty's residence was located
on the south corner of Doughty and Furman Streets, directly
opposite the house of Gabriel Furman. It has long since
disappeared and has been so completely forgotten that we

^l8 The Doughty Family of Long Island. [Oct.,

never even see it mentioned in local annals. It is believed by
the writer that Mr. Doughty was the owner of the street which
bears his name.

The old Brooklyn records are full of the Doughtys, and yet,
strangely enough, they are never mentioned in newspaper
articles, although equally prominent in their day with the
Bergens, Remsens, Boerums, Johnsons and Rapelyes. The rea-

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