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ber 1 6th, 1760-

Lothrop Family Memorial, pp. 92 and 124.

1912.] Thacher-Thatcher Ge?iealogy. 3^9

150. Jonathan-'^ Lothrop (Ann* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ An-
tony,^ Rev. Peter^), born September i8th, 1727, at ; died

, at ; married December 20th, 1753, at , to

Rachel Ladd. He lived at Tolland, Conn.

Child: I (Lothrop), daughter, born at Tolland.

539 i. Rachel,*^ born October 22nd, 1754.

Lothrop Family Memorial, pp. 92, 124.

152. JoHN^ Lothrop (Ann* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^

Rev. Peter^), born May 6th, 1732, at ; died March 24th

(or 27th), 1812, "in 80th year of his age, born in May," at

; married December loth, 1754, at , to Lucy Gray

of Coventry, Conn., born — — , 1739-40 (see age at death and

date of death), at ; died December 25th, 1807, "in 67th

year of her age," at .

Children: 11 (Lothrop), 3 sons and 8 daughters.

540 i. Desire,** born November nth, 1755; died No-

vember nth, 1755.

541 ii. Anne,** born October 19th, 1756; baptized Octo-

ber 24th, 1756; died November 23rd, 1756-

542 iii. Luscalla,^ born November 23rd, 1757; died No-

vember 30th, 1827; married Eliab Ladd.

543 iv. Presinda,** born January 30th, 1761 ; died March

20th, 1810; married William Huntington.

544 V. John,** born April 24th, 1763; died December

loth, 1780.

545 vi. Elizabeth,^ born ; d. September i6th, I837;

married Andrew Steele.

546 vii. Elvira,'' born June 13th, 1768; died December

5th, 1836.

547 viii, Rowland,® born March loth, 1771 ; died Sep-

tember 14th, 1844 ; married, first, Hannah Crafts ;
married, second, Hannah Cleaveland.

548 ix. Lucy,® born November ist, 1774; died ;

married Rawdon.

549 X. Jonathan,® born February 17th, 1776; died May

13th, 1776.

550 xi. Molly,® born September 12th, 1779; died ;

married, first, Woodward ; married, second,


Lothrop Family Memorial, pp. 92, 125-6.

153. Thacher^ Lothrop (Ann* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,* An-
tony ,2 Rev. Peter^), born January 26th, 1734, at ; he

lived at Tolland and East Windsor, Conn., and was a soldier
in Revolutionary War; he died December 30th, 1806, "in

62nd year," at ; married November loth, 1755, at ,


•7 -2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, [Oct.,

to Submit Loomis, born at Windsor, Conn., October 20th,
1736; died August 22nd, 1794, "aged 59." She was a daugh-
ter of Moses Loomis (born June 24th, 1696; died February
i6th, 1761 ; married December 17th, 1729) and his second

wife Elizabeth Bidwell of Hartford, Conn, (born ; died

February 20th, 1761, aged 55) of Windsor, Conn.

Children: 10 (Lothrop).

551 i. Elizabeth^ (Betty), born September 2nd, 1756;

died ; married George Buckland.

552 ii. Lydia,*^ born ; died March loth, 1772.

553 iii. David,** born April 26th, 1758; died ; mar-

ried Anna Chipman.

554 iv. Lura,^ born , 1762; died November i6th,

1845, aged 83 ; married Hall.

555 V. **, baptized January 30th, 1763.

556 vi. Submit,** born , 1765; baptized January 20th,

1765; died September loth, 1848, aged 83; mar-
ried Ephraim Hunn.

557 vii. Luther,® born October 5th, 1766; baptized Octo-

ber I2th, 1766; died ; married Lucy Hart-

558 viii. ,** born ; baptized May nth, 1768.

559 ix. Loring,** born April 3rd, 1770; baptized May

30th, 1770; died January 7th, 1847; married
Miriam Foster.

560 X. Vallely,*' born , 1772; died October 27th (or

29th), 1794, aged 22; married Elizur Atkins,

leaving one child. Freeman^ Atkins, who died

November 5th, 1798, aged 5.

Thacher^ Lothrop, according to Stiles' Windsor, is reputed to

have succeeded Timothy Skinner as sexton of Wapping Parish in

Windsor, Conn. Timothy Skinner died in 1777. A letter from

Thacher^ Lothrop to his children in Long Meadow has preserved

the names of his sons.

Lothrop Family Memorial, pp. 92-3, 126-7.
Stiles' Ancient Windsor, Vol. II, pp. 430, 440.
Loomis' Genealogy, by Elias Loomis, Vol. II, p. 636.

155. Elizabeth' Lothrop (Ann* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ An-

tony,2 Rev. Peter^), born April 22nd, 1740, at ; died

, at ; married February 24th, 1763, at , to Col.

Solomon Wills, born October 14th, 1731, at ; died De-
cember loth, 1807. He resided at Tolland, Conn., where he
was a soldier, judge and statesman. He was a son of Joshua

and Millicent ( ) Wills.

Children: 7 (Wills), 3 sons and 4 daughters.

561 i. Roxalana,« born December 3rd, 1763; died No-
vember 24th, 1780; married Col. Eliakim Chap-

igi2.] Thacher-Tfiatc her Genealogy. 33 I

man (son of Col. Samuel and Sarah (White)
Chapman) as his first wife.

562 ii. Nancy ,° born September 3rd, 1765; died ;

married Col. Eliakim Chapman as his second
wife; his first wife was her sister Roxalana*

563 iii. Elizabeth," born November 30th, 1767; died

; married Capt. Ashbel Steele.

564 iv. Millicent,*' born September 12th, 1769; died

; married Col. Elijah Smith.

565 V. Azariah,** born May 30th, 1772; died ; settled

in Franklin, N. Y.

566 vi. Solomon,** born January loth, 1775; died -;

married — — and settled in , Pennsylvania.

567 vii. Wareham,'* born July 27th, 1780; died -;

married , and settled in , Pennsylvania.

Colonel Solomon Wills enlisted early in the Revolutionary
War and rose to the rank of Colonel. After the War he served in
the Public Civil Service for the rest of his life, serving his towns-
men in many offices with fidelity and to their satisfaction. He
was an Associate Judge of Tolland County for seven (7) years,
and a member of the State Legislature of Connecticut for twenty-
three (23) sessions. The above list of his children is given in the
authority of Waldo's History of Tolland.

Lothrop Family Memorial, p. 93.

157. Desire^ Thacher (Joseph,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,'' Rev.

Peter^), born July 5th, 1730, at Yarmouth; died , 1816,

at ; married January 26th, 1756, at Yarmouth, to Rev.

Grindal Rawson, Harvard College 1741 ; A. M., Yale College
1753; born July 29th, 1721, at Milton, Mass.; he resided at
Milton, Ware, Yarmouth and Sutton, Mass. He was a Con-
gregational minister. He died at Sutton, Mass., , 1794

(or 1795), at the home of Ebenezer Rawson. He was a son
of Peletiah Rawson (born July 2nd, 1696, at Braintree, Mass.;

died , 1769) and Hannah (Hall) Rawson, of Dorchester,

Mass. (born ; died August ist, 1775, aged 83), of Mil-
ton, Mass.
Children: 3 (Rawson), i son and 2 daughters.

568 i. Ruth,« born August 13th, 1757; baptized August

14th, 1757; died September 5th, 1757.

569 ii. Jonathan,'' born January 24th, 1759-60; died

May 17th, 1794. He was an aide-de-camp to

Governor John Sullivan. He married , at

, to Hannah Gage of Dover, N. H., by whom

he had one child.

I. Jonathan Augustus'' Rawson.

332 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct.,

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Gen-
ealogy states that Jonathan" Rawson died with-
out issue.

570 iii. Hannah/ born May 25th, 1761 (or 1767), prob-
ably 1761, at — — ; died March 31st, 1816, at
Ward, Mass.; married September 13th, 1781, at

, to Paul Thurston, born August 25th, 1761,

at Medway, Mass. ; he lived at Medway, Mass.,
Ward and Harvard, Mass. He died at Milton,
Mass., previous to November 21st, 1797, and was
buried at Harvard, Mass. He was a son of Rev.
David and Susannah Waters (Fairbanks) Thurs-
ton of Medway, Mass.

Children: 3 (Thurston), 2 sons and i daughter.

1. Jonathan Grindal,'' born ; baptized July

8th, 1782; died , in infancy.

2. Elihu Cleverly, born ; died November

, 1809.

3. Dianthe Thacher,^ born December 23rd, 1790;
died March 15th, 1857; married Benjamin
Putnam of Sutton, Mass., on August 25th,
1812, and settled in East Eddington, Mass.

Paul Thurston lived in Ward, Mass., and
Harvard, Mass., but he apparently died in Milton,
Mass., as his widow, who was his administratrix,
asked for an allowance for transporting the de-
ceased from Milton to Harvard. 'In 1795 or 1796
he lived on Deer Island, Maine.

Rev. Grindal Rawson succeeded Mr. Smith as pastor at Yar-
mouth; he was installed December loth, 1755. He was descended
from Edward Rawson, Secretary of the Colony of Massachusetts,
and was the eldest son of Pelatiah Rawson of Milton, Mass. He
graduated Harvard College 1741, and was installed as first pastor
of Ware, Mass., May 9th, 1751, and was dismissed of his charge
there June 19th, 1754; he took his dismission from Yarmouth
Church in 1760, "in consequence" — as Mr. Alden said — "of general
dissatisfaction between him and the people, being allowed by a
council to ask for a dissolution of connexion." He is represented
as having been a man of strong mind but very eccentric.


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 39.

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. Ill, pp. 302-3, 308, 321.

Freeman a Cape Cod, Vol. IT, pp. 218-10.

Rawson Family, by E. K. Crane, pp. 16, 17, 35, 36.

History of Milton, A4ass., p. 155.

Thurston Genealogy, p. 384.

Glover Genealogy, pp. 298-9.

Hamlin Family, by H. Franklin Andrews, p. 89.


Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 333

158 Ebenezer^ Thacher (Joseph/ Hon. Col. John,- Antony,
Rev. PeterM, born Yarmouth, February 17th, 1733; died — ^,

at . From Vol. XV, p. 507, of Mass. Soldiers and Sailors

in Rev' War I obtain the following record of an Ebenezer
Thatcher, which it is highly probable is the record of this
Ebenezer^ Thacher, viz: —
"Thatcher Ebenezer, Yarmouth, Private, Captain Joshua
Gray's Co., enlisted July loth, 1775; discharged December 31st,
177=; service in defence of sea coast; rolls sworn to in Barnstable
Co; also, return of men raised to serve in the Continenta Army
from Colonel Nathaniel Freeman's (ist Barnstable County) Regi-
ment residence Yarmouth, enlisted for town of Yarmouth; joined
Captain Lamont's Co., Col. Bradford's regiment, enlistment 3 years;
also list of men mustered by Joseph Otis, Muster Master for Barn,
stable Co., dated April 14th, i777, Capt. James Davis Co., Col.
Gamaliel Bradford's regiment; mustered April 14, I777; enlist-
ment 7, years; reputed received State and Contmental Bounties;
also Sergeant 5th Co. Col. Bradford's Regt., Contmental pay ac^
counts for service from April 14, I777. to December 31^ 17791 ajso.
Captain John Lamont's Co. Col. Bradford's (12th) Reg -return
(year not given) ; mustered by County and Contmental Muster
Masters; joined May ist, i777; also Captam Haskell s Co., Col.
Bradford's Regiment, Continental Army, pay accounts for service
January ist, 1780, to April 14, 1780 (see Obed Ilaebe) ; alsoC^p-
iain Micah Hamlen's Co., Lieut. Col. Hallet's Regt entered ser-
vice August 14th, 1780, 3 days preceding march ; discharged Oc-
tober ^ist, 1780; service 2 months, 21 days at Rhode Island ; regi-
ment detached from Militia to reinforce Continental Army for 3
months." This record is apparently that of the Ebenezer^ Thacher
No m8- and that it is so is rendered still more probable as a com-
parison of this record with that of Joseph^ Thacher (his brother
No 160), it is seen that this Ebenezer Thatcher and Joseph
Thacher both served in the same Company and Regiment (La-
mont's Co. and Bradford's Regt.) and both were from Yarmouth.
The subsequent career of Ebenezer^ Thacher I have beeri unable to
trace; whether he married and left issue, or whether he died single,

is unknown to me.


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 39-

ICQ Ruth'' Thacher (Joseph.* Hon. Col. John,^ ^"^^"yf ^^''•
Peteri), born Yarmouth, September nth, 1736; died—-,

at -; married, first, , i755, at , to Ezekiel Webb

of Yarmouth, born ; died , after November 4th,

1762, the date of Joseph* Thacher's (the father of Ruth«
Thacher) will, in which will Ruth^ Thacher is spoken of as
"mv daughter Ruth Webb; she married, second, November
i6th, 1764, at Yarmouth, Mass., to Seth Whelden of Yar-
mouth, b. , at ; died , at .

-3-} 4 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct.,

Child, first marriage: (Webb), i daughter, born at Yar-
mouth, Mass.

571 i. Sarah'' (Sally), born ; died ; married

Powers, and had one daughter, Sally


Children, by second marriage: 4 (Whelden), 3 sons and i

572. ii. Isaac,'' born ; died ; married Nabby

Bassett and had 8 (Whelden) children, viz: —

1. Polly.^ 5. Roxanna.'^

2. Cyrus.'' 6. Alexander.''

3. Seth.' 7. Abigail.''

4. Joseph Thacher.^ 8. Isaac.''

573 iii. Mary" (Molly), born ; died ; married

Benjamin Matthews and had 2 (Matthews) chil-
dren, viz : —

1. Benjamin.''

2. Ruth.'

574 iv. Joseph,® born ; died ; married Fanny

Howes and had i (Whelden) daughter, viz: —
I. Fanny Howes.''

575 V. Samuel,® born ; died ; married Polly

Chase and had 11 (Whelden) children, 7 sons
and 4 daughters, viz : —

1. Cynthia.^ 7. James.'

2. Isaiah.' 8. Payson.'

3. Ruth Thacher.' 9. Susan.'

4. Samuel.' 10. Benjamin.'

5. Mary.' ii. Matthews.''

6. Joseph.''

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 39.
Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 219.
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. VII, p. 246.
Hon. George Thacht;r's MSS. Thacher Genealogy and corrections thereto.

t6o. Joseph^ Thacher (Joseph,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^ Rev.
Peter^), born Yarmouth, May 19th, 1744; died Oct. i6th,
1778* (subsequent to June 26th, 1777), at "King's Ferry,"

probably, and was probably buried there; married (int.

pub. at Yarmouth, October 5th, 1765), at Yarmouth, prob-
ably, to Susannah Whelden, born , at Yarmouth; died

, at . She was a daughter of John (or Jonathan)

and Rebecca (Hallett) Whelden of Yarmouth. Joseph"
Thacher resided at Yarmouth in a house built by his father

* In Vol. XLII, p. 267, record No. 160, the date of death of Joseph^
Thacher is incorrectly given as 1790 ; it should be as given above, October 16,

I9I2,] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 335

next to Thomas Long's house. He is reputed to have died

while serving in the Revolutionary Army.

Children: 6 (Thacher), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born in


+ 576 i. Mary« (Polly), born October 28th, 1766; died

April , 1795; married Abial Lovejoy, as his

first wife; his second wife was Elizabeth'' Gray,
No. 875.
577. ii. Joseph,*' born February 8th, 1769; died August
30th, 1790, at Yarmouth in his "22nd year," and
was buried in Yarmouth, in old burying-ground;
gravestone. Not married.

-f-578 iii. Ruth Hawes,« born August 5th, 1771 ; died ;

married Philip Baker.
579 iv. Ebenezer," born January 23rd, 1774; died Aug-
ust 22nd, 1786, drowned in Saco River; grave-
stone in Old Yarmouth Cemetery says he died
"in his 13th year." Not married.
+ 580 V. Susannah, born June 19th, 1776; died Septem-
ber 28th, 1823; married James" Thacher (No.
507). For completion of the record of herself
and her descendants, see Record No. 507 and its
■581 vi. (?) Jonathan Rawson," born September 25th,

1782; died , 1800, about, "on the Coast of

Guinea, after niggers." For further informa-
tion concerning this child, see Yarmouth Records.
He was not married.
From Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Rev., Vol. XV,
p. 508, we obtain the following record of the Military Service of
Joseph^ Thacher, viz: —

"Thatcher, Joseph, Yarmouth— Return of men raised to serve
in Continental Army from Col. Nathaniel Freeman's (ist Barri-
stable County) regiment, dated Sandwich, June 10, i777; resi-
dence Yarmouth; enlisted for town of Yarmouth; joined Capt.
Lamont's Co., Col. Bradford's regt., enlistment 3 years; also pri-
vate 5th Co., Col. Bradford's Regt.; Continental Army pay ac-
counts for service from May 16, 1777, to October i6th, 1778;
residence Yarmouth; credited to town of Yarmouth; reputed de-
ceased ; also Captain John Lamont's Co., Col. Gamaliel Bradford s
(i2th) regiment; subsistence allowed from date of enlistment,
May 12, 1777, to May 27, 1777; credited with 15 days' allowance;
also, same Co. and Regt.; return (year not given) ; mustered by
County and Continental Muster Masters; joined June 26th, 1777;
reported sick at Kings Ferry."

From an analysis of above record it would seem that the date
of his death was either on or subsequent to October i6th, 1778, as
he was allowed pay up to that date.


TltAcijy-JiMZcirr Grvjuj^ij:



AUtms Tkacher G^»ealit>tfx, tui. ^a. 47.

i6i. Be^^'".>"v* T^.-mi^

of all of tes brodiers and asrer-
that be -was br~ — -:"^ - :- ^V"'
his faihex ?enli

Ht ; .:: i~~= " be ""^"35

lion -were grarte-f :

jrd, 1775- He :r: r^::

uaiT i^tJi, lySi'i. to Desire Fre;

175- ^ : " , St :^'-: "

ar.. ■ . Sear?"^ Frt .

Children: : .■.er). I ?-

^S-Z ~ ' —

^5^3 - •

Desdre _ . ^ - ; -^

Hindder), 01 Harpricb. Mass-

* Antc«T,-

-:n is not


er. Xa:

: - - : died y

.-^der^ S-

165. Sarae'^ THACi:rs i Beeijarrir.,* H x* Anronr,"
Ivev. Peler^ . - - Harwich - . Mass^. De-
cember , cr y - isi, :"_: -;i I5t pari^
c"' ft 6tb. '^7^1: i^t ~tL ai Harsricb,
!• ■ :-d or 30iii"^. 1777. arid ■sras pnobabhr
.:e- S.::t : Mar 15^1. 1764. at Harwich (int.

ip' - ] Thiuher-Thatcher Genealogy. 337

pub. there February 5th. 1764), to Captain Isaac Foster (as
his third wife), born Harwich. May JQth, 1739; he lived at
Harwich, and was a mariner; he was on the Committee from
Brewster. July 2nd, 1S12, to vote against War with Great
Britain ; he died at Harwich, February 29th, 1824, and was
buried there; gravestone. He was a son of Isaac Foster
(bom Harwich. June 17th, 1718; died Harwich, September
loth, 1777; married November 2nd, 1738), and Hannah
(Sears) Foster (born Harwich. June 3rd. 1720; died Har-
widi. October 31st, 1760), of Harwich, Mass.

Children: 7 (Foster), 4 sons and 3 daughters, all born at

Harwich (Brewster), Mass.

+584 i. Lemuel.^ bom August 15th, 1765; died January

25th, 1S32; married Elizabeth* Foster (No. 592).
+585 ii. Hannah,® bom August 3rd, 1767; died December
I2th, 1841 ; married Zoheth Snow.
586 iii. Eunice,* born August , 1769; died Novem-
ber , 1769, at Harwich; buried there. Not

-[-587 iv. Isaac,* born October 23rd, 1770: died January
3rd (or 4th), 1855; married Sarah* Thacher,
No. 600.
+588 V. Benjamin,* born September 27th. 1772; died

]March loth, 1848; married Desire Freeman.
+589 vi. Samuel.* bom February 6th, 1775 ; died Decem-
ber i6th. 1826; married Eunice Clark.
-f-590 vii. Sarah.* born May 26th, 1777; died mar-
ried Theophilus Berry.
Captain Isaac Foster married, first, June loth, 1762, to Eunice

Freeman, bom May ist, 1730; died ; daughter of John and

Tamsen (Sears) Freeman; he married, second, Almira ; he

married, third. Saralr'' Thacher (No. 163) as above stated; and he
married, fourtli, in 1778, to Rebecca Wing. In the Freeman Gen-
ealogy, p. 116. the children given above are said to have been
children by his first wife, Eunice Freeman, but the Foster Gen-
ealogy, p. 560. gives them as children of Sarah^ Thacher (No. 163),
which agrees with the date of her marriage. His will (since burnt)
was recorded at Barnstable; probated March 13th, 1824; sons
Isaac* and Benjamin* Executors.

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 40.
Sears' Genealogy, by Saml. P. ]Ma\% p. 70. 71.
Foster Genealogy, by F. C. Pierce, pp. 535-6, 560.
Brezcstcr, Mass., Vital Records, pp. 21. 51.
Hon. George Thacher's ^ISS. Thacher Genealogy.

165. L\T)iA^ Th.\cher (Benjamin,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^ Rev.
Peter^), born Harwich (now Brewster), Mass., September
loth, 1744: baptized there, first parish church, September
i6th, 1744; died at Dorchester, Mass. (at home of her daugh-

o'lg Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct.,

ter, Elizabeth,'^ who married her first cousin, Lemuel^ Foster),
September 5th, 1825; married at Harwich, Mass., December
4th, 1766, to Samuel Foster, born Harwich, May 31st, 1741 ;

he resided at Harwich and was a sea captain; he died ,

1774, by drowning, when one day's sail from home. He was

a son of Isaac and Hannah (Sears) Foster of Harwich; and

a brother of Isaac Foster, who married Sarah^ Thacher, No.


Children: 3 (Foster), daughters.

591 i. Lydia,^ born ; died .

+592 ii. Elizabeth,** born September , 1772; died

June 9th, 1822; married Lemuel** Foster (No.

584). ■

+593. iii. Desire Thacher,« born ; died ; married

Seth Thayer.
Lydia' (Thacher) Foster was appointed guardian of her three
daughters on April nth, 1774. She was left a widow at the age
of 30 and never re-married. According to Carlyle Patterson, she
lived and died with her granddaughter, EHza Thayer Clapp, which
statement is at variance with statement made above on authority
of the Foster Genealogy.

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 40.
Mayflozver Descendant, Vol. VIII, p. 109.
Foster Genealogy, pp. 536, 560.

167. Jane^ Thacher (Benjamin,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,' Rev.
Peter^), born Harwich (now Brewster), Mass., July 30th,
1747; baptized there, first church, August 2nd, 1747;

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