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ust nth, 1772; died ; married , of


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 38 and 40.
Freeman's Cape Cod. Vol. I, p. 565; Vol. II, pp. 449, 45'-
Mayfloiver Descendant, Vol. II, p. 106.

176. Thankful" Thacher (Thomas,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,-
Rev. Peter^), born Yarmouth, Mass., November 8tli, 1744;

died , at ; married December 30th, 1765, at ,

to Zacheus (or Zachariah) Allen of Falmouth, Mass., born
, at ; died , at .

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 40.

178. Rev. Joshua^ Gee (Elizabeth* Thacher, Judah,^ Antony,- Rev.
Peter^), born Boston, Mass., June 29th, 1698; baptized 2nd
Church, Boston, July 3rd, 1698; he was admitted to 2nd
Church, Boston, May 13th, 1716; graduated H. C. 1717;
he lived at Boston, Mass., and was a Congregational minister;
ordained at 2nd Church Boston, December i8th, 1723, and
thereupon became its pastor in which offtce he remained until
his death; he died May 22nd, 1748, at Boston, "in the 51st
year of his age and 25th year of his ministry," and was prob-
ably buried in the Gee tomb in Copp's Hill Burying-ground,
Boston. He married, first, at Portsmouth, N. H., December
13th, 1722 (int. pub. Boston, August 30th, 1722), to Sarah

Rogers, born , about 1701, see age at death and date of

death, at Portsmouth, N. H., probably; died , 1730, aged

29, at Boston, Mass., probably, and probably was buried in
Gee tomb in Copp's Hill Burying-ground. She was a daugh-
ter of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers (born Ipswich, Mass., February
22nd, 1669-70; H. C. 1687; died October 3rd, 1723, aged
54; married October 26th, 1699, at Boston), and Sarah Pur-

kis (born April ist, 1680, at Boston; died ; she was

a daughter of George and Sarah (Pemberton) Purkis. Sarah

(Pemberton) Purkis married, as her second husband,

Elatson; she was a daughter of James and Sally (Marshall)
Pemberton, and was baptized January 28th, 1648-9; and died
December 31st, 1704), of Portsmouth, N. H.

Children: 5 (Gee), i son and 4 daughters, all born at Bos-
ton, Mass.

604 i. Mary," born May 23rd, 1724; baptized 2nd
Church, Boston, May 24th, 1724.

1912.] Thacher-Thatchei- Genealogy. 34 1

605 ii. Joshua," born June 6th, 1725 ; baptized 2nd

Church, Boston, June 6th, 1725 ; H. C. 1744.

606 iii. Sarah," born September 3rd, 1726; baptized 2nd

Church, Boston, September 4th, 1726.

607 iv. Elizabeth,*' born ; baptized 2nd Church,

Boston, October ist, 1727.

608 V. Margaret," born ; baptized, 2nd Church,

Boston, May 4th, 1729.
Rev. Joshua'^ Gee married, second, April 17th, 1734, at Bos-
ton, Mass., by Rev. Joseph Sewall, to Mrs. Anna (Gerrish) Apple-
ton (widow of Samuel Appleton, whom she married March 19th,
1718,1719, at Boston, and who died at London, Eng., December
15th, 1728), born Boston, Mass., August 14th, 1700; died Boston,
Mass., September 4th, 1736, and was probably buried in Gee
tomb in Copp's Hill Burying-ground. She was a daughter of

John and Sarah ( ) Gerrish of Boston, Mass., and in the record

of her birth she is called "Hannah."

Children: 2 (Gee), i son and i daughter, both born in Bos-
ton, Mass.

609 vi. Annah," born ; baptized, 2nd Church, Jan-

uary 5th, 1734-5-

610 vii. John," born ; baptized, 2nd Church, August

22nd, 1736.
Rev. Joshua^ Gee married, a third time, at Boston, Mass., by
Rev. Samuel Mather, January 29th, 1739, to Sarah Gardner. (She
was possibly daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Goodwin)
Gardner of Boston, Mass., who were married at Boston, by Rev.
Cotton Mather, May nth, 1693, and who had a daughter Sarah,
born Boston, May 27th, 1709 ; baptized 2nd Church, May 29th,

1709.) She died , at . She was admitted to 2nd Church,

Boston, April 20th, 1740.

Child: I (Gee), daughter, born at Boston.

611 viii. Susannah,*^ born November i8th, 1740; baptized,

2nd Church, November 23rd, 1740.


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183. Samuel^ Grant (Mary* Thacher, Judah,^ Antony, ^ Rev.
Peter^), born Boston, Mass., October 13th, 1705; he resided







61 s




242 Thacher-Thatchcr Genealogy. [Oct.,

at Boston, Mass.; he died November 14th, 1784, aged 79,
at Boston; he married at Boston, Mass., by Mr. Joshua Gee,
January ist, 1729, to Elizabeth Cookson, born Boston,
October loth, 1708; baptized 2nd Church, Boston, October
lOth, 1708; diad January 28th, 1778, aged 70, at Boston, Mass.
She was a daughter of John and Rachel (Proctor) Cookson
of Boston, Mass., who were married at Boston, by Cotton
Mather, November 2nd, 1704. Both SamueP Grant and his
wife are buried in Grant tomb, Copp's Hill, Boston.

Children: 6 (Grant), 4 sons and 2 daughters, all born at

Samuel," born September 9th, 1731.

William,'' born September 23rd, 1734-

Elizabeth,** born November 2nd, 1741.

Mary,® born January 24th, 1742.

Moses,** born March 6th, 1744; died December

22nd, 1817, aged 'J2^\ buried at Copp's Hill,


617 vi. Joseph,** born June 22nd, 1746.

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185. Bethiah^ Howland (Jabez* Howland, Bethiah^ Thacher,
Antony,- Rev. Peter'), born Bristol, R. I., December 5th,
1702, "Saturday A. M." She was a member of St. Michael's

P. E. Church in Bristol in 1732. She died ; at ; she

married, first, at Bristol, R. I., by the Rev. John Usher of
St. Michael's P. E. Church, on May 19th, 1725, to Captain
Nicholas Bragg of Bristol, a sea captain ; he was born at
Bristol, May 23rd, 1696, and was admitted to St. Michael's
P. E. Church at Bristol, June 12th. 1726; he died at Surinam,
February 8th, 1732, and was probably buried there. He was
a son of Henry and Elizabeth ( ) Bragg of Bristol, R. I.

Children: 2 (Bragg), sons, both bom at Bristol.

618 i. Nicholas,** born ; baptized St. Michael's P.

E. Church, Bristol, June 22nd, 1728; he married
Sarah Greene (daughter of Benjamin and Ann
(Hoxie) Greene), born September 4th, 1736.

619 ii. William,** born February 25th, 1729-30; baptized

St. Michael's P. E. Church, March 8th, 1729-30;
died Bristol, February 6th, 1730-31, and was
buried there February 8th, 1 730-1, in St. Mi-
chael's Church Yard.

Bethiah^ (Howland) Bragg, widow of Nicholas Bragg, mar-
ried a second time at Bristol, August 29th, 1733; int. pub. Bristol,
August 8th, 1733, to Simeon (or Simon) Davis (as his second
wife), he was born , 1660 (see date of and age at death), at

19 1 2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 343

; he died at Bristol, R. I., September nth, 1736, aged 76, and

was probably buried there. H,e was a son of Nicholas and Sarah
( ) Davis of Newport, R. I. Children: (Davis) None.

Simeon Davis' first wife was Ann Low, whom he married at
Bristol, R. I., September 29th, .

Bethiah^ (Rowland) Bragg-Davis, widow of Simeon (or Si-
mon) Davis, married a third time , 1741 (int. pub. Bristol,

November 21st, 1741), at , to Daniel Greene (as his second

wife), born February 20th, 1698-9, at Warwick, R. I.; he lived
at Centerville, R. I., died at Centerville, November 24th, 1797 (or
1798), aged nearly 100, and was buried there presumably. He
was a son of Major Job and Phebe (Sayles) Green of War-
wick, R. I.

Child: I (Greene), daughter.

619!/^ i. Deborah," born May 24th, 1745; died -; said

in one account to have been "wife of Captain
Job Pierce," who was at one time the husband
of her half-sister Temperance Greene.

Daniel Greene married, first, November nth, 1731, by
Simon Kay, to Temperance Harris of New Shoreham, R. I.; born

; died March 28th, 1732-3, by whom he had one (Greene)

daughter. Not in Thacher lifte, viz.:

I. Temperance, born March 13th, 1732-3; died
; married Captain Job Pierce.

The intention of marriage of Bethiah Howland to Samuel
Davis was published at Bristol, June 26th, 1724, but I have found
no record of the marriage itself. The question naturally arises in
view of the above record, what Bethiah Howland was this? There
were at this time in Bristol but two (2) Bethiah Howlands, viz.:
Bethiah^ (Thacher) Howland (No. 36), widow of Jabez^ How-
land, son of John,^ and the above Bethiah'"' Howland (Jabez* and
Patience (Stafford) Howland). Bethiah^ (Thacher) Howland
died at Bristol, R. I., December 19th, 1725, and it is barely pos-
sible that in her widowhood she may have contemplated a second
marriage with Samuel Davis. If such was the case I have no
knowledge of the fact. If this above record was the intention of
marriage of Bethiah^ Howland (Jabez*) then it would seem that
the marriage itself was never solemnized, as Samuel Davis died
March 23rd, 1732, and in the meantime she, Bethiah- Thacher. had
on May 19th, 1725, married Nicholas Bragg. This Samuel Davis
was as I make out the brother of Simeon Davis, her second hus-
band, and was born June 30th, 1698, at Bristol.

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lAA. Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct.,

1 86. AIercy^ (or Mary^) Rowland (Jabez* Howland, Bethiah^ iS'

Thacher, Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born Bristol, R. I., January . v^

27th, 1704; died , at . She married, first, at Bristol, >/ '

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