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Josep Lenes


Margriet Vanett

Jackobeus Molnier


Ragel Middaeg

Edtwort Breffoert


Roedy Comstock

Sept. 27.

Josep Van Aken
Elisabet Westfael


Samuel Metex


Jackobus Westfael,

Mary Schoenwars

Johaenna Chettel


Nov. 25.

Petris Roskrans
Maria Brink


Jarmiah Van Naken


M a r t i n e s Midag,

Ragel Westbrook

Elisabeth Kettel

Josias Cortreght


Cornelia Kole

Cornelis Van Gar-


Albert Van Garden


Lidea Cortreght

Samuel Qick


Cornelis Van Garden

Yennek Cortreght

Johannis Rosecrans


Maria Rosa

Abraham Westvale


An tie or Lintie


Jacobes Brink


Dereck Welbingt or

Arejate R s e -

Bulbungh (illeg-


ible), J a n n e t e

Cornelis Westvale


Jacob Nerepas,

Catrena Nerepas


Jacob Cheiners


Lidia Westvale

Jonnethan Clark


Altie Westvale

Danel Decker


Samuel Willims,

Ragel Willims



Records of Baptisms of the Refonned Church


Nov. 25.


Samuel Cortreght

Gretie Westvale
Jacob Chimers

Febe Wallin
Cornells Brink

Sara Westvale
Jacobes Van Garden

Antje Van Netten
Danel Ennes

Elena Hornbeek
Danel Middag

Maria Bunschoten
Benjaman Ennes

Magdalen Van
Johannes Van Net-


Abraham Kettle

Cristena Westvale
Jacob Kettle

Mareja Hendrik
Phenes Wells

Plonea Kettle
"Noah" or Nath-
aniel Wasborn

Cristina Shever
Abraham Kermer

Anne Emens
Samuel Westval

Maregrita Liker
Peter Brinck

Catrina David
Jones Cortreght

Lesabeth Davids
Andres Dingman

J a n n k e West-
Isack Van Naken

Mareyte Horn-
Benjamin H o r n -

Rebecka Wells
James Mollener

Ragel Medag
Rusce Westvale

















James Ma

Elsabeth Kole, Are

Jure Westval, Han-
nah Westval

Johannes Westbrook,
Ledia Hornbeek

Manel Van Netten,
Maria Helm

S e m y o n Westvale,
Sarte Cole

Samuel Brink, Ragel

Andres Dingman;
Catrena Cole

Joseph Van Nak,
Sara Wells

Hendreck W. Kort-
right, Hanna


at Machackemeck {Deerpark).


Nov. 25.

Dec. 25.



Leendert Col Marey

Jen Brenck
Edtward Breffert Mary

Rody Comstac
Daniel Van Aken Lea

Lea Kittel

Benjamin Course Maria
J a n n e t j e Van
Jacobus Quick Polly

Hannah Peltin
Simion Westvaal Jurry

Sara Coole
Cornelius Schoon- Benjamin
Lena Devoor
Samuel Westbroek
Maria Van Nake
Thomas Kyte
Leah Keator

Daniel Rozekrans
Catryntye Coole

Josias Coole

Margrita Mollin

Tohannis Deckker

Sara Hoornbeek

Hendrick Decker

Gertje Brynck

Cornelius Van Im-


Leentje W e s t -


Nehemyah Petter-


Esaba Jillet

Joseph Deckker

Aeltye Westvael

Jonathan Paers

Blandina Terwil-


Elias Gomaer

Grietye Depuy

Clefus Littier

Margriet Tithoor



H o orn-
beeck, b.
Nov. I 6 ,








Joseph Dreck, Gretje

Van Nake

Molly Every

Daniel Rozekrans,
Catrinty Coole

Cornelius Van Nake
Sartye Van Nake

Jacob Hoornbeek,
Elisabeth Depuy

Jacob Coole, Lidea

Van Nake
Samuel Coole, Janny

Janneke Van Inwege

Evert Hoornbeek,
GerretyeVan Nake

Harmus Van Im-
wege, Grietye Cool

John Wallis, Gretje
Van Imwege

Samuel Depuy,
Antye Swarthout

( To be continued.)

36 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.


By John R. Totten,

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and New England
Historic-Genealogical Society.

(Continued from Vol. XLII., p. 416, of the Record.)

85. Elisha^ Thacher (Deacon Josiah,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony ,2

Rev. Peter^), born at Yarmouth, Mass., , 1698, see age

at death and date of death ; he resided at Yarmouth, and Barn-
stable, Mass., died at Barnstable, December 6th, 1774, "in the
76th year of his age," and was buried in Goodspeed's Hill
West Burying Ground, Barnstable, gravestone; he was a yoe-
man, carpenter and boat builder; held office of hogreeve in
1765. He married at Barnstable, Mass. (presumably) ; date
of marriage , to Phebe Lothrop, born , 1701 ; bap-
tized Barnstable, Mass., July 20, 1701 ; died March 12th, 1785,
at Barnstable, and was buried there in Goodspeed's Hill West
Burying Ground; gravestone. She was a daughter of Capt.

John Lothrop, and his second wife, Hannah ( ) Fuller (wid.

of Dr. John Fuller), whom he married December 9th, 1698,
of Barnstable.

Children: 9 (Thacher), 5 sons and 4 daughters.
+255 i. Desire,® born April 15th, 1722; died ; mar-
ried Capt. William Taylor.

256 ii. Anthony, ist,® born May 6th (i6th or 17th), 1724;

died August 29th, 1742, aged 18 yrs., 3 mos., 12
days, at Barnstable, and was buried there in Good-
speed's Hill, East Burying Ground, where a grave-
stone marks his resting-place thus inscribed:
"Here lyes ye body of Anthony Thacher, son of
Mr. Elisha Thacher and Mrs. Phebe Thacher, who
died August 29th, 1742, aged 18 yrs., 3 mos. and
12 da." He was not married. According to his
gravestone, he was born May 17th, 1724.

257 iii. Phebe," born March 7th (loth or 14th), 1726-7;

d. September 24th, 1742, aged 15 yrs. 6 mos., 14
days, at Barnstable, and was buried there in Good-
speed's Hill, East Burying Ground, where a grave-
stone marks her resting-place, thus inscribed:
"Here lyes ye body of Phebe Thacher, daughter
of Mr. Elisha Thacher and Mrs. Phebe Thacher,
who died September 24th, 1742, aged 15 yrs.,
6 mos. and 14 da." She was not married. Ac-
cording to her gravestone, she was born March
loth, 1727.


Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy.

4-2=i8 iv. John,« born September ist, 1730; died — -, be-
fore June nth, 1770. it is thought, as nis fathers
will made on that day makes no mention of him
or of any wife or children belonging to him.
+259 V. Mary,« born March 7, 1731-2; died ; mar-
ried Ebenezer Gorham.
+260 vi. Elisha,« born May 8th, 1734; died January 14th,
1795; married, first, Abigail Webb; married, sec-
ond, Mary Given (or Grove).
+ 261 vii. Lucretia,6 born April 20th, 1737; died ; mar-
ried Joseph Davis.
262 viii. Samuel Sturgis,« born November 4th (or loth),
1741; died February 14th, 1742; aged 3 mos., 4
days at Barnstable, and buried there in Good-
speed's Hill, East Burying Ground, where a stone
marks his grave, thus inscribed: "Here lyes /e
body of Samuel Sturgis Thacher, son of Mr.
Elisha and Mrs. Phebe Thacher who died Feb-
ruary 14th, 1741 (42), aged 3 mos. and 4 days.
According to his gravestone, he was born Novem-
ber loth, 1 741.
+263 ix. Anthony, 2nd,« born June 28th 1744; died Jan-

uary 18th, 1806; married Elizabeth Taylor.
In Goodspeed's Hill, West Burying Ground Barnstable lie
buried the remains of Elisha^ Thacher and his wife Phebe; stones
mark their graves, thus inscribed: "In memory of Mr Ehsha
Thacher who died December 6th, i774, in the 76th year of his age

''In memory of Phebe, widow of Mr. Ehsha Thacher ; she died
March 12th, 1785, in ye 84th year of her age."

The will of Elisha^ Thacher, dated June nth 1770,. proved
Tanuarv 20th 177^, describes him as a yoeman, and mentions his
oTrnVony'who'r'eceives carpenter and boat tooh ; eh,l-
dren Elisha Desire Taylor, Lucretia Davis, and wife Phebe. rte
had a s£)p and his homestead lot is defined. Inventory presented
b^ E^'a^'and Anthony^ Thacher, December 9th 1776, and ano^^^^^^^^
paper relating to the estate was presented by Antnony Thacher,

^"''ca1?;in1ohn Lothrop (father-in-law of Elisha^ Thacher) was
born in Barnstable, February 9*, 1644; he married, fi.s , at Pj>
mouth, Mass., January 3rd, 1671-2, to Mary -—( probably da^^^^^^^^
ter of Tames and Mary (Tilson) Cobb, of Scituate) ; she was born
n Scitiate, December '3rd, 1653.. His name in the -arnag^ record
is given as Laythrope and she is called Mary Co sgain. He mar
ried a second time. December 9th, 1695, Hannah (-—-)^une^
widow of Dr. John Fuller. John Lothrop died September i8th
7or 2V) 1727 at II o'clock A. M., and he is recorded as having
been 85 years old in the Barnstable Chuixh Records. On Mr^ Ot^s
authority, we know that he was a man of note among the seafaring


^8 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,

men of the coast in those early times, saihng as Captain in com-
mand of his own vessel.

In the New Haven, Conn, records is found this evidence of
his occupation :

"These certify I received on board ye Sivan, John Lothrop,
master, 8 bbls. pork, 48 bushels wheat of Samuel Hemmingway of
New Haven, for use of Captain Elisha Hutchinson of Boston, and
doe promise to deliver ye same on paying freight 8^^^ per barrel
and 6^ per bushel.
"April ist, 1691. (sgd) Jo. Lothrop."

John Lothrop's will (Book iv., p. 407, Barnstable Probate
Records) is dated March 9th, 1726-7, and was proved February
9th, 1727-8. It names as legatees his wife Hannah, his son John's
son Joseph, the children of his daughter, Mary Howland, and those
of his daughter, Elizabeth Lewis, and his sons Barnabas and Ben-
jamin. His son Barnabas and his wife Hannah, executors.

Hannah Lothrop's (widow of John) will bears date October
7th, 1738 (Book v., p. 362) and was proved October 19th, 1738;
she mentions as legatees son Benjamin, the heirs of John Fuller,
deceased, grandson John Lothrop. daughter Reliance Prince, daugh-
ter Bashua Webb and daughter Phebe Thacher. Executor, son-in-
law Elisha Thacher.

Hannah (widow of John) Lothrop was the second wife of Dr.
John Fuller (son of Matthew Fuller), and had by him Bethia, born
December , 1687; John, born October , 1689; and Re-
liance, born September 8th, 1691. These names make the names
in the will understandable.


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 2>7, 4i-

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. X, p. 351.

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 206.

Lothrop Family Memorial, pp. 41 and 52.

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 382; II, p. 164-5.

Barnstable Records, Vol. II, p. 330.

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy.

86. Captain Josiah^ Thacher (Deacon Josiah,'* Hon. Col. John,^
Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born Yarmouth, Mass., July 7th, 1701 ;
he resided at Yarmouth, Mass., and Norwalk, Conn.; he was
a Sea Captain engaged in the coast trade, and a man of af-
fairs in Norwalk; he died at Norwalk, Conn., August 22nd,
1780, "Tuesday at 8 hours and 44 minutes in the morn-
ing." He was buried, presumably, at East Norwalk, Conn.,
between the graves of his two wives; no stone marks his
grave, but the space left between his wives' graves suggests
his interment there. He married, first, at Norwalk, Conn,
(according to Sdlcck's Norivalk), on February 17th, 1724, to
Ann Burne (Burr, Bun or Bunce; probably Burr, according

to Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 42). She was born at on

March 25th, 1699, and died at Norwalk, Conn., February 25th,
1733-4, "between 9 and 10 at night, aged 34," and was buried


Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 39

in East Norwalk Cemetery, where a stone marks her resting-
place. Her place of residence before marriage and her par-
entage is unknown. Capt. Josiah-' Thacher was married a sec-
ond time, at Boston, Mass., by Rev. Sam'l Checkley, of the
New South Church, on August 7th (or September 15th), i735.
to Mary (Greenleaf) Blinn (daughter of Rev. Daniel Green-
leaf of Yarmouth and Boston, Mass., by his wife Elizabeth
(Cooking) Greenleaf; and widow of James Blinn, whom she
married March i6th, 1725). She was born at Cambridge,
Mass., August 29th (or September 25th), 1706, and died at
Norwalk, Conn., April 2nd (or 6th), 1744, and was buried at
Norwalk, Conn., in East Norwalk Cemetery where a stone
marks her grave.

Children by first marriage: 4 (Thacher), i son and 3 daugh-
ters, all born at Norwalk, Conn.

264 i. Ann, ist,« born July 4th, 1726, "Monday morn-
ing at Yz past one o'clock"; died June 15th, 1727,
in^infancy; buried at Norwalk, Conn., presumably;
no gravestone.
4-26; ii. Josiah,« born February 15th, 1728-9, "at about 5
o'clock Saturday morning" ; died March 9th, 1807,
Monday ; married, first, Mary Fitch ; married, sec-
ond, widow Wait Burwell.
+-^66 iii. Ann, 2nd,« born April loth, 1731, "about 2 o clock

Saturday afternoon"; died , 1805; married

Isaac Hayes, 3rd.
+267 iv. Mary,« born September 14th, I733. F"day at i

o'clock in the morning" ; died ; married, first,

Stephen Davis ; married, second, Hoyt.

Children by second marriage 6: (Thacher), 3 sons and 3
daughters, all born in Norwalk, Conn.

268 v. Elizabeth, ist,« born April 25th, 1737; died Sep-
tember 5th, 1743. at Norwalk, Conn., and was
buried there in East Norwalk Cemetery, where a
stone marks her grave, thus inscribed : "Elizabeth
Thacher, daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Mary
Thacher, died September 5th, 1743, aged 6 yrs.,
4 mos. and 10 days." ,• , xt

4-269 vi. Daniel," born June 29th, 1739, Friday; died No-
vember 17th, 1776; married Mary Street.
+270 vii. John," born July 25th, 1742; died January i6th,
1805; married, first, Ann Perry; married, second,
Mehitable (Uffoot) Thompson. . j t 1

J-271 viii. Hannah," born ; died ; married John

Banks. . ,

+272 ix. Elizabeth, 2nd," born ; died 7—; "^^7'^,'''

first. Thomas Hill; married, second, John Black-

40 Thacher -Thatcher Genealogy, [Jan.,

^■2^2^ X. Stephen Greenleaf,** born ; died , aged

34; married Anna Piatt.

Captain Josiah^ Thacher was a mariner in the coasting trade
between Boston and Cape Cod and along Long Island Sound. He
lived in Yarmouth, Mass., until about 1725 when he acquired land
in Norwalk, Conn., from Alexander Ressiquie. The deed of this
transfer of land is to be found in Norivalk Land Records, Vol. V.,
folio 285; it is dated December 22nd, 1725, but is recorded of date
December 31st, 1724; and in said deed Josiah Thacher is described
as being of "Yarmouth in Barnstable County in Province of Massa-
chusetts Bay in New England." By this deed he acquired a house
lot of three acres. The place of the first marriage of Josiah^
Thacher is not a matter of record, but Selleck, in his History of
Norivalk, states that it took place in Norwalk, Conn. The maiden
surname of his first wife is variously stated by different authorities
as being Burne, Burr, Bun, or Bunce. His family Bible and Free-
man's Cape Cod, however, specifically state that her maiden sur-
name was Burne, and I have therefore so recorded it. Where his
first wife lived at the time of her marriage or where she was born
or who were her parents is not a matter of record. In the East
Norwalk Cemetery there is a gravestone to her memory thus in-
scribed : — "Here lyes buried the body of Mrs. Ann Thacher, wife
to Mr. Josiah Thacher, aged 34 years and 11 months. Died Feb-
ruary ye 25th, 1733-4" (hence she was born March 25th, 1698-99).
Alongside of this grave, with a space between sufficient for an-
other grave, is the grave of Josiah^ Thacher's second wife, which
grave is marked by a stone thus inscribed: — "In memory of Mrs.
Mary Thacher, wife of Capt. Josiah Thacher, who departed this
life April 6th, A. D. 1774, in her 68th year.

Who follow here ye paths of truth

Shall bloom in everlasting youth,

Clad with new glories they shall shine

In charms immortal and divine."
Mary (Greenleaf) Blinn, second wife of Josiah^* Thacher, was
the widow of James Blinn, to whom she was married March i6th,
1725. This James Blinn was probably the son of Mr. Blinn and
Margaret Dennis, who were baptized at Milton, Mass., by Rev.
Peter* Thacher (Rev. Thomas^), July 20th, 1701 ; where this James
Blinn lived and died is undetermined. It is stated by some authori-
ties that Mary Greenleaf had 10 children by Mr. Blinn, which
statement seems incredible, as she married him March i6th, 1725,
and married Josiah^ Thacher on August 7th (or Sept. 15th), 1735,
which would render it necessary for her to have had 10 children in
a little over 10 years. Josiah' Thacher had 10 children, — 4 by his
first wife and 6 by his second, and I think the authority above re-
ferred to confused the 10 children of Josiah' Thacher by his first
and second wives, with 10 children supposed to have been born to
Mary Greenleaf by her first husband, James Blinn. Wm. F.
Boardman, in the Ancestry of Jane Maria Greenleaf, states that

igi2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 4 1

Mary Greenleaf had i6 children; which would mean that she had
lo by James Blinn and 6 by Josiah=* Thacher. I am inchned to
doubt the existence of these lO Blinn children, as I have never seen
any record of their births or deaths. The place of burial of Jo-
siaV Thacher is not positively known; but in the East Norwalk
Cemetery between the graves of his first and second wives there
is a vacant place where it is presumed he lies buried. No record
of his burial exists.

Captain Josiah^ Thacher died intestate. On September 17th,
1780, the bond of Josiah« Thacher, Jr. (the eldest son of the de-
ceased), as administrator of the estate of his father was accepted.
In 1782 Josiah'' Thacher and Eliphalet Lockwood were allowed to
sell land on the account of the estate of the late Captain Josiah'*
Thacher. May 6th, 1782, the inventory of Josiah^ Thacher was
filed. This inventory takes up 11 pages of the Fairfield County
Records. On November 3rd, 1783, another sale of land on ac-
count of the estate was ordered. November 13th, 1783, the ac-
counts of losiah® Thacher as administrator were allowed. Jan-
uary i6th, "1786, the distribution of the estate was ordered. August
6th, 1790 distribution of said estate was finally allowed and ordered.
In the probate records of Fairfield, Conn., Vol. 1795-1818, p. 678,
we find the following record of final distribution:

"We the subscribers being by the Flonorable Court of Probate

for the District of Fairfield appointed to make distribution of the

Estate of Josiah Thacher, late of Norwalk, deceased, distributed

the same in the following manner, viz:—

£ sh. d.

To Josiah Thacher, the eldest son, the orchard and

land, etc. . 69. 16. 01

To the heirs of Daniel Thacher, son of Josiah, viz :—

£ sh. d.
Josiah II- 12. 07

Daniel Greenleaf n- 12. 07

William n. 12. 07 34. I7- o9

To John Thacher, 260 rods of land at the North end

of the Mill Hill lot. 34- i8- 00

To Stephen Greenleaf Thacher 210 rods of land, etc. 34. 18. 00
To Anna Haves, wife of Isaac Hayes, land, etc. 34- i»- 00

To Mary Davis, wife of Stephen Davis, land, etc. 34. lo- ^
To Hannah Banks, wife of John Banks, land, etc. 28. 14. 02
To Elizabeth Blackleach, wife of John Blackleach,

2^0 rods of land on Mill Hill, etc. 34- i»- 00


Samuel Grumman
Thomas Belden
Ozias Marvin


Court of Probate, August 6th, 1798, approved, etc.

(Sgd) Samuel Rowland,
^ " Clerk."

±2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,


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walk, Conn., Cemetery, Nos. 220 and 213.

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1788, p. 85.

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Boston Record Commissioner's Reports, Vol. 28, p. 194.

Ancestry of Jane Maria Greenleaf, p .70.

88. Hannah'^ Sturgis (Rebecca* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,'
Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born at Yarmouth, Mass., March 3rd,

1693; died at , subsequent to 1754 (according to Hon.

George Thacher's MSS. Genealogy) ; married at Yarmouth,
Mass., March 9th, 1707-8, to John Matthews of Yarmouth,

Mass. He was born at , date ; died at Yarmouth,

Mass., January 7th, 1776.

Children: 9 (Matthews), 7 sons and 2 daughters, all born at
Yarmouth, Mass.

274 i. Thomas,® born May 4th, 1710.

275 ii. Isaac,** born September 4th, 1712; died February

4th, 1790, "in his 79th year."

276 iii. Rebecca,^ born Nov. 31st, 1714-
2J7 iv. John,® born March 29th, 1717.

278 V. James,® born April nth, 1719.

279 vi. William,® born May 24th, 1721.

280 vii. Thankful,® born January 9th, 1724-5.

281 viii. David,® born May 14th, 1727; died July 10th, 1819,

"in his 91st year"; married, first, Sarah ;

married, second, Anna .

282 ix. Elisha,® born August 7th, 1730; died ; mar-

ried Eliza .

Children: 4 (Matthews), 2 sons and 2 daughters.

1. James,^ bom March ist, 1753.

2. Tempe,' born , 1755.

3. Mary,'' born , 1759.

4. Isaiah,'' born , 1767.

In the settlement of James Sturgis' estate, Hannah Matthews is
mentioned as his eldest daughter.

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 225.
Yarmouth Grave Yard Inscriptions, pp. 25, 26.

89. Bethia^ Sturgis (Rebecca* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,' An-
tony,^ Rev. Peter^), born at Yarmouth, Mass., February 19th,
1695-6; died at Barnstable, Mass., July nth (or 19th), 1769,

I912.] Thacher-TJiatchcr Genealogy. 43

aged 73; married, first, at — , March i6th, 1715-6, to Cap-
tain Isaac Freeman, who resided at Yarmouth, Mass., and
removed thence to Fairfield, Conn. ; he died at Fairfield, Conn.,
May 2ist, 1732, in 46th year, and was buried there; gravestone.

He was a son of Lieut. Edward Freeman (born June ,

1657; died December loth, 1717), by his second wife, Sarah
Mayo (daughter of Samuel Mayo). Edward Freeman lived
at Eastham, Mass. Bethia^ Sturgis-Freeman married, second,

, 1735, at , to Captain Job Gorham as his second

wife (his first wife was Desire Dimmock (daughter of
Thomas), whom he married December 4th, 1719). He was
bom at Barnstable, Mass., August 30th, 1692; he resided at

Barnstable, Mass., and died there , 1762. He was a son

of Lieut. Col. John Gorham by his wfe Mercy Otis (daughter
of John Otis), who resided at Barnstable, Mass.

Children: first marriage, 4 (Freeman) sons No. i. and ii. born
at Yarmouth, Mass., iii., iv. and v. born at Fairfield, Conn.

283 i. Isaac,® born , 1717-18, about; died ; mar-

ried Ann Smethurst.

284 ii. Edmund," born , 1720, probably.

285 iii. Rebecca,® born , 1723-4, probably; baptised

Fairfield, Conn., February 2nd, 1723-4.

286 iv. James,® born November 5th, 1728; baptised No-

vember loth, 1728, at Fairfield, Conn. ; died May
27th, 1763; married Deborah Tasker.

287 v. David,® born , 1730, probably; baptised July

26th, 1730, at Fairfield, Conn.; died , about

1769; married Abigail Davis.

Child by second marriage: i (Gorham) daughter, born at

Barnstable, Mass.

287^4 V. Sarah,® born ; baptised August i8th, 1736;

died young.
Captain Isaac Freeman, eldest son of Lieutenant Edmund
Freeman of Eastham, removed to Fairfield, Conn., after his mar-
riage, and died there before 1736 (he died actually May 21st, 1732),
as appears by the terms of his mother's will. His widow returned
to Yarmouth, Mass., and married a second time to Captain Job
Gorham of Barnstable, Mass., as his second wife. _ Mrs. Sarah
Freeman, widow of Lieut. Edmund Freeman, died in 1746, and
in her will left legacies "to the four sons of my son Isaac, de-
ceased'' two of these sons chose on September 24th, 1746, their
brother Isaac of Boston as their guardian. Their mother, who had
married Job Gorham and again became a widow, died at Barnstable,
July 19th (or nth), 1769, aged JZ- She was born February 19th,
1695-6. Mrs. Abigail Freeman, widow of David Freeman, admin-
istered on her estate August 8th, 1769. She, Bethia Gorham, had
by her second marriage only one child, a daughter Sarah, baptized
August 13th, 1736, and who probably died young. Bethia^ Sturgis

A A Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,

was a veiy attractive young lady possessing both personal
and mental charms; her hand was sought by two gentlemen of
great respectability, Freeman and Gorham. Both urged their suit
earnestly. She had so warm a regard for both of them that m
the unsophisticated tenderness of her heart she forbore giving pref-
erence to either of them, and left it to the two suitors to decide

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