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John,' Edward'), born 29 April, 1779, died , 1821; married 13

Jan., 1802, Hon. Isaac C. Piatt, born 11 April, 1781, died 15 Jan.,
1872, son of Charles and Caroline (Adriance) Piatt. Isaac C.
Piatt married (2) 30 Jan., 1823, Nancy Bristol; (3) Oct., 1848, Mrs.
Maria Halsey. Residence, Plattsburgh, N. Y. See memorial
window in First Presbyterian church, Plattsburgh.

Platt Children:
i. Anne Treadwell,' b. 10 (?i7) Nov., 1803, d. Prairie du
Chien, 6 Oct., 1832; mar. Aug., 182 1, Lyman Foote,
M. D., d. Port Laracca, Texas. 6 children,
ii. Zephaniah C.,' b. Plattsburgh, N. Y., 30 July, 1805, d.

, 1884; mar. (i) 14 Jan., 1829, Anne Eliza Miller,

d. II Nov., 187 1 ; (2) I Jan., 1873, Mrs. Haynes. Res.,
Plattsburgh, N. Y. 4 children,
iii. Caroline Adriance,' b. i July, 1807, d. Adriance, Va.;
mar. 18 July, 1832, Rev. John Dielle, d. and bur. at
sea, 19 Jan., 1841. He was seaman's chaplain, Hon-
olulu, Sandwich Islands. She was educated at Royce
Seminary, Clinton, N. Y. 4 children.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre(a)d'well through his son John. 383

Seventh Generation:

63. John S.' Tredwell (Benjamin," Thomas/ John/ Thomas,"
John/ Edward'), born Hempstead (part now Freeport) N. Y.,
died Milburne, Hempstead, 15 Aug., 1853, buried back of Pres-
byterian Church, Hempstead, g. s.; married by Rev. Joshua
Hartt, 3 Dec, 1798, Abigail Smith, born Freeport, Hempstead, 4
June, 1780, died Freeport, 4 Dec, 1859, buried by side of husband,
g. s., daughter of Benjamin Smith of Freeport. Residence, Mil-
burne, farm north side road from Raynortown to Milburne, town
of Hempstead, N. Y. Will, Queens county, 6:233.

Tredwell Children:
i. Elizabeth." ii. Catharine.' iii. Susan." iv. John." v. Tim-
othy." vi. Cornelia S."

64. Benjamin H.' Tredwell (Benjamin," Thomas,' John,* Thomas,"
John ' Edward'), died between 10 March and 9 April, 1821; mar-
ried Hempstead, N. Y., 24 Jan., 1808, Hester Smith. She prob-
ably married (2) before 28 April, 1832, Richard Baldwin, and
died 9 Nov., 1875, aged 83 years, buried Westbury cemetery,
No Hempstead, N. Y., g. s.; he died 4 March, 1863, aged 66
years, buried same cemetery, g. s. Benjamin H.' Tredwell
resided town of Hempstead, near Westbury. Will, Queens

county, D:354.

Tredwell Children:

i. Samuel." ii. Elizabeth." iii. Ann."

65 Thomas' Tredwell (Benjamin,' Thomas,' John,* Thomas,'
Jo'hn,^ Edward'), born Long Island, N. Y., 22 Aug., 1778, died at
home of son Elbert, No. 388 Houston St., N. Y. C, 13 May, 1851,
buried cemetery back of Presbyterian church. Village of Hernp-
stead, N. Y., one monument marking his grave and that of wife;
married Jamaica, Long Island, 22 Feb., 1801, Lydia Simonson,
born 20 May, 1784, died town of Hempstead, N. Y., 5 May, 1863,
buried by side husband, 8 May. Residence, Milburne, town of
Hempstead, N. Y. Member New York Assembly; sheriff Queens
county. Will, Queens county, 5:356-

Tredwell Children:
i. William." ii. Hannah." iii. Elbert." iv. Maria." v. Lydia
Ann." vi. Catharine."

(id. Daniel' Tredwell (Benjamin," Thomas,' John,* Thomas/

John/ Edward'), born , 1781, died on his farm (?i4 Aug.,

1855), buried Greenfield cemetery, Hempstead, monument; mar-
ried (i) Hempstead, N. Y., 27 Jan., 1806 (Presbyterian church
records), Mary Smith, buried old cemetery, Hempstead, 14 April,
1823; (2) Hempstead, 26 Nov., 1825 (Presbyterian church records),
Susanna Ellsworth, born Flatbush, Kings county, N. Y., died
Freeport, Hempstead, 20 (?2i) Aug.. 1886, aged 83 years and 9
months, buried by side of husband, one monument to both,
daughter of Oliver and Margaret Ellsworth of Kingston, N. Y.
Residence, Baldwins, Hempstead, N. Y. Farmer.

384 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [Oct.,

Tredwell Children (ist 3 by first wife):
i. Thomas.* ii. Jackson.* iii. Phebe.* iv. Daniel Melanc-
thon.* V. Alanson.* vi. George Clinton.* vii. John James.*
viii. Oliver Ellsworth.* ix. Warren.*

67. Samuel' Tredwell (Benjamin/ Thomas,' John/ Thomas/
John/ Edward'), died intestate at home of daughter Mary, Rock-
ville Centre, Long Island, 12 Aug., 1866, aged 82 years, buried
cemetery back of Presbyterian church, Village of Hempstead,
N. Y., g. s.; married 2 June, 181 1, Hannah Barker, died at same
daughter's house, Rockville Centre, 20 Dec, 1875, aged 84 years,
buried by side of husband, g. s., daughter of Thomas Barker.
Residence, Freeport .(on Merrick Road), Long Island. Sea

Tredwell Children:
i, Benjamin,* ii. Abram Van Sicklen.* iii. Mary.*

68. James' Tre(a)dwell (Edward,' Samuel,' John,' Thomas,'
John,'' Edward"), died about 1835; married about time he went
into tanning business. Residence, Dutchess county, 1803; New-
burg, Orange county, N. Y., 1813; moved about four miles above
Newburg. In Dec, 1818, he was residing out of N. Y. State,
whereabouts unknown. He learned tanning business with (?his
uncle) Jesse Garrett of Baltimore, Maryland.

Tre(a)dwell Child:
i. Son,* parted from father while young.

69. Charles' Tre(a)dwell, (Edward,' Samuel,' John,* Thomas,'
John,^ Edward"), born Dutchess county, N. Y., 19 Feb., 1781, died
Middletown, N. Y., 15 (?July), 1822; married 3 April, 1806,
Jemima Quick, born 28 Aug., 1782, died at home of daughter
Phebe (married Peter Wenz), daughter of Lewis Quick of Orange
county, N. Y. Widow moved with son John to Pennsylvania.
Residence, Wallkill, Orange county, N. Y. Farmer. Will,
Orange county, 0:23.

Tre(a)dwell Children:
i. John/ ii. Eliza.* iii. Lucinda.* iv. Phebe.* v. Jane
Ann.* vi. Cynthia.*

70. Benjamin' Tre(a)dwell (Edward,' Samuel,' John,* Thomas,'
John,* Edward"), born near Poughkeepsie, Dutchess county, N.
Y., 18 Aug., 1785, died Union Springs, N. Y., 13 Jan., 1867;

married , 1808, Mary Helliker, born 15 Feb., 1790, died 20

Aug., 1867, daughter of John Helliker of Dutchess county. Resi-
dence, Dutchess county; Spring of 1815, moved to Orange
county; then moved, about 1822, to Ledyard, Cayuga county, N.
Y. Farmer,

Tre(a)dwell Children:
i. Jane Ann.* ii. Charles.* iii, Rachel.* iv. Nancy.* v.
Edward.* vi. Letitia.* vii. Mary.* viii, John M.*

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre(d)d'well through his son John. 385

71. Sands' Tre(a)dwell (Edward," Samuel/ John/ Thomas,'
John,- Edward'), born 21 Dec, 1791, died 11 Aug., 1865, buried
Asbury Centenary Methodist Episcopal churchyard, Tuckahoe,
Westchester county, N. Y., one stone marking his and wife's
graves; married 28 Feb., 1824, probably in White Plains, West-
chester county, Tamer Golden, died 8 April, 1852, aged 61 years.
Residence, Westchester county, N. Y.

Tre(a)dwell Children:
i. James." ii. Susan Ann.* iii. William Jackson.' iv. Anna.'
V. Elizabeth."

72. William Star' Tredwell (John,' Samuel,* John,* Thomas,'
John,' Edward'), born 13 October, 1806, died Westfield, Staten

Island, N. Y., 8 February, 1857; married , 1847, Catherine

Jane Pollion, living 1888, daughter of Daniel Pollion of Staten
Island. N. Y. Residence, Eastchester, Westchester county;
Westfield, Richmond county, N. Y. Administration on his estate,
Richmond county.

Tredwell Children:
i. Sarah Ann." ii. (John)." iii. John William," iv. Daniel
Pollion." V. Josephine."

73. John Henry' Tredwell (John,' John,'' Benjamin,* Thomas,'
John,' Edward'), born 10 April, 1803, baptized at father's house,
17 June, 1810, died North Hempstead, 29 June, 1870, married 22
October, 1833, Martha Burtis Dodge of Cow Neck, North Hemp-
stead, N. Y., born 10 October, 1815, died 26 December, 1883,
daughter of Isaac H. and Jane (Burtis) Dodge. Residence, Port
Washington, North Hempstead, N. Y. Farmer. His will. Queens
county, 16:478; administration on her estate. Queens county, 2:246.

Tredwell Children:
i. Sarah Jane." ii. Mary W." iii. Martha Dodge." iv. Emma
A." v. John Henry." vi. Isaac." vii. Maggie S."

74. James Macdonald' Tredwell (Richard,' John,' Benjamin,*
Thomas/ John,' Edward'), died Brooklyn, N. Y., 5 October,
1835, aged 35 years, buried in old Tredwell plot, Great Neck,
North Hempstead, N. Y., gravestone; married before 1831,
Ann Hempsted, born United States, daughter of Nathaniel
Hempsted, Jr., of Brooklyn, and probably same who died at No.
76 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn, 21 July, 1881, aged 64 years, and
buried Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, gravestone. Residence,
Brooklyn, N. Y. See her grandfather's will, Kings county, 7:256.

Tredwell Children:

i. William." ii. Sarah Maria."

75. James Iredell' Tredwell (Samuel,* Benjamin,' Benjamin/
Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born Edenton, Chowan county, North
Carolina, 5 November, 1799, died Brooklyn, N. Y., 25 July, 1846,
buried Christ's churchyard, Manhasset, North Hempstead, N. Y.,
gravestone; married St. Paul's church, Edenton, North Carolina,

386 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [Oct.,

10 April, 1827, Mary Bonner Blount of Edenton, born 13 (?i2)
April, 1808, died 11 August, 1869. Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y.;
widow moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tredwell Children:
i. Margaret Frances." ii. Jane Moore.* iii. Elizabeth Mutter
Blount.' iv. Helen Blair.' v. Helen Blair.' vi. Adam.' vii.
Frances Lenox.'

76. Timothy' Tredwell (Timothy," Benjamin,' Benjamin,* Thom-
as,^ John,' Edward'), born Jericho, town of Oyster Bay, N Y., 19
August, 1809, baptized at home of grandfather, Benjamin' Tred-
well, 13 October, 181 1, died Englewood, Chicago, Illinois, 24 Sep-
tember, 1891; married Geneseo, N, Y., 18 September, 1849, Sarah
M. Bakewell, born Chester, England, 2 November, 1821, died
Englewood, Chicago, 11 March, 1894, daughter of Rev. William J.
and Sarah (Needhara) Bakewell of Geneseo. Residence, Engle-
wood, Chicago, Illinois. Graduate Yale College.

Tredwell Children:
i. Alfred M.' ii. Margaret Sarah.' iii. Timothy Seabury.'
iv. John.' V. Elizabeth.'

77. Samuel' Tredwell (Benjamin,' Benjamin,' Benjamin,*
Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born North Hempstead, N. Y., 18
August, 1805, baptized at grandfather Tredwell's home, 22 June,
1806, died North Hempstead, 25 September, 1873, buried 27 Sep-
tember, St. George's churchyard, Hempstead, N. Y., gravestone;
married City of New York, 22 June, 1843, Amanda F. M. Smith,
born Islip, New York, 1 September, 182 1, baptized 8 October, 1848,
died at home, Mineola (part now East Williston), N. Y., 13 March,
1884, buried 17 March, by side of husband, gravestone, daughter
of Oliver Smith of Islip. Residence, old Tredwell homestead,
Mineola (part now East Williston), town of North Hempstead,
N. Y. Physician. His will. Queens county, 20:289; her will and
two codicils, same county, 33:399. See Hempstead Inquirer^
18 April, 1884.

Tredwell Children:
i. Daughter.' ii. Timothy.' iii. Gertrude.'

78. Samuel Lenox' Tredwell (Seabury,° Benjamin,' Benjamin,*

Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born , 1827; married (i) Mary

Louise Thorp, died ; married (2) . Residence, Fair

Haven, New Jersey.

Tredwell Children:

i. Eliza Seabury.' Others.

79. Alfred Montgomery' Tredwell (George,' Benjamin,' Benja-
min,* Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born Westbury, Long Island,
3 August, 1819, died Madison, Chatham township, New Jersey,
5 September, 1880, buried 8 September, Christ's churchyard,
Manhasset, gravestone; married Elizabeth, New Jersey, 8 (?i8)
November, 1843, Anna Munson, born 6 January, 1824, died 11

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. 387

December, 1908, buried same plot as husband, gravestone,
daughter of Halsey Munson of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Resi-
dence, New York City, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Madison, Morns
county, New Jersey. Merchant, china and glassware. His will,
Morris county. New Jersey.

Tredwell Children:
i. Anna Munson.* ii. Cornelia Roxanna." iii. George.' iy.
George.' v. Georgette." vi. Alfreda Montgomery.' vii. Julia
Stackhouse." viii. Alfred M.-

80. Edward Lawrence' Tredwell (Henry," William,' Benjamin,"
Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born Great Neck, North Hempstead,
N. Y., baptized 9 August, 1846, aged 39 years, died 13 January,
1871, in his 64th year, buried Monday, 16 January, 1871, Christ s
churchyard, Manhasset, North Hempstead, gravestone; married
(i) Great Neck, North Hempstead, 18 October, 1837, Sarah V. W.
Hewlett, born Great Neck, 12 February, 1820, baptized with hus-
band, died 24 March, 1863, buried 26 March, by side of husband,
gravestone; daughter of Joseph Lawrence and Elizabeth (Van
Wyck) Hewlett of Great Neck; married (2) before 16 October,
1866, Mary Davis of New Rochelle, N. Y., died New Rochelle,
22 June, 1904, in her 82nd year. Residence, Great Neck, North
Hempstead, and New York City, N. Y.; Eatontown, New Jersey.
In fur business; partnership, Tredwell & Frost.
Tredwell Children (ist wife):
i. Edward L.' ii. Mary Elizabeth.*

81 Samuel John' Tredwell (John Augustus,' Samuel,' Samuel,"
Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born Rye, Westchester county, N. Y.,
September, 1793, died New York City, 31 January, 1839 (?i8s9),
buried Rye, N. Y.; married 23 March, 1815, Anna Hatfield, born
White Plains, Westchester county, N. Y., 29 March, 1794, died
Port Richmond, Richmond county, N. Y., 27 February, 1867,
buried Dutch Reformed churchyard, Port Richmond, daughter
of Joseph and Abigail (Fowler) Hatfield. Residence, Harrison,
Westchester county, moving to New York City about 1834.

Tredwell Children:
i. Joseph Augustus.' ii. Elizabeth H.' iii. Eliza Lepenier.'
iv. Rebecca Titus.' v. Abram Hatfield.' vi. Susan Amelia.'

82 Charles Piatt' Tre(a)dwell (Nathaniel Hazard,* Thomas,'
Timothy," Thomas,' John,' Edward'), born 15 August, 1802, died
L'Original, Prescott county, Canada East, 31 (?3o) November,
1873; married 11 June, 1834, Helen Macdonell, daughter of a
Scotch United Empire Loyalist of Montreal, Canada. Residence,
L'Original, Prescott county, Canada East. Sheriff of Prescott
and Russell counties, Canada East, 1834 till death.

Tre(a)dwell Children:
i. Mary Susan.' ii. Caroline.' iii. Margaret Ann.' iv. Har-
riet.' V. Helen Isabella.' vi. Grace Low.'

2 88 Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey. [Oct.,


Of the Revolution, who served from Franklin County,

Pa., and his Sister, Jeannet Ramsey, who married

Joseph Eaton, a Revolutionary Soldier in

Franklin County, Pa.

By Orra Eugene Monnette.

Introductory Note. — The purposes of this pamphlet are
two-fold; primarily, to stimulate both interest and research in
the Ramsey ancestry, and secondarily, to correct certain genea-
logical errors, as the writer firmly believes, which have been
stated, re-stated and reiterated for several years.

Coat-of-Arms, Crest and Motto.

Ramsey — Maryland. Captain James Ramsey, Baltimore,

1735. (Descended from Sir James de Ramsey of Dalhousie,


Argent, an eagle displayed sable, beaked and membered gules.

Crest: A unicorn's head couped argent, armed or.

Motto: Ora et Labora.

Ramsay — Virginia. William McCreery Ramsey, Esq., of
Westover. Same arms as Captain James Ramsey of Dalhousie,

From A Registry of American Families entitled to Coat Armor,
by William Armstrong Crozier, F.R.S., published at the Taft
and Belknap Galleries, 1904, 40th St., N. Y.

William and Mary College Quarterly, (Vol. 3, p. 168) contains
very positive support of the foregoing, under the title " Coat of
Arms in Virginia:"

"The wax seal attached to the original will of Dr. George
Ramsey, in Norfolk County Clerk's office : An eagle displayed,
beaked and membered; Crest, a unicorn's head couped. These
arms correspond to those in Burke of the Earl of Dalhousie and
the Ramseys of Croughton House, Brackley, Southampton. Dr.
Ramsey, in his will, dated June 22, 1756, devised his property to
his wife Sarah, and to his sons, John and James Ramsey."
Cumberland and Franklin Counties, Pa.

Cumberland County was organized about 1750 and Franklin
County about 1784; Hamilton Township originally in Cumber-
land, then in Franklin County, was created about 1752.

The method of identifying genealogically, any one of a line-
age is usually referable to land ownership and taxation returns,
particularly in the State of Pennsylvania, and these should be
viewed in the light of the fact that not always did the person
live upon the land granted him or returned for taxation, and its
location in one township and county in one year, may have been

I9I2.] Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey. 389

relatively different as to township and county in another year, on
TccoTnt^f the changes in townsh% -d county lines at different
dates. This is a source of much confusion to one m a genealog

ical research. _,

Ensign William Ramsey.

His Revolutionary record appears in Pennsylvania Archives,
Fifth Series VoTume^VI, page 318, History of Franklin County,
?ennsyWanV (>878-McCaufe^ pp. 87-96; also the Publications
KiUochtlny Historical Society, Volume 1908, page 264, and U
S Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service
i8^i'' page 169, in which he is named as a pensioner, age 84, and
in junefst, x8;o, resided with "William Ramsey" m Mornstown,

^^His complete military record appears i^.the records of the
Rnreiu of Pensions Department of the Interior, Washington D.
c!XS'exSshis amplication for Pension und d te o

^X^^"^^^^"^^^^^ ^ ^^hfs^:r coSry

IvMenJe that he belonged to the Bucks County, Pa., Ramsey
S; the sLe pensiog record shows his residence at^he time
of enlistment as having been Franklin County Pa_ The wife
of Ensien William Ramsey was quite clearly Martha Alien,
daughtefof Josiah and Martha Allen of Frankhn County, Pa
and is so asserted by his descendants without variation The
deed Records !n Franklin County show he was granted land m
tl whTch he and his wife Martha conveyed in 1800, and which
was located in Hamilton Township.

His Sister, Jeannet Ramsey.
Her husband, Joseph Eaton, likewise served in the Revolu-
tion (Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series Volume X, Pages
icand^^r McCauley's History, Franklin County Pa., (ante),
and rnany other authorities,) and likewise received a pension
?here?or The pension records show that he was born m 1756.
and that his wife Jeannet was "59 years old m 1829," hence born

'"^ Tha't^°Ensign William Ramsey and Jeannet Ramsey were
bro^e'r'and sisiris, from family -cords, beyond dispute It is
verv TDrobablv beyond question, also, that they had, at leasi,
Whers John Thomas, and Benjamin, and a sister Margaret,
who married a Henry, and that in all probability there was an-
^ther brother Robert^ Ramsey. Benjamin is buried at Washing-
ton Pa and hVs monument recites that he was born m Cumber-
iar.fl Pa in 77^^ which is undoubtedly erroneous.

Mfrch ? 1^-89; Thomas, Benjamin, John and William Ramsey
each receiv^ed warrants fo^ one hundred acres of land m Hamil-
ton TownshTp, Franklin County, Pa. Robert Ramsey was earlier
a land owner there.

Genealogical Errors.
It was originally asserted that the parents of Ensign William
Ramsly werl William Ramsey and his wife Martha Allen,-
clearly a confusion of generations.

3Q0 Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ratusey. [Oct.,

This assertion was formerly repeated until it became an
accepted fact, and really has little or no foundation. It is true
that as early as 1751* a William Ramsey owned land in what is
now Hamilton Township, Franklin County, Pa., and, also in
Deed Records 1 738-1 744 there was a transfer of land "at
Dobbins Spring" along the Conococheague Creek, three miles
from Mercersburg, Pa., where one " Robert Ramsey" figures, and
on the back of the record is the notation of " William Ramsey "
as being the one who handed this deed of Robert Ramsey to the
purchaser. The location of Dobbins Spring is eight miles south-
west of the locality of the Hamilton Township Ramseys.

It has been asserted and alleged that William Ramsey died in
1782 leaving a will naming his wife Martha, and the children in-
dicated above, but no such will is of record in any of the counties
under consideration. A William Ramsey with a wife Martha did
leave a will of record in York County showing he had lived in
Hamilton Ban Township, then York, now Adams County, in 1777, in
which he names only a son, Reynold Ramsey, and grandchildren.
Bucks County Family.

Davis' History, the Pennsylvania Archives and the Bucks
County Deed and Will Records are authority here.

Further, a genealogical correspondent, who has compiled one
of the Ramsey lineages, states that James Ramsey was born in
Edinburg, Scotland, in 1692, settled in Bucks County in 1730; that
he had a son James, born 1732, who died in York County, Pa., 1757,
and he had in turn a son James and daughter Mary. This is the
"President Harrison Lineage," published in 1893. {The An-
cestry of Benjamin Harrison, etc., by Keith.)

There are practically no evidences against the origin of the
Ramsey Family in Bucks County, or that it originated colonially
in any other Pennsylvania County; hence, gathering together all
of the proofs offered by the County Records and adjusting and
harmonizing the various authorities as far as possible, it seems
quite probable that the first Ramsey to emigrate to America,
and who settled in Bucks County, was William' Ramsey, and
that the following is the correct lineage:

Ramsey: Scotch-Irish ancestry.

An Eaton Family genealogist, writing of the ancestry of
Jeannet Ramsey Eaton [post), says:

" Descendant of William Ramsey, a friend of Robert Bruce by
whose side he fought throughout the War of Independence, and
was one of the nobles who subscribed the celebrated memorial
to the Pope in 1320, vindicating the rights and liberties of their
country. Like other of the great " Scottish families, the Ram-
seys settled in Scotland during the reign of David I ."

An Alexander Ramsey, writing from his country home, " Dal-
housie", near Elgin, Scotland in 1904, claimed that the name was

* In "History of Franklin County" (1887) compiled by Warner, Beers &
Co., Page 153 in a List of Taxables of Antrim Township for 1751-2 appear the
names of both William and James Ramsey.

I9I2.] Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey. 39 1

originally, " De Ramesey", and having a possible descent from
the Egyptian Pharoahs, i. e., from Ra-me-sis, not necessarily a
remote possibility. It at least accounts for the origin of the

Elgin is in Morayshire County and the first of the name to
settle there was a Farrier from Forfarshire, which is clearly the
ancestral seat. The head of the clan was the Earl of Dalhousie,
whose family name was Ramsey.

It is unquestionable that the first Ramsey who came to Scot-
land held property in Huntingdonshire, from which he took the
name of De Ramesey. That property was part of the estate be-
longing to the Honour of Huntington, which was in possession
of David, Earl of Huntingdon, afterward David First of Scot-
land. De Ramesey came to Scotland in the train of the Earl of
Huntingdon, but retained his designation from his English

By heritage and in temperament, the Ramseys were and are
nobly proud and aristocratic, and never have yielded wholly to
democratic influences, nevertheless, possessed in their personal-
ities of splendid characteristics and religious preferments.

A descendent of the first John' Ramsey, son of William*,
copied the following from his tombstone in Montgomery County,

"Ye who survey with attentive eye
This tomb where Ramsey's ashes lie
His worth through various life attend,
His virtues learn and mourn his end.
He's gone from all afflictions here
To reign in life eternal there ."
Commencing soon after the year of 1700, there was a large
Scotch-Irish emigration to Pennsylvania. Among them came
William Ramsey with a large family to settle in Bucks County.
He was of the lineage of Sir James de Ramsey of Dalhousie,
Scotland. As some of the Pennsylvania Ramseys possess trad-
itions of Ireland locations, he may have likewise lived there.

The first records of any Ramseys in Bucks County are:
Thomas Ramsey, who died intestate in 17 14, and James Ramsey,
who died intestate in 1720. The more prominent Ramseys of
Bucks County was the elder William' Ramsey, son of the emi-
grant, William', who settled in Warwick Township before 1741 ; he
served as a colonial soldier, 1747 and owned land there and in
Warminster Township, and very probably was the William
Ramsey who with his brother, Robert, owned land in Cumber-
land County, near Dobbin's Spring, 1 738-1 744. He m. (i) Jane
or Jeannet Brady, daughter of Robert (?) Brady, and (2) Eleanor
Fairies, widow of Samuel. He was born in 1698, died October
19th, 1787, age 89 years, leaving a will of record. Mrs. Jeanet
Ramsey died February i6th, 1761, age 58 years. They had child-
ren; Robert', John', Jeannet', Jean', Hugh', William' and Pat-

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