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between themselves. No bloodshed occurred, but Freeman was de-
clared the victor and was rewarded by the hand of the fair Bethia.
When she became a widow, she returned to the scene of her youth-
ful conquest and became the second wife of Captain Job Gorham
(her first husband's rival), who had in the meantime, on Decem-
ber 4th, 1 7 19, married Desire Dimmock (daughter of Thomas),
who had born to him five (5) children, and who died January 28th,
I T\2-'\.

The will of Capt. Job Gorham of Barnstable, Mass., gentle-
man, is dated September 12th, 1753, and was proved November
2nd, 1762. In it he names his wife Bethia Gorham and daughters
Temperance Fuller and Desire Gorham, to whom he gives legacies.
All the remainder of his estate he gives to his son Thomas, whom
he appoints his executor. Capt. Job Gorham inherited the dwell-
ing house built by his grandfather (Capt. John Gorham) in Barn-
stable and the lands in its immediate vicinity; and the same was
held by his descendants as late as 1888. In 1745 he took down
the old mansion and built the one which was standing in 1888
on the same spot. Part of the material of the old house was used
in the construction of the new one. Captain Job Gorham's children
by his first wife,, Desire Dimmock, were as follows:

1. Temperance, born Barnstable, Mass., July 23rd, 1721 ;
married October 29th, 1741, John Fuller, her cousin.

2. Thomas, born Barnstable, Mass., August 13th, 1723; mar-
ried, first, Hannah Gorham; married, second, Rebecca

3. Edward, born Barnstable, Mass., Sept. 12th, 1725; died

4. Desire, born Barnstable, Mass., March 17th, 1727-8.

5. Job, born Barnstable, Mass., November 6th, 1730; died



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91. Thankful^ Sturgis (Rebecca* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ An-
tony,2 Rev. Peter^), born Yarmouth, Mass., September 2nd,
1701'; died at Yarmouth, January loth, 1721-2, "in her 22nd
year," at the birth of her first child; she was buried in Yar-
mouth in old Cemetery, gravestone ; she married at Yarmouth,
Mass., February i8th, 1719-20, to Timothy Hallett as his first
wife. He was born at Yarmouth, Mass., , about 1694,

19 1 2. J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 4c

according to his gravestone; he resided at Yarmouth, Mass.,
in the house owned and occupied by Mr. Eldridge Lovell in
1888; he was a farmer and a very respectable man, and died
at Yarmouth, July 7th, 1760, "in his 66th year," and was buried
there in old Cemetery, gravestone. He was a son of Jonathan
Hallett (born November 20th, 1647; died January 12th, 1716-
17, aged 69; married January 30th, 1683-4) and his wife,
Abigail (Dexter) Hallett, daughter of Ensign Thomas Dexter,

of Sandwich, Mass. (born , 1663; died September 2nd,

1715, aged 52), who resided at Yarmouth, Mass.

Child: I (Hallett) daughter, born at Yarmouth, Mass.

288 i. (Daughter^), born January loth, 1721-22; died Jan-

uary loth, 1721-2, at Yarmouth, Mass., and was buried
with her mother in old Cemetery, Yarmouth, grave-
Timothy Hallett married a second time about 1724 to Eliza-
beth^ Hatch (daughter of Deacon Moses Hatch and Elizabeth*
(Thacher) Hatch) of Falmouth, Mass.; she died at Yarmouth,
Mass., October 23rd, 1744, aged 44, and was buried in old Ceme-
tery, Yarmouth, gravestone; by this marriage Timothy Hallett
had 8 children whose records will be found under head of the
record of Elizabeth^ Hatch and her descendants (See No. 108).
Timothy Hallett married, third, on May 23rd, 1745, to Thankful
Jones of Barnstable, and she died January 24th, 1771, in her 69th
year and is buried in old Cemetery, Yarmouth, Mass., gravestone;
by this third marriage there were no children.

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 513.
Yarmouth, Mass., Grave Yard Inscriptions, pp. 17 and 20.

92. Elizabeth^ Sturgis (Rebecca* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ An-
tony,^ Rev. Peter^), born at Yarmouth, Mass., December ,

1703; died at Barnstable, Mass., June 6th, 1727, and was buried
in Goodspeed's Hill (East) Burying-ground, gravestone; she
married at Barnstable, Mass. (February 29th (or 24th, accord-
ing to Otis' Barnstable Families), 1725-6, to Deacon Gershom
Davis (as his first wife), born Barnstable, Mass., September
5th, 1702; died at Barnstable, May 6th, 1790, "in his 87th
year" and was buried in Goodspeed's Hill (West) Burying-
ground, gravestone ; he resided at Barnstable ; his house stood
where subsequently stood Captain Pierce's house at N. W.
corner of lot laid out to Thomas Lumbard. He was the son

of Joseph Davis, who married March , 1695, to Hannah

Cobb (she was born Barnstable, March 28th, 1671 ; died Barn-
stable, May 3d, 1739, aged 68; daughter of Sergeant James
and Sarah (Lewis) Cobb of Barnstable, Mass.).

Child: I (Davis) son, born in Barnstable, Mass.

289 i. James,® born June 2nd, 1727; died ; married

October 3rd. 1745. to Jean Bacon.

46 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,

Children: 10 (Davis), 3 sons and 7 daughters, all
born in Barnstable, Mass.

1. Elizabeth,'^ born July 2nd, 1746; died young.

2. Elizabeth,^ born March 25th, 1748.

3. Jean,^ born April 24th, 1750.

4. Patience,^ born June 13th, 1752.

5. Desire,^ born October 22nd, 1754.

6. Joseph,^ born September 19th, 1757.

7. Robert,^ born June 30th, 1760.

8. Hannah,'^ born December 19th, 1762.

9. James,^ born January 19th, 1767.

10. Desire,'^ baptized September loth, 1772.
Deacon Gershom Davis married a second time September 23rd,
1731, to Mary Hinckley (daughter of Joseph Hinckley of West
Barnstable by his wife Mary (Gorham) Hinckley) ; she v^as born
February 25th, 1703-4, at West Barnstable, Mass., and died March
31st, 1756, in 53rd year of her age; and by her Deacon Gershom
Davis had the follov^ring 7 children, who are not of Thacher blood,
viz: —

1. Robert, born July 12th, 1732; died December 3rd, 1738, in
7th year of his age.

2. Samuel, born September 13th, 1734; died — — ; married
Mary Gorham, December 22nd, 1757.

3. Elizabeth, born August 12th, 1736; died ; married Jo-
seph Crocker, Jr., January 12th, 1758.

4. Mary, born December 5th, 1740; died .

5. Abigail, ist, born September 12th, 1744; died young.

6. Abigail, 2nd, born July 12th, 1746; died .

7. Mercy, born February 4th, 1748; died young.

Deacon Gershom Davis married a third time in 1757 to Thank-
ful Skiff of Sandwich, Mass., by whom he had no children.

In Goodspeed's Hill (East) Burying-ground, Barnstable, Mass.,
we find the following gravestone inscriptions : —

"Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, wife to Mr. Ger-
shom Davis, deceased June ye 6th, 1727, in ye 23rd year of her

"Here lyes the body of Mrs. Mary Davis, the wife of Mr. Ger-
shom Davis, who died March ye 31st, 1756, in ye 53rd year of her

And in Goodspeed's Hill (West) Burying-ground, we find a
stone there inscribed: —

"In Memory of Deacon Gershom Davis; he died April 29th,
1790, in his 87th year."

Note the difference in the dates of his death as given by Free-
man's Cape Cod, p. 325, and Otis' Barnstable Families, May 6th,
1790, and his gravestone, which gives it April 29th, 1790.


Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 280 and 283-4; Vol. II, pp. 45-6.
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19 1 2. J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. An

96. Rev. Thomas^ Paine (Bethiah* Thacher, Hon. Col. Jolin,^
Antony,=^ Rev. Peter^), born at Barnstable, Mass., April 8th,
1694, baptized April 9th, 1694. He resided at Weymouth and
Boston, Mass., Halifax, N. S., and Braintree, Mass.; he died
at Germantown, near Braintree, Mass., at the home of his
daughter, Abigail Greenleaf, May 30th, 1757, aged 63, and was
buried at Weymouth, Mass., in Old Cemetery (North). He
was a minister of the Gospel, in the shipping trade, a student
of law. Harvard College, 1717. He married at Boston, Mass.
(by the Rev. Peter^ Thacher of Boston), April 21st, 1721, to
Eunice Treat, born at Eastham, Mass., September 27th, 1704;
died at Boston, Mass., October 17th, 1747, aged 42, and was
presumably buried at Weymouth, Mass. She was a daughter
of Rev. Samuel Treat and his second wife, Abigail (Willard)
Estabrook (widow of Benjamin Estabrook and daughter of
Rev. Samuel Willard of Old South Church, Boston), of East-
ham, Mass.

Children: 5 (Paine), 3 sons and 2 daughters; first 3 born in

Weymouth and last 2 at Boston, Mass.

290 i. Abigail,^ born March 6th, 1725 ; died January 15th,
1808 (or 1809), aged 83; married October 17th,
1749, at Boston, Mass., by Rev. Joseph Sewall,
D. D., to Joseph Greenleaf (son of Wm. and
Mary (Shattuck) Greenleaf, of Boston, Mass.),
born November loth, 1720, at Boston, Mass.; he
lived at Abington and Boston, Mass.; he died
October 28th, 1810, at Maiden, Mass., and was
buried in Granary Burying-ground there; he was
an author and publisher. Justice of the Peace, and
a zealous, patriotic citizen.

Children: 7 (Greenleaf), 2 sons and 5 daughters,
all born at Abington, Mass.

1. Abigail, ist,^ born , 1750; died , in


2. Abigail, 2nd,'^ born February 28th, 1753; died
July 8th, 1788; married Rev. Ezra Weld as
his third wife.

3. Joseph,^ born May 28th, 1754; died November,
1 77 1, aged 17 years, 5 months.

4. Thomas,'^ born , 1755 ; died , 1798, in

New York ; married Anna Quackenbos ; he
was a printer; 4 children.

5. Mary,' born , 1757; died , 1804;

married Nathaniel Thwing, a merchant of
Boston ; no children.

6. Catharine,' born June nth, 1760; died ;

married Dr. Joseph W. Rhoades; 6 children.

7. Eunice Paine,' born August 7th, 1762; died
April nth, 1803; married Wm. Prentiss, as

4 8 Thacher-Thatcher Gefiealogy. [Jan.,

his second wife ; he was a merchant in Lon-
don, Eng., several years ; i child.

291 ii. Robert Treat, ist,° born October 9th, 1727; died

October 21st, 1727, at Weymouth, Mass., and was
buried there.

292 iii. Thomas,® born July 3rd, 1729; died August 19th,

1730, at Weymouth, Mass., and was buried there.

293 iv. Robert Treat, 2nd,'' born March nth (or 12th),

1 730- 1 ; died May nth, 1814, at Boston, Mass.,
and was buried in Granary Burying-ground, Bos-
ton, Mass.; married , 1770, at , to Sally

Cobb, of Taunton. Mass. ; she was born , 1740,

about, at ; died June 6th, 1816, aged 76, at

; she was a daughter of Thomas and Lydia

(Leonard) Cobb of Taunton, Mass.

Children: 8 (Paine), 4 sons and 4 daughters; first

6 born in Taunton, Mass., others in Boston, Mass.

1. Robert Treat,'^ born , 1770; died July

30th, 1798, at Boston, Mass, H. C. 1789.
Not married.

2. Sally,'' born , 1772; died January 26th,

1823. Not married.

3. Thomas,'^ born December 9th, 1773; died No-
vember 13th, 181 1 ; married Elizabeth Baker.

4. Charles,^ born August 30th, 1775 ; died Feb-
ruary 15th, 1810; married Sally Sumner

5. Henry,'' born October 20th, 1777; died June
8th, 1814; married Olive Lyman.

6. Mary,'' born February 9th, 1780; died Feb-
ruary 27th, 1842 ; married Rev. Elisha Clapp.

7. Maria Antoinette,^ born December 2nd, 1782;
died March 26th, 1842 ; married Dr. Samuel

8. Lucretia,' born April 30th, 1785 ; died August
27th, 1823, at Boston, Mass. Not married.

Hon. Robert Treat® Paine taught school for a
year. He then made three voyages to North Caro-
lina, acting as master. He subsequently sailed to
Fayal and to Cadiz and to Greenland on whaling
voyages as master of his ship. In 1755 he read law
in Lancaster with Judge Willard, a relative, and
preached at the same time in Shirley, Mass. He
was chaplain of Col. Willard's Regiment, which
was sent to Crown Point and was in Camp on Lake
George for three months. In 1757 he was ad-
mitted to the bar and removed to Taunton, Mass.,
in 1 76 1. He was Rep. to G. C. from Taunton,
1733-4, Deputy to ist Congress in 1775; attended

I9I2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 49

ist provincial congress at Cambridge, Mass., and
in May attended the Congress at Philadelphia, Pa.
July 4th, 1776, he signed the Declaration of In-
dependence. Pie was a Member of Congress in
1777-8, but did not attend. In 1781 he removed
to Boston and settled there on the corner of Milk
and Federal Streets in former residence of Gov-
ernor Shirley. He was Attorney-General in 1777-
1790. In 1790 he was made Judge of the Superior
Court and resigned in 1804. A facsimile of his
signature may be seen, p. 244 of the Treat Family
294 V. Eunice,*' born May nth, 1733; died February 2nd,
1803; at Boston, (probably) ; she was buried from
her brother's home in Boston. Not married.
Rev. Thomas=> Paine at an early age was placed under Rev.
Jonathan Russell of Barnstable for preparation for Harvard Col-
lege. In 171 3 he entered Harvard, and while there pursued the
study of mathematics and astronomy far beyond the ordinary course
of these studies there at that time. His great interest m these
studies led him in 1718 and 17 19 to pubHsh almanacs m his own
name. To the study of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and French he gave
great attention, and graduated at Harvard in 1717. Having shown
an early predilection for the ministry, in August, 1717, he began
the study of theology under Rev. Theophilus Barnard of Andover,
Mass. ; and upon completion of his studies he accepted a call and
was ordained minister at Weymouth, Mass., on August 19th, 1719;
he remained there until 1730, when ill health compelled him to ask
for his dismission. He then went to Boston to reside and soon be-
came engaged in commercial pursuits. He carried on a trade with
the Southern Colonies, West Indies, and the new port of Hah fax,
N. S., and with England and other foreign ports, and soon acquired
considerable wealth. He was also engaged in the manufacture of
cannon and the casting of shot ; he had foundries in Abmgton and
Bridgewater. In the summer of 1749, his business affairs became
involved in consequence of the capture of some of his vessels, and
on account of the depreciated value of the existing currency, and
creneral business conditions ; and his property was swept away. His
health gave way, and he made a voyage to the West Indies ; and on
his return made lialifax his place of residence. There he turned
his attention to the study of law with the intention of practising.
His health becoming greatly impaired, he was compelled to abandon
his studies and he returned toBraintree, Mass., to a village nearby
called Germantown, where his daughter Abigail Greenleaf lived;
and at her home passed to his rest and was buried at Weymouth
Mass. He was undoubtedly a man of great talents, learning and



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98. Bethia^ Paine (Bethia* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^ Antony ,2
Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, Mass., May 23rd, 1698; bap-
tized May 29th, 1698; died , at ; married at Barn-
stable, Mass., , 1732 (or 1737), to Dr. Samuel Russell,

born Barnstable, Mass., May ist, 1699; he resided at Barn-
stable, Mass. ; he was a physician, and was the minister to the

"Great Marshes;" he died , at . He was a son of

Rev. Jonathan Russell, Harvard College, 1675 (born September
i8th, 1655; died February 20th, 1710-11, aged 55), and his
wife Martha Moody, daughter of Rev. Joshua Moody of Ports-
mouth, N. H. (born ; died September 28th, 1729), who

resided at Barnstable, Mass., where he settled September i8th,

Children: I have been unable to ascertain whether there were
any children born of this marriage.
N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. II, p. 196 ; XL, pp. 383-4-5-
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99. Mary^ Paine (Bethia* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,' Antony,^
Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, Mass., August 13th, 1700; bap-
tized there August i8th, 1700; died , at ; she married,

first, October nth, 1723, at , to Nathaniel Freeman; he

was born at Eastham, Mass., May 7th, 1698; he resided at
Eastham and Barnstable, Mass. ; he died at Barnstable, Mass.,
December 2nd, 1727. He was a son of Samuel Freeman (born
March 26th, 1662; died January 30th, 1742, aged 81), and his
second wife, Bathsheba (Lothrop) Smith-Freeman (daughter
of Barnabas Lothrop of Barnstable and widow of Samuel
Smith of Eastham), who resided at Eastham, Mass. She mar-
ried a second time, October nth, 1729, at , to Edmund

Hawes, born at Yarmouth, Mass., June 13th, 1699; he resided
at Yarmouth, where he died June 2nd, 1777. He was a son

of Joseph Hawes (born July i6th, 1673-4), and Mary ( )

Hawes, of Yarmouth, Mass.

Children by first marriage: 3 (Freeman), 2 sons and i daugh-
ter, all born in Barnstable, Mass.

295 i. Bethia^ born July 4th, 1725; died ; married

January 24th, 1744-5, at Barnstable, to John
Hinckley, Jr., born Barnstable, Mass., January 4th,
1712-13; he lived at Barnstable in a red brick
house that belonged to Henry Bourne and subse-
quently was used as a Parsonage by Rev. Thomas

Walley and the Russells; he died , at — — .

He was a son of Joseph Hinckley (born May 15th,
1672; died , 1753; aged 81 years), and Mary

igi2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 5^

(Gorham) Hinckley (born September i8th, 1680;

died ), of West Barnstable, Mass.

Children: 8 (Hinckley), 4 sons and 4 daughters,
all born at Barnstable, Mass.

1. Joseph,^ born November loth, 1745; died No-
vember 2 1st, 1745-

2. Bethia,^ born August 25th, 1747; died Feb-
ruary 23rd, 1775. ,.,.., J

3. Mary,'' born August 9th, 1749; died April 2nd,

4. Elizabeth,^ born April 9th, 1752.

5. John,'' born October 15th, 1754; died ;

married December 4th, 1778, to Hannah Ide
of Rehoboth, Mass.

6. Freeman,'' born June 27th, 1757; died ;

married Sabra Hatch; he died early, leaving
no issue, and she became fourth wife of John*
Thacher (No. 327).

7. James,'' born April 2nd, 1760.

8. Sarah,' born October 28th, 1763.

296 ii. James,« born October nth, 1726; died ; he

is said to have gone to Halifax, N. S.

297 iii. Nathaniel'^ born March 20th, 1728; died April

17th, 1728, at Barnstable, Mass., and was buried

Children by second marriage: 3 (Hawes), i son and 2 daugh-

298 iv. Edmund,® born .

299 V. Mary,® born .

300 vi. EHzabeth,® born — — .

Nathaniel Freeman, first husband of Mary'' Paine, died before
the birth of his last child, Nathaniel® Freeman. His will mentions
his wife Mary, who was Executrix, and will was admitted to ad-
ministration May 22nd, 1728, "the said widow and her father,
James Paine of Barnstable, being granted letters of administration.
Edmund Hawes, second husband of Mary^ Paine, was ruined finan-
cially by the depreciation of Continental paper currency. In Jan-
uary, 1777, the paper currency then in circulation was at 5 per cent,
discount, in July it was at 25 per cent, discount, and before the end
of the year three dollars in paper would not command one dollar
in silver. The depreciation was so rapid that finally a paper dol-
lar was only worth two or three cents. Edmund Hawes had sold
his home to a Mr. Doane (the property since known as the Dr.
Savage estate) and had been paid therefor in Continental paper
currency, which almost immediately thereafter became worthless.
Mr Hawes, being thus reduced to poverty, went into the woods
and hung himself. It is a singular fact that his only son also com-
mitted suicide.

C2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,

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100. Experience'' Paine (Bethiah* Thacher, Hon. Col. John,^
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, Mass., March i7tli,

1702-3; died at Norton, Mass., June 17th, 1775; married ,

int. pub. September 25th, 1724, at Weymouth, Mass., to
Samuel Hunt, born at Braintree, Mass., date ; he re-
sided at Braintree, Weymouth and Norton, Mass., in which
latter place he bought land in 1740; he probably was a farmer;

he died at , date , administration on his estate was

granted December i6th, 1755. He was a son of Captain
John Hunt (born , 1646; died March i8th, 1724; mar-
ried October 19th, 1686), and his wife Ruth (Quincy) Hunt
(born October 29th, 1658; will dated February 28th, 1745-6,
proved December 27th, 1748; she was a daughter of Edward
Quincy) of Braintree, Mass.

Children: 10 (Hunt), 3 sons and 7 daughters, all born at
Weymouth, Mass.

301 i. Elizabeth,^ born December 20th, 1725; died ;

married May 3rd, 1750, at Norton, Mass., to
Jonathan Hunt of Norton, Mass.

Children: 3 (Hunt), i son and 2 daughters, all
born at Norton, Mass.

1. Abigail,^ born July 15th, 1750.

2. Bythiah,^ born September 13th, 1752 (old

3. James,'^ born April 13th, 1754.

302 ii. Rebecca, ist,® born September loth, 1727; died

October 3rd, 1730, at Weymouth, Mass., and was
probably buried there.

303 iii. Samuel, ist,^ born March loth, 1729; died De-

cember 14th, 1729, at Weymouth, Mass., and was
probably buried there.

304 iv. Rebecca, 2nd,*^ born March 27th, 1731 ; died Jan-

uary 4th, 1806, at Norton, Mass. ; married August
27th, 1750, at Norton, Mass., to Joseph Lincoln,
Jr., of Norton, Mass.

Children: 8 (Lincoln), 2 sons and 6 daughters,
all born at Norton, Mass.

1. Elizabeth,"^ born February 28th, 1751 ; bap-
tized at Norton, July 15th, 1753.

2. Abigail,'^ born November i6th, 1752.

3. Rebecca,'' born September 21st, 1756.

4. Samuel,'^ born September 21st, 1758.

i9'2.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. C^

5. Silve/ born November 3rd, 1760.

6. Joseph/ born June 17th, 1765.

7. Nanse/ born May 26th, 1768.

8. Ruth/ born July 14th, 1771.

305 V. Experience/ born July 8th, 1733 ; died April 30th,

1768, at Norton, Mass.; married March 31, 1757,
at Norton, Mass., to Jeremiah Newland of Nor-
ton, Mass.

Children: 5 (Newland), 2 sons and 3 daughters,
all born at Norton, Mass.

1. John,'^ born February 19th, 1758.

2. Experience,'^ born February 23rd, 1760.

3. Dan/ born March 27th, 1762.

4. Lucy,^ born June 30th, 1764.

5. Metelda,^ born July 5th, 1766.

306 vi. Samuel, 2nd,^ born May 9th, 1735 ; died Decem-

ber 22nd (26th), 1790, at Norton,, Mass.; married
September i6th, 1762, at Norton,, Mass., to Abi-
gail Day, born , at ; died November 15th,

1813, aged 70, at Norton, Mass.

Children: 10 (Hunt), 5 sons and 5 daughters, all

born at Norton, Mass.

1. Samuel, ist/ born January 25th, 1763; died
November 17th, 1763, at Norton, Mass.

2. Abigail, ist/ born August i6th, 1764; died
November nth, 1764, at Norton, Mass.

3. Samuel, 2nd,^ born March 30th, 1766; bap-
tized January 27th, 1771, at Norton; died
October i8th, 1830, at Norton, Mass., aged
64, g. s. ; married, first, January 28th, 1790,
at Norton, Mass., to Sally Walker; married
second, June i6th, 1824, at Norton, Mass., to
Mrs. Luranah Lane.

4. Jonathan,'^ born May 9th, 1768 ; baptized
January 27th, 1771, at Norton; died Septem-
ber 20th, 1793, at Norton, Mass., "in 26th
year;" no record of his marriage at Norton,

5. Abigail, 2nd,'' born August 31st, 1770; died
October i8th, 1830, at Norton, Mass., "in
59th year," mg. int. pub. at Norton, Mass.,
April 2ist, 1793, to Asahel (Asel) Tucker;
he was born March i6th, 1772, at Norton,
Mass. ; died January 2nd, 1847, ^^ Norton,
Mass., "aged 75."

6. Day,'^ born February loth, 1773.

7. Josiah,'^ born July 9th, 1775 ; died October
iSth, 1818, "aged 43;" married April 7th,
1803, at Norton, Mass., to Fanny Lincoln.


CA Thacher-Tliatcher Genealogy. [Jan.,

8. Jerusha/ born November 20th, 1778; died
March 19th, 1824, "in 46th year," at Norton,

9. Anna/ born September 7th, 1781 ; died Aug-
ust 20th, 1821, "in 40th year," at Norton; mg.
int. pub. at Norton, January 27th, 1806, to
James Carpenter.

10. Elizabeth/ born November nth, 1784.

307 vii. James,® born January 30th, 1736-7; died Sep-

tember 15th, 1750, at Norton, Mass., and was
probably buried there.

308 viii. Ruth, ist,® born September 23rd, 1738; died

October 13th, 1738, at Weymouth, Mass., and
was buried there.

309 ix. Ruth, 2nd,® born April 7th, 1740; died March

25th, 1741, at Weymouth, Mass., and was prob-
ably buried there.

310 X. Ruth, 3rd,® born August 8th, 1741 ; died April

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