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(2) wife was born June the 17th day 181 8. (Reuben Doudge,
Jr., and Lydia Bonney, April 17, 1817, by Rev. David Waters.
See Lower Norfolk Records, vol. 3, p. 82.)

Children of John Mulford and Caroline Smith:

Jacob Smith Mulford, born Augt. 23d, 1813; married May i8th,
1836, to Joanna C. Gardiner. Died Augt. 23rd, 1855. (2 chil-

Phebe M. Mulford, born May 24th, 1816; married , 1835, to

Zephaniah P. Brush. Died May i8th, 1840. (3 children.)

Sarah M. Mulford, born Sept. i8th, 1818; married May, 1841, to
Zephaniah P. Brush; married again, Feby. 6th, 1848, to Joel
S. Bryant. (4 children.)

Ebenezer Smith Mulford, born Mar. i6th, 1822; married , to

Sarah Ann Gardiner. Died Sept. 8th, 1852. (No children.)

Mary Elizabeth Mulford, born Augt., 1825; married , 1846, to

Charles H. Brush. Died May 3d, 1852. (No living children.)

Children of Samuel Mumford and Farena (Rogers):
Samuel Lewis Mulford, born Sept. 8th, 1819; married Nov. 23d,
1836, to Jane Collins. (5 children.)

64 Copy of Family Record of the Elias Mulfo7-d and [Jan,,

Jane Mulford, born Oct. 12th, 1817; married Jany. 5th, 1837, to

Cornell Smith. (10 children.)
Alfred Mulford, born March 28th, 18 19; married , to .

Died , 1852. ( — children.)

Gilbert Mulford, born June 15th, 1852; married April 3d, 1S52, to

Mary Jane Davis. (2 children.)

Children of David Gardiner Mulford and Rebecca (Sills):
Phinas Sills Mulford, born Augt. — , 18 11.
Elizabeth Gardiner Mulford, born March 28th, 1814; married

Sept. 26th, 1848, to Moses Cammitt. (No children.)
Hannah Ann Mulford, born May 19th, 1816; married Apl. 9th,

185 1, to George Prankard. (3 children.)
Frances Phebe Mulford, born Sept. 14th, 1820 (died Aug., 1884);

married April 9th, 1861, to David Lewis. (4 children.)
Devid G. Mulford, born Augt. 31st, 1824; married Sept. 15th,

1853, to Kate Van Buskirk. (2 boys.)

Children of Jerusha Smith (grandchildren of Elias Mulford):
Antoinette Smith, born Mar. nth, 1833; died Apl. 19, 1852.
George Edward Smith, born Jan. 8th, '35; died Augt. 30th, 1856.
Charles M. Smith, born Nov. 24th, 1836; married Jany. ist, 1867,
to Mary Jane Lewis. (No children.)

Children of Maria Mason Mulford Gardiner (grandchildren
of Elias Mulford):
Rosalia A. Gardiner, born Feby. 19th, 1832.

John E. Gardiner, born Sept. 9th/37; mard. Dec. ioth/62, to
Laura Davis. (5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls.)

Children of A. G. Mulford (grandchildren of Elias Mulford):
Henry Dunning Mulford, born July 22nd, 1858.
Nathaniel Smith Mulford, born Mar. 28/59; died June 26th, 1861.
Louisa Campbell Mulford, born Augt. loth, 1861.

Children of Sophia C. Hartt (grandchildren of Elias Mulford):

Elbert Hartt, born Jany. 9th, 1843 (Jany. 9th/44).

Fanny Elizabeth Hartt, born Sept. 22nd, 1844; married Dec. nth,

1866, to Elbert Kelsey. (2 children, Mary and Charles.)

E. Kelsey died Jan., 1900.

Children of Henry W. Mulford (grandchildren of Elias

Mulford) :

Mary E. Mulford, born Feby. 15/54; mard. Deer. 23d, 1873, to

Joseph Wells (Setauket, L. I.) (3 sons.)
Addie Mulford, born Oct. 5/57; died Octr., 1864.
By last wife (Hettie Ann) Irene M., born Deer. 4th, 1867.

Children of Alfred Ketcham (grandchildren of Elizabeth

and Benjamin Ketcham):

Edward Henry Ketcham, born Jan. 12, 1822; died June 20, 1854.

Alfred B. Ketcham, born Sept. 12, 1824; married July 3d, 1855, to

Susan Spangler? Died Apr. 2nd, 1873. (No children.)
2 children by second wife.

19 '2.] Elizabeth Gardiner Families and Descendants. 65

Children of Elizabeth Hawkins (grandchildren of Elizabeth
and Benjamin Ketcham):
Chailes Mulford Hawkins, born Mar. 30/22; died Apl. 25th, 1835.
Harriet Eliza Hawkins, born Augt. 31/24; married March 3d,
1847, to James R. Ferris. (3 girls, Hattie P., born Sept. 6th,
1853; died March 27th, i860; Mary P. E., born June 20th,
1857; Ella L. F., born July 3d, 1859.)

Children of Abm. Mulford Ketcham (g-randchildren of

Elizabeth and Benjamin Ketcham):

George Ketcham, born Jany. 17th, 1832; mard. Apl. 21st, 1862, to

Fanny Lewis. (2 children, 1 boy and i girl.)
Charlotte Ketcham, born Oct. 4th/36; mard. Oct. 3ost, 1867, to

Fleet Bryant. (2 sons.)
Phebe C. Ketcham, born 17/41; married June 13th, 1S61, to

Israel Ketcham. (i son and 3 daughters.)
Antoinette Ketcham, born Jany. 4th/43; married July 3ost, 1871,

to Shepard Bullock. (No children.)

Children of Zurvia Ketcham (Edwards) (grandchildren of

Elizabeth and Benjn. Ketcham):

Robert Edwards, born June 2nd/27; marrd. Augt., 1849, to Emma

Lewis. (4 children.)
Richard Edwards, born Sept. 30/30; married Jany. — , 1849, to

Mary Lewis. (2 children.)
Zurviah Edwards, born Oct. 1/36; married Jany. ist, 1854, to

Geo. H. Henshaw. (7 children.)
Wm. Edwards, born Sept. 2/40; married , 1862, to Rachel

Ducket. (No children.)
Mary Jane Edwards, born Apl. ist, 1843; died Aug. 3, 1885.
Maria Edwards, born Dec. 22/46; married Deer. 18, 1866, to

Edward L. Hill, (i child.)

Children of Mary Ketcham Rogers (grandchildren of
Elizabeth and Benj'n):
Benjamin K., born Feb. 26/31; md. 1855, to Susan Haywood.
Mary E. K., born Apl. 25/33; mard. 1855; died Apl. 26, 1864.
Zurviah R., born Feb. 29/36; marrd. Apl. i2th/6o, to Charles A.

Hannah R., born Jan. 19/39; never married; died Sep. 30/56.
Israel R., born June 13/43; married Apl. — , 1866.
Maria R., born July 3/46; married Apl., 1869; died July 8/70.
Jemima R., born Apl. 12th, 1849.
Harriet, born March 9th/52.

Children of Jemima Ketcham Higgins (Douge) (grandchildren

of Benjamin Ketcham):
Oscar M. Higgins, born Mar. 25th/34; died Apl. 9th, 1838.
Mary Higgins, born Feby. 5/37; married Apl., i860, to S. C.

Harriet A. Doudge, born Augt. 26/48; mard, Dec. 8/1870.
James Reuben Doudge, born Feb. 4th/i85i; died New York City,
Charles Doudge, born Oct. 19/54; died Sept. 4th, 1856,


66 Copy of Family Records of Elias Mulford [Jan.,

Children of Jacob S, Mulford (grandchildren of John
Mulford and Caroline Smith):
Anna C. M., born Sept. 9th, 1840; married Jany. 3/59, to Charles
Cooling. Died May loth, 1863. (i girl, Anna C., born Nov.

Wm. E. Mulford, born Nov. 23d, 1842; married Jany, 27th, 1868,
to Sarah Bunce (formally Matthias). (No children.)

Children of Phebe M. Brush (grandchildren of John Mulford):
Amy B., born Apl. 28th, 1836; married , 1850, to Ed'd Rowley.

Died Octr. 2nd, 1863. (2 boys.)
Caroline Mulford B., born Jany. 28/38; married Dec. — , 1863, to

Wm. Rowley, (i boy and 2 girls.)
Phebe Mulford B., born Apl. 5/40; m. Jany. 31/59, to Frank

Bayley. (3 boys.)

Children of Sarah M. Bryant (grandchildren of John Mulford):
Emily Jane B., born June 20th, 1849.
Walter E. B., born Nov. i6th, 185 1.
Minnie A. B., born Deer. 7th, 1853.
Mary E. B., born Deer. 24th, 1861.

Children of Lewis Mulford (grandchildren of Samuel Mulford):
Farena M., born Feb. 12/38; married Sept. i8th, 1866, to A, G.

Hamilton. (3 children.)
Ann Eliza M., born Apl. 29/41; married March 19th, 1868, to G.

C. Kip. (4 children.)
Mary Jane M., born Augt. 20th, 1846.

Children of Jane M. (grandchildren of Samuel Mulford and

Farena) :
George E. S., born Jany. 23d/38; mard. Jany. 8/67. (2 children.)
William R. Smith, born Augt. 22/40; mard. May 3/70. (i child.)
Augustus F. Smith, born Apl. 22/43; died Apl. 26/70.
Mary J. Smith, born Feb. 5/45; mard. Nov. 12/70. (2 children.)
Harriett A. Smith, born Apl. 18/47; died Oct. 15/48.
Chatfield H. Smith, born June 23/50; died Augt. 23/50.
Chatfield H. Smith, born June 18/51,
Helen E. Smith, born March 20th, 1858.
Eliza R. Smith, born Jany. 26th, 1862.

Children of Gilbert Mulford (grandchildren of Samuel M.):
Farena M., born Jany. 25th, 1853.
Louis M. Mulford, born Dec. 13th, 1854.

Children of Hannah M. Prankand (grandchildren of
David G. Mulford):
Livingston P., born about 1840.
Emma P. born about 1842.
George P., born about 1844; married to . (2 children.)

Children of Francis Lewis (grandchildren of D. G. Mulford):
George L., born May i3th/54; married May 4/77, to Hattie

I9I2.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 67

Sarah E. L., born May 24/52; died Augt. 2oth/52.
Gracie L., born Apl. 6/57; died Augt. 26/72.
Charles G. L., born Feb. ist, 1856.

Children of D. G. M. (grandchildren of David G. Mulford):
Wallace E. M., born Oct. 31st, 1861.
David G. M., born July 30th, 1854.

Contributory to American Genealogy.

By J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson.

(Continued from Vol. XLII, p. 434, of The Record.)

Will of Sergant Major John Johnson of the Jsland of Barba-
does, dated 16 June, 1655. To three of my sisters Zonaberiah,
Francis and Jane 8000 lbs of sugar each. Son in law Edward
Crofts and his sister Elizabeth Crofts same. To his daughters Mary
Crofts and Thomazine Crofts same. Son in law William Crofts
same. Daughter Jane ^1000 in ten years. To wife Elizabeth
one third of estate and if with child £s°^ more to it at 18. Son
John Res: Leg: and Exor: and wife Elizabeth Extrx: in trust till
he is of age. {John JoJinsoii\. Witnesses: And: Walmesley,
Robert Handforth, S: Peyton. By the Governor: — Captain An-
drew Walmesley & Mr. Robert Handforth appeared before me
this 4 of ffebruary 1655 and made oath to signature {Davy
elldearle\ Recorded in the Secretary's office 16 July, 1656, attes-
ted by me John Pocock, Dep'y Secry. Proved at London, 27
November, 1656, by Elizabeth Johnson relict & Extrx:

(P. C. C. Berkeley, 247.)

Compare will of Luke Johnson of Virginia already printed in
these collections.*

William Collcutt late a seaman in the ship Planter, in Vir-
ginia beyond sea, widower. Dated about 28 or 29 March, 1659.
In case my wife is dead I give to my sister Anne West £$. To
John Noseiter 40/. To Thos. Prinderges, one of the mates of
this ship 50/. To Edward Reddish 15/. To John Frost, boson,
15/. To David Man 5/. Res: Leg: Patience Dandy my wife's
kinswoman. Wits: Thos. Prinderges, David Man. Admon with
will granted 5 August, 1659, to Anne West, the aunt and curatrix
to Patience Dandie, a minor, the cozen & Res: Leg: named in
will. (RC. C. Pel], 446.)

Will of William Besse, citizen & girdler of London. Dated
19 April, 1 641. To be buried in the parish of St. Buttolphes
without Bishopsgate, London, whereof I am now a parishoner,
near my former wife. To my brother Mr. Richard Bragge 40/ &

* Record, vol. xli, p. 'j'].

68 Clues from English Archives Contributory to Americati Genealogy. [Jan.,

to my sister his wife ^^5. To my sister Joane Hardwick 40/,
To friend Mr. George Goulden of Paternoster Rowe, silkman, 40/.
To my godson William Bragge £,'^. To Elizabeth, Marie & Sara
Bragge, children of the said Richard, jQ^ each. To my cousins
Francis & Stephen Totthill each 40/. To kinswoman Anne Penn,
widow, 40/ & to her three children 20/ each. To kinswomen
Sara & Rebecca Tothill 40/ each. To kinsman John Tothill 40/.
To cousin Francis Tothill's child 20/, To friend Mr. John Green-
hill, cordwainer, 20/. To friend Mr. Richard White 20/. To my
brother Phillip Williams ^^5. To kinsman John Besse, my
brother's son ^^20. I give all the rest of my goods 8c all my
plantation, etc., which I have in Virginia & which are now coming
home from there, to my wife Elizth: Besse, whom I make Extrx:
Overseers: my said brother Richard Bragge & the said Mr. Geo:
Goulden. Wits: Hy CoUett, George Turner, Jo: Underwood,
Not: Pub: Proved 12 May, 1641, by Elizth: Besse, relict & extrix.

(P. C.C. Evelyn, 64.)

Will of Jane Collier of St. Mary Rotherhithe, co. Surrey,
widow. Dated 18 April, 1722. To my daughter Mary Read, now
wife of Richard Read, mariner, late of Rotherhithe, but now of
Merry Land in Virginia, all my wearing apparrel if she be living;
if not, then to my grandchildren Richard Read and Joseph Moore.
Residuary legatee, the said Joseph Moore. Executors, my son in
law Richard "Read, my brother in law Richard Taylor of St. Mar-
tin's in the Fields, co. Middlesex, cordwainer, and Anthony
Bayles of Rotherhithe, barber. Witnesses: Thomas Coattam,
John Kidder, Not. Pub. Proved 6 Nov., 1723, by Anthony Bayles,
power being reserved to the other executors.

(Arch. Surrey, 1722-25, fol. 199.)

Will of Joseph Torkington of Virginia in parts beyond the
seas, planter, dated 28 January, 1652-3. I bequeath all such
temporal estate as I have in Virginia or England to my brother
Samuel Torkinton, Citizen and Grocer of London, and appoint
him executor. Witnesses: Zach: Cropton, John Hothersall,
Richard Hopkins, Harbert Akehurst, Edward Bridgman. Proved
26 April, 1653, by the executor named. (P. C. C. Brent, 320.)

I, William Littell of Chelmsford in the county of Essex»
carpenter, being aged, do make and ordain this my last will and
testament. I give to my son John 5s. The copyhold estate
which was my late wife's. I give to my grandson William Littell,
now living in Georgia in America, the like sum of five shillings,
to be paid to him when demanded. I devise my freehold
messuage in the hamlet of Moulsham, in the parish of Chelms-
ford, now in the occupation of Edward Moody, to my son in law
James Hawkes, the same being mortgaged to him. To my
daughter Mary, wife of the said James Hawkes, my freehold
messuage and farm lying in St. Giles in Colchester and East
Donyland, now in the occupation of John Esty; also my messuage
wherein I lately lived, lying in Moulsham. To my granddaughters
Martha, Love and Elizabeth Pavett, daughters of John and Love
Pavett, ^10 apiece at 21. Elizabeth Tedder of Springfield,

igi 2.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to Avtcrican Genealogy. 69

widow of Henry Tedder deceased, ^ ro. The rest to my daughter
Mary Hawkes, whom Executrix. Dated 8 August, 1752. "Wit-
nesses: Tho: Lawrence, Thos: Bones, William' Smart. Proved
20 Oct., 1757, by Mary Hawkes, widow, relict of deceased {sic),
sole Executrix.

(Commissary of London, Essex and Herts, Bawtree, 433.)

The last day of June, 1646, I Richard Williamson, Cittizen
and Merchantaylor of London, being sickly and weake in body
. . . give and bequeath vnto my brother Roger Williamson
residinge in Virginia the summe of twenty shillings, and doe
forgive vnto him all the money which he owes me. Item I give
and bequeath vnto all the children of my said brother living at
the time of my decease five poundes equally amongst them, to
be paid vnto their father for their vse within two years after my
decease. To my cousin Thomas Williamson ^^3, and to my cousin
Alice Williamson his sister other ^^3. To my cousin Anne Night-
ingale, to whom I have given a porcon in marriage, 5s. Cozen
Sarah Williamson ^20 at one and twentie or marriage, or, if she
die before said time, then to the children of my brother Roger
Williamson equally. The lease of my nowe dwelling house, and
all the rest of my goods, I give vnto my wife Mary, whom I
appoint my Executrix. Witnesses: Edward Boldston, William
Tuder, Ralph Dawson, Chr: Flavell, scr. Proved 5 Dec, 1646,
by the Executrix.

19 Nov., 165 1, commission to Martha Osboston, sister to Mary
Williamson, whilst she lived relict and executrix of said deceased,
to administer goods left unadministered by said Mary, during the
minority of Sarah Williamson, brother's child ^o the said testator
deceased, and legatee named in the will. (P. C. C. Twisse, 189.)

February the Six and Twentyth, 1672-3, Elizabeth Foster,
widdow, late wife of Henry Foster in Virginia, late deceased,
did make her last will, that is to say, shee did nominate and
appoint her mother Elizabeth Higginson, widow, late wife of
Humfrey Higginson, to be her only Executrix, and did give and
bequeath vnto her all her whole estate. Witnesses: Thomas
Hasellwood, Mary Higginson, John Betts. Proved 14 March,
1673-4, by the executrix. (P. C. C. Bunce, 35.)

Humphrey Higginson, aged 28, sailed August, 1635, in the
ship George for Virginia. Member of the Council, 1642-1655, and
Colonel of militia. He lived in 1655 at Harop {noiv Williamsburg)^
returned to England and lived at Ratcliff, died March, 1665-66
(his will in Waters' Gleanings)* He had a brother Christopher
who lived in Virginia. A letter from Virginia, of Richard Kempe,
dated 24 April, 1640, describes him as a "kinsman of the Bishop
of Ely " ( Wrenn). They were probably brothers of Captain Robert
Higginson. t (W. G. Stannard.)

I, Wiltshire Reeve the elder, of Hubbard's Hall in the parish
of Harlow, co. Essex, gent., being indisposed in my health, doe

* Waters' Gleanings, i, 644.

t William &» Mary Quarterly, v, 186.


JO Clues front English A rchives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Jan.,

make and ordain my last will and testament in manner and form
following, that is to say: First I direct that all ray debts, for
which my capital messuage called Hubbard's Hall and the land
thereto belonging now stand mortgaged, shall be paid. I give
unto my wife Joan Reeve all my capital messuage and Manor
of Hubbard's Hall wherein I now dwell, with all the lands thereto
belonging, and also the messuage called Brooke House, with a
shop, situate in Churchgate Street in Harlow and in the occu-
pation of George Speede, William Alefounder and William
Sharpe, during the term of eight years, upon trust, and towards
the maintaining and educating of my eldest son and the other
children I have by my said wife; and from and after the ex-
piration of the said term I give and devise all my said capital
messuage and Manor, together with the said Brooke House, unto
Wiltshire Reeve my eldest son and his heirs for ever, except the
north end of mv said mansion, which I give unto my wife during
the term of her natural life. I give unto my son Wiltshire
Reeve ;;^roo; unto John Reeve my second son and heirs my
messuages, being nine in number, situate in Harlow, at his age
of 2 1 years; to Joan my wife my farm called Hills and certain
lands late in the tenure of Robert Nightingale, lying in Epping,
during the term of her natural life, with remainder unto Francis
Reeve my third son and his heirs; to Judith Reeve my eldest
daughter ^300 at 21 or marriage; to Anne Reeve my second
daughter ^300 at 21 or marriage; to Jane Reeve my youngest
daughter and her heirs my two messuages in Shoo Lane in Foster
Street in Harlow, late in the occupation of John Edden_ and
Henry Colling; to ray said daughter Jane ^200 at 21 or marriage;
to my sisters Letitia Wickstead and Anne Spademan each a ring
of 20s. value; also I doe give and devise all ray plantations,^ lands,
tenements, etc. at or neer James River or elsewhere in Virginia
in the parts beyond the seas, unto my sister Susan, nowSusan
Mareen, now or late residing in Virginia, and to her heirs for
ever. I make Joan my wife guardian of my sons and daughters
and their estates during their minority. Residue to my wife,
whom Executrix. I do confirm a certain Indenture bearing date
27 Aug., last past, made between me the said Wiltshire Reeve
and Joan ray wife of the one part, and Richard Day and John
Sraith of the other part, whereby I and my said wife have made
some provision for our said children. Mention of an obligation
bearing date 21 Sept., 1704, in which I stand bound unto Thomas
Spademan of London, apothecary, and Anne his wife, ray sister,
conditioned for the payraent of ^20 yearly unto them. Dated
13 Sept., 1707. Witnesses: John Taylor, Samuel Harrison, Ri:
Harrison. Proved i Dec, 1707, by the Executrix.

(Arch: Middlesex, Essex and Herts, Sanney, 267.)
Will of William Wall of Standon, co. Hertford. I give and
bequeath unto my brother John Wall of the parish of Goshen in
Chester County and Province of Pensilvania in Araerica the sura
of thirty pounds, and if he, should happen to be dead before me
then I will and order the same to be paid to his children. I give
to my nephew Richard Wall ;^2o over and above the ^^20 I gave

igi 2.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 7 1

him in my lifetime, or, if he die before me, to his children; to
John Barler who married Anne, daughter of my brother Thomas
Wall, _;^2o, or if they be dead before me, then to their children;
to my kinsman Richard Deane £20, or to his children; to my
kinsman Richard Holford £\o, or to his children; to my nephew
Thomas Wall ^10, or to his children; to Henry Madder £

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