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thee to God & rest Thy euer Loueing brother till Death. S^Hum-
phrie Ley.] ffrom the Downes the Twenetith of September One
Thousand Six Hundred ffifty Eight. Our shipps name is the
Phinicks {Phoenix) Captain Robert Church Commander bound
for Virginia to James River & vp the Bay to Mereland & soe for
Holland, it will be some Eight moneths. William Ganger is one
of our Company and doth desire to haue his Duty remembered to
his mother & his love to my sister {sic) and yourselfe. That
which J gaue you a hinte of is in the hande of Elizabeth ffosse
The ffifty if J never see thee againe J give that and all other
meterialls that J haue in the world to thee my sister Judeth Ley.
\^HiiuipIirie Ley\ Proved 19 March, 1662, and commission issued
to Judith Skiner als Leigh, sister and universal legatee of H.
Leigh, late in pts a bachelor deceased. (P. C. C. Juxon, 38.)

At a Court of Vice Admiralty held for the Province of New
York, Friday, the 7th of October, 31 Geo. II, 1757, before Hon.
Lewis Morris, Esq., Commissioner of said Court.

Capt. William Dobbs Lybellant


Brigantine Mentor &'^.

On Wednesday, 5 October, anno pr'dt. said Capt, Dobbs of
Sloop Goldfinch, Capt. John Cren of sloop Fox, Capt. Peter Haley
of sloop George, Capt. Thomas Holins of sloop Thomas, Capt,
Geo, Stephen of sloop Stanwix and Capt. Edw. Bishon of sloop

1912.] Descefidants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. yT,

Exhibited before said Court lybell against French Brigantine
Le Mentor reciting His Majesty's commissions to aforesaid vessels,
as private vessels of war, that said vessels about 23 August last
past on the High Seas about Lat. 21° 35' North and Lon. 72° 31''
West, then took the said French brigantine of 120 tons and 22
men, commanded by one Jacque Millyon and having aboard also
a Bill of Ransom for the shipp Happy Return of Londonderry,
executed by Alexander Steward of said shipp, drawn on Messrs
Mosson, Gamble, Wm. Hambleton and James Mitchell, mer-
chants in London, for ^^looo, pray sentence. Condemned 17
October, 1757.

Power of Atty for owners to Thomas Greg of Belfast to re-
ceive prize money, Certf. by Jno. Conger, Mayor of New York,
signed by owners. Evart Byvanck

Lawrence Kortright
Waddell Cunningham
David van horne
And'' Barclay
Sam^ Van Horne
Rec. in Peculiar of St. Katherine by the Tower, London.

( To be continued.^


By William A. Robbins.

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
and Long Island Historical Society,

Continued from Vol. XLII, p. 430, of the Record.

Deed, dated 20th of August, 1747, from John Reynolds of
Dutchess county. New York, yeoman, quit-claiming to Col. Wil-
lit and Samuel* Tredwell grantor's rights unto lands taken in
Mr. Adolph Phillips' upper patent in Dutchess county. Deed
from Phebe Tredwell, widow of John' Tredwell, dated the 12th
of April, 1748, and the bond executed in consideration thereof,
already mentioned under John' Tredwell (page 313, July, rgii.

Samuer Tredwell was one of the executors named in the last
will of Samuel Hitt of Harrison's Purchase, dated the 17th of
August, 1742, and probated the 22nd of November, 1742.*

"Being sick," Samuel* Tredwell made his will bearing date
the 4th of January, 1747, which was probated in Westchester
county the nth of April, 1748, and recorded in Liber 16 of Wills,
page 242, in the office of the Surrogate of the county of New York,f
where the original is still on file.

* New York Historical Society Collections, 1894, p. 377.
t lb., 1895, pp. 161-162.


74 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dweU through his son John. [Jan.,

In this will are mentioned testator's wife, Margaret, to whom
was given the use of all his real estate in Rye until their son
Samuel became of age, then the use of one-third thereof, and,
upon her death, the property to go to Samuel; his three daughters,
each under eighteen and unmarried, namely, Gloriana (eldest),
Margaret (second), and Mary (youngest), to whom were given
the proceeds of the sale of the two pieces of land his uncle Col.
John' Tredwell left him. The will further mentions the con-
tinuance of testator's indisposition at the time of said uncle's
death and names testator's wife, brother Benjamin Tredwell,
and brother-in-law, John Thomas, as the executors.

One of the papers in the possession of the late Mrs. Joseph
Augustus Treadwell, was the inventory of " the Goods and
Chattels ... of Samuel Tredwell Esq Late of the Town of
Rye," dated the 19th of April, 1748, and made by Jeremiah
Fowler and Joseph Isinghartt, who appraised the personal estate
left by Samuer Tredwell at ^7i4-5s.-2d. Among other things
it mentions his Bible, books, many horses and cattle, farming
implements, and six slaves.

In Liber E, page 276, of the Hempstead town records, is a
copy of a deed dated the 27th of April, 1748, from John Thomas
and Margaret Tredwell, widow, both of Rye, executors of the
last will of Samuel' Tredwell, conveying to Thomas' Tredwell of
Hempstead, gentleman, 45 acres of upland and meadow on the
east side of Hicks' Neck, on the south side of Hempstead; also
20 acres of upland and meadow on the same neck. Benjamin
Tredwell was one of the subscribing witnesses.*

Samuer Tredwell's widow married Judge David Jones, In
his will dated the 28th of November, 1755 (?i765), William Willett,
Jr., of Rye, mentions her as sister Margaret, wife of David
Jones, Esq.f

This has prompted the claim that the maiden name of Mar-
garet (Tredwell) Jones was Willett. But, in this will, the testator
also mentions Gloriana, the wife of Edward Stevenson, as his
sister, and John Thomas as his brother. Edward Stevenson is
known to have married Gloriana TJiomas.X The explanation is.
Col. William Willett, the father of William Willett, Jr., married
Margaret, the widow of the Rev. John Thomas and the mother of
the said Margaret Jones and Gloriana Stevenson.

His wife Margaret is mentioned in Judge David Jones' will
dated the 26th of July, 1768, and also in the codicil thereto, both
of which were probated the 27th of October, 1775, and recorded
in Liber 30 of Wills, page 31, in the office of the Surrogate of the
county of New York.§

Margaret (Tredwell) Jones left a last will dated at Harrison,
the 20th of January, 1789, which was probated the 21st of March,
1789, and recorded in Liber A of Wills, page 113, in the office of

* Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. iii, pp. 478-482.
t New York Historical Society Collections, 1897, pp. 436-437.
X Thomas Stevenson of London, England, and his Desce7idants, by John
R. Stevenson, 1902, p. 79.

§ New York Historical Society Collections, 1899, pp. 312-315.

igiz.] Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. 75

the Surrogate of the county of Westchester, New York. It
mentions her son, Samuel Tredwell; her daughter-in-law, Dorothy
Tredwell; her grandson, John Augustus Tredwell; her three
daughters, Gloriana Pell, Margaret Ogden and Mary Stevenson;
her grandchildren, Nancy Stevenson, Alexander Stevenson and
Samuel Stevenson; and her son-in-law, Benjamin Stevenson.
The executors named were her daughter Margaret and her son
Samuel, besides two others. In September, 1794, Isaac Sniffen
of Mamaroneck, Westchester county, seems to have been the
only acting executor.*

Tredwell Children:
The order of the daughters is obtained from Samuel* Tred-
well's will, the place for the son being uncertain.

23 i. Samuel.'

24 ii. Gloriana.'

25 iii. Margaret.'

26 iv. Mary.'

10. Thomas Star* Tredwell (Thomas,' John," Edward"), born
after 1703, living 19th October, 1769, died before 5th July, 1772;!
married before October, 1738, Elizabeth Lyon, born Green-
wich, Connecticut, 12th January, 1717/8,^ living 5th July, 1772,!
daughter of John and Hannah (widow of Joseph Banks) Lyonj
of Greenwich, Conn., and Rye, (Byram Neck), New York. Resi-
dence, town of Rye (part now town of Harrison), as late as
October, 1759, soon after which. Burling Slip, City of New York.
It is not known where either Thomas Star* Tredwell or his wife
is buried.

He was an overseer of highways in the town of Rye (Har-
rison) for the years i744§ and 1757;! vestryman of Christ's
Church, Rye, New York, 1752.!^ On the public records he is
described as "gentleman."

Thomas Star* Tredwell witnessed the deed from Jonathan
Whitehead and wife, Sarah, of Hempstead, New York, to Joseph
Kissam of same place, dated the nth of March, 1727.**

By deed dated the 7th of March, 1737, TimcJthy* Tredwell of
Suffolk county, New York, yeoman, conveyed to Thomas Star*
Tredwell of Rye all his interest in the lands in Harrison con-
veyed to him by his brother John* Tredwell, Benjamin Tredwell
acting as one of the witnesses. ft The latter conveyance has been
described under John* Tredwell (p. 420, Oct., 191 1, Record.)

* Liber 41 of Deeds, p. 224, office of the Register of Deeds for West-
chester Co., N. Y.

t Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York ; The N. V. Gen
and Biog. Record, vol. xxix, p. 202 (Elizabet Lyon, wed., Thomas Fredwel).

X Lyon Memorial, by Robert B. Miller, igo7, vol. iii, pp. 54 and 66.

§ Rye Town Records, vol. marked "i 698-1838," p. 65.

II Jb., p. 73.

Tf Two Hundredth Anniversary, Parish of Rye, New York, printed 1895
p. 68.

** Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. iii, p. 227.

It Rye Town Records, vol. marked "D, 1723 to 1832," p. 142.

76 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [Jan.,

Thomas Star* Tredwell was one of the witnesses to the will
of Thomas Weden of Rye, dated the nth of March, 1745, and
probated the 15th of May, 1746*

The will of John Lyon of Rye, dated the 14th of July, 1749,
and probated the i6th of August, 1749. mentions his daughter
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Star' Tredwell, and names her an


On the 15th of June, 175 1, Thomas Star' Tredwell had the
following ear mark entered on the Rye town book, "a Step on
the foreside of the near Ear and a Slipe on the underside of the
off ear."J

He was also one of the witnesses to the will of Isaac Burdsell
of Rye, dated the 13th of August, 1757, and probated the 2nd of
April, i76i.§

By deed dated the 4th of October, 1759, Thomas Star' Tred-
well of Rye, his wife Elizabeth joining, conveyed to Thomas
Vail the farm of 320 acres whereon he was then living in Har-
rison, bounded by land of Isaac Birdsell and the highway leading
through Purchase, and by land of John Cromwell and John Clap,
and the northwest corner being on the west side of the cove of
Rye Pond, the highway running through the middle to White
Plains. II

An advertisement dated the 17th of September, 1766, in the
Supplement to the New York Gazette or Weekly Post Boy for said
month shows that Thomas Star' Tredwell was then either living
or doing business on Burling Slip, City of New York.l And in
the New York Journal or General Advertiser for the 19th of
October, 1769, is an advertisement of raccoon skins for sale
by Thomas Tredwell on Burling Slip, New York, and by Matthias
Halsted in Elizabeth Town.**

Tredwell Children:
The following order is uncertain:

i. James,' bapt. Rye, N. Y., 29th Oct., Nothing
further is known about him, unless the same James
Tredwell who was living in Flanders, Morris county,
N. J., 15th April, 1776.1:
27 ii. Hannah.'

iii. Sarah,' mar. 22nd Oct., 1765, Benjamin Halsted. §§ Mar.
bond,y of same date, states him to be a goldsmith of
the City of New York; Sarah' Tredwell, a spinster.

* New York Historical Society Collections, 1895, pp. 75-76.

t lb., pp. 234-235.

X Vol. marked "1698-1838."

§ A

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