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and William Moore.— Christopher Palmer at the same time made claim to a part of the estate in behalf of two sisters
of the administrators, who were also daughters of the deceased), at Exeter, N. H., probably. He came over to this
country from London, Eng., in which city he was a fishmonger, and was in Dover, N. H.. as early as 1623. in which
town he remained until about 1639. when he removed to Exeter, N. H., where he owned a house as early as Dec, 1639.
He was a leading man in Exeter, and was a selectman there 1645-16^2, inclusive; he was prominent in the church

affairs of the town. He m. (i) , at to b at . .' ; d , at Her parentage is not

known. It would seem from the dates of birth of his children, as far as they are given, that he must have married first
after his arrival in this country, but we have no record of his first marriage nor the death of his first wife who was the
mother of his children. His first marriage and the birth of his children took place during the time that he was known

to have lived at Dover, N. H. He m. (2) (after July 6, 1650. as on that date his second wife was the wife of James

Treworthy). at to Catherine (Shapleigh) Treworthy (daughter of Alexander Shapleigh and sister of Nicholas

Shapleigh and widow of James Treworthy. whom she married at Kingsweare, Eng., March 16, 1616). b at :

d. May 29, 1676. at Exeter, N. H.; she made a nuncupative will which was attested at the Hampton court, May 30, 1676.

Child, I (Palmer): Samuel.

Note: t Descendants eligible to Society of Colonial Wars.

1916.] Registration of Pedigrees. 2O3

PALM E R— Continued.

3. Samuel Palmer, b. Nov. 25,1652, at HainiJton, X. H.; d at Hampton, N. H.; m ,1684,

about, at Hampton, N. H., to Ann Sanbornf (dau. of Lieut. John and Mary (Tuck) Sanborn),
b. Nov. 20, 1662, at Hampton, N. H.; d. Oct. 4, 1745, at Hampton, N. H.

Res. Hampton. N. H.

Children, 5 (Palmer): Samuel. Christopher. Stephen, Mary, Jonathan.

4. Jonathan Palmer, b. March 26, r6q8, at Hampton, N. H.; d. Nov. 13, 1779, aped 81, at Kensington, N. H.;

111. Oct. 26, 1729, al Kensington, N. H., to Anna Brown (dau. of William and Anne (Heath)
Hrown),b. Feb. 21, 1708-q, at Hampton (or Kensmgton), N. H.; d. May 14, 1796, at Kensington,
N. H.

Res. Hampton and Kensington, N. H.

Children, 10 (Palmer): .Abigail, Stephen, Hannah, .Ann. Jeremiah, Rachel, Jonathan, Mary, Benjamin, Trueworthy.

5. Trueworthy Palmer,* b. July 20, 1749, at Kensington, N. H.; d. July 25, 1830, at Conway, N. H.; m. (i)

April 27, 1772, at South Hampton, N. H., by Nathaniel Noyes, clergyman, to Joanna Webster
(dau. of Thomas and Judith (Noyes) Webster, who were m. Oct. 12, 1738), b. July 15, 1749, at
Kingston, N. H.; d. Feb. 14, 1794, at Loudon, N. H.; m. (2) June 14, 1795, at Loudon, N. H., by

Jedediah Tucker, clergyman, to Love ( ) Perkins (a widow of Loudon, N. H.), b

at ; d , at (it is thought at North Conway, N. H.).

Res. Kensinfjton. Kingston. Loudon, and Conway, N. H. He was a tailor at Kinifston, N. H.; served In the Revolutionary
Wai; enlisted as a private. June 12. 177s, in Capt. Philip Tillon's Coinpaiiy. Col. Enoch Poor's Reniment. He was
also in Capt. Calle's Company. Col. T. Banlelt's KeKmient with the Contmental Army in New V'ork in 1^76. He
signed the .Association Test, .April 12, 1776, pledging Ins life and property to the cause ol the colonies against England.

Children, 11 (Palmer): by ist m., Sarah, Judith, James, Lois, Jonathan, .Molly, William, Enoch, Anna; by 2nd m., Trueworthy,
Stephen Perkins.

6. Jonathan Palmer, b. Jan. 25, 1782, at Loudon N. H.; d. Nov. 24, 1866, at Exeter Mills, Me.; m. (i)

March 15, 1837, at Gilmanton, N. H., to Anna Osgood (dau. of Joseph and Anna (Ranlet) Osgood,
of Epping and Gilmanton, N. H.), b. Dec. 10, 1783, at Gilmanton, N. H.; d. Feb. 5, 1808, at
Gilmanton, N. H.; m. (2) April 22, 1810, at Gilmanton, N. H., by Isaac Smith, clergyman, to
Martha Prescottf* (dau. of Jonathan and Lydia (Tuck) Prescott, of Gilmanton, N. H.), b. July 4,
1789, at Kensington, N. H.; d. March 23, 1879, at Exeter Mills, Me.

Res. Gilmanton. N. H., and Exeter Mills, Me.; he was a farmer and a man of importance in the town, holding all of the town

Children. 11 (Palmer): by isl m., Henry Osgood; by 2nd m.. Jonathan. George Washington, William Prescott, Simon Prescott,

David Shepherd, Jonathan Prescott, James Monroe, Martha .Ann, .Mary Frances, Lewis Augustus.

7. Rev. James Monroe Palmer, b. Oct. 5, 1822, at Exeter Mills, Me.; d. May 23, 1897, at Kenosha, Wis.;

ni. Dec. 2, 1853, at Waterville, Me., to Caroline Frances Bacon (dau. of Ebenezer Farwell*f and
Jane (Faunce)J Bacon of Waterville, Me.), b. Jan. 7, 183), at Waterville, Me.; d. Oct. i, 1899, 3t
Cambridge, Mass.

Res. Graduated Colby College. Waterville, Me., in 1847; became a Mason in Waterville, Me., in 1848; Principal of the Liberal
Institute ol Waterville, Me., 1847-8; graduated Bangor, Me., Theological Seminary, 1853; Congregational clergyman in
Maine and .New Hampshire: served on the Christian Commission during the Civil War; entered into business life in
his later years in Boston, Mass.

Children, 6 (Palmer): Charles James, Edward Francis, Caroline Emma, George Monroe, William Lincoln, Fredericic Tobey.

8. William Lincoln Palmer, b. Sept. rg, 1868, at Portland, Me.; d (living Feb., 1916), at ;

m. .April 14, 1892, at Boston, Mass., to Jennie Christine Qiesler (dau. of Charles Augustus and
Margaret (Dives) Giesler, of Princeton, Me., and Boston, Mass.), b. July 22, 1873, at Princeton,
Me.; d (living Feb., 1916), at

Res. Boston and Winthrop, Mass. Trustee and real estate dealer; member of City'Club, Boston, Soc. Colonial Wars, Soc.
MavHosver Descendants. Soc. Sons of .American Kevolution, National Geographic Society, Bostonian Society, Maine
Historical Society. New Hampshire Historical Society, New Hampshire Genealogical Society, Life Membea Mt. Olivet
Lodge. Cambridge, Mass.. Free and Accepted Masons, Methodist Episcopal Church. Mount Hermon Alumni Asso-
ciation. Life Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc; Cor. Member N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society.

Children, 3 (Palmer): Jennie Carolyn, Marion Prescott, William Lincoln.


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Notes: • Descendants eligible to the Society Sons of the .American Revolution. J Descendants eligible to the Society of
Mayflower Descendants. t Descendants eligible to Society of Colonial Wars.


Registration of Pedigrees. [April

^o. 84. THACHER-THATCHER JOSEPHYNE (Thatcher) feustman

Thacher Arms: Gules, a cross moline argent: on a chief d'or, three grass-hoppers, ^rq5 Registration of Pedigrees. [April

GOLD — Continued.

(widow of William* Maltby and dau. of John and his 3rd wife Hannah (Bishop) Morris of
New Haven, Conn.), b , 1675, at ; d. Jan. 11, 1758, at Stamford, Conn.

Res John Selleck resided at Stamford, Conn.: he lived for a considerable time in the family of Jeremiah Peck of Greenwich,
Conn who " helped him in his initiation into the Latin tongue," after which he was " for several years partly with
Mr John Harriman (Harvard University, 1667) of New Haven." Rev. John Davenport resided at Stamford. Conn.;
he was pastor ol the church there; graduated at Harvard College 1687. He was a member of Yale College corporation
from 1707 until his death. Major Jonathan Selleck of Stamford. Conn., the father of John Selleck, the fiist husband of
Martha Gold (Gould), in his will dated Dec. 21, i7t3, gives his books to Rev. John Davenport of Stamford.

Children T byher ist m. (Selleck), none that are known of; by her 2nd m. 7 (Davenport), Abigail. John, Martha. Sarah, Theodora,
Deodate Elizabeth; by his 2nd m. 3 (Davenport), Abraham, James, Elizabeth Morns; by her hrst husband William-
Maltby, Elizabeth Morris had one son, William^ Maltby, who m. Sarah Davenport (ol the next generation) as her ist
husband (see below).

■K Sarah Davenport, b. July 7, 1702, at Stamford, Conn.; d. Nov. 13, 1746, at Lebanon, Conn.; m. (i)

at , to Capt. William' Maltby (William,- William,' son of William'' and Elizabeth

(Morris) Maltby, of Branford and New Haven, Conn.), b , at Branford or New Haven,

Conn.: d previous to April 29, 1735, at ; m. (2) April 29, 1735, at to Rev.

Eleazer Wheelock (son of Deacon Ralph and Ruth (Huntington) Wheelock, of Windham,
Conn.), as his ist wife, b. April 22, 171 1, at Windham, Conn.; d. April 24, 1779, at Hanover, N. H.
Rev. Eleazer Wheelock m. (2) Nov. 21, 1747, to Mary Brinsmade (dau. of John Brinsmade of
Milford, Conn.), b at ; d 1783, in her 69th year, at Hanover, N. H.

Res. Capt. William Maltby lived at Branford and New Haven, Conn. Rev. Eleazer Wheelock lived at Lebanon. Conn., and
Hanover, N. H. Rev. Eleazer Wheelock was pastor al Lebanon, and at Hanover; he was 1st President of Dartmouth

Children 7: by ist m. 3 (Maltby): John, a daughter, Elizabeth; by 2nd m. 4 (Wheelock): Theodora, Eleazer, Ruth, Rodolphus.
Children of Rev. Eleazer Wheelock by his 2nd 111., Mary, Abigail, John, Eleazer, James.

4. Elizabeth Maltby, b at ; d. Feb. 8, 1789, at Norwalk, Conn.; m. May 15, 1754, at Norwalk,

Conn., to Hon. Thaddeus Betts (son of John and Damaris (Lockwood) Belts, of Norwalk, Conn.),
as his 2nd wife, b. May 3, 1724, at Norwalk, Conn.; d. March 22 (or 27), 1807, at Norwalk, Conn.,
Thaddeus Betts m. (i) Nov. 8, 1752, at Norwalk, Conn., to Mary Gold or Qoold (dau. of John

Online LibraryNew York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyThe New York genealogical and biographical record (Volume 98) → online text (page 24 of 57)