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No price stated. Address : author at address given in review preceding this.

Chart— Descendant.s of Adoni Sell, of Pennsylvania. Compiled by
William D. Sell. Large blue print. No price stated. Same address as above.

All three of the above described charts are most valuable genealogically
and genealogical libraries are recommended to secure copies.

Genealogy of the Hall Family, compiled by Omar O. Hall, M.D., of
Milford, 111. 1914. 8vo, paper, pp. 11. Price not stated. Address: author,
Milford, 111.

This is a small contribution to the Hall genealo^ giving a few lines of

descent from William Hall, who married Smith, and who is said to

have come to this country with Braddock's Army and fought with him at
Fort Duqucsne in 1755. Recommended to genealogical libraries.

The History of Montgomery Classis, Reformed Church in America,
to which is added .sketches of Mohawk Valley men and events of early days,
the Iroquois, Palatines, Indian Missions, Tryon County Committee of Safety,
Sir William Johnson, Joseph Brant, Arendt Van Curler, General Herkimer,
Reformed Church in .America, Doctrine and Progress, Revolutionary Resi-
dences, etc., by Rev. W. N. P. Dailey. 8vo, stiff paper cover, pp. 198, illus-
trated. Price, $1.06, postage prepaid. Address: author, No. 129 Van
Vranken Avenue, Schenectady, N. Y.

A book bound to appeal not only to the constituency of the Reformed
Church of the Classis of Montgomery, but equally as interesting to all who
are in any way interested in the history of the Mohawk Valley. Aside from
the ecclesiastical details the work will prove to be an illumination of the
many important events and persons who were a part of the early development
of the valley of the "Mohaques." Many illustrations abound throughout the
work of the churches old and new and of the ministers of yesterday, etc.
The 6 chapters of the work contain 95 pages on Montgomery County and
Classis; General Montgomery; illustrated hi.story of each the thirty-five
churches now in the Classis; 25 pages on the history of fifty extinct churches
and fifteen "Wyckofite" churches; a chapter on the churches of Cayuga and
Geneva Classes, once affiliated with the Classis of Montgomery ; a chapter
on the Biography of Four Hundred Ministers, covering the dates 1723-101S;
a chapter on the Historical Notes : Church Emblem : Dutch Church in Mo-
hawk Valley ; the Palatines ; the Iroquois ; Missions among Mohawk Valley
Indians ; Committee of Safety of Tryon County ; Border Wars of the Mo-
hawk ; Battle of Stone Arabia; "True Reformed church"; Arent Van Curler;
Sir William Johnson, etc. ; and a final chapter on the churches listed alpha-
betically, chronologically, etc., copious indices to all the chapters.

It has taken Mr. Dailey about 5 years to complete this work. In that
time he has accomplished more than the illustrious Dr. Corwin did, although
his Manuals were over 40 years in process of writing and publication. This
history will supersede Dr. Corwin's Manual as the recognized authority of
the history of the Classis of Montgomery. The author would, if possible,
have produced even better results if he had depended more upon documen-
tary sources of information, such as the classical records at New Bruns-
wick, N. J.

It is a work of notable excellence and is recommended to all historical
and genealogical libraries.

220 Book Reviews. [April

The Story of Old Fort Plain and the Middle Mohawk Valley
(New York). A review of Mohawk Valley history from 1609 to the time
of the writing of this book (1912-1914), treating particularly of the centraf
region comprised in the present Counties of Herkimer, Montgomery and Ful-
ton. Especial attention is given to western Montgomery County and the
region within a twenty mile radius of the Revolutionary fortification of old
Fort Plain, including the Canajoharie and Palatine districts of then Tryon
County, written, compiled and edited by Nelson Greene. 8vo, cloth, pp. 399,
with 5 maps and table of contents. 1915. Price, $1.50. Address: publishers,
O'Connor Brothers, Fort Plain, N. Y.

This is the only Mohawk Valley history now in print, which fact in con-
nection with the excellence of the work itself, will render it most welcome.
It contains military statistics of the French and Indian Wars, the Revolu-
tion, the War of 1812-14 and of the Civil War. The section on Mohawk
Valley chronology is the most interesting, as is also the section devoted to
biographies of noted Mohawk Valley men including famous Revolutionary
figures. Recommended to historical and genealogical libraries.

Fox Family News, edited by Howard Fox, No. 616 Madison Avenue,
N. Y. City. Vol. IV, 1915. 8vo, cloth, pp. 30. No price stated.

The third volume of this series we had the pleasure of noticing in the
April, 1915, issue of the Record. The volume continues the work and as
before stated will, we hope, in the future form the foundation of a published
standard Fox family genealogy. Recommended to all genealogical libraries.

A History of Watauga County, North Carolina, with sketches of
prominent families by John Preston Arthur (author of History of Western
North Carolina). 8vo, cloth, pp. 364, including index, illustrated, published
1915. by the Everett Waddey Co., Richmond. Price, $1.50 net, postage pre-
paid. Address : author, Boone, N. C.

A noteworthy contribution to North Carolina history, giving full history
of this particular section of that State, to which is added some 78 pages
devoted to sketches of the prominent county families, which are replete with
biographical and genealogical information. Recommended to all historical
and genealogical libraries.

Western North Carolina, A History, from 1730 to 1913, by John
Preston Arthur. 8vo, cloth, pp. 710, including index, illustrated, published
by the Edward Buncombe Chapter of the Daughters of the D. A. R., of
A.sheville, N. C. 1914. Price, $3.00 net, postage prepaid. For sale by the
author, Boone. N. C., or W. L. Bryan, Boone, N. C.

A most excellent and exhaustive history of the western section of this
old Southern State, well told in a most readable narrative style, yet withal
omitting none of the essential facts of a statistical compilation. The tradi-
tional narrative relative to Nancy Hanks and Abraham Lincoln to which
some 13 pages are devoted is most interesting to the general reader, as is
likewise the section devoted to the "Trail of Daniel Boone." The description
of Kirk's "Camp Vance" raid throws new historical light upon the Union
sympathies of North Carolina during the Civil War. A thoroughly satisfac-
tory and readable volume. Recommended to all historical and general refer-
ence libraries.

Paull-Irwin. a Family Sketch by Elisabeth Maxwell Paull, of 171
N. Walnut Street, Blairsville, Pa. 8vo, cloth, pp. 198, with table of con-
tents (but no name index), with 53 illustrations of family interest. Privately
printed, 1915. Limited edition of 100 copies, copyrighted. Price, $5.00 to
members of the family and libraries.

This work is more in the nature of chronicles of the family and its con-
nections than a regular genealogy. It gives a sketch of the family of Admiral
John Paul "Jones," and then the record of Hugh Paull, the first American
ancestor, and records of his descendants, both biographical and genealogical,
and notes upon the allied families of Findlay, Smith, Van Lear, Ramsey.
Cochran and Brown. Recommended to all genealogical libraries.

iQl6.] Book Reviews. 22 1

The Descendants of George Huse Shtner (born June 20, 1797, near
Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. ; died August 27, 1856. near Lyndon, White-
side Co., 111.), compiled and typewritten at Kansas City. Mo., by Harry Law-
rence Shiner, Passenger Agent, Union Pacific R. R., Topeka, Kan. Manu-
script (typewritten), 8x11 inches, pp. 31.

A most excellent compilation and should be put in printed form and
issued for the benefit of the public at large. We are much pleased to
possess the work in its manuscript form. Recommended to all genealogical

History of the Hubbell Family, containing genealogical records of the
ancestors and descendants of Richard Hubbell from .-K. D. 1086 to A. D. 1915,
by Walter Hubbell. Second edition, quarto cloth, pp. 406, illustrated with
family portraits, cuts of Hubbell Arms and other illustrations of family
interest, fully indexed. Published by the author. New York, 1915. Price,
$10.00. Address : George W. Hubbell, General Counsel, N. Y. Life Insur-
ance Co., 346 Broadway, N. Y. City.

This is the second edition of the work published by the same author in
1881. The first edition was an authority on the Hubbell Family up to now,
when it is superseded by this new work, which is much amplified and brought
down to date. It contains some 193 pages devoted to history of the family
in England and America and some 166 pages devoted to genealogical records
of eleven generations of the Descendants of Richard' Hubbell of Fairfield
Co., Conn. (1626-1690). The Appendix contains a record of Benedict Hub-
bell of Germany and his descendants and much additional material of genea-
logical interest. Recommended heartily to all of the Hubbell blood and
genealogical libraries.

A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America; Seven
Hundred Years of History and Genealogy by Homer Worthington Brainard.
8vo, cloth, pp. 586. including 63 pages of name and place indexes and 16 illus-
trations of family interest. Price, $6.50, postpaid. Address: author. No.
150 Warrcnton Avenue, Hartford, Conn.

The first two chapters (132 pages) of this work are devoted to the En-
glish history of this family and is the result of original investigation.
Chapter III (354 pages) is devoted to. the genealogical record of John Scovell
(the emigrant ancestor) and his descendants to the 9th generation, inclusive.
Chapter IV (10 pages) is devoted to records of unconnected families. Chap-
ter V (15 pages) contains additional English notes on the family and five
generations of male descendants of Arthur Scovell of Boston, Mas.s.

The volume owes its existence to the interest and generosity of the late
Frederick John Kingsbury of Waterbury, Conn. The fact that Mr. Brainard
was engaged to edit the volume was, in advance, an assurance of the pro-
duction of a standard work, and as such we recommend it most heartily to
all genealogical and biographical libraries.

Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Early Settlers of New
Jersey and their Descendants. John E. Stillwell, M. D. New York. Vol.
IV. IQ16. Quarto, cloth, pp. 440. Price, S5.00 per volume, express prepaid.
Address Harrison .McNear, 9 West 49th Street, New York City.

The appearance of the above book adds another volume to Dr. Stillwell's
monumental work. What Savage is to New England and Austin is to Rhode
Island, Dr. Stillwell will be to New Jersey, New York, Long Island and Staten
Island. Two years have gone by since Volume III of his Miscellany was
issued and the short time which has elapsed between the last issues encourages
the belief tbnt the other forthcoming volumes will follow in rapid succession.
Dr. Stillwell takes up in detail, and quite exhaustively, the families of .Morford,
Morris, Mott, Mount, Murphy, Ogborne, Potter, Salter of Monmouth Co., ar^d
New Hampshire, Seabrook of Monmouth Co., South Carolina and Maryland,
Shepherd, Spicer, and Stout. There is likewise a valuable addendum and a
very copious Index. The fullness and accuracy with which Dr. Stillwell sets
forth his historical and genealogical facts make these books particularly


Accessions to the Library. [April

valuable to societies and students of family history. References and extracts
from his books are accepted as final authority by registrars of historical and
genealogical societies, which is conclusive proof of the painstaking effort that
Dr. Stillwell has taken and their high estimate of his accuracy. No assertion
he makes is ever likely to be contradicted. That Dr. Stillwell should have
been able to produce these volumes in the midst of great professional activity,
with only the assistance of his friend, Harrison A. McNear, is illuminating
evidence that the best physicians are those who ride a hobby. Considerable
new material has been contributed to every family of which he writes, perhaps
more notably to Morris, with its New York affiliations, toOgborneand to Stout,
with its interesting Indian tradition.


Oyster Bay Town Records, Vol. I, 1653 to i6go, with an Appendix con-
taining an Historical Sketch by Geo. W. Cocks, and various important public
documents. Published by order of the Town under the supervision of
Frederick E. Willits, Daniel Underbill and Edward T. Payne, Committee.
Compared, annotated and indexed by John Cox, Jr. 8vo, cloth, about 750 pp.
Ready for delivery about May i, 1916. Price, $10.00. Tobias A. Wright,
Printer and Publisher, 150 Bleecker Street, New York.

The importance of these records as an addition to our increasing knowledge
of the beginnings of our civil and political liberties, will be seen on the ap-
pearance of this first volume. The great quantity of land transfers, even
down to 1800, show the Puritan influence of Home Rule, which has kept the
like documents in the Town records of Connecticut to the present time.
The editor's annotations are more in the matter of the civil and political
activities of the Town. Great praise is due to the public spirit of a Town
which will " rise above the multifarious perplexities of the present to consider
and perpetuate the fading records of its past."

December 1, IQIS, to March /, IQ16.


Bound Volumes.

Arthur, John Preston — Histories of Watauga Co., N. C. ; Western North

Bimie, Mrs. Alexander C. — History of Ludlow, Mass., 1774-1911.

Blake, Francis Everett — History of Princeton, Mass., Vols. I, II.

Bowen, Clarence W. — A Tale of Fraunces' Tavern, 1765 ; Founders and
Patriots Register, 191 1.

Brainard, Homer Worthington — A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in Eng-
land and America.

Eells, Nettie Barnum — History of the Colony of New Haven, Conn.

Fox, Howard — Fox Family News, Vol. IV.

Fox, William A. — Genealogy of the Fox Family.

Frye, Jed — Riker's History of Harlem.

*Gebhard, Elizabeth L. — Life and Ventures of the Original John Jacob Astor.

Groves, William T. — Groves Family.

Hayes, Lyman S. — Old Meetinghouse and First Church in Rockingham, Vt.

Hough, Minnie M. — Hough's History of Lewis Co., N. Y.

Hubbell, George W. — History of the Hubbell Family, 2nd Edition.

Kansas State Hist. Society — Collections, Vol. XIII.

Leiand, H. M. — Registers, Mass. Society Sons of the Revolution, 1897, igoi,

♦ Donates Corresponding Members.

lQl6.] Accessions to the Library. 223

Lewis Hist. Pub. Co. — New England Families, N'ew Series, Vols. I-IV.
Macmillan Co.— Life of Christopher Columbus; Davy Crockett; Thomas

Alva Edison; William Penn.
Merritt, Douglas— Hints for Tracing an Anglo-American Pedigree in the

Old Country.
Mott, Hopper Striker — New Yorkers of the XIX Century.
Nutt, Charles — Puffer Genealogy.

O'Connor Brothers— Story of Old Fort Plain and the Middle Mohawk Valley.
O'Connor, Mrs. W. B. — Comins Family.
tPalmer, William Lincoln— Strafford Co., N. H., Revolutionary Declaiations,

1820-1832; Bowdoin College, Class 1874.
Partridge, George Henry — Partridge Genealogy.
Paull, Elisabeth M. — Paull-Irwin Family Sketch.
Peters, Mrs. Edward McClure— Bradley of Essex County.
Roe, Mrs. Charles Francis — Colonial Dames, State of New York, Register,

Totten, John R. — Year Book, Soc. of Colonial Wars, State of New York,

1914-15; Social Registers, 191 1, 1912, 1913.
Wesleyan University — Alumni Record, 1831-1911.
Willard, Susanna — Willard Genealogy.
Williams College — Catalogue, 1915-10.


♦Beach, William H. — The Linen Industry, newspaper clipping.

Benedict, Benjamin Lincoln — Benedict Notes.

Bowen, Clarence W — Biographical Sketch and Diary of Peter Chandler,
1823-7 ; Historical Notes on the Constitutions of Connecticut ; Proc.
American Antiquarian Society ; Sermon preached at the Cong. Church
in Union, Conn. ; Sketch of the Life of the Apostle Eliot.

Cabell, James Branch — Majors and Their Marriages.

Clemens, William M. — Early Marriage Records in the United States of the
Weaver and Black Families.

Cody, L. L. — Cody-Rogers of Georgia.

Dailey, Rev. W. N. P. — History of Montgomery Classis.

GifTen, J. Craig — Samuel Craig, Senior, and his descendants.

Gordon, William Seton — Hever Castle, London, newspaper clipping.

Hall, Mary Frances— Book of Remembrance, Presbyterian Church, Spencer,
N. Y., 1815-1915.

Hall, Omar O., M.D.— Genealogy of the Hall Family.

Holmes, Fannie D. — Reynolds Family Assn. Reports.

Herd, George Hare — Recollections of a Century.

Julien. Estate of Matthew C. — Article on Mr. Julien, newspaper clipping;
Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. XV, Nos. 3, 4.

Lybarger, Donald F. — Lybarger Family.

Magruder, Caleb Clarke — Nathan Magruder of "Knave's Dispute."

•Noble, Henry Harmon — The Battle of the Boquet River; Proc. 1914 of the
General Society of the War of 1812.

Penninck. James — Elzevier ; Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant.

Perkins, D. W. — Perkins Family in ye Olden Times.

Polk, Cynthia Martin — Some Old Colonial Families of Virginia.

Reade Society — Rcade Record.

Rockefeller, John D.. Jr. — Colorado Industrial Plan.

Roe, Alfred S. — Scelye Family Centennial.

Rutgers College — Catalogue, 1915-16.

Siebert. Prof. Wilbur H. — Dispersion of the American Tories ; Flight of
American Loyalists to the British Isles; Temporary Settlements of Loy-
alists at Machiche, P. Q. ; Tories of the Upper Ohio; The Exodus of the
Loyalists from Penobscot and the Loyalist Settlements at Passama-
quoddy; Loyalists and Six Nation Indians in the Niagara Peninsula;
American Loyalists in the Eastern Seigniories and Townships of the
Province of Quebec: Loyalist Settlements on the Gaspe Peninsular.

Stanard, W. G. — Some Emigrants to Virginia, 2nd Edition.

* Donates Corresponding Members.

224 Accessions to the Library. [April, IQ16

Streets, Thomas Hale— Some Allied Families of Kent Co., Del. No. 5.
Totten, John R.— Assn. of Graduates, U. S. M. A., 1915; Fifth Avenue; Proc.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Safeguards of American

Wakeman, Abram — The Need of a History of New York.
Wegelin, Oscar — Memoir of Lydia Ernestine Wegelin Schleicher.


Allen, Dr. Paul — Stewart Family Notes.

Bristol, G. F. — Descendants of Henry Bristol of New Haven, Conn., chart.
*Cady, Henry — Inscriptions from Beaverdam Cemetery, Berne, N. Y.
Coons, W. S. — Inscriptions in the Gilead Luth. Churchyard, at Haynerville,

Rensselaer Co., N. Y.
Dickinson, Harriet — Ancestry of Daniel Olcott Dickinson, Pioneer of Illinois.
Eells, Nettie Barnum — Camp Family, chart; Barnham Family of Co. Kent,

*Hoy, David Fletcher — Inscriptions in the Brush ; Old U. P. Church ; Snooks ;

Burgin ; Benjamin Tuttle; Livingston; Reformed Presbyterian Church

Cemeteries, Bovina, N. Y. ; Fall Clove Cemetery, Colchester, Delaware

Co., N. Y.
*Luckhurst, Mrs. Charlotte T. — Records of the Protestant Dutch Church,

Duanesburgh, N. Y., 1798-1804.
Sell, William D. — Charts of Andoni Sell; Abraham Drumm; Osborne, Budd,

Lohr and Keenan Families.
Shiner, Harry Lawrence — Descendants of George Huse Shiner.
Steele, Frederick M. — Covert Genealogical Notes.

*Worden, Mrs. Dora P. — Inscriptions in the Ithaca Cemetery, Ithaca, N. Y.
Records of the First Reformed (Dutch) Church in Hackensack, N. J., 1686-

Records of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Town of Berne,

Albany Co., N. Y., Vol. I, pp. 178; Vol. II, pp. 121.
Records of the Protestant Presbyterian Congregation of Cambridge, in the

village of Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y., pp. iii.

Bound Volumes.
Babcock-Main Genealogy.
Brown Genealogy, Vols. I, II.
Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers.
Cowden-Gilliland Genealogy.
Genealogical Magazine, 7 volumes.
Grantees of Arms.

Heitman's Historical Register, New Edition, 1775-1783.
Historic Virginia Homes and Churches.
History of Gilmanton, N. H.
Huston Families, 1450-1912.'
Index to the Probate Records of the County of Middlesex, Mass., from

1648-1902, 2 volumes.
Meigs Family in America.
Olds Family.
Osgood Genealogy.
Quinby (Quimby) Family History.
Tower Genealogy.
Vital Records of Chelsea, Mass.; Gardiner, Me., Part II; Topsfield, Mass.,

Vol. II.
Woodsons and their Connections.


Keim and Allied Families, 23 numbers.

Lineage Books of the Nat'l Soc. D. A. R., Vols. 39, 40, 41.

Registers of Rothwell, Co. York, Part III.

* Denotes Corresponding Members.


$4.00 per Annum.

Current Numbers, $1.00


No. 3.


Genealogical and Biographical




July, 19 16


226 \ 58TH Stkkkt, New York.

Entered July 19. 1879. a3 Second Class Matter. Post Otbce at New Vork. N. Y.. Act ol Congress o( March 3J. 1S79.

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

Publication Coirimittee :.


JOHN R. TOTTEN, Financial Editor.




Illustrations. Portrait of James Junius Goodwin, LL.D Frontispiece

Portrait o( George Austin Morrison Facing 241

Silliouettes of Julia Hubbcll (Ttiatcher)Totten and and Lieut. Janies>

Totten, U. S. .Army " 261

Portrait of Myles Standisii " 281

Standish Hall " 283

Monnette Coat-of-Arms " 3t2

1. James Junius Goodwin, LL.D. By Captain Richard Henry Greene . 225

2. Kings County, N. Y., Wills. Contributed by David McQueen. (Con-

tinued from Vol. XLVII, p. 170) 227

3. Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs— Green Ridge Cemetery, Sara-

toga Springs, N. Y. Communicated by Cornelius Emerson Durkee,
Saratoga Springs, N. Y 233

4. George Austin Morrison. Contributed by John R. Totten . . .241

5. The M1LI.ARD Ancestry of President Fillmore. By Franklin H.

Giddings, LL.D 245

6. Genealogical Notes from the High Court of Admiralty Ex-

aminations. By J. R. Hutchinson. (Continued from Vol. XLVII, p. ii8j 251

7. Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. By John R. Totten. (Continued

from Vol. XLVII, page 161) 257

8. Myles Standish. Contributed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen . . .281
Q. Revolutionary War Records. By George Austin Morrison, Jr. . . 283

10. New York Marriage Licenses. Contributed bv Robert H. Kelby.

(Continued from Vol. XLVII, p. 181;) . . . ' 286

11. Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, Westchester County,

New York. Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman. (Continued
from Vol. XLVII, p. 136) 297

12. Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works . 308

13. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's De-

partment OF Registration of Pedigrees. (Continued from Vol.
XLVII, p. 206) 312

14. Society Proceedings 316

15. Note — Jonn Hutchinson of Lincoln 318

1 6. Queries. — Bloodgood — Storer — Cox — Chappie — Yates — Postley — Skin-

ner ^ Jenkins — Wright — Smith — Valentine — Odell — Vail — Coombs —

Blackwell — Kissam 318

17. Book Reviews. By John R. Totten 320

18. Accessions to the Library 326

notice,— The Publication Committee aims to admit into tiie Record only such new Genea-
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether
published under the name or without signature.

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April,
July and October. Terms: $4.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions
should be sent to N. Y. GEN. & BIOG. SOC,

226 West 58th Street, New York City.

For Advertising Rates apply to the Society at above address.


^ifttcalogical anb ^iograpljical ^ecorb.

Vol. XLVII. NEW YORK, JULY, 1916. No. 3


Bv Captain Richard Henry Greene.

Mr. Gooclwin, a Life Member of this society since 1890, a
member of the Board of Trustees from 1893 to 1909, and a

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