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Donor, was born in Hartford, Conn., Sept. i6th, 1835. His early
life was spent in his native citj'. After attending private schools
he entered the Hartford High School where he graduated in 1851.
He then took a clerkship, after which he went abroad for a year
and a half. Returning to the United States in 1859 he became
an employee of William A. Sale & Co. of New York City, who
were engaged in the Chinese and East India trade. While there
he was invited to join the firm of his cousin, John Pierpont Mor-
gan, son of Junius Spencer Morgan, who had left E. D. Morgan &
Co. of this city and having gone to England, became a partner in
the great banking house of George Feabody & Co. of London.
Mr. Goodwin remained with them until the firm was reorganized
in 1871 under the title of Drexel, Morgan & Co., at which time he
retired from active business. He was engaged, however, in many
enterprises where his advice and exertions were always conducive
toward the best interests of every undertaking in which he par-

His ancestry was entirely English and of New England stock.
Ozias Goodwin, the emigrant ancestor, came from East Anglia to
New England, probably soon after his elder brother, William, who
came to Boston on the Lyon in 1632. Ozias' was born about
1596 and became one of the first settlers of Connecticut in 1639.
He married Marv', daughter of Robert Woodward; their son
Nathaniel- Goodwin, married Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and
Hannah Warner; their son Ozias' Goodwin married Martha
Williamson, daughter of Caleb and Marv-Cobb, and had Jonathan*
Goodwin, who married Eunice Alcott, daughter of Joseph and
Eunice Collyer. The next generation was James' Goodwin, the
husband of Eunice Roberts, daughter of Captain Lemuel and
Ruth Woodford, he was Captain of the first company of the
Governor's Foot Guard at Hartford; their son, James* Goodwin,

226 James Junius Goodwin, LL.D. [July

married Lucy Morgan, daughter of Joseph and Sally (Spencer)
Morgan. The Morgan line begins with Miles,^ Nathaniel,' Joseph,'
and Joseph^ Morgan, just mentioned.

James* Goodwin, like his father, was a military man and served
as Major of the Governor's Horse Guards. In his early life he was
General Manager of the Hartford Stage Lines running east from
the city and, when the New York, New Haven and Hartford
Railroad terminated this enterprise, Goodwin became one of its
directors. Mrs. James Goodwin was a sister of Junius Spencer
Morgan and their eldest son is the subject of this sketch.

In the ancestry above given Ruth Woodford was a descendant
of Rev. John Lothrop of Barnstable, Mass., and also of Governor
Thomas Welles of Connecticut; Eunice CoUyer was descended
from Matthew Grant of Windsor, Conn., the ancestor of General
Grant; Sally Spencer traces her lines to Richard Treat, through
Honour and John Deming.

James Junius Goodwin had an honorable ancestry, upright and
faithful in every position where they were placed, and none of
them stood higher or served more usefully than he. He married
June 19th, 1873, Josephine Sarah Lippincott of Philadelphia, Pa.,
daughter of Joshua B. Lippencott and a descendant of Richard of
Dorchester, Mass., 1640, Boston, 1644, Plymouth and Rhode
Island, who removed to New Jersey where he was a patentee of
Shrewsbury in that Colony. Mrs. Goodwin was a member of the
Society of Mayflower Descendants of New York, being a de-
scendant of Governor William^ Bradford, Major William' Bradford,
William' Bradford, Jr., John* Bradford, SamueP Bradford, Abigail*
Bradford, who married Caleb Stetson, Mary' Stetson, who mar-
ried Isaac Lobdell, Mary Gray' Lobdell, who married Joshua
Shaw, Angeline' Shaw, who married Seth Craige, Josephine'"
Craige, who married Joshua Ballinger Lippincott. These were
Mrs. Goodwin's parents.

Mr. Goodwin was largely identified with Hartford, where he
was a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, and its Vice-
President for twenty-two years; the Hartford Club; the Society
of Colonial Wars; the Sons of the American Revolution; Director
of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.; Hartford Fire In-
surance Co.; Holyoke Water Power Co.; Conn. Trust and Safe
Deposit Co.; and for many years a Trustee of Trinity College,
which in 1910 gave him the degree of LL.D.

His residence in this city was at 11 West 54th Street, and here
he was also a member of the New York Historical Society; the
Union, City, Century, Metropolitan and Church Clubs. He was a
communicant and Warden of Christ Church, Hartford, and both
Vestryman and Warden of Calvary Church, N. Y.

They had three children:

Walter L. Goodwin (Yale, '97).
James L. Goodwin (Yale, '05).
Philip L. Goodwin (Yale, '07).

1916.1 Kings County, N. V., Wilis. 227

Two cities, many families and a large number of friends will
feel a great loss in the death of this man whose life was so modest,
quiet, and unassuming, and withal intluential.

It is interesting to recall that at the time the Trustees of the
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society were looking
for a new location Mr. Goodwin became interested with the writer
in the selection of the present building and offered to contribute
towards its purchase. As it proved, the necessity of accepting his
aid did not present itself, but opposition to the idea of purchasing
was silenced by a quiet word or two on his part. He was a far
seeing, judicious, helpful man; no one ever had a better friend.
Would there were more such unselfish men to bless the world!


Contributed by David McQueen,

SiiperTiflor of Rciodexing, Office of ttie Commissioner of Records of tbe County of Kings.

(Continued from Vol. XLVII, p. 170, ol the Record.)

Will of Gerrit Snedeker and Elsie, his wife. Dated Oct. 10,
1688. Oldest son Jan Snedeker — other children not named.
Witnesses: Rem Remsen and Johannes Van Ekelen. (Flatbush
Town Records, Liber A, page 118.)

NOTE : — Gerrit Snedeker, baptized March J5, 1660; married, first, Will-
emtje Vocks; married, second, Elsye Teunise, daughter of Tunis Nyssen. He
died in 1694. Issue: Jan; Margaret; Christiaen; Garret; Elsje, m. Charles
Boerum; Abraham, bap. Sept. 16, 1677; Isaac, bap. Jan. 16, 1681; Sara, Oct. 14,
1683; Teunis.

Will of Gerritt Snediker of Midwout. Dated April 20, 1692.
Estate to wife Elsie Snedeker until remarriage. If she remarries,
half of whole estate. On death of wife Elsie estate to be divided
among children of testator in equal shares. To elist sunn Jan
Snedeker, one cowe. To sunns Jan and Christian Snedeker all
cloaths and apparel to be divided equally between them. Also
bequests of 100 gildens to poor of Midwout. Executor not
named. Witnesses: Rem Remsen, Johannes Williems. Proved
May 9, 1693. (Recorded in Liber i of Conveyances, page 308.)

Will of Jan Snedeger and Egberttie Jansen, his wife. Dated
Dec. 12, 1677. Son Gerrit Snedeger. Other children not named.
Children of Egberttie Jansen. Witnesses: Willem Geliamse and
Rut Albertsen. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber D, page 338.)

NOTE ; — Jan Snediker emigrated as early as 164::; married, first, Annetje
Buys; married, second, Egbertje Jans, widow of Herman Hendrickse. Issue:
Tryntje, bap. Feb. 23, 1642; Anna; Jannetje; Gerret; Styntje.

Will of Thomas Spicer of Gravesend. Dated Sept. 30, 1658.
Proved Nov. 4, 1658. Wife Michall & Son, Samuell Spicer heirs
and executors of all estate, except the following legacies: To

2 28 K:i»gs County, N. V., Wilis. [July

Ann Lake, wife of John Lake, 60 gilders for benefit of her three
children. To Susannah Brasier, wife of Henery Brasier, 80 gilders,
for her four children. For mending of highway in the Lane to
the fort ward, 40 gilders. For fencing the burial place, 20 gilders.
Witnesses: Richard Gibbens and John Tilton. (Gravesend
Records, Liber 3, page 112.)

Will of Dirck Stoffelsen of Ammesfortt, widower of Catharina
Van Lewen, now remarried to Johanna Havens, widow of Johan-
nis Holsard. To wife, all estate — wife executrix. Except eldest
son Sotlfell Direcksen to have the weaving looms. Johanna
Havens, widow of Johannes Holsard, now married to Dirk Stof-
felsen, makes husband sole executor — wills her estate to children,
if any shall be born. Dated Feb. 18, 1690/1. Witnesses: Carsten
Jansen, Barent Juriansen, John Emans, Clerk. (Gravesend
Records, Liber 3, page 108.)

Will of Hendrick Stryker, bachelor, son of Jan Stryker.
Dated Jan. 23, 1684. To the children of Cornells Jansen Berryen
where he resides by name Tryntie, Jan, Pieter, Angenietie,
Jacob, and Klaes. Brother Pieter Stryker. Brother-in-law Abram
Jorrissen. Eldest son of Abram Jorissen name by Joris Abrams.
Brother Gerrit Stryker. Father Jan Stryker. Witnesses: An-
deries Adriaensz Onderdonc and Hendrick Vandervlit. (Flat-
bush Town Records, Liber C, page 155.)

NOTE : — Hendrick Stryker married Feb., 1687, Catharine Hys. He
probably had no issue.

Will of James Sympson of Flatbush in Kings County. Dated
Nov. 22, 1704. To wife Martha all estate. In case wife does
not sell estate then gives same "unto my children and my wife's
fore children procured by her former husband John Remsen by
names of Sophia, John, Rem, Jonica, Peter and Elizabeth."
Executrix, wife Martha. Witnesses: Henry ffilkin, Daniel Rapalie
and Jeronimus Remsen. (Recorded in Liber 3 of Conveyances,
page 19.)

NOTE : — James Simpson was of Flatbush, 1690. He married Martha
Damon, widow of John Remsen.

Will of Tobias Ten Eyk. Dated Nov. 29, 1699. Two chil-
dren by a previous marriage: Marie and Hendrikye. Oldest son
Coenratt ten Eyk. Wife Eliabeth Hegeman. Witnesses: Daniel
Remsen and Joseph Hegeman. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber
A, page 243.)

NOTE ; — Tobias son of Coenraed Ten Eyck, baptized 1/26/1653; married,
first, Aeltye Duycking; married, second, g/17/1684, Elizabeth Hegeman. Issue:
Coenraed, bap. 11/20/1678; Marie, bap. 4/30/1680; Hendrickje, bap. 7/1/1682;
Johannes, bap. May 10, 1685; Coenraedt, bap. 3/4/1687; Adriaen.bap. 1/30/1690;
Catharina, bap. 5/4/1692; Altye, bap. 4/20/1694; Jacob, bap. 7/1/1696.

Will of Albert Terhuynen of Hackensack in the province of
East New Jersey, husbandman. Dated Oct. 3, 1704. Gives to
wife Weyntye Terhuynen all estate real and personal during the
term of fourteen years from and after my decease, and at the
expiration of said 14 years she shall make a perfect inventory of
my personal estate and deliver one-half part thereof unto my

I9i6.] Kings County, N. Y., Wills. 229

children by names, John, Stephen, Annitie, Gerbring, Williamke,
Maritye, Rachel, Albertus and Geertruyd in ecjual proportion and
the other half part thereof unto my said wife Weyntye for and
during her natural life. And if my said wife happen to remarry
before the expiration of said term of 14 years, then before the
consummation of said marriage she shall give a perfect inventory
of all my personal estate nnto my said executors hereinafter
named, and give a sufficient security to them for the delivery of
the half part thereof unto my children at the expiration of said
14 years if they be then of age, but if not, when they shall be
severally of age or marryed. That my said wife shall within six
weeks after my decease pay imto my eldest son John out of my
personal estate for his birth right five pounds. Executors wife
Weyntie and brothers Capt. John Terhuynen and Jacob Wal-
lingse. Witnesses: Henry ffilkin, Derick Amertman and Johan-
nes Slyngerhaut. (Recorded Liber 3 of Conveyances, page 13.)

NOTE: — Albert Albertse Terhune, baptised Aug. 13, 1651; was a son of
Albert Albertse; he married, first, Hendrickye Stephense Van \'oorheis; he
married, second, Wyntye Brickers. In 1689 he removed from Flatlands to

Will of John Albertse Terhuiennen of Flatlands, dated Feb. 20,
1696/7. To wife Margarita Terhuiennen >2 of all my estate for
life; the other j54 to children that are now or hereafter shall be
born. Sons, Roelloff, Albert and Aucke. Brother Albert Ter-
huiennen and Reyneer Vansycklyn, guardians. Executors,
brothers Albert Terhuiennen and Reyneer Vansycklyn. Wit-
nesses: Henry ffilkin, Tunis Jansen and Peter Brouwer. (Re-
corded Feb. 20, 1696/7, in Liber 2 of Cons., page 296.)

NOTE : — John Albertse Terhune was a son of Albert Albertse; he
married, first, July 1, 1683; Annetje Roelofse Schenck; he married, second,
June 6, 1691; Margrietje Van Sicklen.

Will of Rut Albertse and Josyna Verhagen, his wife. Dated
Jan. 13, 1689/90. To Albert Janse Boomgaart, son of Jan Cor-
nelisse Boomgaart, resident at Hackingsack, and to Albert Ger-
ritse, son of Gerrit Stoffel, residing at Yellow Hook, over whom
the testator is guardian. To Jacobus Cornelisse Van Oosten,
Elizabeth Cornelisse Van Westen, Cornelia Cornelisse Van
Oosten, children of the testatrix. Witnesses: G. Beeckman,
Symen Hanssen and Johannes Van Ekelen. (Flatbush Town
Records, Liber A, page 146.)

Will of Ruth Albcrtsen and Josyna Verhagen, his wife.
Dated Oct. 24, 1700. The two daughters of testatrix by name
Elizabeth and Cornelia. Testatrix only son Jacobus Cornelissen.
Albert Gerrits, son of above Elizabeth. To Albert Jansen Boom-
gaart living at Hackensack. Witnesses: Benjamin Hegeman
and Andreis Jansen. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber A, page

Will of John Tilton of Gravesend. Dated Sept. 15, 16S7. To
John Painter ^10. To John Tilton, Jr., a dwelling house. Residue
of estate to be equally divided among children, namely: John
Tilton, Peeter Tilton, Thomas Tilton, Sara Painter, Abigail Scott,

230 Kings County, N. Y., Wills. [July

Ester Spicer, and Mary Boman. Also to John Tilton and Samuele
Spicer as executors, and also to William Richardson, a piece of
land in Gravesend for a buriall place. Executors: Loving sons
fohn Tilton and Samuell Spicer. Proved April 3, 1688. (Recorded
in Liber i of Conveyances, page 108.)

Will of Jacob Willemse Van Boerum, and his wife Geertruy
DeBeavois. Dated July 2, 1687. Children not named. Wit-
nesses: G. Beeckman and Pieter Strycker. (Flatbush Town
Records, Liber A, page 90.)

NOTE : — Jacob Willemse Van Boerum emigrated in 1649 with his father
from Amsterdam; he married, June 15,1684, Geertruyd DeBevoise. Issue:
Johannes, William, Carel, Jacob.

Will of William Jacobse Van Boerum of New Lotts. Dated
Oct. I, 1687. Entire estate to his wife Geertie Hendrickse and
at her death to be equally divided among his four children,
namely: Hendrick, Geertruy, Jacob and Hillsgout. "And fur-
ther is his will that his sunn Hendrick in consideration that he is
his elist sunn, shall receive out the said estate bbefifore the
saime shall bee divyded one hundred gildens in money wampum
values, and his daughters daffther Gerrittie Gerritse three hun-
dred gildens in money wampum value." Remainder to be
divided among children above named. Executor not named.
Witnesses: Garrit Dorlant, John Barentse Blom. Proved Oct. 3,
1688. (Recorded in Liber i of Conveyances, page no.)

NOTE : — William Jacobse Van Boerum emigrated in 1649; he married
Geertje Hendrickse.

Will of Derick Jansz Van Der Vliet, aged 67, and his wife
Geertie Gerrits, aged 54. Dated Jan. 15, 1679/80. Codicil dated
May 29, 1689. Oldest daughter Hendrickie, married Jan Nelse,
born of his first wife Lyntie Aertsz. Daughter's daughter
Catharina Nelse. Son Gerrit Dericksz, born of his second wife.
Four children of testators, Jan, Hendrick, Mary and Geertruyt.
Witnesses: Bartel Claesz and Cornelius Berrien. (Flatbush
Town Records, Liber AA, page 95.)

NOTE : — Derick Janse Vander Vliet emigrated from Waal in 1660,
settled in Flatbush; married, first, Lyntie Aertse; married, second, Geertie
Gerretse. Issue (order of birth uncertain): Hendrickje, m. Jan Nelse; Jan, m.
Geertje Verkerk; Hendrick; Mary, m. Jacob Vanderbilt; Geertruyd, m.
Jacob Remsen; Gerret.

Declaration dated Oct. 26, 1696. O. S. That Jan Willemse Van
Gesscher, born near Deventer in Overyssel, is the only rightful son
of Willem Janse Van Gesscher and Harintye Harmse, who have
brought over this their son Jan Willemse Van Gesscher from the
fatherland leaving a daughter there, who soon after the parents
departure died. * * * (Flatbush Town Records, Liber A,
page 227.)

Will of Cornelis Van Hougen. Dated March 5, 1689/90.
Wife Maria Winterslick. To son Cornelis Van Hougem his
cooper's implements. Witnesses: Gysbert Janse, Johannes Van
Ekelen. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber A, page 150.)

I9I6.1 Kings County, N. Y., Wills. 23 I

Will of Hans Janssen Van Noorstrant of Amesffort. Dated
Aug. 20, 1679. Estate to two sonnes Gerrit Hanssen and Pieter
Hatissen. Son Volkert Hanssen. To youngest sunn Jan Hans-
sen suit of clothes, also 300 gildens; mentions children by his
"laste wiffe." Executors not named. Witnesses; Hendrick
Assuerus, Jacob Strycker, Roeloff Martens. Proved April i, 1690.
(Recorded in Liber i of Conveyances, page 223.)

NOTE : — Hans Hansen or Jansen Van Nostrand emigrated in 1639 from
Noordstraat or Noordstrandt, in Holstein; he married, first, Nov. 29, 1652,

Janneken Gerrits Van Leuwen; m. second, ( ). Issue: Gerrit Hansen; Peter

Hansen; Jannetje Hansen, m. Peter -Schenck; Symar Hansen; Jan Hansen;
Volkert Hansen; Catharine Hansen, m. first, Lucas S. Voorheis; m. second(?),
Peter L. Van Buskirk.

Will of Reyneer Vansycklyn of Gravesend. Dated Nov. 18,
1703. To wife Jannitie all lands in Gravesend for life. To
eldest son fferdinandus after decease or remarriage of wife all
lands, &c., he to pay to his four brothers each 1/5 of said estate.
Executors: brother Johannes Vansycklyn; brother John Albertse;
brother John Vanhorne and brother Garrett Vanhorne. Wit-
nesses: Nicholsa Stillwell, Jr., Cornelius Buys and Samuel Ger-
ritsen. (Recorded April 17, 1704, in Liber 2 of Cons., page 279.)

NOTE : — Reyneer Van Sicklen married March 26, 1687, Jannietje Van
Home or Hooren of New York, widow of Joseph Hegeman. He was a son of
Ferdinando Van Sicklen who emigrated in 1652; he had issue: Ferdinandus;
Cornelius; probably Jan, bap. Jan. 19, 1695; probably Renter.

Will of Abram Williarase Van Westravelt of New Utrecht,
dated April 22, 1697. To wife Margarita Williamse all estate for
life. In case wife have any issue by me then all estate to such
child or children. Mother Dericke Williamse to be maintained
out of income of estate during her life. Witnesses: Henry ffilkin,
Agyas Vandycke and Katherine ffilkin. (Recorded April 23, 1697,
in Liber 2 of Cons., page 297.)

NOTE: — Abraham Williams Van Westravelt was a son of William Van

Will of Dericke Williamse Van Westravelt of the Town of
New Utrecht in Kings County, widow of William Van Westravelt,
late of Kings County, deceased, dated Sept. i, 1697. Gives to son
Abram Williamse Van Westravelt all lands, &c., either within
the province of New York or without. Executor: Son, Abram
Williamse Van Westravelt. Witnesses: Henry ffilkin, Justice,
Cornelius Van houwegen, Johannes Schenck, Catherine ffilkin.
Recorded Aug. 22, 1704. (Liber 3 of Cons., page 10.)

Will of Cornells Barents Van Wyck and Annatie his wife.
Dated June 17, 1684. Guardians: Theodorus Polhemus and Koert
Stevenson. Children not named. Witnesses: Adriaen Reyerse
and Pieter Gilliamsen. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber C,
page 169 )

NOTE: — Cornells Barents Van Wyck emigrated in 1660. He married
Anna, dau. of Rev. Theodorus Polhemius. He may have married a second
time. Issue; Theodorus; Marretje, m. M e nd f ick Wiltze of Newtown; Johannes
bap. Jan. 17, 1677; Aeltje, bap. Oct. 5, 1679; Anna, bap. July 9, 1682; Elizabeth
bap. Jan. 16, 1685; Adriaentje, bap. Sept. 9, iBSBT '"^av H£r\cJ>-ie.i<

232 Kings County, N. Y., Wills. [July

Will of Jan Verkerck of New Utrecht. Also signed by Mayke
Verkerke. Dated Nov. 10, 1688. Estate to Barent Verkerck and
Jan Verkerck, Junior, "his sunns" living by the appearant inn
his house. Executors not named. Witnesses: Jan P. Vande-
venter, Lambert Janse. (Recorded in Liber i of Conveyances,
page 243.)

NOTE: — Jan Jansen Verkerk emigrated in 1663 from Buren in Gelderland
with wife and five children. He married Mayke Gisberts. Issue: Roelof,
bap. 1654; Aert, bap. 1655; Geertie, m. (i) Hendrick Janse; m. (2) Jan Dirckse
Van Vliet; Barentje, m. Nicholas Vander Grift; Cornelius, bap. 1661; Jan;
Barent; and possibly Hendrick.

Deed dated Jan. 8, 1703/4. Made by Coll. Thomas Willett and
Helena his wife of Flushing, to our children the issue of both,
namely, William Willett, Thomas Willett, Elbert Willett, Charles
Willett, Cornelius Willett, Abraham Willett, John Willett, Sarah
Willett alias DeKey, Helena Willett and Elizabeth Willett.
Conveys land in Flatlands " bequeathed to us by the last will
and testament of our father Elbert Stoothooff, deceased." Wit-
nesses: Samuel Haight and James Clements. (Recorded in
Liber 3 of Conveyances, page 21.)

NOTE: — Col. Thomas Willett married Helena, dau. of Elbert Elbertse

Will of William Willkins of Gravesend, upon Long Island in
Yorkshire. Dated June 11, 1675. Estate to wife Anne Willkins
until death. After her death to son Obadiah Willkins, after
decease of son Obadiah, estate passes to his children. Provision
that wife and son shall share estate equally. Executor not named.
Witnesses: John Tilton, Senr., Samuel Spicer. Proved Aug. 30,
1694. (Recorded In Liber 2 of Conveyances, page 10.)

Will of Derrick Johnson Woortman of Brookland. Dated
April 4, 1694. To wife Annitie ;^5o. Also house at Brookland
formerly belonging to Cloysse Symonse. To son John Woort-
man 20 shillings. To Indian slave "Whan" by name, his liberty,
one barrel of flour and 20 shillings. Residuary estate to children
John Woortman, Tunis Woortman, Peter Woortman, Lodwyck
Woortman, Denys Woortman, Harantie Woortman, Femmetie
Woortinan, Elizabeth Woortman, Annike Woortman, and Maritie
Woortman, in equal shares. Executors: Jeronimus Rapale, Cor-
nelius Seabring. Witnesses: Henry Filkin, Barent Fallerman,
Anne Smith. Proved April 23, 1694. (Recorded in Liber i of
Conveyances, page 357.)

Will of Cornelis Piterse and Geertie Symens, his wife. Dated
Oct. 7, 1688. Oldest son Piter Cornelisse^other children not
named. Guardians: Symon Jansen Van Arsdalen and Klaas
Piterse. Witnesses: Hendrickus Hegman and Johannes Van
Eckelen. (Flatbush Town Records, Liber A, page 117.)

NOTE: — Cornelis Pieterse Wyckoff married Oct. 13, 1698, Gertrude ^ai4S. 7

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