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erected to her memory and to that of her husband. She was
married at New London, Conn., December 5th, 1843, to Gen-
eral James Totten,* U. S. Army, who graduated at the West

*The silhouettes of General (then Captain) James Totten and his wife
Julia Hubbell (Thatcher) Totten which illustrate this record were cut at
Saratoga, New York, in .August 1844, liy ,\ugnst Edouarl, the celebratecl
silhouettist of France and England, who was the appointed silhouettist to
the Royal Family in France.

In 1839 Edouart visited the United States and here remained 10 years
during which time he cut between three and four thousand silhouettes of
well known .-Kmericans and their wives and families. It was the custom with
this artist when cutting the silhouette to cut it in duplicate, one copy he
delivered to his patron and one he kept himself upon which copy he had his
patron place his signature and the date of the sitting, to which the artist
himself added a note as to height, weight and color of eyes and hair of the
patron; this retained copy the artist placed in his scrap book for future
reference. In 1849 Edouart sailed for home on the Ship Oneida and on
the return voyage to France on December loth, 1849, the vessel was wrecked
oflf the coast of the Island of Guernsey, and while most of the baggage was
lost, Edouart's chests containing his scrap books were saved and brought
ashore. Edouart himself was taken into the home of an inhabitant of the
island and most hospitably treated after his tragic experience: and on
leaving presented to the (laughter of his host, Frederica Lukis his entire
collection of silhouttes w'hich had been so fortunately saved. This collection
passed from Frederica Lukis to her grandson who in time sold
it to Mrs. F. Nevill Jackson of London, Eng., and many of the English
silhouettes found their way into museums and galleries in England; and in
1913 the .\merican silhouettes of the collection (the last that Edouart ever
cut) came to this country and were displayed for sale by .Arthur S. Vernay.

Notice was .sent to me by Mr. Vernay of the existence in the collection
of these two portraits of my parents, of the existence of which I was in
complete ignorance, as the originals had disappeared during the varied army
career of my father and mother ; and I visited the gallery very skeptical
as to the authenticity of the protraits. I was at once convinced of their
genuineness by the marked resemblance to herself of my mother's protrait,
and by her undeniable signature on the back of the silhouette, and also of
the validity of my father's portrait from his signature which was the same
in 1844 as at the time of his death in 1871. In both cases the physical
description written by Edouart on the back of each silhouette tallied with

262 Thacher-Thatcher Cetttalogy. [July

Point Military Academy in 1841 ; he was born September
nth, 1818, at Cincinnati, Ohio, and died October 1st, 1871,
at Sedalia, Mo., and was there buried. He was a son of
William and his first wife Jane (Browne) Totten, of Little
Rock, Ark. William Totten was for many years connected
with the Medical Department of the U. S. Army and was
subsequently an Ordnance Store Keeper at the Arsenal at
Little Rock, Ark.

Children: 3 (Totten), sons, ist 2 bom at New London,

Conn. ; 3rd at Barrancas Barracks, Pensacola, Fla.
2314 i. William Anthony,^ bom May 19th, 1845 ! died
at New London, Conn., of scarlet fever, Febru-
ary 3rd, 1851 (at about the day and hour of
birth of his brother (No. 2315), and was
buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, where a stone
marks his memory.

+2315 ii. Charles Adelle Lewis," bom February 3rd,
1851 ; died April 12th, 1908; married, first, Eda
Smith ; married, second, Mary Bunker.

-)-23i6 iii. John Reynolds," born November 4th, 1856;
died ; married, first, Lizzie Swan Town-
send; married, second, Elma Smythe (Preston)
Van Voorhis.

General James Totten was appointed to West Point from Vir-
ginia while his father was on duty at Fortress Monroe, Virginia ; he
graduated at West Point in 1841 and was assigned to the 2nd Artil-
lery, serving in that Regiment as 2nd and ist Lieutenant and as
Captain ; he served in the Seminole Indian War in Florida and in
the Mexican War and from 1850 to 1855 on Coast Survey duty from
Florida Coast to Coast of Maine ; served in quelling the Kansas Dis-
turbances 1857-8; served in Civil War, receiving the Brevet ranks of
Major, Lieut. Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier General in the U. S.
Army. He also held the rank of Major in the ist Missouri Volun-
teer Artillery and Brigadier General of Missouri Militia in the
service of the United States. He was promoted as a Major and
Assistant Inspector General and Lieut. Colonel in the Inspector Gen-
eral's Department and died at Sedalia, Mo., October ist, 1871. His
widow after his death made her home in New London, Conn., in the
old Thatcher homestead until it was sold and torn down, and sub-
sequently in Mrs. Graham's boarding house, comer of Federal and
Union Streets, New London, until her death. She received a pen-
sion for life on account of her husband's military services.

Authority :

the facts, and moreover the military record of my father shows that in the
summer of 1844 he was, with other officers, and accompanied by my mother
at Saratoga, N. Y., on recruiting service in the U. S. Army. I give this
note as being interesting as to the history of these particular silhouettes,
here reproduced the originals which are now in my possession. [J. R. T.]

I9'6-1 Thachtr-Thatcher Genealogy. 263

1507. Mary Perkins* Thatcher (Anthony/ Captain John," Cap-
tain Josiah,= Deacon Josiah,* etc.), born October" 1 6th, 1830,
at New London, Conn.; died February 24th, 1909, at New
London, Conn., at the boarding house of Mrs. Graham,
where she and her sisters, Mrs. Tottcn and Elizabeth Wet-
more"* Thatcher, made their home, and was buried in
Thatcher lot in Cedar Grove Cemetery in that city ; grave-
stone. She was married June 14th, 1863, at New London,
Conn., in her mother's home, corner of Main and Masonic
Streets, by the Rev. Dr. Robert A. Hallam, of St. James
P. E. Oiurch, to Colonel Augustus Gilman Robinson, U. S.
Army, Class 1857, of the U. S. M. A., at West Point, N. Y.,
bom July — , 1835 (^^ entered the U. S. M. A., West Point,
N. Y., July 1st, 1853, aged 17 years 11 months; he was
aged 31 in 1865), at Paris, Me.; died October ist, 1898, at
Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, Mass., and was buried
there in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Children : None.
A full record of Colonel Augitstus Gilman Robinson's military
services can be seen in Ciilhcm's Register of Graduates of the West
Point Military Academy.

1508. George William* Thatcher (Daniel,' Capt. John," Capt.
Josiah," Deacon Josiah,* etc.), born April 15th, 1825, at
No. 128 Third Street, South, Philadelphia, Pa.; he lived at
Bridgeport, Coini., New York City, and Pelham, N. Y., and
St. Louis, Mo.; he died at St. Louis, Mo., March 24th, 1896,
at 4.30 A. M., and was buried there in Calvary Roman Cath-
olic Cemetery. He married June 1st, 1847, ^t St. Louis, Mo.,
to Annie Biddle Chambers, born April 7th, 1828, in Florisant
Township, St. Louis Co., Mo.; died August i8th, 1913, at
St. Louis, Mo., at her home. No. 4180 West Belle Place,
and was buried there in Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery.
She was a daughter of Charles and Jane (Mullanphy) Cham-
bers of St. Louis, Mo.

Children: 13 (Thatcher), 6 sons and 7 daughters.

2317 i. Charles Daniel," bom March 28th, 1848; died

August 13th, 1850.

2318 ii. Julia Ann," bom May 31st, 1849; died July

14th, 1850.

2319 iii. George Hudson," bom September 9th, 1850;

died May 9th, 1851.
-j-2320 iv. Jane Chambers," bom November 28th, 1851 ;

died ; married Jules Desloge.

-{-2321 V. Mary Christian," born April 5th, 1853; died

March 17th, 1908; married James Richardson

-{-2322 vi. George Francis," born October 22nd, 1854;

died ; married Ella HufT.

264 Thacher-Tltaicher Genealogy, fjily

2323 vii. Charles Chambers,^ bom February — , 1856;

died February 28th, 1858.

2324 viii. Eliza Hudson," bom April 4th, 1859; died

March 5th, 1865.
-(-2325 ix. Alexander Perry," bom April 17th, 1861 ; died
; married Ella Hauser.

2326 X. Annie," born December 23rd, 1862 ; died

Not married. She became a sister of the R
C. Sisterhood of the Sacred Heart.

2327 xi. Josephyne," born July 7th, 1867; died

married Leon Philip Feustman.
+2328 xii. Thomas Hudson," born September 3rd, 1869

died ; married Odille Fusz.

2329 xiii. Violetta Agnes," bom June loth, 1872; died

; not married up to 1916 and living at No.

3847 West Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Authorities :
Himself and his children.
Hubbell Genealogy. 2nd edition, by Walter Hubbell, 191S, pp. 216, 243.

1512. Nancy^ Swift (Lucy' Thacher, Jethro," John,^ Col. John,*

etc.), born December 27th, 1804, at ; died , at ;

married June 5th, 1826, at , to Ephraim Hanchett, bom

, at Salisbury, Conn. ; he lived at North Canaan, Conn.,

and at East Douglas, Mass., in 1852; he was a manufacturer
of anchors, engine axles and bar iron, of the firm of Han-
chett, Huntington and Day ; died , at -. He was a

son of Israel Hanchett, of Salisbury, Conn., whose father
received a grant of land from the King, in Salisbury, which
included the iron ore beds of that region.
Children: 5 (Hanchett), i son and 4 daughters.
i. Lucy S-

ii. Mary H ."

iii. Nancy I ."

iv. Nancy S ."

V. Thatcher Swift," born November 8th, 1838, at Canaan,
Conn. ; he was a physician ; he lived at North Canaan,
Conn., until he was 14 years old, then at East Doug-
lass, Mass., and at Wolcottville, Conn.
Authorities :
Orcutts' History of Torrington, Conn. pp. 470-71.
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 53, 88.
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 184.

1513. Lydia' Swift (Lucy' Thacher, Jethro," John,^ Col. John,*
etc.), born May 7th, 1807, at •; died , at ; mar-
ried (int. pub. Barnstable, Mass., November 25th,

1825), at , to Jabez Perry, born , at ; died ,

at .

Children: 9 (Perry), 5 sons and 4 daughters,
i. Lydia."

I9'6'] Thacher-Tliatchtr Genealogy 265

ii. Solomon. °
iii. Lucy S-

iv. Jabez W —
V. Hannah M-
vi. Ebenezer S-

vii. Martha R ," born ; died ; married ?;

she is said to have been the mother of Isabelle" Gibbs,
adopted daughter of Mrs. Roland Thacher Gibbs, see
No. 1 5 14.

viii. Henry C .°

ix. ElHs B .«

Authority :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 53, 88.

1514. Martha T ' Swift (Lucy' Thacher, Jethro," John,' Col.

John,* etc.), bom November 20th, 1810, at ; died July

1st, 1903, aged 92 years, 6 mo., at Rochester, N. Y. ; married
June 4th, 1833, at Barnstable, Mass. (both stated to be of
Sandwich, Mass., in marriage record), to Captain Roland
Thacher Gibbs, born June — , 181 1, see age at and date of

death, at ; he was a sea captain and when he retired he

lived at King's Ferry, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; died March 15th,
1890, aged 78 years, 9 months, at King's Ferry, N. Y. ; his
parentage is not known to me.

Child: I (Gibbs), daughter, by adoption.

i. Isabelle," born July 17th, 1861 ; died ; not married up

to March 24th, 1916; inmate since January, 1904, of a
Sanitarium at Rochester, N. Y. This daughter was an
adopted child, it is said, and not the daughter of Martha

T ' Swift-Gibbs. Her mother was Mattie R. Perry,

See No. 1513, whose husband's name I do not know.
The Gibbs' family lot in West Genoa Cemetery at King's Ferry,
N. Y., has in it only three gravestones: those of Henry Gibbs,
Welthen Gibbs and Nancy Thatcher. Henry Gibbs died June 17,
1868, aged 85 years (hence born 1788). Welthen Gibbs died April
9th, 1880, aged 92 years, 4 mo. and 20 days (hence born November
19th, 1787). Henry and Welthen Gibbs may have been the parents
of Roland Thacher Gibbs. Nancy Thatcher was the aunt of Mrs.
Roland Thacher Gibbs and was the daughter of Jethro" Thacher,
see Record No. 325 and also Record No. 886. I presume that
Welthen Gibbs really means Wealthy Ann Gibbs and that she was
the wife of Henry Gibbs, as the dates of their births and deaths are
such as to suggest that they were husband and wife. It is possible
that Henry Gibbs was the grandson of John Gibbs of Sandwich,
Mass., who married Jerusha" Thacher, see record No. 339.


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 89.

1515. Lucy Ann» Olmstead (Sophia' Thacher, Jethro," John,'^
Col. John,* etc.), born April 3rd, 1817, at Stockbridge, Mass.;

266 Thacher-Thatcher Gineahgy. [July

died October 5th, 1896, at ; married January 22nd, 1835

(int. pub. at Lee, Mass., December 24th, 1834 , at Stock-
bridge, Mass. (probably), to Aaron Chapin (of West Stock-
bridge, Mass., and Hartford, Conn.), born , at ; died

, 1866, at .

Children: 5 (Chapin), 3 sons and 2 daughters.

i. Lucy Viana," born July 23rd, 1837; died ; married

June i8th, 1867, to Joel S. Page, of Pittsfield, Mass.
ii. Sophia N ? born January 20th, 1839; died ; mar-
ried September 14th, 1862, to Samuel Nathan Benedict,
of Hartford, Conn.

iii. Howard C— — -," born February 21st, 1841 ; died ;

married , 1869, to Louisa Mills, and resided in Den-
ver, Colo.

iv. Samuel L ," born January nth, 1844; died ; he

lived in Leadville, Colo.
V. William H ^ born May 28th, 1847; died ; mar-
ried , 1871, to Ella Wilson, of Penn Yan, N. Y., and

resided at Seneca Castle, N. Y.
Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 89.
Olmstead Genealogy, pp. 75, 123.
Vital Records of Lee, Mass., p. 122.

1517. Jethro Thacher' Olmstead (Sophia' Thacher, Jethro,*
John,= Col. John,* etc.), born July 20th, 1826, at Stockbridge,

Mass. ; died , at ; married March 5th, 1858, at ,

to Sarah E Brockway, of whom I have no further


Children: 3 (Olmstead), 2 sons and i daughter.

i. Miner Brockway," born March 12th, i860; died ;

lived in Chicago, 111.

ii. Pauline S ," bom May 15th, 1864.

iii. William T ," bom August 4th, 1869.

Jethro Thacher' Olmstead settled in Camden, Oneida Co.,
N. Y., in 1837, and removed to Ripon, Wis., in 1857, and thence to
Chicago, 111.

Authority i
Olmstead Genealogy, pp. 45, 75, 123.

1519. Samuel Wales' Thacher (Samuel,'' John,® John,^ Col.
John,* etc.), bom January 31st, 183 1, at Barnstable, Mass.;
died March 22nd, 1913, aged 82 years, i month, 22 days, at
Taunton, Mass., and was buried there in Oakland Cemetery.
He was a tinsmith. He did not marry.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54, 6&
Taunton, Mass., Vital Records.

1520. William Martin' Thacher (Samuel,' John," John,^ Col.
John,* etc.), born February 7th, 1836, at Barnstable, Mass.;.

I9l6.] Thachet-Thatcker Genealogy. 267

he lived at — — , and was "an agent"; he died , at

married , at , to Elizabetli Gushee, born Decem-
ber 7th, 1837, at Warren, R. I. ; died , at . She was

a daughter of Almond and Elizabeth (Richmond) Gushee, of
Warren, R. I.

Children: i (Thacher), daughter, born at Norton, Mass.
-I-2330 i. Elizabeth M ." bom March 5th, 1865.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54. 68.

Vital Records Mass., State House, Boston, Births, 177:122.
Vital Records of Rhode Island, Vol. VI, p. 69, Warren, R. I., births.

1521. Henry B ' Thacher (Samuel,' John," John,' Col. John,*

etc.), born May 13th, 1841, at Barnstable, Mass.; died ,

at ; he was a farmer. He married , at , to

Mary J (Burt) Wrightington, born December 8th, 1838

(see age at and date of death), at Fall River, Mass.; died
January 17th, njoS, at Taunton, Mass., aged 69 years, i
month, 9 days. She was a daughter of George h— — Burt

(born Swansea, Mass.), and his wife, Harriet H Goff

(born Taunton, Mass.), who lived at ?

Children: 2 (Thacher), i son and i daughter.

+2331 i. William Dexter," bom Dighton, Mass., July

1st, 1877; died ; married Florence K.

2332 ii. Harriet May Maria," bom Raynham, Mass.,

July 7th, 1879; died October 2nd, 1880, at

Taunton, Mass., aged i year, 2 months, 25

days, of cholera infantum.

Authorities :
Vital Records Mass., State House, Boston, births 286:153, 304:139; deaths
92:469; 319:152-

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54, 68.

1522. Francis Everett* Thacher (Samuel,' John," John,° Col.
John,* etc.), bom April 14th, 1845, ^t Barnstable, Mass.;
he was a "trader," laborer, "tender" and stable keeper; he

died , at ; he married March 14th, 1864, at Taunton,

Mass., by Rev. Thomas Richmond, to Elvira Frances Wal-
dron, born March 3rd, 1844, at North Dighton, ; died

, at . She was living in 1892, at Chicago, 111. She

was a daughter of Francis Waldron (born December 2nd,

1810, at Dighton, Mass.; died ; married February ist,

1843, at Attleboro, Mass.; son of Billings and Polly (Briggs)
Waldron), and his wife Margaret Louisa Hodges (born Octo-
tober 3rd, 1819, at Mansfield, Mass. ; died January nth, 1887,
at Dighton, Mass.), of Dighton, Mass.

Qiildren: 4 (Thacher), 2 sons and 2 daughters, ist born
at Dighton ; rest at Taunton, Mass.

268 Thachir-Thalcher Genealogy. [July

+2333 i- Walter Howe," born August 8th, 1864; died \

; married Jennie M. Hewett.

2334 ii. Frank W ," bom , 1864 (about), at

Taunton, Mass. ; died July 12th, 1891, at Taun-
ton, Mass., of paralytic insanity ; he lived at
Yarmouth, Mass., aged 27 at death. Not mar-

+2335 iii. Clara H ," born September 3rd, 1866.

4-2336 iv. Hattie A ," born October nth, 1872.

Authorities : •,

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54. 68.

Vital Records of Mass., State House, Boston, births 168:79, 186:143,
241 :i67; Deaths 418:363; Marriages 171 :i2i.

1523. Eliza Ann* Thacher (John,^ John,*^ John,'^ Col. John,*
etc.), born June 3rd, 1816, at Barnstable, Mass.; died at
Boston, Mass., March 12th, 1852, aged 54 years, 9 months,
9 days, and was buried in Yarmouth, Mass., probably; she
was married at Barnstable, Mass., by Rev. George W. Wood-
ward, January 3rd, 1839 (int. pub. Barnstable, Mass., Decem-
ber 5th, 1838), to Edward" Thacher, No. 1057, as his 2nd
wife (his ist wife was Lydia Thacher" Gray, see No. 1785),
bom January 25th, 1802, at Yarmouth, Mass. ; he lived at
Yarmouth and Boston, Mass., and was a manufacturer of
railroad spikes in Boston and the owner of salt works in
Charleston, Mass. ; he died at Yarmouth, Mass., October loth,
1871, aged 69 years, 8 months, and was buried at Yarmouth
(probably). He was a son of Barnabas (No. 496) and
Mary (Howes) Thacher, of Yarmouth, Mass.

Child: I (Thacher), daughter.

+2337 i. Gertrude," born August 5th, 1839; died ;

married Captain Henry Arey, of Yarmouth,
For continuation of this line, see record of Edward' Thacher,
No. 1057, et sequitur.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 59, 68, 75.
V. R. Mass., State House, Boston, Deaths 68:15 ; 238:21.

1524. Hannah Bourne* Thacher (John,' John," John,' Col.
John,* etc.), bom January 23rd, 1819, at Barnstable, Mass.;
died June 7th, 1897, at Yarmouth, Mass., aged 78-5-14, and
was buried there. She married December 31st, 1855, at
Barnstable, Mass., by Rev. Theodore P. Doggett, to Edward'
Thacher, No. 1057, as his 3rd wife, whose ist wife was
Lydia Thacher* Gray, see No. 1785, and whose 2nd wife was
her sister, Eliza Ann* Thacher, No. 1523. For a record of
Edward' Thacher, see Nos. 1057 and 1523.

Children: None.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 59, 68, 75.
V. R. Mass., State House, Boston, Marriages, 87 :2.

iQie.] Thachtr-Thatcher Gintatogy. 269

1525. James' Thacher (John,' John," John,=^ Col. John/ 'etc.),
bom November 28th, 1821, at Banistable, Mass., I have no
further record of him and conclude that he must have died
previous to 1850, unmarried ; for the reason that I find no
record of his (leath in the Vital Records of Mass., at the
State House in Boston, which record all deaths in Massachu-
setts since that year inclusive ; and I find no record of death
of his wife or widow nor of any of his children.

Authority :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 68.

1527. James Thacher' Sampson (Hannah Bourne' Thacher,
John," John,' Col. John,^ etc.), bom March 2nd, 1817, at
Cotuit, Mass., probably; died January i8th, 1856, aged 38
years and 10 months, at Cotuit, Mass., and was buried there;

gravestone. He married , 1849, ^^ Barnstable, Mass.

(int. pub. there July 2nd, 1849), to Mary Stephens Hinckley,

bom March 2nd, 1825, at ; died December 12th, 1852,

aged 29 years, 9 months and 10 days, at Cotuit, Mass., prob-
able, and was buried there ; gravestone. Her gravestone
states that she died in Febmary, but the Barnstable records
say December. She was a daughter of Isaac Hinckley by his
2nd wife Mary Young (of Falmouth), who resided at Barn-
stable, Mass.

Child: I (Sampson), son, bom at Cotuit, Mass.
i. Josiah W ,® born September 23rd, 1852.

Authority :
Miss Susan A. Crocker, of ^Cotuit, Mass.

1529. Rehecca" Sampson (Hannah Bourne' Thacher, John," John,'
Col. John,* etc.), bom August 30th, 182 1, at Cotuit, Mass.

(probably) ; died , 1901, at and was buried at

Cotuit, Mass.; she married , 1845, ^^ Barnstable, Mass.,

to ? I know nothing further of this individual or her

husband, if she did marry.

Authority :
Miss Susan A. Crocker, of Cotuit, Mass.

1530. William* Sampson (Hannah Bourne' Thacher, John,"
John,' Col. John,* etc.), born July 27th, 1823, at Cotuit,

Mass. (probably) ; died , 1854, at Jamestown, Cal., and

was there buried; he married , 1846 (int. pub. February

nth, 1846), at Barnstable, Mass., to Augusta Crocker, bom

July i8th, 1824, at Bamstable, Mass. ; died , at ; she

was a daughter of Enoch Crocker (bom January 1791 ; died
November 28th, 1854, aged 63 years, 10 months) and his

wife Lydia (bom ; died December 6th, 1843), of

Barnstable, Mass.

Children: 3 (Sampson) sons, all born at Cotuit, Mass.,

2 Jo Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July

i. Charles W ," born June 23rd, 1847 ! died August 30th,

1848, aged I year, 2 months, 7 days, at Cotuit, Mass., and
was there buried ; gravestone.

ii. Charles F ,* born August 9th, 1849; died May 4th,

1873, at Cotuit, Mass., aged 23 years, 8 months, and was
there buried, gravestone.

iii. Freeman H ? born March 12th, 1852; died .

His name was changed to William Freeman^ Sampson.
Authority :
Miss Susan A. Crocker, of Cotuit, Mass.

1532. Benjamin Thacher* Sampson (Hannah Bourne' Thacher,
John," John,^ Col. John,^ etc.), bom March 2nd (or 27th),
1827, at Cotuit, Mass. ; he lived at Cotuit and died there
August 5th, 1854, aged 27-4-9, ^"d was there buried, grave-
stone. He married February 6th, 1850 (int. pub. January
17th, 1850), at Cotuit, Mass., to Joanna Bacon Childs, bom
March 9th, 1826, at Nantucket, Mass. ; died November 29th,
1859, aged 33 years, at Cotuit, Mass., and was there buried,
gravestone. She was a daughter of James Jr. and Elizabeth
(Crocker) Childs (see No. 1587), of Nantucket and Cotuit,

Children: 2 (Sampson) daughters, both born at Cotuit, Mass.
i. Lucy Freeman," born July 29th, 1851.
ii. Elizabeth Childs,' bom August nth, 1853.
Authority :
Miss Susan A. Crocker, of Cotuit, Mass.

1534. Catherine Elizabeth^ Elliott (Betsey Hayward'
Thacher, Dr. James,* John,° Col. John,* etc.), born May
2ist, 1807, at Plymouth, Mass.; died July 26th, 1841, at
Plymouth, Mass. ; married June 26th, 1827, at Plymouth,
Mass., to Nathaniel Russell, born December i8th, 1801, at
Plymouth, Mass.; he lived at Plymouth and was an iron
founder and was also Paymaster of ist Regiment of Mass.
Vol. Militia; he died Febmary i6th, 1875, at Plymouth,

Mass. He was a son of Nathaniel Russell (born ; died

October 21st, 1852; married June i8th, 1800) and his wife
Martha Howland Le Baron (born June 14th, 1778; died
August 29th, 1850), of Plymouth, Mass.

Children. 6 (Russell) 3 sons and 3 daughters, all bom at Ply-
mouth, Mass.

i. Elliott," bom May 3rd, 1828; died January i8th, 1894;
married February 9th, i860, to Sarah Lincoln Tinkham
(daughter of Spencer Tinkham, of Boston), by whom he
had I daughter, Catherine Elliott^" Russell, born Novem-
ber 20th, i860; both she and her mother live (1916) at
No. 409 Marlboro Street, Boston, Mass.

ii. Martha Le Baron," born July 27th, 1830; died January
1st, 1834.

I9i6.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 2']\

iii. Francis Henry,' born August 3rd, 1832; died ; mar-
ried November loth, 1858, to Emily Stevens (bom De-
cember nth, 1835), by whom he had i daughter Mary
Howland'" Russell, born September ist, i860.

iv. Anna," bom May loth, 1835; t^'^'l January iith, 1881 ;
married October 21st, 1878; to Alexander M Har-

V. Nathaniel," born June 13th, 1837; died March 25th, 1862,
at Accomac, Va.; H. C. 1888; he was in the U. S. Coast
and Geodetic Survey.

vi. Catherine Elliot," bom February 23rd, 1840; died ;

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