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and Russell Anna Purdy. Sponsors: mother and

Sylvanus Purdy.

Sept. 23. In the church. Rye, Sunday afternoon:
William Andrew, aged 14 years
Eliza Jane aged 12 years
Louisa Ann, aged 10 years

304 Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. [July

Sept. 13. Edith Annie, aged 7 years

Edward Arthur, aged 2 years, children of William
Andrew and Ann Thomas. Sponsors: Miss
Josephine Kirby, Thomas B. Peck, Lot Butterfield
and parents; also
Eliza Catherine, aged 3 months and two weeks,
daughter of Edwin and Selina Thomas. Sponsors:
mother and Catherine Ellis.
29. In the church, Rye, Saturday morning:

Helen, born June 14, 1877, daughter of Albro and
Emma Read Aiken. Sponsors: the parents, Sarah
Miller Aiken* and Helen Read.
Oct. 4. In the church. Rye, Thursday morning:
Frank Chapman, born July 15, 1867, and
Edith Winifred, born June 1, 1872, children of Ed-
ward C. and Helen Merriam Woodruff. Sponsors:
R. B. Chapman (proxy for Edward Coursen
Woodruff), Helen M. Woodruff, Frank Chapman,
Lizzie Chapman.
28. In the church. Rye, Sunday morning:

Ellicott Douglas, born September 7, 1S77, son of
Charles B. and Isabel Douglas Curtis. Sponsors:
Charles B. Curtis and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E.
Nov. 7. In private, the child being sick, Wednesday:

Mary Louisa, aged 2 months and 5 days, daughter of
John Frederic and Mary Elizabeth Hoffkins.
Dec. 9. In the church, Rye, Sunday afternoon, (hypo-
Margaret Denny, aged 13 years and 9 months.

Witness: Miss Lily Purdy; also
Charles, born July 21, 1877, son of Charles and Jane
Fremd. Sponsors: parents and Mrs. Mary A.

Jan. 19. Saturday:

John Hull, aged 51 years. Witness: Mrs. Gil
31. In private, Thursday:

William Henry, aged 5 months, son of Henry and
Emma Schaeffer.
March 20. In Zion church. New York City, Wednesday:

Reinhardt Lesher, born July 29, 1878 [1877?], son of
Charles S. and Cornelia H. Van Norden. Sponsors:
Stephen R. Lesher, Emeline Lesher, Ellen Van
April 20. In the church. Rye, Easter even:
Henry Mead, aged 9 years

* Through error the name of this family has been entered Aiken when
it should be Akin. the editor.

I9i6.] Vila! Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 305

April 20. Louisa Banks, aged 8 years

Alvah Compton, aged 5 years, children of Isaac

Mead and Henrietta Babbitt. Sponsors: parents

and B. S. Olmstead.
Walter Charles Herbert, aged i year and — months
Clarence William Milton, aged 7 months, children of

Walter L. and Ella E. A. Shearer. Sponsors:

Elizabeth Purdy, John H. Brooks.
Walter Chauncey, aged 6 months, son of Edward

and Mary Billington. Sponsors: Cornelia Purdy

and Mary Billington.
Helen May, aged i year and 10 months, daughter of

Robert C. and Mary Livingstone. Sponsors:

Phoebe Cunningham and Robert C. Livingstone.
Marshall Chevers, aged 19 months, son of Daniel

and Emily Budd. Sponsors: Martha Wacob and

the parents; also
Olive Amelia, aged 5 years
Jessie, aged 3 years, daughters of William and Mary

Ann Browne. Sponsors: parents, Mrs. J. M. Ives,

Mrs. J. D. Minuse; also certified the baptism of
William Henry, son of Henry and Emma Schaefifer,

baptized Jan. 31, 1878. Sponsors: Virginia E.

Everett and Robert Cranst.

May 19. In Grace chapel, Milton, Sunday afternoon;

James Allen, aged 13 months, son of Alexander and

Hannah Amelia Studwell. Sponsors: James G.

Hains and the mother.
Nellie May, aged 9 months, daughter of George

Washington and Nellie Studwell. Sponsors: the

Frederick, aged 12 months, son of William J. and

Sarah L. Horton. Sponsors: Joseph Hains and

Hannah E. Burger.
Adeline, aged 7 months, daughter of Edgar and

Sarah Ferns. Sponsors: Mrs. Emma Gedney and

the mother.
19. In the church. Rye, Sunday evening:

Anne Elizabeth, aged 4 months and 20 days, born Dec.

30, 1877, daughter oi Augustus M. and Amanda M.

Halsted. Sponsors: the child's grandmothers,

Tamar Ann Hayward and Elizabeth S. Halsted.
29. In Grace chapel, Milton, Wednesday evening:

Margaret Genun, aged :6 years. Witnesses: Ellen

Van Norden and Mary Gedney; also
Anne Vredenburgh, aged 16 years. Witness: Ellen

Van Norden.
31. In the church. Rye, Friday afternoon:

Harriet Ann Husted, aged 29 years. Witness;

August Husted.


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York.


May 31. Ann Rebecca Fleming, aged 24 years. Witnesses:
Julie L. Murphy and Eugenia Francis Murphy.
Walter Lawrence Shearer, aged 23 years. Witness:

Thomas B. Peck, (by proxy).
Ella Eustatia Ann Shearer, aged 23 years. Witness:
Elizabeth Purdy.

June 9. In the church, Rye, Whit Sunday afternoon, by the
Rev. William Staunton, D. D.:

William Armitage, born May 3, 1878, son of Thomas
Bloodgood and Mary Frances Peck. Sponsors:
Rev. Chauncey B. Brewster, the parents and
Staunton Bloodgood Peck.
23 In the church, Rye, Sunday afternoon:

Maud Ives, daughter of Hobart Joseph and Eliza-
beth Mary Ives Park. Sponsors: Caroline Ives,
Fanny Park, George Park.

Hattie Louise, aged 16 months, daughter of Augustus
M. and Harriet Ann Husted. Sponsors: parents.

July. 21. In the church. Rye, Sunday:

Ethel Gustava, aged 3 months, daughter of Edward
and Catherine Taylor Lyon. Sponsors: parents.
28. In the church, Rye, Sunday evening:

Elizabeth Abbot, born February 19, 1878, daughter
of Henry and Margaret Tatlock. Sponsors;

Nov. 13. At the Stevens House, New York, Wednesday:

Mary Lavilla, aged 3 months daughter of Frank
Haskell and Mary Lavilla Stewart.

Dec. 15. In Grace chapel, Milton, Sunday afternoon:

Laura, aged 6 years, daughter of Stephen and Mary

Genun. Sponsors: Margaret Genun; also
Amy Louisa, aged 4 months, daughter of John and
Addie Elizabeth Perkins. Sponsor: the mother.

Dec. 20. Privately at the house, Friday morning:

Marshall, aged 2 months, son of Abram and Irene

March 39. Privately at the house, Saturday:

Henry Crundwell, aged 7 weeks, son of William and
Mary Ann Browne.

April 12. In the church, Rye, Easter even:

Frederick Potter, aged 30. Witness: Mary E.

Purdy; also
Carrie Bell, born May 2, 1876, and
Alonzo, born Nov. 23, 1878, children of Henry and

Henrietta Lowden. Sponsor: Henrietta Lowden;

Anne, born Nov. i, 1874, and

1916.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. XOJ

April la. Charles, born Nov. 18, 1876, children of Alonzo and

Katherine Turner. Sponsor: E. J. Purely; also
Adeline, born February 11, 1870, daughter of Ade-
line Turner. Sponsor: Adeline Turner; also
Nellie Ida, born February 27, 1878, daughter of W.

Andrew and Ann Thomas. Sponsors: parents and

Mrs. Selina Thomas; also
Ella, born June 9, 1878, daughter of Abner and

Mary Tomlinson. Sponsors: parents and Cordelia

F. Ryder; also
William, born October 5, 1876, son of Robert and

Matilda Jenkins. Sponsors: William Ramsay and

Mary Bowles.

April 27. At Milton, Sunday evening:

Chauncey Brewster, aged , son of Stephen and

Mary Genun.
June 19. In Grace chapel, Milton, Thursday evening:

Sarah Delilah Baldock. Witness: James Baldock.
July 6. In Grace chapel, Milton, Sunday afternoon:

John Henry, aged 7 months, son of James and Sarah
Delilah Baldock. Sponsors: the parents.
II. Privately in sickness, Friday:

Stephen, born St. Stephen's Day 1878, son of Ed-
ward and Cornelia Baker

Nov. 30. On Advent Sunday, after 2nd lesson:

Nellie May, aged 4 months, daughter of Edgar and

Sarah Ferris. Sponsors: mother and Mrs. Emma

Dec. 7. On Sunday P. M., after and lesson:

Marietta Park, aged 35. Witness: Miss Lily Purdy;

Frederick, aged 13 years 6 months,
Edward, aged 11 years 6 months. Sponsor:

Chauncey B. Brewster.
Elizabeth, aged 9 years 6 months,
Augusta, aged 7 years. Sponsor: S. H. W. Brewster.
Charles, aged 3 years
Mary Louisa, aged 6 months. Sponsor: E.J. Purdy.

The above six being children of Marietta and

Augustus Park, Jr.; also
In the church, Rye, Sunday P. M.:
Emma Ann, born November 9, 1879, daughter of

Edwin and Selina Thomas. Sponsors: mother,

grandmother, Mrs. Ellis and Edwin C. Thomas.
21. In Grace chapel, Milton, Sunday P. M.:

Hubert William, aged 4 years and 6 months, son of

Stephen and Mary Genun. Sponsors: Margaret

Genun and Mrs. William H. Hees.

( To be eoniinutd.)

3o8 Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. [July


Every gleaner in the field of genealogical research has met with errors in
printed volumes which, left by themselves, carry mistaken conclusions to the
end of time. This department has been inaugurated in an endeavor to correct
such spurious data. Readers are requested to forward for publication here
every such error, and such further additions to printed genealogies as are
found, that due correction may be made. The authority for the statement
must be furnished, with name and address of contributor.

43. Brasier — Correction.

In the Breser or Brasier Family in vol. xxvii of the Record, at
page 38, I find there are four children of Garret and Catharine
Hardenbrook Brasier earlier than the nine named, to wit.:

Bruyn Hendricxz and Lysbeth Janz Osterhout had:

1. Geertie, bapt. March 21 or 23, 1683.

2. Annetie, May 11, 1684.

3. Catharine, Jan. 31, 1686.

4. Hendrick, Nov. 6, 1687.

Hoes in V)^^. Kingston Records, calls the seventh child Ariaantje
instead of Anneke. capt. richard henry greene,

235 Central Park W.

44. Higgins-Whitehead — Correction.

Referring to my articles, appearing in the Record in the
issues of October, 191 5, and January, 1916, entitled "Richard
Higgins of Plymouth and Eastham, Mass., and Piscataway, N. J.,
and Some of His Descendants," and particularly to a statement
which appeared on page 21 of vol. 47, relative to Isaac Whitehead,
Sr., to the effect that he was born in 1648. This was an error
which crept into the printer's copy in some way and was over-
looked in the proof-reading. The letter "b" should not have
been inserted in the parenthetical date reference "(1648)." The
latter was intended to indicate a date at which Isaac Whitehead,
Sr., was a settler of New Haven Colony, Conn., and not as the
date of his birth. As a matter of fact, he took the Oath of
Allegiance to the laws of that colony at the General Court in
New Haven, i July, 1644, and he was probably at that time of
responsible age. It is reasonable to assume from the births of his
children that Isaac Whitehead, Sr., was born circ. 162-. The
compiler is indebted to Rev. Stephen Ward Righter for calling
this error to his attention. orra eugene monnette,

Los Angeles, Cal.

45. LuDLUM — Correction.

See Cock, Cocks, Cox Genealogy, First and Second Editions, p. 34,
fourth generation. The statement that Elizabeth, wife of Joseph
Ludlam was the daughter of Thomas Ryder of Southold, L. I., has
been found to be incorrect and it is reasonably certain that she was
a daughter of Henry and Eliphal (Wright) of Oyster Bay, N. Y.

1916.] Correclions and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 309

The above mistake led to an examination of the Ludlum record
and justifies some correction of that part of it given by Miss Julia
Parish Ludlam, as published in A Genealogy of the Descettdants of
William Ludlum of Southampton, Long Islatid, 1896, see p. 16 et seq.

Joseph Ludlum (William and Clemence(?), said by some to be
dau. of Rev. Robert Fordham) Ludlum, b.(?) in England, came
to Boston, 1643; was later at Southampton, L. L; Oct. 30, 1672.
came to Oyster Bay, L. I., and died there as per family record,
March 16, 169S, by occupation, cooper, m. Elizabeth Townsend;
d. Aug. 22, 1723, according to same record; dau. of Henry (and)
and Deborah (Underbill) Townsend. Children:

i. Clemence, b. 1684; tl- June 8, 1760, aged 76; m. Robert
Feke, b. June 22, 16S5; d. April 2, 1773, in 89th year
of his age; son of John and Elizabeth (Priar) Feke.
Robert Feke was for some years Elder of the Baptist
Church at Oyster Bay, L. L
ii. Joseph, b. (?) 1687; d. as per family record, Feb. 9,
1729-30; m. Elizabeth Townsend, dau. of Henry (3rd)
and Eliphal (Wright) Townsend, b. about 1688; d.
according to family record, Feb. 27, 1738-9. Dr.
Peter Townsend says that "Joseph Ludlam's wife
was a dau. of Henry (3rd) Townsend."

iii. Sarah, b. (?) 1689; d. before 1729; m. John Wright,
clothier, son of Gideon and Margaret (Urquhart)
Wright. John Wright had a grant of land in 1720
from his "brothers Joseph and Charles Ludlam,"
which in 1744-5, was laid out to his son Gideon, who
died unmarried before 1750. John Wright m. (2) at
Huntington, L. L, 1729-30 to Ruth Bailey.

iv. Charles, b. i, 27, 1691; d. Nov. i, 1769, aged 78 years, 7 mo.,
5 days; m. Elizabeth Townsend, b. 12. 25. 1692; d. 9.2.
1756, aged 63 years, 10 mo., 8 days; dau. of Job and
Rachel (Townsend) Wright of Oyster Bay, L. L Job
descended from Peter and Alice Wright and Rachel
from John and Susannah (Harcurt) Townsend.

Clemence (Ludlum) Feke (Joseph, William). Children:

i. Clemence (Feke) Wright, b. (?) 1703; date of death un-
known, buried with her husband at the Underhill-
Feke Cemetery; m. Zebulon Wright, blacksmith; d.
1746; son of Gideon and Margaret (Urquhart) Wright,
ii. Robert Feke, b. (?) 1705; d. before 1767, some time
mariner and painter (artist) of distinction: resident
of Newport, R. I.; m. Sept. 23, 1743, Elinor Cozzens,
b. Nov. 15, 1718; d. July 6, 1804; dau. of Leonard and
Margaret (Taylor) Cozzens of Newport, R. L
iii. John Feke, b. (?) 1707; d. March 9, 1749-50, aged 43,
m. Abigail Wright, dau. of Gideon and Margaret
(Urquhart) Wright. Had an only child " Naomi,"
who m. Henry Ludlum of Charles and Elizabeth.

3IO Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. [July

iv. Deborah (Feke) Cock, b. (?) 1710; d. Oct. 30, 1794;
m. (l) James Cock, b. 12, 2, 1708; d. 1746; son of
John and Dorothy (Harcut) Cock. She m. (2) Thomas
Doughty, schoolmaster.
V. Henry Feke, b. about 1712; d. in Westchester Co., N. Y.,
date unknown; m. Elizabeth Prier or Priar, dau. of
Joseph and Deborah (Underbill) Prier.

vi. Charles Feke, b. July 26, 1718; d. May 5, 1799, "shop
joiner;" m. Catharine le Tillear, Tiller and at present
Tilley, b. April 19, 1719; d. April 10, 1805, dau. of
David or Daniel Tillear, emigrant ancestor from
Normandy, France,
vii. Elizabeth Feke, b. 1720; d. April 29, 1737, aged 17.
viii. Sarah (Feke) Cozzens, b. 1729; d. Jan. 14, 1781, aged 52,
and buried with her husband Charles Cozzens at the
Underhill-Feke Burial Hill at Matinecock, L. I. He
was b. 1728; d. 1779, aged 51; son of Leonard and
Margaret (Taylor) Cozzens of Newport, R. I:
Joseph Ludlum (Joseph, William). Children:

i. Joseph Ludlum, b. ; d. 1744; m. Sarah Cock, b. ;

d. Nov. 8, 1795; dau. of Thomas and Hannah ( )

Cock. In 1743, Joseph and Sarah, sell their interest in
Hog Island and remove to the east side of Mill River
Neck. Sarah being a member of the Society of Friends,
at 10.30.1730, "condemns marrying out of unity."
ii. Deborah (Ludlum) Shadbolt, was single woman at 1733
and married by 1738, to Ezekiel Shadbolt, son of
Morris and Mary (Harcurt) Shadbolt. 1738, Joseph
Ludlum and Elizabeth, his mother, convey to brother
Ezekiel Shadbolt and Deborah, his wife, 150 acres at
S. E. of Dumby Swamp, being same as laid out
Joseph Ludlum, ist. 1745, Ezekiel Shadbolt and
Deborah, his wife, sell to Thomas Smith the south
west part of Hog Island.
Charles Ludlum (Joseph, William). Children:

i. Charles Ludlam, b. March 4, 1717; d. ; m. Mary

Weekes, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Crooker)
Weekes of Matinecock, L. I. They had seven chil-
dren of whom only William married.
ii. Sylvanus (colloquially Bene) Ludlum, b. June 14, 1720;

d. ; m. Ann Ingraham, widow Emerson. Son

Jacob was a Tory in the Revolution and went to
Nova Scotia and died there. His sister m. Daniel
Bayles, and sisters Mary and Freelove, spinsters.

iii. Henry Ludlum, b. Oct. 16, 1722; d. 1791, in 60th year;
m. Naomi Feke, b. 1733; d. 1807, aged 75; dau. of
John and Abigail (Wright) Feke.

iv. Daniel Ludlum, b. April 2, 1725; was drowned; m.
Margaret Wright, dau. of Gideon and Margaret
(Urquhart) Wright.

1916.] Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 31 I

V. Clemence (Ludlum) Carman, b. March 15, 1728; d.

9.25.1805, aged 77.6.9; m. Carman and had:

Elizabeth, Deborah and Sarah,
vi. Elizabeth (Ludlum) Kissam, b. April 29, 1730; given
name of her husband unknown; only child, William,
b. 8.11.1752.
vii. Susannah (Ludlum) Hallock, b. Nov. 22, 1733; d. 7.27.
1753; m. Richard Hallock, b. 5. 13. 1724; d. 2.12.1821;
son of William and Dinah Hallock, and had Henry,
b. II. II. 1755, and Susannah, b. 12. 10.1757.

GEO. w. COCKS, Glen Cove, N. Y.

46. Stevenson — Whitehead — Field — Addition.

It is stated in Thomas Stevenson and His Descendants (N. V-
Gen. and B tog: Record, vol. xiii, p. iig) that according to tradition.
Charity, the wife of Edward Stevenson, third son of Thomas of
Newtown, Long Island, was a Jenings, a sister or very near re-
lative of Samuel Jenings of Burlington Co., N. J. John, son of
Edward and Charity Stevenson, in his will datetl F'eb. 9, 1727,
mentions his uncles Robert Field and Jonathan Whitehead. We
know that Robert Field married the 24th day of the twelfth month,
1689, Phebe (Titus) Scudder, and that Jonathan Whitehead mar-
ried by license dated July 23, 1697, a Sarah F"ield. This latter is
spoken of as of unknown parentage in Daniel Whitehead and Some
of His Descendants {N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xxxiii, p. 102).
No better evidence, it seems to me, is necessary than the will of
John Stevenson {Abst. of N. Y. Wills, N. Y. Hist. Soc, vol. xi, p. 64)
to prove that Charity, his mother, was the sister of Robert Field,
his uncle, and likewise of Sarah Held the wife of Jonathan White-
head, his uncle by marriage. Consequently, Charity, wife of Edward
Stevenson, and Sarah Field, wife of Jonathan Whitehead, were
sisters, daughters of Robert Field of Newtown, and Susannah, his
wife. E. havil.\nd hillman, f. s. g.,

14 Somers Place, Hyde Park, London, W.

47. TiEX — Siex (Sikes) — Correction.

In the Record for 1888 (p. 55) is found the following item:
Jn" Roe & Elizabeth Tiex g'' 10, 1717, at Jamaica (licensed).
(From Rev. Payn's record.)

I spent considerable time in attempting to trace the ancestry
of Elizabeth "Tiex." At my request Mrs. Frost of Brooklyn ex-
amined the original manuscript. She made a "study" of Rev.
Payn's handwriting and concluded that the first letter is an "S"
and not a "T." The copy of Rev. Payn's records in the Long
Island Historical Society, prepared by Henry Onderdonk, gives
the name as 5iex. In explanation he wrote "Sikes." I am
unable to learn who she was. I have not found any family by
that name on Long Island at that early date or in Gloucester Co.,
N. J., where John Roe resided before his marriage. I have
wondered if you would care to call attention to the error in tran-
scribing Rev. Payn's records. clarence a. torrev,

University of Chicago Library.

t!2 Registration of Pedigrees. [July

(Continued from Vol. XLVII, p. 206, of The Record.)

1 . Capt. Myles Standish,* b , 1 584, about (see age at and date of death), at Eng. (probably) ;

d. Oct. 3, 1656, O. S. (Oct. 13, 1656, N. S.), at Duxbury, Mass., aged 72 years; m. (i) ,

at to Rose (her maiden surname and her parentage are not known), b

at ; came over to this country on the first trip of \\\^ Mayflower \n\x\i her husb.^nd; d.

Jan. 29, 1620-1, O. S. (Feb. 8, 1621, N. S.), at Plymouth, Mass.; he m. (2) (between July,

1623, and April 3, 1624), at Plymouth, Mass., to Barbara (her maiden surname and her

parentage are not known, but tradition has it that she was a younger sister of her husband's first

wife Rose ), b , at ; she came over as a passenger on the ship A7in in 1623 ;

died (she survived her husband and died after Oct. 16, 1659,) at

Res. He is said to have held a commission from Queen Elizabeth in the English Army before 1603 and served in the Nether-
lands against the Spaniards; and after the truce in that war he remained in Leyden, Holland, where he became
acquainted with the Puritans and came over to this country on the first voyage of the May/lower ; he was the si.Kth
signer ol l\ie Mayjio-wtr Com fact : he was made the Captain of Plymouth, and during his life held the command of
the military defenses of the Colony; he lived at Plymouth until about 1630-32 when he removed to Duxbury, which
town received its name out of respect for Captain Standish whose ancestral family seat was at Duxbury Hall, Dux-
bury, Lancashire, Eng., the Protestant branch of the family whose principal seat (Roman Catholic) was at Standish.
Lancashire, Eng. He made his will (March 7, 1655, O. S. (or March 17, 1656, N. S.), and it was proved May 4 (O. S.), or
14 (N. S.), 1657. In it he left to his " son& heire aparent .\llexander Standish all my lands as heire apparent by lawfull
Decent in Ormistick Borsconge Wrightington Maudsley Newburrow Crawston and the He of man and given to niee as
right heire by lawfull Decent but Surruptuously Detained from mee ray great G(ran)dfather being a 2»;"nd or younger
brother from the house of Standish of Standish." He was an Assistant in 1633, 1635. 1637-1642 and in 1645-1656; he was
Deputy Governor in 1653; he was also a member of the Council of War and Treasurer of Plymouth Colony for many
years. He was on commission in 1642 to consult with Massachusetts Colony relative to plans for common defense of
the two colonies; and this duty probably accounts for his not having served as .'\ssistant 1643 and 1644.

Children, 7 (Standish); by ist m., none that are known of; by 2nd m. 7, Alexander, Charles, John, Myles, Josiah, Lorab, Charles.

2. Alexander Standish, b , at Plymouth, Mass.; d. July 6, 1702, at Duxbury, Mass. (will made

Feb. 21, 1 701-2; codicil dated July 5, 1702; will proved Aug. 10, 1702); m. (i) , at , to

Sarah Alden* (dau. of John* and Priscilla* (Mullins) Alden, of Plymouth and Duxbury, Mass.),

b , 1629, about, at Plyinouth, Mass., probably; d before June . ., 1688, at ; he

m. (2) after Feb. 24, 1684-5 (date of death of Israel Holmes), at to Desire* (Doty)

Sherman-Holmes (dau. of Edward* and Faith (Clark) Doty, of Plymouth, Mass., and widow first

of William Sherman and second of Israel Holmes), b 1645, about (see age at and date of

death on gravestone in Old Burying Ground, Marshfield, Mass.), at Plymouth, Mass.; d. Jan. 22,
I73l,aged 86 years, at She m. (I) Dec. 25, 1667(0.8.), or Jan. 4, 1668 (N. S.), at Marsh-
field, Mass., to William Sherman, of Marshfield, Mass. (son of William and Prudence (Hill)

Sherman, of Plymouth and Marshfield, Mass.), b , at ; d (inventory taken

Dec. 30, 1680 (O. S.) or Jan. g, 1681 (N. S.); buried Nov. F7, i68o, at Marshfield, Mass.); she m. (2)
Nov. 24, 1681 (O. S.), or Dec. 4, 1681 (N. S.), at Marshfield, Mass., to Israel Holmes (son of

William Holmes, of Scituate, Mass.), b 1642, at ; d. Feb. 24, 1684 (O. S.), or

March 6, 1685 (N. S.), drowned, vessel wrecked entering the harbor at Plymouth, Mass., and was
buried at Plymouth, Mass.

Res. Alexander Standish lived at Duxbury, Mass.; he was made a freeman June 7, 1648 (assuming him to have been 21 years old
when he was made freeman, he must have been born about 1627); Member of the Grand Inquest 1658.

Children, 10 (Standish): by ist m. 7, Myles, Ebenezer (b. 1672), Lorah, Lydia, Mercy, Sarah, Elizabeth; by 2nd m. 3, Desire
(b. 1689), Thomas (b. i6qo), Ichabod (b. 1693); by her 1st m. (Sherman), 6: Hannah (b. 1668), Elizabeth (b. 1670-1),
William (b. 1672), Patience (b. 1674), Experience (b. 1678), Ebenezer {b. 1680); by her 2nd m. (Holmes) 2: Israel (born
1682), John (b. 1684).

3. Ebenezer Standish, b 1672 (see age at and date of death), at Duxbury, Mass.; d. March 19, 1755,

in the 83rd year of his age, at Plympton, Mass., and was buried there in Old Burying Ground;
m 1697, about, at Plymouth, Mass., to Hannah Sturtevant (dau. of Samuel and Eliza-
beth ( ) Sturtevant, of Plyinouth, Mass.), b. March .., 1674, at Plymouth, Mass.; d. Jan. 23,

1753, in her 80th year, at Plympton, Mass.

Res. Plympton, Mass.

Children, 7 (Standish); Zachariah (b. 1698), Moses (b. 1701), Hannah (b. 1703-4), Zeruiah (b. 1706-7), Sarah (b. 1709), Mercy (b.
1716), Ebenezer (b. 1721).

4. Hannah Standish, b. March 6, 1703-4, at Plympton, Mass.; d. April 5, 1774, at Taunton, Mass.; m. Jan. 4,

1722, at Plympton, Mass., by Mr. Isaac Cushman, to Deacon Seth Staples, b 1699 (see

age at and date of death), at ; d. March 25, 1778, in his 79th year, at Taunton, Mass.

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