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This is a specially welcomed addition to our manuscript collection and
we desire to compliment the author on the excellence of her work which
gives a fund of valuable information relative to the early and later blood
lines which united in Joseph Ferrin and his wife and descendants. Any li-
brary that can secure a copy of this work is to be congratulated.

Genealogy of the Vanderpoel Family, by George B. Vanderpoel. Svo,
half morocco, pp. xix-l-731, including index, and illustrated with colored
coats of arms, portraits and other plates of family interest. 1912. New
York. Oiarles Francis Press. Address ; Author, P. O. Box No. 219, Chat-
bam, N. J. Price, ?

■3 24 Book Reviews. [July

This is a most notable contribution to the history and genealogy of this
noted family and will be heartily greeted by the genealogical public. It
bears all the indications of accurate compilation and it is most heartily recom-
mended to all genealogical libraries.

Genealogical and Family History of Central New York, compiled
under the Editorial Supervision of Wm. Richard Cutter, A.M. Quarto,
half morocco, 3 volumes, pp. 1612, including index in 3rd volume, fully illus-
trated with portraits of individuals. New York, 1912. Lewis Historical Pub-
lishing Company, 265 Broadway, N. Y. City. Price, $25.00. Address : Pub-

Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography, by John W. Jordan, LL.D.
Quarto, half morocco. Vols. IV, V, and VI, pp. 1077 to 2236, inclusive, each
volume indexed, fully illustrated with portraits of individuals. New York,
igiS and 1916. Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 265 Broadway, N. Y. City.
Price, full set of 6 volumes, $50.00. Address : Publishers.

Southern New York, Long Island Edition, Vol. Ill, compiled under
the Editorial Direction of Tunis Garret Bergen, A.M., pp. 1013 to 1456, in-
clusive, index in each volume, illustrated. Lewis Historical Publishing Com-
pany, N. Y. City. Price, $25.00. Address : Publishers.

These volumes above cited are continuations of the various series re-
ferred to which have been previously reviewed in former issues of this quar-
terly. They are fully up to the standard of this well known company's
issues and will be found of great assistance to genealogists and biographers.
Recommended to all historical, genealogical and biographical libraries.

The Watters Family, compiled by Dennis Alonzo Walters, of No. 321
East 8th Street, North, Portland, Oregon. 8vo, paper, pp. 22, illustrated with
family portraits and genealogical chart. No price stated. Address : Com-

Full of valuable information. Recommended to all genealogical li-

A Brief Account of the Life at Charlotteville (Schoharie Co., N.
Y.) of Thomas William Lamont and his family, together with a record of
his ancestors and of their first coming to America about 1750, by his son,
Thomas Lamont. Svo, boards, pp. 135, including family chart. New York,
1915. Press of Duffield & Co. No price stated. Address: Thomas William
Lamont, 23 Wall St., N. Y. City.

This volume, as its title indicates, contains the chronicles of this family
at Charlotteville, together with valuable information concerning the ancestry
of this particular branch of the family. Heartily recommended to all
genealogical and biographical libraries.

Ancestry and Posterity of George McCook Robinson, chart, compiled
by Doane Robinson, State Library, Pierre, S. D. No price stated.

A well constructed chart giving record of 8 generations of the family
from Josiahi Robinson. Recommended to all genealogical libraries.

List of Newspapers in the Yale University Library. Svo, cloth, pp.
217. Yale Historical Publications, Miscellany, Vol. II. Issued under the
direction of the Department of History in conjunction with the Connecticut
Academy of Arts and Sciences. Price, $3.00. Address : Yale University
Press, 209 Elm Street, New Haven, Conn., or 225 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. City.

The collection of newspapers in the Yale Library is one of the largest
in the country and it therefore seemed advisable that it should be catalogued
in order that it might be more available to students.

The main list is supplemented by a title index in a single alphabet and
by a series of charts showing graphically for each year the papers in tlie
possession of the Library. Recommended to all historical libraries.

19 16.] Book Reviews. 325

Oyster Bay Town Records, Volume I, 1653-1690. With an appendix
containing an Historical Sketch by George W. Cocks and various important
documents. Published by order of the Town, by Frederick E. Willits. Daniel
Underbill, Edward T. Payne, Committee. Compared, annotated and in-
dexed by John Cox, Jr. New York, Tobias A. Wright. Printer and Pub-
lisher, IQ16, 250 copies, 8vo, cloth, pp. 754, plus XII, including index, frontis-
piece and folding map. Price, $10.00.

The records of the eastern Towns of Long Island arc of great interest
and value in the Colonial history of the continent. These Towns were settled
by an advanced wave of the New England movement, lacking none of its
pioneer spirit but shedding much of its austerity in crossing the Sound.

In 1650 the Dutch of Nieuw Amsterdam compromised their claim to
the territory with the English of New England by agreeing on a line across
the Island near the west line of Huntington. In 1653 the First Purchase was
made and a settlement begun at the village of Oysterbay. The Dutch pro-
tested but did nothing further and the settlement grew to be one of the in-
dependent Townships.

It offered to accept a Dutch patent in 1657, but the matter seems to have
gone no further, probably owing to the growing desire for closer affiliation
with New England, culminating in the Setauket petition of 1659 to the
General Court of Hartford. Oysterbay does not seem to have had any-
thing to do with that petition, and flourished as an independent self govern-
ing community until the English capture of the Province in 1664, having in
the meantime performed such public acts as declaring "to all people and
nations whom it may consarne." their disapproval of smuggling tobacco
through the harbor to avoid the Dutch customs at New Amsterdam.

On the advent of English government the deputies of the English Town
attended the Gravescnd conference with the Royal Commissioners, and joy-
fully returned with the impression that they were to help make and enforce
the laws. This roseate dream dispelled, they remained loyal Towns, but in
1681 a general agitation resulted in a convention at Huntington which sent
five men to the Court of Assizes with a petition. This was promptly re-
jected by the Court, whereupon Oysterbay laid down the principle of "no
taxation without representation," and the General Assembly was established
in 1683.

The volume just published shows these things and more, in the text,
or in tlie Appendix, where the Editor has collected from many sources docu-
ments relating to the Town, its people and records. This matter of the Ap-
pendix is worth more than a passing word, and it is an example for future
publications of the kind. The records of the "Musketo Cove Propriators,"
though never in the Town's possession, is of great value in the history of
land titles. Of equal importance are the records of Robert Williams' plan-
tation, which are to appear in the next volume. The extracts from the rec-
ords of the Court of Assizes are from the copy formerly in the Town's
possession, but which has disappeared. The copy of this, of the Musketo Cove
record, of several other original documents in the Appendix, and the whole of
the Book of Purposes and Book A, was carefully prepared in 1898 by George
W. Cocks, and very fortunately, as some of the original have since disap-

The book is an admirable example of the proper way to publish such
records. The text is given literatim et verbatim ct puncluatim, words or
letters worn away being restored in brackets.

The town was planted by a Congregational minister, but has never had
a Congregational Church. The Quakers of 1657 were welcomed, many of the
principal Citizens joined their ranks, and the Quaker Meeting appears as
the only religious organization in the Town down to the end of the Seven-
teenth Century. The Quaker influence is shown more between the lines than
in them. That was why the Town secured permission to elect its Overseers
without oaths, and declined to pay the extra tax to support a minister.

In this volume, dealings with the Indians, notably land purchases, fill
a considerable portion. Abundant evidence in the lines and between them

226 Accessions to the Library. [July

shows the amity between the races, and the absence of those wrongs which
were the foundation of the troubles in other settlements.

The Town Meeting was, as in New England, a little parliament, the com-
munity remaining a pure democracy, self dependent and little affected by the
vicissitudes of the Provincial Government during the period embraced in this
volume. The business of the Town Courts show few litigious citizens.

To indicate the extent and value of the index, it may be stated that it
contains over 10,000 items and mentions, to cover 700 pages of text and thirty
years of time.

The map of the Township, folded into the volume, shows the present ap-
pearance, with old names and places indicated, and a descriptive text giving
something about each locality. This is a most useful addition to such a
work. The First Purchase deed is reproduced as a frontispiece.

This work is needed in every library in the land that makes any attempt
at Colonial history or genealogy. As the edition is only 250 copies, it will be
a rare book in a few years.

Forthcoming Publication.

A volume under the title of "Sketches of Allied Families Knicker-
backer-Viele" will shortly appear. The book will be of general interest, for
rt will deal quite exhaustively with the Schaghticoke branch of the family,
whose name with the alteration of one letter has become the synonym not
only for early Dutch settlers in New York City but in the person of "Father
Knickerbocker" for the city itself. The Knickerbackers themselves, sturdy
pioneers and Indian fighters, living for two hundred years on the same broad
acres, not far from the banks of the Upper Hudson, also command atten-
tion as a representative Dutch family, retaining much of its old country
atmosphere, one hundred and fifty years after Dutch rule had ceased in the
Colony. The author has had exceptional opportunity to gather together
authentic records of this family and has also with much pains sifted out
some puzzling and contradictory statements which had attached themselves
to the name, till a fairly lucid and absolutely reliable family history is here
presented. An account of the origin of the allied family of Viele is added
which has been evolved out of a series of interesting genealogical discov-
eries both here and in Holland and also includes an historical environment
of some general interest. An appendix will be added containing family data,
copies of original wills, Bible records and other old papers which involve
connection with other families. It cannot fail to be a good book of refer-
ence. Edition limited to 60 copies. Price, $5. Address : Miss K. K. Viele,
357 Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.

Announcement is made of the contemplated publication in the near
future by Messrs. Wharton Dickinson and J. O. Fowler of a book (as a con-
tinuation of and supplemental to " Fowlers of America and Europe," published
some years ago) with especial reference to the descendants of Henry Fowler
(FF) of Providence (1634) and Mamaronac. Branches of allied families will also
be included (as for example Odell, Dyckman, Underbill, Ward, Warner, Coles,
Elliott, etc.) to some extent. Persons having genealogical data in relation to
the above pedigree are mvited to communicate with J. O. Fowler, care of the
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

March i, IQ16, to June i, 1916.


Bound Volumes.

Akerly, Lucy Dubois— Social Register, 1915.

Allaben, Frank, Genealogical Co.— Old Taverns of New York.

iQi6.] Accessions lo the Library. 3^7

Benedict, James — The Seventh Regiment Gazette.

Blowers, Mrs. William B. — Geographical History of New York.

Bowen, Mrs. Julia G. — Family of Griffith Bowen.

Burford, Wesley B. — Burford Genealogy.

Burton, Clarence M. — Proceedings of the Land Board of Detroit, Mich.

Eldridgc, William Henry — Henry Genealogy.

Elliott, Mrs. Ella Zerbey — Blue Book of Schuylkill County.

Estey, Spencer Joseph — Isaac Esty of Topsfield and some of his descendants.

Ewing, Joseph Lyons — Ewing Families.

Ford, Eliakim Reed — Ford Genealogy.

Greene, Mrs. Maria M. — Collection of American Epitaphs.

Hanaford, Mary E. Neal — Hanaford Family Records.

Harvard University — Catalogue, 1915-16.

Houston, Mrs. Edward Maxwell — Maxwell Genealogy.

Lamont, Thomas William — Life of Thomas W. Lamont and his family.

Lewis Historical Pub. Co. — Encyclopaedia of Pennsylvania Biography, 3
vols. ; Histories of Central New York, 3 vols. ; Southern New York, 4

Merritt, Douglas — Histories of the State of New York ; Troy and the Vil-
lage of Lansingburgh, N. Y. ; Troy, N. Y., 1790-1807.

♦Palmer, William Lincoln — .American Statesman ; Palmer Pedigree.

Parsons, Henry — Documentary History of New York, 4 vols.

Penn. Soc. of Colonial Governors — Register, 1916.

Petty, E. R.— Republican Watchman, Greenport, L. L, 1860-1886.

Piper, Alexander Ross — War of the Rebellion Records, 120 vols.

Shearer, Rev. James William — Shearer-Akers Family.

Smith, Anne Elizabeth — .'\ddress on the 200th Anniversary of East Hamp-
ton, N. Y. ; Obituary Notices of Eminent Persons who died in the U. S.
for 1857; National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 13 vols, and

Stillwell, John Edwin, M.D. — Historical and Genealogical Miscellany of New
Jersey, Vol. IV.

Totten, John R. — Pennsylvania Society, Year Books, 7 vols.

Vanderpoel, George B. — Donaldson Family Record ; Resolved Waldron's
Descendants, Vanderpoel Branch; Vanderpoel Genealogy.

Williams, Cornelia Bartow — Ancestry of Lawrence Williams.

Wright, Tobias A. — Gallatin and Nicholson Ancestry.


Akerly, Lucy Dubois — Address and Records of the Churdi of the Holy Com-
munion, Charleston, S. C. ; Hugh Walsh's Family.

.\kin, Mrs. Albro — Quaker Hill Series, 17 nos.

*Cady, Henry — Schoharie Co. Revolutionary Pensioners, newspaper clipping.

Daughters of the Cincinnati — Report, 1915.

*Dockstader, Daniel — Private Marriage Record of Rev. John Toll, 1803-
1844, Montgomery County, printed in Mnhawk Valley Democrat, Mch. 16.

Eells, Nettie Barnum — War of 1812 from "The Mentor" and pictures.

Everett, Francis Blake — Sketch of David Everett.

Markens, I.— An address on Thaddeus Stevens.

Mott. Hopper Striker — Glastenbury, Conn., for 200 years.

Rockwell, Donald Shumway — Rockwell Family.

Totten, John R. — Bulletin, Mayflower Descendants, State of N. Y. ; Cata-
logue, Epis. Academy of Conn. 1796-1916; Report, General Society of
Colonial Wars.

Tracv, Dr. Dwight (from sons of the late) Barnes Family Year Books, Vols. I-
III; Hathaway Family; John Humfrey, the Massachusetts Magistrate;
Leading Business Men of Norwich, Conn. ; Lieut. Thomas Tracy and
"The Widow Mason ;" Norwich : Early Homes and History ; Norwich
"The Rose of New England;" Old Burying Ground at Norwich, Conn.;

* Corresponding Members.


Accessions to the Library. [July. 1916

Sketch of the Baptist Church, Abbott's Corner, Quebec ; Sketch of

Erastus Blakeslee; The Tracys in America.
Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society — Vineland Historical Magazine,

Vol. I, No. I.
Wack, H. W. — The Newarker, 7 nos.
Watters, Dennis Alonzo — Watters Family.
Weeks, Dr. F. E. — Biography of Deacon Benjamin Judson of Woodbury,

Conn. ; History of Clarksfield, Ohio ; Rowland Family.
Wemple, William B. — Helmer Family, newspaper clipping.
Wright, Tobias A. — Sketch of Samuel Thorne.


Akerly, Lucy Dubois — Charts of De Mandeville, Kinge, Raynor and Tuthill
Families ; Notes on the Akerly, Herrington, King, Landon and Tuthill

Bamford, Mrs. Eleanor M. — Wallingford, Conn., Records.

Church, William Conant — Church and Bowen Notes.

Oark, Mrs. Gershom Willard — Arnold Family pedigree chart.

Cleveland, Nathaniel Hubbard — Cleveland Family, chart.

HoUinger, Mrs., Lavisa-Perrin — Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Fer-
rin and Elizabeth Preston.

Huggins, George Allen, Jr. — Nelsons (Neilsons) of Craven County, S. C.

♦Luckhurst, Mrs. Charlotte Taylor — List of those attending School District
No. I, Charleston, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Robinson, Doane — Ancestry of George McCook Robinson, chart.

Troland, James Robert — -Troland Family, chart.

♦Worden, Mrs. Dora P. — Vital Records of the Warner Family in Windham
Co., Vt.

Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Ballston, in Ballston Center,
Saratoga Co., N. Y., pp. 249.

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia in the Town of
Palatine, Montgomery County, N. Y., Vol. I, pp. 250.

Copies made from manuscripts loaned by :

Wells, Julia Chester — Certified Births and Marriages of Kittery, Me.

Willard's Mt. Chapter, D. A. R., Greenwich, N. Y. — Graveyard Inscrip-
tions in the Towns of Greenwich and Easton, N. Y.



Danvers Hist. Soc. Colls., Vol. IV.

Deming Genealogy.

Dr. Isaac Blowers Ward and his descendants.

Genealogy of Gov. John Webster, of Connecticut.

History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle, Me.

History of Hatfield, Mass.

History of Ledyard, Conn.

History of Machias, Me.

History of Ontario Co., N. Y., 2 vols.

Holland Society, Year Books 1908-1912, 1916.

Journal of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, 1619-1659.

Mass. Historical Society Collections and Proceedings, 17 vols.

Men of Progress of Massachusetts.

New Hampshire Men.

Official New York from Oeveland to Hughes, Vols. I-IV.

Vital Records of Greenfield, Mass.

Whitaker's History of Southold, L. I.

Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy, Nos. 34-47.

* Corresponding Members.

$4.00 per Annum.

Current Numbers, $1.00


No. 4.


Genealogical and Biographical




October, 19 16


226 West 58th Street, New York.


EnlereJ July 19. 1S79, as Second Class Matter. Post Olhce at New York, N. Y., Act of Coogreiiot March 3d, 1875.

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

Publication Committee :
JOHN R. TOTTEN, Financial Editor.







Illustrations. Portrait of Benjamin Hazard Field Frontispiece

Portrait of Rev, Tfiomas Tliacher, first Pastor of Old Soutfi Cfiurch,

Boston, Mass Facing 4t5

1. Benjamin Hazard Field. By Hopper Striker Mott

2. Some Notable Depositions prom the High Court of Admiralty

By J. R.Hutchinson. (Continued from Vol. XLVII, p.256)

3. Revolutionary War Records. By George Austin Morrison

4. The Salmon Records. Edited by William A. Robbins .

5. Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. By John R. Totten. (Continued

from Vol. XLVII, page 280)

6. Graveyard Inscriptions from the Towns of Easton and Green

wich, N. Y. Contributed by the Willard Mountain Chapter, D. A. R
Copied by Mrs. H. C. Hill

7. Early Death Items from Zenger's New York Journal. Con

tributed by Miss Grace Kneale





8. Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, Westchester County,
New York. Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman. (Continued
from Vol. XLVII, p. 307) 395

g. Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs— Green Ridge Cemetery, Sara-
toga Springs, N. Y. Communicated by Cornelius Emerson Durkee,
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. (Continued from Vol. XLVII, p. 240) . . 403

10. Corrections AND Additions TO Published Genealogical Works . 410

11. Special Notice 414

12. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's De-

partment of Registration of Pedigrees. (Continued from Vol.
XLVII, p. 315) . 415

13. Queries. — ^Robinson— Vance 417

14. Book Reviews. By John R. Totten 417

15. Accessions to the Library 426

\ ,~

NOTICE. — The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea-
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether
published under the name or without signature.

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April,
July and October. Terms : $4.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions
should be sent to N. Y. GEN. & BIOG. SOC,

226 West 58th Street, New York City.

For Advertising Rates apply to the Society at above address.

By courtesy of the New York Historical Society


Vol. XLVH. new YORK, OCTOBER, 1916. No. 4


By Hopper Striker Mott.

The subject of this biography was the son of Hazard Field
of Yorktown, N. Y., and was born there May 2, 1814. He received
his early education at home and finished his studies at the North
Salem Academy under the Rev. Hiram Jelliff, an Episcopal
minister. Having a decided preference for commerce he entered
the ofifice of his uncle, Hickson VV. Field, and in 1832 became a
partner. This firm continued until 1838, at which time his son
undertook its management. In 1865 the firm took the latter's
name and became Cortlandt de Peyster Field & Co., the father
retaining his membership.

Mr. Field married in the city of New York, June 19, 1838,
Catharine M. Van Cortlandt de Peyster, daughter of Frederick
de Peyster. Some of the most distinguished lines in American
family history are among her ancestors, two of which are included
in her name. The Livingstons, Beekmans and van Rensselaers
are more or less connected. Two children were born to them,
viz.: Cortlandt de Peyster F"ield, who married V'irginia Hamers-
ley, daughter of John W. Hamersley, and Florence van Cortlandt
Field, the wife (i) of David Wolfe Bishop, and (2) of John
Edward Parsons, a life member of the New York Genealogical
and Biographical Society, whose obituary- appeared in the April,
1916, number of the Record.

Among the institutions of which Mr. F'ield was an officer
were the old Fulton Bank and the Bank for Savings, the original
savings bank in New York. He was a trustee of the New York
Dispensary, of the Chamber of Commerce, the first Vice-President
of the N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, and President of the Home
for Incurables at West Farms. After serving as Vice-President of
the St. Nicholas Society for fourteen years he became its Presi-
dent, and as a member of the New York Historical Society, of
which he was Treasurer from i860 to 1877, and second Vice-
President from 1878 to 1884, he was active in the movement
whereby it obtained its fire-proof building on Central Park West.
Besides the above honorable positions his duties were extended

330 Some Notable Depositions from the High Court of Admiralty. [Oct.

to a trusteeship of Greenwood Cemetery and of the American
Museum of Natural History. He was also an incorporator and a
trustee of the Sheltering Arms and joined the New York Genea-
logical and Biographical Society in 1885, becoming a Life Mem-
ber in 1893.

Mr. Field was a benefactor to his native town in which he
erected a school and spent much time and money in educational
work among the children of the neighborhood. Not satisfied
with the above indications of regard for the public welfare, he
acted as a director of the New York Institution of the Deaf and
Dumb for some twenty years and was likewise a trustee of the
Society Library at the time its building was being erected in
University Place, serving besides on the building committee.

Notwithstanding all these conspicuous activities Mr. Field
was averse to attracting attention by ostentatious display and
lived his life in works of benevolence to his kind. He was careful
of his friendships, had a natural reserve, was heartily fond of
children, and his motives and impulses were such as are honored

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