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6th, 1843; died there February 7th, 1843, and
was there buried.

4-21 13 ii. Ellen," born September 19th, 1844; died ;

married George Cochrane Hazelton.

-f-2i 14 iii. Josephine," born January 12th, 1846 ; died ;

married, first, Frank Frazer Newland ; married,
second, George Freeland Holmes.
21 15 iv. Fannie Dorman," bom June 20th, 1848, at Mo-
bile, Ala.; died February nth, 1850, at Mobile,
and was buried there.
+21 16 V. Edwin Henry," born April 20th, 1851 ; died

; married Helen Susan Brookings.

Authorities :

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.

Lucy Savage* Thacher- Van Antwerp, herself.

Edwin Henry* Van Antwerp, himself.

N. E. Hist. Gen Reg., Vol. LXVII, pp. 315-16, 328-9.

1324. Alexander Hamilton^ Thacher (Samuel Phillips Savage,'
Hon. George," Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,* etc.), bom June
2nd, 1832, at Buxton, Me. ; he lived successively at Buxton
and Saco, Me. ; Mobile, Ala. ; Davenport, la. ; St. Louis, Mo. ;
Leavenworth, Kans., and Kansas City, Mo. ; he was a book-
keeper ; he died at , Ark., of yellow fever and was prob-
ably buried there. He married April nth, 1861, at Leaven-
worth, Kans., to Mary Julia Barclay, bom at Madison, Jef-
ferson Co., Ind., October 7th, 1839; died at Odessa, Mo.,
June 25th, 1895. She was a daughter of Napoleon Bona-
parte Barclay (bom October nth, 1812, at , Pa.; died

, in Trumbull Co., Ky. ; married November 13th, 1836),

and his wife Julia Barclay, his own cousin ( born September
20th, 1817, at Louisville, Ky. ; died January 14th, 1883, at
Columbus, Mo.), of Louisville, Ky., and Madison, Ind.

I9i6.] Thachet -Thatcher Genealogy. 43

Children: 3 (Thacher), 2 sons and i daughter.

21 17 i. Kate De Metris," born January 30th, 1862, at
Leavenworth, Kans. ; died there November
27th, 1863, and was there buried.
+21 18 ii. George Barclay," born Fcl)niary 1st, 1864;

died ; married Annie Edith Zimmerman.

21 19 iii. Phillips Edgar," born June 19th, 1865 (or
1867), at Warrenburg, Mo.; died April 8th,
1869, at Columbus, Johnson Co., Mo.

Alexander Hamilton' Thacher graduated at the Springhill
University, Mobile, Ala. He was appointed Major in the 13th
Missouri Volunteers in 1861 and afterwards Lieut. Colonel in the
same regiment, which was commanded by Col. Everett Peabody.
He was at the surrender at the Battle of Lexington, Missouri, in
1861. He and his wife were living happily together in St. Louis,
Mo., when, his health being poor, he left home to go south to re-
cuperate. The last word received from him was from a remote
place in Arkansas and his family never heard from him since that
time in 1870. At this place in Arkansas in 1870 there was an epi-
demic of yellow fever and many strangers were among the victims,
and it is presumed that he died there at that time and was hurriedly
buried there as an unknown person.

His widow Mary Julia (Barclay) Thacher married a second

time at Holden, Mo., March 26th, 1872, to James B Sorency,

of Columbus, Mo., by whom she had the following 4 (Sorency)
children : 2 sons and 2 daughters. Not in Thacher line.

1. Julia Barclay, born November 17th, 1873; died June 25th,


2. James B , bom April 24th, 1875.

3. Alice Gray, born April 3rd, 1878; died , in infancy.

4. Allan Gray, bom April 2nd, 1880.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.
Barclay Genealogy, by R. Biirnham Moffat, pp. 253-4.
His son George Braclay" Thacher, of Odessa, Mo., in 1904.
N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. LXVII, pp. 315-16, 328-29.

1325. Catharine Hubb.-vrd" Thacher (Samuel Phillips Savage,'
Hon. George," Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,^ etc.), born at Saco,
Me., June 29th, 1837 ; died at Atlantic City, N. J., April 4th,
191 1 ; married at Chicago, 111., July 6th, 1859, to Murry Nel-
son, born at Fulton, Orange Co., N. Y., July 9th, 1830; he
lived successively at Fulton, N. Y., New York City, Bing-
hamton, N. Y., and at Chicago, 111., in which latter place in

1904 he lived at No. 1623 Indiana Avenue; he died ,

at . He was a son of Roger Sherman Nelson and his

wife Welthian Merry, of Fulton, N. Y.

Children: 6 (Nelson), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all bom at
Chicago, 111.

A A Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan-

-|-2i20 i. Oliver Cooper,^ born April 30th, i860; died
; married Maude Mary Whytal.

2121 ii. Walter.^ born ; died , in infancy.

2122 iii. Catharine," born ; died , in infancy.

2123 iv. Ellen," born ; died , in infancy.

-(-2124 V. Murry," born November 17th, 1868; died ;

married Mary Kilbourn Brovi^n.

-(-2125 vi. Josephine," born August 27th, 1871 ; died ;

married Wallace Fairbank.

Authorities :

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.

Her son, Murry^ Nelson.

Her daughter, Josephine^ (Nelson) Fairbank.

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. LXVH, pp. 315-16; 328-29.

1327. Sarah Thacher* Adams (Sarah Bigelow' Thacher, Hon.
George," Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,* etc.), born at Gorham,
Me., December nth, 1813 died at Portland, Me., November
8th, 1868, and was buried there in Evergreen Cemetery ;
she married at Portland, Me., September 2nd, 1836, to John
Quinby Day, born at Portland, Me., June 24th, 1809; he
lived at Meadville, Pa. ; Medford, Mass., and at Portland,
Me. ; he was a Unitarian Minister and afterwards an Edi-
tor; he graduated at Dartmouth College in 1829 and from the
Harvard Divinity School in 1832; he was also a lawyer;
he died at Portland, Me., March 5th, 1884, and was there
buried in Evergreen Cemetery. He was a son of Ezekiel
and Eunice (Quinby) Day of Stroudwater (3 miles from
Portland), Me.

Children: 8 (Day), 5 sons and 3 daughters.

2126 i. Joseph Adams, ist," bom July i6th, 1837, at

Meadville, Pa. ; died November 4th, 1837, aged
6 months, at Meadville, Pa., and was buried
in Portland, Me.

2127 ii. Lucy Bigelow," born October 2nd, 1838, at

Portland, Me. ; died ; she was living in

August, 1912, at No. 96 Park Street, Port-
land, Me. Not married.

2128 iii. Alfred Huidekooper," born October 13th, 1840,

at Meadville, Pa.; died July 27th, 1863, in Van
Dieman's Land ; buried at Hobartstown, Tas-
mania ; sailor. Not married.

2129 iv. Julian," born June 22nd, 1843, ^t Medford,

Mass. ; died at Warrenton, Va., in U. S. Army
Hospital, November 14th, 1861 ; he was in Co.
"B," U. S. Engineer Corps, and was buried in
St. Mary's Church Yard, Warrenton, Va. Not

1916.] Tkacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 45

2130 V. Joseph Adams, 2nd,'' born April 12th, 1845, at

Roxbury, Mass.; died there June ist, 1846,
and was buried in Portland, Me.

2131 vi. Ellen Lucretia," bom May 22nd, 1847, ^t Port-

land, Me. ; died there, November 25th, 1847,
and was there buried.

2132 vii. Elizabeth Adams," bom October i6th, 1848, at

Portland, Me.; died ; living in August,

1912, at Portland, Me. ; she was a school teacher
in Portland. Not married.

2133 viii. Joseph Adams, 3rd,'' born July 21st, 1850, at

Portland, Me. ; died August 28th, 191 1, at Seat-
tle, Wash. ; where he also resided ; he was a
clerk. Not married.

Authorities :

Her daughter, Lucy Bigelow Day, of Portland, Me.
Lawrence Park, esq., of Boston, Mass.

1332. Anna Savage** Thacher (George,' Hon. George,* Lieut.
Peter,* Hon. Peter,* etc.), born Saco, Me., May 22nd, 1823;
died at Polo, Ogle Co., 111., April 19th, 1861, and was buried
there in Fairmount Cemetery; married November 17th (or
1st), 1853, at (it is thought at Stockton or San Fran-
cisco, Cal.), to Dr. Joseph Brown Cutts (as his first wife),
bom Kittery, Me., October 9th, 1820; he resided at Polo,
111., and at St. Louis, Mo. ; he was a physician and retired
from practice in May, 1886; he died at St. Louis, Mo., May
i8th, 1903, and was buried at Polo, 111. He was a son of

Capt. Hiram Cutts (born , 1799; died , in Illinois;

married December 2nd, 1819), and his wife Eunice Brown,
who resided at Kittery and Portland, Me., and removed to
Polo, 111.

Child: I (Cutts), son, bom at Portland, Me.

-I-2134 i. George Thacher,^ bom November ist, 1855;
died ; married Mary Alice Francis.

Dr. Joseph Brown Cutts married a second time at New Or-
leans, La., May 24th, 1865, to Marianne Burrows, bom , at

— — ; died at Louisiana, Mo., February — , 1877. She was a daugh-
ter of John Burrows (bom ; died ; married ), and

his wife Morgan, daughter of Wm. Morgan of Glenmorgan-

shire, England (bom ; died ), who lived at Philadelphia,


Children: ?

Joseph Brown Cutts studied medicine and graduated from
Bowdoin College Medical School in 1842. He immediately began
the practice of medicine at Buffalo Grove (now Polo), Ogle Co., 111.
In 1849, on the outbreak of the gold fever in California, he sailed

46 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan.

from Boston as a surgeon of a passenger ship sailing around Cape
Horn to San Francisco, which place he reached in July of that year.
After some rough mountain experiences, he entered the employ of
the Adams & Co., Express and Banking house at Stockton, Cal.,
and was with them when the disastrous failure took place in 1855.
Returning thence he resumed the practice of medicine in Bufifalo
Grove, 111., and was there at the outbreak of the Civil War. In
September, 1861, he entered the military service as a surgeon of
the 2nd Illinois Cavalry. He was present at the battles of Fort
Donaldson, Mo. ; Union City and Bolivar, Tenn. ; Holly Springs,
Miss., and in the operations around Vicksburg, Miss. After the
fall of Vicksburg, his regiment with a part of the 13th Army Corps
to which it belonged was transferred to the Gulf Department and
participated in the Campaign of General Franklin in Western
Louisiana. At the expiration of three years service in the field he
resigned from the Cavalry and took a U. S. Commission as Sur-
geon in the U. S. Volunteers and was placed on duty in the hos-
pitals in New Orleans and Mobile and elsewhere until mustered out
in 1865 with the rank of Brevet Lieut. Colonel of the Medical De-
partment U. S. Volunteers.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.
First Book of Records, of Saco, Me., p. 79.
His son George Tliacher Cutts, of St Louis, Mo.
Cults Genealogy, pp. 89, 175, 304.
Lawrence Park, Esq., of Boston and Groton, Mass.

1333. George' (or George Henry) Thacher (George,' Hon.
George," Lieut. Peter,** Hon. Peter,* etc.), born Saco, Me.,
May 22nd, 1825 ; he lived at Boston, Mass., and at Eureka,
Cal., shortly before his death ; called a merchant at time

of his first marriage; died , at , Cal. (it is thought).

He married, first, at Newburyport, Mass., April 3rd, 1849,
to Caroline Matilda Livingston, bom October 19th, 1820,

at Newburyport, Mass. ; died , at , Cal. She was a

daughter of Captain Alexander and Abigail (Knapp) Liv-
ingston, of Newburyport, Mass.

Children : None.

George- Thacher married a second time, , at , to Mrs.

Elizabeth ( ) ? (a widow with one child) ; her maiden sur-
name and the surname of her first husband is not known to me.

Children : None.

According to George Thacher^ Cutts (No. 2134), George*
Thacher (No. 1333) had at least one daughter, viz: — Ella^ Thacher.
But according to Mrs. Lucy Savage (Thacher) Van Antwerp, he
had no children of his own, but his second wife had a child by her
first husband. Mrs. Rebecca (Thacher) Hall, of Portland, Me.,
says that he had no children of his own, but that he adopted a little
girl in her infancy. From all of the above vague and inconclusive

I9i6.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 47

information I conclude that possibly the above mentioned Ella"
Thacher was the adopted daughter of George" Thacher and that
she was not of his own blood, but was the daughter of his second
wife by her first husband.

Authorities :

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.

I'irst Hook of Records, of Saco, Me., p. 79.

1339. Eleanor Wardrobe' Thacher (Henry Savage,' Hon.
George," Lieut. Peter,' Hon. Peter,* etc.), born July 29th,
1823 (bajitised November 8lh, 1823, at Portsmouth, N. M.).
at Biddeford, Me.; died May 21st, 1892 (or 1891, or July
15th, 1892), at Nashua, N. H., and was buried there; mar-
ried at Concord, N. H., October 21st, 1846, to Charles Alan-
son Evans, born Concord, N. H., January 20th, 1819; he
lived at Concord, Nashua and Hopkinton, N. H., and was a
coach builder and express messenger ; he died at Ayer, Mass.,
May 2 1 St, 1902, aiid was buried at Nashua, N. H. He was
a son of Nathaniel and Harriet (W'iggin) Evans, of Con-
cord, N. H.

Child: I (Evans), daughter, born at East Concord, N. H.

2135 i. Emily Irvine," bom September 17th, 1847; ^'^^

Febniary lotli, 1S93, at Nashua, N. IT., and was
buried there ; not married. She lived succes-
sively at Concord, N. H. ; Burlington, Vt. ;
Boston, Mass., and Nashua, N. H.

Authorities :

John Wardrobe" Thacher, her brother.
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.
Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. I. p. 511.

1340. Joseph Haven* Thacher (Henry Savage,' Hon. George,^
Lieut. Peter,'* Hon. Peter,* etc.), born February loth, 1825,
at Biddeford (or Saco), Me.; he lived at Portsmouth, N. H.;
died at Portsmouth, N. H., January 5th, 1892, and was there
buried ; he was a druggist and served in the U. S. Army in
Civil \\'ar as a Captain of the i6th New Hampshire Volun-
teer Infantrj' ; he married at Portsmouth, N. H., November
29th, 1853. to Anna Maria Tompson, bom at South Berwick,
Me., April 23rd, 1828; died at Portsmouth, N. H., May 17th,
1903, and was there buried. She was a daughter of Rev.
William Allen and Anna Maria (Adams) Tompson, of South
Berwick, Me., in 1832.

Children: 3 (Thacher), i son and 2 daughters, all born at
Portsmouth, N. H.

2136 i. Louise Upham," bom October 19th, 1854; died

; living in 1904, at New Castle, N. H. ;

not married.

aS Thacher-Tliatcher Genealogy. [Jan-

2137 ii. George Tompson,'' born March 15th, 1861 ;
died November — , 1861, at Portsmouth, N. H.,
and was there buried.

4-2138 iii. Edith," born November 17th, 1865; died ;

married Frederick Baylies Howard.

From the Records of the Adjutant General of New Hampshire
we obtain : —

"Joseph Haven Thacher, i6th N. H. Volunteers, was a mem-
ber of Storer Post G. A. R., Portsmouth, N. H. ; he was a Captain
in Co. "K," i6th N. H. Vols., and resided at Portsmouth, N. H. ;
he was commissioned November 4th, 1862 ; mustered into service
November 13th, 1862; mustered out of service August 20th, 1863,
at expiration of ser\'ice. He was educated at Hopkinton, N. H.
Academy and learned the profession of chemist and apothecary.
First settled in business in Boston, Mass., but removed to Ports-
mouth about 1846 and continued there in business until May, 1888,
when ill health compelled him to retire. In his military service
he was in General Banks's Department and was present at the at-
tack and surrender of Port Hudson. He was a successful mer-
chant and a master of his chosen profession, an excellent citizen and
an honest, independent but singularly modest and self-contained
man, and one who made many friends and retained every one he

Authorities :

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.

His daughter, Louise Upham^ Tfiacher.

Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. I, p. 511.

His daughter, Mrs. Edith^ (Thacher) Howard.

Storer Post, G. A. R., Portsmouth, N. H., Graves we decorate.

Register of soldiers and sailors of N. H., in War of Rebellion, p. 786.

1341. Henry Savage" Thacher (Henry Savage,' Hon. George."
Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,* etc.), born December nth, 1826,
at Biddeford, Me. ; he resided successively at East Concord,
N. H., and at Nashville and Chattanooga, Tenn. He was a
chemist and apothecary and was the founder of Dr. Thacher's
Medicine Company of Chattanooga, Tenn., and the inventor
and proprietor of the medicines there manufactured ; he died
at Chattanooga, November i6th, 1898, and was there buried
in the Catholic Cemetery. He married at East Concord, N.
H., September 30th, 1852, to Sarah Drown Eastman, bom
East Concord, N. H., June 5th, 1828; died at Chattanooga,
July 2ist, 1899, and was there buried. She was a daughter
of Ebenezer and Mary Drown (Underwood) Eastman, of
East Concord, N. H.

Children: 5 (Thacher), 4 sons and i daughter, all born at

East Concord, N. H.

2139 i. Frederick,' born May 6th, 1855; died Feb-
ruary 22nd, 1912, at Knoxville, Tenn., not
married. He was an expert accountant.

I916.] Thac her- Thatcher Genealogy. 49

+2140 ii. Robert Romans," born April 17th, 1858; died
; married Carrie Macmurphy.

2141 iii. Paul," boni June — , 1859, at Nashville, Tenn. ;

died July — , 1859, at Nashville, Tenn., and
was there buried.

2142 iv. Arthur Lee," bom July 29th, 1864; died .

'2143 v. Genevieve Wentworth," bom October 17th,

1868; died . Living, 191 5, at No. no

"C" Street, Chattanooga, Tenn., not married.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.
Wcnt'tnorth Genealogy. Vol. I, p. 511.
Robert Romans" Thacher, his son.
John Wardrobe* Thatcher, his brother.

1342. John Wardrobe* Tii.\ciier (Henry Savage,' Hon. George,"
Lieut. Peter," Hon. Peter,* etc.), bom November 4th, 1829,
at Biddeford, Me. ; he resided successively at Biddeford, Me. ;
Concord, N. H., and Shirley, Mass.; East Providence, R. L,
and at Littleton, Mass., in 1904; he was a famier, merchant

and milk man; died , at ; (he was living in 1904).

He married at Concord, N. H., March i6th, 1853, to Mar-
garet Anna Locke, bom Concord, N. H., February 22nd,
1828; died at Shirley, Mass., February 5th, 1895, aged 66
years, 11 months, 14 days, and was buried at Littleton, Mass.,
in West Cemetery. She was a daughter of John Ix)cke and
his wife Rachel (Sanborn) Locke, of Epson, N. H.

Children: 5 (Thacher), 4 sons and 1 daughter, first 3 bom

at Milton, and 5th at Dedham, Mass.

+2144 i. John Henry ,^ born April 8th, 1854; died May

22nd, 1895; married Mary E ?

2145 ii. Charles Edwin," born December ist, 1855; died
December 3rd, 1855, aged 2 days, at Milton,
+2146 iii. Josiah Perkins." born April 8th, 1858; died

; married Maria Louisa Sanderson.

+2147 iv. George," bom July 8th, i860; died ; mar-
ried Lilla Maude I^ne.
2148 v. Elizabeth Wardrobe,* born July 17th. 1863;

died ; not married in 1904.

.Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 66.
Went-corth Genealogy, Vol. i, p. 511.

Vital Records of Mass. State House, Boston. Births 91:220; 82:221;
115:279; 160:200; Deaths 94:151.

1345. Ann Wentwortii* Thacher (Henry Savage,' Hon.
George," Lieut. Peter," Hon. Peter,* etc.), born at Saco (or
Biddeford), Me., August gtl\, 1835; d'^d July 15th, 1892,
at Han-ard, Mass., and was there buried ; she married at

CO Thacher-Thatcker Genealogy. [Jan.

Northfield, Mass., September 25th, 1856, to William Henry**
Savage (her own first cousin, see No. 1352, as his first
wife), born at Weston, Mass., November 21st, 1831 ; he
lived at Weston and Harvard, Mass., and was a farmer;
died , at (he was living in July, 1904; P. O. ad-
dress. Box No. 54, Harvard, Mass.). He was a son of
Charles Tyler Savage (bom March 15th, 1797; died No-
vember 5th, 1879; married September 20th, 1821), and his
wife Anna Lewis^ Thacher (No. yjj) (bom December 24th,
1797; died November 15th, 1884), of Han'ard, Mass., after

Children: 10 (Savage), 6 sons and 4 daughters, all but 2nd
child born at Harvard, Mass. ; 2nd child born at Northfield,

2149 i. Walter Irving," born July 14th, 1857; died

October 2nd (or 21st), 1857, at Harvard,

Mass., and was buried there.
+2150 ii. Frederick Schillow," bom November 20th,

1858; died ; married Susan Jane Clark.

-I-2151 iii. Elizabeth Thacher," bom February 4th, 1861 ;

died ; married Clarence Whitman Green.

-I-2152 iv. Charles Tyler," born September 25th, 1865;

died ; married Jennie Adella Green.

2153 V. Paul Roberts," bom December 6th, 1868; died

December 19th, 1868, at Harvard, Mass., and
was buried there.

2154 vi. Parker Thacher," born February 20th, 1870;

died September 4th, 1870, at Harvard, Mass.,
and was buried there.

-{-2155 vii. Joseph," bom November 20th, 1871 ; died ;

married Mary Frances Leary.

2156 viii. Lucy Thacher," bom January 21st, 1873; '^^^^

; not married up to 1904 and living at Har-
vard, Mass.

2157 ix. Anne," born September 28th, 1874; died June

15th, 1875, at Harvard, Mass., and was buried
+2158 X. Helen Otis," born October 24th, 1877; died
; married Herbert Warren Jennison.

William Henry' Savage (No. 1352) married a second time at
Westford, Mass., September 15th, 1894, to Martha Asenath
(Wright) Fletcher (widow of Sampson Fletcher), bom at West-
ford, Mass., December 5th, 1835; died (living 1904, at Har-
vard, Mass., P. O. Box No. 54). She was a daughter of Ephraim
and Asenath (Fletcher) Wright, of Westford, Mass.

Children : None.

William Henry' Savage says of himself : — "I inherited my
father'^s farm at Harvard, Mass., which is my home. I have been

iqi6.] Thachtr-Thatcher Genealogy. J I

roaming since I was i8 months old, as my mother sailed with my
father on his voyages most of the time. My life has been on the
water, in the mines of Australia, fanning, and in the Regular Army
3 years in the Civil War, in which war I was wounded and re-
ceived a pension therefor. I am now (1904) well and hearty al-
though •]}, years old. I have 14 grandchildren and one great-
grandchild 2 years old. I am able to ride my wheel all over the
United States." Martha Asenath (Wright) Fletcher- Savage,
widow of Sampson Fletcher, had two children by her first husband,
Sampson Fletcher. Not in Thacher line.

Authorities :
Savage Genealogy, hy Lawrence Park, of Groton and Boston, Mass.

1349. Catharine de Wolfe' Thacher (Lewis,' Hon. George,"
Lieut. Peter,' Hon. Peter,* etc.), born August 22nd, 1825,

at ; died , at ; married December 8th, 1844, at

, to Benjamin T Jones (of New York City and

Williamsburg (Long Island), N. Y.), who was a ship-smith,
born , at ; died , at . His parentage is un-
known to me.

Children: 3 (Jones), daughters, and perhaps others that
died young.

2159 i. Sarah Savage," born December 15th, 1845.

2160 ii. Mary Anna," born May 4th, 1847.

2161 iii. Juliette Grason," bom May ist, 1854.

Catharine de Wolfe' (Thacher) Jones visited Mrs. Rebecca
Winslow" (Thacher) Hall (No. 1356)" at Portland, Me., in 1865,
since which time Mrs. Hall has never heard of her. About the same
year 1865, she also called upon Mrs. Van Antwerp (No. 1322), then
living at Schenectady, N. Y., at which time Mrs. Jones had with
her a daughter about 10 or 12 years old. Since that call Mrs. Van
Antwerp never again heard from her.

Authorities :
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 67.
Mrs. Van Antwerp, No. 1322.
Mrs. Hall, No. 1356.

1352. William Henry' Savage (Anna Lewis,' Thacher, Hon.
George,' Lieut. Peter," Hon. Peter,* etc.), married, first, Ann
Wentworth* Thacher (No. 1345), and had the following: —

Children: 10 (Savage), 6 sons and 4 daughters.

2162 i. W'alter Ir\-ing.°

2163 ii. Frederick Schillow."

2164 iii. Elizabeth Thacher."

2165 iv. Charles Tyler."

2166 v. Paul Roberts."

2167 vi. Parker Thacher."

2168 vii. Joseph."

52 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan-

2169 viii. Lucy Thacher."

2170 ix. Anne."

2171 X. Helen Otis."

He married a second time to Martha Asenath (Wright)
Fletcher, widow of Sampson Fletcher, by whom he had no children.
For detailed record of No. 1352 and his children as numbered
above and their descendants, see record of No. 1345 and her chil-
dren, Nos. 2149 and 2158, inclusive, as they will be no further
recorded along this line.

Authorities :
Willian Henry* Savage, himself.

1356. Rebecca Winslow** Thacher (Josiah,' Hon. George,"
Lieut. Peter, ^5 Hon. Peter,* etc.), bom Biddeford, Me., Oc-
tober 24th, 1825; died , at (living January 4th,

1905, at No. 82 Chestnut Street, Portland, Me.) ; married
at Saco, Me., August 4th, 1846, to George Hall, born Port-
land, Me., November 15th, 1817; he lived at Portland, Me.,
and was a lumber merchant; died at Portland, March 15th,
1896, and was buried there in Evergreen Cemetery. He was
a son of Simeon and Harriet (Thrasher) Hall, of Portland,

Children: 7 (Hall), i son and 6 daughters, all born at Port-
land, Me.

2172 i. Georgiana Thacher," bom July 22nd, 1847 ;

died September 28th, 1847, at Portland and
was buried there in Evergreen Cemetery.

2173 ii. Lucy Thacher," born January 24th, 1849; died

July i6th, 1876, at Portland, and was buried
there in Evergreen Cemetery. Not married.
-f-2174 iii. Harriet Irving," bom January 27th, 1851 ; died
; married Walter Lamartine Corey.

2175 iv. Anna Savage, ist," born June 14th, 1853; died

December loth, 1854, at Portland, and was
buried there in Evergreen Cemetery.

2176 v. Alice," born May nth, 1856; died August 26th,

1856, at Portland, and was buried there in

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