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* P. C. C. Probate Act Book.

I The scope of the present article being restricted to Hugh Peters' an-
cestry, no attempt is here made to extend his biography beyond the scanty
data elicited from the foregoing evidences. Any comprehensive biographical
sketch of the famous regicide-divine, however highly condensed, would fill
many pages of this journal.

J Mclean, History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor.

1917.] Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs — Green Ridge Cemetery. 185

consequently little room for the remarkable coincidence that
must be pleaded, if the burial here quoted is not accepted as his.

Apart from this illuminating record, there is another piece of
evidence which, though slight in itself, is nevertheless strongly
corroborative of the family's Scottish origin. It is found in the
will of William Peter alias Dick wood, 1578. That testator calls
his son Robert by a diminutive which none but a north country-
man would use. He calls him Robin — a pet name as distinctively
Scotch as brose.


Green Ridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Communicated by Cornelius Emerson Durkee, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

(Continued from Vol. XLVIII, p. 19, of the Record.)

Beebe, Charles E., son of Liman and Eliza, d. May 11, 1865, aged

6 y., I m., II d.
Benedict, Anson, b. Nov. 21, 1801; d. Jan. 5, 187 1.
Mary J., b. March 28, 1839; d. May 12, 1841.
Mary J., b. Aug. 29, 1841; d. July 18, 1853.
Betts, Richard A., Co. F, 115th N. Y. V. M., d. Aug. 14, 1865.
Bryan, Alexander, d. April 9, 1825, ae. 92 ys. -'The first per-
manent Settler and the first to open a Public House here
for visitors, an unpaid patriot, who at great peril, gave the
first and only information of Burgoynes intended advance
on Stillwater, which led to timely prep^-rations for the
battle of Sept. 19 followed by the memorable victory of
Oct. 7, 1777."
Alexander, son of J. A. and S. W., b. May 22, 1857; d. Nov.

23- 1857.
Alexander, Jr., d. Sept. — , 1838.

David, son of J. A. and S. W., b. Oct. 12, 1864; d. Feb. 28, 1868.
John Alexander, son of John A. and S. W., b. March 8, 1859;

d. Dec. 18, i860.
Joseph, son of J. A. and S. W., b. Aug. 18, 1862; d. March 28,

Laura, wife of Alexander, Jr., d. July 29, 1832, ae. 35 y.
Warren, son of John Alexander and Susan Warren, b. March
23, 1856; d. March 18, 1857.
Burns, Rebecca R., wife of John B., d. July 11, 1849, aged 49 y.,

4 m., 16 d.
Caldwell, Elizabeth A., dau. of J. and B., d. Feb. 2, 1848, ae. 21.
Cooke, Peter C, d. Oct. 3, 1870, aged 64 ys.

Crandall, Fones, son of Henry and Betsey, d. Sept. 19, 1862,
22d yr.
Henry, son of Henry and Betsey, d. Aug. 22, 1863, 20th yr.

1 86 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs — Green Ridge Cemetery. [April

Folrasbee, James A., d. Aug. 22, 1873, aged 48 y., 3 m., 12 d.
Gibbs, Clemmons, d. Sept. 20, 1873, aged 77 y., 9 m.
Gilbert, Dr. Truman O., b. July 12, 1816; d. Nov. 30, 1865.
Graves, Edward W., d. Nov. 8, 1872, ae. 64.
Hayden, Edwin D., d. Dec. 26, 1872, ae. 40.
Henry, James W., d. Aug 15, 1874, ae. 60.

Roby, wife of James W., d. Aug, 11, 1823, ae. 45.
Hewitt, John R., son of Nancy, d. July 15, 1857, aged 24 y., 9 m.,

20 d.
Hilker, James, b. July 15, 1848; d. Nov. 26, 1861.
Howland, James H., son of Daniel B. and C. A., d. Dec. 19, 1844,

aged 7 y., 2 m., 29 d.
Jonathan S., d. Nov. 12, 1870, aged 36 y., 6 m.
Lansing D., son of Daniel B. and C. A., d. Nov. 29, 1844,

aged 4 y., 2 m.
Lansing J., son of D. B. and A. C, d. Feb. 27, 1868, aged

19 y., 1 1 m.
Hull, Lottie M., wife of Alfred W., d. Aug. 20, 1870, ae. 17.
Joyce, Thomas, Co. F, 77th N. Y. V. M., d. Nov. 3, 1861.
Kempton, Temperance, mother of Phebe Patten; d. Jan. 10, 1853,

aged 79 ys.
Leggett, Andrew B., son of Benj. and Maria, d. June 6, 1854, aged

14 y., 10 m., 12 d.
McLain, Eliza C, wife of William H., b. March 22, 1842; d. Sept.

24, 1869.

McMillan, Willoby S., "Killed by his Ensine," Dec. 2, 1853, aged

24 y., 5 m.
Mead, Francelia J., dau. of O. E., and Sylva, d. June 23, 1865,

aged 17 y., 10 m., 10 d.
Middleton, Robert, native of Chatham, Kent, England, b. Jan. 4,

1847; d. Sept. 10, 1869.
Millard, Mary, wife of Clark, d. April 18, 1869, ae. 51.
Miller, Douglass, d. Sept. 26, 1866, aged 56 ys.

Louisa, wife of Frederick W., d. at Albany, April 15, 1842,

aged 24 y., 2 m., 29 d.
Nelson, Sophia H., d. Oct. 12, 1863, 53rd yr.
Newman, Betsey, wife of Peter, d. Aug. 5, 1844, ae. 59.
Nichols, Sarah A., wife of R., d. Jan. 16, 1850, ae. 28.
Oakley, Ann Thompson, wife of C. W., d. Sept. 25, 1869, aged

42 y., 5 m., 19 d.
Cora A., dau of C. W. and A., d. Nov. 18, 1854, aged 3 y.,

1 m., 3 d. "The last."
Malcolm C, son of C. W. and A., d. April 8, 1852, aged 3 y.,

2 m., 9 d. "The first." 1
Onderkirk, Edward W., d. Feb. 13, 1874, ae. 41.

Sarah L. Guild, wife of Edward R., d. Oct. i, 1871, ae. 26.
Ormsbee, Julia E., wife of Hosea B., d. July 8, 1874, aged 32 y.,

7 m., 25 d.
Ostrander, William H., d. Dec. 28, 1854, ae. 25.
Overocker, Laura Ann, dau. of Wandal and Lavinia, d. Dec. 6,

1836, aged 8 y., 7 m.

igi;.] Saratoga County, N. V., Epitaphs— Green Ridge Cemetery. 187

Peck, B. Elizabeth, wife of Otis, b. at Lyons, April 8, 1846, d.

July 24, 1873.
Pemberton, Libbie, d. Dec. 24, 1872, aged 29 y.
Perkins, Catharine, wife of Gamaliel, d. July 16, 1856, aged 56 y.,

2 m., 19 d.
Perry, Celia A., d. Feb. 18, 1863, aged 49 y.
George W., d. Aug. 2, 1864, aged 26 y.
Pierson, Laura L., wife of Thomas B., d. Sept. 28, 1853, aged

34 ys.
Piper, Irvilla M., dau. of A. S. and C. M., d. Feb. 22, i860, aged

23 y-. 4 m-, 3 d.

Plowman, Charles, native of England, d. April 13, 1871, aged 57

y-, 3 m.
Pollard, Isaac, d. July 25, 1850, ae. 39.
Potter, Frederick J., son of L. H. and N. M., d. May 2, 185 1, aged

4 y., 8 m.

Libbie Cramer, wife of Oliver E., d. Dec. 19, 1867, aged

24 y., 16 d.

Purinton, Caroline, dau. of F. T. and C. D., d. April 4, 1849, aged

5 y-. 5 m-

Huldah, wife of D., d. Sept. 30, 1849, aged 60 ys.
Putnam, Amelia L., wife of Dr. L. B., d. Sept. n, 1855, aged 23 y.,

6 m.

Frances Mary, dau. of W. and M. F., d. Oct. 6, 1839, aged i y.,

2 m., 2 d.
George W., d. April 22, i855,saged 27 y.
Kate Dillon, dau. of W. and M. F., d. Sept. 5, 185 1, aged 16 y.,

5 m-
Margaret A. F., dau. of W. and M. F., d. July 27, 1834, aged

2 y., 2 m. 6 d.
Margaret Fenelon, wife of Washington, d. Aug. 17, 1872,

aged 69 y.
Walter Fenelon, d. Oct. 15, 1861, 25th year.
Washington, d. April i, 1849, aged 50 y.
Record, Abdallah, d. Dec. 26, 1866, aged 27 y., 3 m., 8 d.

Carie E., wife of E. A., d. Aug. 23, 1872, aged 28 y., 10 m.
Renford, Alonzo L., b. Jan. 22, 1825; d. Feb. 16, 1857, aged 32 ys.
Rich, Harriet E., wife of C. F., d. June 5, 1872, ae. 37.
Rogers, Benjamin, d. July 25, 1867, ae. 65.

Eliza Lyman, wife of Benjamin, b. Jan. 22, 1807; d. March 9,
Rood, Phebe, wife of E. A., d. Feb. 21, 1874, ae. 42.
Rugg, Capt. Oxiti Parmer, Co. G, 77th N. Y. V., b. Feb. 25, 1835.
"Killed at the battle of Spottsylvania C. H., Va., May 12,
1864, buried on the field, brought here and reburied Nov.
12, 1865."
Norman H., d. Feb. 10, 1871, ae. 25 y., 7 m.
Orrin, d. July i, 1870, 70th yr.
Salmon, Elizabeth, d. Aug. 2, 1853, aged 43 y.
Schallehn, Emma, dau. of Abraham and Matilda Cox, and wife of

Theodore, d. Aug. 10, 1868, aged 26 y., 4 m. 19 d.
Sherwood, Lucy, wife of Isaac, b. Nov. 12, 1799; d. April 14, 1855.

1 88 Saratoga County, N. V., Epitaphs — Green Ridge Cemetery. [April

Shipman, M. Adella, d. Aug. 6, 1873, aged 21 ys.

Nellie R., d. Aug. 26, 1870, aged 25 ys.
Slocum, Anna, wife of Jeremiah, d. March 30, 1832, 53d yr.

Betsey, wife of Jeremiah, d. July 30, 1810, aged 29 ys.

Betsey Ann, dau. of Jeremiah and Anna, d. Feb. 20, 1836,
ae. 22.

Giles, d. Nov. 14, 1826, 68th yr.

Giles, Jr., d. Aug. 25, 1815, aged 28 y., 4 m., 22 d.

Jeremiah, d. Feb. 15, 1832, S2nd yr.

Jeremiah R., d. Nov. 30, 1872, aged 62 y., 5 m.

John J., son of William R. and Phebe, d. Dec. 21, 1831, 22d yr.

John T., son of William R. and Phebe, d. Oct. 25, 1835, aged
13 days.

Lewis J., d. Oct. 31, 1861, aged 27 y., 9 m., 9 d.

Samuel, son of Jeremiah and Anna, d. June 18, 181 8, aged
I y., I d.

Sarah, wife of Giles, d. Nov. 22, 1820, 71st yr.
Smith, Abel B., son of Elnathan and Dolly, b. in Galway, Sept. 24,
1793; d. June 3, 1875, aged 81 y., 8 m., 9 d.

Ann, wife of Thaddeus, b. May 13, 1790; d. March 12, 1864.

Jasper, d. April 7, 1876, aged 56 y., 5 m., 12 d.

Lois D., d. Sept. 26, 1848, ae. 36.

Mary Ann, wife of G. D., d. April 30, 1871, aged 37 y., 10 m.

M. P., Lieut. Co. E, 13th Maine Vols., d. Aug. 28, i87i,aged 47.

Sarah Dillingham, wife of Harry B., d. March 9, 1863, ae.

59 7.
Sophronia C, d. Dec. 26, 1853, ae. 40 y.
Staples, George, d. Sept. 27, 1873, ae. 60.
Stearns, James, d. Aug. 20, 1854, aged 72 ys.

Nancy, wife of James, d. July 22, 1849, aged 61 y., 2 m., 26 d.
Stephens, Margaret, d. Feb. 18, 1863, ae. 53.
Stevens, Edward R., d. Dec. 15, 1872, ae. 68.
Stillwell, Carrie A., dau. of John and Nancy L., b. April 13,

1836; d. Dec. 17, 1853.
Stilwell, B. Frank, of Co. T, 77 Regt., N. Y. V. M., fell in Battle
of the Wilderness, May 11, 1864, aged 23 ys.
John B., d. Jan. 22, 1858, aged 58 ys.
Strich, Phili//, only child of Gotthard and Catharine, b. in New

York, Oct. 21, 1854; d. July 29, 1855.
Sturdevan, E. G., d. Aug. 29, 1845, ae. 29.

John H., son of E. G. and E. S., d. Dec. i, 1847, ae. 3 ys.
Sturges, William, b. May 28, 181 1; d. Nov. 10, 1865.
Taber, Maria Thompson, wife of George S., d. Aug. 14, 1858, ae. 34.
Thomas, Edwin E., d. Jan. 16, 1868, ae. 37.
Tompkins, Thomas H., b. May 3, 1805; d. July 3, 1875.
Thompson, Joseph, son of E. and E., d. Feb. 27, i860, aged a8 y.,
8 m. 23 d.
Susannah, dau. of E. and E., d. May 7, 1854, aged 25 y., 2 m.,
17 d.
Thomson, Lorana B., wife of L W., d. Dec. 29, 1849, aged 44 ys.
Towle, Daniel F., d. May 21, 185 1, aged 33 y., 2 m.
Zurvia F., d. May 27, 1847, aged 53 y., 7 m.

1917.] Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs— Green Ridge Cemetery. 189

Valentine, Emely, dau. of J. M. and E., d. Aug. 25, 1857, aged

7 y., 8 m., 6 d.
Van Arsdale, William K., d. June 10, 1872, aged 40 y., 11 m.,

24 d.
Van Dorn, Caroline Amelia, dau. of Nicholas C. and Elizabeth,

d. May 29, 1838, aged 5 y., 3 m.
Van Rensselaer, Edward, d. June 5, 1864, aged 57 ys.
Voorhees, Hannah Slocum, wife of G. M., d. April 4, 1870, aged

40 ys.
Wagner, Eliza A., wife of John H., d. March i, 1870, aged 55 y.,

I m., 21 d.

John H., d. March 6, 1875, ae. 65.
Walker, Carrie F., wife of Augustus R., d. Dec. 17, 1868, ae. 25.
Emma M., dau. of William and Jane, d. Nov. 16, 1868, 23rd yr.
Henrietta H., dau. of William and Jane, d. Nov. 8, 1854, aged

II y., 6 m.

Jane A., wife of William, d. Aug. 16, 1869, 50th yr.

Marsena B., wife of Addison B., d. Dec. 4, 1S68, ae. 49.
Walton, Cruger, b. Nov. 8, 1809; d. Aug. 29, 1861.

Martha V., wife of Cruger, b. Oct. 18, 1827; d. July 29, 1850.
Warriner, Ralph, b. Feb. 15, 1822; d. Aug. 23, 1872.
Waterbury, Addie Weatherby, wife of Edwd. R., d. Jan. 30, 1866,
aged 29 ys.

Alice, wife of John A., d. Sept. 7, 1868, ae. 80 ys.

Anna, wife of William, d. Oct. 11, 1828, 62nd yr.

Anna W., dau. of N. H. and N., d. Oct. 28, 1850, ae. 21 y.

Cynthia, wife of Nathaniel H., d. July 10, 1827, 32nd yr.

Eliza M., wife of John A., d. July 3, 1871, aged 34 ys.

John A., d. Dec. i, 1859, aged 70 ys.

Lewis B., son of N. H. and N., d. April 26, 1838; aged 9 m.

Maria A. Rugg, wife of Edwd. R., d. April 9, 1858, aged 23 ys.

Nancy, wife of N. H., d. Jan. 26, 1865, aged 65 y., 1 m.

Philo B., d. Dec. 25, 1867, aged 67 ys.

William, d. July 16, 1843, 77th yr.

William C, b. June 8, 1817; d. May 26, 1864.

Waterman, Charles S., son of Samuel and Harriet, d. Sept. 9, 1844,
aged 6 yrs.
Harriet L., dau. of Samuel and Harriet, d. May 9, 1851, aged

5 ys.

Norman L., son of Samuel and Harriet, d. May 6, 185 1, aged

7 ys.
Samuel, d. Oct. 20, 1857, 57th yr.
Weaver, Elizabeth Hall, wife of Richard, d. May 15, 1848, aged

27 y., 8 m., IS d.
Weeks, Ann Elizabeth, dau. of D. and Elizabeth, d. May 10, 1839,

aged I yr.
Elizabeth, wife of Nathan D., b. March 6, 1800, d. Dec. 30,

Esther Maria, wife of George H., d. Sept. 24, 1859, aged 19 y.,

4 m., 1 1 d.
George H., d. Oct. 11, 1857, aged 32 y., 11 m.
Lervie Deloss, d. May 11, 1848, ae. 20.

IQO Necrology — iqi6. [April

Weeks, Nathan, son of D. and Elizabeth, d. March 15, 1841, aged
S m.
Romeo, son of Nathan and Elizabeth, d. Aug, 8, 1841, aged
7 y., 6 m., 21 d.
Westcott, Eleanor Ellis, dau. of James R. and Eleanor, d. June 29,
1832, aged 6 m., 15 d.
Eleanor H., wife of James R., and dau. of Robert Ellis, Sr.,

d. March 8, 1832, 30th year.
James, only son of James R. and Eleanor H., d. March 12, 1841,

aged II ys.
James R., b. Dec. 27, 1792; d. April 9, 1865.
Mary A. Wayland, widow of J. R., d. Jan. 28, 1867, aged 74 ys.
( To be continued.)


Contributed by Alexander McMillan Welch, Necrologist.

Life Members.

Applegate, John Stilwell, a life member of the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, died at his home at Red
Bank, N. J., November 10, 1916, in the 80th year of his age.
He was the son of Joseph Stilwell and Ann (Bray) Applegate,
and was born in Middletown township, N. J., August 6, 1837. He
was a descendant of Thomas Applegate, born in England and a
freeman of Weymouth, Mass., in 1635. His ancestors were early
settlers in Monmouth County, N. J. Mr. Applegate graduated
from Colgate University, with the degree of A. B. in 1858 (LL. D.
1904), and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and
a life member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of New York
City. He studied law with the Honorable William L. Dayton,
Attorney-General of New Jersey, was admitted to the Bar in
1861, was associated with the Honorable Henry M. Nevius from
1875 to 1879; and in partnership with Mr. Fred W. Hope, from
1884 to 1901. He subsequently took into partnership his son,
John S. Applegate, Jr., the firm name then being John S. Apple-
gate & Son, of Red Bank, N. J.

Mr. Applegate was Supreme Court Commissioner in 1865, and
Special Master in Chancery in 1885. He was a member of the
Governor's Light Guard, 1861-5, a member of the Republican
State Executive Committee, 1865, and the New Jersey State
Senate, 1882-5; member of the American Bar Association; presi-
dent of the Monmouth Bar Association at the time of his death
and member of the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce.
He was an incorporator of the New York, Atlantic and High-
lands Railroad Company and president of the same until its
consolidation with the Central Railroad of New Jersey.

19 1 7.] Necrology— igi6. 19I

In local affairs, he was superintendent of Public Schools,
Shrewsbury Township, 1861-66; president of the first Building
and Loan Association in Red Bank, 1871-75; president of the
Red Bank Gas Light Company, 1872, to date of his death;
founder and president of the Second National Bank of Red
Bank, 1875-86, and for many years president of the board of
trustees of the First Baptist Church, Red Bank.

He was the author of many literary and historical publica-
tions; president of the Monmouth County Historical Associa-
tion; member of the New Jersey Historical Society; a trustee
of the Monmouth Battle Monument Association and a member
of the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American

Mr. Applegate married October 5, 1865, Deborah Catherine,
daughter of Charles Gordon Allen, a resident of Red Bank and
a prominent citizen of Monmouth County. His surviving
children are :

Annie; Vassar College, 1891, the wife of Professor
Charles H. A. Wagner, head of the English Depart-
ment of Oberlin College.
John Stilwell, Jr.; a graduate of Colgate University and
Harvard Law School, and for five years prosecuting
attorney of Monmouth County.
Catherine Trafiford ; Vassar College, 1897, the wife of
Francis J. Donald, of Broughty Ferry, IDundee, Scot-
land, where they reside.
His funeral services were held at his home Sunday afternoon,
November 12, 1916.

Fletcher, Dr. Thomas Asa, a life member of the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, died suddenly Friday,
November 24, 1916, at Mount Vernon, N. Y., in the 69th year of
his age.

Dr. Fletcher, the son of Asa and Elizabeth (Whitney)
Fletcher, was born in Moscow, Maine, June i, 1848. He lived
for a time at Solon, Maine, and later moved to Boston. He was
graduated from the New York College of Dentistry and there-
after took up and continued the practice of dentistry in New
York City.

November 14, 1889, he married Elizabeth E. McLane. They
had two children :

Edith E. ; born January 9, 1891, died December i, 1891.
Austin Asa; born January 28, 1895, died August i,

Soon after his marriage, Dr. Fletcher moved to Mount Vernon,
N. Y., where he resided until his death, and at one time became
greatly interested in municipal affairs. While on the Board of
Alderman, and the Board of Education of Mount Vernon, many
of the principal streets of the city were paved and graded and
some of the more important school buildings were erected.

102 Necrology — igi6. [April

Dr. Fletcher was one of the founders of the Chester Hill
M. E. Church, and always a member of its official board. Dur-
ing the later part of his life his summers were spent on his
estate at Wilton, Conn., where he was greatly interested in
farming operations. He was secretary of the "Fletcher Family
Union," an organization holding meetings every three years in
Boston, Mass. The last meeting was held September, 1916, at
Horticultural Hall, where some three hundred of the family
were present.

His wife and a brother, Silas Fletcher, of Springfield, Mass.,
survive him.

The funeral services were held in the Chester Hill M. E.
Church, Monday evening, November 27, 1916, and his body was
interred the next day in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Harkness, Charles William, a life member of the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, died at his residence,
No. 2 East 54th Street, Monday afternoon. May i, 1916.

He was the son of Stephen V. and Anna M. Harkness and
was born in Monroeville, Ohio, December 17, i860. He was
graduated from Yale University in 1883, and was afterwards
a student in Columbia Law School. He began business as a
clerk, but upon his father's death became administrator of his

Mr. Harkness was a director in the old Standard Oil Com-
pany, and in addition to large interests in the present companies,
he was interested in several other corporations, being a director
in the Southern Pacific Company, the Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul Railway Company, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and
the Tilden Iron Mining Company.

He was actively interested in yachting and was the owner of the
ocean going steam yacht "Agawa."

Among the clubs of which he was a member may be men-
tioned the University, Riding, New York Yacht, Down Town,
Morris County Golf, Baltusrol Golf and the Yale University.

In 1896 he married Mary Warden, the daughter of William
G. Warden, of Philadelphia, and in addition to his home in
New York, he had a winter home in St. Augustine, Fla., a
large country estate in Madison, N. J., and was the owner of the
Harkness birthplace in Ohio.

Mr. Harkness was interested in several hospitals in this city
and was said to be one of the largest anonymous contributors to
charities, and at his death left large benefactions to the Presby-
terian Hospital and to Yale University.

He had no children and was survived by his widow and a
brother, Edward S. Harkness.

The funeral services of Mr. Harkness were held at his residence
Thursday morning. May 4, 1916.

On Friday afternoon, December 8, 1916, his widow, Mrs. Mary
Warden Harkness, died. She, too, was very active and greatly

1917] Necrology — igi6. 1 93

interested in charitable and philantlTropic work. She was a mem-
ber of the Colony Club and was survived by her mother, five sis-
ters and five brothers.

JoNiiS, Charles Landon, a life member and a former member
of the Research Committee of the Now York Genealogical and
Biographical Society, after a short illness, died January i, 1916,
in the 58th year of his age.

Born in Litchfield, Conn., he numbered among his ancestors,
Captain Josiah Jones, Governor William Pitkin, Governor John
Webster, and James Landon.

In 1878 he graduated from Columbia University Law School,
later became a member of the Bar Association of the City of
New York, and was for many years a member of the firm of Nash
& Jones, lawyers, at 63 Wall Street.

Mr. Jones was a life member of the New York Historical
Society, member of the American Geographical Society, the
Society of Colonial Wars and the Sons of the Revolution in the
State of New York.

He belonged to the Union, Church, New York Athletic, City
Mid-day, Automobile Club of America, and Columbia University

Mr. Jones resided at 146 Central Park West, New York City,
and was unmarried.

His funeral services and interment were at Nashota, Wis.,
on Wednesday, January 5, 1916.

Leland, Francis Lewis, a life member of the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, died at his home in the
Clarendon Apartments, 86th Street and Riverside Drive, Tues-
day, March 28, 1916, in the 77th year of his age.

He was descended from Henry Leland, who was born in
England about 1625 ; came to America in 1652, united with the
church in Dorchester, Mass., 1653, and who afterwards settled
in Sherburne, Mass., in which place he died in 1680.

Mr. Leland was the son of Francis and Euphrasia (Aguilar)
Leland, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was educated at
Boston and in New York City.

Coming to New York shortly before the outbreak of the
Civil War, Mr. Leland enlisted in the First New York Volunteer
Infantry and was mustered out a Lieutenant-Colonel. For a
number of years he was a member of Company "K," Seventh
Regiment, and at the time of his death a member of the Society
of War Veterans, and Veterans' Association of that Regiment.

When a young man, Mr. Leland joined his father in the New
York County National Bank and upon the death of his father
in 1885, became president of that institution. In addition, he
was chairman of the board of directors of the West Side Bank,
a director in the New York Railways Company, the United
States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, Park

IQA Necrology — iqi6. [April

and Tilford, and president and director of the Aguiiar Corpora-
tion. He was very active in matters affecting the tariff and was
president of the American Protective Tariff League. He was a
large contributor to several hospitals and to a number of charit-
able organizations, and in 1912, he gave to the Metropolitan
Museum of Art Si, 000,000, the largest single contribution received
by the Museum up to that time.

He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the State
of New York for many years, and also belonged to the Union
League, New York Yacht and New York Athletic Clubs and to
the Loyal Legion.

He was the owner of the "Villa Tivoli" in Florence, Italy,
where he often spent his winters.

He is survived by his widow, who was Adelaide Monte, and
by three sons, Louis F., Dante L., and Frank R., and by one
daughter, Amalia Leland.

His funeral services were held in the Church of the Ascension,
Fifth Avenue and loth Street, Friday morning, March 31, 1916.

Stickney, Charles Dickinson, a life member of the New York
Genealogical and Biographical Society, died March 9, 1916, from
pneumonia, at his apartments in the Renaissance Hotel, in the
58th year of his age.

Born September 28, 1858, in New Bedford, Mass., his father,
Charles Dickinson Stickney, was a physician ; his mother, Mary
Hale Crocker, was the daughter of Oliver Crocker of New
Bedford. His grandfather, Caleb Howard Stickney, practiced
medicine for thirty-three years in Norwich (now Huntington),
Mass. His great-grandfather, John Stickney, was a sergeant in
the Revolution. In 1785 he was town clerk and treasurer of
South Hadley, Mass. He was a teacher of the new style of

William Stickney, the first of his line in this country, was
born in Frampton, England, 1592. He emigrated to Boston,
Mass., in 1638, and became one of the first settlers in Rowley,
Mass., in 1639, and died there 1665. He brought from England a
quarto copy of King James' translation of the Bible, first edition,
printed 161 1. This Bible was used at the celebration of the
two hundredth anniversary of the settlement of Rowley.

Mr. Stickney graduated from Harvard University and prac-

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