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tain, Smyrna, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Sta-
tion, Franklin, and Nashville. It was mustered
out, June 8, 186.5.

Eighty-fifth Infantry. Organized at Peoria,
about Sept. 1, 1862, and ordered to Louisville. It
took part in the battles of Perryville, Stone River,
Chickamauga, Knoxville, Dalton, Rocky-Face
Ridge, Resaca, Rome, Dallas, Kenesaw, Peach
Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Savannah, Ben-
tonville, Goldsboro and Raleigh; was mustered
out at Washington, D. C, June 5, 186.5, and
sent to Springfield, where the regiment was
paid off and discharged on the 20th of the same

Eighty-sixth Infantry-. Mu.stered into serv-
ice, August 27, 1862, at Peoria, at which time it
numbered 923 men, rank and file. It took part
in the battles of Perryville, Cliickamauga, Mis-
sionary Ridge, Buzzard's Roost. Resaca. Rome,
Dallas, Kenesaw, Peach Tree Creek, Jonesboro,
Averysboro and Bentonville; was mustered out
on June 6, 186.5, at Washington, D. C, arriving

on June 11, at Chicago, where, ten days later, the
men received their pay and final discharge.

Eighty-seventh Infantry. Enlisted in Au-
gust, 1862; was composed of companies from
Hamilton, Edwards, Wayne and White Counties;
was organized in the latter part of August, 1862.
at Shawneetown; mustered in, Oct. 3, 1862, the
muster to take effect from August 2. It took
part in the siege and capture of Warrenton and
Jacksion, and in the entire campaign through
Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, participating
in the battle of Sabine Cross Roads and in numer-
ous skirmishes among the bayous, being mustered
out, June 16, 186.5. and ordered to Springfield,
where it arrived, June 24, 186.5, and was paid off
and disbanded at Camp Butler, on July 2.

Eighty-eighth Infantry-. Organized at Chi-
cago, in September, 1862, and known as the
"Second Board of Trade Regiment." It was
mustered in, Sept. 4, 1862 ; was engaged at Perry-
%-ille. Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary
Ridge, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Adairsville,
New Hope Church, Pine Mountain, Mud Creek,
Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna Camp Ground,
Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, Franklin
and Nashville; was mustered out, June 9, 1865,
at Nashville, Tenn., and arrived at Chicago.
June 13, 186.5, where it received final pay and
discharge, June 22, 1865.

E1GHTY - NINTH Infantry-. Called the "Rail-
road Regiment" ; was organized by the railroad
companies of Illinois, at Chicago, in August,
1862, and mustered into service on the 27th of
that month. It fought at Stone River, Chicka-
mauga, Missionary Ridge, Knoxville. Re.saca.
Rocky Face Ridge, Pickett's Mills, Kenesaw
Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro,
Lovejoy's Station, Spring Hill. Columbia, Frank-
lin and Nashville; was mustered out. June 10.
1865, in the field near Nashville, Tenn. ; arrived
at Chicago two days later, and was finally dis-
charged, June 24, after a service of two years,
nine months and twenty -seven days.

Ninetieth Infantry. Mustered into service
at Chicago, Sept. 7, 1863 ; participated in the siege
of Vicksburg and the campaign against Jackson,
and was engaged at Missionary Ridge. Resaca,
Dallas, New Hope Church, Big Shanty, Kenesaw
Mountain, Marietta, Nickajack Creek. Ro.sswell.
Atlanta, Jonesboro and Fort McAllister. After
the review at Washington, the regiment was
mustered out, June 6, and returned to Chicago,
June 9, 1865, where it was finally discharged.

N1NF.TY - FIRST Infantry. Organized at Camp
Butler, near Springfield, in, 1862, and.



mustered in on Sept. 8, 1863 ; participated in the
campaigns against Vicksburg and New Orleans,
and all along the southwestern frontier in
Louisiana and Texas, as well as in the investiture
and capture of Mobile. It was mustered out at
Mobile, July 12, 1865, starting for home the same
day, and being finally paid oflf and discharged on
July 28, following.

Ninety-second Infantry (Mounted). Organ-
ized and mustered into service, Sept. 4, 1.S62,
being recruited from Ogle, Stephenson and Car-
roll Counties. During its term of service, the
Ninety-second was in more than sixty battles and
skirmishes, including Ringgold, Chickamauga,
and the numerous engagements on the "March
to the Sea," and during the pursuit of Johnston
through the Carolinas. It was mustered out at
Concord, N. C, and paid and dist^harged from the
service at Chicago, July 10, 1865.

Ninety-third Infantry, Organized at Chi-
cago, in September, 1863, and mustered in, Oct.
18, 998 strong. It participated in the movements
against Jackson and Vicksburg, and was engaged
at Champion Hills and at Fort Fisher ; also was
engaged in the battles of Missionary Ridge,
Dallas, Resaoa, and many minor engagements,
following Sherman in his campaign though the
Carolinas. Mustered out of service, June 23,
1865, and, on the 25th, arrived at Chicago, receiv-
ing final payment and discharge, July 7, 1865, the
regiment having marched 3,554 miles, traveled
by water, 3,396 miles, and, by railroad, 1,237
miles — total, 6,087 miles.

Ninety-fourth Infantry. Organized at
Bloomington in August, 1863, and enlisted wholly
in McLean County. After some warm experi
ence in Southwest Missouri, the regiment took
part in the siege and capture of Vicksburg, and
was. later, actively engaged in the campaigns in
Louisiana and Texas. It participated in the cap-
ture of Mobile, leading the final assault. After
several months of garrison duty, the regiment was
mustered out at Galveston, Texas, on July 17,
1865, reaching Bloomington on August 9, follow-
ing, having served just three years, marched 1,200
miles, traveled by railroad 610 miles, and, by
steamer, 6,000 miles, and taken part in nine bat-
tles, sieges and skirmishes.

Ninety-fifth Infantry. Organized at Rock-
ford and mustered into service, Sept. 4, 1862. It
was recruited from the counties of McHenry and
Boone — three companies from the latter and
seven from the. former. It took part in the cam-
paigns in Northern Mississippi and against Vicks-
burg, in the Red River expedition, the campaigns

against Price in Missouri and Arkansas, against
Mobile and around Atlanta. Among the battles
in which the regiment was engaged were those
of the Tallahatchie River, Grand Gulf, Raymond,
Champion Hills, Fort de Russey, Old River,
Cloutierville, Mansura, Yellow Bayou, Guntown,
Nashville, Spanish Fort, Fort Blakely, Kenesaw
Mountain, Chattahoochie River, Atlanta, Ezra
Church, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station and Nash-
ville. The distance traveled by the regiment,
while in the service, was 9,960 miles. It was
transferred to the Forty-seventh Illinois Infan-
try, August 25, 1865.

Ninety-sixth Infantry. Recruited dm-ing
the months of July and August, 1862, and mus-
tered into service, as a regiment, Sept. 6, 1862.
The battles engaged in included Fort Donelson,
Spring Hill, Franklin, Triune, Liberty Gap,
Shelbyville, Chickamauga, Wauliatchie, Lookout
Mountain, Buzzard's Roost, Rocky Face Ridge,
Resaca, Kingston, New Hope Church, Dallas,
Pine Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna
Camp Ground, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Rough
and Ready, Jonesboro, Lovejoy's Station, Frank-
lin and Nashville. Its date of final pay and dis-
charge was June 30. 1865.

Ninety-seventh Infantry. Organized in
August and September, 1863, and mustered in on
Sept. 16 ; participated in the battles of Chickasaw
Bluffs, Arkansas Post, Port Gibson, Champion
Hills, Black River, Vicksburg, Jackson and
Mobile. On July 29, 1865, it was mustered out
and proceeded homeward, reaching Springfield,
August 10, after an absence of three years, less a
few daj's.

Ninety-eighth Infantry. Organized at Cen-
tralia, September, 1863, and mustered in, Sept. 3 ;
took part in engagements at Chickamauga, Mc-
Minnville, Farmington and Selma, besides many
others of less note. It was mustered out, June
27, 1865, the recruits being transferred to the
Sixty-first Illinois Volunteers. The regiment
arrived at Springfield, June 30, and received final
payment and discharge, July 7, 1865.

Ninety-ninth Infantry. Organized in Pike
County and mustered in at Florence, August 33,
1862; participated in the following battles and
skirmishes: Beaver Creek, Hartsville, Magnolia
Hills, Raymond, Champion Hills, Black River,
Vicksburg, Jackson, Fort Esperanza, Grand
Coteau, Fish River, Spanish Fort and Blakely:
days under fire, 63; miles traveled, 5,900; men
killed in battle, 38; men died of wounds and
disease, 149; men discharged for disability, 137:
men deserted, 35; oflBcers killed in battle. 3;




officers (lied. 3; officers resigneil, -l>. The re);i-
inent was mustered out at Baton Rouge, July :!1,
1865, and paid off and discharged, August '.i,

One Hundredth Ixfaxtrv. Oigaiiized at
Joliet, in August, 1863, and mustered in.
30. The entire regiment was recruited in Will
County. It was engaged at Banlstown, Stone
River. Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and
JS^ashville; was mustered out of service. June 13,
1865, at Nashville. Tenn.. and arrived at Chicago,
June 15, where it received tinal payment and

One HlXDRED and First Ixka.stuy. Organ-
ized at Jacksonville during the latter i)art of the
mouth of August, 1863. and. on Sei)t. 3. ls()3,
was mustered in. It participated in the battles
of Wauhatchie, Chattanooga. Re.saca, New Hope
Church, Kenesaw and Pine Mountains, Peach
Tree Creek, Atlanta, Averysboroaiid Bentonville.
On Dec. 30, 1863, five companies were captured
at Holly Springs, Miss., paroled and sent to
Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and formally exchanged
in June. 1863. On the Tth of June, ISC'), it was
mustered out. and started for Springfield, where,
on tlie 31st of June, it was paid off and disbandeil.

ized at Knoxville. in August. 1863, and mustered
in, September 1 and 3. It was engaged at Re.saca,
Camp Creek. Burnt Hickory. Big Shanty. Peach
Tree Creek and Averysboro; mustered out of
service June 6. 1865, and started home, arriving
at Chicago on the 9th. and. June 14. received
final payment and discharge.

OxE Hundred and Third Ixfaxtuv. Re-
cruited wholly in Fulton County, and mustered
into the service. Oct. 3. 1863. It took part in
the Grierson raid, the sieges of Vick.sburg. Jack-
.son, Atlanta and Savannah, and the battle.s of
Missionary Ridge. Buzzard's Roost. Resaca. Dal-
las, Kenesaw Mountain and Uriswoldsville: was
also in the campaign through the Carolinas.
The regiment was mu.stered out at Louisville,
June 21, and received final discharge at Chi-
cago. July 9. 1865. The original strength of
the regiment was 808. and 84 recruits wen-

One Hundred and Fourth Infantry. Organ-
ized at Ottawa, in August. 1>

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