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chased in 1867; property worth about five thou-
sand dollars. First pastor. Rev. William Falk-
ner; present pastor. Rev. D. E. Murff; member-
ship, one hundred and eight.

Swedish Baptist Church. — Organized in
November, 1888. Meetings first held at 314
East Main street. Sixty-five members, and
about the same number of scholars in three
Sunday schools, conducted at the hall, near Lin-
coln street, and in East Galesburg. First pastor,
Rev. G. Karlson. In 1893, the congregation
erected a fine new edifice on North Chambers
street, at a cost of about four thousand dollars.
It is a handsome church, though small. Dedi-
cated December IS, 1S98. Present pastor. Rev.
Axel Webster.


According to the last census there were in
Knox Count: seventy-eight churches, worth
J432,026, and eighty-three congregations, with
11,388 communicants.

First Baptist Church. — Organized with
thirty members, January 15, 1848. Edifice,
northv/est corner of Broad and Tompkins
streets; dedicated in 1851; sold, with lot,
for two thousand dollars in 1865, to the
Board of Education. Frame building erected
on Cherry street and dedicated April 9, 1868;

St. Patrick's Church, corner Academy
and Third streets. Corpus Christi, corner
Prairie and South streets. Rev. J. O'Nell,
came to St. Patrick's in 1857, being its first
pastor. His successor. Rev. J. Power, completed
the erection of the church edifice in 1863. In the
Spring of 1864 came Rev. M. Howard, who re-
mained till 1877. Rev. Joseph Costa then came
to act as pastor, and to build Catholic schools.
St. Patrick's was considered too small and in-
conveniently located. Therefore, in May, 1884,
the corner stone of Corpus Christi was laid,
the building being dedicated by Bishop Spauld-



ing, of Peoria, October 4, 1SS5. Cost, includ-
ing lot, 533,000. Ilecloiy just north of church.
In ISSS the congregation was divided, half go-
ing bacli to St. Patrick's, where Rev. J. Tonello
Is pastor. About four hundred families in both
parishes. Rev. Joseph Costa, still pastor of
Corpus Christi, deserves most of the credit for
the new church.


Organized April 11, 1872. Building purchased
May 26, 1872; abandoned, 1892. New church
erected on West street, near Ferris, in that year;
cost, twelve thousand dollars. First pastor, Rev.
J. B. Allen; present, Rev. S. B. Moore. Member-
ship, three hundred and thirty-two. Sunday-
school enrollment, one hundred and forty; W.
D. Godfrey, Superintendent.


At one time the denomination had a church

organization here, with John Wheeler as

preacher. There is no preacher at present, but

meetings are held every Sunday in Carr Hall.


Old First Church. — Its organization was
almost coincident with the founding of
Galesburg. In February, 1837, several meet-
ings were held by Galesburg colonists,
which resulted in the adoption of a Con-
fession of Faith, on the twenty-fifth of that
month. First pastor. Rev. George W. Gale;
first installed pastor. Rev. H. H. Kellogg, in-
stalled by Knox Presbytery February 3. 1846.
By the end of 184.5, three hundred and forty-
two members' names were on the church roll.
So many had been Congregational ists that a
compromise with the strict Presbyterian form
was necessary. In 1854 anti-slavery resolutions
were passed, and the attention of the Presby-
tery called to them. That body would not re-
cede from its position, and on October 6, 18.55,
the church formally withdrew from connection
with the Presbyterian communion, and in 1856,
called itself the "First Church of Christ," in-
stead of "Presbyterian Church of Galesburg,"
its original name. At first it had contained all
the Gale.

Online LibraryNewton BatemanHistorical encyclopedia of Illinois → online text (page 140 of 207)