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It owes its institution, as also do the other two
schools above mentioned, to the unwearied ef-
forts of the Rev. Joseph Costa, the present Rec-




tor of Corpus Christ! Church, and president of
Corpus Christi Lyceum and University. Father
Costa has general supervision of all the Catholic
schools of the city.

The Kindergarten Normal, beautifully sit-
uated on Tompkins street, opposite the City
Park, is one of the educational institutions of
which Galesburg is justly proud. It embodies
the motive, spirit and life of its founder and
present principal. Miss M. Evelyn Strong. Be-
fore undertaking this work Miss Strong com-
pleted a thorough course in kindergarten

In 1879, she opened a private kindergarten in
her own home, five pupils having been secured.
The growth of the school was slow, the enroll-
ment not exceeding twelve at any time during
the first six years.

As the nature and character of the work be-
came understood, it became appreciated and its
patronage steadily increased. Teachers soon
began to apply for instruction in Froebel's
methods. From this sprang the regular Normal
Department, which was formally organized in
September, 1S86, and from which a large class
graduates annually. The present enrollment in
the various departments, including the weekly
classes, exceeds two hundred.

The distinguishing and successful feature of
the Normal Department is that teachers are not
only trained to be kindergartners, but are also
thoroughly prepared to adapt Froebel's princi-
ples to public school work.

The Free Kindergarten of the city is a branch
of this school, and in it each student is required
to do a part of her practice work.

In 1895, the school was partially destroyed by
fire, and in rebuilding was much enlarged and
well equipped with all modern improvements.

This institution has a marked influence upon
the educational thought of the community. It
stands for Christian education, Bible study and
that obedience to law which makes the true

Upon invitation of Miss M. Evelyn Strong a
number of ladies met. in September, 1890, at
the Kindergarten Normal to discuss a plan for
benefiting the poor children of Galesburg by
affording them, gratuitously, a similar course of
instruction. Mrs. Mary Claycomb Grubb was
chosen temporary chairman, and a committee
on permanent organization was appointed. At

a later meeting a constitution and by-laws were
adopted, and the following officers elected:
President, Mrs. M. C. Grubb; Secretary, Mrs.
Helena Crummett Lee; Treasurer, Mrs. J. C.
Fahnstock. The organization was named the
Galesburg Free Kindeigarten Association, its
object, as stated in the preamble to its constitu-
tion, being "to maintain one or more free kin-
dergartens in Galesburg."

The kindergarten was opened October 6, 1890,
in two rooms in the city office building, with
twenty-four scholars and two teachers, MiS3
Mary Hazzard and Miss Mary Owen. In Septem-
ber, 1896, Miss Owen was succeeded by Miss
Emma Chase, of Binghamton, New York.

Increased city business causing a demand for
the rooms occupied by the school, in July, 1893,
the Association bought the Central Hotel from
G. N. Hamilton, and the council granted a lease
of an adjacent lot owned by the municipality,
the hotel being removed thither. The site thus
obtained has been the permanent home of the

From this small beginning, the result of de-
termination and well directed effort, the work
has grown until the Free Kindergarten has be-
come one of the established institutions of
Galesburg. Since December, 1893, the sessions
have been held during the entire day. Since
February, 1894, the rooms have been opened one
evening each week to the parents and friends
of the children. Homeless little ones And a
shelter here until homes can be found for them.
Yet this branch of the work is as yet in its in-
cipiency, owing to a lack of room and means.

In April. 1896, the Association was incor-
porated, the incorporators being Mrs. M. C.
Grubb, Mrs. J. E. Chase, and Miss Bell Beatty.
Since then the scope of the work has been
gradually enlarged, until the original nucleus
has become a sort of center for all associated
charities, and is the fountain head of rescue and
relief work of all kinds in Galesburg.

The daily attendance at the school averages
about thirty-five. In 1896 four hundred calls
were made by visitors, and about two hundred
and fifty families were given substantial aid.

This institution was originally known as the
■Western Business College, and was founded in
1860 by H. E. Hayes, who disposed of it in
1865, to J. B. Harsh, of Creston, Iowa. In 1867,
W. B. Richards was made writing teacher, and
about the same time the school began to grow



In attendance and influence. Mr. Richards re-
signed in 1869, and the following year Professor
Poole became proprietor. In 1S71, he sold the
institution to J. H. Snelling, whose interest
passed, in July, 1873, to J. M. Martin and
Brother, of Monmouth, through whose agency
and good management the school at once began
to prosper. Ill health compelled the retirement
of Mr. J. M. Martin in 1883, and M. H. Barringer
became the owner of the college. He established
it in large, better quarters, in the Nelson Block,
and it continued to flourish. Mr. Barringer,
however, concluded to embark in other business,
and in July, 1890, the institution was purchased
by Brown's Business College Company, when it
was rechristened under its present name.

The following year an additional room was
leased, to accommodate the increased attend-
ance. The present principal, W. F. Caldweil,
has been in charge since July, 1892. The college
now occupies nine large rooms in the Commer-
cial Block, one of the largest and handsomest
business buildings in the city. Few, if any,
commercial schools in the State have better
facilities for the accommodation of students.
Six competent instructors are employed, and the
attendance is steadily increasing. Nearly two
hundred students were enrolled last year. The
methods of instruction and the text books
used are the very latest employed in the best
commercial schools. The graduates are un-
usually successful. They are employed by the
leading business Arms of Galesburg and sur-
rounding towns, while not a few find positions
of regponsibility and profit in Chicago and
other large cities, and many are conducting suc-
cessful business enterprises of their own. G.
W. Brown, the manager of this school and the
President of Brown's Business College Com-
pany, probably enjoys as wide and as favorable
a reputation as a commercial teacher as any
man in the country.

By George M. Strain.
One of the important phases of the life of a
modern city is, to be found in the organizations
which flourish therein. In Galesburg, this
phase has been strongly developed within re-
cent years. The older fraternal societies have
long existed there, but the past decade has
brought about a large growth of smaller and
newer orders, whose purpose is either wholly
fraternal or benevolent, or an admixture of
the two aims. The clubs for study and im-

provement hold an important place, also, in the
city life. In this sketch, it will be the aim to
enumerate every society or organization of a
fraternal, beneficiary, or social character, ex-
cept those connected exclusively with institu-
tions of learning. Many difficulties in securing
the desired data have been encountered, and
in some cases the loss of society records has
prevented the recording of interesting facts.
So far as ascertainable, there is given below
the principal historical facts of each society.
In the labor unions, the present membership
is not given altogether in accord with the re-
ports received from the organizations them-
selves for the reason that it was feared that the
plain statement of such facts might be used to
their disadvantage.

A list of places of meeting of the prominent
organizations precedes the list of societies, and
may be found in the next succeeding paragraphs.
American Hall, 347 East Main street.

Ancient Order of United Workmen's Hall, 1-1
East Main street.

Castle Hall, Ezel, K. of P., 10 East Main

Catholic Total Abstinence Society Rooms, 330
East Main street.

Masonic Hall, third floor Matthew's Block, 221
East Main street.

Pythian Temple, College City, K. of P., Dean's
Block, 55 North Cherry street.

Odd Fellows Hall, Young Men's Christian As-
sociation Building, North Prairie street.

Skandia, I. O. G. T., or Vittium's Hall, 216
East Main street.

Svea, I. 0. G. T., or Swanson's Hall, 237 East
Main street.

Trades Assembly Hall, 118 B East Main street.

A list of the various organizations, classified
according to their character and aim, follows

burg Council No. 136. Organized January 20,
1898, with twenty-five members. Present mem-
bership, seventy-three. Meets first and third
Thursdays, in American Hall. First officers:
N. P., Charles M. Hunt; Priest, Roy Page;
Priestess, Mrs. M. Young; M., M. C. Case; H.
F. H. Wells; S., G. R. Dimmitt; Treasurer, H.
H. Griffith, Jr.; Medical Examiner, Dr. G. A.
Longbrake. Present officers: N. P., Charles
M. Hunt; Priest, M. N. Longbrake; Priestess,
Mrs. C. W. Milikan; M., Mrs. Hattie M.




Sweeney; H.. P. H. Mattimore; S.. Mrs. M.
Young; Treasurer, W. A. Peterson; Medical Ex-
aminer, Dr. G. A. Longbrake.

—All lodges meet in A. O. U. W. Hall, No. 11
East Main street. College City Lodge No. 214.
Organized April 29, 1882, with eighty charter
members. Present membership, two hundred.
Meets Tuesday evenings. First officers: P. M.
W., Mike Mount; M. W., R. Page; F., \V. 0.
Lovejoy; 0.. E. S. Kimball; Recording Secre-
tary, A. H. Blick; Financial Secretary, H. W.
Carpenter; Receiver, J. F. Boydstrom. Present
officers: P. M. W., George E. Luster; M. W.,
T. C. Bowes; F., John Doran; 0., T. E. Huston;
Recorder, E. B. Rhodes; Financial Secretary,
F. S. Bartlett; Receiver, J. Blanding; Medical
Examiner, George E. Luster, M. D. Vasa
Lodge, No. 210. Organized March 10, 1882,
with twenty-five charter members. Present
membership, thirty-five. Meets second and
fourth Wednesdays in A. O. U. W. Hall. First
officers; P. M. W., J. A. Engstrum; M. W., S.
J. Johnson; O., J. A. Chalstrand; Recorder, J.
A. .Tohnston; Financial Secretary. J. A. Johnson.
Present officers: P. M. W., S. J. Johnson; M.
W.. Frank Sandberg; F.. Swan Nelson; 0., S. J.
Stromstedt; Recorder. N. M. Borg; Receiver, P.
J. Friedlund; Financial Secretary, A. F. Starr.

U. W. — McLean Lodge No. 12. Organized April
27, 1887, with twenty charter members. Present
membership, sixty-eight. Meets first and sec-
ond Wednesdays in A. 0. U. W. Hall. First offi-
cers: P. C. of H., Mrs. J. H. Saddler; C. of H.,
Mrs. J. Hopkins: S. of H., Mrs. W. O. Salisbury;
C. of C, Mrs. J. C. Brownson; Recorder, Miss
Allie Bone; Receiver, Mrs. Carrie E. Wood.
Present officers: P. C. of H., Mrs. Isam Biggs;
C. of H.. Mrs. Lela Smith; L. of H., Mrs. E.
Wilds; C. of C, Mrs. A. B. Willetts; Recorder.
Mrs. Ella C. Fee; Financier, Mrs. Elizabeth
Doran; Receiver, Mrs. S. J. Carroll.

Court of Honor No. 171. Organized September 21,
1896, with thirty-five charter members. Pres-
ent membership, one hundred and fifty-two.
Meets fourth Fridays in A. 0. U. W. Hall. First
officers: W. C, I. L. Pullsbury; W. V. C, Eva
C. Mcintosh; W. T., W. D. McConnell; W. R.,
George A. Brooks; Medical Directors, C. W.
Mcintosh, E. G. Morey. Present officers: W.
C, L. M. Bisbee; W. V. C, Minnie Blythe; W.
P. C, I. L. Pullsbury: W. T., C. T. Larson; W.

R.. J. E. .McKamey; Medical Directors. P. E.
Torey, R. C. Matheny.

Home Tribunal No. 12. Organized September
27. 1897, with forty charter members. Present
membership, ninety. Meets first and third
Mondays in A. O. U. W. Hall. First officers: P.
C. T., C. R. Bottsford; C. T.. M. J. Blanding; V.
C. T., Mrs. O. N. Marshall; Secretary, A. H.
Blick; Treasurer, P. T. Olson. Present officers:
P. C. T.. M. P. Blanding; C. T., W. A. Marshall;
V. C. T., Mrs. L. M. Arnold; Secretary, A. H.
Blick; Treasurer, Seth H. Felt.

tunity Forum No. 22. Organized January 2,

1893, with thirty-eight charter members. Pres-
ent membership, two hundred and thirty-eight.
Meets second and fourth Fridays in Pythian
Temple on North Cherry street. First officers:
President, Paul Willett; Vice President, Belle
Quinlan; Secretary. Frances A. Gebhart; Treas-
urer. M. L. Gebhart. Pres.ent officers: Presi-
dent, T. L. McGirr; First Vice President; Jennie
Searle; Second Vice President, Alma Tomllu-
son; Secretary, Winnie Flynn; T'reasurer, M. L.

— Court Knox No. 1482. Organized February 22,

1894, with sixteen charter members. Present
membership, forty-six. Meets second and
fourth Monday evenings in Svea Hall. First offi-
cers: C. R., J. B. Harvey; C. R., J. M. Fletcher;
P. C. R., B. E. Jones; V. C. R., William G.
Nicholson; Court Physician. John B. Harvey;
R. S., W. E. Doyle; F. S.. E. L. Vivion; Treas-
urer, Julius Schultz. Present officers: C. R.,
E. L. Vivion; P. C. R., E. Woods; C. R., E. H.
Blaich; V. C. R.. E. Hertrum; Court Physician.
William Maley; R. S.. William F. Olson; F. S..
A. D. Swanson; Treasurer. F. E. Johnson.

Court Svea No. 3124; merged into Court Knox
No. 1482.

LOWS.— Third fioor of Young Men's Christian
Association Building, where all meetings are
held. The various lodges are named below:

Colfax Encimpment No. 28. Instituted at
Knoxville, January 9, 1855. as Rounsvill En-
campment No. 28, with seven charter members.
Moved to Galesburg in 1862, and that year
ceased working. Resuscitated November 19,
1867. Name changed to Colfax Encampment in
July, 1808. Present membership, forty-eight.
Meets second and fourth Fridays. First local


officers: C. P., Newton Briggs; H. P., Thomas
L. Clark; S. W., George H. Smith; Scribe,
Thomas M. Bell; Treasurer, P. P. Hempstreet;
J. W., M. J. Clark. Present officers: C. P..
J. O. Frost; H. P., Claus Hagrelius; S. W., S. P.
Swanson; Scribe, N. T. Allen; Treasurer, J. F.
Anderson; J. W., E. A. Woods.

Galesburg Lodge No. 140. Organized March
16, 1854, with five charter members. Present
membership, fifty. Meets Monday evenings.
Charter members, E. F. Wicker, W. D. Holeomb,
S. G. Cowan, Robert McCormick, B. H. Harring-
ton. The early records were destroyed by fire.
Present officers: N. G., E. W. Welch; V. G.,
G. D. Tuttle; Secretary, J. A. Mallick; Treas-
urer, W. L. Boutelle.

First Scandinavian Lodge No. 446. Organized
January 26, 1871, with fourteen charter mem-
bers. Present membership, fifty-six. Meets
Tuesday evenings. Its early records were de-
stroyed by fire. Present officers: N. G., S. P.
Swanson; V. G., John J. Dahlberg; Recording
Secretary, F. 0. Swanson; Financial Secretary,
C. A. Swanson; Treasurer, P. N. Granville.

Veritas Lodge No. 478. Organized February
14, 1872, with sixteen charter members. Pres-
ent membership, one hundred and thirty.
Meets every Thursday evening. First officers:
N. G., Newton Briggs; V. S., A. J. Shaw; Sec-
retary, Adam Dick; Treasurer, D. C. Raymond.
Present officers: N. G., A. J. Cline; V. S., J. F.
Bannon; Secretary, E. T. Maury; Treasurer,
Hiram Mars.

ODD FELLOWS).— Vesta Lodge No. 29. Or-
ganized January 28, 1891, with eleven charter
members. Present membership, one hundred
and twenty-seven. Meets first and third Friday
evenings. First officers: N. G., A. J. Ostrander;
V. G., Mrs. Sarah Green; Secretary, Mrs. Emma
Hayden; Treasurer, Mrs. T. B. Walsh. Present
officers: N. G., Mrs. Nellie Hill; V. G., Mrs.
Geneva Tuttle; Secretary, Miss Nellie Road-
strum; Recording Secretary, Miss Inez Risley;
Treasurer, Mrs. Mamie Fuller. Loyal Lodge
No. 386. Organized April 6, 1895, with thirty-
three charter members. Present membership,
ninety-two. Meets second and fourth Saturday
evenings. First officers: N. G., Sarah Green;
V. G.. Margaret Pease; Secretary, Luella Rusk;
Financial Secretary, Dessie Allen; Treasurer,
Clara Walsh. Present officers: N. G., Abbie
Fay; V. G., Daisy Tapp; Secretary, Luella
Rusk; Financial Secretary, Gertie Cortright;
Treasurer, Nellie Boutelle.

LOWS (Colored).— Little Bee Lodge No. 2511.
Organized May 8, 1884, with thirty-tvo mem-
bers. Present membership, twenty-seven.
Meets second and fourth Thursdays. Present
officers: P. N. G., J. W. Britten; N. G., J.
Simms; E. S., W. D. Smith; T., C. McGruder;
N. F., F. Shoots; P. N. F., J. H. Washington;
Adv., H. Wells.

son No. 159. Organized February 22, 1898, with
sixty charter members. Present membership,
sixty-three. Meets first and third Tuesdays in
Pythian Temple, North Cherry street. First
officers: S. J., James O'Brien; J. W., A. Bart-
lett; President, A. J. Cline; Vice President, F.
W. Calkins; Commander, Fred Peterson; Lieu-
tenant Commander, William Wagoner; Ensign,
W. H. Olson; P. M., A. Sutphen; Adjutant, J.
F. Gretta. Present officers: S. J., F. W. Cal-
kins; J., J. F. Gretta; President, James F.
Derry; Vice President, Fred Peterson; Com-
mander, C. G. WoUet; Lieutenant Commander,
J. M. Edwards; Ensign, R. B. Parker; P. M.,
F. W. West; Adjutant, E. A. Tate.

burg Tent No. 150. Organized December 26,
1894, with forty charter members. Present
membership, forty-four. Meets first and third
Wednesdays in American Hall. First officers:
P. C, G. S. Chalmers; C, C. T. Salisbury;
Sergeant, T. A. Orr; Record-keeper, R. N. Shaw;
F. K., George N. Hamilton; Chap., W. W.
Smith. Present officers: P. C, T. C. Bowes;
C. W., W. Smith; L. C, C. C. Sandberg; Rec.
and Fin. K., G. S. Chalmers; Sergeant, Elmer
Warfel; Physician, Dr. G. S. Chalmers.

Galesburg Hive No. 118. Organized January 22,
1897, with twenty-four charter members. Pres-
ent membership, forty-three. Meets first and
third Wednesdays in American Hall. First offi-
cers: P. L. C, E. W. Schaffer; L. C, E. E.
Goettler; L. L. C, M. G. Hinman; L. R. K., H.
L. Doll; L. F. K., A. A. Gray; L. Physician, E.
Hertig. Present officers: P. L. C, M. G. Hin-
man; L. C, F. D. Warnock; L. L. C, L A.
Welch; L. R. K., H. L. Doll; L. F. K., H. E.
Bates; L. Physician. A. A. Gray.

100. Organized April 12, 1882. with thirty-three
charter members. Present membership, one
hundred and sixteen. Meets Wednesday even-
ings in Pythian Temple, North Cherry street.


First officers: P. C, B. Lindburg; C. C, J. O.
Frost: V. C. H. McHann: P., C. M. C. Burns: K.
of R. &■ S.. N. E. Johnson: M. of Ex.. E. L.
Thorsen; M. of F.. C. L. Hedell. Present offi-
cers: C. C, David Dyke; V. C. Emll Dyke: P..
J. A. White; M. of Ex.. J. O. Frost: M. of F..
N. P. Swenson; K. of R. & S., C. O. Peterson.
Ezel Lodge No. 127. Organized August 8. 1884.
with twenty-seven charter members. Present
membership, fifty. Meets Thursdays, in Ezel
Castle Hall. No. 12 Main street. First officers:
P. C. S. D. Cole: C. C, C. L. Hubbell; V. C,

B. J. Huff; P., E. O. Clark; M. of Ex., A. G.
Humphrey; K. of R. & S.. D. S. Hecker. Pres-
ent officers: C. C. Henry Swanson; V. C, E.
J. Ebby: P.. E. C. Dewein: M. of Ex., E. E.
Chambers: M. of F., W. I. Phelps; K. of R. &
S.. D. S. Markley. College City Lodge No. 433.
Organized April 26. 1888. with sixty-seven char-
ter members. Present membership, two hun-
dred and four. Meets Monday nights in Pythian
Temple. North Cherry street. First officers:

C. C. P. M. Booth; V. C. W. G. Edens; P.. S.
A. Wagoner; M. of Ex., Henry Gensert; M. of
F.. J. W. White; K. of R. & S., F. A. Dean.
Present officers: C. C, H. A. Norton; V. C,
J. A. McKinney; P., W. H. Foster; M. of Ex.,
N. Mallick; M. of F., H. S. McCabe; K. of R. &
S.. R. W. Sweeney.

PYTHIAS).— Nabathaean Temple No. 5. Or-
ganized February 19. 189C. with sixty-one char-
ter members. Present membership, one hun-
dred and seventy-five. Meets second Monday
evenings, in Pythian Temple. North Cherry
street. First officers: V. S., Charles J. Kelley;
R. v.. H. E. Parker, Jr.: G. E., L. R. Maddox:
Mahedi. W. A. Anderson; Menial, James
C. O'Brien: Secretary. F. A. Dean; Treasurer.
F. R. Gadd. Present officers: V. S.. W. P.
Brown: R. V.. M. J. Dougherty; G. E., James
A. McKinney; Mahedi, H. A. Norton; Menial.
H. L. Ingersol; Secretary and Treasurer, N.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS).— Marguerite Temple
No. 7. Organized April 1.5. 1892. with thirty-
three Knights and twenty-three Sisters. Pres-
ent membership, twenty-seven Knights and
thirty-six Sisters. Meets first and third Thurs-
days in Pythian Temple. North Cherry street.
First officers: P. C. Lulu Longbrake; M. E. C.
Belle Quinlan; E. S.. Irene Mathews; E. J..
Mattie Boyd; M. of T.. Roma Snowball; M. of

R. & C, Francis Gebhart; M. of F.. Minnie
Steinritz. Present officers: P. C. Laura Wit-
ham; M. E. C, Phoebe Campbell; E. S., Eva
Messplay; E. J., May Dewein; M. of T.. Rosa
Johnston; M. of R. & C, Grace Downing; M.
of F.. Bertha French.

MASONS.— The spacious quarters of the order
are on the third floor of the Matthew's block,
where all meetings are held. Galesburg Com-
mandery No. 8. Knights Templar, organized In
November, 1861, with ten charter members.
Pi-esent membership, one hundred and seventy-
five. Meets second and fourth Mondays. First
officers: E. C. J. A. Thompson; G.. G. C.
Lanphere; C. G.. J. W. Spaulding; P., A. G.
Hibbard; Treasurer. Sydney Myers; Recorder,
A. C. Danaker. Present officers: E. C. H. W.
Holmes; G., C. W. Postelwait; C. G.,C. C. Craig;
P., C. Burkhardt; Treasurer, J. L. Burkhalter;
Recorder. J. H. Calkins. Galesburg Council No.
14. Royal and Select Masters. Charter granted
to Monmouth. December 5. 1864. and transferred
to Galesburg February 15, 1892. Eighteen char-
ter members. Present membership, thirty-eight.
First officers: T. I. M.. W. R. Hoyle; Deputy.
H. L. Wilbur; P. C. of W.. R. C. Haines; M. Ex..
J. H. Calkins; Recorder. H. W. Carpenter. Pres-
ent officers: T. I. M., W. R. Hoyle; P. C. of W.,
E. H. Merrill; C. of the C, A. Jacob; C. of the
G., L. Dyke; Treasurer, J. F. Anderson; Secre-
tary. H. W. Carpenter. Galesburg Chapter No.
46. Royal Arch Masons. Organized October 2,
1858, with ten charter members. Present mem-
bership, one hundred and seventeen. Meets
first Wednesday. First officers: H. P., J. W.
Spaulding; K., George C. Lanphere; Scribe,
Caleb Finch; Treasurer. R. H. Whiting; Secre-
tary. A. C. Danaker. Present officers: H. P.,
H. W. Holmes; K.. John N. Stater; Scribe. J. H.
Calkins; Treasurer. J. F. Anderson: Secretary,
W. O. Lovejoy. Alpha Lodge No. 155. A. F. and
A. M. Reorganized October 3. 1854. Present
membership, one hundred and sixty. Meets first
and third Fridays. First officers: W. M.. J.
W. Spaulding; S. W.. S. Dolbear; J. W.. J. P.
Fuller. Present officers: W. M., C. T. Holmes;
S. W.. C. E. Gottschalk; J. W., C. B. Johnson;
Treasurer, P. N. Granville: Secretary, C. E.
Dudley. Vesper Lodge No. 584, A. F. and A. M.
Organized October 17. 1868. with thirteen charter
members. Present membership, one hundred
and seventy-four. ■ Meets second and fourth
Thursdays. First officers: W. M.. R. Blearson;
S. W.. J. M. Morse: J. W.. D. Greenleaf ; Treas-
urer. C. E. Baldwin; Secretary. J. McKarland.


Present officers: W. M., D. E. Woodford; S. W.,
G. W. Tapp; J. W., E. E. Chambers; Treasurer,
J. F. Anderson; Secretary, E. B. Rhodes.

IARY TO THE MASONS).— Violet Chapter No.
235. Organized October 5, 1893, with sixteen
charter members. Present membership, ninety.
Meets second and fourth Tuesday evenings.
First officers: W. M., M. Striclcler; W. P., J.
C. Fletcher; A. M., S. M. Dove; Secretary, W. A.
Eraser; Treasurer, R. R. Strickler. Present offi-
cers: W. M., Nellie Boston; W. P.. R. R. Strick-
ler; A. M., Sarah Davidson; Secretary, Estelle

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