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Anderson; Treasurer, M. Treadwell. Patron
Chapter No. 18. Organized September 12, 1893,
with fourteen charter members. Present mem-
bership, thirty. Meets first and third Tuesdays.
First officers: W. M., M. F. Washington; W. P.
J. W. Davis; A. M., M. Davis; Treasurer, L.
Henderson; Secretary, M. McCook. Present offi-
cers: W. M., Mrs. Fannie Washington; W. P.,
Mrs. Carrie McKinsey; A. M., Mrs. Rachel
Milburn; Treasurer, Mrs. Annie Searles; Secre-
tary, Mrs. Josie Mason.

Shaft No. 7. Organized June 7, 1898, with thirty
charter members. Present membership, forty.
Meets second and fourth Mondays, at residences
of members. First and present officers: Presi-
dent, G. F. Conley; V. P., C. W. Fee; Clerk, Dr.
J. F. Corbin; Treasurer, Mrs. C. W. Fee; Med-
ical Examiner, Dr. J. F. Corbin.

leaf Camp No. 92. Organized April 27, 1885,
with thirty-five charter members. Present mem-
bership, one hundred and twenty-four. Meets
first and third Mondays in A. O. U. W. Hall.
First officers: V. C. David Spence; W. A., J.
A. Westfall; E. B., A. D. Aiken; Clerk, M. C.
Loomis; Physician, D. W. Aldrich. Present offi-
cers: V. C, J. R. Cunningham; W. A., E. C.
Dewein; Banker, G. D. Tuttle; Clerk, M. L.
Gebhart. Galesburg Camp No. 667. Organized
August 10, 1888, with twenty-eight charter
members. Present membership, three hundred
and twelve. Meets second and fourth Thurs-
days in K. of P. Hall, North Cherry street.
First officers: V. C, A. H. Blick; W. A., W. B.
Loomis; E. B., C. E. Bancroft; Clerk, H. A.
Dobson; Physician, J. F. Percy and R. I. Law.
Present officers: V. C, E. P. Holcomb; W. A.,
W. A. Gebhart; Clerk, 0. W. Walkup; E. B.,
John P. Evans; Physicians, E. V. D. Morris and
O. I. Searles.

ERN WOODMEN.— Organized April 18, 1895,
with delegates from six camps. Present mem-
bership, eighteen camps, representing 1,892
members. Meets second Tuesday in February,
in Galesburg. First officers: President, J.
Faumliner, Abingdon; V. P., John McCrea, Vic-
toria; Secretary, J. F. Temple, Galesburg;
Treasurer, M. E. Smith, East Galesburg. Pres-
ent officers: President, W. D. Patty, Oneida;
V. P., J. P. Evans, Galesburg; Secretary, J. P.
Temple, Galesburg; Treasurer, H. Hohendorf.

Camp No. 445. Organized August 22. 1896, with
twenty-nine charter members. Present mem-
bership, sixty-five. Meets second and fourth
Monday evenings in American Hall. First offi-
cers: 0., Mrs. Harriet Hippert; V. O., Mrs.
Leila Temple; Secretary, Mrs. Ina Barton; Re-
ceiver, Rachel Dewein; Physician, Dr. E. V. D.
Morris. Present officers: 0., Mrs. Grace Evans;
P. C, Mrs. Lulu Holcomb; V. C, Mrs. Harriet
Sweeney; Recorder, Mrs. Hattie Mair; Receiver,
Mrs. Harriet Anderson.

ganized May 27, 1897, with forty-five charter
members. Present membership, seventy-five.
Meets first and third Monday evenings in
Swanson's Hall. First officers: M., J. A. West-
fall; V. M., S. W. Martin: Secretary, W. B. Coff-
man; Banker, Ephraim Sharps; Physicians, Drs.
O. I. Searles, George Chalmers and E. V. D.
Morris; Attorney, George N. Hamilton. Pres-
ent officers: W. M., Dr. O. I. Searles; W. V. M.,
Mrs. E. I. Harris; W. S., Dr. A. Watson; W. B.,-
Dr. George S. Chalmers; W. Physicians, Drs.
O. I. Searles and George S. Chalmers; W. At-
torney, W. T. Smith.

NATIONAL UNION.— Galesburg Council No.
680. Organized March 7, 1894, with twenty-five
charter members. Present membership, fifty-
two. Meets first Mondays over Carey's book
store. First officers: Ex. P., A. T. Wing; P.,
H. E. Parker, Jr.; V. P., C. C. Flynn; S., W. A.
Peterson; R. S., E. J. Dickson; F. S., B. S. Car-
penter; Treasurer, R. M. Kimber; Medical Ex-
aminer, Dr. J. L. Shepard. Present officers:
Ex. P., J. W. White; P., A. T. Wing; V. P.,
A. C. Anders; S., W. A. Peterson; R. S., C. M.
Hunt; F. S., T. S. Brown; Treasurer, R. M.
Kimber; Medical Examiner, Dr. J. L. Shepard.

ROYAL ARCANUM.— College City Council
No. 1000. Organized February 7, 1889, with

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nineteen members. Present membership, forty-
eight. Meets in Castle Hall, K. of P., 12 East
Main street, second and fourth Mondays. First
officers: R., F. F. Cooke; V. R., G. J. Sauter;
P. R., G. P. Rosenau; Or., J. W. Boltz; Secre-
tary, George E. Norine: Treasurer, S. Frohlich.
Present officers: R., John W. Barry; V. R.,
J. F. McCarthy; P. R., C. H. Geisler; Or., George
Geuss, Jr.; Secretary, O. W. Walkup; Treasurer,
John McLernon; Medical Examiners, Drs. F. P.
Tyler and L. R. Ryan.

ROYAL CIRCLE.— Galesburg Circle No. IGO.
Organized May 8, 1S99, with fifty charter mem-
bers. Present officers: W. R., Mrs. Fannie A.
Blazer; P. W. R., C. W. Carr; W. A., N. 0. John-
son; Secretary, J. E. Maley; Treasurer, R. C.
Matheny; Medical Examiners, Drs. 0. 1. Searles,
John Corbin and R. C. Matheny.

TRIBE OF BEN HUR.— Galesburg Court No.
50. Organized February 8, 1897, with thirty-one
charter members. Present membership twenty-
five. Meets second Mondays. First officers:
P. C. Joseph Benedict; C, J. F. Hamilton; T.,
Rev. G. B. Stocking; S., Gust Peterson; Medical
Examiner. Dr. J. B. Harvey. Officers last
elected: C, E. W. Searle; T., Mrs. E. W. Searle;
S., J. F. Hamilton; Medical Examiner, Dr. Gray
Taggart (deceased).

Legion No. 77. Organized May 30. 1894, with
eighteen charter members. Present member-
ship, fifty-five. Meets at No. 12 Main street
Friday evenings. First officers: P. C, E. B.
Rhodes; C, T. C. Bowes: V. C, John Doran;
L. C, W. S. Duval; Recorder and Receiving
Treasurer, Otto L. Fooken; Treasurer, V. B.
Giddings. Present officers: P. C, C. E. Lund-
berg; C. T. C. Bowes; V. C, C. A. Rosenberg;
L. C, A. W. Engstrand; Recorder, B. Jordan;
Recording Treasurer, G. A. Johnson; Treasurer,
W. S. Duval.

McWADE AUXILIARY.— Organized Septem-
ber 21, 1894, with fourteen members. Present
membership, twenty-two. Meets in A. 0. U. W.
Hall, No. 12 Main street, first and third Mon-
days. First officers: W. P., Mrs. L. Doran;
W. P. P., Mrs. P. Duval: W. V. P., Mrs. N.
Tyler: Jr. V. P., Mrs. Katie Parker; W. Secre-
tary, Mrs. Dora Mott; W. Treasurer, Mrs. F. L.
Parker. Present officers: W. P., Mrs. Fannie
Carmody; W. P. P., Mrs. F. L. Parker; W. V.
P., Miss Tillie Anderson; W. Jr. V. P., Mrs. T.
C. Bowes; W. Secretary, Miss Julia Johnson;
W. Treasurer, Mrs. Polly Duval.


—Organized September 24, 1894. with twenty-
eight charter members. Present mombershiO,
forty-eight. Meets second Sunday and fourth
Monday, in C. T. A. S. Hall. First officers:
President, W. F. Stanton; Vice President, J. W.
Flynn; Corresponding Secretary, J. E. Naley;
Financial Secretary, E. F. Tobin; Treasurer,
M. D. Franley. Present officers: President, W.
P. Brown; Vice President, Hugh Mattimore;
Corresponding Secretary, H. W. Norton; Finan-
cial Secretary, E. F. Tobin; Treasurer, Thomas

ANCE AID SOCIETY.— Organized January 6,
1895, with twenty charter members. Present
membership, forty. Meets first Mondays In
C. T. A, S. Hall. First officers: President. Mrs.
A. T. Chittenden; Vice President, Mrs. M.
Graham; Treasurer, Miss Lizzie Slattery; Sec-
retary, Miss Lizzie O'Connell. Present officers:
President, Miss Kittle Maloney; Vice President,
Mrs. 0. L. Brockway; Treasurer, Mrs. J. D.
Donahue: Secretary. Miss A. Botsford.

PLARS.— Svea Lodge No. 315. Organized Janu-
ary 17, 1878. with twenty-seven charter mem-
bers. Present membership, seventy-flve.
Meets Friday evenings, in Swanson Hall.
First officers: C. T., D. L. Peterson; V. T.,
Emily C. Peterson; Secretary, C. H. Peterson;
Treasurer, Minnie O. Peterson. Present offi-
cers: C. T., James Smith; V. T., Myrtella A.
Smith; P. C. T., Annie Gordon; Secretary,
Charles Charleston; Treasurer. Amanda
Holmes. Fidelity Lodge No. 103. Organized
December 4. 1879, with thirty-four charter mem-
bers. Present membership, forty-five. Meets
Thursday evenings, in Skandia Hall. First offi-
cers: C. T., L. F. Tate: P. C. T.. Dr. Tate; V. T.,
Mrs. George Alden; Secretary, Charles Gray;
Treasurer. L. A. Greenwoo

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