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Company B^ and served till July 11, 1865. For
gallantry at the battle of Winchester, Virginia,
he was promoted to a Sergeant; was wounded
in the battle of the Wilderness, and was in
many of the battles fought by the Army of the
Potomac. In 1867, he came to Galesburg, and
began work for the Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy Railroad as brakeman. In 1870, was
made conductor; left for the West in 1875; and
in 1880, he returned to Galesburg and to his
former position with the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy. He is a member of the G. A. R.,
Post No. 45; and a member of the Order of
Railroad Conductors.

retired; born December 17, 1822, at Bridport,
Vermont; educated in the common schools. His
father. Lusher, and his mother, Elisa, were
born in Vermont. He was married October 3,
1872, at Galesburg, to Lorraine E. Gay. Mr.
Gay came to Galesburg in 1836, and settled upon
a farm in Henderson Grove. For several years
he was a merchant at Henderson. In religion,
he is a Protestant. In politics, a republican.

GENT, BYRON; Conductor; Galesburg; bora
November 13, 1857. at Burlington, Iowa, where
he was educated. His parents were Henry and
Hepzibah (Malphas) Gent, of England. He
was first married to Isabel Herman; they have
one daughter living, Gertnide I. His second
marriage, February 12, 1894, at Buffalo, Wy-
oming, was with Luella M. Ghent; they have
one daughter, L. Ruth. Mr. Gent's parents
came from England to Newark, New York, and
thence to Burlington, Iowa. Mr. Gent learned
the carpenter's trade, which he followed till
1879, when he began as brakeman on the Chi-
cago, Burlington and -Quincy Railroad. He was
transferred from Burlington to Galesburg in
1889, and is now a conductor. The father of the

K N O X C U A- T V.

present Mrs. Gent was a native of Tennessee
and came to Illinois when a child; her mother
was born in Illinois. Mr. Gent is liberal in

GESLEU, EDWARD R.; Florist; Galesburg;
born April 29, 18G8, at Macomb, Illinois, where
he was educated. His parents were Gabriel
Gesler, of Germany, and Martha (Riley) Gesler,
of Ohio. He was married to Elida Winslow
August 13, 1891. at Macomb, Illinois. Their
children are: Gabie Aurelia. Florence Martha,
Clara May, and Ross Winslow. Mr. Gesler is a

GIBSON, LEWIS L.; Farmer; Galesburg;
born March 16, 1833, at Blekinge. Sweden. His
parents, Lars and Ingrid (Nelson) Jhonson,
were born in Sweden, the former dying two
months before the birth of Lewis L. In the
Fall of 1834, Ingrid Nelson was married to
Thomas Jepson. Mr. L. L. Gibson had one
brother, Pehr, and one sister, Peruella; he had
three half-brothers, Nels. John, and Mathias,
and two half-sisters, Celia and Nellie. Mr.
Gibson came to Galesburg December 2G, 18.53,
and began to work on a farm for George W.
Ferris. He afterwards rented a farm in Gales-
burg Township. Later he was in the coal and
wood business in Galesburg for fifteen years.
Mr. Gibson has always taken a deep interest
in the temperance cause. He is Secretary of
the Galesburg Commercial Union. In religion,
he is a Lutheran. He is independent in politics.
GILLBTT, FREEMAN D.; Engineer; Gales-
burg; born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, October
23, 1856; educated in Ohio. His parents were
Orlando M. and Amanda (Blackford) Gillett. of
Ashtabula County, Ohio; his paternal grand-
parents were William and Huldah (Wade) Gil-
lett, of Connecticut; his maternal grandpar-
ents, Martin and Hulda (Webb) Blackford,
came from Ashtabula County. Mr. Gillett was
married to Emma Lundgren. in Galesburg, Sep-
tember 23, 189.5; they have an adopted daugh-
ter. Aura. Mr. Gillett came from Michigan to
Knox County in 1881. and began as fireman for
the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.
Two years later he began work in the machine
shops. He afterwards resumed his position as
fireman and has been running an engine since
the noted "Q." strike in 1889. He is engineer
of the fast mail train East and of the fast pas-
senger train West. Mr. Gillett is a member of
the Odd Fellows. Galesburg. In religion, he is
a Methodist. He is a republican.

GOTTSCHALL. NELS J.; Baker and Con-
fectioner; Galesburg; born .January 22. 1864. in
Sweden; educated in Sweden and Galesburg.
His parents were .1. S. and Hannah (Trulson)
Gottschall. of Sweden. He was married to
Christena M. Jacobson. in Galesburg. .lune 14.
1892. They have two children. Newton Tenny
and Ethel Hannah Catherine. He is a member
of the Swedish Mission. In politics he Is a

GRAHAM. .JOHN M.; Conductor; Ga'esburg;
born March 25. 1840. at Harrisburg. Pennsyl-
vania. His father was James M. Graham, of
Harrisburg; his grandfather, John M. Graham.

and his great-grandfather, George Graham,
were natives of Scotland. He was educated in
the Harrisburg Academy. He was married in
Galesburg, October 5, 1868. to Mary E., daugh-
ter of E. S. Hopkins. They have one son,
George A., who is a music teacher and leader
of an orchesti'^. Mr. Graham was employed in
1858 by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
for six years, as a telegraph operator. He
came to Galesburg in 1864, where he was em-
ployed in the offices of the Chicago. Burlington
and Quincy Railroad for ten years. He has been
a conductor for twenty-five years. In politics,
he is a republican.

GRIFFITH, HARRY H.; Galesburg; born in
Seneca County. New York. March 14. 1849. His
father. Harry H., was born in New York, and
his mother, Margaret, in England. Mr. Grif-
fith was educated in the common schools. He
was married September 24. 1872, at Galesburg,
to Anna M. Zeigler. There are five children,
Nellie Blytho, John Herbert, Henry H., Myrtle
Bell, and Emma Lyle. Mr. Griffith came to
Galesburg in 18G7. and has been in business
here for twenty-five years. He was Alderman
of the city of Galesburg for six years. In re-
ligion, he is a Baptist. In politics, a republican.

Galesburg; born September 29. 1865. in Jasper
County, Indiana. His parents were Ames An-
thony Griswold. born in Vermont. March 9,
1825, and Elizabeth (Adams) Griswold, born in
Jasper County, Indiana, September 2, 1840. His
grandfather was Daniel Griswold. His great-
grandfather came from England and was
among the early settlers of Vermont. Ames
A. Griswold went to California in 1852. and
returned to Indiana about 1858, where he was
married January 1, 18.59. He came to Illinois
about ISOO and settled on a farm near Spring-
field, where he remained about two years. He
then removed to Indiana, where he lived for
three years, returning to Illinois in the Spring
of 1866. settling in Marshall County. He re-
tired from business, and now resides at Wash-
burn, Woodford County, Illinois. In 1885 Dan-
iel J. Griswold graduated from the Washburn
High School, at Washburn, Woodford County.
He then taught school for two years — 1885 to
1887. From 1887 to 1891 he attended Knox
College. Galesburg. and in 1894 he graduated
from the Philadelphia Dental College, Philadel-
phia. Pennsylvania. He then returned to Gales-
burg and entered into partnership with Dr.
F. W. Wolf under the firm name of Wolf and
Griswold; their offices are in the Holmes Build-
ing; they have an extensive city and country
practice. Dr. Griswold is a member of the In-
dependent Order of Odd Fellows. Veritas Lodge.
No. 478; Knights of Pythias. College City
Lodge; Beta Theta Pi Fraternity of Knox Col-
lege, and the Soangetaha Club. He is a mem-
ber of the Baptist Church. In politics, he is a
republican. Dr. Griswold was married. Septem-
ber 12. 1899. to Grace Agnes, daughter of Dr.
J. A. Ballard, of La Crosse. Wisconsin.

GRFBB. SAMFEL W.; Publisher; Gales-
burg; born .Vugiist 19. 1832. at Washington,



District of Columbia; educated in the common
schools. His father, Samuel, was born in
Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia);
his mother, Ellen Wilson, at Snow Hill, Mary-
land, November 28, 1867. Mr. S. W. Grubb was
married at Atlanta, Georgia, to Jane A. Wright.
There is one child living — James Wilson
Grubb. Mr. Grubb commenced work in a print-
ing office in 1843. He came to Galesburg in 1872,
and has been manager of Galesburg Printing
Company, publishers of the Republican-Regis-
ter, since December, 1S72. In religion, he is an
Episcopalian. He is a republican.

GUCKER, WALTER; Galesburg; born March
0, 1854, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania; edu-
cated in Mattoon, Illinois. His parents were
Franklin and Elizabeth (Kimmell) Gucker, of
Pottsville, Pennsylvania; his paternal grand-
parents were also natives of Pennsylvania; his
maternal grandparents, Jacob and Mary Kim-
mell, came from Germany. Mr. Gucker was
married to Anna Hillagass, May 4, 1880, at Mat-
toon, Illinois. They have one child, Ehrma.
Mr. Gucker is a republican.

Elijah E. and Mary A. (Benton) Hair,
was born July 26, 1875, at Lewistown, Illi-
nois, where he attended the grammar and high
schools. After the removal of his father's
family to Galesburg, he entered Knox College,
but after two years, in the Fall of 1894, left
that institution to become a student at the
State University, from which he graduated in
1898. His chosen profession was architecture,
and his studies were directed with special refer-
ence to fitting him for that vocation. On
October 8, 1898, he presented himself before
the State Board of Architects, to undergo the
prescribed examination, and had the gratifica-
tion of being assured by the examiners that he
had passed the ordeal with greater credit than
had any who had preceded him since the crea-
tion of the Board. He entered at once into
business at Galesburg, and from the outset has
achieved a measure of success not often at-
tained by young men who have just crossed the
threshold of one of the learned professions.
Mr. Hair is an Episcopalian, as are his parents,
and the family is active in the work of the
church. He himself has musical talent of a
high order, and has for several years been con-
nected with the choir of Grace Church.

News; Galesburg; born March 19, 1875, in Ma-
comb, Illinois, where he was educated at the
academy. His father, David H. Hampton, was
born at Macomb, and his mother, Mamie
(Bowles) Hampton, was born in Evansville, In-
diana. Mr. B. B. Hampton inherits his ability
in his chosen line of work, his father and
grandfather having been newspaper men. He
came to Galesburg in 1895, having previously
engaged in newspaper work in Macomb. Mr.
Hampton was married February 15, 1898, to
Maria Somers Bartleson. He is an attendant at
the Presbyterian Church. In poMtics, he is a

HARTHON, JOHN; Conductor; Galesburg;
born June 21, 1859, in LaSalle County, Illinois.
His father was Conrad Harthon, who came
from Germany, in 1857, to LaSalle County,
where he was a farmer and grocer. Mr.
Harthon was educated in the common schools.
In politics, he is a republican. He married Ida
M. Breed, at Aurora, May 11, 1888; they have
one child, Walter. Mr. Harthon entered the
employ of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
Railroad Company in 1877, serving two years
as brakeman, and was made a conductor in
1881, which position he now holds. He moved
to Galesburg in 1890. He is a member of the
Independent order of Odd Fellows, Maccabees,
and Rebekahs.

HAWKINSON, HENRY G.; Confectioner and
Restaurateur; Galesburg, where he was born
August 30, 1870, and where he was educated.
His parents, Hakan B. and Carrie (Olson) Haw-
kinson, were born in Sweden, and came to
Galesburg in 1868. The father engaged in the
bakery business, which he followed for twenty-
five years; he then retired, and is now residing
in Galesburg; two children were born to them:
Henry G. ; and Hildagard, who married P. F.
Nord, May 29, 1891, and died September 13, of
the same year. After finishing his education,
Mr. Henry G. Hawkinson engaged in the bakery
and restaurant business with his father, which
he followed tor nine years. He then formed
a partnership with W. N. Spake, purchasing the
interest of Joseph F. Anderson in the restau-
rant and confectionery business. The firm is
Spake and Hawkinson, located at 140 East Main
street, doing the leading business in their line.
Mr. Hawkinson is a member of College City
Lodge, No. 433, Knights of Pythias. September
3, 1891, he was married, at Galesburg, to Emma
Peterson, who was born at Colfax, Illinois. They
have three children, Henry Ferdinand, Newton
Hiram, and Hildagard Elizabeth. In religion,
Mr. Hawkinson is a Congregationalist. He is
independent in politics.

HEATH, WILLIAM; Galesburg; born May
25, 1862. at Center Point, Knox County, Illinois.
His parents were William Heath, of New York,
and Lucinda M. (Field) Heath, of Vermont.
Lucinda M. Heath was born in Cornwall, Addi-
son County, Vermont. April 16, 1819, and came
to Illinois with her parents in 1836. Her mar-
riage with Mr. Heath, August 3, 1837, was the
first in Knoxville. They lived on a farm near
Center Point for twenty-eight years, and then
moved to Wataga, where Mr. Heath died March
31, 1882. After her husband's death, Mrs.
Heath moved to Galesburg and lived with her
son William, at whose home she died July 11,
1899. She was one of the bravest and most
resourceful of the early pioneer mothers, and
is remembered by her host of friends as a
strong, sweet, and noble personality. Mr. Wil-
liam Heath was married to Kate B. Armstrong,
of Galesburg, at Fargo, North Dakota, Septem-
ber 10, 1892. For the past ten years he has
been with the Deering Harvester Company of
Chiraeo. and is now their General Agent located
at Galesburg.

lyflnA cn^Yn,^)^!^

K N ( ) X t' O U x\ 1' ^•

HIGGINS, ADDISON P.; Farmer and Stock-
man; Galesburg. where he was born in 1844.
His father, Americas Higgins, came to Gales-
burg in 1837. Mr. Higgins is a large land-
owner in Illinois. Missouri, and Kansas, and is
extensively engaged in stock-raising. In 1S74,
Mr. Higgins was married to Mattie J. Meechani.
They have three children. Cyrus M.. Martin S.,
and Lucy A. Mr. Higgins was educated in the
common schools. He is a republican and a

HILL, CHARLES M.; Conductor; Galesburg;
born March 3. 1SU2, in Maiden, Illinois, where
he was educated. His parents were John and
Maria (McGee) Hill of Ohio; his grandfather
was Allison Hill of New Jersey. Mr. C. M. Hill
was married to Ellen, the daughter of Jerry
and Mary O'Connor, of Ireland. She was born
in Peru, Illinois. There were two children,
Charles Francis and John William. His second
marriage, which occurred in Chicago, Illinois,
May 17, 1897, was with Georgie, daughter of
Clayton S. Gibbs, of Illinois, and Helen J.
(Bevier) Gibbs. of Albany. New York. They
have one child. Helen. Mrs. Hill's paternal
grandparents were Jonathan Gibbs, of New
Jersey, and Tamer Norcross Gibbs; her ma-
ternal grandparents were Abraham Bevier, of
Holland, and .-Vdaline (Gordon) Bevier, of New
York. Mr. Hill's father was a broommaker by
trade, but was a farmer most of his life. He
moved to Illinois in 18.56. and settled on a farm
at Berlin Center. He died May 9, 1892, his wife
surviving him but a short time. Mr. C. M. Hill
spent his early years on the farm, and at the
age of thirteen, the family moved to town, and
he worked at teaming. In 188.5, he entered the
employ of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
Railroad as brakeman, and in 1888, was pro-
moted to the position of conductor. He is a
member of the 0. R. C. Mr. Hill is independent
in politics.

HILTON. A. FRANK; Engineer; Galesburg;
born in 1840. in Orange County. New York,
where he was educated. He enlisted in 18G2,
and served until the close of the war. July 12,
1865. he began work for the Chicago. Burling-
ton an.i Quincy Railroad Company, and after
successive promotions was made Superintendent
of the Galesburg Division. In 1876. he was mar-
ried to Emma Russell. They have two children,
Richard R., and Russell D. Mr. Hilton has been
an engineer on the Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy Railroad since 1890.

HINCHLIFF, J. E.; Merchant; Galesburg:
born July 17, 1853, at Rio, Illinois. Educated
at Rio and Galesburg. His parents. James and
Betsey Hinchliff. were born in England. He
was married January 1. ISSO, at Rio, to Ida M.
Woodman. There are four children. Everett
E.. Lulu May, Ray W., and Grace F. In re-
ligion, he is a Congregationalist. In politics,
a reoublican.

HINMAN. FRED R.; Chief of Police; Gales-
burg: born July 8. 1863. at Adrian. Michigan;
educated in Adrian and Galesburg. His par-
ents were Frederick Hinman. born May 24.
1831. and Eliza iGish) Hinman. born in 1835. in

Erie County, New York; his paternal grand-
parents were Seth Hinman, of Erie County,
New York, born 1804, and Louisa (Kendall)
Hinman, born May 8, 1813. in Jefferson County,
New Y'ork; his paternal great->;r:in(lpannis
were from England; his maternal grandparents
were Jacob Gish, of Dauphin County, Pennsyl-
vania, born 1805, and Mary Davis Gish, of New
York: his maternal great-grandfather, Davis,
who was born near Boston, Massachusetts, in
1776, was related to Jefferson Davis. Maternal
great-grandmother was a Petty, born in New
Hampshire. Frederick Hinman was for many
years an engineer on the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy Railroad. Mary Davis Gish was a
passenger on the first train West out of Balti-
more, Maryland. Mr. Hinman was married in
Galesburg. November 13, 1889. to Mabel A.,
daughter of the late J. R. Goddard, who was
State Live Stock Commissioner. She was born
in Adrian, Michigan, and her ancestors can
be traced to tne Mayflower. Mr. and Mrs. Hin-
man have three children. Jennie Mabel. Fred-
erick Stanley, and Kendall Goddar

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