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maternal grandfather was Edmund Badger.

Mr. Smith's family history is one of much
interest. His patei"nal grandparents. Robert
and Grace (Braithwaite) Smith, were natives of
England, the latter born near Leeds. They
were married in the old countiy, and came to
America at the outbreak of the War of the
Revolution. Robert Smith at once enlisted in
the colonial service, and served the entire seven
years of the struggle for independence, most of
the time in the rank of Orderly Sergeant; win-
tered at Valley Forge; took part in the principal
battles, and was present at the surrender of
Yorktown. He served throughout the war
without a wound, and at its close received a
grant of land in Cincinnatus, Cortland County,
New York; he died in Virgil, New York, at the
age of eighty-four; there were eight children,
five sons and three daughters.

William Smith was born in Schoharie County.
New York, but mover to Cortland County with
his parents, where he was reared on a farm.
There were ten children, seven sons and three
daughters, two of whom died in New York. The
parents came to Illinois in 1844. and settled on
Section 27. in Township of Lynn. Knox County.
Although he had not had the advantages of the


schools, he was a good business man and pros-
perous farmer. He was a deacon in the Baptist
Church. He died at the age of ninety-two. His
wife lived to the great age of one hundred years
and three months, having been born December
15, 1790.

Austin Smith married Sarah McNaught in
Toulon, Stark County, Illinois, January 10, 1855;
they have four children: May C, Ruth B.,
Addle F. and Charles A. Mrs. Smith is a
daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Custer)
McNaught, early settlers of Illinois, having
located at Fraker's Grove about 1840. Mr.
McNaught died at Centerville, Lynn Township.

Mr. Smith was raised on the farm, and has
been engaged in farming all his life, excepting
six years when he was in the hardware business
in Henry, Marshall County, Illinois. On account
of his health he returned to farming, and now
owns one hundred and twenty acres of land. He
was made a Mason in Henry Lodge, No. 19,
Henry, Illinois. His father, William Smith,
was also a Mason.

Mr. Smith is a Prohibitionist and Democrat,
and has held local offices.


Heman P. Smith was born in Marathon, Cort-
land County, New York, November 14, 1833. His
parents were William Smith, born in Schenec-
tady, New York, August 21, 1787, and Lorinda
(Badger) Smith, born near Coventry, New York,
and the daughter of Edmund Badger of Becket,
Massachusetts. His grandfather, Robert Smith,
came with his bride to America from Manches-
ter, England, in 1776, landing at New York,
when Washington was organizing his army at
White Plains. He immediately enlisted and
served in the Revolutionary War seven years
and eight months, during part of which time he
was a commissioned officer on detailed duty.
During the war, his wife lived on the Mohawk
Flats, at Fort Stanwix. At the close of the war
he located at Schenectady, New York, where he
resided until 1794. He was a man of strong
character, and felt the military services he ren-
dered was a duty he owed his adopted country,
and they were cheerfully performed. He led
essentially a farmer's life. He removed from
Schenectady to Cincinnatus, Cortland County,
and settled on the six hundred and forty acres
allowed him by the government for his services
in the war. That section of New York State
was at that time almost a wilderness, and his
nearest neighbor was sixteen miles distant.
After a residence here of fourteen years, he
removed to Marathon, where he spent the
remainder of his life. He had a liberal English
education, and while residing in Schenectady,
was honored by being elected to several munici-
pal ofllces. He had five sons and three daugh-
ters. The sons were; John, Isaac, Robert,
William, and Abraham.

Heman P. bmith came to Knox County with
his father, June 19, 1844, and settled in Lynn
Township, on the farm which he now occupies
and where his parents died, the father at the age

of ninety-two, and his mother at the remarkable
age of one hundred years and three months.
Mr. Smith was educated in the common schools
of Knox County, and at Beloit College, Wis-
consin, from which he was recalled to take
charge of the home farm. He enlisted in the
Civil War in 1862, Company G of the Eighty-
ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and served
until February, 1865, when he was discharged
for disability, three months before the disband-
ing of his entire regiment. He was in all the
engagements of the regiment, which had some
of the most severe encounters of the war, and
took part in fifteen pitched battles. He was in
the front rank during the charge up Missionary
Ridge, and spent nine months in the hospital.

May 25, 1S65, Mr. Smith was married to Har-
riet E. Thompson, in Lynn Township. They
have seven children: LaMont, born December 6,
1866; Letha, born April 7, 1870; Fred, born
July 8, 1873; Abbieand Addie, born September 5,
1880; Urban, born June 5, 1882; and Bertha,
born October 31, 1885.

In politics, Mr. Smith is an independent dem-
ocrat, and has held most of the township offices,
including that of Assessor, and School Director.
He is a very successful farmer, and owns three
hundred and fifty acres of land, including the
old Smith homestead.


A. A. Snider was born in Stark County, Illi-
nois, November 29, 1849, and received his edu-
cation in the common schools. His father, John
Snider, was born in Ohio, and his mother,
Susan S. (Wright), was a native of New York
State. His paternal grandparents were William
and Mary Snider.

Mr. A. A. Snider is the oldest of a family of six
children. His brothers are: L. W., William E..
and Elmer B. His sisters are both married:
Mary M., married Call Salisbury; Emma, mar-
ried John Cunningham. January 13, 1872, Mr.
Snider married Martha J. Mahaffey, in Henry
County, Illinois. Mrs. Snider was born in
Peoria County, October 22, 1849. They have two
children: Minnie M., born in 1876; Perry 0..
born in 1882. Mrs. Snider's parents were Nain
and Deborah (Wright) Mahaffey; her father
was born in Ohio; her mother, in New York
State. It was early in the history of Peoria
County that her father, a stone mason by trade,
settled there. They had four children. Mr. and
Mrs. Mahaffey are now deceased.

Mr. Snider lived with his parents until he was
of age. For about six years after his marriage,
he made his home in Stark County, on a farm
East of La Fayette. He then purchased land
in Section 1, Lynn Township, Knox County.
Illinois, wh:;re he now has a fine farm of two
hundred and seventy-two acres.

Mr. Snider is a member of the Masonic Order.
He and his wife are members of the Eastern
Star. In religion, Mr. and Mrs. Snider are
Methodists. He is School Director, and has
been Road Commissioner several terms. In
politics, he is a republican.


C^d^^:^d^^ ^^'i/ytAy^Tn^



Warfleld B. Todd was born in Frederick
County, Maryland, February 23, 1837, and was
educated in the common schools of his native
State. He came to Illinois with his parents,
Vachel H. and Susan (Brown) Todd, in 1S51, and
he is the eldest of their three children now liv-
ing. They settled first in Stark County, but in
1855, located in Lynn Township, Knox County.

In the City of Chicago in March, 1862, Mr.
Todd was married to Euphemia Lafferty, who
was born in Lynn Township, Knox County,
October 23, 1838, and is a daughter of John and
Sallie (Slocum) Lafferty. Mr. and Mrs. Todd
have had twelve children: John: Susan; Anar;
Jennie; Charles; Nellie; Benjamin J.; Upton B.;
Emma, who died January 23. 1895; and three
who died in infancy. John married Emma
Reed. Susan is now Mrs. F. L. Hilliard; and
Anna was the wife of John Dryden, a farmer
in Stark County, who died February 22, 1899.
Mr. Lafferty was a native of Pennsylvania, and
eight years after his marriage came from Ohio
and settled in Lynn Township, where he was a
farmer until his death in July, 1867. Mrs.
Lafferty was a native of the State of New York,
and still resides upon the old homestead.

In September, 1861. Mr. Todd enlisted in Com-
pany B. Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry, and
was Orderly Sergeant for seven months, when
he was discharged for physical disability. In
June of 1862, he enlisted again, this time in
Company D, Sixty-ninth Illinois Volunteers, and
was elected First Lieutenant, in which capacity
he served four months, when he was discharged
and returned home. In 1864, he was drafted
and was assigned to Company A. Thirty-sixth
Illinois, went to the front, and was in the
battles of Spring Hill. Franklin and Nashville.
He served until 1865, when he was discharged
and returned to Lynn Township, where he has
since been engaged in his calling as a farmer.
His farm consists of tliree hundred and twenty
acres of good land, under excellent cultivation.

Mr. Todd is a democrat, and has always taken
an active interest in politics. In 1857, he was
elected Constable, and in 1879, Supervisor, which
office he held for six years. In 1898. he was
again elected to the same office, which he now
holds. He has been Assessor and Collector,
and was a School Director for eighteen years.
Mr. Todd is a member of the Masonic order,
Kewanee Chapter, No. 47, and of Lafayette Blue
Lodge. No. 501.

ALBRO, ALEXANDER W.: Merchant and
Farmer; Galva. Henry County, and Lynn Town-
ship, Knox County: born November 23, 1824, in
Warren County, New York. His parents were
Samuel and Polly (Green) Albro. His father
was a soldier in the war of 1812. and secured
160 acres of land in Lynn Township on a sol-
dier's warrant, which he settled upon and im-
proved, coming to Knox County in 1835, the
first settler south of Fraker's Grove on Wal-
nut Creek. Mr. Albro was married to Emily
Spaulding February 19, 1846. They have two
children living: Esther Ann, wife of Job Bab-

bett; and Hattie H., wife of Chauncy
both reside in the State of Nebraska. It was
in June, 1855, that he became a resident of
Galva. He kept hotel, store, and livery barn.
was prosperous in his business, and became one
of Galva's prominent citizens. He is also one
of the directors and principal stock holders of
the Galva Gas Works. In Douglas County,
Nebraska, he has 440 acres of land and another
farm in Saunders County of the same state. In
1862, Mr. Albro enlisted in Company G
One Hundred and Twelfth Regiment Illi-
nois Volunters, and was captain of the
Company, Colonel Thomjis J. Henderson,
now General, commanding the regiment. After
serving nearly two years, he resigned on account
of the death of two of his children. Mr. Albro
is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.
In politics, he is a republican. He was Revenue
Assessor for two years after the war, during
the time of "income taxation."

man and Farmer; Lynn Township; born in
Sweden, June 7, 1836; educated in his native
land. His parents, Peter M. and Anna (Hen-
drickson) Appell. wer* natives of Sweden. Mr.
Appell came to America with his parents and
six brothers and sisters in 1852, landing in New
York City. They were nine weeks in a sailing
vessel. The father and two children died of
cholera in Chicago, where they had been only
one week. Twi other children died after the
family had reached Victoria, Knox County, Illi-
nois. The family lived three miles East of Vic-
toria and depended much upon Charles L., as
the oldest, tor support. Later the mother
made her home at his house where she died in
1SS9. honored and respected, nearly eighty
years of age. For nearly ten years, Mr. Appell
worked for others, though part of this time he
worked with his brothers. Alfred and Andrew,
upon eighty acres of land which his mother
bought with money she brought from the old
country. In lSb2, the family moved to Indiana,
where Mr. Appell teamed for more than three
years, and where he met the one who became
ills wife. November 11. 1SC3, he was married,
in Attica, Indiana, to Johanna Sophia, daugh-
ter of Lars and Anna (Johnson) Anderson,
who came to the United States from Sweden in
1852, settled in Indiana, and died in Paxton
Illinois, where they had moved to educate their
children. Mr. and Mrs. Appell have had eleven
children: Lydia, wife of Rev. G. A. Brandelle,
Denver. Colorado; Alfred, a Lutheran minister
in Peoria, Illinois: Hanna Charlotte; Carl John,
;>n attorney: Amanda Sophia: August Louis;
Edward Joseph: Alfrida Henrietta; Ferdinand
Laurence; Martin Philip; and Edith Wilhel-
mina. After the war. Mr. Appell returned to
Lynn Township, where he has been a successful
farmer: he is one of the largest land-owners in
the county. In religion, he is a Lutheran. He
is a republican.

ATHERTON, FRED; Farmer; Lynn, Town-
ship: born July 11. 1873, in Stark County, Illi-
nois; educated in Lafayette. His father, Frank


p. Atherton, was born June 5, 1851, in Staik
County, Illinois; his mother, Alice (Hoxton)
Atherton, was born December 5, 1850,
in Pennsylvania; his grandparents, Joseph
and Eliza (Simmons) Atherton, were
born in Ohio. He was married to Phebe
White, in Toulon, Illinois, October 19,
1892. They have one child, Ralph V., born
November, 1894. Mr. Atherton has a farm of
160 acres. He is a member of Walnut Grange,
No. 1653; he is also a member of the Lafayette
Band. In religious belief, he is a Methodist.
He is a democrat.

Galva, Henry County, Illinois; born in Victoria
Township, Knox County, January 22, 1855; edu-
cated in Knox College. His parents, John P.
and Martha (Hayden) Chelman, were natives
of Sweden. They came to the United States in
1846. Thoy were married in Gaiesburg. The
father lived two years in Chicago, then a short
time in Canton, Illinois, and in "1850, came to
Knox County when he became a prosperous
farmer in Victoria Township; he died in 1877.
His wife survived him ten years. There were
three children: John Albert; Lottie, de-
ceased; and Mrs. Mary A. Ericson. Mr. Chel-
man remained on the home farm until 1882.
when he learned the jewelers business ;u
Galva, and conducted a jewelry store till 1885.
In 1886, he bought a grocery store in Galva,
which he has since conducted. He married Anna
Laurie, a daughter of James and Anna M.
(Knight) Soles, prominent citizens of Knox
County; James Soles died March 16, 1889,
at the age of seventy. Mr. and Mrs. Chel-
man is a director in the Copper Creek Mining
and Milling Company, located in Gunnison
County, Colorado; Secretary and Treasurer of
the Belleview Mountain and Milling Company,
and Vice-President of the Rustler Milling Com-
pany of Colorado. He belongs to the Knights
of Pythias and to the Modern Woodmen of
America. In politics, he is a republican. He
was elected Mayor of Galva in 1898. In 1896,
he was delegate to the republican state con-
vention. He has been a member of the school
board for nine years.

GIBBS, RICHARD P.; Farmer; Lynn Town-
ship, where he was born August 14, 1850. His
grandparents, Martin and Hannah (Beck)
Gibbs, and his maternal grandparents, Joseph
and Martha Norcross, came from New Jersey;
his father, Jonathan Gibbs, was born December
22, 1808, in New Jersey, and came to Lynn
Township in 1838; his mother, Tamar (Nor-
cross) Gibbs. was born May 11, 1812, in New Jer-
sey. Mr. R. P. Gibbs was educated in the public
schools. He was married to Mary J. Reed in
Gaiesburg, November 25, 1875. Their children
are: Grace E., born May 4. 1877, died Decem-
ber 14, 1885; Stella A., born November 19, 1878;
Laura E., born December 13, 1880; and Harry
A., born February 13, 18.83. Mrs. Gibbs was a
school teacher before her marriage. In poli-
tics, he is a republican.

Township; born May 29, 1840, in Sweden, where

he was educated; his grandparents were Nels
and Mary Hamerstrand of Sweden; his father,
Erick J. Hamerstrand, was born in Sweden in
1S08, and died May 29, 1892. Mr. John W.
Hamerstrand was married to Anna Carlson
in Altona, May 21, 1877. Their children
are: Albert W., born February 5, 1878; Elma
C, born December 3, 1879; Fannie E., born
August 11, 1885. Mr. Hamerstrand came to
America in 1868, and worked on different farms
at Altona. In 1886, he bought a farm of 140
acres in Lyna Township, upon which he is now
erecting a commodious residence. Mr. Hamer-
strand is a member of the Lutheran church. In
politics, he is a republican.

HATHAWAY, J. B.; Farmer; Lynn Town-
ship; born March 23, 1860, in Galva, Illinois;
his grandfather was Jeptha Hathaway of North
Adams County, Massachusetts; his maternal
grandparents were William and Jane Mowatt of
Scotland; his parents were A. F. Hathaway,
born in 1820, in North Adams, and Jane
(Mowatt) Hathaway, who was born in 1819, 'n
Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Hathaway was edu-
cated in the Galva High School. He was mar-
ried in Lynn Township March 2, 1886, to M.
Edith Jones, who was born June 15, 1862. They
have two children: Alta Adaline, born July
1, 1894; and Howard Raymond, born August 27.
1899. Mr. Hathaway has a farm of one hundred
sixty acres a mile south of Galva. He is a mem-
ber of the Modern Woodmen of America, Num-
ber 241, Galva. He is a model farmer. In poli-
tics, he is a republican.

HAYES, THOMAS A.; Lynn Township; born
June 9, 1838, in Saratoga County. New York.
His parents were Isaac and Agnes E. (Alexan-
der) Hayes of Gaiway, Saratoga County, New
York, where his father was born December 14,
1799. Mr. 1. A. Hayes was married in Altona.
Illinois. November 22, 1884, to Jennie C. Swan,
who was born February 22, 1862. Their chil-
dren are: George Ferris, born March 29, 1886;
E. Alexander, born June 14, 1888; Agnes E.,
born January 14, 1890; and Mabel May, born
December ^2, 1891. Mr. Hayes has a farm of
one hundred and ten acres, twenty acres of
which are used for the cultivation of hops. He
is a member of the Presbyterian church. In
politics, he is a republican.

JACKSON, EDWARD L.; Farmer; Lynn
Township; born March 19, 1838, in Goshen,
Ohio; his grandparents were Jothan H. Jack-
son of Ireland, and Mary Jackson of England;
his father, P. M. JacKson, was born May 15, 1807,
in New York: his mother, Jane (Meek) Jack-
son, was born June 7, 1812, in Ohio. He was
married in Abingdon, Illinois. November 2,
1859, to Rhoda M. Morey. 'who was born Feb-
ruai-y 22. 1843. Their children are: C. P., born
November 30, 1861; A. M., born July 26, 1863;
C. A., born May 26, 1872. Their children are all
married. C. P. Jackson is a manufacturer of
shoes in De Kalb County, and A. M. is a farmer.
Mrs. E. L. Jackson was a school teacher. Her
father was Amos Morey, a Methodist preacher,
who began his ministry in 1853. and died at


^ , jA-rx^^^i-J^


LaFayette, in IS'Jli. Mr. Jackson is a iMetUodisi.
In politics, he is a democrat.

JONES. CHARLES H.; Farmer and Machin-
ist; Lynn Township; born August 8, 18ti4,
at Wooster Ohio; his grandfather, Charles H.
Jones, and his maternal grandparents, J. C. and
Amelia Jaynes, can-.e from England. His par-
ents were Walter N. and Adaline (Jaynes) of
Ohio. He was married in Galva, November 7,
18SS. to Jennie Todd, who was born June 1,
1871. Their children are: Milo Todd, born
December 4, 1890; Vachel Hamilton Todd, born
June 27, 1893; Jennie May, born March 6. 189S.
Mrs. Jones is a member of the Eastern Star.
Lafayette. Mr. Jones owns a farm of one hun-
dred and sixty acres on Section 11, Lynn Town-
ship. In addition, he runs a threshing machine,
a corn sheller. a feed mill, a saw mill, and a
blacksmith shop. Mr. Jones is a Methodist. In
politics, he is a republican.

KERMEEN, R. P.; Farmer; Lynn Township;
where he was born June 20, 1865; grandparents
were James and Mary Kermeen; parents.
James and Julia (Carlett) Kermeen, came from
the Isle of Man (1849), locating at Brirafield,
Peoria County; removed (1858) to Lynn Town-
ship. R. P. Kermeen was born June 20. 18t).5;
educated in common schools: married June 21,
1894, to Anna M. Wade of Henry County; one
child. Frederick Wade, born October 1, 1897.
Mrs. Kermeen was born in the Isle of Man
(1S71) and came to'America (1890); Methodist.
Mr. Kermeen is a democrat, and holds the oflBce
of Road Commissioner.

KEWLEY, EDWARD L.: Farmer: Lynn
Township: born January 11, 1863, in Henry
County, Illinois. His parents were Edward and
Ann (Craine) Kewley, who came from the Isle
of Man: educated in the common schools. He
was married in Henry County. Illinois, Janu-
ary 16. 1889, to Edith H. Clucas. who was born
December 4, 1870, in Henry County. Their chil-
dren are: Myrtle A., born February 12. 1890.
and Margie L., born September 9. 1892. Mr.
Kewley is a member of the I. O. O. F., Lodge
Xo. 408. Galva, and of Maple Grove Grange. No.
1680. Mr. Kewley is a Methodist. In politics,
he is a republican, and nas been a School Di-

NANCE, BURTON F.; Farmer: Lynn Town-
ship; born February 11, 1864, in Wethersfield,
Illinois; educated in Kcwanee and Quincy. His
father was Hiram Nance. M. D.. of New Albany,
Indiana: his mother was Sarah R. (Smith!
Nance of Batavia. Ohio. Mr. Nance's paternal
grandparents were William and Nancy Nance
of Virginia: his maternal gi-andparents. George
and Martha Smith of Ohio, Mr. Nance was
married to Eva JI. Cowden. in Burns Township.
Henry County, Illinois. October 15. 1889. Mr.
and Mrs. Nance have one child, Daisy A., born
January 13, 1891. Mr. Nance is libera! in his
religious belief. In polities, he is a republican.
He holds the office of School Director.

POTTER, GEORGE W.; Farmer: Lynn
Township; born in May, 1843, in Washington
County, Ohio. His father, Joseph Potter, was
born May 19. 1797. in Providence, Rhode Island:

his mother, barah I'otter, was born June 9,
1798, near Parkersburg, West Virginia. George
W. Potter was educated in Ohio. He
was married to Luna J. Jackson, in
Toulon, Illinois, October 28, 1869. Their chil-
dren are: Edgar S., born November 10, 1870:
Fred A., born April 22, 1874; Eva Jane, born
.\ugust 6, 1876; Ada May, born November 22,
1879; Inez L., born February 5, 1884; Sarah E..
born February 7, 1886; George 0., born Decem-
ber 14, 1888; Glen A., born May 21, 1892. Edgar
S., and Eva J., are married and live near Galva.
Illinois. Mr?. Potter is President of the W. R.
C. Corps, No. 19, Galva, Uhuols. Mr. Potter was
a resident of Stark County, during which time
he served on tha School Board. During the
Civil War he enlisted in Company G. One Hun-
dred and Thirty-second Regiment Illinois Vol-
unteers. He has been Commander of the G. A.
R., Post No. 33, for a number of years. Mr.
Potter is a republican.

SELLON, WILLIAM I.: Farmer: Lynn Town-
ship, where he was born September 1, 185:!.
his father, Edward Sellon, was born near Lon-
don, England; his mother, Elizabeth (Charles)
Sellon, came from Wales; his grandmother,
Elizabeth Brown, came from Columbus. Ohio;
he was educated in the public schools. Mr.
Sellon was married to Augusta B. Johnson, in
Stark County, Illinois, February 28, 1877. Their
children are: Claude, born December 19, 1878;
lona Belle, born Jnfy 5, 1881; Jane, born March
9, 1883. Mrs. Sellon was born April 28, 1854.
and is a member of the Relief Corps. Mr. Sel-
lon has a farm of 320 acres of choice land, and
deals largely 'n fine stock. In religion, he is a
Methodist. In politics, he is a republican, ami
has been a School Director.

SHEAHAN, DANIEL W.: Farmer; born Aug-
ust 13. 1843. He came with his parents. John
and Margaret (Goodman) Sheahan, from Sara-
toga County, New York, to Knox County in
1855, settling in Copley Township. He was
married to Sarah J. Brown of Copley Township
in 1856. Their children are: John P., William
W., Albert G., James F.. Francis A., Daniel E..
Adelaide M., and Mary E. In 1862, he enlisted
in Company I One Hundre'd and Second Illinois
Volunteers Infantry. He was First Sergeant.
First I.,ieutenant, and acting Adjutant at the
muster out of his Regiinent. In the Spring of
1873. he went to Nebraska and returned to
Lynn Township in 1881. He is a member of
Walnut Grange. P. of H., No. 16.53, and P. G.
Tait Post, Grand Army of the Republic, of Vic-
toria, Since returning to Illinois he has served
seven years as School Director, and in 1890. was
elected Town Clerk, a position he still holds,
having been elected to the office each year. In
religion. Mr. Sheahan is a Catholic; in politics,
he is independent, though generally voting the
democratic ticket.

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