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April 18, 1860; his widow died March 10, 1896.
The ancestors of the Manleys were in the War
of 1812. In politics, Mr. Evans is a republican.

EVANS, WILLFARD (deceased): Knoxville;
Farmer; born March 27, 1814, in Virginia. His
parents were John Evans, born in Virginia, and
Nancy Hathorn. November 17, 1845, Wilfred
Evans was married to Eleanor Rambo in

Knoxville; they had eight children: Allen T.;
Nancy M., deceased; Alice A.; Almeria E., de-
ceased; Sarah C, deceased; Emma S.; Ida A.,
deceased; and Luella. Mrs. Eleanor Evans'
father, Reuben Ranibo, was born in Virginia
and was well educated. He married Charity
Haptonstall, in Greenbriar County, Virginia.
They had nine children: Allen T. ; Sarah and
Rachel, twins; Abram; Margaret; Eleanor;
Malinda; Mary A.; and Fannie M. The parents
are deceased. In politics, Mr. Evans was a re-

FUNK, DAVID H.; Contractor and Builder;
Knoxville; born in Pennsylvania, April 23, 1854.
His parents, John and Mary A. (Moyer) Funk,
were married m Pennsylvania, September 11,
1849. They had eight children: Sarah E., David
H., Louis Calvin, Melinda H., Molly J., Emma,
Fannie L. and Ida R.; Mary A. died in 1868, and
John in 1891. David H. Funk was educated in
Pennsylvania. He married Georgia E. Missen
in Peoria, April 22, 1883. There were five chil-
dren: Harry W., who died in his first year;
Jessie M.; E. Lillian; G. Doris; and Mable F.
Mr. Funk is a Presbyterian.

HANER, GEORGE W.; Knoxville; Restaur-
ant; born August 15, 1869. in Orange Town-
ship; educated in the Knoxville High School.
His father, Simon Haner. was born in Pennsyl-
vania March 30, 1825; his mother, Lucy A.
(Cooll), was born near Gettysburg; his paternal
and his maternal grandfathers, Jacob Haner
and Peter Cooll, were natives of Pennsylvania.
His maternal grandmother was Anna (Lawver).
Simon and Lucy A. (Cooll) Haner had ten chil-
dren, seven of whom are living: Molly, Amanda,
Eli F., Samuel, Anna L., Emma, George W.
Amanda is now Mrs. Weaver, and has one son.
Floyd. Eli F. married Louisa Smith; they have
four children: Florence, Lee, Harold and Wini-
fred. Samuel married Hattie Miller; they had
one daughter. Murl M. Anna L. is now Mrs.
Albin Haskell; she has one daughter, Lola F.
Emma is married to John M. Lewis; they have
four children: Lettie, Agnes. Myrtle and For-
rest L. Simon Haner died October 15. 1887; his
widow survives him. The ancestry of the fam-
ily was German. March 1, 1893, George W.
Haner was married to Anna M. Dawson in
Galesburg. They have one child, L. Earle. In
politics, Mr. Haner is a democrat.

HANSFORD. DR. CHARLES, was one of the
first County Commissioners, and the earliest
physician in Knox County, having settled here
in 1829. He was born in Kanawha County, Vir-
ginia, in 1801. He came to Galena at an early
date, and from there to Henderson Grove and
thence, in 1833, to Knoxville, where he died in
1852. His wife. Eliza, and one child. Ellen, sur-
vived him. He had a very large practice, em-
ploying, it is said, three teams and two drivers,
and riding incessantly day and night, for weeks
at a time. He represented his district in the
Legislature during one session, and was one
of the most popular men in the county. His
life and work are worthy of more extended
mention, but, unfortunately, his history is now




HOLTON, FREDERICK; Knoxville; Shoe-
maker, aud Night Watchman lor the Chicago,
Burliugton and Quincy Railroad; born Novem-
ber 20, 1836, in Frederick County, Maryland;
educated in Ohio. Mr. Holton's parents, Thomas
and Cordelia (Petticord) Holton, were natives
of Maryland; his paternal grandfather, Thomas
Holton, came from the North of Ireland. The
family came to the United States before the
Revolution, and Thomas Holton (the grand-
father) and his brother served in that war.
Thomas Holton (the father) was a soldier in the
War of 1S12. Frederick Holton enlisted May
23, 1S61, in Company B, Illinois Volunteers,
and was aonorably discharged at the close of the
war. He is a member of James Shields' Post,
No. 45, Grand Army of the Republic, Galesburg,
Illinois. In May, 1866, Mr. Holton was married
in Missouri to Mrs. Emily (Milsted) Prenatt;
they have had four children: Sarah S. (now
Mrs. H. W. Wilson), George W., Howard J. and
Frederick I. Frederick I. died at the age of
twenty-seven. In religion, Mr. Holton is a
Nominal Protestant. He is a republican.

HOPPER, SAMUEL H.; Mine Owner and
Farmer; Knox Township; born in Washington
County Indiana, November 16, 1835; educated
in the district schools. The ancestry of the fam-
ily on the paternal side is English, on the ma-
ternal side, Scotch. The paternal grandpar-
ents, Zachariah and Polly (Leatherwood) Hop-
per, were natives of England; the former was
a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Mr. Hop-
per's father, Charles Hopper, was a native of
North Carolina, and his mother, Mary (Hender-
son), came from Kentucky. Mr. Hopper was
the oldest of eleven children: Samuel H.,
Thomas Jefferson, Frances M., James E.,
Zachariah P., John W., Sarah E., Aquila,
Charles B., William W. and Perry H. Charles
Hopper, Sr., died in 1881, his wife died in 1885.
Thomas J. was a soldier in Company A, Fifty-
ninth Illinois Volunteers, and was killed at
Stone River, Tennessee. Frances M. married
John Hester, who died in 1879. Her second mar-
riage was with John M. Mitchell, of Arkansas;
they have one son, W. Samuel. Mr. Hopper
was married to Elizabeth Caulkins, August 19,
1863, in Knoxville; they have two children: S.
Elmer and Mary 0. The latter married Jesse
Reynolds; they have three sons: Harold, Don
and Earl. Mr. Hopper was in the Black Hawk
Indian War, and August 1, 1862, he enlisted in
Company F, Eighty-sixth Illinois Volunteers,
and was honorably discharged the latter part of
1863. In politics, he is a democrat.

JOHNSON, JOHN H.; Knoxville; teacher of
Automatic Penmanship; born in Knox Town-
ship. December 3, 1869. His parents, Swen and
Nellie (Nelsdotter) Johnson, were born in
Sweden, as were also his paternal and maternal
grandfathers, John Swens m and Peter Nydahl.
March 30, 1892. in Altona, Mr. Johnson was
married to Ida C. Quick, daughter of Charles J.
and Frederica (Carlson) Quick, both of whom
were natives of Sweden. Mr. Quick was born
April 10, 1823, and was educated in his native
land. Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs.

Quick: G. Alfrsd, Frank W., Cliarles G., Claus,
Andrew, Ausust, Otto, Ida C, and Anna L. The
ancestry is Swedish on both sides. Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson are members of the Lutheran Church,
in which Mr. Johnson is Secretary and Deacon.
They have two children: Hulda C. A. and Nel-
lie F. Mr. Johnson is a republican.

KNOX, JAMES, was born July 4, 1807, in
Montgomery County, New York, and was the
son of James and Nancy (Ehle) Knox. He died
October 9, 1876, at his home in Knoxville, Illi-
nois, and was buried in the cemetery in that
city. He studied at Hamilton Academy, in
Madison County, New York, and entered Ham-
ilton College in 1827, where he remained one
year. He matriculated at Yale University in
1828, and graduated in 1830. He then studied
law with Maynard and Spencer, in Utica, New
Y"ork, and was admitted to the Bar in 1833. In
1836, he came to Knoxville and entered his
brother's store, which he managed after the
latter's death, in 1839. He was a member of the
Constitutional Convention of 1848; and in 1852,
and again in 1854, was elected to Congress as a
whig. In Congress, he was Chairman of the
Committee on Roads and Canals. He was pub-
lic-spirited, and was the first President of the
Peoria and Oquawka Railroad. He bequeathed
a large sum to found an agricultural school in
Knoxville. This money was to be available only
in case $40,000 in addition should be subscribed
in Knox County for the school. As this was
not done, the bequest reverted to Y'ale and
Hamilton colleges and to St. Mary's School. His
evefcight failing, he made several visits to Ber-
lin for relief, in 1861, from 1865 to 1869, and
again in 1872-73. In 1S40 he married Prudence
H. Blish, who died in 1846, leaving no children.

LACY. PETER; Knoxville; Retired Farmer
and Lumber Merchant; born November 27, 1830,
in Ohio, where he received his education. His
parents were Enos L. Lacy, born in West Vir-
ginia, and Sarah (Wright), born in Clinton
County, Ohio. His paternal grandparents were
John J. Lacy, born in West Virginia, and Ruth
(Clevinger) ; his maternal grandfather was Abel
Wright. September 24, 1855, he was married
in Ohio to Lacinda Woodmansee, daughter of
George and Eliza (Olcraft) Woodmansee. They
had six children: Sarah L., George L., Laura
B., Retta J., Charles A. and Enos R. Sarah L.
was married to Alonzo T. Steele; they have six
children: Ella A., Arthur Roy, William, Harley,
Lucinda and Fay. George L. was married to
OIlie Russell; they have four children: Retta,
Clarence, Thomas and Mary. Laura B. mar-
ried Edward McElwain: they have two chil-
dren: Jennie and Ortie. Retta J. was mar-
ried first to Albert W. Young; they had one
daughter. Lulu. Mr. Young died in February,
1892. His widow was married to Samuel V.
Hannam; they have one daughter, Clara.
Charles A. married Elizabeth Russell; they have
two children: Francelia and Carl. Enos R.
married Jessie Wilson; they have one son,
Ralph. George and Eliza (Olcraft) Woodman-
see had ten children who grew to maturity:
Thomas, Mary, Lucinda, LeRoy, Adeline,



George, Xenophon, Francelia, Lorena and
Alonzo. Mr. Woodmansee died in li^j; his
widow is still living. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy are
members of the Episcopal Church. Mr. Lacy
has held the office of Alderman. In politics,
he is a democrat.

LANDER, JOHN O.; Knoxville; Merchant;
born in Sweden, September 26, 1S3S, where he
was educated. His parents were natives of
Sweden; his father was Olof Johnson; they had
twelve children, tour of whom are still living:
Johanna; Rev. H. Olson; Pernella, now Mrs.
Anderson; and John 0. April 15, 1867, in Knox-
ville, Mr. Lander was married to Else John-
son. They have had six children: Clara A.,
Luther A., Louisa A., Ernest J., Emma F. and
Nellie G. Clara A. married Rev. H. P. Ottoson;
Louisa A. married Alvin Anderson, and they
have one daughter, Margaret L.; Luther A.
married Elizabeth VanGilder, and they have one
son, Harvey. Ernest J. is a student in Michigan
University, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mr. Lander's
father died about 1864, and his mother died
soon after. Mr. Lander enlisted July, 1862. in
Company E, Eighty-third Illinois Volunteers,
and was honorably discharged at the close of
the war. He is a member of G. W. Trafton
Post, No. 239. of Knoxville, Grand Army of the
Republic, Department of Illinois. Mr. and Mrs.
Lander are members, of the Lutheran Church.
In politics, he is a republican.

LINDSEY, CHARLES D.; Knoxville, where he
was educated; clerk in clothing house; born
in Knox County February IS, 1864. Mr. Lind-
sey's father, Charles R. Lindsey, was a native of
Mason County, Virginia; his mother, Mary A.
(Post), was born in St. Louis, Missouri. His
paternal grandfather, Rowland Lindsey, was a
native of Maine; his paternal grandmother,
was Phebe (Russell), of Chautauqua County,
New York. Charles R. Lindsey came to Knox-
ville in 1838. He was born January 23, 1822,
in Virginia, where he was educated, and where
he was for many years a farmer. He married
his first wife, Caroline Armsbury, in Iroquois
County, Illinois, in 1843; she died eight months
later. His second marriage was with Mary A,
Post, October 5, 1848, in Monmouth, Warren
County. They nad ten children, six of whom
grew to maturity: John T,, Martha D., Kellum
P., Corrien, Charles D. and Mary E. John T.
was married to Sarah Smith; they have eight
children: C. Edwin, Robert B., Margaret C,
Arthur McLellau, Harry, Simeon, Ray, Martha
L. Martha D. married Henry Masters. Kellum
P. was married to Ada Corbin: they have three
children: Ezra, Nellie and Francis. Corrien
was married to John B. Evans: they have five
children: Jennie M., Jessie L., Julia F., J. Clif-
ford and Tede M. Mary E. married William
Stotts; they have two sons. Paul Sheldon and
Phillip Brook. Mr. Lindsey died February 4,
1899; his widow is still living. Her father,
Ezra Post, was born in Greene County, New
York, in li'ST. In 1812, he was married to Pat-
tie Pratt: she was born in Rensselearville, Al-
bany County, New York, in 1792. Eight children
were born to them: Melinda, Rubble A., Dor-

linske, John C, Albion, Mary A., Ezra and
S. Croghan. The family came to St. Louis,
Missouri, in 1825, and moved to this State in
1836. Mr. Post died in 1853; his widow died
November 28, 1881. Mr. Post was a soldier in
the War of 1812. The ancestry was Scotch and
Welsh. Charles D. Lindsey is a member of
Horatio Lodge, No. 362, Knights of Pythias,
also of Camp No. 411, Modern Woodmen of
America, and of the Minor of Honor, Grim
Shaft No. 1; he is one of the Supreme Board
of Directors. May 11, 1887, Mr. Lindsey was
married to Anna Nelson in Oneida; they have
had three children: Hazel B. (died in infancy),
C. Willard and Nelson. Mr. Lindsey is a mem-
ber of the Presbyterian Church. In politics,
he is a democrat.

MASTERS, DAVID; Knoxville; Contractor
and builder; born in Maryland July 15, 1845;
educated in Maryland and Pennsylvania. His
parents, Conrad Masters and Sarah C. Shen-
burger, wers natives of Germany. They had
eight children: Henrietta, William, John,
Henry, Kate and David (twins), Elizabeth and
George. Conrad Masters died in 1891, but his
widow survives. The ancestry of the family
is German on Doth sides. December 24, 1874,
David Masters was married to Mary J. Haner
in Knoxville; they have had four children:
Cora E.; Harvey D. ; L. Myrtle, who died in
her twentieth year; and Edna M. Mr. Masters
is a Presbyterian. In politics, he is a democrat.

MASTERS, HENRY; Farmer; Knox Town-
ship; born in Maryland July 26, 1843: educated
in the common schools. His father, Conrad
Masters, was a native of Germany, and his
mother, Catherine Shenberger, was born in
York County, Pennsylvania, January 14, 1873,
Henry Masters was married in Knox Township
to Martha D, Lindsey. They have had seven
children: Charles, who died at the age of eight;
Mary K.; Emma F.; Harley C; Henry C; and
two who died in infancy. Mrs. Masters' father,
Charles R. Lindsey, was born in Virginia; he
was married to Mary Post. They had ten chil-
dren. Mrs. Lindsey is still living. The ancestry
of the family is German, Scotch, Welsh and
Irish. Mr. Masters is a member of Knoxville
Lodge, No. 66, A. F. and A. M.; also of Eureka
Chapter, Yates City, No. 98, R. A. M. In poli-
tics, he is an independent democrat, and has
held the office of School Director.

McWILLIAMS, DAVID: Knoxville; Retired
Farmer; born in Knox County, April 7, 1846;
educated in the common schools. His parents,
Robert and Margaret (Thurman) McWilliams,
were natives of Ohio. His paternal grand-
father, Samuel McWilliams, was from Pennsyl-
vania; his maternal grandfather, John Thur-
man, was from Virginia. His ancestry is
Scotch, French and Swedish, January 11, 1866,
in Knox Coun

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