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1828, and to Elba Township in 1832. The chil-
dren born to Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were: Dor-
othy Charlotte, born July 29, 1858; Daniel Web-
ster, born November 9, 1859, died April 14, 1860;
William Albert, born May 4, 1862, died January
12, 1866; Mary Eveline, born August 1, 1865, died
May 16, 1866; Rosa May. born May 27, 1867;
Charles Edwin, born October 27, 1869; Clara
Bell, born May 27, 1872; and Martha Elice, born
October 30, 1875. Dorothy Charlotte was mar-
ried to Andrew Riordon in August, 1877; they
have one child, Bessie, who was married to B.
Hunter in 1894. Charles married Minnie Ral-
ston, whose father was a soldier in the Civil
War, One Hundred and Second Regiment, Illi-
nois Volunteers.

Politically, Mr. Kennedy is a democrat. He
takes an interest in education, and the first
school meeting of the District was held, and
the School Board was organized, in his house.
He has been School Director eighteen years and
has held the office of Road Commissioner. He is
a Royal Arch Mason, Eureka Chapter, No. 97,
Yates City. In 1866 he introduced short-horn-
cattle into Elba Township, and in 1881 he com-
pleted his herd by purchases from J. R. Gay,
of Versailles, Kentucky, and thus became the
owner of the first herd of short-horn cattle in
that township. His herd has numbered as high
as one hundred and twenty-six, and he now
has one hundred head. Sales have been made
in thirteen different States at remunerative
prices, one animal having brought six hundred
and sixty dollars. Mr. Kennedy has a fine farm
of four hundred and eighty acres of land in
Elba Township, owns two hundred and eignty
acres elsewhere, and has a good residence and
other substantial buikMngs. He is a prosperous


John E. Lindzey, son of William and Hannah
Lindzey, was born in England, October 19, 1828,
and came with the family to Vermont. The
Lindzeys were engaged in cotton and woolen
mills in England and in this country, and were
expert in their vocation. The family removed
from Vermont to Illinois and settled in Fulton
County. George E., one of the sons, lives in
Farmington, Illinois. In 1872, John E. Lindzey
came to Knox County and settled on a farm of
one hundred and sixty acres. He was a School
Director nine years, and took a deep interest in
educational work. Politically, he was a demo-
crat. He was married in Knoxville, August 22,
1873, to Mrs. Kiziah Chapman, daughter of Wil-
liam and Rebecca (Sharp) Gray, and widow of
John Chapman. Mr. Gray's parents were Jacob
Gray, of New Jersey, and Mary (Shrieves)
Gray, of Maryland. His paternal grand-

father was William Gray, of New
Jersey, and his mother's father was
Barton Shrieves, who was born in Mary-
land, and died in Knox County, Illinois. Mr.
Gray was born in Bedford County, Pennsyl-
vania, November 24, 1821, and was married in
Clinton" County, Ohio, February 23, 1843, to
Rebecca Sharp, daughter of John W. and Kiziah
(Brewer) Sharp. Thirteen children were born
to them: Mrs. Kiziah Lindzey, John Wesley,
James Madison, Mrs. Mary A. Chapman, Francis
M., David H., Mrs. Margaret E. Logan (de-
ceased), Joseph M., Alice (deceased), Mrs. Eliza
Byers, George E., Charles E. and Frank P. Mr.
Gray was by occupation, a farmer; in politics, a
democrat. In the year 1851 he removed from
Highland County, Ohio, to Knox County, Illi-
nois, and settled in Maquon Township. He lived
four years in Iowa. His wife died in 1885 in
Knoxville, and his home has been in Douglas,
Salem Township, since 1896.

John Chapman, the first husband of Mrs.
Lindzey, was the son of John and Ann Chap-
man. There were four children born to John,
and Kiziah (Gray) Chapman: Florence May,
who died August 25, 1888, M. Nettie, Francis and
Rebecca Ann.

The children of John E. and Kiziah (Gray
Chapman) Lindzey were eight in number: Har-
riet Jane (deceased), Maud, William C, George
A., Alma Edith, Blanche, Bruce and Emma C.
Since the death of her second husband, Mrs.
Lindzey, with the assistance of her sons, has
managed her farm of one hundred and sixty
acres, which is located in Elba Township. She
has a beautiful residence, and the farm is well
stocked with a herd of twenty-five cattle and
numbers of swine and horses. Mrs. Lindzey
was born in Ohio, March 22, 1849; was educated
in the common schools, and is a Methodist.


Jacob M. Oberholtzer was born in Elba Town-
ship, Knox County. Illinois, March 14, 1845. His
paternal grandfather, Samuel, came from Ger-
many to Ohio, where he was a farmer. He was
married three times, and had a family of
twenty-one children. He died near Findlay,
Hancock County, Ohio. His son Henry, father
of Jacob M., was born in Ohio, and came with
Samuel Tucker to Elba Township. Soon after-
ward, having married Mr. Tucker's daughter
Martha, and being a farmer, he settled on a
farm of sixty-eight acres, in Section 3, and pur-
chased forty acres in an adjoining township.
He was a good neighbor, a democrat, and a
member of the Presbyterian Church. He died
in the Spring of 1865. His widow resides in
Yates City.

Jacob M., the son of Henry and Martha
(Tucker) Oberholtzer, received his education in
the country schools. He was married October
28, 1869, to Laura A., daughter of Moses and
Cynthia (Walker) Wheeler, who came to Knox
County, in 1856: they were prominent members
of the Baptist Church; they died at the home
farm in Elba Township, at the age of seventy-

-^ f 7P f -As^,-^^"-zJ^A



six and sixty-seven years, respectively. Laura
A. was born September 15. 1849.

Mr. and Mrs. Oberholtzer have six children:
Elza W., born February 22. 1872; Lloyd H.,
born February 5, 1874: Oliver T., born August
21, 1876; Blanche B., born September 19. 1878;
Forest E., born August 19, ISSl, died September
8, 1883, and Hubert W., born June 14, 18S6.

Following the vocation of his father and
grandfather,' Mr. Oberholtzer became a farmer.
After his marriage he rented farms in different
places, but finally located on the old Wheeler
homestead, which he improved, and now has a
fine farm of four hundred and fifty-seven acres
in the northwestern part of the township, on
which he raises stock extensively.

Mr. and Mrs. Oberholtzer are members of the
Methodist Episcapal Church. He is a demo-
crat, and has been Collector of Taxes three
years, Assessor two years, and is Supervisor of
Elba Township at the present time.

ADAMS, ALFRED G.; Farmer: Elba Town-
ship; born in Lawrence County, Illinois, Aug-
ust 5, 1833; educated in the common schools.
His father was Samuel Adams of Tennessee,
and his mother was Elizabeth (Chenowith)
Adams of Kentucky; his maternal grandparents
were Absalom and Duval Chenowith. Mr.
Adams was married in Lawrence County, De-
cember 1. 1859, to Matilda Bardon. She was
born May 15, 1833. and was the daughter of
John and Nancy (Melton) Bardon, now de-
ceased. Mr. and Mrs. Adams' children are:
Charles Francis (adopted), born June 18, 1860;
James Wesley, born October 3, 1860; Fanny
Jane, born March 17, 1863; Samuel Winfield,
born March 12, 1868. Mr. Adams has a large
and productive stock farm of two hundred and
eighty acres in Section 20. He is a democrat,
and was Road Commissioner for eighteen
years. Constable for six years, and Assessor for
two terms. He is a member of Germania
Lodge, No. 448. Yates City. His father was
Colonel in the Black Hawk War. Samuel W.
Adams was married to Kittle Wilson. They
have two children, Forest Glenn and James

ADAMS, WILSON: Farmer: Elba Township;
born December 8, 1843, in Franklin County,
Ohio; educated in the common schools. His
parents were William L. and Nancy J. (Timons)
Adams of Delaware and Ohio, respectively. He
was born in Salem Township December 21, 1865,
to Rebecca J. Kerns. She was born October
23, 1846. and is a daughter of Alex and Matilda
Kerns, who are deceased. Their children are:
Frank Leslie, born September 23, 1866; Effa C,
born July 20, 1868. died April 9. 1870. Mr.
Adams came with his father in 1847 to Knox
County and to Yates City in 1861. He enlisted
in Company F, Sixty-seventh Illinois Volun-
teers. After the war ne was harness maker for
twenty-two years and ran a hotel in Yates City
for ten years. He now has a farm of eighty
acres in Section 3. He is a member of Ma-
sonic Lodge, No. 448. Yates City, of Royal Arrh
Chapter, No. 98, and of O. E. S.. Chapter No.
256. Mr. Adams is a republican in politics.

ADAMS, ZIBa: Farmer and carpenter; Elba
'lownship; boin in Luzerne County, Pennsyl-
vania, September 10, 1820; educated in the com-
mon schools. His father was Hazard Adams of
Connecticut, and the mother, was Elizabeth
Adams, of Pennsylvania. He was married in
Knox County, April 8, 1847, to Lelilah GuletL
She was born December 18, 1828. Their chil-
dren are: Barbara Elizabeth, born December
1, 1848; Mary Anna, born January 5, 1854; An-
geline, born October 25, 1852, died December 26,
1856; Villa M., born September 22, 1858; John
A., born October 22, 1863; Austin, born October
3, 1806; Claude May, born December 16, 1871.
Mr. Adams took the overland trip to California
in 1852, and returned to Elba Township in 1854.
He has an excellent farm of one thousand acres
in Sections 17-18, and raises stock and horses.
He was a practical carpenter tor thirty years.
His grandfather was with Marion during the
Revolutionary War. Mr. Adams is a member
of the Methodist Church. In politics, he is a

Township; born in Pennsylvania April 6, 1853.
His parents. William H. Baird, born April 6,
1820. and Elizabeth J. (Farwell) came from
Pennsylvania. His paternal grandparents were
Benjamin and Ellen Baird, the former a na-
tive of Pennsylvania. His maternal grandpa-
rents were James and Permelia Farwell. natives
of Pennsylvania. September 17, 1874, Mr. Baird
was married in Kickapoo, Peoria County, to
Adelia J. Brown; she was born in Kickapoo
February 25, 18.^1, and was the daughter of
Jeremiah and Jeniimah Brown. They had three
children: Grace E., born September 8, 1876,
died July 11. 1890; Byron L., born November
22, 1877; Ralph O., born September 8, 1SS3. Mrs.
Baird's parents are dead. Mr. Baird came from
Pennsylvania with his father in 1856, and set-
tled in the township of Elba, on a farm on the
same section, which is still his home. He is on
Section 4, southeast quarter, which is on the
main road between Williamsfield and Yates City.
He is a large raiser of horses and hogs. His son.
Byron, has a good education and is now with
a real estate firm in Iowa. Ralph is on the
farm. Mr. Baird was Supervisor from Decem-
ber. 1889, until April, 1893. In politics, he is a

BAIRD, W. S.; Farmer; Williamsfield, Elba
Town.-ihip; born November 12. 1859, in Elba
Township; educated at Hedding College, Abing-
don, Illinois. His parents, William H. Baird
and Elizabeth (Farwell) were born in Clinton
County. His paternal grandfather was Henry
Baird; his maternal grandfather, Farwell, was
a native of Pennsylvania. January 18, 1883. he
was married in Elba Township, to Clara I. Sher-
man. She was born July 26. 1864, and is a daugh-
ter of John W. and Ann Maria (Bradford) Sher-
man. There are two children. Edith L., born
January 8. 1884, and Floyd S., born August 31,
1886. Mrs. Baird's parents are living in Elba
Township. Mr. Baird has a fine farm of two
hundred and nineteen acres on Section 4. Elba


Township, where his father lived for thirty-five

BOWHAY, D. L.; Farmer; Elba Township;
born December 10, 1S59, in Elba Township;
educated in common schools. His parents, Jo-
seph and Elizabeth (Householder) Bowhay,
were born in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The
father moved first to Peoria, then to Elba Town-
ship, and in 1SS3, to southeastern Nebraska.
Mr. D. L. Bowhay was married at Yates City
January 20, 1887, to M. A. Peck; she was born
May 12, 1859, and was the daughter of Moses
and Catherine (Egolff) Peck. They have one
child, H. C. Bowhay, born April 5, 1890. The
parents of Mrs. Bowhay lived in Knox County;
they are deceased. Mr. Bowhay is a well-to-do
farmer. He is a democrat, and has been Col-
lector for Elba Township.

Township; born May 8, 1831, in Stourport, Wor-
cestershire, England. He was educated in night
schools, and served four years at lithographic
printing in Manchester, England. He came to
America in 1855, residing in Peoria County till
1864, when he came to Knox County. His father
was Edward H. Broadfield, who was born in
Shropshire, England, February 21, 1800, and
died September 11, 1880. His mother, Mary
Ann (Rowley) Broadfield, was born in Wor-
cestershire, England, June 6, 1S06, and died
September 22, 1881. His grandparents were
Edward H. and Frances Broadfield, of Shrop-
shire, England. E. H. Broadfield was married
in Peoria April 12, 1864, to Mary J. Crandall,
who was born March 15, 1844, in Peoria County,
and is a daughter of Zane and Mary (Johnson)
Crandall. Their children are: Edward H., born
January 14. 1865; Walter, born September 12,
1866; William H., born October 2, 1868; Arthur,
born January 2, 1871; Frank, born December
6, 1873; John, born January 26, 1876; Lyman,
born July 28, 1878; George H., born September
25, 1&80; Ada, born January 17, 1883; and Nel-
lie, born September 3, 1885. Mr. Broadfield has
a fine farm of one hundred and sixty acres on
Section lu, and a good residence. He has re-
sided on this farm for thirty-one years. He
raises stock of all kinds, and various kinds of
fruit. He has been Road Commissioner eighteen
years. In politics, he is independent. In 1894,
Mr. Broadfield visited England.

COWELL, J. C; Farmer; Elba Township;
born December 25, 1860, in Henry County. Illi-
nois; his father, Thomas Cowell, was born in
the Isle of Man, July 14, 1827; his mother. Olive
(Kimball) Cowell, was born in Knox County,
July 5, 1837 His grandparents were John and
Susan (Corlet) Cowell, natives of the Isle of
Man. He was educated in the common schools.
Mr. Cowell was married in Peoria February 19,
1885, to Nettie Slocum. She was born in Peoria
County, September 26, 1861. and is the daugh-
ter of John C. and Margaret Slocum. who live
in Peoria County. The children of Mr. and
Mrs. Cowell are: Raymond, born March 29,
1886; Ethel Pearl, born April 8, 1888; Ralph
Earl, born June 16, 1890. The father of Mr.
Cowell came to America in 1846. and settled

on Section 5, Elba Township, where he has a
farm of one hundred and twenty acres. Mr.
Cowell owns a good farm of one hundred and
five acres on Section 5, and raises stock and
good horses. He is a democrat.

FARWELL, ROBERT E,; Farmer; Elba
Township; born January 12, 1855, in Clinton
County, Pennsylvania; educated in the common
schools. His parents were Lemuel M. and Nancy
S. (Burney) Farwell, of Clinton County, Penn-
sylvania. His paternal grandparents were James
and Permeiia Farwell of Pennsylvania; his ma-
ternal grandparents were James Burney of
Scotland, and Sarah (Perry) Burney of Penn-
sylvania. Mr. Farwell was married at Gales-
burg, September 18, 1879, to Mary A. Eastman,
who was born in Peoria, Illinois, June 12, 1860;
she was the daughter of Charles P., and Mary
(VanPelt) Eastman. Their children are: Orin
W.. born July 12, 1880; Lemuel M., born De-
cember 22, 1881, died July 24, 1890; Roscoe H.,
born April 8, 1884; Ada L., born January 29,
1886; John A., born November 24, 1887, died
March 23, 1889. Mrs. Farwell is a Methodist,
and a member of the Eastern Star in Williams-
field. Mr. Farwell came to Elba Township in
1877. He has a farm of two hundred and ten
acres, on Section 4. and raises stock. Mr. Far-
well is a believer in the Universalist faith. In
politics, he is a democrat.

GOODING, DANIEL; Farmer; Elba Town-
ship; born October 7, 1858, in Newark, Essex
County, New Jersey; educated in the common
schools; his father, Peter Gooding of Germany,
was born January 18, 1807, and died May 26, 1891;
his mother, Elizabeth (Dimphle) Gooding, was
born in France, November 13, 1814; the parents
came to America in 1834, remaining at Newark,
New Jersey, for a time, settling in Illinois in
1860. Mr. Gooding was married to Mary Baird,
January 8, 1880, in Elba Township. She was Dorn
in Elba Townshit). May 12, 1860; her parents
were Adam and Rebecca Baird, who are living
in Elba Township. Their children are: Her-
man, born October 16, 1889, died August 3, 1890;
and Floyd B., born July 24, 1891. Mr. Gooding
has a fine farm of one hundred and sixty acres,
with good buildings; he raises stock. He is a
republican, and has been Justice of the Peace
and Road Commissioner.

HANNAH, DAVID; Farmer; Elba Township;
born October 12, 1847. Educated in the common
schools. His parents were James and Sarah
(McKenney) Hannah of Scotland; James Han-
nah is deceased. David Hannah was married
in Haw Creek Township, February 6. 1873, to
Olive Harshberger, she was born May 27, 1853.
Their children are: Clyde H., born November
30, 1873; Pearl O., born January 3, 1876; Glenn
I., born December 22, 1878; Delia L., born Janu-
ary 31, 1884; Forrest D., born August 13, 1888,
died in January, 1892; Rollin F., born November
1, 1892; Eva Pauline, born March 7, 1895. Pearl
and Glenn are teachers. Mr. Hannah has a
fine residence and a farm of three hundred and
twenty acres on Section 8. He is an extensive
raiser of stock. Mr. Hannah is a republican.
He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, at




Williamsfiela. and a member of the Miner of

HURLBUTT, DEAN C; Farmer; Elba
Township; born in Dalton, New Hampshire,
February 13, 1834; educated in common schools.
His father was Asa Hurlbutt of Waterford,
Vermont; his mother, Mary (Jones i Hurlbutt,
and his grandmother, Mary Jones, came from
New Hampshire. He was married in Truro
Township to Biizabe^th Lambert. She was
born in Indiana and died in 18S9. Their chil-
dren are: Mary A., died April 1, 1881; and
Julia A., died November 6, 1879, aged nineteen
years. Mary A. was married to Guy Davis and
had one child, Roy H., who is living with his
grandparents. Mr. Hurlbutt has a farm of
twelve hundred acres and a fine residence on
Section 17. He is a good business manager
and a model farmer. Mr. Hurlbutt is a re-
publican, and has been Supervisor.

Elba Township; born September 22. 1864, in
Elba Township; educated in Eugene; his
grandparents, Evan L. and Love (Walker) Kim-
ler, came from Virginia; his father. John H.
Kimler, was born in Indiana, November 7,
1825, and died November 12, ISSS; his mother,
Mary Jane (Lane) Kimler, of Kentucky, was
born in 1830; her father was William Lane of
Virginia. Mr. Kimler was married in Yates
City, Illinois, July 10, 1SS4, to Martha V.
Adams. She was born in Pennsylvania June 7,
1865, and was the daughter of C. C. and Martha
Ann (Blane) Adams; the father was born in
Pennsylvania in lS2ti, and the mother was born
in 1831, and died in 1S79. The children of Mr.
and Mrs. Kimler are: Forest B., born Decem-
ber 30, 1885; Wrongnel M.. born January 28,
1888; Carrie, born November 19. 1890, died
March 23, 1895; Charles Walker, born March
27, 1893; Courtney W., born February 9, 1895;
and Dallie D.. born December 29, 1897. Mr.
Kimler has an excellent farm of one huhdred
and sixty acres and fine buildings on Section
11. He is a democrat, and is Road Commis-
sioner and School Director; he is a member of
the I. 00. O. F., No. 370. Yates City. Mr. Kim-
ler has been a coal miner.

POTTS, JULIA E.; Farmer; Elba Township;
born January 19. 1835. in Tioga County, Penn-
sylvania; educated in the common schools. -She
was married June 7. 1854. in Bradford County,
Pennsylvania, to H. H. Potts, who was born
in Pennsylvania in 1828 and came to Elba Town-
ship in 1858, and located on Section 8. He was
Tax Collector. Road Commissioner and School
Director. He was a Knight Templar. He died
December 16, 1895. Mrs. Potts's parents were
Moses and Cynthia (Walker) Wheeler; the
father was born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania,
the mother in New Hampshire. They are de-
ceased. Her paternal grandparents were Moses
Wheeler of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and
Elizabeth (Taylor) Wheeler of New York; her
maternal grandparents were Isaac and Polly
Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Potts's children are:
Willis N.; Isaac J.; Nellie J.; Flora A.; Frank
E.; Walter b.; Effie B.; Fred W.; and Jessie

M., deceased. There are four children at home.
Mrs. Potts hag aa excellent farm of three hun-
dred and twenty-live acres, and a fine resi-
dence. She raises much stock.

Township; born August 12, 1858, in Elba Town-
ship; educated in the common schools. His
parents were Robert and Mary Shelton of Eng-
land; the father was born March 20, 1814, and
is still living; the mother was born in 1829.
and died in 1889; the grandfather was Isaac
Shelton of England. He was married December
19, 1879, at Yaiss City, Illinois, to Nellie Roop.
She was born in Yates City October 10. 1862. and
is the daughter of Barnet and Ellen Roop. The
father died in 1892, the mother lives in Peoria.
They were Methodists. The children of Mr.
and Mrs. Shelton are: Delia, born September
3, 1880; Minna, born December 13, 1882; and
Mary, who aied when three years old. Mr.
Shelton has a farm of two hundred and forty
acres, which is well improved. He is a stock
raiser and Dreeder. He is a member of the
United Woodmen of America, No. 301, Yates
City. Mr. Shelton is a democrat.

SMITH, WILLIAM H.; Farmer and stock
raiser; Elba Township, where he was born Sep-
tember 16, 1847; educated in the common
schools. His father. Seth Smith, was born in
North Carolina in 1811, came to Yates City in
1835, and died in Adams County, Iowa, July 25,
1887; his mother, Mary (George) Smith, was
born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and died Septem-
ber 16, 1891. His paternal grandfather, William
Smith, was born in Ireland, and his grand-
mother, Sarah (Phillips) Smith, was born in
New Jersey. His maternal grandparents were
born in Tennessee. William H. Smith was
married at Knowille. January 31. 1872. to Anna
Eliza Carothers, who was born in Elba Town-
ship, July 2, 1854, daughter of John and Eliza
(Oudirkirk) Carothers, who came from Schenec-
tady, New York; both are deceased. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith have six children: Lillie E.. born
December 3, 1872; Hattie E.. born January 12,
1875; Maud M.. born June 10. 1877; Edith G.,
born January 14, 1880; Fred L., born October
23, 1884; and Hazel M.. born April 21, 1892. Mr.
Smith has a farm of three hundred acres on
Sections 5 and 9. He is a member of the I. O.
0. F., Lodge No. 73, Yates City. In politics, he
is a republican, and has held the office of Justice
of the Peace. Constable, and School Director.

SPEER. WILLIAM G.; Farmer; Elba Town-
ship; born December 1. 1856. in Indiana; edu-
cated in common schools; his grandparents
were John Speer of New Jersey, and Rachel
Speer; his father was Samuel Johnson Speer of
New Jersey, who died in Canton, Illinois. .Aug-
ust 12, 1895; he was a soldier in the War of
1812; his mother. Susanna (Crothers) Speer, of
Pennsylvania, died in January, 1878. Her pa-
rents were Martin and Margaret Crothers of
Pennsylvania. Mr. Speer was married in Can-
ton. Illinois. April 28, 1884, to Emma Slane.
who was born January 17, 1855. She was the
daughter of Thomas and Anna (Race) Slane,
who died in Peoria County, Illinois. They had


one child, Clinton Chester, born October 15,
1S93. Mr. Speer came to Illinois in ISSti, and
located in Banner Township, Fulton County,
where the mother died. He has a farm of
eighty acres on Section 33. His parents were
members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for
more than forty years. Mr. Speer is a demo-
crat, and has been a School Director.

TENNERY, NEWTON H.; Farmer; Elba
Township; born July 22, 1823, in Edgar County,
Illinois; educated in common schools. His pa-
rents were Thomas and Jane (Wilson) Ten-
nery; the father came from Massachusetts, the
mother from Tennessee. He was married in
Shelby County, Illinois, October 7, 1S52, to Sy-
mantha Williams. She was born in Fairfield
County, Ohio, June 11, 1830, and is the daugh-
ter of John B. and Francina (Blue) WilHams;
her father was born in 1803 and died in 1SG7;
her mother was born in 1808, and died in ISSG.
Mr. and Mrs. Tennery's children are: John M.,
born December 30, 1853; George C, born July
20, 1855, and died May 16, 1862; Edwin A., born
November 1, 1856; Francis M., born February
4, 1859; Newton H., born August 30, 1S60, died

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