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Mary Elizabeth and Emma.

In politics, Mr. McKeighan was a whig, but
when the republican party was organized he
entered its ranks and stood for liberty and the
union during the Civil War. He assisted in
organizing, and was a member of the Presby-
terian Church at Farmington, and gave twelve
hundred dollars toward the erection of a church

edifice, and when he became a member of the
church in Yates City, he was in a similar man-
ner beneficent to that organization. Those who
were in want found in him a friend; those who
needed advice could rely upon his judgment,
and, whether in public or private lite, he was
ever ready to assist those in need of help. He
died November 15, 1885, mourned, not only by
his own family, but by the whole community in
which he lived.


James Hasbrouck Nicholson, son of Nicholas
and Mary (Washburn) Nicholson, was born
August S, 1808, on the "Hasbrouck Farm," Mid-
dletown, Delaware County. New York. The
father was born in New York, the mother in
Connecticut. I'hey were married and settled In
Middletown, and afterward removed to Alle-
ghany County, on the Genesee River, where
they died. Six children were born to them:
Edward, Sarah, Elizabeth, James Hasbrouck,
Hannah and Abel S. The father of J. H. Nichol-
son was of Irish extraction, his great-great-
grandfather having been stolen from Ireland by
a sea captain and brought to Canada. His son,
Robert, was a royalist during the Revolution,
and, going to Canada, settled in Waltord Town-
ship, Leeds County, and died at Nicholson's

Mr. J. H. Nicholson was brought up on a
farm, and attended the common schools. He
removed to Illinois in 1842, and was a farmer
by occupation; in politics, a democrat; in re-
ligion, a Universalist. He married Catherine
King. Their daughter, Mary S., was born in
Knox County, December 22, 1852, and was mar-
ried to Charles D. North in Knox County, De-
cember 22, 1875.

Charles D. North was born in Pendleton
County. Virginia. October 8. 1844; his father
was Thomas Jefferson North, of Fairfax
County. Virginia, and his mother was Eliza
(Henkle) North, of Pendleton County. Virginia;
his grandparents on the father's side were
George North, of England, and Eliza (Keyes)
North, and on the mother's side, Jesse and Mar-
garet (Mosier) Henkle. The children of Mr.
and Mrs. North are: Ada H., born September
15, 1877; Ralph M., born August 20. 1879; Earl
J. H.. born January 25. 1881; Carl C, born Mav
25, 1882; Harold E., born July 25, 1884; and
Elsie L., born June 9, 1889. Mr. North came to
Yates City in 18C6. and followed carpentering
for several years. He has also been a banker
about twelve years. He is a member of Yates
City Lodge. No. 448, F. and A. M.; Eureka Chap-
ter No. 98 R. A. M.; O. E. S. No. 256; and Gales-
burg Commandery No. 8. He was initiated into
Lodge No. 448 in 1868. and for three years filled
the office of Worshipful Master, each year rep-
resenting his lodge in the Grand Lodge of the
State. The Royal Arch degree he received at
Eureka Chapter No. 98, in which, for fourteen
years, he served as Royal Arch Captain. He is
also a member of Council and Commandery, the
former at Yates City, the latter at Galesburg,
Illinois, having been made a Knight Templar


at Galesburg Commandery, No. 8, in 1892. Both
Mr. and Mrs. North are charter members of the
Order of the Eastern Star at Yates City, insti-
tuted in 1893, in which they have served in
prominent positions. Mr. North has a home
farm of four hundred acres, and has an orange
grove in Florida. He was a soldier in the Con-
federate Army under Fitz Hugh Lee, Company
F, Sixty-second Virginia Cavalry. George
North, grandfather of Charles D., was colonel
in the Revolutionary War. He had a family of
four sons and six daughters. Thomas Jefferson
North, one of the sons, and father of Charles
D., was born at Charleston, Virginia, and was a
millwright by occupation. He came to Illinois
in 1870, and settled in Yates City, where he died
December 5, 1891, aged ninety-three years and
five months. Mrs. Thomas Jefferson North is
now living (1899), being ninety-four years of

James H. Nicholson was one of the prom-
inent Free Masons of Yates City. He was
Initiated in Elmwood Lodge, and was a charter
member of Yates City Lodge, No. 448; a mem-
ber of Chapter No. 98, and also a member of the
Scottish Rite, thirty-second degree, in Peoria,
Illinois. He died May 31, 1893, and "over his
remains were repeated the beautiful ceremony
of the order he loved so well."

Salem Township; born in Canada, November
10, 1850; educated in the common schools. His
parents, Stephen and Ann Bird, were born in
Ireland, as was also his maternal grandfather,
William Bird. Stephen Bird came to Canada
when a young man. and thence to this country,
August 16, 1864, and now lives in Yates City,
at the age of eighty-two. Mr. W. B. Bird came
to Elmwood, Illinois, in 1864, and has lived
since then in that vicinity, except three years,
when he was in the West. September 18. 1878,
he was married in Salem Township, to Mary E.
Bliss; she was born August 16, 1860, and is the
daughter of C. and Angelina (Smith) Bliss, both
of whom are now living in Y'ates City. There
are three children; Arthur L., born May 5,
1881; Harlem W., born October 18, 1884; Forrest
W., born June 1, 1892. In religious belief, the
family are Methodists. In politics, Mr. Bird is
a republican.

BLISS, CLARENCE M.; Farmer; Yates
City; Salem Township; born in Peoria County,
August 17, 1857; educated in Y'ates City. His
father, Cyrus Bliss, was born in Chautauqua
County, New York, May 23, 1834; his mother,
Angeline (Smith) Bliss, was born in Indiana
County, Pennsylvania, July IS, 1833. Cyrus
Bliss' parents were Zenas Bliss, born in Ver-
mont, in 1765, and Mabel (Gillt) Bliss. Mrs.
Cyrus Bliss' parents were Elijah and Susan W.
(Brown) Smith. February 8, 1883, Mr. Bliss
married, in Salem Township, Ella B. Carroll;
of this union there are three children: Walter
C, born March 21, 1886; Herbert G., born
August 12, 1888; and Angle May, born February
28, 1894. Mrs. Bliss was born in Knox County,
October 25. 1861, daughter of William and Jane
(Lucas) Carroll, both of whom are still living

at Middle Grove, Fulton County, Illinois. Mr.
Bliss has a farm of two hundred and eighty
acres, with fine Duildings, on Section 13, Salem
Township, one and one-half miles southeast of
Y'ates City. He and his wife are members of
the Presbyterian Church, of which Mr. Bliss is
an Elder and Trustee. He has held the office of
School Director for a number of years. In
politics, he is a republican.

BLISS, CYRUS; Retired Farmer; Yates
City, Salem Township; born May 23, 1834,
in Chautauqua County, New Y'orii; educated in
the common schools. His father, Z. G. Bliss,
was born May 12, 1793, in Shaftsbury, Vermont;
his mother, Mabel (Gillett), was born in Hart-
ford, Connecticut, July 3, 1798; they died at
Princeville, the former, December 25, 1868, the
latter, June, 1882. Z. G. Bliss' parents were
Zenas and Sarah (Auton) Bliss, the former born
in Vermont, in 1765. February 25, 1855, Mr.
Cyrus Bliss married Angeline J. Smith in Knox
County, Illinois; she was born July IS, 1833, in
Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and was the
daughter of Elijah and Susan M. (Brown)
Smith, who came to Salem Township in 1851;
her father died in April, 1S78; her mother died
June 17, 1899, in Farmington at the age of
eighty-five. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss have six chil-
dren: Luther A., born March 25. 1856; Clar-
ence M., born August 17. 1857; Olive V., born
May 9. 1859; Mary E., born August 16, 1860;
William S., born April 30, 1864; and Lillie B.,
born March 14, 1867. Mrs. Bliss is a member
of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Bliss came
from New York to Illinois with his father,
May 24, 1837, and settled in Hallick Township,
Peoria County, in 1838. January, 1847. they re-
moved to Stark County, near Lawn Ridge. In
coming from Chautauqua County, New Y'ork,
his father floated down the Alleghany and Ohio
rivers to Cincinnati upon a raft of lumber
which he had made with a house upon it; he
sold the lumber and took a steamer to Peoria
by the Ohio, Mississippi and Illinois rivers.
Mr. Cyrus Bliss came to Salem Township in
1853, where he has since been a resident, ex-
cepting three years, when he was in Peoria
County. He owns a farm of seventy acres on
Section 24, Salem Township; one in Peoria
County of one hundred and forty-seven acres,
and a house and lot in Y'ates City. In religion,
he is a Presbyterian; in politics, a prohibi-

CARTER, D. M.; Wagon and Carriage busi-
ness; Salem Township; born November S,
1838, in Gallia County. Ohio; educated in the
common schools. His father, George Carter,
was born in Gallia County. Ohio, and died in
Ohio at the age of eighty-tour. His mother,
Phebe (Ripley) who also died in Ohio, was born
in New York; her father. Joshua Ripley, a Bap-
tist minister, was a native of New York State.
George Carter's father, John, was born in She-
nandoah Vale, Virginia, and lived to the age of
ninety-seven. December 8, 1868, Mr. Carter
married Miss L. J. Boggs in Abingdon, Illinois;
she was the daughter of Elliott and Elinor (Mc-
Coy) Boggs, who came to Abingdon in 1864.

K N U X {-' U i\ 'r Y

Mrs. Carter was born in Nicholas County, West
Virginia, October 20, 1841. Botli her parents
are deceased; the father died at the age of sev-
enty; the mother, at the age of eighty. Three
children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Carter: Etha
B., born September IS, 1869; Myrta L., born July
10, 1873, died April 10. 1894; Earl M., born June
23, ISTl!. Etha B.. graduated at the Chicago
Musical College; she married Dr. H. J. Hens-
ley; Earl M. is a graduate of the Illinois School
of Dentistry at Chicago. Mr. Carter was a sol-
dier in the late Civil War. a sergeant in Com-
pany P, One Hundred and Forty-fourth Ohio In-
fantry. He worked for the government in build-
ing and repairing ambulances and wagons until
Lee's surrender. He is a member of the G. A.
R., Yates City; has been a member of the
Board of Aldermen several terms; was manager
of a co-operative store in Yates City, Illinois,
for about ten years; U. S. storekeeper at Peoria
under Julius S. Starr for five years; and now
holds the office of Township Treasurer. In poli-
tics, he is a republican.

CHAMBERLAIN, F. H.; Farmer and Furni-
ture Dealer; Salem Township; born December
29. 1847, in Clinton County, Ohio; educated in
Clinton County common schools. His father,
John, was born in New Jersey; his mother,
Mary Jane, who is now living in Viana. Clinton
County, Ohio, was born in Virginia. John
Chamberlain's parents, William (who was a
sailor) and Elizabeth, were born in New Jersey.
Mary Jane Chamberlain's parents, Hadon and
Elizabeth (Smithson), were born in Virginia.
December IS, 1S79, Mr. Chamberlain married
Charlotte M. West, in Galesburg; they have
three children: Bertha M., Edith W., and Glen
H. Mrs. Chamberlain is the daughter of Isaac
N. and Charlotte M. West; she was born in
Salem Township December 4, 1861; her father
was a large landov/ner. Mr. Chamberlain came
to Illinois, in 1872, and farmed for a number of
years; then went into livery and harness busi-
ness; later in the grocery business; and now
has a furniture and undertaking establishment:
he also carries a large stock of wall-paper,
paints and oils. He is a member of the I. O. or
O. J"., Lodge No. 360, Yates City. He has been
Constable for the town of Salem, and also School
Director. In politics, he is a republican.

las; Salem Township; born in Renfrew County,
Scotland, December 7, 1856; educated in Glas-
gow. His father, John Faulds, was born at
Renfrew, Scotland, and died at Kankakee in
1895. His mother, Jennett (Hill) Faulds, was
born in Scotland; died in 1862. Her father,
William Hill, was born in Scotland. March 13,
1892, Mr. W. H. Faulds married, at Galesburg,
Sarah, daughter of Abraham and Magdaline
Warfield; she was born December 17, 1860.
There was one child, Arthur Albert, born May
24, 1S93; died October 27, 1893. Mrs. Faulds
died in Chicago December 21, 1894. Her mother
resides at Maquon. John Faulds located in
Vermillion County, Illinois, in 1862. where he
bought a tract of land and engaged in mining,
continuing in the business until 1870. Mr. W.

H. Faulds came from Scotland in 1SC6. In 1888
he started in the mercantile business with Mr.
Hubbard; he is now sole owner of the business,
and has a very large trade. In politics, he is a
democrat, and has been deputy Postmaster at
Douglas. He is a member of the Presbyterian

GARRISON, ARWINE; Farmer and Livery-
man; Yates City, Salem Township; born Janu-
ary 10, 186S, in Clinton, Ohio; educated at
Blanchester, Ohio. His parents, James and
Susanna, were natives of Ohio, the former of
Clinton County, wnere he now lives, the latter
of Brown County. James' father, Arwine, was
a native of New Jersey. Susanna Garrison's
parents were Peter and Nancy Rude, the latter
born in Cincinnati, the former near that city,
July 8, 1S89, Mr. Garrison married Rosabell
Girton in Westborough, Ohio, where she was
born June 11, 1870; she was a daughter of John
and Edith Girton. Her father died in 1889; her
mother is still living at Westborough. She is
a member of the Methodist church. Mr. Garri-
son was brought up on a farm, and started in
the livery business February 27, 1894. In poli-
tics, he is a democrat.

GOOLD, SYLVESTER S.; Farmer; Yates
City, born June 6, 1855, in Salem Township.
His father. William, and his grandfather Syl-
vester F., were born in Rutland, Vermont. His
mother, Mary E. (Corbin) was born in Ohio;
her parents were William and Mary E. (McGin-
nis), Corbin who were born in Virginia. Novem-
ber 14. 1875, Mr. Goold was married, in Yates
City, to Mary E. Knable, who was born ia
Salem Township May 6, 1852; she was the
daughter of John E. and Mary N. (Clark) Kna-
ble, both of wnom are now dead. Nine chil-
dren were born to them: C. C, born October
26. 1876; Evart, born December 23, 1878, died
January 10, 1879; J. W. Rosco, born July 15,
1881; Lottie B. born March 14. 1883; Edison R.,
born June 28, 18S5; Sydney S., born March 28,
1887; Mary L., born September 7, 1889;
Carrie M., born August 23, 1890; and
Susie M., born May 12. 1893. Mrs. Goold
taught school for several terras in Salem
Township. She died November 2, 1897. Mr.
Goold owns about sixty-seven acres of land. He
is a member of the Modern Woodmen of Ameri-
ca, Lodge No. 3102. Yates City. In politics, he
is a republican.

HALL, CYRUS M.; Farmer and Merchant;
Yates City. Salem Township; born April 6, 1833;
educated in the common schools. His father,
Chaney Hall, was born in Vermont; his mother,
Sarah (Richards) Hall, was born in Ohio. H's
paternal grandparents. Samuel and Silence Hall,
were born in Vermont. His maternal grand-
father, Joshua Richards, was born in Pennsyl-
vania; his maternal grandmother, Rachel
(Clary) Richards, was born in Maryland. Mr.
Hall's first wife Rhoda A. Sherman, was born
July 3. 1834; died January 29, 1894. They had
one child, Cyrus Elmer, born January 28, 1856.
Florence E. Winslow, a grandchild, lives in
Lincoln. Nebraska: she has one child. Sylvia
Eileen, born May 26, 1899. November 8. 1891,


he married, in Galesburg, Mrs. Lyda M. Buffum,
who was born August 24, 1S44, in New York;
her parents were James and Sarah J. Jobes; her
first husband was Matthew Buffum, a farmer,
who was born in 1831, and died in 1891; her
mother is living, aged eighty-nine. Mr. Hall
has been Supervisor. Justice of the Peace, As-
sessor, and Road Commissioner. He conducted
a hotel at Galesburg, and at Lincoln, Nebraska.
In early life he was in the Mercantile and Agri-
cultural Implement business. In 1856 he origi-
nated a cultivator, which is very extensively
used at the present time. In politics, he is a

HENSLEY, H. J.; Physician and Druggist;
Yates City, Salem Township; born in Hurman,
Fulton County, Illinois, June 21, 1863. His
father, John Wesley Hensley, was born in Ken-
tucky, October 9, 1835; settled in Fulton County,
in 1854, removing to Yates City in 1864, and is
now a practicing physician in Peoria, Illinois.
His mother, Elizabeth, was born in Vermont.
His grandparents, Evans and Anna Hensley,
were born in Kentucky. In February, 1889, Dr.
Hensley married Etha Carter in Yates City;
they have two children: Lucile C, born Febru-
ary 25, 1891; and Myrta E., born December 25,
1894. Mrs. Hensley was born in Yates City,
September 8, 1878; she was a daughter of David
M. and Lavinia Carter, who are both living in
Yates City; she Is a member of the Eastern
Star. In religion, she is a Methodist. Dr.
Hensley is a graduate of Rush Medical College;
he is a member of the Masonic Order, Lodge
Number 44S, Yates City, Eureka Chapter, Num-
ber 98. He has been President of the City
Council, and was Postmaster from 1892 to 1896.
In politics, he is a democrat. Besides his prac-
tice as a physician, he has a flourishing busi-
ness as druggist.

HOWELL, LORENZO, D.; Farmer; Salem
Township; born in North Carolina, October 15,
1S47. His parents, David and Catlein (Everitt)
Howell, were born in North Carolina and died
there. Mrs. David Howell's father, Daniel, was
born in Ireland; her mother, Mary, in Scotland.
Mr. L. D. Howell was educated in the common
schools. February 17, 1876, he was married, in
Galesburg, to Mary M.,- daughter of Levi and
Mary Ann Stair; she was born September 29,
1856, in Wayne County, Ohio. They have five
children: Mary Alberta, born March 11, 1877;
Lulu, born August 25, 1880; Nora, born
August 16, 1887; Lorenzo Everitt, born June 3,
1893; and William J. Bryan, born August 11,
1896. Mr. Howell came to Peoria in 1865. He
owns a farm of two hundred and five acres
(Section 27), and has forty-three cattle and
eleven horses. He is a member of A. P. & A.
M., Lodge No. 194, Farmington; in politics, he
is a democrat. He and his father were in the
Confederate army. Company C, Third North
Carolina Volunteers. His father was in the
Mexican War; and his maternal grandfather
was in the War of 1812.

HUNTER, JOSEPH; Farmer; Salem Town-
ship; born October 11, 1838, in Madison County,
Ohio. He came West with his father in 1846,

and was reared on the Hunter homestead, where
he now resides. February 16, 1860, Mr. Hunter
was married in Knox County to Rebecca
Webb. They had eight children: Mrs. Flor-
ence M. Cramblet, deceased; Grace G., who died
at the age of six; James M., who died at the
age of eighteen; Joseph Edward, who married
Mattie Johnson; Frank S., who married Millie
Craig; Mrs. Mary B. Jobes, deceased; Mark L.
and Hugh S., are teachers in Knox County
public schools. Mrs. Hunter died May 4, 1883,
at the age of forty-seven. Mr. Hunter is a dem-
ocrat and has been School Director for twenty-
four successive years and Assessor nine terms
in a republican township. He is a member of
the A. F. & A. M. fraternity, Yates City Lodge
448, also of Eureka Chapter, of Yates City, 93.

KENNEDY, LOREN; Farmer and General
Grocer; Salem Township, where he was born
September 25, 1854; educated in the common
schools. His father, Jacob Kennedy, went
from Maryland to Ohio, and from there removed
to Salem Township in 1846, where he followed
farming until his death in 1891. His mother,
Mabel (McDougall), was born in Ohio; died in
1873. October 30, 1877, Mr. Loren Kennedy
married Laveny Howsher in Salem Township;
there are five children: Grace Mabel, born
March 14, 1880; William E., born January 12,
1882; Mertie N., born in May, 1884; Murial, born
in June, 1887; Frankie, born in 1891. Mrs. Ken-
nedy was born in Iowa in July, 1860. Her par-
ents were William and Sarah (Merchant)
Howsher. She is a member of the Baptist
Church. Mr. Kennedy farmed until 1892, when
he went into the general merchandise business.
He is an Odd Fellow, and a member of the
Modern Woodmen of America. In politics, he
is a democrat.

KIGHTLINGER, T. J.; Yates City; born in
Elba Township, Knox County, Illinois, July 28,
1840; educated in the common schools. His
parents, Jacob and Maria A. (Berfield) Kight-
linger, were born in Crawford County, Penn-
sylvania; Jacob was born November 16, 1800,
died July 18, 1887; Maria A. was born March 30,
1806, died July 16, 1886. His paternal grand-
father was Isaac Kightlinger. Mr. T. J. Kight-
linger's first wife, Margaret Peck, was born in
Pennsylvania in 1850. There were four chil-
dren: Harley C, born March 22, 1869; Ger-
trude F., born June 3, 1871; Walter L., born
January 8, 1874; Lura G., born June 10, 1876.
In 1885 he married Salina Shaffer in Galesburg;
Major McKee performed the ceremony. Mrs.
Kightlinger was born in Ohio, 1841; she is a
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and
has been a teacher in the public schools. Mr.
Kightlinger left his farm in 1881 and moved to
Yates City, where he has been City Marshal
two terms; member of the City Board two
terms; and Justice of the Peace and Police
Magistrate twelve years. He is a member of
the I. 0. O. F., Lodge No. 370, Yates City. He
has always taken a prominent part in politics,
and has been delegate to county and State con-
ventions. He has practiced law in justice
courts and acts as collection agent for the sale


and rental of town and other properties. In
religion, he is a Lniversalist. In politics, he Is
a republican.

KNOX, JOSEPH; Retired Farmer; Yates
City, Salem Township; born September 29,
1824, in Marshall County, West Virginia; edu-
cated in the common schools. His father,
James Knox, was born in Fayette County, Penn-
sylvania, in 1798, and died in 1842; his mother,
Margaret (Robinson), was born in Marshall
County, West Virginia; her father, William
Robinson, was a native of Ireland. March 15,
1849, Mr. Knox was married in Marshall
County, West Virginia, to Mary A., daughter of
Brice and Sarah (Rush) Blair. Ten children
were born to thenj: George M., born December

15, 1851; William L., born May 28, 1854; Brice
Blair, born August 7, 1855; Frank, born October
2, 1857; Joseph P., born September 24, 1860;
Sarah M., born May 27, 1862; Charles Lincoln,
born November 4, 1864; John M., born February

16, 1868; Oscar B., born August 12, 1869; and
Samuel E., born August 17, 1871. Mrs. Knox is
a member of the Methodist Episcopal church,
and of the society of the "White Ribbon." Mr.
Knox came to Peoria County in the Fall of 1850.
He owns a farm in Iowa of two hundred and
seventy-seven acres. He has been a member
of the Grange. He is a member of the Method-
ist Episcopal church. In politics, he is a popu-

LOWER, ROBERT A.; Merchant; Salem
Township; born April 11, 1844; educated in the
common schools. His father, Jacob Lower, was
born in Pennsylvania in 1812; his mother, Mary
(Cavins) Lower, was bcrn in Mt. Vernon, Ohio;
his grandfather, Johann Lower, was born in
Germany. Mr. R. A. Lower enlisted in Abing-
don October 22, 1S61. Company K, Fifty-fifth
Volunteers, and participated in the battles of
Pittsburg Landing; Shelby Station; Chickasaw
Bayou: Arkansas Post; Haines Bluff; Cham-
pion Hills; Vicksburg: Missionary Ridge; Dal-
ton, Georgia; Dallas, Georgia; Kenesaw Moun-
tains; Atlanta; Ezra Church; Siege of Atlanta,
and Jonesborough, Georgia. He received a
medal for conspicuous gallantry at the siege of
Vicksburg, and was discharged at Chattanooga,
Tennessee, October 31, 1864. March 10, 1809, he
was married at Elm wood to Rachel A. Smith;
there are five children: Alfred B., born June
20, 1871; Albert E., born March 8, 1873; Mary
E., born November 10, 1877; Ruth A., born April
23, 1879; and Harriet E.. born April 5, 1882.
Mrs. Lower was born in Eaton, Ohio, June 2,
1844. Her father, G. W. Smith, is now de-
ceased; her mother, Mary (Austin) Smith, is
living in Elmwood, Illinois. Mr. Lower came
with his parents to Salem Township in 1844.
He belongs to the Grand Army of the Republic;
was elected Mayor of Yates City in 1888. 1893
and 1837; and was Supervisor of his township
in 1895 and 1896. He engaged in the mercantile
business in 1869 and has been very successful.
In politics, he is a democrat.

RAMP. SAMUEL: Faimer; Yates City, Salem
Township; born November 11, 1850, in Knox-

ville; educated in Haw Creek Township. Hia
parents, Benjamin and Sarah (Mapps) Ramp,
were born in Hopewell, Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, the former, November 20, 1815,
the latter, September 18, 1819; Benjamin died
March 17, 1891; Sarah died March 25, 1891.

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