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March 30, 1873, Mr. Samuel Ramp married, in
Kuoxville, Illinois, Sarah A., daughter of J. T.
and Cyntha Ferguson Jacobs; there were six
children: Benjamin Franklin, born January 17,
1874, died January 18, 1878; Cyntha May, born
June 3, 1877; Thomas L., born April 19, 1879;
Lena Grace, Dorn December 15, 1881; Laura
Agnes, born March 10, 1885; and Fred Earnest,
born January 10, 1891. The surviving children
are all at home. Mrs. Jacobs. Mrs. Ramp's
mother, died April 10, 1876; Mr. Jacobs lives in
Ionia. Kansas. Mr. Ramp lived in Truro Town-
ship twenty years, then came to Yates City,
November 1, 1893. He owns four hundred and
seventy acres of land in Truro Township (Sec-
tions 32 and 33) and eighty acres east of Yates
City, with very fine buildings. He also owns a
fine brick dwelling and seven building lots in
Yates City, and a modern residence and three
lots in Elmwood. Mr. Ramp's parents came to
Illinois in 1848. In politics, he is a republican.

RAMP, WILLIAM; Farmer; Yates City,
Salem Township; born October 4, 1841, in Cum-
berland County, Pennsylvania; educated in the
common schools. His parents, Benjamin and
Sarah (Mapps) Ramp were born in Cumber-
land County, Pennsylvania; the former, Novem-
ber 20, 1815; the latter, September 18, 1819.
The father died March 17, 1891; the mother,
March 25, 1891. Benjamin Ramp's parents,
William and Elizabeth (Herbling) Ramp, were
natives of Germany. Sarah Mapps father,
John, was born in New Jersey. William Ramp's
first wife was Hannah Jane Richmond, born in
1842, died June 28, 1868. Her parents were Ed-
ward and Clarissa (Cook) Richmond. She was
a member of the M. E. church. Of this union,
there were three children: Alice Jane, born
March 30, 1861; David E., born July 26, 1865;
and Hattie Ella, born February 6, 1868. His
second wife was Susan Welty, daughter of
Henry Welty of Knoxville. She died in 1879;
she was a member of the Presbyterian church.
Of this union there were three children: Cora
and Clarence, born June 27, 1871; Luie, born
January 10, 1875. He married his present wife,
Octava L. Fravel, in Knoxville, April 6, 1881;
four children were born to them: Herbert L.,
born April 3, 1882; Mary Agnes, born November
8, 1883; Willie D., born July 14, 1887; and Carrie
Maud, born April 12, 1889. The present Mrs.
Ramp, daughter of James and Mary (Hen-
dricks) Fravel, was born in Louisiana, January
31, 1853. She is a member of the Presbyterian
church. Both the parents are dead. Mr. Ramp
came to Illinois, with his parents in the Fall
of 1848. His father settled in Haw Creek Town-
ship, where he accumulated a large property,
about two thouoand acres of land, valued at
$100,000.00. Mr. William Ramp lived for a time
in Persifer and Truro Townships; he spent two


years in Kansas, and resided for a time in Loui-
siana. He now lives on his eiglity acres in
Salem Township, and has one hundred and
fourteen acres in Elba Township. He is a
member of Masonic Lodge, No. 448, Yates City,
and has been School Director a number of years.
In religion, he is a Presbyterian. In politics, he
is an independent.

RUNYON, F. J.; Farmer; Salem Township;
born June 22, 1858, in Milbrook Township,
PeOria County; educated in the common
schools. His father, J. C. Runyon, was born in
Indiana, November 28, 1825, and lives with him;
his mother, Nancy S., was born April 22, 1829,
in Preble County, Ohio; died in 1884. Her par-
ents, Joseph and Rachel (Hull) Smith, were
born in Rockbridge, Virginia. J. C. Runyon's
parents, Finus and Dorcas Runyon, were born
in Kentucky. November 22, 1882, Mr. F. J.
Runyon was married in Peoria to Ethel, daugh-
ter of John and Merilla (Krisler) Bridson; she
was born in Milbrook Township, Peoria County,
January 22, 1863; her mother lives at Laura.
Mrs. Runyon is a member of the Presbyterian
church. There are three children: Pearl M.
and Earl B., born May 3, 1SS4; Alwikla, born
May 20, 1890, died December 27. 1893. Mr. Run-
yon is a member of the I. O. of 0. F., Lodge No.
102, at Elmwood; Knox Encampment, No. 163;
A. F. & A. M., Lodge No. 448, Yates City; East-
ern Star, Yates City; Modern Woodmen of
America, and Alpine Camp, at Elmwood. He
went to Kansas where he lived about four years,
and was engaged in the Agricultural Implement
business. November 25, 1887, he came to Salem
Township and settled on Section 12, where he
has a good farm of ninety-seven acres, between
Elmwood and Yates City. He is a breeder of
pure Chester wnite hogs, and has taken a num-
ber of first premiums. In politics, he is a re-

SLOAN, HUGH A.; Farmer; Yates City,
Salem Township, where he was born May 19,
1858; educated in the district school. His par-
ents, John and Mary Sloan, were born in Ire-
land. March 22, 1883, he married, at Yates
City, Ida E. Baird, who was born in Elba Town-
ship, June 1, 1861; there are two children:
Jessie May, born December 15, 1885; and John,
born August 26, 1889. Mrs. Sloan's father was
killed in the War of the Rebellion. She has
been a teacher of music. Mr. Sloan is Super-
visor for Salem Township; he was Road Com-
missioner nine years, and School Director for
several terms. He has about five hundred and
fourteen acres of land. He is a member of the
Modern Woodmen of America, Lodge No.
3102, Yates City. In politics, he is a democrat.

SLOAN, SARAH; Yates City, Salem Town-
ship; born in Antrim County, Ireland, Novem-
ber 22, 1832; educated in the common schools.
Mrs. Sloan's parents were Hugh and Sarah
(Caulfield) Allen, who were also born in An-
trim County, Ireland. Hugh Allen's parents,
Hugh and Sarah, and Sarah (Caulfield) Allen's
parents, William and Mary Caulfield, were born

in Ireland. Mrs. Sarah Sloan came to America
in 1854; her husband John Sloan, in 1850. They
were married in Davenport, Iowa, June 13,
1854; there were seven children; Mary, born
July 30, 1856; Hugh Allen, born May 19, 1858;
Sarah Ann, corn December 18, 1861; Susan
Jackson Kell, born October 7, 1865, died July 27,
1879; James, born January 9, 1870; John, born
October 8, 1872, died July 27, 1879; and Jessie,
born January 18, 1877, died August 1, 1879. Mary
Sloan married Dr. Hensley, and lives in Peoria;
Hugh married Elnora Baird, and is Supervisor
of Salem Township; Sarah married E. H. Ware,
and lives in Douglas; James resides at home
with his mother, and manages the farm. Mrs.
Sloan's husband was an engineer and surveyor
lor the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Rail-
road, from Burlington to Peoria, and, after the
road was built, he bought a farm in Salem
Township. He owned about eight hundred
acres of land. He was Supervisor a number of
years; was a member of the Legislature, and
was a distinguished representative of his dis-
trict. He was a Free Mason. He died in April,
1889. In religion, he was a Presbyterian.

STECK, R. R.; Farmer; Salem Township;
born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,
November 12, 1851; educated in the common
schools. His parents, S. F. and Isabella (Jack)
Steck, were born in Westmoreland County,
Pennsylvania, the father, November 22, 1822,
the mother, September 27, 1818; Mr. Steck is
still living in Elmwood; Mrs. Steck died in
Peoria County in 1885. Mr. R. R. Steck's pater-
nal grandfather was Simon Steck; his maternal
grandparents were Samuel and Nancy (Porter)
Jack, who were born in Westmoreland County,
Pennsylvania. November 1, 1876, Mr. Steck
was married in Salem Township to Elizabeth,
daughter of James and Elizabeth (Cunning-
ham) McKeegan. Mrs. Steck's parents came
from Ireland, and first settled in Fulton County,
where Mrs. Steck was born February 14, 1854;
in 1855, they removed to Salem Township. Mr.
and Mrs. Steck have five children; Isabell E.,
born August 29, 1878; Edith R., born September
12, 1879; Elizabetn, born March 3, 1882; Mar-
garetta R., born March 25, 1886; and Robert B.,
born July 5, 1892. Edith R. and Elizabeth are
graduates of the Farmington High School. Mr.
Steck came to Farmington February 13, 1865;
settled on Section 34 in Salem Township in
1878; he has acquired a farm of two hundred
and twenty-five acres, and has a large amount
of stock. He is a member of the Presbyterian
Church in Fa/mington. In politics, he is a re-

chant; Yates City, Salem Township; born May
4, 1840, in Otsego County, New York; educated
in the common schools of New York, and in
Farmington, Illinois. His father, John S., was
born in Otsego County, New York, in January,
1805. and died in Farmington, Illinois, in 1892.
His mother. Eliza (Robinson), was also bom in
Otsego County, New York. Mr. Stetson's first
wife, Amanda M. (Caldwell), died December 19,



1S87; they had two chiklieu: Heleu E., bom
h ebruary 27, 1870, now the wife of F. E. Gates,
of Omaha, Nebraska; L. R., born February 15,
1879, now with the Merchants National Bank of
Peoria. His second wife was Lucindia (Miller),
who died December 25, 1891. His third mar-
liage was with Mrs. Minnie (Holcomb) Gates,
in Galesburg. Illinois, July 18, 1895. They have
had two children; Mrs. Stetson was born in
Connecticut, in 1840. Mr. Stetson came from
>;ew York to Farmington, Illinois, in 1856, when
he was sixteen years of age, and in 1862, he en-
gaged in the dry goods business. In 1S69 he
removed to Yates City and built the first brick
store in that locality. He has been School Trus-
tee a number of years, and a member of the
City Board. He is held in high esteem in the
community. In politics, he is a republican. Mrs.
Stetson is a member of the Presbyterian church.

THURMAN, ALLEN; Farmer; Salem Town-
ship; born in 1823 in Highland County, Ohio.
He was educated in the common schools. His
parents, John and Elsa (Bales) Thurman, were
born in Virginia. His paternal grandfather
was Allen Thurman. Mr. Allen Thurman's first
wife, Elizabeth, who was born in Maryland
about 1823, was the daughter of Littleton
Truitt; she died in 1878; her parents died in
Ohio. Seven children were born to them: John
Allen, born October 25, 1849; Mary Ann, born
March 7, 1843, died in infancy; Permlia, born
May 15. 1850; Rachel, born February 22, 1853;
Isaac, born September 21, 1855; and William,
born March 19, 1858. In 1884 Mr. Thurman was
married to Barbara Branble in Peoria, Illinois;
she was born in Maryland. Mr. Thurman came
to Illinois in 1833, and settled on the township
line between Elba and Salem Township. Soon
after his first marriage he settled on a farm in
the southern part of Elba Township. His two
sons. Isaac and William, are in Montana; John
Allen lives in Elba Township. Mr. Thurman
has been School Director of his township. In
religious belief, he is a Christian. Politically,
he is a democrat.

THURMAN, W. H.; Parmer; Salem Town-
ship; born in Highland County, Ohio, March
27, 1822; educated in the common schools. His
parents, Philip and Jane (Powell) were born
on the James River. Virginia. Philip Thur-
man was a Methodist preacher in Ohio for sixty
years. He brought nine slaves with him from
Virginia, but, when he reached Ohio, he set
them free. He died at the age of eighty-two.
Philip Thurman's parents, Nathan and Fanny,
were natives of England. Nathan Thurman
was for many years a Methodist preacher. Jane
(Powell) Thurman's father was William Powell.
January 3, 1815, Mr. W. H. Thurman was mar-
ried to Pheba Jane Thurman in Bennington,
Illinois. She was born in Highland County,
Ohio, December 31, 1826. being the daughter of
Mark and Fanny (Marchant). Of this union
there were eight children: Dr. Newton Thur-
man. born March 3. 1845; Mary Jane, born
October 15, 1847; Adeline, born February 4.
1850; Henry, born November 7. 1S52; Fanny

M.. born July 24, 1855; Charles M., born Decem-
ber 31, 1859; William M., born December 3,
1862; and Ida Irena, born April 15, 1867. Mrs.
Thurman's father, Mark Thurman, came to Illi-
nois in 1829, when there were only three log-
cabins at Peoria, and the place was known as
Fort Clark. He was born October 26, 1802, and
his wife, October 3, 1806. He died October 26,
1845, and his wife, January 31, 1870. He was
the first Justice of the Peace of Maquon Town-
ship and the first School Director. Mr. W. H.
Thurman came to Bennington, overland, in
1841. He has been Road Commissioner and
School Director. In 1844, he became a Camp-
bellite. He is a republican.

WILLIAMS, JOHN; Farmer and Carpenter;
Salem Township; born February 15, 1832, in
Canton, Illinois; educated in the common
schools. His parents were W. S. Williams,
born in New York, and Elizabeth (Sweegal)
born in New Jersey. Elizabeth Sweegal's par-
ents were natives of Germany. Mr. John Wil-
liams married Miss A. J. Weir, at Knoxville,
October 26, 1866; they had one child, Anna,
born October 31. 1870. Mrs. Williams was born
in Indiana in 1849, and died October 12, 1883.
Anna married Horace Franklin Record; they
have three children: Roy, born April 7, 1893;
Marie, born November 17, 1895; and Ray. born
January 15, 1897. In 1852, Mr. Williams went
overland with an ox team to Oregon, and for
about twelve years followed gold mining. In
1865, he traveled seven months in Germany.
After his return nome he mined coal for about
fourteen years, and then farmed until the sum-
mer of 1898, when he started for the Klondike,
via Vancouver, B. C, Schwatka, and Lake Ben-
nett to Dawson City, where he prospected about
twenty days on Eldorado Creek, then returned
home via St. Michael and Seattle. In politics,
he is a republican.

WILSON, FRANK E.; Cashier Farmers'
Bank, Yates City, Salem Township: born in
Truro Township, January 12. 1868. His father,
John Wilson, was born in West Virginia. Sep-
tember 14, 1816, in Moorefield. Hardy County.
He removed to Green County, Ohio, and from
there to Truro Township. Knox County. Illinois,
in 1838, where he started in the mercantile bus-
iness and farming. From there he went to
Knox Township, and settled on a farm, where
he died September 6, 1893. His wife, Mary, was
born in Ohio, and is now living in Knoxville.
Frank E. Wilson married Kate M., daughter of
Edward M. and Hannah Collins, in Persifer
Township, October 31. 1894; they have one
child, Miriam E., born March 5, 1898. Mr. Wil-
son was educated at Knoxville, and is a gradu-
ate of the Gem City Business College, Quincy,
Illinois. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M.,
No. 448, Yates City, and Eureka Chapter, 98,
and is Secretary of both lodges. He has been
City Treasurer a number of years, and is now
President of the City Board. In politics, he is
a democrat.

ZOOK, HARRY: Farmer: Salem Township;
born in FranKlin County. Pennsylvania, No-


25, 1S35. His parents, Joseph and Mary
Zook, were born in Franklin County, Pennsyl-
vania, and the former died in 1862. March 17,
1862, in Lewiston, Fulton County, Mr. Harry
Zook married Anna Maria Bond, who was born
September 25, 1842, near Farmington; she was
the daughter of Selden and Maria (Cady) Bond.
Mrs. Zook's mother died near Farmington, and

her father died in Salem Township. In 1845
Mr. Zook cams to Canton, Illinois, with his par-
ents, who afterwards located southeast of Farm-
ington. With his wife, he came to Salem Town-
ship in 1869, and settled on Section 20, where
he has a farm of eighty acres, with very fine
buildings, and where he raises all kinds of
fruit. In politics, he is a democrat.


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