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shavings under his work bench; he always used black walnut lum-

I will now bring this history to a close and will ask you who
read it to make allowance for the way in which it is written. I
wrote only the things that I actually saw and heard and wrote them
as my memory brought them to view so you will not find them in
chapters or in systematic order. Yours truly,



Enrollment of Family from Oldest Down

Cousin Solomon Stahl, wife _- - . Diagonal, Iowa

John H. Stahl, (died,) three children _ ...Elnora, Ok'a.

Wm. A. Stahl, wife, five children . _ Diagonal. Iowa

Ed Stahl, wife, one child

Pearl Berry, John, one child

James Darland. wife, eight children _. Elnora, Okla.

Cousin Michael Stahl _ Diagonal, Iowa

MalissaShafer, G. E._ _.-_ _-

Josephene Stahl, Missionary Rangoun, India

Martha A. Beall, Randolph, four children Diagonal, lov/a

MaryJ. King, CM., four children

Grant Stahl, Naomi, one child

Wm. S. Stahl, Cora ..Greenwood, Chicago, 111.

Eva Stahl, Alonzo Baynian, four children Diagonal, lov/a

George Basore, daughter Iva .Thornsville, Ohio

Leander Gavvgon, wife, four children Elerton. Mo.

Dora Hellen, Solomon, two children Clearfield, lov/a

Elmer Stahl, wife, five children ..Knowlton,

Edith McCune, Wm Diagonal,

Sarah Basore, four children _ ..Thornville, Ohio

Grant Stahl, (George's son) Diagonal, Iowa

Madison Stahl, (Henry's son,) wife, six children "

Hattie Ruby, husband, five children

Cousin John Stahl, Mary, Sheridan, Ind.

Fremont Stahl

Sarah Hand, Nathaniel, three children.. "

Homei Stahl, wife

Watson Stahl, Allie, seven children

Allen Stahl, wife, two children

MinnieStahl "

Noah Maloff, wife, two children

Homer Stahl, Lucinda, eleven children

Dora Watson, 141 Watson street Lorain, Ohio

Lewis Basore, wife, three children. R. F. D. No. 3,... St. Louis. Mich.

Mrs. F. H. Lehman, 1684 East 70th street, ....Cleveland, Ohio

George Stahl, Eva, daughter, Iva. Pickart. Ind.

Aaron Stahl's family, Mary, four children -

Grant Stahl, wife, four children, eight grand-children Indianapolis, Ind

Uncle Michael Stahl.

Israel Troupe Fostoria, Ohio

Frona Pucket, Harry, five children Corona, Ind.

Amos Troupe, wife, one child Pine Bluff, Ark.

Eliza Lowen, John, four children MilHngton, Mich.

Harriett Swope Risingsun, Ohio

Arie Stahl, Sadie Fostoria. Ohio

Roy Stahl, wife Risingsun, "

Malissa Soule. John, two children Amsden, "

Louisa Foster.. .Fostoria, "

Mariah Boyd. Toledo, Ohio, five children

Jonas Hutchens, Ida, four children Kendalville, Ind.

Andrew J. Foster, Tena, eight children

Emma Lovet, George, five children __ - -St. Millford, Ind.

Sarah Dicken, Jonathan Fostoria, Ohio

J. Wesley Dicken. Delia, two children _...

Frances Dicken, Clara, one child Jonesville, Mich.

Early Dicken, Lena, two children. - - -

Ella Lone, Seneca ( dead I ,son Randolph Fostoria, Ohio

Charles Dicken, Vena, two children Amsden,

Michael Stahl (dead,) Sarah Faith,

Becky Foster, Sampson, son Sherman Her,

Bell Foster Ash (dead,) Charles, two children..- Fostoria, Ohio

Earl Ash, wife - Amsden,

Rolla Redfern, wife . - Fostoria,

Ellen Flack Benet, James

Alice Good, Elden, two children

Israel Stahl, wife

Wm. Foster, wife, one child Colman, Mich.

Owen Foster, wife, two children Toledo, Ohio

Charles W. Foster

Ida Anderson, James, two children .- Her,

Mabel Harrison, Jet, two children Amsden, "

Henry Hutchens (dead, ) Louisa - _ - Kendalville, Ind.

Burt Hutchens, wife, one child .-

Mary Marshman. Oral- - - Avilla,

:le Jacob Stahl's family:

Mariah Fennel, Thomas, son Orlando - - Fostoria, Ohio

Samuel Fennel (dead.) Maggie -

Mabel Penner

Chas. G. Fennel, Francis - - - Chicago, 111.

Jacob Dicken, Nerva, three children Prairie Depot, Ohio

Clarence Dicken, wife... - -_ .Ithaca, Mich.

Wm. Dicken, wife, two children

Jack Dicken, wife, one child -

Pearl Dern, Charles- ..- - Prairie Depot, Ohio

Daisy Dicken -

Frank Wolum, Ellen ..- -.Fostoria, Ohio

Martin Wolum, wife, two children

Marion Wolum, wife.- ...

E. M. Yambert, Emma

Clarence Dowling, Stella, daughter Elma... Prairie Depot,

Kurt Dicken

Chas. Dicken, wife, four children

Emanuel Hampshire, Sallie Garnet, Kans.

Rev. Jesse H. Hampshire, Effie

Ola Hampshire

Ed Rufus, wife, one child

Dr. Simon Hampshire, wife, two children

Wm. Hampshire, wife - -

Levi Hampshire, wife, two children

Clara Hearst. Wm., one child

Martha Makiring, Ira, two children

Wm. Stahl, Tena . Ithaca, Mich.

Rosa Goodhall, George, three children -

Ella Clow, George -..

Levi Stahl, Mary - Burgoon,

Sterla S. Stahl, wife Franklin, Ohio

Dora Smith, Wm., four children Charlotte, Mich.

Harry Stahl, wife

One child _ Bowling Green, Ohio

Ora Rhinebolt, Abe _

Curt Elder, wife __ Mark Center,

Stella Brubaker, George, one child West Millgrove,

Ollie Fraze, Dr. A. B.. 1291nd. Ave Toledo, "

Lillie Hull, husband, two children Avilla, Ind.

Uncle Wm. Stahl's faTnily:

Lea Schupp, George .Hiawatha, Kans.

Orin Schupp, wife, two children.. " "

Rutherfer Schupp, wife, two children

Three names 1 1 forgot) " "

Nancy Kisabeth (dead,) Adam Fostoria, Ohio

Chas. Kisabeth " "

Jessie Kisabeth, Lulu.. " "

Lillian Kisabeth, Mertle " "

Bessie Campbell, George, one child Sarah, " "

Orlo Kisabeth, wife _ " "

Chester Kisabeth, Ina "

Christian Stahl " "

Simon P. Stahl, Ellen, 6812 LaFayettee Ave ...Chicago, I1I«.

Lee Stahl, wife, daughter Francis Elizabeth "

Wm. A. Stahl, Mary (dead) Risingsun, Ohio

Merle son, six children.. " "

Malinda Barley, George.. .__' Leipsic, "

Mary E. Kisabeth, Jacob ,_ Defiance, "

Five children... .Hicksville, "

Two children. - " "

Pet Kisabeth, two children " "

Maud Lash, Wm., two children _ "

Lillian Kisabeth, Grace, two children " "

Emanuel Stahl, Mary, two children Fostoria, "

Cornelius Stahl, Malissa, three children Amsden, "

O. E. Schupp. Hiawatha, Kans.

Verta Bertha Schupp "

Frances Burgoon, Ohio

Uncle Henry Stahl's family:

Chas. Feasel, Mary, eight children Kansas, Ohio

Wm. Feasel, Dana, two children

Esther Feasel, George, five children Amsden, "

J. L. Feasel, Alice, three children _ Fostoria, "

Ervin Feasel, Bertha, one child i " "

John Naugle, Nellie (dead,) second wife, six children Kansas, "

Esther Heiserman Fostoria, "

Henry Heiserman, Nora, three children Kansas, "

Rev. Jacob Heiserman, Rosa, two children Fremont, "

Ella Fraver, Charles, three children Fostoria, "

Geo. Aumaugher, Esther, five children Amsden, "

Laura Aumaugher, Lewis Litchfield, Mich.

Nora Heiserman, two children Fostoria, Ohio

Chas. Heiserman, Mary, one child Litchfield, Mich.

Geo. Heiserman, Bessie, one child Fostoria, Ohio

Clarence Heiserman, wife " "

0»car Waltermier, wife " "

Jacob Ecker (dead,) Lucinda Fostoria, Ohio

Amelia Hughbery, husband Leipsic,

Ephraim Ecker, wife, two children. Fostoria,

Pet Ash, two children _ Ithaca, Mich.

Ida Yochum, Wm., two children Fostoria, Ohio

Gotleib Mertz (dead,)

Anna Kissling, Christ, four children Amsden,

George Mertz, Anna, two children Fostoria,

Gust Kisabeth, wife, two children Carey,

F. L. Chaney, wife, five children .Fostoria,

E. W. Kipka, wife, two children

Wm. Byers, wife Amsden,

Maggie, Clara, Lieda Mertz Fostoria,

Ephraim Stahl, Louisa

John F. Stahl, Cora

Wm. Stahl, Ida, one child....

George Stahl's family, (my father:)

Noah Stahl, Delorus

A.J.Stahl, Elizabeth

Wilbert J. Stahl, Minnie Amsden

Silas S. Stahl, Chloe Fostoria,

Mary A. Miller, John H..

Margaret Miller

Sarah E. Good, H. W Amsden,

Bertha Hollenbaugh, Arthur, eight children Fostoria,

RoUa C. Miller, Minnie, one child Kansas,

Oscar M. Miller, Grace Cleveland,

George W. Shaw, Lillie, three children Kidder, Mo.

James Shaw, Delia, two children Kansas, Ohio

John Shaw, Ola, three children Fostoria,

Ola Bell, Elmer, four children Bradner, "

Andrew Shaw, wife, two children, 1 1 33 Huron Street Toledo,

Elizabeth Cook, Roy, two children .Columbus,

Eli Stahl North Starr, Mich.

Francis Stahl, Ella

Clara Smith, F. M Fostoria, Ohio

Clint Stahl, Minnie, two children Crystal, Mich.

Laura Boyd, E. D Fostoria, Ohio

Ida Snyder, Ora, four children

Ella Brada, Alonzo, five children Grand Rapids, Mich.

Orla Boyd, Oscar Defiance, Ohio

Chas. Boyd, Charena, one child Paulding,

Minnie Keckner, Ambrose North Starr, Mich

Ida WitRiSTon, Charles, son Claud... Wi.»^i

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