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Redeemer, New Haven.

ALBERT LINDER POPE. Manufacturer, Hartford.

EZRA EDWARD POST, Banker, Clinton.

HENRY F. SHOE]\IAKER, Banker. Riverside-on-the-Sound.

LEWIS SPERRY, Attorney, Hartford.

LYMAN ALLYN UPSON, Manufacturer. Thompsonville.

DAVID ERSKINE WHITON, Manufacturer, New London.

LUCIUS ERKSKINE WHITON, ^lanufacturcr. New London.

WILLLIAM CONRAD WILE, Phvsician, Danbury.


MERRIT N. WOODRUFF, Manufacturer, Southington.



Men of Mark in Connecticut









THE publisher desires to say that it has been his design in
co-operation Avith the eminent gentlemen associated in the
preparation of this work, to present some account of those
useful citizens who are the real leaders in every community and
in every calling. Tlie work consists of five volumes of about
four hundred and twenty-five pages each, printed on old Stratford
water-marked paper. The volumes contain over six hundred well-
written and correct sketches, accompanied by over three hundred
and fifty full-page i^ortraits. Four volumes have already been
delivered and the fifth is in the hands of the printers. The Case,
Lockwood & Brainard Co. The work is bound in half and full
morocco — gilt top. deckle-edged.

Prices for five Volumes :

Half-Morocco Binding - - - - $.50.00
Full-Morocco Binding - _ . . GO.OO

W. R. GOODSPEED. Publisher.
May 25, 1910.




Gov. Frank B. Weeks
" George L. Lilley, late
Ex. •' Rollin S. Woodruff
" Henry Roberts
" Abiram Chamberlain
" O. Vincent Coffin
" George P. McLean
'* Thomas M. Waller
" " George E. Lonnsburv
" '" Phineas C. Lounsbnry
Lorrin A. Cooke, late


Hon. Morgan G. Bulkeley
*' Frank B. Brandegee


Hon. Xehemiali D. Sperry

" E. Stevens Henry

" Ebenezer J. Hill

" Edward W. Higgins

" John Q. Tilson

" Washington F. Wilcox, late

" Lewis E. Sperry, Ex-Congressman


Hon. David Torrance
•• Frederick B. Hall
Simeon E. Baldwin


Hon. William Hamersley
" Samuel O. Prentice
" Alberto T. Eorabaek


Hon. William T. Elmer, late
Silas A. Robinson
Ralph W^heeler
William S. Case
Joel H. Reed
Edwin B. Gager
Howard J. Curtis
]\Iilton A. Sliumway
William L. Bennett
Lucien F. Burpee
M. H. Holcomb
Gardiner Greene
Wm. H. Williams


Hon. William K. Townsend
" James P. Piatt


Arthur T. Hadlev. Yale
Elavel S. Luther^ Trinity
Bradford P. Raymond, Wesleyan


Prof. Henry P. AYright, Yale

Russell H. Chittenden, Yale
Henry A. Beers, Y'ale
Lewis O. Brastow, Yale
Eugene L. Richards, Yale
George B. Stevens, Yale
Henry W. Earnam, Yale
Irving Fisher, Yale
Henry R. Lang, Yale
Thomas R. Lounsburv, Yale

Prof. Benjamin W. Bacon, Yale

" William L. Cross, Yale

" Albert. S. Cook, Yale

" Thomas D. Goodcll, Yale

" Edward G. Bourne, Yale

" Tracv Peck, Yale

" Edwkrd L. Curtis, Yale

" John C. Schwab, Yale

" Samuel L. Penfield, Yale

" Louis Y. Pirsson, Yale

" William L. Phelps. Yale

" Theodore S. Woolsev, Yale

" Frank C. Porter, Yale

" Edward W. Hopkins, Yale

" Charlton M. Lewis, Yale

" GeoYs:e T. Ladd, Yale

" Andrew W. Phillips, Yale

" Henry W. Ferguson, Trinity

" Karl W. Genthe, Trinity

" Henry A. Perkins, Trinity

" Charles L. Edwards, Trinity

" Robert R Riggs, Trinity

" Cranston Brenton, Trinity

" Francis G. Benedict, Wesleyan

" Caleb T. Winchester, Wesleyan

" Herbert W. Conn, Wesleyan

" Wilbur O. Atwater, Wesleyan

" Oskar Kuhns, Wesleyan

" William E. Mead, Wesleyan

" Edwin Iv. Mitchell, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Arthur L. Gillett, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Alexander R. Merriam, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Lewis B. Paton, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Clark S. Beardslee, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Samuel Simpson, Hartford Theological Seminary

" Melancthon W. Jacobus. Hartford Theological Seminary

" William X. Bice, Weslevan

Charles jS'oel Flagg, Artist
Isaac A. Allen, Jr., Architect
William D. Johnson, Architect
Xelson J. Welton, Civil Engineer
Charles H. Davis, Artist
Ernest Thompson Seton, Artist


Hon. Morgan G. Bnlkeley, President ^Etna Life

William B. Clark, President ^tna Fire

Hon. O. Vincent Coffin, President Middlesex

Col. Jacob L. Greene, late President Conn. Mutual

John M. Holcombe, President Phoenix Life

John M. Taylor, President Conn. Mutual

Dewitt C. Skilton, President Phoenix Fire

George L. Chase, late President Hartford Fire

John D. Browne, President Conn. Fire

K. H. Ensign, President Hartford Co. Mutual

Herbert H. White, Secretary Conn. Mutual

James Nichols, President ISTational Fire

Benjamin R. Stillman. Secretary Xational Fire

Robert W. Huntington, Jr., President Conn. General

Lyman B. Brainerd, President Hartford Steam Boiler

George E. Keeney, President Hartford Life

P. H. Woodward, Vice-President Conn. General

James H. Brewster, Manager Scottish Union

Sylvester C. Dunham, President Travelers


James A. Atwood, President Windham County ISTational
William E. Atwood, President N^ew Britain Trust Company
Jonathan B. Bunce, President Society for Savings
Daniel S. Brinsmade, Vice-President Home Trust Co., Derby
Isaac W. Brooks, President Brooks National Bank
Burton G. Bryan, Secretary Colonial Trust Company
Augustus M. Blakesley, late Cashier Waterbury Bank
George W. Beach, late President Manufacturers' National
Isaac B. Bristol, late President New Milford National
William Butler, Vice-President First National, Rockville
Atwood Collins, President Security Company, Hartford

Abiram Chamberlain, President IJuiiie Xatiunal, Mcridi-n
William H. Chapman, President Xew London Saviiii^s
Ralph W. Cutler, President Hartford Trust
Philip A. Corbin, President Savings Jiank of Xew Hritain
Maro S. Chapman, late President City Bank, Ilartfonl
William P. Curtiss, Vice-President Xew Haven Trust
George M. Clark, President ]\Ieriden Xational
Alfred W. Converse, Treasurer Windsor Locks Savings
Robert Coit, late President Union Bank, Xew London
Sidney W^. Crofut, Asst. Treas. Society for Savings, Hartford
Charles E. Clark, President Home Trust Company, r)crl)y
David Camp, Vice-President Xew Britain Xational
Edmund Day, President Seymour Trust Company
Edward B. Dunbar, late President Bristol Xational Bank
James S. Elton, President Waterbury Xational Bank
Henry F. English, Vice-President Conn. Savings, Bockville
Frank W. Etheridge, Vice-President Thomastou Xational Bank
Samuel E. Elmore, President Conn. River Banking Company
John H. Ferris, late President City Xational Bank, Xorwalk
Henry Gay, late President Hurlburt Xational Bank, Winsted
Seth J. Hall, late Vice-President Meriden Xational Bank
Leander L. Hall, President Clinton Xational Bank
A. Park Hammond, President Rockville Xational
Thomas Hooker, President Xew Haven Trust Compan}-
E. Stevens Henry, Treasurer People's Savings Bank, Rockville
Marcus H. Holcomb, President Southington Savings
George H. Hoyt, late President Stamford Savings
Buell Hemingway, Vice-President Dime Savings, Waterbury
Henry L. Hotchkiss. President L'nion Trust Co., Xew Haven
Charles M. Jarvis, Vice-Pr. Hardware City Trust, Xew Britain
Edwin O. Keeler, President Fairfield Co. Xational Bank
Frederick J. Kingsbury, Pres. Citizens' Xational, Waterbury
Charles H. Lounsbury, President Stamford Savings
George F. Lockwood, Vice-President Xew Canaan Savings
Sebastian D. Lam-ence, late President Whaling Xational Bank
M. Eugene Lincoln, ex-President Willim antic Savings
Francis M. Manning, President Mystic Xational Bank
David H. Miller, Vice-President County Xational Bank
Henry S. Mygatt, President Xew Milford Xational Bank
William D. Morgan, Cashier .Etna Xational Bank
Edward W. Marsh. Treasurer People's Savings, Bridgeport
Burton Mansfield, President Conn. Savings Bank

Samuel E. Merwin, late President Xew Haven Savings

Orange Merwin, late President Bridgejoort Land & Title

Francis W, Marsh, President Bridgeport Trust Company

Henry B. 'Noyes, President Groton Savings

Lucius B. Nea.\, Treasurer Southington Savings Bank

Charles H. Nettleton, President Birmingham National, Derby

David S. Plume, late President Colonial Trust, Waterbury

William H. Prescott, President People's Savings, Eoekville

Miles L. Peck, Treasurer Bristol Savings

Henry H. Peck, President Dime Savings, Waterbury

Charles E. Prior, Treasurer Security Company, Hartford

James A. Paine, ex-President Windham County Bank

Edward E. Post, Cashier Clinton National Bank

H. LeRoy Randall, late Treasurer New Milford Savings Bank

Frank E. Robinson, Treasurer Jewett City Savings Bank

Harvey L. Roberts, Vice-Pres. Mechanics' Savings, Winsted

Chas. L. Rockwell, President First National Bank, Meriden

William E. Sessions, President Bristol Trust Company

John H. Sage, Treasurer Freestone Savings, Portland

David Strong, President First National, Winsted

Alfred Spencer, President Hartford National Bank

A. J. Sloper, President New Britain National Bank

Henry F. Shoemaker, President Trust Company of America

Harold W. Stevens, President Hartford National Bank

Charles L. Spencer, President Suffield National Bank

David Trubee, late President Poquonock National Bank

George F. Tinker, President Union Bank, New London

Jerome Tourtelotte, Treasurer Putnam Savings Bank

J. B. Talcott, late President Mechanics' National Bank

C. S. Treadway, late President Bristol National Bank

Julius Twiss, Treasurer National Savings, New Haven

Lyman A. Upson, President Thompsonville Trust Company

Pierce N. Welch, late President First National, New Haven

Frank L. Wilcox, President Fidelity Trust Company, Hartford

P. H. Woodward, President Dime Savings, Hartford

Henry C. Warren, Pres. Merchants' Nat. Bank, New Haven

George M. Woodruif, President First National Bank, Litchfield

Hobart A. Warner, President Bristol Savings

Marcellus B. Willcox, President Southington National Bank

Meigs H. Whaples, Pres. Conn. Trust & Safe Deposit, Hartford

Eli Whitney, President City Trust Co., New Haven

Peter Wren, President Pequonnock National Bank, Bridgeport

Max Adler, Stroiisc, Adlor \' Co., New Haven
Lewis J. Atwood, late Pres. Phinie A: Atwood Co., Waterl.nry
H. C. Atwood, Daiiielson, Tr. Williamsville Mip;. Co., K'illin^d.y
James A. Atwood, Quinebaiig Company, Quinel.aiii;'
John W. Atwood, Waureg-an Mills

Walter S. Atwood. President Plume & Atwood ('..mpauv
Engene Atwood, President Atwood, Morrison Company
Carlyle F. Barnes, Treasurer Wallace Barnes Company
Frank L. Big-elow, President Bigelow Company
Thomas D. Bradstreet, Vice-President Seth Thomas Clock Co.
William H. Bristol, Bristol Company, Waterbury
W. R. Brixey, President Kerite Wire & Cable Company
Charles F. Brooker, President American Brass Company
Thomas W. Bryant, Manager Union Hardware Company
Augustus M. Blakesley, late Pres. Amer. Pin Co., Waterbury
Benjamin H. Bristol, Bristol Company. Watcvlmry
William E. Burnham, Bridgeport
I. W. Birdseye. Birdseye k Somers. J]ri(]ge])ort
E. G. Burnham. late of Eaton, Cole k Burnham, Bridgeport
John Birge, late President N. L. Birge & Sons, Bristol
Charles E. Billings, Billings & Spencer Company, Hartford
Walter Camp, Pres. Xew Haven Clock Company, New Haven
A. R. Condell, Plainyille, Treas. Elm City Brass & Rivet Co.
Philip Corbin, Pres. American Hardware Corp., Xew Britain
Maro S. Chapman, late President Plimpton Mfg. Co., Hartford
Henry S. Chase. President Chase Rolling Mill. Waterbury
Lewis A. Corbin, late of White, Corbin & Company, Rockville
H. H. Clark, late of Clark Bros. Company. :\[illdale
W. J. Clark, late of Clark Bros. Company. Stony Creek
C. H. Clark, Clark Bros. Company, Milldale
George M. Curtiss, Treas. International Silver Co., ^feriden
Trying Chase, President Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury
Lewis R. Cheney, Treasurer Austin Organ Company
Arthur D. Coffin, C. H. Dexter & Sons
Herbert R. Coffin, late of C. H. Dexter & Sons
Herbert R. Coffin, Jr., C. H. Dexter & Sons
George W. Corbin, late President Union ^fanufacturing Co.
Edmund Day, Treasurer H. P. -6: E. Day Company, Seymour
Edward B. Dunbar, late of Dunbar Bro^;., Bristol
Levi S. Eaton, late President Bryant Electric Company


George C. Edwards, Vice-Pr. International Silver Co., Meriden

Kalph H. Ensign, Ensign, Bickford & Company, Simsbury

James S. Elton, Waterbury Brass Company, Waterbury

Simeon J. Fox, late Pres. N^at. Pipe Bending Co., ]!iew Haven

Edward L. Frisbie, late of Brown Bros.

George A. Fairfield, late Pres. Hartford Screw Corp., Hartford

Lav^rrence S. Forbes, President East Hartford Paper Company

Franklin Farrel, Manufacturer, Ansonia

Frederick F. Fuessenicb, President Hendee Machine Company

Charles Glover. Pres. Corbin Cabinet Lock Co., ISFew Britain

Adolph W. Gilbert, ex-President Pratt & Cady Co., Hartford

Charles E. Graham, James Graham Company, ISTew Haven

William A. Grippin, Pres. Bridgeport Malleable Iron Company

William PL Hart, President Stanley Works, ISTew Britain

A. E. Hammer, Treasurer Malleable Fittings Co., Branford

Andrew B. Hendryx, late Pres. A. B. Hendryx Co., l^ew Haven

Buell Hemingway, Pres. Hemingway & Bartlett Co., Watertown

Henry L. Hotchkiss, President Candee Rubber Co., I^ew Haven

Edward B. Hatch, President Johns-Pratt Company, Hartford

Gerald W. Hart, President Hart Mfg. Company

James L. Howard, late President James L. Howard Company

Edwin Hallock, F. Hallock Company

A. Park Hammond, Treasurer New England Company

Charles P. Howard, President James L. Howard Company

Gardiner Hall, Jr., Gardiner Hall, Jr. & Company

William H. Hall, Gardiner Hall, Jr. &: Company

George A. Hammond, Hammond, Knowlton & Company

Arthur I. Jacobs, President Jacobs Mfg. Company.

Marshall Jewell, late of Jewell Mfg. Company, Hartford

Lyman Jewell, Vice-President Jewell Belting Co., Hartford

Charles M. Jarvis, Vice-Pres. Am. Hardware Co., Xew Britain

Albert D. Judd, Wallingford, H. L. Judd Company

George E. Keeney, Treasurer Somerville Mfg. Company

Frederick J. Kingsbury, Jr., President Bridgeport Brass Co.

Charles Kerr, President Linonine Company, Danbury

Daniel E. Loewe, President D. E. Loewe Company

George A. Lewis, President Beacon Falls Rubber Company

Walter J. Leavenworth, Treasurer R. Wallace & Sons

George B. Lamb, Treas. Waterbury Farrell Foundry Company

C. H. Lounsbury, Lounsbury & Soule, Stamford

Col. Frank T. Maxwell, Ilockanum Company, Rockville


Edward Miller, late President Edward .Miller Conipiiiiv
David H. Miller, President Gilbert ^ Bnruett Co., (;e..rgetowii
George E. Mattliies, President Seynujur 'Mi'ii. Company
Chas. E. Mitchell, Pres. Stanley Knle ^ Level Co., Xew Britain
Mahlon H. Marlin, President Marlin Fire Arms Company
Watson J. Miller, President Derby Silver Company
Edward J. Manning, Manager lioyal Typewriter Company
^Yjlliam T. MacEarlane, President Bridgeport Crncii)le Co.
William Maxwell, Treasurer Si>ringdale Conii)any
James R. Montgomery, President James R. Montgomery .ic Co.
Lyman A. Mills, President Lyman Gun Sight Company
Edward L. Pond, President Andrew Terry Company
Freeman F. Patten, U. ^^'arren Woolen Company
Albert L. Pope, Vice-President Pope Mfg. Company.
Elisha L. Palmer, Vice-President Palmer ]3rotliers'
Angus Park, owner Airlie ]\lills, ILinover
Frank L. Palmer, President Palmer Brothers, New London
Robert Palmer, Shipbuilder, Xoank

R. J. Plumb, President Eagle Lock Conii)any, Terryville
David S. Plume, late Treasurer American Ring Co., Waterbiiry
W. H. Prescott, late Vice-President E. S. Envelope, Rockville
H. R. Parrott, Parrott Varnish Company, Bridgeport
Frederick H. Quintard, Treasurer C. S. Trowbridge Company
David M. Read, late of D. ::\r. Read k Comjiany
Charles B. Read, President D. M. Read & Company
George Rockwell, Secretary International Silver Company
David F. Read, Treasurer D. M. Read tS: Company
Charles D. Rice, Manager Underwood Typewriter Company
Harvey L. Roberts, Treasurer Strong Mfg. Co., \Vinste3


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