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The Woman's College
University of North Carolina





Gift of




I '" 111

A" ■■'.:.■<■ .■"■





• •.■•'■ •''.•. - : '''-

Vri »3 )*•>,•; •ifi.jyM-'"- 1


E ■ WH ■■• ' RS : M



•'■■ ■'■■■■'■ •''■•■ ,: <


^vV-'-tfe w$Q&0tfSf







-,'•'" ■>"'■■''•



Wmm Mil - ' ;

■'■'■ :; " Hi n I till

■■■■■■ J ■.•■'■■- H* ■>■.:-•.-■■■'■. .■■
■■■■■■■ iilfisS HM ■■








•',1 <-£.

— £ —


pF tkis, our first
annual under
its new name,
serves now or in trie
future years to kindle
and keep burning in tke
hearts of those who hold
our Alma Mater dear-
est, the friendships and
ideals of our college, then
those w'ho toiled over it
will feel their reward
full)) realized. ®* fife Ob

; V; '

v i * * i

-^-d^j /j^JZZL ^VUl^^j J>U^Xs~ /

/— ^tf-^- Cv.&^a'






To Alma Mater

(A Song al Parting)

Mother, kind Mother, Mother, kind Mother,

Thy bidding unfaltering The morning light beckons \

Quickens to vigor Stirred by thy bidding.

The whole of our youth: Well up and away.

"Up to the combat — There is scarce time

Thy world calls for service! For a lingering parting,

Child of my being, go forth; Thou, and our world, and \

War for truth." Whisper "Today."

Though we are leaving
Thy homestead, kind Mother,
Truly we ne'er can be
Farted from thee.
We are thy very self—
Thou art our mother,
Whither thy children go
There shall thou be.

E. Everett.












To tfy, L^ftdL oj
tf\& UaN<^ L^e a.-^' - r « h e_ ,

(T\e 6vmMer l^a.mi
w [\t re t)|fc SUtt

Y»h^re H\e WtaK

grow strono
And ~tf\e. strong,
grow qreat.
Were'b to Down)|cmt

'O/d /Yorth State

Tkis book we dedicate to


as an expression of our
love and gratitude for
one who has shown a
profound interest, a will-
ingness to sacrifice, a
constant co-operation in
the effort to make real
the ideals of the college



HI ;

1 "U^iJSft * m ■

i r f~ , ?£


for being.'

' 'Twos one of those charmed days

When the genim of Cod doth flow ;
The wind may alter twenty ways,
A tempest cannot blow."

"It is svieet
To linger here, among the flitting birds
And leaping squirrels, wandering broods,
That shal(e the leaves."

"When the pine tosses its cones

To the song of its jvaterfull tones.
Who speeds to the woodland wall{?
To birds and trees who talk?"

When br

ezes are soft



are f


1 steal an

hour from si



And hie

Tie away lo the w

oodland see

Where w

nJers the sir

am with


of green

"Here are old trees, tall oa£s, and gnarled pines
That stream with gray-green mosses; here the ground
Was never trenched by spade, and flowers spring up
Unsown, and die ungalhered."

"So Nature calls through all her system wide.
Give me thy love, O man, so long denied."








Board of Directors

A. J. Conner .

. . . Northampton County

H. G. Catham


E. E. Britton .

. . . Wake

. . Durham

C. H. Mebane .


Junius D.

Grimes . .

J. D. Murphy Buncombe

J. L. Belson Caldwell

Joe Rosenthal Wayne

Mrs. J. A. Brown Columbus

A. A. F. Seawell Lee


Officers of the Board

E. C. Brooks, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ex Officio Preside

A. J. Conner Secretary E. J. Forney Treasur,

Executive Committee

J. D. Murphy

H. G. Chatham
E. C. Brooks

A. A. Seawell

Page tuent))-:

Officers of Administration

Julius I. Foust, LL.D.

William C. Smith, Ph.B.

Dean of Faculty

W. C. Jackson, B.S.
Dean of College

Mary M. Petty, B.S.
Dean of Home Economics

Emma King, A.B.
Director of Dormitories

Grace Lawrence
Assistant Director of Dormitories

E. J. Forney

Laura H. Coit

Mary T. Moore

Daisy Elizabeth Brooks

Harriet Graham, A.B.
General Secretary of Y. W . C. A.

Clara Booth Byrd, A.B.
Assistant to Treasurer

Annie F. Petty

Lucile Cobb
Assistant Librarian

Ethie Ben Garrett, B.E.
Assistant in Library

Mrs. M. B. Morgan
Purchasing Agent

Jessie McLean
Trained Nurse

Cora Beam
Trained Nurse

Miss McKinnon
P. O. Books and Stationery

Mary C. Carter


Estelle Boyd

Mary McNeil

Laura M. Hall, B.S.
Assistant Dietician

Page twenty-



Julius I. Foust, LL.D.

|Alma I. Long
Domestic Art

William C. Smith, Ph.B.
English Language and Literature

tE. E. Balcomb, A.]
Rural Life

Walter Clinton Jackson, B.S.

•(Clarence W. Hewlett, Ph.D.

Gertrude W. Mendenhall, B.S.

Mary Fay Davenport, B.P.
Physical Education

tANNA M. Gove, M.D.

tJuLiA Raines
Manual Arts

Mary M. Petty, B.S.

Lena Ellington, A.B., M.A.
Instructor in History

Mary Settle Sharpe

John H. Cook, A.M.


Viola Boddie

E. C. Lindeman, B.S.
Economics and Sociology

Henrietta Lancner, B.S.
Home Economics

Caroline Pauline Barbara Schoch, B.Di., Ph.D.

tEuGENE W. Gudcer, M.S., Ph.D.
Biology and Ccology

Blanche Elaine Shaffer, B.S., M.A.
Foods and Nutrition

tHiNDA T. Hill, A.M.

Lizzie McIver Weatherspoon
Supervising Teacher in Training School

Wade R. Brown
Piano and School Mu

Etta R. Spier, B.S.
Rural Supervisor

Minnie L. Jamison
High School Inspector of Home Economii

Ruth Fitzgerald
Supervising Teacher in Training School

E. J. Forney
Stenography, Typewriting and Boo^eepii

Nellie Lorena Walker, Ph.B.
Supervising Teacher in Training School


Page tmenty-nii

Edith Blaine, B.S.
Supervising Teacher in Training School

Lucile Marshal! Elliot, B.P.
Supervising Teacher in Training School

Ruth D. Ewinc, B.S.

Supervising Teacher in Training School

EzrA Deviny, A.B.
Instructor in Biology

Aline Turner, A.B., B.S., M.A.
Instructor in English

Helen Mayer, B.M.

Instructor in SlringeJ Instruments

Irene Templeton, B.S.
Instructor in Mathematics

James Kerr, M.A.
Instructor in Romance Languages

Lauie Leslie, B.S.
Supervising Teacher in Training School

Mary H. Mendenhall, A.B.
Supervising Teacher in Training School

Majel W. Wood, A.B., A.M.

Instructor in Romance Languages

Clara Booth Byrd, A.B.
Instructor in Commercial Department

Jean Blossom Wilcox, M.l
Instructor in Voice

G. Scott-Hunter
Instructor in Harmony, Counterpoint and Organ

A. T. Wright, B.S.


Instructor in Physical Cullu

Gertrude Sousley
Instructor in Piano

Annie F. Petty
Library Methods

Alliene Richard Minor
Instructor in Music

Tempe Boddie, A.B.
Instructor in Latin

Mary Robinson, B.S.
Instructor in English

Dora Robinson, A.M.
Instructor in Biology

oy Briccs, B.P.
Domestic Arts

Elva Eudora Barrow, B.S.
Instructor in Chemistry

Florence Eckert, A.B., A.M.
Instructor in English

Alice Kohler, A.B.
Instructor in French

Florence Ferguson, A.B.
Instructor in Foods and Nulritii

Alice E. Bivins
Instructor in School Mu

Magnhilde Gullander, A.B.
Instructor in History

Lula Smith, B.S.
Domestic Art

Richard H. Thornton, A.B., A.M.
Associate in English

Cora Stronc, A.B.
Associate in Mathematics

Page thirty

Virginia Racsdale, Ph.D.
Associate in Mathematics


Mary L. Sherrill, A.B., A.M.
Associate in Chemistry

Martha Elizabeth Winfield, B.S.
Associate in English

Associate in English

Harriet Wiseman Elliott, A.M.
Associate in History

Myra Alderman Albright
Instructor in Piano

Alonzo C. Hall, A.B., A.M.
Associate in English

Eva G. Campbell, A.B., M.A.
Instructor in Biology

J. A. Hichsmith, A.M.
Associate in Education

Naomi Neil, A.B.
Instructor in Chemistry

A. P. Kephart, Ph.D.
Associate in Education

Phoebe Gaylord
Public School Music

Elizabeth Marsh, B.S.
Associate in Foods and Nutrition

W. B. Barney, M.A., Ph.D.
Romance Languages

Mary Frances Seymour, A.M.
Associate in Biology

Ethel Bollinger
Secretary of Alumnae Association




Page thirt\)-lwo




Page thirty-three

Lavender and Whi

Jack Van Sindley
Senior Class Mascot

Motto: Love, Honor, Loyalty

Class Song

Flower: Violet

Nineteen Twenty, we're a loyal band.

Working all together with a steadfast aim,
Seeking laurels that our class may stand.

Adding honor to our college name.
To our colors we will faithful be:

Lavender and While, we pledge to thee,
Love that we feel will strengthen thee,

Honor that we know we owe to thee.
Loyalty in work, that all may see

Our Love. Honor, Loyally.

Under our banner of Lavender and White,

Proving our devotion to a strong ideal.
We strive ever upward to a greater height.

To attainments that the world must feel.
In that life that we must lead apart.

Thoughts of thee will linger in each heart.
From thy influence we must gain our start.

Ever mindful of our debt to thee.
Showing how worthy our motto may be

By Love, Honor, Loyalty.


Senior Class Officers
Fall Term

Sybil Barrington President

Elizabeth McLean Vice-President

Hessie Blankenship Secretary

Ida Owens Treasurer

Elsie Swindell Critic

Spring Term

Mary Winn Abernathy President

Hazel West Vice-President

Elizabeth Davis Secretary

Katie Kinc 7V<

Carrie Tabor Critic

Page thirty-fa

Senior Class

Mary Winn Abernethy, A.B Portsmouth, Va.

"Persuasive speech and more persuasive sighs.
Silence thai spolge and eloquence of eyes."

A.lelphian; Vi.-.-Pr. si. lent ..f Class of '17: Me
Co-Society Debater of 'IS; Recording Secretary
'19; Literary Editor of t/; Literary Editor of Pi



: lass hails from Portsmouth, the Pearl of the Tidewater. However, she is not a Virginian,
because she was born and still is a Tar Heel. The three joys of her life are going (o the "little store,"
taking the vampire's part in plays, and talking. During her college career she has never sacrificed any of
these joys to work; she has not needed to. because her mind always acts quickly under pressure. She never
loses command of herself and in all activities is cool-headed. Mary Winn is one of the brilliants among
the twenties. Her extemporaneous recitations in Psychology and Shakespeare will long be remembered
as characteristic of her brilliance. Her skill in debate and dramatics would make us picture for her a
career in Washington, or some such place, if it was not for the fascination which one town called
Rutherford College holds for her.

HELEN DeVare ASKEW Hertford County, Ahoskie, N. C.

"I'll be merry. 111 be free,
III be sad for nobody.''

Fire Li.

skelhall Tt

Helen always says: "I don't know a thing"; but if you want to know a date just ask her. She is one
of our leading "humorists," possessing a quality which makes ordinary expressions appear in a fanny
light. Helen is very athletic, too. The way she swings her tennis racket gives her the championship
of the Senior Class. Always cheerful, willing, and lovable, these, with her winning personality, make
up a character which appeals to all of us.

Page thirty-


Senior Class

Mary Alderman, B.S G:


N. C.

rthy fa


It is true Mary has not boarded in the dormitories, but she has been with us a large part of the time,
usually in Mclver Building and the Library. She has been invaluable to our class in many respects,
especially in keeping the dietetics class posted on the latest food prices in Greensboro. Judging from
her skillfulness in helping manage the cottage, we can safely predict for her a successful future. Cheer-
fulness is her daily guide, efficiency her creed.

Isabell Audrey, A.B.

Charlotte. N. C.

"The better part of valor is discretion.
•lass. Spring. 'IT; Sub-Fire Lieutenan

Council of Y. W. C. A.. 'lS-'lS;
•1S-'19: Member of Intet-Soeis
Member of Dieean Literary S»ci

If you want her face to look
Biology, Chemistry, or what not.

and who is able and who is going to stand u
derful conception of college, her warm enth
future demands much from our worthy Isabe

t. Spring 'IT: Executive
Dikean Literary Societv,
lS-'lS, '19-'20; Charter

tell her of some recent discovery in Science,
5 real beauty, thereby gaining cultural value
)ut among our '20's as one who has ideas and convictions,
for them. As a member of our student body, her won-
nasm and her ability make her value inestimable. The

Page thirl))-

Senior Class

Sybil Barrincton, A.B Raleigh, N. C.

"A heart to mill, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute."

Adelphian; Hockey Team, '16. '17, 'IS, '19; Proctor, '17; Secretary of Class, Fall of

•17; Society Orator, Spring of 'IS; T. W. C. A. Cabinet. '18-'19; Athletic Cabinet,

'19-'20; President Senior Class, Fall of '19; Class Historian. Spring of '20.

Sybil is one of our smallest Seniors, yet she hits ihe volley ball as far, "pathetic" dances just as well,

and makes as many "ones" as anybody in the class, and still holds a very dear place in the hearts of us

all. She is a girl we may turn to for encouragement, cheer, and love, and always we get just the kind

of sympathy we need. She keeps herself so well in hand that she is at any time able lo see through the

joys and sorrows of others and share jovs and divide the sorrow. Here's to Sybil, our first Senior


Anna Bernard Benson, A.B Monroe, N. C.

"The glass of fashion, and the mold of form.
The observed of all observers."
Adelphian; Chorus. '16-'17. '17-'1S; President Freshman Latin Club. '17: Sub-Fire
Lieutenant. '17; Proctor. 'IT-IS ; Dramatic Club. '19-'20; Glee Club. '19-'20; Vice-
President Adelphian Society. '19; Toastmistress Adelphian Banquet. '19.
"Ooooh— looook!" And what do we see? Just Anna Bernard! Well, not "just" Anna Bernard, but
JUST almost the most versatile girl in the whole Senior Class. She can act creditably anything from
modest little Priscilla of old to modern Molly, a scandalously flirtatious maid. And she can play the
piano, too — gets more music out of one than many of us who have toiled four long years. Interpretive
dancing is not the least of her accomplishments, either. But the way we have to think of Anna Bernard
most is as the charming little toastmisyess presiding most graciously over our last initiation banquet. She s
a fine friend if you'll let her be, but you must understand her, sympathize with her in all her troubles,
and encourage her with flattering remarks once in a while. We hate to predict for her a life of school
teaching, for she has so many other attractive qualities to be developed. But have you ever heard her
speak of those Training School kids of hers? "You all just don't know how funny they are," she says. "I
feel like they're my very own." Keep developing those fine faculties of yours, Anna — and here's luck
to you!

Page thirty-eight


Senior Class

Mary Benton, B.S Monroe, N. C.

"Ideas in the head set hands about their general iasfys."


'is; Ho


,-y T.a

■1S-'19; Clas

Independent Mary is the "lalkingest" girl we have; in fact, she likes to talk so well that she often

resorts to backward talking for variety. She is influential to the point of making people do things,

whether they want to or not, and has proved herself capable of successfully engineering some of the

most difficult student activities. Always ready to help those who need help, our "Bary Menton" has
an irresistible attractiveness all her own.

Hessie Anne Blankenship Statesville, N. C, Route No. 4

"She loc-kelh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness."

Hessie has the ability to do everything well. She never has lime for loafing, not even during walking
period, for she sticks to close, steady work, and takes life rather seriously. She puts as much effort in
non-academic affairs as she does in academic, and they are done equally as well. If you will consult
Miss Moore's records you will see that she holds 50 per cent of all the Ts and 2's.

Page thirty-nil

Senior Class

Mabel Frances Boysworth, A.B Norwood, N. C.

"Eternal sunshine settles on her head."
Cornelian; Orchestra. '17-'1S, '1S-'19, '19-'20; Basketball Team. 'IS, '19; Y. W. C. A.
Cabinet Member, 'lS-'SO.

Here is a good, all-'round girl in classwork, athletics, and college life in general. Her charming per-
sonality has made her known and loved by all. She is sure to make good in whatever she undertakes,
and leaves with the best wishes of all her classmates.

Ethel Bovte, A.B Monroe, N. C.

"/ am not only witty in myself.
But the cause that wit is in others."
Cornelian; Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.. '17-'18, '1S-'19, '19-'20; Fire Lieutenant. '19-'20;
Member of the Glee club. '19-'20; Basketball Team. 'lH-'20: Secretary of Class of
'lT-'lS; Critic of Cornelian Literary Society, '1S-'19; Undergraduate Field Repre-
sentative. '19-'20; Member of Dramatic Club, '19, '20.

Ethel— yes, this is Ethel. She is always present with her ready wit and humor. It is Ethel who is
called upon to make the "peppy" speeches for athletics, society, student government, and Y. W. C. A.
Not even all these activities can exhaust her surplus energy. She is not only ready to take part in all
student activities, but she is a loyal and true friend to all those who sorrow or are homesick. Because
of a sympathetic understanding, she can always comfort those who need comforting. Ethel is the broad-
minded one; she never thinks in single terms, but in "doubles." Many times she has flown on the wings
of "sweet zephyrs" to poetical fields, from which she has gathered, in the language of that land, thoughts
for Coraddi. As a student she has gained the respect and admiration of our faculty. Her special
interest in the Biology Department, shown by her promptness and neatness, prophesies great success for
her in carrying out the hard-learned "Principles of Education."

Page forty


Senior Class

Virginia Dare Braswell, A.B Whitakers, N. C.

"Hope, of all ills men endure.
The on/\j cheap and universal cure."

Virginia is the possessor of a splendid gift — a cheerful disposition. Doubtless this is the secret of* her
success in winning, with so little fret and worry, a d'ploma, and also in making many warm and lasting
friendships. In her junior year her favorite pastime was discujs'ng economics. This year it is almost
impossible to tell which takes more of her time and furnishes more material for her conversation. Training
School or Monsieur G , to whom we often find her composing "une lettre en francais."

Carrie Burton, A.B Ruffin, N. C.

"Speak >h mind."

Carrie is so very quiet and unassuming that she is rea ly known by only a few of us. Those of us who
know her best love her and feel that the others who do not know her quite as well have missed some-
thing. After she leaves college, we expect to hear that she is making a great success as a teacher or that
she has become a great chemist or physicist.


Senior Class

Annie Louise Campbell, A.B Hamer, S. C.

"My honor is ml) life. Both grow in one."

loesn'l slanc

This quiel, unassuming girl c

of work, but she is a steady and earne:

bilities and expect to hear of her great

i prominently as a "star" perfoimer in any particular branch
rker in everything she undertakes. We all realize her capa-
ess after she leaves college.

Joe Causey, B.S Liberty, N. C.

"// / Jo vov a friendship, I'll perform it to the last article."
Adelphian; Proctor, '17; Basketball, Spring of 'IS; Basketball, Spring of '19; Secre-
tary of Class, Spring of '19; Athletic Association Cabinet, '19-'20; Literary Editor of
Pine Needles; Reporter for Carolinian; Hockey, Fall of '19.

When you are going to have a parly,
And you want a cake baked —
Go to Joe.
When you get up a team, and

That team is a hockey team —
Get Joe.
When you want to make a schedule, and
That schedule conflicts-
Go to Joe.
When you need a friend

That's a friend indeed—
Find Joe.

Page forty-two


Senior Class

Julia Grimes Cherry, A.B Rocky Mount, N. C.

"An inborn Grace that nothing lacked of culture or appliance."

Secretary of Class. '16; College Chorus; Colleg
ball Team, Spring !:>; Basketball Team, Fall '1!
of Society, 'IS; President of Society, '19; Class Poet

s are always connected

House President.

Gin- Club: Basket

Cherries are always connected with great people. Julia's name suits her. She looks as if she wou
good to eat — some people at least think so. They like her dreamy eyes, her rosy cheeks and lips,
really goes about everything in a slow, graceful, dignified way — in presiding over her society,
presiding over Miss King's office especially. Some day she wants to preside over a newspaper
must we say Boston? She is now trying to decide on a name for it — "The Corydon." In additi
all of her other talents, Julia is broad-minded enough to include athletics and dramatics.

Id be

Rachael Clifford, A.B Dunn, N. C.

"No storm ever ruffled the current of her life."


Rachael is funny (though she begged i
outside work than any girl in college-
dependable. From the I's and 2's on
as many friends as any girl here — con
more than all this. You just have to


say so), but she is much rm
y conclude that s
her record you may judge that she
:Iude that she is thoughtful, lovable,
know Rachael to see how really s;

: than that. She does mc
: is thoroughly capable a
i a little studious. She f
ind — funny — and she's ev
sfying she is — our Racha

Page forty.thr,


Catherine Cobb, B.S.

'The fair, the chaste, the unexpr

I; Dramatic

Norfolk, Va.

Critic Class of 1920, Fall of

Coquettish? Not exac ly ; just a complete heart-smasher. Such "Katie's" many adoring courtiers declare,
though it is quite c ident that this goddess of grace and beauty is perfectly unconscious of her charm, for
in her case the well-known :aying becomes: "He came; he saw; she conquered." Broad-mindedness,
co-operation and sincerity are the rr.-enthelical expressions for Catherine's brilliant mind and strong

classmate, and is true through "thick and thin" to all her friends, especially her other self— Norma.

Natalie Coffey, A.B Raleigh, N. C.

till, she mill, and \)o


"Little Coffey" is one of ojr band who is good-hearted and sympathetic to the very highest degree. She
stands out as our model for "pathetic dancing." She would rather dance than do anything else, not even
sludy excepted. Believ'ng that loo "much study is of weariness to the flesh," she has not injured her
health by oveiwork. This, however, was unnecessary, becauce her exceedingly bright mind and deter-
mination were such as to make a remarkable record with little effort on her part. She looks for the best
in people about her, and usually sees it. We can give her a task and bs sure that she will perform it
to the minutest detail. Natalie can usually be found directing her work for Adelphai, yet she takes an
active part in every organization of which she is a member. She do;s her work well, and (ficn has lime

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