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to sit on the library steps and converse with her friends as they come and go.

Page forty-four


Senior Class

Elizabeth Davis, A.B Southport, N. C.

"The truest ejjcs tha

< Y.rm-lian ; Proctor.
Literary Editor of
Proctor. 'IS, '19.

mTDcred heaven'
Cornelian Mars

Although Elizabeth is small, she has a big heart, of which fact we are constantly aware by her sun-
shiny disposition and her ability for making others love her. She is quiet and retiring, but has an
appealing personality which makes one know she's a real pal. She says she is going to be an instructor
of the young, and we believe that success awaits her in that field, or in any other line of work she may

Lucille Dowd, A.B Dunn, N. C.

One of "ho

nd da
' whot

"Cile" has in her the combination of scholarship and sportsmanship. There is not a bigger sport in
college. Though her work never keeps her from having a good time, she has more I's and 2's than
most of us. She can write an interesting theme in the French or EnglisS language on subjects that seem
impossible for literary interpretation. Sincerity and loyalty to her friends are her most dominant charac-
teristics — exemplified in her friendship with her roommate, "Frank." On the whole, she is one of '20's

Page forty-fiv

Senior Class

Lydia Farmer, A.B Wilson, N. C.

"She fears not the obstacles thai lead to her goal."

Hockey Teal)

Glee Cluh

I in

Lydia certainly has the power to put her who
enthusiasm that we all desire. This year Lydia's intere
of the editors of our paper, she has put much of her efl
true Lydia spends much time working on the newspaper
reading letters that always come on Tuesdays and almo
letters come from, but we need ask no questions, as the
to be bothered with the outside world.




she undertakes to do. She has the
ceniered in the Carolinian. As one

daily. We have often wondered where these
eader is then far too interested in the contents

Elsiline Felton, B.M. . . .

"That mas Mu

Wilson, N. C.

CooJ alike at Cr

A.delphian; Chor

tenant. 'lS-'l!t: (
Pianist for Colle

', 'IT-MS; Cheer Leader of C
'lS-'ig; Pianist for Glee Clu
3, '19-'20.

nJ Cay.'

Few folks outside of fairy tales are born great. Not many of us
becoming great, for some of us have been given great souls. Of the
is true, for only a great soul could be behind the wonder of her mi
alone could create the delight we feel when Elsilene sits at the pian
depth of feeling could inspire work like hers. For the reason that het

tips, but wells from her soul, it possesses that quality which

e born with large capacity for
s Elsilene. We know that this
No amount of technical skill
nd plays for us. Only a great
isic lies not solely at her finger-

it true artistic expression.

Page forty..

Senior CIc

Nelle Fleming, A.B Boonville, N. C.

"Cive her of the fruit of her hands and let her own wor\s praise her."



space. Occ-
■e admire the

It is an impossible tour de force to attempt to sketch so admirable a character in so little
sionally we meet people whom the longer we know the better we like and the more vi
admirable traits. Such a person is Nelle. During her four years here she has steadily grown in the
esteem of both faculty and students. She is an excellent student, a girl of solid judgment, and with a
keen sense of humor. She is always at work trying to solve the problems of the Human Body. But
while overflowing with sincerity of purpose, she is not lacking in a humor not always apparent to the
casual observer. However, her many accomplishments lose nothing from her reticence and modesty, for
at heart she is warm and true, and all count it a privilege to be numbered among her friends.

Mary Foust, A.B Greensboro, N. C.

"Not too
Bat a ra

nous, not too gay,
good felloD) n>/?en

Dignified and reserved? Yes. But such sweetness of disposition is rarely found. Mary was formerly
a member of '19, but sickness caused Red and White to give one of their most valuable possessions lo
'20. Her congeniality and democratic ideals have given her many true, genuine friends. Besides special-
izing in chemistry, Mary became sufficiently interested in other subjects to receive l*s and 2's. As the
President's daughter, she works when necessary, and the rest of the time may be found driving "the
car." Lavender and White wishes her much success in the coming year.

Page fort),-;


Grace Frazier, A.B Ashboro, N. C.

"There's man)) a black, black eye, they say,
Bat none so black as mine."

Mademoiselle Frazier is an excellent French student. She is very

reserved. Grace is a girl who always "pursues the even tenor of her '

she never gets the least bit "ruffled." She majored in French, and
as an instructor in her chosen profession.

nd obliging, and also very
nd no matter what happens,
licl for her a bright future

Mary Fulton, B.M King's Mountain, N. C.

"A lo» and gentle voice, dear woman's chief est charm!"

Adelphlan; Chorus, '16-'17, '19-"20; Y. W. C. A. rhoir; House President, 'M-'20.

In Mary we find one seemingly quiet and reserved, but if this modest and unassuming manner is due to
reservation it is a most admirable trait. She doesn't know anything bad about anybody — or, if she does,
she keeps it to herself. She is always ready to help those in need, and the sunshine of her sweet disposi-
tion has endeared her to us all. Mary's specially is music, and her sympathetic interpretation and beau-
tiful touch assure us that she will come out on lop. Although Mary usually plays a silent part, her
influence is felt, and we know thai behind lhat silence is something worth while.

Page forty-eight


Senior Class

Lela Harper, A.B.

Vineland, N. C.


One of those retiring maids whom only a few of us know, and those that do find in her rarest combina-
tion of good humor and unselfishness. We feel certain that the future holds much success and happiness
for Lela.

Virginia Rouss Hayes, A.B Randleman, N. C.

"Her life was gentle and the elements so mixed in her that Nature might stand up and sa}) to all the world:

As to her ability, behold this volume! As to her altracti ene;s, view the above picture! As to her
winning personality — well, just consult anyone of the seven hundred girls on this hill, for in each Rouss
finds a friend. A veritable actress Rouss is, loo, as she proved to us all last rpring when she so ably
played the role of Dogberry, the Constable, in "Much Ado About No'hing." Always ready to soothe
the homesick heart, she quite often brightens the day for someone with her clever interpretations of "Lil
Fly." After a short chat with her one is almost envious of her ability to entertain, and wishes that this
world could be filled with happy, gifled folk just like Rouss.

Page forty-


Mary Haynes, A.B. . . .

"She openeth her mouth

Mount Airy, N. C.

tongue is the lam of kindness."

lelian; Secretary Student Volunteer Band, '1S- - 19; Treasurer Stud
d, , li- , 20; Member Hockey Team. '19-'20; Delegate International
Convention, Des Moines, Iowa, January, lf'20.


Mary, the conference girl, the one who is always ready to go to Student Volunteer meetings, is e
faithful to her duties. Mary, the dependable girl, is always ready to help in a worthy cause. Ma
the biologist — if you can't find her in her room, run to third floor, Mclver — her preferable second hoi
where she visits the turtle family and the "felis domestica," or, in other words, the plain house cat.

Rachel Haynes, B.M Mount Airy, N. C.

"What harmony is this? My good friends, har\!"

Adelphian; Cho

of Chorus, '13-'20.

al note in the Class of '20 when w<
ppearance? Can anyone forget

We strike anolhi

when she wasn'l

personality, and high ideals? She

those who know her count it a privilege

exceptional musical ability, who loves her

istic of her. A beautiful singing tone, a

niable qualities of her playing. We do

ne to Rachel. Has anyone ever se
dignified yet pleasing manner, her

i friend, the mo

t conscientious person you ever saw,

be numbered air

ong her friends. Rachel is a studen

rk and goes abou

t it wilh a delermination that is chara

r touch, and a s

ulful interpretation are some of the u

fear her future.

for by past experience we know she

Page fifty

Senior Class

Annie Preston Heilig, A.B Salisbury, N. C.

"Not much talk— a ? rra ' «>»«1 silence."

If you want a true friend
hearing and then consoles
a good time, yet not bore
doubted after knowing tha
pearl beads.

go to Annie Preston. If in trouble, she always gives you a sympathetic
by telling her experience, which is much worse. Always ready to have
>y excessive French. Her clear (hink'ng and good judgment cannot be
1 a rainy afternoon she bought an umbrella in preference to a string of

Margaret Ruth Heilig, A.B Salisbury, N. C.

iJ make us lose the good we oft might T»in —

"Our doubts are traitors
"Bij fearing to attempt.'

Re-porter for Cf

Corresponding Secretary

Good-natured, happy-go-lucky Ruth is one of our best. Her originality and imaginati
an easy flow of speech, have made her Training School work, as well as her side-line
She fears not to attempt anything, though it be absolutely untried before — even dema
extended trips like Guilford College. She looks on her troubles, as well as her joys,
of fact, and allows nothing to change her happy disposition. A true friend to all, i
comfort and consolation in time of need. We predict that she will spend a happy fu
in sunny Tennessee.


II all find

Page fifty-




Alleine Brent Hicks, A.B Oxford, N. C.

ely fair."

'Daughter of the Cods,
Divinely tall and most dil

-President Dr

''<•! ii'lian Hori.-lv
natic Club. 'IS.

The '20's had reached ihe exalted slate of. Juniorhood when All
and help make that Junior year delightful. Her coming was
with equal promptitude, a loyal '20 and a loyal C
to fame is perhaps best founded in her consummat
in overwhelming demand. And. coupled with that
makes Alleine ^ery dear in the eyes of 1920.

nelian. Nor 1
skill in the ar

came to share tieir work and play,
•lily approved, because she became,

of hair dressing, and she is always
of helpfulness and kindliness which

Norma Holden, B.S.

7 pin my faith to no man's s/e.
Have I not tao eyes of my on

club, 'is-'


Needles, '2

Rocky Mount, N. C.

Chorus. ls-19.
icture Editor of

English this trail was sh.

Original — lhat expresses Norma always. Even so far back as Sophi

for she preferred writing in the poetry of the Anglo-Saxons, rather than in the prose

herd. By her attractive and winning personality she has won us all. To Norma there is a hun

side to every occurrence, no matter how serious the rest of us may consider it. But could the CI.

1920 have survived without Norma as its Cheer Leader, is a question which only a '20 can answ.

Page fifty-two





Mary Holdford, B.M Weldon, N. C.

"Her heart is not in her aorli — 'lis elsewhere."
Cornelian; Proctor. 'IS; Junior Vice-President, Spring '19; 1

t . -I'r. si.l.-

•19-'20; Cor

Although Mary (or "Lillle 'Un," as she is usually called by those who know her best) Is among our
smallest In stature, she is by no means the smallest in abilities — especially along the line of music. She
inspires us with the music from her skillful fingers, and also g'.addens us with ihe harmony of a jolly
disposition. Because of her optimislic mood she creates such a sunshiny atmosphere that ihe "blues"

only among her classmates, but with all who know her. She is always on tme, and can be depended
upon lo do anything that is worth while. We feel quite sure that success awaits her in whatever she
chooses as her life work.

Terrence Holleman, B.S Cary, N. C.

Cornelian; Hockey Team. Four Years; Class Treasurer. 'IS. Fall Term.

Terrene hails from Cary. She is always on the mounlain tops of' preparedness for any task, from
coaching a game in athletics lo making a number one in the culinary arts. Her motlo is "Never Worry."
Her stern, determined eye and calculating brow bespeak ihe mighty ambition of which she is made.
Originality, too, is a prominent trail in her life. We all admire both ambition and originalily, so we
hope Cary will send us some more Terrenes.

Page fifty-three

Senior Class

Josephine Wardell Hopkins, A.B Brown Summit, N. C.

Adelphian; Proctor, '17-
'19, '20; Glee Club. '19-*2

IS; Basketball Team; Hockey Team; Hockey Sport Leader,

Josephine must have had a long,
more beautiful dimples than those
essential. We predict a successf
humor, her good nature and her \

sweet nap once for the angels to have kissed so — never have we seen
in her cheeks. In the personality of a teacher a sense of humor is
ul, happy career for her as a history teacher, for her keen sense of
varm sympathy will keep her from becoming static.

Laura Howard, B.S. .

Morganton, N. C.

"She seel(eth n>

ool and flax, and n>orfref n villingls with her hands."

Adelphian; Tractor, '1'

-'18; House President, '1S-'1!>; Vice-President Adelphian

Laura is a girl who always greets
lighten some co-worker's burden s<
not too much so to keep her from

you with a sunny smile, a helping hand, and a happy disposition. To
ems to bring a real joy. She is a little reserved and very modest, but
having many friends.

Page fifty-four


Senior Class

Ethel Icard, A.B Blairs, S. C.



Ethel has created
the desire and th
great brain-power
character that nal


born to blush i
;s on the desert •
Literary Editor


sympathetic, "that's Elhe
numbers of others in the i

ty to wade through Sophomore and Junior Ma
find after knowing Ethel that she has those chai
make people like her. If you want a girl who

of he

lined classmates for having
;cessfully. Besides having
eristics of personality and
cheerful, dependable and
good qualities among the

Marguerite Jenkins, B.M Siler City,

"She doth rv'ith one sound the sleeping spirit n>a£e."

Marshal, '19-'20; President of Class,

N. C.

arter Member of the Dik£an Society; Senio
i; Critic of Dikean Society, '18; College Di
orus, '16, '20; College Glee Club, '19-'20.

•17, 'IS.

Here is a girl of strong character, high
Because of her magnetic personality, hi
sincerity, she has great influence over he
lasting. She has been j
foremost place among h

leals and broad vision, whom we all respect and adn

lovable and sympathetic disposition, her unselfishness

fellow comrades, and she pro\es a friend — real, true

rious sides of college life, and her ability has gained for h<

When she sings — well, it's hard to express just how we do

when we hear Margueril
things. With such a vo
grand opera.

predict that she will

few years att


Page fifty five

Senior Class

Cornelia Jones, B.M Rose Hill, N. C.

"Worn 5H>ee/ and fair she seems to be."
Cornelian; Chorus, '16-'17, '19-'20; Y. W. C. A. choir, 'IS, '19, '20; Vice-President of

One would have Io go far to find a Iruer and better friend than Cornelia. Those who have been for-
tunate enough to come into closer friendship with her know what she really is — a hard worker, a
generous heart, and a sincere character. The greatest of these is a sincere character. What would we
do without her musical ability, for she has an unlimited capacity and great possibilities in the musical
art. We sometimes imagine that Cornelia's affections lie elsewhere (?). However, we predict that
she will teach piano for at least one year.

Jimmie Jones, A.B Laurinburg, N. C.

'Blue mere her eyes as the fairy

Years from now we will remember Jimmie — the girl with two shining blue eyes, the pinkest of cheeks,
and the sunniest of smiles; the girl who never hurried or worried — if she m ssed the first train she just
said, "Well, I'll catch the next"; the girl who trus's, not one, but all; the girl who, when others gave
up Training School work, continued and soon found it her favorite task. Years from now will we see
Jimmie the principal of an ideal rural school or keeping house for an id-al man?

Page fifty-


Senior Class

Patte Jordan, A.B

'To be glad of life because it gives you a chan

Durham, N. C.

Telian; Hockey Team, '16-'17, ']
l of Bulletin Board Committee

Council ot y". W. C. "a., '1S-'19

to love, work and play."
itor of Annual. '16-'17; Chair-
16-'17; Recording Secretary of

President. Spring 'IS; Execu-

She loves and is loved by us all! What need Is there to say more than that about Patte? Since the
very first of our Freshman year she has been just faithful, enthusiastic, lovable Palte. And it just isn't
given the rest of us to sum up what it is in her that makes us all love her. She gets up breathless to
make speeches and announcements. She giggles at the wrong thing half the time, but that is because she
is "just human." Because she is just brimming over with enthusiasm for the Y. W., and is making it
mean more than ever before, doesn't mean that she doesn't get as much fun out of life as the rest of us.
She is a truly frank, sympathetic friend; a girl all to herself, but such a one that she belongs to us all.

Marie Kendall, A.B Shelby, N. C.

"Thy modesty is a candle to thy virtue."

Marie, if not the baby of our class, is one of our youngest membei
mean inexperience or less wisdom, as in Marie's case. Studies do
plans seem to come into being whenever she wishes. Marie may we
From the tips of her fingers to the ends of her toes, she is daintine
Here's lo Marie,
Young and free,
A loyal member.
As sweet as can be.
We wish her success, whatever

9; Literary Editor P
Youth, however, does

lot always
or themes and lesson
daintiest of the '20'c.

Page fifty-seven



JUANITA KESLER, A.B Salisbury, N. C.

"A merry heart goes all the way,
A sad one tires in a mile."

Proctor, '16-'17, '17-'1S, '1S-'19; Sub on Basketball Team, '1S-'19; Sub on Hockey
Team. '1S-'19; Critic "f Adelphian Literary Society. '1 s- - 1 !i ; Hockey 'learn. '19-'20;
House President, '19-'20; V. \V. C. A. Cabinet, '19-'20; Cabinet ..f Athletic Associa-

She is the jolly, good-natured sort of girl who gives you a hearty greeting — it makes no difference when
or where. Did we ever see her when she was unhappy? No, never! As for enthusiasm, she has it,
whether it be over athletics or anything less important. Juanita is a capable girl in all college activities.
We can safely say that she will be a successful teacher, for she has starred in practice teaching.

Marie Kinard, A.B.

Salisbury, N. C.

"I laugh, for hope hath a happy pla

'19; Editor of the Car

Editor of


\V. C.

Everybody in college has recognized Marie's skill in handling money affairs. She always makes ever
thing come out just right to the last penny. And foresight! She always sees miles ahead. If yc
want good, sound advice, go lo Marie and look into the future through her visions. She has been
hustler, too — never failing to come up on time with everything. In short, we would say that Marie
a good sport in both work and play.

Page fifty-eight

Senior Class

Janie Klutz, A.B Concord, N. C.

"Peace and order and beauty draw
'Round thy symbol of light and law."
T. W. C. A. Cabinet, 'lC-'lT; Leader Student Volunteer Band, '17-'18; Students' Board,
•lS-'lS; House President, 'IS-'ln; V. W. C. A. Executive Council. •13- , 20; Secretary
North Carolina Student Volunteer Union. 17-1S: Vice-President North Carolina Stu-
dent Volunteer Union, 'lS-'lli; President North Carolina Student Volunteer Union,

An all-'round stude
exceedingly fortunat

while. She has the
only does she occui

t is the exceplion rather lhan the rule. For that reason the Class of '20 feels
in ha^ng the subject of this sketch numbered among its members. Janie always
her energy to (hose organizations in college which stand for that which is worth
asy manner, the tact, the human sympathy which make her everybody's friend. Not
f a warm place in the hearts of the students, but she also presides in a worthy

and her hi

'Kings'' apartment,
'h ideals, we predic

for he

of her womanliness,
great success in hei

her attractive personality, her
;hosen work.

Mary Kincaid, A.B Morganton, N. C.


"Beauty, truth and rarity,
Crace in all simplicity."

S-'19; Hockey Tear

A sweet, attractive kind of grace; a full ass
that make up an ideal personality, which has
She is good-natured and easy-going, but somel
is especially gifted along literary lines, and w
rare outburst of letters.

nee Con

■ance given by looks,
on for her a host of

hear that her course

Mary possesses all the qualities
friends during her college career,
when the occasion demands. She
in "journalism" has resulted in a

Page fifty-




Katie King, A.B Mount Olive, N. C.

"Her air, her smile, her notions told of nioman/y completeness."
Adelphlan; Proctor, '19: Class Treasurer, '20.

Have you a rent to mend, a spot on your clolhes, a joy, a sorrow that should be shared? Where's
Katie? Find Katie. She's ready and she will do it. Did you ever see Ka'ie when she would not do
it? Some people say Katie is dependable, but we say Katie is Katie, and that settles it. How she
manages to gel everything done for herself — and lots she does — and then so many things for the rest
of us, is more than we are able to fathom. But we are grateful for her, and, being grateful, we know
some fine things about her. Favorite subject, chemistry. Her note-book — oh! It's a marvel of one
and makes her lab. work a joy to her interested instructors. But — although Katie may not know it — we
know that some day she will be one of our winners — a winner of love in a wider sphere, and a winner
of success in the world of chemistry. Why shouldn't she? She has been working for it all the while.

Edith Laidlaw, A.B.

Marion, N. C.

Eager, earnest, enduring Edith. How we love her!

The enviable, epigrammatic enticer of 60 Spencer

Ever and anon enlivening and ennobling with her esteemed exr

Eminent, eloquent, exemplary endeavorer — she is the

Efficient encourager of "Fourth grade."

Sometimes emphatic, sometimes erratic.

But never energetic to an executive degree.

Ever she is our own excellent, enterprising and exquisite Edith.


Senior Class

Margaret Lawrence, A.B.

Dikrun Literary Si
of Coiaddi, '1S-'19,
•17-'1S, '19-'20; Pr.

"If she he false, O ! then heaven moc^s itself."
ciety (Charter Member); Fire Lieutenant, '16-
'19-'20; Vice-President of Dikean Society, 'IS-'
sident of Dikean .Soei-ty; Member of Inter-

Ayden, N. C.

Here's to unassuming, unselfish, hard-working "Mag" — lhat person who says and sincerely means, "Oh,
well! Come on, friend; if we die, we'll die together." Many are her interests and capabilities, most
of which are centered upon her society, class and science work. She is one of Dike's firmest corner-
stones and '20's most faithful supporters. Her accuracy and thoroughness in bio'ogy dissections and
chemistry experiments are evidences of her scientific attitude and habit. She tackles every task — whether
great or small — with a vim and vigor that mean successful completion. You bet the movements she
backs boom! Truly, her loyal friendship, her efficient manner, her frank, sincere spirit, and her absolute
unselfishness make her one of Lavender and White's proudest possessions.

LaRue McLawhorn, A.B Winterville, N. C.

"A seeing eye and a £noH>ing heart."

Adelphian; Pro
President of (I'll
•19; Basketball


has ofl

ne girl who glories in the right all women have; that is, the right to speak her mind. She
;en the means of holding her friends up to high standards and ideals by a few of her well-
ndly criticisms. We find in her a will which is strong, yet pliable. Level-headed on all
le holds the position of helmsman for the Class of '20. Altogether, she is the embodiment
of neatness and precision; separately, she exhibits many lovable and admirable qualities. Untiring and
zealous in her work, thoughtful, loving and sympathetic with her friends, a jolly sport ready for any

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