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fun — these are only a few things representative of the character cf "Rue." We salute her!

Page six/p-i

Senior Class

Elizabeth McLean, A.B Raeford, N. C.

"In Fellowship well could she Laugh and Chatter."

Fall '18

Elizabeth is small in slature, but not stingy with her affections, and we who know her best are glad 'tis
so, for our share is all the greater. She has never taken much interest in athletics until this year.
Perhaps the fact that a certain young man once mistook her for a little high school girl accounts for
this extra amount of exercise, sleep and eats that we see her indulging in. Elizabeth has plenty of
determination and perseverance. These qualities have made her successful in her college career, and
we anticipate no less success in her "Leap Year" plans.

Katherine McLean, A.B

"Hours of friendship arc austere and eternal.'

Gastonia, N. C.

When you see a girl like Katherine who is such a good pal of her father you may take it for granted
that she will make a No. 1 pal. Katherine is true to her friends, boys and girls, in spite of anything
that might happen. If you want someone to walk with you, to tell your troubles to, or To go down town
with you on a busy day, or do something that is not specified in the handbook, go to our Katherine. But
at the same time she will not forget her "adorable little Training School children" or any of the birth-
days in her family connection.

Page sixty-two

fK- -:r;-?/x I

Senior Class

Fay Martin, A.B Greensboro, N.

"A little body, therein is lodged a Mighty Mind."

Fay was one of our lown girls, and for this reasoi
ever, we know that if the pluck and courage she
at the command of the class, she would have be.
less, we saw enough of her in the day students' r
on every subject, and that her opinions were wc
that these characteristics will enable her to becoi

exhibited by persist
om to know that sh

uch of her as we wanted to. How-
ently keeping at her work had been
of help and inspiration. Neverthe-
e was always willing to give advice

thy of serio
e one of the


ideration. Therefore, we feel sure
best high school teachers.

Willie John Medlock

"/ hold the world hut as the world,

A stage where everyone must play his part."

n; Board Member, '16, '17; College Chorus, '

Chairman of Junior Lunch Room. 'IS. '19; I

President of the Adelphian Society, Spring •'.

Willie John, or "Jillie Wohn," as she is more often called by her classmates, is a true example of
modesty and sweetness. And when the class wants anything "to be put across," they know Willie John
is the girl for (he place. For instance, when a professor of the college wanted a Senior to talk to about
forty men on "A Young Girl Graduate's 'Ideals of Manhood'," all the class knew that Willie John
could put it across. With all her femininity, she makes a most adorable leading man in dramatics.
And all Adelphians know her banquet menus cannot be surpassed in beauty and deliciousness. The
following lines portray her ambitions, which have developed her strong character:
"Undertake more than you can do, then do it;

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it;

Hitch your wagon to a star.

Keep your seat, and there you are."

Page sixty-three

Senior Class

Marjorie Mendenhall, A.B Greensboro, N. C.

"And thou art worthy, full of power, gentle, liberal-minded and consistent."



Whom do we hunt when there is something important that must be done at once? Why, Marjorie, of
course! Although Marjorie is one of our "littlest" Seniors, she is always on the job, as her formidable
list of I'i and 2's and the fact that she is finishing in three years go to prove. But she is our brave
Senior also, for didn't she have the courage to admit in class meeting that she had forgotten to keep
her 'phone period? Marjorie's debating is her long-suit, but that has not kept her too busy to make
friends, for she has more of them than most of us.

Mildred Mendenhall, A.B Morehead, N. C.

'Brevity is the soul of wit.'

Mildred is reserved and dignified, but still she is very congi
Never let an opportunity pass to play tennis is her motto. I
her lost books. She possesses the coveted ability of thinkii
scholarship in math and chemistry shows some of her possib
a teacher or as a laboratory director.

lial. She is never too busy to help you.
fact, the tennis court is the place to find
! quickly, sanely and clearly. Her high
ties. Success surely awaits her, either as

Page sixty- four



Florence Miller, A.B Statesville, N. C.

"A girl mho goes lo the depth of things.
Who ever wishes the reason why."

-■17, -it-'IS, 'lS-'lS,
i," says "Miz Mille


"There is a time for all things," says "Miz Miller." Hers is a character well rounded. She is not a
fanatic along any line, unless it is that of borrowing — and for that she is much admired. Here is a
clear thinker and one very thorough in all things, particularly in higher "math'malics." She possesses
both accuracy and speed in expressing herself, the accuracy being evident in the Carolinian, and the
speed — well, just talk to her for two minutes! Any girl on the campus is challenged to express thoughts
more rapidly than "Floss." To know her is to know a lasting and substantial friend — and if you're a
friend maybe she will make you a handkerchief!

Ida Owens, A.B Elizabeth City, N. C.

"And then her features started into smiles.
Sweet as hlue heavens o'er enchanted isles."
Cornelian; Fire Lieutenant, 'lS-'^; Proctor, '18; Treasurer Class, '20.

Ida is one of those attractive, lovable girls who possesses the qualities of an excellent student and a true
friend. Her sunny smiles have won the hearts of the Training School children, as well as many college
friends. Her happy disposition cannot even be altered when the "Bill" comes in. We feel that her
heart has been somewhat affected by the fact that her picture is to appear in the "Yackety Yack" as
sponsor. Ida does her work well, takes part in outside activities, and still spends many week-ends off
the campus. She makes those about her happy because of her sunny disposition. She will not teach
more than two years before she finds just where her heart lies.

Page sixty-five

Senior Class

Mary Bynum Paris, A.B Asheville, N. C.

Ad. Iphian: Class Represent!
Member of V W I ' * Cabii

nr -IS; Vi. House Pri si,]. i,i

(lent of Adelphian Literary .•■

'irtue alone is sweet society.

ive to Students' Board. '16-'17; Proctor. Fall of '16;
;t. '17-'18; Censor of Adelphian Literary Society, Spring
•1S-'19: Member of T. W. C. A. Cabinet. '19-'20; Presl-
iciety, Fall of '19.

There is not a more wholesome, whole-souled girl on our campus than Mary Bynum. One proof of
that fact is thai she is given every intangible, indefinite college problem to work out. She goes about
her work in a quiet, unassuming way. When she finishes it every detail has been worked out, and
everyone deeply respecls her judgment. Bynum is thoroughly efficient — she has a logical mind and is
a clear thinker. We are told that she is getting an A.B. degree, but she is majoring in Adelphian
Society. Her thoroughness, frankness and genuine sincerity make her one of the most loved girls in

Annie May Pharr, B.M Charlotte, N. C.

"Good humor may be said to be one of the best articles of ire

one can Tvear.

Cornelian; College Cho
•lS-'l-> : .Marshal. '19-'2


College Gle

That G-O-O-D one — well, who can it be? Nobody, 'cepl our "Grecian Goddess" — Annie May — she
is a "Pharr," but we don't like to be "far" away from her when she sings for us — "By her charming
voice she calls us"— and even "Me-Calls" from Charlotte. Not only does the jolly Pharr enliven our
campus from one end to the other, but her jolliness even extends to foreign countries — to Spain, for

Page sixty-


Senior Class

Jessie Rankin, A.B Charlotte, N. C.

'In the strife of your own thoughts.
Obey the nobler impulse."

Spring of '18: Vice-President Con
Cabinet, '18-'19; Dividing Commit

tee. '19-'20; Vice-President Y. W.

To Jessie's friends ha
For the past few monl

een given a rare p
at any rate, Jessie'
"bane of her existence," but we all have a
Her whole-hearted interest in her class, soci

sincerity and nobility of thought that are Je

'17-'1S; Secretary of Cla
Spring of '19; Y. W. C.
Chairman Dividing Comm

uer, more sincere friend is indeed unusual.
Training School. She insists that it is the
creaky" feeling that she likes it better than she pretends,
y and Y. W. C. A. prove that she is anything else than
light all be justly proud to claim the qualities of frankness.


Marie Richards, A.B Salisbury, N. C.

"Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt.
Nothing's so hard but search mill find it out."

Basketball Team, Spring of '1'
Treasurer. '16: Dramatic Club.
*1S; Athletic Manager. '18-'19; I
mittee of Y. W. C. A.; Presidi
Conference Committee of Athle

(■key T. am. Fall of '17. 'IS. '19; Class
Society Conference Committee; Proctor.
• of the Coraddi. '19; Membership Com-
tlletic Association. 'lIl-'20; Chairman of



the girl of our class who
. either on the hockey or on the basketball courts. In
>r she certainly can smash a decent volley ball. Whe
her. Besides on the field, Marie is a real sport in he

int to find Marie after fiv

Senior Theory we all want her on our
: comes her turn we all stand back and
ollege work. Look always on her book

shelves if you wish to find up-to-date note-books and papers. When you have any trouble on your mind
go to Marie, for she will listen, if nothing else, and that is saying a lot for the average college girl.

Senior Class

Veritas Macon Sanders, A.B Wilmington, N. C.

'True as the
As the dial

C. A., '17-1S; Chairman Red Cross, '1S-'19; Chief Marshal. '19-'20.

Loyal, dependable, lovable— Vie is all this and more. True to college, friends and, above all, lo her
ideals is she. She always says what she thinks, and the good will that she radiates makes any remark
suit the occasion. Her sunny smile and cheery disposition have won for her a place in the heart of
everyone on our campus, from the most homesick little Freshman to the most august member of the
faculty. She has meant a great deal lo every organization in which she has worked, and it will be hard
to find anyone who can take her place. In fact, she is counted among our best loved and most respected
Seniors, and all of us wish her all success and happiness in the future.

Christine Sloan, A.B Gastonia, N. C.

"To Ifnoa her is lo love her."

Dikean; Procti



ry So.'

After two years as an A- 1 Converse student, here she comes into our midst. Everybody likes her!
With her lovable and generous disposition, "Chris" has won many true friends during her two years at
N. C. C. She is capable of being as genuine a friend as anyone could wish for, and she never considers
a favor loo great to do for a fellow student. Always calm and composed, she does her work in the
most thorough fashion possible. Here's to her! May she be as thorough in her happiness as in her work.

Page sixty-eighl


Senior Class

Elizabeth Smith, A.B Mount Airy, N. C.

"The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest pleasure."

Adelphian; Hockey Team, 'IS; Class Treasurer, '19; Hockey Team. '19; Newspaper
Reporter, '19-'20; Athletic Cabinet, '19-'20; Fire Lieutenant, '19-'20.

Elizabeth's wit gives her a pleasing personality; she is ever ready for some fun and always contributes
her share. In spite of this fun-loving spirit on the surface, down underneath is the deepest sincerity.
To know our Elizabeth is to love her.

Winnie Smith, A.B Mocksville, N. C.

"Leave silence to the saints, I am but human."

She is always happy and ready for mischief, which can be told by one glance at her eyes. She is
always ready and willing lo help her classmates when they ask her. Her value in the college orchestra
is almost inestimable.

Page sixty-

Senior Class

Sadie Somers, A.B Stoney Point, N. C.

"Silence is golden."

Adelphian; Proctor. 'IS.

Sadie is one of the few who do not worry over their work. She coins ihe I 's and 2's on French, and
pleases instructors with her themes. She is pleasant at all times, full of fun, though you might not guess
it when you first meet her. She is brown-haired, brown-eyed, and considered Lucy's double. By her

Mamie Speas, B.S Winston-Salem, N. C.

'To £non> that which before us lies in daily life is the prime wisdom."

Adelphian: College Chorus.

Always in a hurry, but there is also time for thoughtfulness of others. This is the very quality that
counts in making her a successful B.S. student. Mamie is truly the busy Senior, but you never know
what a big heart she has until you ask her to help you out of some difficulty.

Page seventy


Senior Class

Agnes Steele, B.S.

"/ slepi and dreamed that life mas beauty,
I aJ»ol(e and found it duly."

tmore, N. C.

Agnes is quietude itself. Although she has never dared express her opinions in public, we know know that
she has very good ones. The spot on the campus dearer to her than perhaps any other is the laboratory.
Here she spends hours solving chemical problems, etc. She, too, takes special delight in attending all
the services at Saint Mary's Chapel. Next to her religion comes her friend and roommate, Frances.

Lutie Estelle Stephenson, A.B Gumberry, N. C.

"Whence is thy learning?
Hath thy toil o'er hooks consumed the midnight oil?"

Lutie is quiet and hard-working. During her first three years in college she found time for the compan-
ionship of her books only, but for the last year she has often been found up town. She is not known
by all the students, and only those who know her realize her worth. She can do things, and she never
hesitates to express her opinion.

Page seventy-

Senior Class

Myra Stone, A.B Greensboro, N. C.

"Good nature and good sense must ever join."

Don't let your first impression of Myra be lasting. She looks as
so quiet and reserved — so unlike most people with red hair,
temper. When you know her you soon find out that she is evei
As to her literary abilities — not a star, but a beacon light in he

if she might be "afflicted with dignity,"
She never displays even the slightest
sweet and gay and a jolly good sport.

Elsie Swindell, B.S Belhaven, N.

"Once a friend always a friend."

Fall of

n, MS; Hockey

In one sense, Swindell is much above the rest of us, but what Senior is not glad to recognize this
superiority when basketball tournament comes around and we have one who can easily "drop" the ball
through the goal for us? But, socially, Elsie is one of us — a friend on whom we can depend at all
times. Every inch of her is a good sport, and many inches there are. Nothing is too impossible for her
to undertake.

Page sevenl\)-tao


Senior CI


Carrie Tabor, B.S Cherrydale, Va.

"Spirits in grief, lift up your heads and smile."
Cornelian; Senior Editor Magazine, 'l!l-'20; Proctor, '19: Critic of Class, '20.

When Carrie arrives on the scene, all but out of breath, gloom retreats to safer quarters. Joviality and
originality belong to Carrie. One hour you find her absorbed in writing for the "Coraddi," the next at
the Home Training Cotlage preparing a meal fit for kings. Everybody likes good-natured Carrie. She
is sure lo make good in post-college life.

Nannie May Tilley, A.B Bahama, N. C.

"Hang sorrow — care will £1'// a cat —
Therefore, let's he merry."
Cornelian; Basketball Team, '17; Proctor. '18; Joke Editor of Pine Needles, '19-'20.

Dear old Tilley! Not many of us possess that rare faculty of always being able lo smile "when every
thing goes dead wrong"; few of us can comfort the other fellow when we're in trouble even "deeper'
than he; still fewer of us can always go ahead, blissfully and irresponsibly happy — "Tilley" is unani
mously elecled chief of that few. Which fact makes her a valuable friend and a valued companion
She never studies — never had to, really. But every now and then her conscience sends out a warning
so she grabs a book, runs over to the library, reads references long since overdue, jots down notes
frantically, then goes out to breathe sweet air once more. But, alas! What happens? Tilley suffers
a relapse for six whole weeks afterward. She lakes her honors very calmly — even confidently — because
if anyone should discover a "crooked" deal in her election to Senior officeship, she promptly carries
same election to the Junior Class and carries that class, too. No, Tilley is not a joke— she's just a
fine, wholesome, whole-souled girl, and we all love her!


Senior Class

Lucy Vickery, B.M Jamestown, N. C.

"Hope! thou nurse of young desire."

Lucy has in no scant quantities two of the qualities which go ti
cheery, happy-go-lucky disposition, coupled with unusual musical
her chief occupation in college, but neither this cultivation nor a
worry, for she is a profound believer in the theory that worry
we are told, is held in good repute by doctors. Hence, do we

make a highly desirable companion — a
ability. Cultivating the latter has been
ly other has ever caused her any undue
makes for inefficiency — a theory which,
wonder? Taken all in all, she is one

oi our most val

prophesy great things for her in the futun

Lela Wade, A.B Beaufort, N. C.

"One n>ho never turned bac\. but marched breast forward.
Never doubted clouds Would brealf. . . ."

Adelphian; Basketball Team. '1
President of Athletic Associatioi
Adelphian Literary Society, Sprin
President's Council, '19-"20

Broad-mindedness, supplemented by wit a
No yeast is needed to make her rise up i
is remarkable is the fact that the Freshm,
hall. Having a decided taste for argume
exercise her argumentative power. And

wholesomeness and frankne
bell stops. Due to he


IS: Hockey Team. '17, 'IS. '19; Sophomor
Secretary of Junior Class, Fall of 'IS; C
of '19; Fire Chief, •M-'aO; Students' Board,

originality, make her one of the best-liked girls in school,
mass-meetings, for she seems to enjoy it thoroughly. What
say that they can hear her distinctly from the back of the

Lela finds mass-meetings an avenue through which she can
latever her thoughts may be, they are marked with genuine

ing from Guilford to breakfast after the
she remarks, "Hot morning, isn't it, girls?"



Senior CI


Bessie May Walker, A.B Burlington, N. C.

"Much could be said of her, if one could read her mind."

Adelphian; Proctor, '17-18; Y. W. C. A.

Bessie May is the sort who can lake all the science offered in Mclver building without any worries and
frets. Her chief delight is chemistry. To hear her express her opinion on French is to know that she
says exactly what she thinks. To have seen her at the initiation banquet was sufficient to prove that
her numerous admirers take advantage of the fact that Burlington is not so very far from Greensboro.
Those who know Bessie May agree that she is a girl of genuine worth.

Hazel West, A.B Dover, N. C.

"The sweet converse of an innocent mind whose words are images of thoughts refin'd.
Is m) soul's pleasure."

The pride of the Cornelians in 1916, and again in 1919, when she presided at the initiation banquet ii
such a charming manner that the hearts of all were won. Beauty, charm, fastidious neatness, and al
the social graces developed to the highest extent, make her one of the most admired girls on the campus
Slow to make friends, but friendships once formed by Hazel are everlasting. What could be betle
than to be her friend and have her high ideals, noble thoughts and refined tastes to inspire one?


Senior Class

Julia West, A.B Kinston, N. C.

oleni fir,

burn out ihemseh

There's a twinkle in her eyes and a twinkle in her toes, and she'll be jolly wherever she goes. Did yon
ever catch that twinkle? It all grows out of that marvelous wit of hers. She's always up; she's never
down. Never a situation develops that she doesn't see the funny side. It's so funny to her that it just
must be funny to you. It is whispered — whispered, mind you — that she s:udies when her ladyship pleases,
and when she doesn't please — oh, well, she decides she would like a game of tennis or perhaps an
interesting book. Who knows?

Lena Williams, B.M Linewood, N. C.

"Pride, like an eagle builds among the stars."

College Chorus. '17-'20; T. W. C. A. Choir, 'lS-'20; Vice-President Class. Fall of 'IS.

In Lena everybody finds a true and unchanging friend. She possesses the rare ability of placing herself
in the person's position, whatever it may be. Looking at life through rose-colored glasses, she is always
cheerful and never allows the daily trifles to worry her. With her industrious habits, her kind and
sympathetic disposition, she has endeared herself to both teachers and students, and no one doubts thai
she will make her life a success.


Senior Class

Kathryn Willis, A.B Weaverville, N. C.

"There is a pleasure in poetic pains n>/iic/i only poets fenou*."

le Magazine. '18-'19; Editor-in-

Kathryn Willis! Will she? I'll say she will! Will what? Will do anylhi,
if it's along the literary line! She is the originator of the famous new maga
everyone recognizes her ability as editor-in-chief of same after they have rea
beyond a doubt, the genius of the Senior Class along literary lines. She possi
and humor, which makes her quite famous both in prose and poetry, and also
One of Kalhryn's mottos is "Don't worry," and to know her one knows she li\

for anybody, especially
le named CoradJi, and

luch loved by the class,
up to it. For she says

there is no use taking life so seriously, and she trips gaily through it all, and gets to her goal the happier
for not having worried. Her chief occupation always was, is, always will be, to make everyone laugh.

The Seniors wonder if she will ever grow up, but, whether or no, we feel that "Pa" Willis will have
just cause to be proud of our little Kathryn if she continues her work in the literary line.

Hattie Wilson, A.B Dunn, N. C.

"Sweet music breath'd her soul amay !"

Proctor. '17. 'IS,
ball Team. '17. '1
Business Manage

; Athletic Manage
■19; Hockey Tean
1'arolinian, 'lS-'L'O.

•19-'20; Basket-

'17. 'IS

ch afternoon we see her taking part in athletics, for that's her hobby. But is it? We
then we see her looking supremely happy with her mandolin, guitar, or other musical
;n, again, we see her visiting business places downtown — and what is she doing? Why,
or the Carolinian. Truly, we are at a loss to know just what one thing is characteristic
,n all-round girl — from athletics to music, inclusive — that's Hattie.

Page seventy-.


Lois Wilson, B.S.

Dallas, N. C.

"A perfect woman,
'resident. Spring Hi

oblv pic

ry l-Mi


comfort and command.
izine, '18-'19; President

: up the id(
all people
keeping e

vorth are .

her all of the qualities are fused
: to principle, yet sympathetic in h<
ich a sure but quiet way that we
own free will. The following 1

ing we might say:
the temperate will,
ight, strength, and !

r feelings
feel that
ines from

ified under any one type of person.
> for womanhood. Firm in her adhe
he leads us in the "straight paths"
y single student government ruie of
re appropriate for her than anyth
"The reason fit
Endurance, fo „
A perfect woman, nobly pla

And yet a spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light."

Pearl Wilson, A.B Dunn, N. C.

"Wilh wisdom fraught, not such as books, but such as practice tangle"

Cornelian; Member of Y. W. C.

'17, 'IS, '19; Basketball Team. ':

Athletic Cabinet
Speaking of' "pearls," this star in the m
or composition. Give her a problem — or
and she is happy. If you want your tec
you need something downtown, go to Peai
her alertness, gaiety and sweet dispositio
choice as to her friends, yet to her friend

• 'apt a

hemalical constellation can tell you their
bid to a dance with a boy, especially a

i to win in baseball, hockey or basketball
'Cause she's going, and sf
she has danced her way

she is most true.

3 d- looking one-

hoose Pearl. If

g, too. Through

y hearts. Though very




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