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Annie Lambe


Freshman Lela Wade Fire Chief

. Special Veritas Sanders Chief Marshal

Honorary Member
Patte Jordan, President Y. W . C. A.

Advisory Board

Miss Emma King Mr. W. C. Jackson

Miss Laura H. Coit


hundred thirty-

College Motlo : Service

College Colon : While and Gold

College F lower: Daisy

Class Song

We raise our voices; let them swell
In a chorus loud and strong;

The rolling hills send back the sound
Of our triumphant song.

For in one great unbroken band,
With loyal hearts and true,

Your daughters stand, and hand in hand

allege de

Our college days run swiftly by,

And all loo soon we part;
But in the years that are lo come,

Deep graven on each heart
Our motto, "Service," will remain,

And service we will do.
And as we serve, our hearts will t

O college dear, to you.

Dear Alma Mater, strong and gre;

We never shall forget
The gratitude we owe to you — ■

A never-ending debt;
All honor to your name we give,

And love we pledge anew.
Unfailing loyalty we bring,

O college dear, lo you.

hundred thirty-Is



Page one hundred thirty-three

Student Government

MERICANS cannot be governed. England tried that
and failed utterly, for the colonies of the New World
had no sooner gained a footing here than they broke
away from the apron strings of their mother country and
set up their own government "of the people, by the people, and for
the people." What Americans have is not only a republic, but a
democracy in a republic.

American students are American citizens, and they, having reached
the age of discretion, from their very nature want to exercise their
power of responsibility and judgment. So, as a result of this
felt need, we have with us here "The Student Government Associa-
tion," of which every student in college is a part. Each girl is on her
own honor to do all she can toward making herself and every other
girl in college a good student and a broad-minded woman as well.
The officers of the association are not rulers, but servants chosen by
the students to carry out their constitution and rules and to see that
law and order prevail.

Thus every girl is given an opportunity for self-expression and
self-development along with a deeper feeling of responsibility for those
who are weaker and less fortunate. Libertv has brought with it a
deeper self-respect, a more friendly spirit of helpfulness, and a greater
loyaltv to high ideals, so that the college graduate is now really pre-
pared to go out as a citizen of the state.



Page one hundred thirty-five

Y. W. C. A. Officers

Patte Jordan President

Jessie Rankin Vice-President

Vera Paschal Secretary

Annie Cummins Treasurer

Ethel Boyte .... Undergraduate Field Representative

Miss Harriet Graham Y. W. C. A. Secretary





Page one hundred thirty-,

Y. W. C. A. Che


Minnie Rodwell
Marian Daniel
Lena Williams
Louise Loetsch
Allie Hill Boney
Marcaret Bedell
Elizabeth O'Brian
isabelle macdowell
Margaret Whittington
Flossie Phillips

Sallie Rodwell
Mavis Burchette
Anne Little Massmore
Kathleen Huntley
Mary Fulton
Rachel Haynes
Betty Hooks
Myrtle Warren
Arminta Aderholt
Gladys Whitley

Gladys Newman
Eva Lee Sink
Susie West
Hazel Stafford
Cornelia Jones
Janie Pierce
Mabel Robinson
Sadie Hunt
Zu Ray
Esther Holden


hundrej thirty-eight


Page one hundred thirty-nil



Page one hundred forty


Blue Ridge

HEN we left the Blue Ridge Conference last June it was with a feeling
of sorrow at having to leave so soon the place we had just learned to love.
Those ten days were the happiest of our lives — full to overflowing into the
night with the best times we had ever had. How we hated to leave the
little White Cottage on the side of the mountain, and the sleeping-porch where we had
had so many "slumberless parties"! There was the swimming pool, too, and the basket-
ball and tennis courts, and how we would miss that singing in the dining room! How
nice it would be to sing one last song to Agnes Scott and Randolph-Macon! Just then,
from the porch of the Robert E. Lee Hall, Randolph-Macon gave us a last yell, and
we rounded the corner of the drive, losing sight of the grounds.

The conference was behind us, and before us lay the summer and, after that, a
winter at the North Carolina College for Women. We were bubbling over with enthu-
siasm to put into practice some of the wonderful new ideas we had gotten. We felt that
the famous "Blue Ridge spirit" was ours, and we were anxious to pass it on to others.
But we've found that it isn't as easy to pass it on as it is to feel it ourselves. It's a
something deep down inside of us which we are able to enjoy, but which is hard to
share with our neighbors.

You who look for an inspiration — for an awakening — go to Blue Ridge at confer-
ence time and live for ten days in our little White Cottage on the side of the mountain.
Be awakened by the bugle to see the sun scattering the mist down in the valley, or
climb the mountain before the bugle blows, as we did, and watch the sun come up over
High Top. Climb the same trails that we climbed, tell tales around our old stone fire-
place, do the things that we did, and get that same Blue Ridge spirit that we got.

L. Kernodle.

Page one hundred fortv-cne

The Student Volunteers

Motto : It is my purpose, if God permits, to become a foreign missionary.


Annie Belle Williams Preside

Miriam Fuller Goodwin Vice-President

Mabel Stamper Secretary

Mary E. Haynes Treasurer


Sue Ervin Janie Ruth Klutz Gladyse Simms

Miriam Fuller Goodwin Maude Pierce Mabel Stamper

Mary E. Haynes Theresa Annie Pearson Annie Belle Williams

Faculty Members

Laura H. Coit Harriett Graham Grace Riddle


hundred fortv-tivi



Page one hundred forty-thr

Literary Societies

| DELPHIAN, Cornelian! Since the very earliest days of the college these
names have stood to North Carolina girls for the best in college life.
Intellectuality, good-fellowship, nobility and tenacity of purpose, purity
of ideals, and joy in service have found their truest expression through
the channels opened by the activities of these societies. So worth while and so lasting
has been the influence of these societies upon the student body of the college that both
faculty and students have felt that every girl in college should come under its sway in
the first few months of her college life and be held by it throughout the succeeding years.
Until the spring of 1918 it had been more or less possible to give this equal chance of
development to every girl in college, but at that time the student body had grown to
such proportions that even with their minutely detailed organization the societies were
unable to give to their vast membership the opportunities which they sought to give. It
became evident to Cornelians and Adelphians that a sister society must be created, which
should be equal to their own in membership, in prestige, and in value to the college
and state.

Accordingly, an intersociety committee was appointed to draw up plans for the
organization of such a society. Since this is the first public record of these plans, it
may be well to outline them in some detail in the form in which they were finally adopted
by the two existing societies. Briefly, it was provided that ten Adelphians, four incoming
Seniors, three incoming Juniors, and three incoming Sophomores, and ten Cornelians,
similarly divided according to classes, should withdraw from their societies and should
form the nucleus of the new society. The plans further gave these twenty pioneers per-
mission to use any details connected with the plan of organization of either of the existing
societies, but stated that initiation and society secrets should be kept as inviolable as
before. In accordance with these plans, the twenty girls chosen by the intersociety
committee and approved by the societies withdrew their membership from their organi-
zations and banded together to lay the foundation of a new society, believing that in so
doing they were most surely living in harmony with the ideals of Cornelians and

There followed busy days for these builders of a new house of ideals. A constitu-
tion was necessary, a name was a vital consideration, a society hall a pressing need, and
an initiation was an item fraught with weighty possibilities. When commencement came,
however, the solutions of these problems, if not completely reached, were at least in sight,
and the Dikean Society, with Bride Alexander of '19 as its first President, was no
longer a project but a reality. In October, 1919, there were three initiation days,
instead of the traditional two, and at this time the Dikean Society increased in member-
ship with those of the two older organizations.

Adelphian, Cornelian, Dikean! These names today, wherever they are heard,
crystallize for the North Carolina College girl all that is best and happiest and most
inspiring in campus life.


hundred forty-four


Page one hundred forty-fiv

Adelphian Society Song



United by all of the ties of deep friendship,
We bring, O Adelpbai, our homage to you.

We pledge to you loyalty, long a
Loyalty which will be firm, w

Devotion we pledge you which ne
And love which through all c<

With courage undaunted, we'll march ever onward,
Up heights to be won, along paths strange and n

But, now and forever, one great band of sisters,
We'll be, O Adelphai, still loyal to you.

Adelphian Literary Society


Mary Winn Abernathv
Lyla Andrews
Daniza Arandjelovitch
Grace Albricht
Vera Ayers
Ola Angel
Mildred Barrington
Sybil Barrington
Lili Bell

Anna Bernard Benson
Viva Bordeaux
Mabel Boysworth
Annie Bridges
Carrie Burton
Carey Batchelor
Frances Brooks
Sadie Belle Brown
Rachel Barwick
Lottie Burnside
Allie Hill Bonney
Dorothy Burroughs
Mary Alice Brooks
Maude Bundy
Bertie Beaty
Gladys Brooks
Inez Boyce
Ianie Bullard
Ethel Blackwelder

Mattie Brite

Sarah Cannady

Jce Causey

Rachael Clifford

Catherine Cobb

Natalie Coffey

Charlie Mae Cridlebaugh

Elma Crutchfield

Kathleen Culbertson

Louise Covey

Eva May Clark

Carrie Clark

Sallie Lee Collins

Helen Chardley

Annie Cummings

Collina Caldwell

Marion Daniels

Virginia Davis

Lillian Davis

Charlotte Dauchety

Hattie Deans

Joze Dixon

Olga Demitrijevitch

Gertrude Durham

Ruby Dallas

Edna Evans

Mabel Evans

Elseline Felton

Flossie Foster

Mary Fulton
Janie Frank
Grace Frazier
Helen Ferre
Pearl Fulton
Elizabeth Fulton
Mary Ethel Fields
Thelma Goforth
Pauline Greene
Rachael Gross
Irene Garner
Marie Griffin
Maggie Belle Greene
Rachael Haynes
Annie Preston Heilic
Evelyn Hodges
Josephine Hopkins
Laura Howard
Kathleen Huntly
Zelia Hunter
Ruby Hodgin
Helene Hudnell
Virginia Harris
Luta Headen
Eva Hodges
Acnes Henderson
Jessie Hoyle
Eva Harris
Bernard Hawkins

Cornelia Heiss
Pattie Harper
Josephine Hudgins
Madge Hudgins
Stella Henley
Ada Harner
Ethel Icard
Rachael Ivey
Margaret Isley
Jimmie Jones
Willie Lou Jordan
Josephine Jenkins
Katherine Johnson
Isabel Johnson
Lillian Jones
Ethel Kearns
Lillie Kearns
Millie Kanipe


Katie King

Janie Klutz

Maric Kf.ndall

Marie Kinard

Kathleen Kennedy

Rena Kinc

Ruth Kohn

Mary Evelyn Kornegai

Florence Kirkman

Mary Kirkman


hundred forty-

Florrie Leary
Mary Leary
Elizabeth Lee
Mattie Long
Willie Lincle
Mamie Leeper
Lucy Leigh Lovell
Bessie Lephew
Pauline Lucas
Hazel Lawson
LaRue McLawhorn
Isabel McDowell
Jocelyn McDowell
Katherine McLean
Rebekah McLean
Elizabeth McLean
May McArn
Rebekah Marsh
Sadie Moyle
Willie John Medlock
Kate Mitchell
Anna McDonald
Aline Mulder
Beulah Mitchell
Molly Matheson
Ida Bell Moors
Annie Masemore
Annie Mitchell
Eunice Mann
Ruby Nobles
Carolyn Newton
Elizabeth O'Brien
Irene Perkins
Reid Parker
Mary Bynum Paris
Maude Pierce
Virginia Postles
Della Peeler
Lillie Parrish
Flossie Phillips


Elizabeth Phelps
Blanche Parrish
Christine Pollock
Lydia Pickett
Sallie Rutledce
Marie Richards
Alena Rhyne
Carrie Bell Ross
Mildred Roberts
Jean Roddick
Sudie Rhodes
Marion Ramsey
Myrtle Riley
Mabel Robinson
Elizabeth H. Smith
Elizabeth O. Smith
Roberta Strudwick
Aline Saunders
Myra Stone
Frances Summers
Sadie Somers
Nannie May Smith
Blanche Scott
Julia Mae Southerland
Frances Singleton
Edna Sands
Mary Sitison
Syretha Sossaman
Lillian B. Spicer
Hattie Stanfield
Grace Stone
Millie Shelton
Louise Shaw
Nannie Smith
Edna Scronce
Sallie Sanders
Manie Speas
Bernice Simmons


Honorary Members

Sallie Thorn
Pearl Taylor
Florence Till
Athleene Turnage
Virginia Terrell
Margaret Tate
Ola Tate
Elizabeth Thicpen
Tessie Lee Townsend
Mary Trundle
Mildred Uzzel
Esther Vinson
Lela Wade
Bessie Mae Walker
Vera Ward
Dorothy Williams
Kathryn Willis
Carrie Duffy Wooten
Clyde Wright
Gladys Whitley
Lena Williams
Gurtha Williams
George Williamson
Bertie LtE Whitesides
Evelyn Wilson
Mary Lou Waters
Blanche Williams
Florence Way
Hattie Bell Watson
Martha S. White
Marie White
Louise Williams
Irene Woodley
Frances Watson
Lucy Wilson
Jennie Wilson
Susie West

Margaret Whittincton
Stella Williams
Katherine Yoder

Mrs. Allbright

Mr. and Mrs. Barney

Mrs. Boyd

Miss Cobb

Miss Coit

Miss Deviney

Miss Harriet Elliott

Miss Gullander

Miss Giblinc

Mr. and Mrs. Hichsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
Miss Jamison
Miss King
Miss Lelsie
Miss Mendenhall
Miss Minor
Miss Neal
Miss Racsdale

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hunter

Miss Seymour

Miss Spier

Miss Tennent

Mr. Thornton

Mrs. Weatherspoon

Miss Wilcox

Miss Winfield

Mr. Wright

Page one hundred foriy-seve


hunJreJ forty-eight



Page one hundred forty-,

• ■


*w£*;'fr - — a


Ejf 1

■Id K 9H

^mmShJH Hi

Page one hundred fifty


v « Wta

I g*f$%L


Rta fttf® *

.Jl Hi

he -if

HHH lift Mi ■£-"<- r
: ¥*i> r ?flB fill !r ■ 3 ■'■ .'<s- ■

'm$M ttvila If- ,0-v v v-f


'j^sH^B^^vv ^F »«■>


j^Sj V / . YdtKjfw '■ .^^^^^H

. jqB


' '^Tj^aKj^^f T^T 1 J . « * <j^*

Page one hundred /i/lij-i


Page one hundred fifty-


Page one hundred fifty-three

Cornelian Society Song

In joy and praise, come, let us sing.

With anlhem clear and strong.
Let all Cornelian voices ring

In free, exultant song;
Of pride for that fair name we bear

Cornelia! Glorious word —
To make us gladly do and dare.

Whene'er 'tis thought, whene'er 'l

We'll onward, upward, ever move,

Our footsteps forward pressed;
Together move in sister-love

Unto the mountain's crest.
To gain the fair, widespreading vi

Which round the mountain lies
And gives us understanding new.

Enlightening our eager eyes.

From any daughter's deed.
For her all glory will we gain

And give her honor's meed;
For firm and staunch we e'er will stand

Unto each other true.
And loyal to our noble band.

Hers — yea, her own, our whole lives through.

Cornelian Literary Society


Askew, Helen
Allison, Ruth
Albright, Lois
Alspauch, Eva
Alspauch, Christine
Alexander, Sadie
Ashe, Flora
Benton, Mary
Blankenship, Hessie
Boyte, Ethel
Braswell, Vircinia
Blair, Mary
Black, Elizabeth
Black, Frances
Baxley, Jessie
Blackwell, Mary
Bender Mary Louise
Brock, Olivia
Brincle, Louise
Batts, Elizabeth
Bedell, Margaret
Bosemann. Mary
Buerbam. Elizabeth
Blair, Margaret

Blouerhand, Martha V.
Bradshaw, Julia
Brown, Charlotte
Burns, Mary D.
Boyd, Sarah
Campbell, Annie
Cherry, Julia
Clarke, Carolyn
Clarke, Jennie Mann
Calvert, Elizabeth
Chanley, Olive
Cross, Katherine
Carpenter, Mabel
Cardwell, Ida
Cackerwlll, Estelle
Craic, Nellie
Caldwell, Irene
Collier, Elizabeth
Cole, Minnie
Davis, Elizabeth
Dowd, Lucille
Davenport, Marie
Drew, Bertha
Dawcey, Carrie Martha

Dodson, Della
Erwin, Sue
Exum, Frances
Edwards, Virginia
Erwin, Veru
Enius, Frances
Foust, Mary
Farmer, Lydia
Fleming, Nelle
Fulton, Anne
Foust, Elizabeth
Fleetwocd, Hannah
Foster, Grace
Fox, Gertrude
Flurton, Margaret
foclemann, bonnie
Glass, Essie
Graham, Annabel
Grubb, Eula
Grigg, Blanche
Gibson, Thelma
Gordon, Nannie
Gaston. Katherine
Haynes, Mary

Helic, Ruth
Hicks, Alleine
Holden, Norma
Holford, Mary
holloman, terrence
Holloman, Cleo
Harry, Nelle
Herren, Mary Ellen
Hunt, Sadie
Hooks, Bettie
Hockday, Mary
Mai Hudnell, Mayfield
Holden, Esther
Hairston, Lou
Holmes, Carrie
Harrison, Sarah
Harper, Thelma
Herman, Grace
Harris, Ruby
Hepler, Mabel
Hollister, Margaret
Heines, Thelma
Harris, Margaret



hundred fifly-fo


ones, Cornelia
ordan, Patte


ones, Matilda

ones, Mildred

ohnson, Helen

ohnson. Bertha

ones, Helen

ordon, Ethel
Koonce, Lila Ward
Kincaid, Sarah
Kiser, Alma Lou
Kornecav, Henrietta
Kanipe, Beulah
Kirkpatrick, Wilma
Lamb, Annie
Linebercer, Ruth
Liles, Mary K.
Long, Lillian
Little, Lou
Lupton, Mildred
Long, Grace
Lockhart, Eugenia
Moore. Pauline
McCain, Mary
Murphy, Edith


Mellon, Mary
Miller, Zella
Matthews, Mae

Morrison, Lois
Mass, Rosa
Mercer, Carolyn
McAdams, Eunice


moseley, kathlene
Markham. Sadie
Mason, Lucille
Murchison, Louise
Newman, Gladys
Nixon, Mary
Noble, Frances


Norman, Vera
Naylor, Whyhua
Poole, Sarah
Plotte, Blanche
Plounk, Elizabeth
Parker, Effie Iola
Powell, Lavinia
Penny, Lyda
Puch, Gladys
Parrot, Helen
Pratt, Josephine
Presson, Sarah
Pope, Alice Lee
Parkham, Esther
Petit, Katherine E.
Powell, Nell
Rodwell, Minnie

Rankin, Lula
Ray, Sue

Rowlette, Margaret
Rudisill, Mabel
Rodwell, Sallie
Rhyne, Maude
Roberts, Ruth
Stephenson, Settie
Swindell, Elsie
Smoot. Virginia
Scott, Dollie
Sloan, Carolyn
Scott, Carrie
Sapp, Mary Augustus
Smith, Anna Elizabeth
Sparger, Lillian
Stanton, Mary Lee
Stern, Pauline
Straud, Annie
Sinclair, Lena
Smith, Sallie
Sutton, Nora Mae
Smith, Florence
Tabor, Carrie
Taylor, Mary Lizzie
Tilley, Nannie May
Thomas, Sandford
Thigpen, Martha
Thaeter, Mrs. H.
Turner, Oris

Thompson, Edith
Uzzle, Elizabeth
Vick, Ruth
Vickerey, Lucy
West, Hazel
West, Julia
Wilson, Hattie
Wilson, Lois
Wilson, Pearle
Whittington, Minnie
Worthincton, Dollie
Warren, Myrtle
Warren, Helen
Watts, Hessie
White, Sarah
Whitley, Katie
Washburn, Mary
Williams, Cliffie
Wood, Virginia
Watson, Challie
Watson, Mary Lee
Whitley, Lizzie
Willis, Leah
Watt, Annie
Wilson, Florrie
Ward, Grace
Williams, Myrtle
Weaver, Maggie Lee
Yates, Annie Lee
York, Mary

Miss Elva Barrow

Miss Viola Boedie

Miss Ethel Bollinger

Miss Daisy Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Brown

Miss Clara Byrd

Miss Fay Davenport

Miss Ruth Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Forney

Dr. and Mrs. J. I. Foust

Mr. and Mrs. Alonza Hall

Miss Alice Koehler

Miss Grace Lawrence

Miss Jessie McLean

Miss Mary Taylor Moore

Miss Annie Petty

Honorary Members

Miss Mary Petty
Miss Grace Riddle
Miss Mary Robinson
Miss Dora Mae Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Smith
Miss Gertrude Sousley
Miss Cora Strong
Miss Jane Summerell
Miss Joy Brigcs
Miss Irene Templeton
Miss Effie Garrett
Miss Tempie Boddie
Miss Alice Bivins
Miss Beam

Miss Lucile Elliotte

Miss McNeil

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. E. Steinberger

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Scales

Mr. and Mrs. Peety

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. C.


Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Roe
Mr. and Mrs. Matheson
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Craven-
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Avery
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Benlow
Mr. Paul Linelley
Mrs. R. Murphy
Mr. William York

Page one hnucired fifty-foe

Page one hundred fifty-



Page one hundred fifty-seven


Page one hunJretl fifty-eig'nl



hundred fifty-nil



fir ^SP^



Kiifl'^S 1 1 R 1 1 II


pi Ipi


Page one hundred sixty



Page one hundred sixty-

Dike, who speaks with reverbei

Through listening portals of true woman
Into thy vastnesa we come now entrusting

Powers as yet latent with wills hope im
Glad for the toiling, the common endeavor.

Glad for the wideness of ways to be wo
To do for the deed's sake, still keeping thi

Trusting secure in the love 'round us thi

Dikean Society Song

Stamped with the beauty and light of thy ima;

We would go forth with a creative faith.
Builders potential and makers of highways.

Easing for others the paths they may take.
And as the sunset gives place to the sunrise,

After us cometh the child of the dawn
To fashion the fabric of dreams scarce comple

And serve thee forever, O Light, further 01

Dikean Literary Society

Abernathy, Clarissa
Adams, Ethel
Aderholt, Armenta
Albright, Elizabeth
Alexander, Corine
Allison, Sara
Allison, Mae
Anderson, Stella
Angel, Mattie
tARDRY, Isabel
Armstronc, Mary
ashby, lucretia
Bass, Tempy
Barnes, Murrill
Bardvell, Dorothy
Basden, Ruth
Beaty, Janie
Beam, Mary Sue
Bells, Lillian
Bell, Eldah
Biccs, Addie
Bird, Annie
Black, Gladys
Blevins, Clara
Bonitz, Marie
Bostian, Annie E.
Boyd. Grace
Boyte. Hazel
Bradley, Martha
Brawley, Clara
Goodwin, Miriam
Goforth, Emeline

tCharler members.


Gray, Eugenia
Green. Hattie
Haigler, Sue
Hall, Annie
Harper, Sarah
Harfer, Elma
Harrell, Ruth
fHAYES, Rouss
Heafner, Cornie
Heinsbercer, Margaret
Herndon, Mary
Hiccins, Ruth
Hill, Eleanor
Hodson, Grace
holleman, huldah
Hollemen, Dare
Holten, Beth
Howard, Janie
Houser, Lillian
Humphrey, Marjie
Humphrey, Katheryne
Hunt, Mozelle
Hunter, Lucy
IJenkins, Marguerite
Jessop. Lola
John, Mary
Johnson, Annie
Jordan, Malona
Peacock, Mary
Pearson, Theresa
Perryman, Ione
Penn. May Bell

Phelps, Pearl
Poole, Ruth Van
Postles, Irene
Price, Mildred
Price, Branson
Pritchard, Bessie
Rea, Frances Nixon
Rector, Anna
Redwine, Jessie
Reid, Dixie

Reynolds, Anne Thorpe
Roan, Abagail
Rogers, Hazel
Roland, Laura J.
Rose, Jessie
Ross, Hattie
Rudisell, Joyce
Ruscoe, Grady
Sadler, Maitland
Scott, Mildred
Shearer, May
Shore, Evelyn
Sims, Gladys
Sink, Eva Lee
Sloan, Christine
Shore, Evelyn
Brake, Beulah
Brigcs, Thelma
Brittain, Carrie Lou
Burch, Mildred
Burchette, Mavis
Bynum, Ethel

hundred sixty-,


Calvert, Martha
Cantrell, Annie
Canady, Agnes
Carmon, Fannie Mae
Caster, Lucy
Cpaic, Marion
Chester, Nell
Clement, Dorothy


Collins, Lois
Corbett, Mary
Craven, Clara
Creasy, Heien Dunn
Cross, Mildred
Culbreth, Ruth
Cunningham, Edith
Daniel, Lucy
Davenport, Esther
Davidson, Fannie
Dobbin, Annie Pearl
Dunlap, Clara
Earle, Alva
Ells, Eliza
Elliott, Alice
Eure, Mabel
Ferreli, Gertrude
Finch, Gussie
Fleming, Ethel
Forney, Grace
fortesque, mona
Gaffney, Elma
George, Lillie Mae
Gillette, Hazel
Goodwin, Rachel
Goodman, Mavis
Keech, Vera
Kelly, Claudia
Kelly, Mrs. Jane
•(•Kernodle, Lena

Kersey, Dorothy
Kittrell, Mary E.
Knight, Pearl
Kornecay, Louise
Landon, Katherine
Lane, Margaret
Leach, Helen
Lewis, Amy
Leonard, Lena
Lindsay, Elizabeth
Little, Lou
Loetsch, Louise
Loftin, Donnie Lee
Longest, Sara
Mann, Mildred
Maynard, Bynum
McDonald, Mary
tMdvER, Lula Martin
McIver. Janie
McCracken, Beatrice
McGhee, Estelle
McNeely, Sara
Mebane, Margaret
Miller, Thelma
Mitchell, Sudie
Mizelle, Hazel
Motsincer, Nell
Murray, Alma
Murray, Margaret
Norman, Oleta
Nowlan, Theresa
Ormand, Mary
Parker, Foy
Parkin, Lucy
tPAscHAL, Vera
Patterson, Katherine
Pearce, Janie
Si oop, Lura Bell

Smith, Gertrude
Somers, Frances
Stafford, Hazel
Stamper, Mabel
Stillwell, Mary
Stroud, Margaret
Succ, Mary Lilly
Sustare, Annie
Swicecood, Irene
Teachey, Ruth
Thompson, Ora Lee
Thompson, Nelle
Thompson. Alberta
Tilley, Ruth
Tilley, Pearl
Underwood, Jensie
Walker, Sadie
Waters, Ireen
Warren, Sara
Washburn, May
Watts, Rosa Lee
Wells, Lydia
Wells, Rosalee
White, Foda

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