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a note from a journalist who on the death
of Lord Beaconstield interviewed her, and
obtained some good stories about that
statesman. One was about the courtship
of Mr. Disraeli, as he then was, aud Mrs.
Wyndham Lewis. That lady was living
near Cardiff, when through the window she
saw Mr. Disraeli approaching, and order-
ed the servant to say she was not at home.
When the servant descended to the hall Mr.
Disraeli was hanging his light overcoat
on a peg. "Mrs. Lewis, sir, is not at

Iiome," said the flurried maid. "I did not
ask for Mrs. Lewis," was the calm states-
manlike repl}'. "But I don't know when

she will be back," urged the maid.
"Neither do I," piiih)sophically replied lie;
"but I am going to wait till she does come
back, so make me some tea." He did
wait, he got his tea, and he married the


On Boards ofDiuectoks: — Ward Lew-
is, Vice President and General Manager
of Great Barrington, Mass. Electric Light

Company Richard J. Lewis of the

Bank of New Amsterdam in N. Y. city.

B.Frank Lewis, Collector of the

township of Hopewell, N. J., of the Hope-
well National Bank George A. Lewis

President and Treasurer of the Goodyear's
Metallic Rubber Shoe Company has offer-
ed his resignation as Treasurer of the com-
pany, which has been accepted by the
Board of Directors. Mr. Lewis has held
the position of Treasurer for about 18
years. In his retirement from the active
management, the company loses a man
who has been with it since his youth and
who has been largely instrumental in
bringing it to its present standing and
it is now acknowledged to be one of the
leading companies in the United States.

Dr. Harry H. Lewis is Director of

Iroquois Mandolin Club of Louisville,

Ky John Lewis RoBards, Vice Pres-

dent of the Missouri Society of the Sons of
the American Revolution IMrs. Flor-
ence S. (Lewis) Babbitt of Ypsilanti, Mich.,
is Department Chapplain of Woman Relief

Corps A Lewis of Jessamine was of

tirst Board of Trustees of Ky. Weslyan
College then (1795) known as Bethel Acad-

From Book Reviews: — "A Histor}- of
American Literature," by Fred Lewis
Pattee, a. si., Teacher of English and
Rhetoric, State College, Pennsylvania.

The American College Game of Foot
Ball by W. H. Lewis, some time player at
Amherst College aud at Harvard Univer-
sity Lewis (Sir G. C.) Essay on the

Influence of Authority in matters of Opin-



ion, the scarce first edition, 8 vo, clean in
the original cloth boards, uncut rare, 268 6d,

1849 Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

of England, including the Channel Is-
lands, maps, and illustrations of the Arms
of the cities, Bishopricks, Universities,
etc., 4 vols. 4 to, finely bound in half gilt
morocco, top edge gilt, choice copy 80s.
The most comprehensive and valuable
vFork on the Topography and History of

England ever published Lewis

(General Andrew) orderly book of the
American Army stationed at or near Will-
iamsburg, Va. from March 1776, to Aug-
ust 28th, 1776, with notes and introduct-
ion by Charles Campbell. 4 to, half red
mor. Richmond, privately printed, 1860.
$2.25. Only ten copies printed this size.
Library stamp on title page Narra-
tive of the Captivity and sufferings of
Mrs. Harriet Lewis and her three child-
ren, who were taken prisoners by the In-
dians near St. Louis on the 25th of May,
1815, and among whom they experienced
all the cruel treatment which savage bru-
tality could inflict. Mrs. Lewis and her
eldest son fortunately escaped on the
third of April last, leaving her two young-
est children in the hands of the unmerci-
ful barbarians. 12 mo., original wrapper
uncut, pp. 24 large folding plate. Boston
1818, $3.00. James Lewis the husband of
Mrs. Lewis, removed from the state of

Georgia to St. Louis in the year 1815.



Charles and James. The latter settled
near Tuscaloosa, Ala. Would also like the
antecedents of Nancy Faulkoner, the wife:
of Joseph Lewis, who had brothers Thom-
as, Newman and Edward. My grandfather
was nine years old at the time of the^
battle of York town and remembered hear-
ing the cannon on that occasion. J. W. L_

46. Information wanted of the ancestors
and descendants of David Lewis and Mar-
garet Myers, who lived and died at Hamp-
stead Hill near Baltimore, Md. One
daughter, Margaret, married Robert Kent.,
of Baltimore, and died at Columbus, 0_
Prudence married William or James Ward^
and lived in Cincinnati, died in Louisville^
1850. When and where were they mar-
ried? Their sister married a Weir. WhO'
were the ancestors of William or Jame&
Ward (which) that married Prudence
Meyers? He was a merchant in Cincinnati
in early part of present century. G. W. S~

Contents for July, 1896.

44. Who was Elsie Lewis who m. 1800
or before in Mason co. , Kj'., probably,
Philemon Hawkins.

45. Want to know of the brothers and
sisters of Joseph Lewis, who married
Nancy Faulkoner about 1793 and came
from Virginia to Kentucky in 1818 witli
members of his wife's family and one
Richard Vivian (or Vernon), who married
Miss Davis. Joseph Lewis had a son,
Burton R., who went as a substitute for
his father into the army between 1812 and
1815. Tradition saj's he had two brothers,


List of the Books (Tribes of Lewises). 1

Editorial 2:

Genealogical Records 3.'

Book 2, Chapters 71 and 72 S

" 8, " 235 and 236 4

" 12, " 97 and 98 &

" 21, " 8to5(inc) &

" 38, Chapter 17 1

" 35, " 67 7

" 36, Chapters 9 and 10 S

" 40, Chapterl6 . 8

" 44, Chapters 29 to 31 (inc) 9-

" 54, Chapter 11 11

" 60, " 6 11

" 75, Chapters 6 and 7 12'

" 76, Chapter 4 Iff

" 77, " 3 18

•' 78, " 2 18

" 79, '^ 2... 14

Record of Life . 14

Clippings 15-

Notes 15

Queries 16i>

»-:3Sj*-^pOR THEi^s—^i— =






Its ob.iect is to brins all of tlie name of Lewi
and tlieir kin into mutual acquaintance and
friendship, to disfover for each one his
kindred and keep him posted in regard to al
their trials and successes in life, and to record
for use of themselves and their posterity the
traditions, biogi-aphy and genealogy of afl the

One Dollar a year, payable on receipt of the
July number. Single numbers. Ten Cents
each. Remittance should be bv Oheck or Ex-
press Order. It P. O. Money Order, make i)ay-
able at New Haven. Ct. Advertising rates fu'r-
nised on application. Address all communica-
tions to the publisher.

Box 24. Elliott, Conn.

LEWISIANA is entered as second class matter
at the Post Office at Elliott, Conn.

THE LEWIS LETTER is printed by F. C.
Branday, Whitney's Point, N. Y.

Lisu of the Books of the Lewises.

Earliest Ancestors-When and Where.
I. Randall, 1765, Ilopkinton, K. I.
n. Benjamin, 1670, Stratford, Conn.

III. David L., Wak's to Philadelphia.

IV. Richard, 1793, AVales to N. Y.

V. lichard, R. I.

VI. Joseph, 1776. Vt.

VII. Joshua. 1680. Wales to Conn.

VIII. John, 1661, Westerly, R. I.

IX. Eisha, Litchtield, Conn.

XL G(orge, 1783, Ilopkinton, R. I.

XII. WilHani, 1632, Farmington, Ct.

XIII. Jihn, 1635, New London, Conn.
XVI. Bmjamin, 1785, Wales to Wis.

XIX. Jdm, 1640, Wales to Va.

XX. LeM, 1762, Sussex-co., N. J.
XXL Ge'ardu.s 1720 N. Y. City.
XXIV. G.'orge, 1630, Eng. to Mass.
XXVI. Tiomas, 1818, Va., Ky., Mo.

XXVII. .lariah, 1780, Westerly, R. I.

XXVIII. Joseph, 1769, X. J. '

XXIX. John, 1721, Amwell, K J.
XXXI. Lewis, Llandaff, Wales 1816.

XXXIII. Edmund, 1634, Lynn, ]\Liss.

XXXIV. Richard, 1706, Providence, R. I

XXXV. Robert, 1585, AVales tt. Va.

XXXVI. John, 1634, Maiden, Mass.

XXXVII. Elisha, 1770-1828.
XXXIX. Jesse, 1774, Ilopkinton, R. I.
XL. Francis, 1713, Wales to Xew Y'ork.
XLIII. Edward, 1744, Wales to X. J.
XLIV. AVilliam, 1640, Roxbury, Mass.
XLV. John, 1732, Ireland to V;i.
XLVI. Thomas, 1745, New London, Ct,
XLVII. Zachary, 1692, Wales to Va.
XLVIII. Joseph, WalLS to Chicago.
XLIX. Thomas L., Wales to Ohio.

L. William, Coed, Wales.
LI. John. Holland to Mass.
LII. William, Maryland, 1637.
LIII. Ellis, Wales to Penn., 1708
LIV. Evan, Wales to Penn., 1682.
LV. Stephen, Llanfynyd, Wales.
LVI. John, Hopkinton, R. L,1694.
LVII. Enoch, Cheat River, Penn.
LVIIL Benajah. Providence. R. L,1734.
LIX. William, New Jersey, 1682.
LX. Thomas, Digliton, Mass., 1760.
LXI. The Shipbuilder, Pittsburg, Pa.
LXII. Marshall, Binghamton, N. Y.
LXIII. Philip, N. J.^to Ohio.
LXIV. Benjamin, Farmington, Ct. ,1729.
LXVII. DaVid, Wales to Del.. 1800.
LXVIII. Aaron, Va. to Ky., 1780.
LXIX. Henry, Culpepper-co., Va.,1 765.
LXX. Zephaniah, New Jersey, 1734.
LXXI. Samuel, Plymouth, Ct, 1748-18 23
LXXII. John, Henrico Co., Va., 1640.
LXXIII. Tho Buckingham CO., Va.. 17oa
LXXIV. Exum, Edgecombe co., N . C.
LXXV. Paul, Rhode Island, 1770.
LXXVI. William, Rhode Island, 1760.
LXXVII. Benjamin. 1812, Oswego, N.Y.
LXXVHL George, 1640,Casco Bay, Me.
LXXIX. Reuben, 1814, Wells. Vt
LXXX. Thomas, 1630, Saco, Me.
(Missing numbers are of Merged Books,



New Books.

In this issue four new Books are com-
menced some of which are undoubtedly
parts of other Books. Let all who can
ia any way help, do so. It is hoped
that all who have any records of these
faniilies will send them immediately to
this office.


Explanations, Abbreviations, etc.
For convenience the records of the
various Lewis families are divided into
Books and each Book into chapters. At
the head of each Book appears the name
of the earliest known ancestor of that
family. The List of Books is a complete
index to the Books as published to this
time. New Books will be added from
time to time as new branches of the Lewis
family are found. As soon as Books are
proved parts of others thej'' will be merged
into the Books to which they belong.
Each name is numbered when first printed
and Avhenever the name is repeated this
number follows in brackets. The abbre-
viations commonly used in genealogical
work are used ; as b. for born ; d. died ; m.
maiTied ; m. (1) first wife ; dau. daughter ;
unm. not married; v. p. see page, etc. Li stead
of repeating the name of a place ia the
same paragraph initials only are frequently

Book IL
BENJAMIN LEWIS, Stratford, Couu.

chapter lxxiii.
By Helen Pertiy Maxwell, N. Y. City.

Record of ch. of William (o) and Atlanta
(Curtiss) Lewis continued from p. 22, Vol.
I. reprint.

Alfred Curtis (32) m. Dec. 24, 1845, Eu-
sebia N. b. Mar. 13, 1824, d. May 18, 1883,
dau. of Lewis and Althea (Steele) Curtis.
Alfred C. Lewis b. Madison, N. Y., Dec.
16, 1816, d. Feb. 6, 1871, was afarmer and
Jiveil on Stratford street. 3 ch. b.

735.1. Angela b. Jany. 11, 1847.

736.n. Arthur b. Jany. 31, 1856, d. Jan.

30, 1883.
737. IIL Kate Cora b. July 29, 1858.

John Homer (33) b. Madison, N. Y.,
Apr. 4, 1819, d. Nov. 17, 1888, m. Oct.
27, 1846, Sarah Ann (b. July 15, 1830,
dau. of Stodard and Martha Washburn.
4 ch. b.

738T. Lay ton DeGrasse b. Dec. 18, 1847.
739.IL Ellen DeEtte b. Oct. 7, 1850, d.

May 23, 1870.
740. III. Wm. Bertrand b. Aug. 27, 1855.
741. IV. Edith Imogene b. Nov. 26, 1861.

Amanda Jane (34) b. Madison, N. Y.,
Mar. 19, 1821, d. Oct. 31, 1895, m. Dec.

24, 1845, San ford, b. Madison, N. Y., Dec.
5, 1814, son of Charles and Prudence (San-
ford) Peckham. 2 ch. b. Madison, N. Y.
742.1. Eugenie Atlanta b. Dec. 14, 1847.
743.11. Carrie Lewis b. Sept. 23, 1857.

Imogene Amelia (36) b. Solsville, N. Y.,
Nov. 24, 1827, d. Madison, N. Y., Mar.

25, 1870, m. Jany. 23, 1859, Jason, b.
Madison, Sept. 7, 1826, son of Orson and
Delia (Thompson) Peckham. 2 ch. b.
Madison, N. Y.

744.1. Isabelle Alice b. Feb. 5, 1861.
745.11. Delia Atlanta b. May 20, 1863.

Angela (735) m. Nov. 10, 1875. Ossian
b. Nov. 19, 1847, son of William M. and
Jane (Bobbins) Peck of Cortland, N. Y.
3 ch. b.

746.1. Verdine Eusebia b. Sept. 17, 1876.
747.IL Alfred Lewis b. Dec. 2, 1878, d.

Dec. 1, 1889.
748. III. Ellen May b. Apr. 14, 1884.

Kate Cora (737) m. June 13. 1877, Arthur
A. b. Oct. 18, 1851, son of Nathaniel
and Olivia (Knox) Foote of Morrisvilje,
N. Y. 5 ch. b.

749.1. Millie Althea b. June 20, 1878.
750.11. Lewis Arthur b. Nov. 19, 1879./
751. III. Ethel Kate b. Oct. 22, 1881.
752. IV. Robert Nathaniel b. Dec. 9, :^^83,

d. Aug. 24 1895.
753. V. Leon Laertes b. Feb. 25, 1888/

Layton DeGrasse (738) m. Nov. lo/l875,

Mary b. Oct.

1850, dau. of Ipdney



and Emily ( ) Bridge. 3 cb. b.

■754.1. LaVerne B. b. Aug. 7, 1877.
755.11. Gertrude Ellen b. May 6, 1879.

Wm. Bertrand (740) m. Feb. 12, 1880,
Sarah G. b. Apr. 24, 1862, dau. of Jason

and Caroline ( ) Anson. 3 ch. b.

756.1. Imogeneb. July26, 1881.
757.11. John Leo b. Aug. 25, 1883.
758.III. Minnie Anson b. Jany. 10, 1889.
Edith Imogene (741) m. Dec. 23, 1884,
Edward b. Oct. 1860, son of Samuel and

Rosseta ( ) Barr. 2 ch. b.

•759.1. John Lewis b. Dec. 5, 1888.
760.11. Bessie Eloise b. Aug. 2, 1892.

Eugenie Atlanta (742) m. Oct. 31, 1867,
Henry Francis, b. Jan. 18, 1845, in Au-
gusta, N. Y., son of Francis and Phebe
•(Hotchkiss) Miller. 4 ch. b. at Utic;i,
except the 2nd at Buffalo, N. Y.
761.1. Francis Peckham b. July 3, 1872.
762.11. Grace Lillian b. July 26, 1874.
763.III. Henry Bradford b. Aug. 29, d.

Sept. 1880.
764.IV. Bessie Amanda b. Aug. 17, 1881.
Carrie Lewis (743) m. Mar. 10, 1873,
George Benton, b. Aug. 12, 1853, atLTtica,
N. Y., son of John and Elizabeth (Benton)
Watkins. 3 ch. b. 1st Buffalo, rest Roch-
ester, N. Y.
765.1. Maude Irene b. July 16, 1874, m.

Sept. 12, 1893, Louis Sinclair, b.

Oswego, K Y., July 21, 1868, son of

Thomas L. and EUinor (Purdy)

Foulkes. 1 ch. b.

1. Louis Sinclair Jr., b. Sept. 3, 1894.
766.11. Emma May b. Aug. 15, 1877.
767.III. Carrie Eugenie b. May 11, 1881.
Delia Atlanta (745) m. Dec. 10, 1890,
George Kocher, b. Oswego, N. Y., Sept.
19, 1866. 2 ch. b. Scriba, N. Y.
768.1. Mabel Alin b. Apr. 18, 1892.
769. n. Carl b. Mar. 6, 1893.


Maria Louisa (557 v. p. 99, Vol. VI.)
m. Hubert VanWagenen, b. N. Y. City,
Mar. 10, 1813, d. Alton, Ills., July 30,
1844. His gt. gr. father, Huybert Van-
Wagenen m. (2) a Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, b.

July 25, 1723, d. Oct. 23, 1795. In the
list of Lewises for whom marriage bonds
were issued (v. p. 60, Vol. V.) is "Hubert
VanWagenen of N. Y. city, ironmonger,
and Dorothy Lewis of N. Y. city, widow,
Oct. 28, 1773."

Book XI.

GEORGE LEWIS, Hopkinton, R. 1

chapter xv.

By Florence Lewis Smalley Babbitt,

Ypsilanti, Mich.

Eleazer (20 v. p. 35, Vol. I. reprint)

moved from Conn, where he was b. in
1772 to Vt. and thence to Oneida or Os-
wego, N. Y., from wlieri about 1810 he
removed to Canistoti, ]\I idison-co. , N. Y.
He m. Sallie Stanton Rood. Our Lewis
records were burned in the Detroit station
of the M. C. R. R. in ISJO. It is hoped
that a complete record of this family may
yet be obtained. Eleazer's youngest
daughter. Mrs. Betsey Maria Hatch is
living still (over 83 yeirs of age) at Buro,
Yellow Medicine CO., Minn. Eleizer had

244.1. Stanton.
245.11. Daniel.
246. III. Morgan.
247. IV. Morris.
248. V. Calvin.

249. VI. Hiram.

250. VII. George.
251. VIII. Lydia.
252. IX. Maria.

[Chapter 7, v. p. 6, Vol. IV. gives the
record of another son, William. Ed.]

Book XII.
WILLIA.VI LEWIS, Farmington, Conn.


From a Panthora Romance by Jessica
Wolcott Allen in the Connecticut Quar-

Not far from Josiah's home was the
more pretentious one of Mr. Lemuel Lewis.
When he was forty-nine j'ears old there



•were only six in the town whose prDperty
was listed higher than his, and two of
them were Lewises. His Puritan grand-
father came over in the ship Lion which
also brought Gov. Winthrop's "sweet
wife" Margaret. The family traced their
descent from the French Louis, and if this
genealogical record appears unnecessary to
the thread of the story you will under-
stand it better in the light of an apology
for the "high feelin's" of Lemuel Lewis'
oldest daughter Merab.

She was a beautiful girl and bore evi-
dence of her gentle ancestry, her hair and
eyes were said to be "black as coals," and,
although quite tall, her hands and feet
were very small and shapely.

The neighbors said that JosialiRoot was
more fond of watching those pretty hands
as she sat at her spinning-wheel than he
was of reading Dr. Todd's old manuscripts
or of caring for the herbs he had in the
garden. Even people waiting to give the
young doctor their life's blood, were fre-
quently obliged to "stay a bit" till Josiah
could come around the back way from
Merab's house.

After his return from the town meeting
be no sooner had eaten his succotash, rye
and Indian bread, with his "flip of beer,"
than he started over to talk with Merab of
the "doin's."

She sat by her spinning-wheel and he
looked at her pretty hands and then up
into her face as she rose to greet him and,
more impulsive than wise, he expressed
the first thought which she inspired.

"I saw many a lass on the wa}^ to town
this morn, Merab, but none methought
looked fair as thee."

"I'll offer thee a stool. Josiah, but I
never thought greatly of thy judgment or
thy taste."

Ignoring the failure of his compliment
he turned the subject saying, " 'Tis a bit
too warm for comfort, think you not."

"I could guess that much of folks that

have naught but their comfort to think

"Thy guessing served thee but poorly
this time, Merab, for I never had more to
think on. And beside, I came to tell thee
something of my thoughts if there's time
to hear me."

"Thy thoughts being so busy mayhap
thy hands "11 take a turn some day," was-
the sarcastic reply. He winced but said
calmly, "some day thou'll know tha,t
hours spent in study are not to be sneered
at," and "Oh, no," she ir^terrupted with
a ringing laugh — "not if thy mother will
furnish the porridge and cider."

A tinge of red swept over his pale face
making his blue eyes look still deeper blue
and his light hair more golden.

Jumping up from the stool he said
quickly but without any sign of anger,
"I wanted to talk in a sensible way, but
it's without use in trying, and I'll bid you
good day, Merab."

(to be concluded.)

Book XXI.

chapter vi.
By Rev. Joseph Waed Lewis, Middle-
town, Ct.
(Reprinted by request from p. 21, Vol. II. )■
Joseph (57 V. p. 6, Vol. VII.) b. Amster-
dam, N. Y. , June 22, 1803 ; moved early
in life to Salisbury, X. Y., where he built
a store and hotel and kept the same. About
1838 he removed to Little Falls, N. Y.^
and engaged in business. He m. (1) Mary
Rice by whom he had 3 ch., m. (2) Nancy,
dau. of John and Lucretia (Rogers) Ward
of Sheffield, Mass., by whom he had 6 ch. ;
m. (3) Phebe Morallee, 1 ch. ; m. (4) Mary
Staats. He d. Oct. 31, 1865, the father of
10 ch.

2.1. Moses Grantus, b. 1825; editor of
Nortli Mins. Union ; at one time a Miss.
State Senator and Col. in state militia;
d. Eastport, Miss., Sept. 21, ISS-l.
3. II. Lansing, b. 1828; was in drug busi-
ness with his brother (Moses) in East-
port; d. Mar. 17, 1858.



4. III. Mary, ri.

i).IV. Mary Matilda, b. May 22, 1H32; re-
sides with lier brother, Ward.

r- -i-T .- twins, d.
<. V I. )

^.VII. Ward, b. Nov. 28, 183() ; is in busi-
ness at Lenox Furnace and Great
Barrington, >[ass., where he resides.
He is a Berkshire-co. Commissioner.
He m. at Essex. Ct., May 29, 1865,
Isabel G., dau. of Asa P. and Sarah
Nott) Williams.

S.VIII. Lucretia Rogers, resides at Little
Falls, N. Y.

lO.IX. Martin VanBuren. d.

ILX. Wm. M., 1). Xov. 8, 1849, d. Sept.
IG, 1855.
Ch. of Ward (8) and Isabel (Williams)

Lewis, b. first 3 Gt. Barrington, rest

Lenox Furnace, Mass.

12.1. Joseph Ward b. Oct. 22, 1866

13.11. Walter Everett, b. May 22, 1868.

14. III. Martha Ward, b. Sept. 6, 1873.

15. IV. Sarah Nott, b. July 12, 1875.

16. V. Clara Lucretia, b. Nov. 25, 1877.

Book XXIV.

GEORGE LEWIS, Barnstable, Mass.

chapter lxxxvii.

JBy Helen Pekry Maxwell, N. Y. City.

The following records are a copy of
j'ecords in the possesbion of Mr. Alexander
Lewis, a wealthy lumberman of Lawrence,

James Hawkes (163 v. p. 102, Vol. VI.
for full record) wife's (Lydia Pratt) birth
is given as Sept. 3, 1727 instead of Oct. 3,

John (195 V. p. 53, Vol. III.) the eldest
«on of James and Lydia (Pratt) Lewis b.
Jany. 3, 1754, d. Feb. 3, 1828. m. jAIary
Phelps, b. May 27, 1762, d. Mar. 9, 1840.
He settled in Suffield, Ct. 13 ch. b.

228.1. Seth b. Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1783.

229.11. John b. Monday, Feb. 16, 1784.

232. III. James b. Monday, Oct. 10, 1785.

230. IV. Calvin b. Friday, Jany. 18, 1787.

233. V. Mary b. Friday, Sept. 18, 1789.

231. VI. Luther b. Saturday, Apr. 9, 1791.

1052. VII. Lydia b. Thursday. Oct. 11,

234. VIII. Lydia b. Sunday, May 25. 1794.

235. IX. Lucy b. Friday. Nov. 13, 1795.
236.x. Betsey b. Tuesday, Apr. 18, 1797,

237. XI. Warren b. Thursday, June 5,

238. XII. Fanny b. Tuesday, Dec. 19,

239. XIII. Hannah b. Saturday. Dec. 27,

1806, d. young.
James (232) m. Desire Remington. Of
the ch. there were
1053.1. James.
1054.11. Lester
1055. III. Seth.

Lydia (234) m. Pomeroy. ch.

1056.1. Lucy.
1057.11 Mary.
1058. III. Warren.
1059. IV. William.
Lucy (235) m. Horace Sheldon.
Warren (237) m. (1) Rhoda Phelps, m.
(2) Phebe Phelps, m. (3) a widow. Marie
Grovenor Phelps.

[Further information of these families
is earnestly desired. Ed ]

Luther (231) moved in 1817 to Ithaca,
N. Y. : d. Apr. 18, I860; m. Mary Sheldon
b. Feb. 24, 1792, d. Feb. 22, 1856. 6 ch. b.
1060.1. John b. Jany. 23, 1816.
1061. II. Mary b. Nov. 26, 1817.
1062. III. Luther b. Jany. 26, 1820.

1063. IV. Eliza b. Nov. 5. 1824.

1064. V. Ann b. Feb. 8, 1829.

1065. VI. Alexander b. Nov. 13, lb30.

(to be continued).


EDMUND LEWIS, Lynn, Mass., 1634.

chapter xviii.

By Geo. Harlan Lewis, N. Y. City.

The following deed is on record in Essex
Deeds, Vol. 13, p. 191.

Jolm Lewis, Sr. (2) of Lynn, Yeoman,
for £160, to his two sons, John, Jr. (7) and



Thomas, (9) Yeoman, in equal halves all
my housing and lands in Lynn, viz: a
dwelling house where I formerly lived, a
barn, with 40 acres tillage at Wood end
fields; also a parcel of salt marsh in Rum-
ney Marsh, 12 acres. Xov. 9, 1699.

(This estate was divided June 5, 1708, as
recorded, Vol. 21. p. 50.)

In the record of his ch. as given on p.
8, Vol. III. the following corrections
should be made : v. Essex Hist. Col. Vol.
6, p. 225.

Samuel (12) d. Aug. 12, 1675.

Abigail (13) d. May 30, 1700.

Elizabeth (15) is not given. It will be
noticed that the date of birth is the same
as Elizabeth (17) dau. of John Jr.

Rebeckah (16) d. Nov. 22, 1692.

Nathaniel (?) d. Nov. 25, 1692 but there
is no Nathaniel in the family as given.

In the record of John Jr. (7)

Hannah (18) b. June 22, 1685-6.

John (20) b. Sept. 23, 1690; was a tan-
ner and many transactions of real estate
are on record.

Nathaniel (21) b. Jany. 18, 1692-3.

Elizabeth (17) according to Essex Hist.
Col. Vol. VI. p. 132, m. Feb. 8, 1708 9,
Samuel Jranes, as spelled in the Book but
I am of the opinion it was Samuel Joanes
as the Jones of Hingham spelled their
name as the name does not appear else-
where. 2 cli. b.
182 I. Samuel b. Jany. 19, 1710.
183. III. Sarah b. Feb. 1, 1713.

In Vol. 28, p. 28 of Essex Deeds, Thad-
deous Berry,of Boston, Yeoman, for £3. to
Thomas Lewis, (9; late of Lynn, having
deceased, confirms to his son John Lewis,
(172 v. p. 7, Vol. VII.) a lot on Bass Neck,
Nahant, 7th Division. May 14, 1714.

In Vol. 38, p. 90, John Lewis, (172) of
Lynn, Inn holder, sells to Theophilus
Burrill, of Lynn, Tanner, lot of land laid
out to my father, Thomas Lewis, (9)dec'd,
in Town commons, lot 6, range 5, 6th,
Div. May 21, 1717.

Book XXXV.
ROBERT LEWIS, Gloucesterco., Va.


By Henry J. Lewis, Louisville, Ky,

I have an old law book printed in Rich-
mond, Va.. in 1803, entitled Revised Code
of the Acts of the General Assembly of
Virginia which I think once belonged to-
Lilburn Lewis, the tragic story of whose
career appeared in Voi. V. of Lewisiana.

On the first fly-leaf is written, "L. L.
Richmond, May 7, 1805." And on the-
second fly-leaf in the same handwriting.

Lilburne Lewis and Betsy Lewis was.

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