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preserve the dignity of the individual.

Each statement in this Platform is the result of much study
and deliberation. It is a Platform that represents, not the views
of the few individuals charged with the responsibility of its
preparation, but the views of countless North Carolinians who
subscribe to the belief that the opportunity to earn a productive
and prosperous life is the birthright of every citizen of this state.

The accomplishments listed here should be a source of pride
for every North Carolinian. The goals listed here must be a
challenge for every Democrat. Good government — the kind of
government that has become traditional in our state in this cen-
tury — is not the product of chance. It is the product of determi-
nation and sacrifice— the product of vision — the product of people
dedicated to the principles of the Democratic Party.

With full awareness of our responsibility — a responsibility en-
trusted to us by the people of North Carolina — this platform for
progress has been developed. With pride in the past, confidence
in the present and enthusiasm for the future, this platform can
be submitted to the people for endorsement.


154 North Carolina Manual

1 «><»<; Platform Committee

I. L. Dean, 6th District — Chairman

Mrs. G. W. Cover, 11th District — Secretary

Henry Harrell, 1st District

John Kerr, Jr., 2nd District

D. L. Ward, 3rd District

Harry Horton, 4th District

John Gallaher, 5th District

Hector McGeachy, 7th District

Raymond King, 8th District

Ray Lackey, 9th District

Woodrow W. Jones, 10th District


The strength of the Democratic Party in North Carolina has
long been a deep awareness on the part of the people that ours
is the party of the people, the party of faith and not fear, the party
of progress.

North Carolina Democrats have demonstrated a capacity for
meeting challenges since the beginning of this century — resulting
in progress in all areas affecting the well-being of our people.
Most importantly, it has given this state a reservoir of experi-
enced, dedicated leadership at all levels of government.

Today, as we face the great problems and the great opportuni-
ties of the most exciting and complex age in the history of man,
the responsibilities that rest with this leadership is overwhelming.

It is the responsibility that can and will be met by the Demo-
cratic Party. It will be met because the Party is strong, because
the Party is dedicated, and because its members are united in
their determination to continue building a more abundant life
for all North Carolinians.

The youthful faction of the Party — the Teen-Dem Clubs and
the Young Democratic Clubs, both individual units and members
of the Confederation — continues to expand in size and influence.
The contribution of these young North Carolinians to their state
and their Party grows daily, and their vigorous alignment with
Democratic ideals is not only inspirational, but insures the vitality
of the Party in the years ahead.

Democratic Platform 155

The women of the Party, and especially those members of our
Democratic Women's Clubs, have assumed additional responsi-
bility in recent years and merit a special commendation for the
service they have rendered the cause of good government in North

We pledge our continued support for these vital branches of
the Party and charge the State Democratic Executive Committee
with the responsibility for actively encouraging and assisting
their efforts to insure good government in North Carolina.


No state in the nation receives more competent and loyal service
from its public officials and employees than North Carolina. These
individuals have contributed immeasurably to our state's repu-
tation for good government. The Democratic Party is fully
aware of this fact and has sought, through the years, to insure
the maintenance of these high standards by fair treatment and
compensation for service rendered. We pledge a continuation of
this respectful relationship which benefits every citizen of North

No less essential to the cause of good government are the pri-
vate citizens of the state who give their time and talent to service
on governing and advisory bodies of state agencies, institutions
and councils. Their contribution to the well-being of our state
and its people cannot be expressed, but the stability and enlight-
ened direction of governmental affairs is eloquent testimonial to
the quality of their service.

Legislative: The North Carolina General Assembly, chosen by
the people to insure their progress, has, for more than six decades
of Democratic leadership, met the responsibility entrusted to it.
It has proven faithful to the knowledge that ours is a great state
with great potential. It has proven faithful to the concept that
ours must remain a state and nation governed by law and not by
men. It has labored long and effectively to develop that poten-
tial and protect that concept. We ask that the General Assembly
continue this dedication. To that end we unhesitatingly pledge
the support of the Democratic Party.

L56 North Carolina Manual

The Judiciary: Improvement in the administration of justice
is the constant aim of the judiciary in North Carolina. That effort,
supported by the Democratic Party, resulted in the enactment of
The Judicial Department Act by the 1965 General Assembly.
Implementation of this Act will greatly improve the court system
of the state.

The North Carolina Courts Commission, an arm of the General
Assembly, continues to work on legislation for enactment in 1967
that will further modernize the court system of North Carolina
to insure equal justice under the law for all men.

In the firm belief that impartial justice is a cornerstone of
democracy, the Democratic Party will continue to encourage and
support all reasonable efforts in the area of judicial reform.


The Democratic Party has traditionally led and, in large
measure, been responsible for action resulting in the greatest
farming productivity in the history of mankind. In spite of this,
technical advances and products of research have forced increas-
ing numbers of families to leave the farm. Obviously, to strive
for a better balanced economy while maintaining pace with the
requirements of a growing population, it will be necessary to
develop new and better methods of stabilizing our rural popula-
tion while increasing the income of our farm families.

The Democratic Party pledges its firm support to all govern-
mental agencies with responsibilities that relate to these goals.
North Carolina farm products must be processed and distributed
so that the farmers of this state receive a fair share of agricultural
income. Marketing service programs that are directed toward
assisting farmers and trades people with specific problems should
be expanded. Research and consumer protection programs should
be expanded to insure renewed confidence on the part of the
public in the farm products we produce. Extension programs
and agency projects designed to improve farm income and all
facets of rural life should be continued.

Democratic Platform 157


Democratic leadership has given North Carolina a prison and
correctional system that is generally recognized as one of the best
in the nation. Emphasis within the prison system is placed on
productive work, with increasing attention given to programs of
education, vocational training and counseling designed to return
prison inmates to society as responsible, contributing citizens.
This enlightened approach is equally evident in our juvenile
correction programs and in the Probation Commission and Board
of Paroles. We support the continuation of these policies.


The theme of "total development" as envisioned and promoted
by Governor Dan Moore is moving North Carolina in the direction
of the most beneficial use of all the State's resources to insure
economic progress. The goal of making every citizen productive
and providing every citizen with an opportunity to benefit fully
from his productivity must be maintained. The past year saw
all-time records set in capital investments in new and expanded
industry. More than 37,000 new jobs were created and payrolls
increased by $137 million. There is every indication that 1966
will set new records.

More than 3,300 new business corporations were chartered in
North Carolina during the past year and more than 400 foreign
corporations were added to the list authorized to do business in
our state. Total resources in State-chartered banks rose above
$3 billion. Greater harmony has been established in the area of
public and private utilities than has been known in recent

All of these indications of sound progress should be sources
of pride for the political party that provided the leadership and
vision which made them possible. But pride in past achievements,
at this critical time in our history, must serve to instill, not com-
placency, but a constantly new and vibrant awareness of the
responsibility we have for the future. There is much that re-
mains to be done. There are new challenges daily in every eco-
nomic sphere. And each challenge is an opportunity for economic
progress — for a better way of life for the people of North Caro-
lina. The great wealth of our state — its people and its natural

State Senal




160 North Carolina Manual

resources- represents a potential that has only begun to develop.
The Democratic Party recognizes this potential and eagerly ac-
cepts the responsibility that it imposes.


The totai economic and cultural development of North Caro-
lina requires the full educational development of every citizen.

The Democratic Party, because it is the party of the people and
not the party of special privilege, has traditionally given strong
support to the maximum extension of universal educational op-
portunity. Under Democratic leadership since the beginning of
this century, the cause of education has flourished. The dream
of Charles B. Aycock has become reality. Clearly, the Demo-
cratic Party is the "Education Party" in North Carolina.

The public schools come first. Here the foundation for all
progress is laid. Strong support for public schools is essential.
It will be continued and strengthened.

The requirements of the age in which we live demand that we
place no limit on educational opportunity. Toward this end, we
have established a system of community colleges, technical insti-
tutes and industrial education centers to insure the availability
of facilities offering opportunities for maximum development of
individual skills. We must expand these facilities and increase
our efforts to encourage our people to take advantage of them.

Higher education completes the system of educational oppor-
tunity required for total development of our human and natural
resources. Strong support will continue to be given to university
and four-year college education.


The State Board of Elections and those dedicated men and
women in every county of North Carolina who continue to admin-
ister fair, honest, and impartial elections throughout the broad
election complex of over 2,100 precincts are, in fact, our greatest
fundamental democratic freedom — the right to vote.

As Democrats, pledged by tradition to this basic freedom, we
pledge to continue providing an enviable election process in this
state. We support the State and County Boards of Elections in
their continuing work to preserve our free election process for
present and future generations of North Carolinians.

Democratic Platform 161

We further commend the action of the Democrats in the 1965
General Assembly who provided the leadership for the establish-
ment of an election law study commission charged with the re-
sponsibility of recommending any alterations in existing laws
deemed necessary to insure the voting rights of all our people.


North Carolina is in excellent financial condition. The bonds
of the state are rated AAA — the highest rate available to state
bonds. North Carolina's high and enviable reputation in fiscal
affairs is due to the fact that sound business principles and fiscal
integrity have been the basis of the state's policy for over 60
years. The prudent and sound management of this most basic
of all governmental functions reflects credit on North Carolina
Democrats of the past and present and represents a sacred trust
to be passed on to future Democrats.


The Democratic Party has traditionally supported the position
that an understanding and appreciation of an individual's heritage
is vitally important to that individual's capacity for appraising
the present and contributing to the future.

North Carolina has a great heritage. It should be preserved.
North Carolina has a great capacity for cultural development.
It should be pursued vigorously.

The esthetic reasons for steadily increasing attention to our
heritage and our cultural development are sufficient unto them-
selves. But we live in a practical society and in this society
there is a very definite application of practicality to the develop-
ment of our heritage and culture. Tourism is our third most
productive industry. Increasing leisure time will bring larger
number of visitors to our state and will enable more of our own
people to seek pleasure and inspiration in North Carolina's his-
torical sites and cultural developments.

The Democratic Party pledges increasing attention to activities
in these areas.


Democratic Administrations in North Carolina have worked
diligently down through the years to develop a highway system

162 North Carolina Manual

which will meet the needs of the people by encouraging the ex-
pansion of commerce and industry and making travel as safe and
convenient as possible for our own citizens and the increasing
number of visitors who contribute substantially to the economy.

Today, with funds from the $300 million road bond issue, the
Appalachia Program and other State and Federal sources, high-
ways are being constructed at an unprecedented rate.

The Democratic Party pledges its continued support to all
efforts to expand and improve our existing highway system
through the fair and equitable distribution and application of
available funds.


Traditionally, the Democratic Party supports the premise that
society owes to every citizen the opportunity to progress to the
limit of his individual interests and talents. We subscribe fur-
th< r to the premise that this opportunity carries with it commen-
surate obligations and responsibilities.

The proud progress registered in North Carolina in recent years
in human relations reflects credit on all North Carolinians. That
progress must continue. Toward that end we commend the pro-
gram of the North Carolina Good Neighbor Council and urge
continued support for that program.

We call upon all County Boards of Commissioners and munici-
pal councils and boards to establish local Good Neighbor or
Human Relations Councils to supplement the work of the State


We pledge our continued support for humane labor laws, safe
and healthful working conditions, just Workmen's Compensation
and an Unemployment Insurance Program that is fair and equit-
able to all concerned.

We support laws guaranteeing employees the right-to-work
and employers the right to conduct their businesses under the
laws. In order to assure increased employment, industrial
schools and proper training for skilled labor will create better
jobs resulting in a broadened and higher standard of living.

We subscribe to the premise that "a laborer is worthy of his
hire" and commend the Democratic General Assembly for having

Democratic Platform 163

made North Carolina the only state in the Southeast to enact a
State Minimum Wage Law for the protection of employees.

We recommend that North Carolina's women be given equal
compensation for equal work, equal promotion for equal prepara-
tion, and we endorse the principle of equal responsibility for all
employees performing work of comparable responsibility.


The Democratic Party of North Carolina has traditionally sup-
ported the premise that, second only to its people, its natural
resources are its greatest asset. These God-given resources,
with which North Carolina is more than abundantly endowed,
exist to benefit man. They are a sacred trust to be used profit-
ably and equitably by each generation to the extent that the next
generation is not denied the same benefits.

With the steady increase in leisure time available to the average
citizen, we must provide more opportunities for healthful outdoor
recreation. The preservation of our wildlife resources is essential
to this effort.

In view of the fact that water is the best basic of all these
natural resources, we propose that special attention be given
at this time to methods of insuring the conservation and wise
use of the state's water resources.


As a state that has pioneered in the public health field, we
advocate continued improvement of public health services through
close cooperation of local, state and federal agencies to insure
adequate protection for all North Carolinians.

Recognizing the growth of our population, the outstanding
public health program now established in North Carolina must
be carried forward to decrease the infant mortality rate and
reduce maternal deaths. We must deal effectively with chronic
disease and environmental health factors. We must continue
educational activities in all areas where such activities have
proven to be effective health measures.

The 1965 Democratic General Assembly is to be commended
on its positive efforts to confront the tragic disease of alcoholism.
We urge continued attention to this problem and pledge the
support of the Democratic Party in those efforts.

164 North Carolina Manual

North Carolina has pioneered! in the development and main-
tenance of an effective mental health program. The Democratic
Party, with pride in its past contributions in this field, offers its
pledge of continuing support.


The record of the Democratic Party speaks eloquently for its
firm belief that the senior citizen occupies a vital position in the
economic, social and cultural development of the state. We feel
strongly that the knowledge, experience and talents of these
individuals must be exploited fully, and we urge that the 1967
General Assembly give particular attention to the most beneficial
use of this great asset. We further pledge continuing support
for the various agencies with responsibilities in areas affecting,
directly or indirectly, the senior citizen.


The tragic loss of life due to accidents on our streets and high-
ways is a challenge to every North Carolinian. It is a particular
challenge ro the Democratic Party and tne leadership it has pro-
vided our state. Under the courageous insistence of Governor
Moore, the challenge is being met.

The 1965 General Assembly moved positively in the direction
needed to combat this tragic situation. Its action in establishing
new laws, programs and agencies to promote traffic safety re-
flected credit on every member of the Legislature and every
citizen who supported those actions.

The Democratic Party feels strongly that this is a problem
which transcends all political considerations and is deserving of
the full support of all North Carolinians. We believe the key
to traffic safety is sound, balanced, imaginative, cooperative
action by public officials with the courage to lead. We pledge
our support to that leadership.


With increasing number of North Carolinians acquiring the
status of veteran through courageous service of Viet Nam, it is
particularly important that continuing support be given to those
agencies whose responsibilities relate to veterans and the widows
and orphans of veterans.

Democratic Platfokm 165


North Carolina remains at one of the nation's lowest levels
of combined state and local taxation per capita and at the same
time offers public service programs which continually rate na-
tional attention. We advocate continued emphasis on the busi-
nesslike, economical administration of government; a tax struc-
ture that equitably distributes the cost of services required from
government; increased personal exemptions, if economic condi-
tions warrant, to correspond with federal income tax exemptions,
and just and firm administration of the tax laws of the state.

The Democratic Party opposes and will work diligently to pre-
vent an increase in state taxes.


The Democratic Party recognizes that the prevention and alle-
viation of poverty are legitimate concerns of government, and as
such merit action, not by public welfare alone, but by the entire
community. The effectiveness of this effort at both the com-
munity and state level, and the extent to which this concern is
translated into reality, have marked bearing on the total devel-
opment of the state. In acknowledgement of this fact, the Demo-
cratic Party pledges continuing interest in and support for wel-
fare programs with special attention given those programs de-
signed to help people help themselves.


Democratic administrations have benefitted the people of North
Carolina with able, dedicated leadership. A close working rela-
tionship between administrations at the state and national levels
is essential to the continuation of these benefits. Toward this
end, we encourage continued cooperation with the Democratic
National Committee and support for the National Administration.

At this time of crises, when freedom is threatened on many
fronts throughout the world, we particularly commend the Presi-
dent for his courage in maintaining this nation's commitment in
Viet Nam.

Remembering the confusion, indifference, uncertainty and lack
of national purpose that characterized Republican administrations
of the past, we unhesitatingly pledge our support for all nominees
of the Democratic Partv.

Democratic Platform 167


The North Carolina Democratic Party for 1966:

1. Will expand its support for, and encourage greater activity
on the part of all organizations within the Democratic Party.

2. Will continue its policy of supporting fair treatment and just
compensation for public officials and employees.

.5. Will use every means at its command to insure positive pro-
grams designed to stabilize the agricultural community and
increase farm income.

4. Will continue support for the enlightened approach to cor-
rectional programs at the state level.

5. Recognizes the continuing and complex challenge that faces
North Carolina in its effort to use all of its people and re-
sources to bring more abundance to its people.

6. Endorsed Governor Dan Moore's concept that attention to
total development is the most effective approach to economic

7. Holds to its traditional position that education is the key
to prosperity and pledges an untiring effort to continue
expanding and improving the educational system at all levels
in North Carolina.

8. Will support all efforts to insure the sacred right of every
citizen to participate in the election of public officials.

9. Will maintain fiscal stability of the state.

10. Will actively promote an appreciation of our heritage and
the availability of cultural activities and facilities.

11. Will continue to build highways throughout North Carolina
on a basis of need.

12. Will employ every means at our disposal to promote traffic

13. We commend the program of the North Carolina Good
Neighbor Council and we urge its continued support and
cooperation from our people throughout the state.

1C8 North Carolina Manual

14. Will continue support for efforts to develop fully the skills
of each citizen and insure that citizen of job opportunities
at fair wages.

15. Recognizes natural resources as a valuable asset and pledges
the conservation and most beneficial use of those resources.

16. Urges that particular attention be given, at this time, to
water resources.

17. Pledges the maintenance of an effective public health system
with increasing attention given to alcoholism and mental

18. Supports programs for Senior Citizens, veterans and vet-

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