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The State Chairman shall be a member ex-officio of this com-
mittee, shall serve as its chairman, and this committee shall prom-

Plan op Organization 181

ulgate and co-ordinate party activities in all counties and dis-
tricts with State Headquarters under the direction of and in co-
operation with the State Chairman.

Section 9. Audit Committee:

The State Executive Committee shall appoint a committee of
three whose duty it shall be to audit, not less frequently than
biennially, the financial accounts and balances of the Committee.



Section 1. Meeting:

All county conventions shall be called to order by the chairman
of the executive committee of such county, and in his absence,
by the vice chairman or by one of the vice chairmen in the order
of succession and in his or their absence, by any member of the
county executive committee who may be present at the conven-
tion, and in case none of the foregoing persons shall be present,
then by any delegate to the convention, and he shall preside until
a permanent chairman is elected by the convention.

Section 2. Rules:

(1). The chairman shall provide the convention with a suffi-
cient number of secretaries or accountants, who shall reduce the
votes to decimals and tabulate the same, disregarding all fractions
after second or hundredth column.

(2). Nothing herein contained shall prevent the convention
from making nomination by viva voce or acclamation where a vote
by township or precinct is not demanded by any delegate present.

(3). The County Executive Committee shall have the power to
make such other rules and regulations for the holding of county
conventions not inconsistent herewith, as may be deemed neces-
sary or expedient.

Section 3. Voting:

Each precinct shall be entitled to cast in the county convention
one vote for every 50 Democratic votes or major fraction thereof
cast by the precinct for Governor at the last preceding guberna-

L82 North Carolina Manual

torial election; provided that every precinct shall be entitled to
cast at least 2 votes in the county convention, and each precinct
may appoint as many delegates to said convention as it may see
fit, not exceeding three delegates and three alternates for each
vote to which said precinct may be entitled in the county conven-

The County Executive Committee may, by resolution duly
adopted, require each Precinct to appoint two delegates and two
alternates for each vote to which said precinct may be entitled in
the County Convention.

Section 4. Nomination Convention Where County Not Under
Primary Law:

In all counties in which the selection of candidates for mem-
bers of the General Assembly and county and township offices is
not provided for by the primary law, nominations shall be made
in the following manner:

(1) The couuty executive committee shall meet and set a time
and place for holding a county convention for the nomination of
candidates for the aforesaid offices, and shall also set the time
and places for holding the necessary preliminary precinct meet-
ings, and thereupon the chairman of the county executive com-
mittee shall issue a call for the precinct meetings and the county
convention, notice of which call shall be sent to the precinct of-
ficials and published in such manner and form as shall be directed
by the said county executive committee.

(2). At the meeting held in each precinct in pursuance of said
notice, delegates and alternates to represent it in the county con-
vention shall be elected from the body of the Democratic voters
of the precinct; and said delegates or alternates, or such of them
as shall attend the county convention shall be entitled to vote the
full Democratic strength of their precinct in the nomination of
candidates and upon all questions which may come before said
county convention.

If there is a failure to hold a precinct meeting in pursuance of
said notice, or if said meeting shall fail to elect delegates to repre-
sent it in said convention, the precinct executive committee shall
appoint delegates and alternates from the Democratic voters of
the precinct.

Plan op Organization 183

(3). Each precinct shall be entitled to cast in the county con-
vention one vote for every 50 Democratic votes, or a major frac-
tion thereof cast by the precinct for Governor at the last pre-
ceding gubernatorial election; provided that every precinct shall
be entitled to cast at least 2 votes in the county convention, and
each precinct may appoint as many delegates to said convention
as it may see fit, not exceeding three delegates and three alter-
nates for each vote to which said precinct may be entitled in the
county convention.

The County Executive Committee may, by resolution duly
adopted, require each Precinct to appoint two delegates and two
alternates for each vote to which said precinct may be entitled in
the County Convention.

(4). The precinct meetings shall be presided over by the chair-
man of the precinct committee, but in his absence, the vice chair-
man of the committee shall preside, and in the absence of both
the chairman and vice chairman, any member of the committee
may preside.

(5). The county executive committee shall have power to make
any rules with regard to holding precinct meetings which it may
deem proper, not inconsistent with the rules prescribed in this
plan; it shall be the duty of said committee to prepare and furnish
all forms and blanks needed in making the returns from said pre-
cinct meetings, and any reported challenges and appeals there-


Section 1. Delegates:

The State convention shall be composed of delegates appointed
by the several county conventions. Each county in the State shall
be entitled to elect to the State Convention one delegate and one
alternate for every 300 Democratic votes or major fraction there-
of cast therein for Governor at the last preceding gubernatorial

Section 2. Congressional District Meetings:

A preliminary meeting of the delegates shall be held by each
congressional district on the morning of the State Convention, at

184 Xiiktii Cakolina Manual

rooms to be designated by the State Executive Committee, Cor the
purpose of selecting the following:

(1). Elect one member of the committee on Permanent Organ-
ization, Rules, and Order of Business, which committee will nom-
inate a permanent president and secretary of the convention.

(2). Elect one vice president of the convention.

(3). Elect one district assistant secretary.

(4). Elect one member of the committee on Credentials and

(5). Elect nine men and nine women as members of the State
Executive Committee, with at least one member being selected
from each county.

(6). Elect two members from each county for the Congression-
al, Judicial, and Solicitorial District Executive Committees; pro-
vided, however, in districts embracing less than five counties,
three members of each said committee shall be elected from
each county in said district.

(7). Elect one member for each county of the State Senatorial
Executive Committee where the district embraces more than one

(8). In each Presidential election year nominate the number
of delegates and alternates allotted by the National Committee to
each Congressional District.

(9). In each Presidential Election Year nominate one Presi-
dential Elector for each Congressional District.

Section 3. Delegates to National Convention and President ial

(1). The State Convention shall elect the delegates to the Na-
tional Convention who shall convene promptly at the call of the
National Committeeman after their election and nominate the
National Committee representatives and such other officers as are
required by the Democratic National Committee.

(2). The State Convention shall confirm the nominations for
Presidential Electors certified by the several districts and, in addi-
tion thereto, shall nominate two Presidential Electors at Large.

Section 4. Rules:

( 1 ). Such delegates (or alternates of absent delegates), as may

Plan of Organization 185

be present at any State Convention shall be allowed to cast the
whole vote to which their county may be entitled.

(2). In all conventions provided for by this plan, after a vote
is cast, there shall be no change in such vote until after the roll
call is completed and before the final result of the ballot shall be
announced by the chairman of said convention.

(3). The chairman of the different county conventions shall
certify the list of delegates and alternates to the State Convention,
and a certified list of said delegates and alternates to the secre-
tary of the State Executive Committee.

(4). The secretary of the State Executive Committee shall
make up a roll of all delegates and alternates from the several
counties and transmit the same to the chairman of the State Con-

(5). In all conventions an election or a nomination may be
made by any majority, even though it be a fraction of a vote.

(6). In all State Conventions it shall be the duty of the dele-
gates from the several counties to choose one of their number
chairman, whose name shall be reported to the president of such
convention, and whose duty it shall be to cast the vote of his
county as directed, and the vote as announced by him shall be re-
corded unless some delegate from that county shall challenge its
accuracy, in which event it shall be the duty of the president of
the convention to cause the roll of delegates from that county to
be called, when the vote of such county shall be tabulated and re-
corded according to the response of its delegates; but in no event
shall the vote of one county be challenged by a delegate from an-
other county.



Section 1. Committee Meetings:

All committees shall meet as such times and places as the chair-
man of the respective committee may from time to time appoint
and designate in the call.

Section 2. Quorum:

Thirty (30) per cent of the entire membership of any commit-
tee shall constitute a quorum.

186 North Carolina Manual

Section ;$. Voting:

Proxy voting shall not be permitted in any executive committee
meeting. A member of the State Executive Committee may desig-
nate a Democrat in good standing from within his county to serve
as his alternate for a particular Executive Committee meeting by
notifying the party chairman, secretary or executive director of
such designation in writing prior to the call to order of any such
meeting, provided however, that no one person may serve as an
alternate for more than one member at any meeting and no mem-
ber or alternate may be entitled to more than one vote.

Section 4. Vacancies:

Vacancies occurring in any Executive Committee above the pre-
cinct level shall be filled by the executive committee of the county
in which such vacancies occur. Vacancies occuring in any pre-
cinct committee shall be filled by the remaining members of the
precinct committee.

Section 5. Candidates in Primary:

Any member of any Executive Committee, precinct, county, or
state, or any officer thereof, who announces his candidacy for an
elective office in the primary shall resign immediately his party
office, and the vacancy shall be filled within 15 days as heretofore

Section 6. Sub-Committees:

All executive committees shall have the power to appoint sub-
committees or special committees for such purposes and with such
powers in their respective jurisdictions, as may be deemed neces-
sary or desirable.

Section 7. Filling Vacancies Among Candidates:

Vacancies shall be filled among candidates, and the selection
of candidates shall be as prescribed by statute.

Section 8. Municipal Committee:

In the nomination of candidates for municipal offices to be voted
for in any town or city election, where the same is not controlled
by charter or legislative enactment, a municipal executive com-

Plan of Organization 187

iuittee may be created for the purpose of facilitating the orderly
selection of such candidates. The committee shall be composed
of five residents of the municipality, at least two of whom shall
be men and two of whom shall be women, to be elected biennially
at a meeting of all members of the regular executive committee
or committees who reside in the municipality, the meeting to be
called and presided over by the chairman of the county executive
committee. It shall be the sole function of any municipal execu-
tive committee created under the provisions of this section to sup-
ervise and direct the selection of candidates for municipal offices,
and to that end, the committee may formulate such rules and reg-
ulations as may be deemed necessary, or practicable. The com-
mittee shall elect from its membership a chairman and vice
chairman, one of whom shall be a woman and one of whom shall
be a man; and all vacancies in membership shall be filled by the

Section 9. Appeals:

The right of appeal shall lie from any subordinate committee
or convention to the committee or convention next superior there-
to, and in all county or state conventions appeals shall first be
referred to the committee on Credentials and Appeals, or a special
committee provided by the convention, and the findings and re-
ports of such committee had before action thereon by the conven-

Section 10. Reports:

It shall be the duty of the county executive committees and their
chairmen to make such reports and furnish such information to
the chairman of the State Executive Committee and chairmen of
the several district committees as the said State and district chair-
men may desire.

Section 11. Definition:

An "Active Democrat" is defined to mean a person who is reg-
istered to vote as a Democrat, and who, as a volunteer, takes part
in party affairs, giving of his time and/or means to further the
interest and efforts of the Democratic Party.

lss North Carolina Manual

Section 12. Plan-Vs-JLaw :

In the several counties of the State where primaries are pro-
vided for by law, whether optional or mandatory, this plan or or-
ganization shall nevertheless be followed in all matters not in-
consistent with such laws.

Section 13. General Rules:

Procedural or parliamentary questions not specifically covered
by this plan or rules adopted pursuant to authority granted herein
shall be governed by the provisions of Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 1. Power to Amend:

The State Executive Committee shall, at any regularly called
meeting duly held, have power to amend this plan of organization.

Any amendment adopted by the State Executive Committee in-
cluding those herein contained shall be effective immediately and
remain in effect until the same shall be repealed or amended by
action of the next State Convention. Any change in this plan of
organization adopted by the State Executive Committee shall be
presented to the next State Convention by the State Chairman for
its action thereon.

* * * * *

The foregoing is the plan of organization of the Democratic
party of North Carolina as adopted by the State Democratic Ex-
ecutive Committee, at a meeting held in the city of Raleigh on
the 16th day of February, 1962.


As amended by the State Democratic Executive Committee at a
meeting held in the City of Raleigh on the 15th day of January,

W. Lunsford Crew,



APRIL 1966



(From list furnished by Executive Director,
State Democratic Executive Committee)




Chairman I. T. Valentine, Jr., Nashville

Vice Chairman Mrs. Harry K. McDonnold, Asheville

Secretary Mrs. L. Y. Ballentine, Raleigh

Finance Director Clyde A. Dillon, Sr., Raleigh

Executive Director T. S. Secrest, Cary


Nation-al Committeeman W. E. Webb, Jr., Statesville

National Committeewoman Mrs. John D. Robinson, Wallace

President, Young Democratic Clubs of N. C Samuel H. Poole, Southern Pines

National Committeeman, Young Democratic Clubs Lonnie Carey, Burlington

National Committeewoman., Young Democratic Clubs Mrs. Betty Lewis, Chapel Hill

First District

County Name Address

Beaulort W. M. Hodges Raleigh

Beaufort Mrs. Zeno L. Edwards Washington

Bertie W. L. Cooke Windsor

Camden Mrs. Annie Sanderlin Camden

Chowan George A. Byrum Eden ton

Craven D. L. Ward New Bern

Craven Mrs. L. B. Pate Rt. 2, New Bern

Currituck Mrs. Dudley Bagley Moyock

Dare Moncie Daniels, Jr Manteo

Gates Philip P. Godwin Gatesville

Hertford R. H. Underwood Murfreesboro

Hyde .Mrs. Dancy W. MarshalL Englehard

Jones W. Murray Whitaker. Trenton

Martin H. M. Fulcher Robersonville

Northampton H. F. Holoman Woodland

Pamlico .Ned Delamar Bayboro

Pasquotank Mrs. Gaston E. Small, Jr Rt. 1, Elizabeth City

Perquimans J- Emmett Winslow Hertford

Pitt Henry C. Oglesby Grifton

Pitt Tanice Hardison Greenville

Tyrrell Eston Brickhouse Creswell

Washington .Carl Bailey, Jr Plymouth

Sscond District

Edgecombe John H. Price Tarboro

Edgecombe Mrs. Levie Owens Macclesfield

Franklin Dr. Richard C. Whitfield Franklinton

Franklin Mrs. Elizabeth Cheatham Youngsville

Granville .N. E. Cannady Oxford

Granville Mrs. D. G. Brummitt Oxford

Greene A. C. Edwards Hookerton

Greene Mrs. M. Bruton- Taylor '. Walstontnirg

Halifax Swain Stephenson Weldon

Hali f ax Mrs. William Dickens Enfield

Tohnston Marvin Johnson Smithfield

Johnston Mrs. Wallace Ashley Jr Smithfield

Lenoir Oscar Waller Rt. 5, Kin«ton

Lenoir Mollie Hart Kinston

Vance George T. Dickie Henderson

Vance Mrs. Frances Horner... Hetvderson

Warren John Kerr. Jr Warrenton

Warren Mrs. Parker Williams Warr-ntnn

Wilson Carl Ren'ro Wil«on

Wilson Naomi Morris Wilson


1!mi North Carolina Manual

Third District

County Name Address

i .,, hi i i .C G. Holland Beaufort

Carterel Alida Willis Morehead City

Duplin Gerald Carr Rose Hill

Dupiin'" Mrs. Luther Taylor, Jr Faison

Harnett W. B. Williams Angler

Harnett... Mrs. Rachel Spears Lillington

Lee.... Roy Sowers, Jr Sanford

Lee... Mrs. Kemp Gaddy Sanford

Onslow. .James R. Strickland Jacksonville

Onslow.... Mrs. Annie Price Jacksonville

Onslow Mrs. Herbert Williams Jacksonville

Pender Mrs. Robert Grady Johnson Burgaw

Pender... W. M. Eubanks Rt. 1, Wilmington

Sampson B. T. Lundy Clinton

Sampson Mrs - Mae Troublefield Rt. 2, Faison

Wayne Dortch Lan-gston Golds boro

Wayne... Mrs. F. B. Jordan Mount Olive

Wayne James Spicer Goldsboro

Fourth District

Chatham .Mrs. Edward S. Holmes Pittsboro

Montgomery R- B. Jordan Mount Gilead

Moore .Bess McCaskill Carthage

M,„.re W. P. Saunders Southern Pines

Nash Mrs. Raymond Finch Rt. 2, Bailey

Nash Alex Biggs Nashville

Orange Clarence D. Jones Hillsborough

Orange Mrs. Cloe Ann Canada Chapel Hill

Randolph J- D- Ross, Jr Asheboro

Randolph... Mrs. W. I. Jones Ramseur

Randolph .... Tom Boulden Trinity

Wake John. Williamson Raleigh

Wake Brooks W. Poole Raleigh

Wake... W. C. Creel Cary

Wake.... Mrs. Mabel Penny Hatch Raleigh

Wake... Mrs. DeWitt Moore Raleigh

Wake... Mrs. L. M. Massey Zebuion

Wake. ... Rebecca Barnhill Raleigh

Fifth District

Caswell Clarence Pemberton Yancey ville

Caswell Mrs. Leona Cobb Rt. 1, Ruflfin

Durham Ralph Strayhorn Durham

Durham John Steward Durham

Durham Mrs. Ruth Murray Durham

Durham Carroll Pledger Durham

Forsyth Mrs. Odell Matthews Winston-Salem

Forsyth Mrs. Clark Brown Winston-Salem

Forsyth.... ...Mrs. Harry Barn-es, Jr Winston-Salem

Forsyth.... John Gallaher Winston-Salem

Forsyth.... ...Mrs. Ray J. Reed Winston-Salem

Person Mrs. A. F. Nichols Roxboro

Person... E. F. Warren Hurdle Mills

Rockingham W. C. Stokes Rpidsville

Rockingham J. Hoyte Stultz, Sr Draper

Rockingham C. S. Burton Reidsville

Stokes William F. Marshall Walnut Cove

Stokes Mrs. Marjorie Christian Danbury

State Committees, Democratic: 191

Sixth District

County Name Address

Alamance Emerson T. Sanders Burlington

Alamance D. J. Walker, Jr Graham

Alamance Mrs. R. Homer Andrews Burlington

Alamance Mrs. W. D. Rippy Burlington

Davidson Lee Wilson Lexington

Davidson Ralph Eanes Thomasville

Davidson Mrs. Luther Craver Rt. 8, Lexington

Davidson Jo Ann Gibson Thomasville

Guilford Mrs. R. N. Linville Oak Ridge

Guilford Mrs. Gertrude Whorton Gibson ville

Guilford Mrs. Chase Benson.. Greensboro

Guilford Mrs. T. G. Johnson Greensboro

GuiKord Claude K. Josey Greensboro

Guilford Tom C. Hoyle Greensboro

GuiTord L. R. Russell Greensboro

Guil'ord O. A. Kirkman High Point

Guilford Charles E. Hayworth High Point

Seventh District

Bladen J. A. Bridger Bladen bo ro

Bladen Mrs. George Currie Clark ton

Brunswick S. B. Frink Southport

Brunswick Mrs. Edith McBryde Ashe

Columbus Willard Small Fair Bluff

Columbus Mrs. Annebelle Williamson Tabor City

Cumberland Edward J . David Fayetteville

Cumberland Mrs. Thomas H. Finch Fayetteville

Cumberland William E. Ower*. Fayetteville

Hoke Jeff Harris Rt. 3, Red Springs

Hoke .Mrs. J. M. Andrews Rt. 3, Red Springs

New Hanover L. J. Poisson, Jr Wilmington

New Hanover Henry Bost Wilmington

New Hanover Mrs. Hugh Primrose Wilmington

Robeson .Mrs. J. E. Watson Red Springs

Robeson Mrs. Margaret F. Goode Lumberton

Robeson W. Paul Graham Proctorville

Scotland R. F. McCoy Laurinburg

Eighth District

Anson Robert L. Cagle Wadesboro

Anson A. Paul Kitchin Wadesboro

Lincoln Arnold E. Tarr Liivcolnton

Lincoln Mrs. Hal Hefner Lincoln ton

Lincoln Hal Hoyle, Jr Lincolnton

Mecklenburg Mrs. W. M. Boyd, Jr Pineville

Mecklenburg Mrs. Bishop Dale Charlotte

Mecklenburg Ray King Charlotte

Mecklenburg Mrs. Charles Myers Charlotte

Mecklenburg Jim McMillan Charlotte

Mecklenburg Joe Stockton Charlotte

Richmond J. Elsie Webb Rockingham

Richmond Clyde Causey Rockingham

Richmond Mrs. Monnie Russo Rockingham

Union J. Max Thomas Mar^h ville

Union John R. Millikan Monroe

Union Mrs. Mary Carriker Monroe

L92 Noktii Carolina Manual

Ninth District

County Name Address

Alleghany .J. C. Gambill Sparta

Alleghany .Helen Foiger "..'.Sparta

Ashe Ira T. Johnston Jefferson

Ashe Mrs. Ed M. Anderson West Jefferson

Cabarrus John Roger, Sr Concord

Cabarrus Mrs. Nell Kirk Kannapolis

Caldwell Colen. E. Prestwood Lenoir

Caldwell Mrs. E. F. Ailen Lenoir


Rowan George Uzzell Salisbury

Rowan Pearl Thompson Rt. 6, Salisbury

St. -inly Mrs. J. Boger Little Albemarle

Stanly . raid Rumsill rim

Surry Fred Norman Elkin

Surry JVlrs. Robert Merritt Mt. Airy

Watauga Wade E. Brown Boone

Watauga Mrs. R. C. Rivers Boone

Wilkes .. Bill Carrington North Wilkesboro

Wilkes Mrs. J. M. Anderson North Wilkesboro

Yadkin Rill Boles Jonesville

Yadkin .Mrs. Frank Bryant Booneville

Tenth District

Alexander Mrs. R. S. Ferguson.. Taylorsville

Avery O. L. Stroupe Crossnore

Burke H. J. Hatcher Morganton

Burke Martha Baker Morganton

Burke Lillian Butler Morganton

Catawba J. C. Rudisill Newton

Catawba Mrs. John M. Abernathy Newton

Catawba Mrs. Harry VanderLinden Hickorv

Cleveland Clyde Nolan Shelbv

Cleveland C. M. Peeler Shelby

Cleveland Mrs. O. Max Gardner Shelby

Gaston Dwight L. Beam Gastonia

Gaston George A. Jenkins Gastonia

Gaston Betty C. Couthen Gastonia

Gaston Mrs. J. B. Garland Gastonia

Iredell John G. Lewis, Jr Statesville

Iredell Mrs. Joe D. Thompson Mooresville

Iredell John Raynor Troutman

Eleventh District

Buncombe E. L. Loftin Asheville

Buncombe Mrs. R. R. Williams Asheville

Buncombe John Spicer Asheville

Cherokee Mrs. G. W. Cover Andrews

Clay Mrs. Neal Kitchen Havesville

Graham Mrs. Ed Ingram Robbinsville

Haywood Jack West Waynesville

Henderson Harry Buchanan Henderson ville

Jackson Marcellus Ruchanan Svlva

McDowell Mrs. John A. Poteat Marion

Macon Mrs. John M. Wrinn Franklin

Madi=on L. B. Ramsey Marshall

Mitchell Mrs. A. N. Fuller Spruce Pine

Polk Thurston A Hedge Trvon-

Ruther'ord Mrs. Virginia Stamey Ruther'ordton

Swain Dr. Kelly Bennett Brvson

Transylvania lohn D. Smith Brevard

Yancey Mrs. Sam Huskins Burnsville

State Committees, Democratic 193

State Democratic Congressional District Executive



First District

County Name Address

Beau.ort Milo Gibbs Washington

Beamort Graham Elliott Washington

Bertie Lacy Early Windsor

Bertie C. B. Griffin, Jr Lewiston

Camden T. F. Leary Shiloh

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