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5. A commission shall be established to make a study of the
entire State tax structure and make suggestions for re-
vamping the tax structure to provide a greater equity in
the tax system and the maximum benefit to the taxpayer.
The North Carolina tax system, like those of all other
states, has been constructed bit by bit. Now is the time
to take the lead among the states and study our entire
tax structure as a unit and to make reforms which will
give business, labor, and the consumer the maximum
benefit from their tax dollars so they will have to bear
only a minimum tax burden.


We are committed to the protection of rights and equal oppor-
tunities for all American citizens. Particularly, we object to the
current practice of the present administration of paying only
lip-service to equal job opportunities and non-discriminatory hir-
ing. However, we deplore the arbitrary and capricious methods
by which the present national administration has withheld or
threatened to withhold federal funds in order to achieve forced
racial balance in various programs receiving federal assistance.
To ignore the free choices of all citizens and to insist upon forced
racial balance is insulting to members of all races.


In order to bring about better state government we advocate
the following:

1. The governor should have the power of veto as do all other
state governors and as does the president.

2. State employees should be protected by civil service in order
to attract and hold capable persons.

o. A comptroller general should be appointed by the legisla-
ture to oversee the budget and be responsible only to the

Republican Platform 221

4. The legislature should delegate authority to the counties
and municipalities of this state in matters which are purely
of local concern, freeing the legislature to concern itself
with pressing state matters.

5. A study commission should be set up similar to the "Hoover
Commission" to study each individual agency of the state
with the prime purpose to see if by combining or abolishing
agencies, a more effective use could be made of personnel
and money while better serving our citizens.


The Republican Party commends the excellent service of State
Employees who have done their jobs despite the undue burden
of political pressure exerted by the Democrat Party. It has been
and is the desire of the Republican Party to enhance the position
and security of State Employees. Republicans in 1961, 1963, and
1965 sessions of the General Assembly sponsored and supported
legislation. A politically free Civil Service System would elimi-
nate political servitude as it now exists and would allow State
Employees to concentrate upon the productive work of their


After 6 5 years of control by the Democrat Party, and the record
of corruption associated with it, it is time for an intensive investi-
gation of State practices and policies.


We believe that if North Carolinians are to remain free, the
elected and appointed representatives of the people of North Caro-
lina must be the major champions of the citizens rights.

It is reasonable to assume that as North Carolina grows in
population, State government enlarges in corresponding size,
scope, and power.

Government, while seeking just and honorable goals, has be-
come guilty of abuse of its powers. This has come about largely
due to untended and unwatched affairs through secrecy in gov-

State Represei


Districts -1966


224 Xokmi Carolina Manual

The Republican Party takes the position that no person, or
group of persons, has the right to deny people the access to
meetings and deliberations of any branch of their government.

We further believe that the citizens of this state have the abso-
lute and unqualified right to know all the facts concerning the
a Hairs of their government.

We oppose secret meetings of any Legislative Committee, and
Commission Board or Administrative Department.

We conclude that secrecy in government, if allowed to prevail,
becomes an unconscious development that ends in a voluntary
surrender of a free people escaping from freedom to one auto-
cratic master.


The Republican Party has consistently advocated a non-partisan
policy which insists on the appointments of professionally oriented
Highway Commissioners and the hiring of personnel based on
qualifications rather than political loyalty.

We see the present program of automobile inspections as a
totally inadequate approach towards stemming the shocking high-
way fatality figures in our State.

We would recommend more thorough studies of highway safety
hazards, more consistent policies, a broader backing for our State
Highway Patrol, and greater attention to the overall condition of
our rural roads.


There is no simple solution to the increasing slaughter upon
our highways, but an effective state program dealing with every
aspect of the problem is urgent.

Increased emphasis upon driver education, both in our schools
and adult clinics, and upon public information forums is essen-
tial in making our citizenry safety-conscious.

Highway engineering and construction to eliminate locations
of high accident frequency is a life-saver which cannot be de-

Above all, there should be vigorous and impartial law enforce-
ment to instill into law violators a healthy respect for the traffic

Republican Platform 225

laws. Meddling with the State Highway Patrol for political rea-
sons is inexcusable whether on a local or gubernatorial level.

The Republican Party condemns such political shenanigans in
highway law enforcement and commits itself to a strict, impartial
enforcement of our traffic laws.


The administration of justice in North Carolina has needed
sensible modernization for many years. In the 1961 session of
the General Assembly the unanimous support of Republican
members resulted in the submission to the people of constitu-
tional amendments to pave the way for court improvement. The
people indicated by their overwhelming approval of these amend-
ments that they wanted reform. The 1963 Session saw almost no
activity towards implementing of the approved amendments.
There were even brags by some of the Democrat members of the
Legislature that there would be no implementation. In 1964 the
Republican Party pledged an all out effort to bring about uni-
formity of the lower court systems of North Carolina and the
general updating of our court procedures in order to improve and
expedite the administration of justice and in 19 65 appropriate
legislation was enacted. The Democrats have demonstrated bad
faith by opposing Republican sponsored legislation designed to
allow open election of Judges in the District where they are to
serve. The Republican Party will continue to advocate open and
uninhibited election of Judges in this State by the people in the
District where the Judge is to serve.


The Republican Party of North Carolina is unalterably opposed
to the use of State Buildings and facilities, as a forum, by per-
sons or organizations known to advocate the overthrow of the
Constitution or Government of the United States or the State of
North Carolina by force or violence.


The Republican Party has long held that minimal agricultural
diversification, low per capita incomes and a declining rural popu-

126 North Carolina Manual

lalion has accentuated the plight of North Carolina farming.

We recognize the inevitable changes which will be reshaping
our farm economy through increased technology and mechaniza-
tion. Therefore, we recommend:

A. Greatly expanded technical assistance to enable farmers to
!ace rapidly changing methods of production.

B. Basic research through experimental stations which will open
up new potentials in crop diversification.

('. Availability of reasonable long term capital with which to
finance needed mechanization.

Further we feel great emphasis should be exerted through all
related stale agencies to develop more processing and distribu-
tion of local agricultural production. We see no valid reason for
such high proportions of out-of-state agricultural products being
imported to serve North Carolina markets.


We believe that the greatesl single indictment against our
present Conservation and Development Department is the shock-
ingly low per capita income for the people of our state.

Standing ai 43rd among the 50 states, business economists
have predicted it will take a half a century for North Carolina to
catch up with the rest of the nation in per capita income at the
present rate of growth.

We submit this to be the most acute economic problem of our
state. Attracting industries which utilize comparatively un-
skilled and untrained labor contributes very little to our overall
problem of low per capita income. We want to see more emphasis
on developing industries which would afford higher incomes to
our state's wage earners

To this end, we recommend an immediate and sharply expanded
boost to the Research Triangle. In addition, we recommend any
other regionally placed sub-centers which might be needed for
p icialized research, industrialization and development. Diversi-
fication of industry and more technical jobs created by these
centers represent the two most logical approaches in attacking
our states chronic problem of unemployment and under-employ-

Republican Platform 227


The Republican Party commends the working men and women
of North Carolina, who because of their efforts have raised their
standard of living and improved their working conditions.

We strongly support the proposition that through free and
honest elections the laboring people shall have opportunity to
determine whether it is their desire to associate with a union or
not. We do believe, however, that individuals, who after a prop-
erly conducted election have decided to be represented by a
union who will be their bargaining agent, be given every oppor-
tunity to immediately begin bargaining with management.

While some progress has been made to establish a meaningful
minimum wage in North Carolina, we believe that additional steps
should be taken by the 19 67 General Assembly. We are of the
opinion that the Republican Party should introduce and support
legislation that would guarantee a $1.25 minimum wage in our
state by January 1, 1968.

We further believe that the present North Carolina unemploy-
ment and working-man's compensation laws are in need of study
and revision. We believe that a thorough study will show a need
for a substantial increase in the unemployment and workmen's
compensation benefits when compared to other progressive states
of this nation. We therefore propose that the 1967 General As-
sembly undertake such a study to properly determine equitable
and honorable workman's and unemployment compensation bene-

We believe that union leaders should set the example for
proper and honest conduct in the organizing and governing of the
labor movement and unions.

Union members should at all times have the opportunity to
freely and openly express themselves and vote on all matters
without fear of intimidation or reprisals against them or their
families. We further believe that all matters pertaining to
finances, dues, as well as all expenditures of union funds, should
be freely and openly discussed and voted on by the entire mem-
bership; and that no monies be expended without the express
will of the majority of the membership.

228 North Carolina Manual


The Republican Party of North Carolina believes the need for
conserving water is of such importance that water resources
development should be put on a. par with agricultural and indus-
trial development. While water problems in the State have not
yel reached serious proportions, there are some developing areas
whir, total water demands soon may exceed available supplies;
and adequate water quality shortly may pose serious problems for
the entire state. Thus, while there is still time to do so, the
Republican Party of North Carolina advocates that increased
emphasis be placed on fully developing water resources of the
State to meet foreseeable State demands for decades to come.
We must immediately get down to the task of systematic plan-
ning for the best use of the State's water resources in an orderly
and rational way.


The Republican Party is alarmed by the increasing centraliza-
tion of power in Raleigh and Washington. As an example, more
than one-half of the legislation enacted by the North Carolina
General Assembly is local legislation not applicable to the state
as a whole.


The progress of North Carolina should not continue to be ham-
pered by an antiquated, out-moded state constitution adopted in
L868 and cluttered with a hodge-podge of unrelated and confus-
ing amendments.

The Republican Party advocates the call of a Constitutional
Convention for the purpose of drafting and submitting to the
people a modern up-to-date constitution.


The Republican Party knowing that sound physical and mental
health is of basic importance to the life and happiness of the
people realizes that this is primarily an individual responsibility,
a local responsibility, a responsibility of charitable organizations,
a responsibility of the cities and counties. The Republican Party

Republican Platform 229

recognizes that it is the responsibility of city, county, and state
government to safeguard public health in areas beyond the power
of the individual citizen and therefore it pledges itself to dis-
charge this obligation and responsibility with maximum efficiency
and minimum interference with the liberties of the people, and
to spend the people's money with as much care as if it were all
our own.

We pledge our best efforts in making North Carolina's health
environment the safest in which to live, work, and play.

More specifically, we pledge ourselves to give immediate atten-
tion to solving the following important problems:

1. Pollution of water, soil, and air. Growing population and
industrial expansion has aggravated existing wide spread
pollution of streams and water supplies by human and
industrial wastes. Overloaded and outmoded sewage dis-
posal facilities, and inadequate water purification facilities
in many locations have created in many areas situations
of great and increasing danger to the health of the people.
Immediate correction of these conditions, with intelligence
and imagination is imperative. A farseeing, coordinated
statewide plan, in cooperation with analogous projects in
neighboring states, needs to be developed and carried out
without delay to insure purity of surface and ground water
and the water in our recreation areas.

2. Programs for making more and better use of the skills of
elderly citizens through cooperation with and assistance
to our private enterprise economy sector.

3. More careful long range planning to improve and maintain
sanitary conditions in the fringe areas around cities and
towns particularly the faster growing ones.

4. Health needs of our growing population demands more and
better efforts to induce young people to prepare themselves
for health service careers. This includes opposing the
incentive-killing effect of federal government aid and con-
trol of health services. We advocate the establishment of
a research division within the department of health for the
purpose of determining if there be elements which may
induce cancer in cigarette smoke and if such be found
determining their exact nature and methods of eliminating
these from processed cigarette tobacco.

230 Xipk i ii C \K"i iw M \\i \i


We recognize thai in every economy there are two groups of
citizens, one which is unable to provide for itself and the other
which is unwilling to provide for itself. It is the responsibility
of our state and local government to care for all those so handi-
capped by unfortunate circumstances. Under present procedure
there is too much opportunity for abuses in qualifying for welfare
assistance. It is true that in all too many cases persons are
receiving welfare assistance who refuse to work. It is impera-
tive that more clearly defined limits and restrictions be placed
upon recipients of welfare assistance to the end that cases of
necessity are adequately cared for and cases of abuse are imme-
diately checked and discontinued.

In many cases it is true that some of the more needy receive
too little in the way of assistance. The Republican Party be-
lieves that stricter enforcement of requirements for participation
in public welfare with more adequate assistance to those entitled
to receive is essential.

The Republican Party advocates more exacting legislation
requiring irresponsible parents to maintain their children and
requiring adult children of sufficient income to maintain and
support their needy parents. The enforcement of these laws will
relieve taxpayers of this \mwarranted burden.


As this division of the North Carolina Department of Conserva-
tion and Development has functioned in the past, little construc-
tive emphasis has been placed upon either of the fundamental
functions of Conservation or development of North Carolina fish-
ery resources. This lack of emphasis and resulting failure in its
primary purposes is partly attributable to unnecessary emphasis
on the activities of tax collection and law enforcement.

Under the control of the Democrat Party, the operation of the
Commercial and Sports Fisheries Division of the North Carolina
Department of Conservation and Development, as presently con-
ducted, has become a matter of collecting taxes (from the fishing
industry) with which to pay for law enforcement officers. Many
of the laws enforced are merely laws levying taxes (or licenses).
Thus, this agency is, in effect a "political perpetual motion ma-

Republican Platform 231

chine," accomplishing only its own continuation.

The Republican Party advocates the assumption by the Depart-
ment of Revenue of tax collecting functions of the Commercial
Fisheries Division which is presently handled by the Department
of Conservation and the North Carolina Department of Conversa-
tion and Development.

Boats are the machinery used by fishermen for making their
living. For the reason that the farmer's plow is not taxed, the
fisherman's boat should not be taxed by special licenses.

We further deem it necessary that the law enforcement func-
tions of the Commercial and Sports Fisheries Division of the
North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development
be assumed by a duly constituted law enforcement agency of the
State, the North Carolina Waterway Patrol. The North Carolina
Republican Party believes that, in this way, more effective and
constructive practices can be established and that valuable con-
tributions to the economics of the coastal areas of North Carolina
can be made. We, furthermore, believe that these accomplish-
ments will "inure" to the general benefit of all North Carolinians.

Once relieved of these two functions mentioned above, the
Commercial and Sports Fisheries Division of the North Carolina
Department of Conservation and Development should direct its
efforts toward the proper objectives of conservation of basic
brood stocks of the State's fishery resources and the development
of the fishing and related industries.

We believe that the Division of Commercial and Sports Fish-
eries should be a separate department of government which will
place added emphasis upon research, seafood processing and mar-
keting in an attempt to raise the economy of coastal North Caro-
lina and that this new division should also place added emphasis
on the development of the sports fishing industry in North Caro-


The North Carolina Republican Party believes that the North
Carolina port facilities at Morehead City and Wilmington are
vitally important to the State and its industries by affording the
opportunity for world-wide commerce; and we advocate that
major emphasis be placed upon our ports for their expansion in

_:'.: North Carolina Manual

art';i.'~ regarding promotion, advertising, and capital improve-
ments; and we believe that a modern East-West highway is essen-
tial for the growth and usage of our ports.

We believe that these port facilities can and should continue
to operate on a self-supporting basis in the tradition of a free and
competitive economy.


The North Carolina Republican Party is aware of the tremen-
dous increase of pleasure boating in our coastal water, and is
also aware that the lack of concern regarding the boating public
is a detriment to tourist trade in our coastal areas. Therefore,
we advocate the following policies:

1. That there be an acceleration in the construction of boat
ramps and relief stations in our coastal areas to be under
the direction of the North Carolina Wildlife Reserve Com-

2. That the State inaugurate a politically free Waterway Pa-
trol to promote safe boating practices, and to provide assist-
ance and protection for the boating public; and that there
be established safety requirements and regulations for the
operation of high powered boats.

•".. That the North Carolina Highway Department in the mu-
tual interest of highway traffic and water traffic adopt a
policy of increasing the clearances under all fixed and
draw-span bridges over coastal waterways.


The Republican Party recognizes the rights of all persons to
enjoy inland lakes and rivers. We also recognize the dangers
and problems involved w r hen the same streams and lakes are used
by different persons for different forms of recreation. We propose
statewide regulation for the protection and control of boaters,
swimmers, skiers, fishermen and divers while using our inland
public waters.


I'nder the proper interpretation of the philosophy of govern-
ment that our forefathers dreamed of and we seek to bring into

Republican Platfobm 233

realization, we, the Republican Party believe it to be fundamen-
tally true that the will of the majority ought to prevail within the
framework of the Constitution. In the proper exercise of that
will, however, the proper regard must be used to safeguard the
rights of minorities — whose members are entitled to equal and
full citizenship of this state, and to the rights and freedom of
choices of the individual citizen.


The future of our State is bright, for the people are realizing
the advantages and necessity of a healthy two-party system of
government. The shackles and heavy yoke of oppressive and
lethargic one-party system are rapidly being discarded in North
Carolina. Control of the government is being returned to the
people, where it rightly should and will be with the emergency of
a healthy, competitive, and active two-party system of govern-
ment. Your vote for Republican candidates, dedicated to these
our principles of good government, will speed the advent of gov-
ernment by the people, of the people, and for the people.

Submitted by Thomas S. Bennett, Chairman
Platform Committee




We, the members of the Republican Party of North Carolina,
dedicated to the sound principles fostered by that party, con-
scious of our civic responsibilities and rights, firm in our determi-
nation to give our strength to preserving the American principle
that government ought and must be of all the people, by all the
people, and for all the people do, for the purpose of uniting and
co-ordinating our efforts for maximum power and efficiency,
herewith establish this instrument, The Plan of Organization of
the Republican Party of North Carolina.



1. Members

All citizens of North Carolina who are registered Republicans are
members of the Republican Party of North Carolina, and shall
have the right to participate in the official affairs of the Repub-
lican Party in accordance with these rules. All references herein
to delegates, alternates, officers, and members shall in all cases

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