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ance of residency within the District or removal of any member
representing a Congressional District, the vacancy shall be filled
by the remaining members of the Congressional District in
which such vacancy occurs.

b. Any officer or member may be removed by a two-thirds vote
of the Committee after being furnished with notice of the charges
against him signed by not less than one-third of the members of
the Committee and allowing him thirty (30) days to appear and
defend himself; provided further that said cause for removal
shall be confined to gross inefficiency, party disloyalty, or failure
to act in compliance with this Plan of Organization. The decision
of the State Executive Committee shall be final.

State Central Committee

1. Membership

The State Central Committee shall be composed of the following:

a. The Congressional District Chairmen; the Congressional Dis-
trict Vice-Chairmen shall act in the absence of the Chairmen.

b. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, National Committeeman, Na-
tional Committeewoman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treas-
urer, General Counsel, and Finance Chairman of the State
Executive Committee.

c. The Chairman of the Young Republican Federation and the
President of the Republican Women's Federation.

d. The Republican Leader of the State Senate and the Repub-
lican Leader of the State House of Representatives.

2. Powers and Duties

The State Central Committee shall have the power to appoint
a Campaign Committee, a Publicity Committee, and such other

248 North Carolina Manttaj

Committees as it may deem necessary for the proper conduct
of the affairs of the party: to manage the affairs of the party
between meetings of the State Executive Committee; to formu-
late fiscal policy, establish quotas, prepare a budget, to set
the dates for the precinct meetings, and County, Congressional
District, and State Conventions during the months of January,
February, March; and to do all other things pertaining to party
affairs which it may be authorized to do so by the State Executive
Committee. It shall be responsible for initiating all campaigns
for the U. S. Senate and Council of State and ccordinating them
as determined feasible. The State Central Committee shall keep
accurate accounts of its proceedings and shall make annual re-
ports to the State Executive Committee.

The Committee shall employ as full time Executive Secretary a
person of highest character and political competence to prosecute
on a day by day basis the mission of the Committee. The Com-
mittee shall provide on a full time basis in the Capital city of
North Carolina, adequate offices for the Executive Secretary and
such staff as the Committee shall provide for him, which offices
shall be known as Headquarters, North Carolina Republican
Party. The Central Committee is charged with, in addition to
all other duties, the mission of creating an effective Republican
organization in every political precinct in North Carolina.

3. Meetings

The State Central Committee shall meet at least three times a
year upon call of the Chairman upon ten (10) days notice to all
members; or upon petition of one-third of the members of the
Committee. One-third of the members shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business. There shall be no proxy voting.

4. Duties of Officers

The officers of the State Executive Committee shall act as
officers of the State Central Committee, with corresponding

State Fixance Committee
1. Membership

The Finance Committee shall consist of the State Finance Chair-

Plan of Organization 249

man, the Congressional District Finance Chairmen, and the State
Chairman. The State Finance Chairman shall serve as Chairman
of the State Finance Committee. Other officers as may be deem-
ed necessary may be elected by and from the members of the

2. Poicers and Duties

It shall be the duty of the State Finance Committee to develop
ways and means to properly finance the General Election cam-
paigns and other business and affairs of the Republican Party.
The Committee shall manage a United Fund Raising Effort in
cooperation with the State Central Committee only in those
counties with the approval of the County Executive Committee;
and cooperate with District and County organizations for effec-
tive fund-raising campaigns. Said Committee shall not, directly
or indirectly, raise or collect funds for the benefit of any candi-
dates for Primary elections. All persons making contributions
to the State Finance Committee shall be furnished with a
receipt therefor. Contributions going directly to the National
Committee or to any candidate shall not be acknowledged by the
State Treasurer or recorded as a regular contribution to the
Republican Party of North Carolina.

Permanent record of all contributors shall be maintained by the
State Chairman and State Treasurer, and such records shall be
available upon request, to all County and District Chairmen.

3. Duties of Officers

The Finance Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Com-
mittee and shall be the chief liaison between the Finance Com-
mittee and the State Central Committee. Other officers shall
have such duties as may be prescribed by the Committee.

General Convention Procedure

1. Biennial Conventions

The County, Congressional Dirstrict, and State Conventions shall
be called to order by their respective Chairmen or, in the absence
of the Chairman, by the Vice-Chairman or Secretary, in order
stated, who shall have the power to appoint the necessary Con-

250 North Carolina Manual

vent ion Committees at, or before, the convening of the Conven-

2. Voting Procedure

No delegate, alternate, or other member of a Convention shall
east any vote by proxy; provided, however, that any delegate or
delegates present shall have the right to cast the entire vote
of the precinct in County Conventions, and of the County in
District and State Conventions; EXCEPT the registered Repub-
lican or Republicans, present at a County Convention from an
unorganized precinct, which has not had its credentials accepted,
shall have the right to vote one vote each, not to exceed the total
vote that the precinct would be entitled if organized and its
credentials accepted.

3. Special Conventions

The State Central Committee, at any time in the interest of the
Republican Party, may direct the State Chairman or the Con-
gressional District Chairmen to issue call for special Senatorial,
Judicial, Solicitorial or Legislative organizational meetings, and
special County and Congressional District Conventions, in any
or all of the Counties and Districts of the State. The procedure
for calling regular biennial meetings and Conventions shall apply
to the calling of special meetings and Conventions so far as
applicable and not inconsistent with this Plan of Organization.


Official Records

1. Minutes of Official Actions

Minutes shall be kept by all Committees and Conventions of
official actions taken and a copy shall be filed with the Chair-
man of the appropriate Committee or Convention.

2. Financial Accounts

The Chairman, Treasurer, and Finance Chairman of the County,
District and State Committees shall keep faithful and accurate
records of any and all monies received by them for the use of
said Committees and shall make faithful and accurate report
thereof when so requested.

Plan of Organization 251



1. Notification

It shall be the duty of the State Chairman to transmit to each
County Chairman, notice of all known vacancies in appointive
positions in his County, in order that eligible Republicans from
that County may be considered and recommended for such posi-
tions. The State Chairman shall further transmit notice of all
known vacancies on a District or State Level to those persons
having jurisdiction in such appointments.

2. County Appointments

When a vacancy occurs in a Governmental office in any properly
organized County, such vacancy shall be filled by recommendation
of the State Chairman, only upon majority vote of the Executive
Committee of the County involved, at a meeting called for that

3. District Appointments

When a vacancy occurs in a Governmental office on a District
level, such vacancy shall be filled by recommendation of the
State Chairman, only upon majority vote of the National Com-
mitteeman and National Committeewoman, and each member of
the State Executive Committee from the District involved, at
a meeting called for that purpose.

4. State Appointments

When a vacancy occurs in a Governmental office on a State level,
such vacancy shall be filled by recommendation of the State
Chairman, only upon majority vote of the State Executive Com-
mittee at a meeting called for that purpose.


Forfeiture of Official Privileges

1. Any officer or member of a Precinct Committee, County Executive
Committee, Congressional District Committee, State Executive
Committee, or State Central Committee who, for any reason, is
removed or resigns from said position shall forfeit all rights
and privileges in any way connected with that position.

252 North Carolina Manual

Applicability and Effectiveness of This Plan

1. Rules as to Towns and Cities

This Plan of Organization is not intended to extend to, or
establish organizations for the Republican Party of the various
towns and cities of the State of North Carolina as separate units
from the precinct and county organizations. Qualified and regis-
tered Republican voters of the towns and cities of the State may
organize and promulgate their own rules not inconsistent with
these rules and the organizations herein established.

2. Rules as to Comities and Districts

The Precinct and County Committees and County Conventions,
and the District Committees and Conventions are authorized to
promulgate such additional rules and establish such additional
party officers or committees for their respective organizations,
not inconsistent with these rules, as shall be deemed necessary.

?,. Controversies

Controversies in any County or District with respect to the
organizations set up therein under this Plan, shall be referred
to the State Chairman, National Committeeman, and National
Committeewoman for arbitration, and their decision shall be

4. Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall govern all proceedings
except when inconsistent with this State Plan of Organization.

5. Effective Date of this Plan

This Plan of Organization shall become effective, and repeal
and supercede all other rules, immediately upon its adoption at
the State Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on March
12, 1966. This, however, shall not invalidate any action taken
under the previous rules prior to the above date.

Dorothy A. Pressek, Chairman


State Committees, Republican 253


(From list furnished by Chairman, State Republican
Executive Committee)


State Organization

'Chairman: James E. Holshouser, Jr Boone

♦Vice Chairman: Mrs. A. E. Verbyla Lenoir

♦National Committeeman: James E. Broyhill Lenoir

♦National Co/nmitteewoman: Mrs. Louis G. Rogers Charlotte

♦Secreta ry : Dorothy Presser Charlotte

♦Assistant Secretary: James T. Johnson Harrells

♦Treasurer: Russell Barringer Durham

♦State Finance Cnairman: Ken Thomas Hickory

♦Legal Counsel : Ken Thomas Hickory

Permanent Chairman of Previous Convention: James M. Baley, Jr Asheville

Secretary of 1966 Convention: Mrs. Grover C. Bolin, Jr Smithfieki

Young Republican Federation:

♦President: Jim Culbertson Winston-Salem

National Committeeman: Dr. John Hall Durham

National Committeewoman : Mrs. J. Cresimore Raleigh

Women's Federation:

♦President : Mrs. Vance Hickman Winston -Salem

President Elect:

Past President: Mrs. Frank P. Smith Asheville

Republican Members of the 1967 General Assembly:

♦John L. Osteen Greensboro

Harry Bagnal Winston-Salem

Mrs. Geraldine Nielson Winston-Salem

C. U. Parrish Salisbury

T. R. Bryan, Sr Wilkesboro

Bruce B. Briggs Swannanoa

R. T. Dent Spruce Pine


George T. Clark, Jr Wilmington

Coion Biake Candor

C. Roby Garner, Sr Asheboro

Ronald K. Ingle Winston-Salem

Howard A. Jemison Winston-Salem

E. M. McKnight Clemmons

Joe H. Hege, Jr ...Lexington

Wayne Whicker Winston-Salem

Clyde Hampton Whitley Albemarle

Austin A. Mitchell Kannapolis

Samuel A. Troxell ..Rockwell

James C. Johnson, Jr Concord

Richard B. Calvert ..Charlotte

James H. Carson, Jr - <>» rlotte

Claude Billings : Traphill

Jeter L. Haynes Jonesville

254 North Carolina Manual

Gilbert Lee Boger Mocks ville

Homer 1!. To I her; Cleveland

.1 . I void Poovey Hickory

H Max Craig, Jr Stanley

Donald R. Kincaid Lenoir

Mack S. Isaac Newland

( '. Kdley Hutchins Black Mountain

David D. Jordan Ashe ville

*Don H. Garren Henderson ville

Charles H. Taylor Brevard


Charles ii. Jonas Lincoln ton

James T. Broyhill Lenoir

lames C. Gardner Rocky Mount


First District

♦John Wilkinson, Chairman Washington

Frances Rat cliff, Vice Chairman Pantego

Dr. Joe Liverman Englehard

J. A. Stafford Elizabeth City

Dr. Wellington Gray Greenville

John Whitty New Bern

Claude L. Green, Jr Roberson ville

Second District

*John Adcox, Chairman Henderson

Mrs. Grover C. Bolin, Vice Chairman Smithfield

Grover C. Bolin, M. D Smithfield

John G. Taylor Kinston

Elmon Batten Wilson

Third District

♦Sherman Rock, Chairman Morehead City

Mrs. James F. Sharpe, Vice Chairman Jacksonville

James T. Johnson Harrells

Sam Waller Mount Olive

Abe Elmore Dunn

Charles Highsmith Rocky Point

P. G. May Dudley

George O' Bryant Jacksonville

John Van Cannon Sanford

Fourth District

* James Cresimore, Chairman Raleigh

Mrs. George Fozzard, Vice Chairman Chapel Hill

Donald Paschali Siler City

Dr. James Owen Troy

Julian Brady Ramseur

Clark Langley Staley

Weldon Smith Asheboro

William Wilson Raleigh

William Spurlin Raleigh

State Committees, Republican 255

Fifth District

*J. Banner Shelton, Chairman Madison

Mrs. Floyd Burge, Vice Chairman Winston-Salem

G. Fred Steele Durham

Dr. Eidon D. Nielson _ Winston-Salem

Ed M. Armtield Winston-Salem

G. R. Hoover Winston-Salem

James A. Cannaday Draper

Wesley Dunlap Walnut Cove

Sixth District

*Mrs. Frances Yow, Chairman Greensboro

Robert Barnwell, Jr., Vice Chairman Burlington

L. Earl Stewart „ Burlington

Joe Berrier Thomasville

Calvin Orrell High Point

Mrs. Ray D. Wooster High Point

Willard B. Piper Greensboro

Virgil Carrick High Point

William L. Osteen Greensboro

Billy Weisner Greensboro

John Eshelman High Point

G. Wayne Wicker Winston-Salem

Mrs. Martha Nicholson Thomasville

Hiram Ward Lexington

Seventh District

*Dr. Tom Needham, Chairman Wilmington

Mrs. C. W. Jackson, Vice Chairman Fayetteville

George In man Ash

Deke Baggett Lake Waccamaw

Morehead Stack Fayetteville

Mike Vaughan Wilmington

Tom Keith Lumberton

William Bullard Wagram

Eighth District

*L. A. Crowell, Jr., Chairman Lincolnton

Mrs. OHn Sikes, Vice Chairman Monroe

Ed Locke Charlotte

Mrs. Marion Rowe Charlotte

R. P. Majors Charlotte

E. J. Presser Charlotte

Parks M. King, Jr Charlotte

J. J. Bunch Charlotte

Charles F. Coira Charlotte

William Morrissey Lincolnton

Chet Rayston Rockingham

Ninth District

*Mrs. Walter Zachary, Chairman Yadkin vi lie

H. R. Hendrix, Vice Chairman Mocksville

B. B. Graybeal West Jefferson

Robert Johnson Pinev Creek

William E. Hall Mocksville

Mrs. Frances Ridenhour Gold Hill

Baylass Ridenhour Concord

L'fm Xui:i ii Carolina M wi \i.

Hill Carpenter Concord

Prank L. Smith Lenoir

Brent Kincaid Lenoir

Marshall ('lino Lenoir

S. A. Troxell Rockwell

Lewis .Sowers .Salisbury

Eugene McCombs Faith

Philip T. Almond. Albemarle

('Ictus Williams Oakboro

Ralph G. Creene Boone

Robert Strickland Wilkesboro

John Hall Wilkesboro

Walter Zachary Yadkinville

Tenth District

'William E. Cobb, Chairman Morganton

Mrs. Hugh McHargue, Vice Chairman Statesville

Harlan Robertson Taylorsville

W. Hall Young Minneapolis

N. O. Pitts Morganton

Edward H. Smith Kings Mountain

Dr. James Hughey Gastonia

Dan R. Simpson Morganton

Thomas C. DeRhodes Hickory

D. D. Wirick Gastonia

Mrs. Thomas G. Hethcox . Mooresville

John D. Guigou Valdese

Charles C. Rink Hickory

Mrs. F. J. Patterson Gastonia

Mrs. John E. Davison . Shelby

Ewell Dagenhart Hiddenite

Mrs. Ray Sipe Taylorsville

James Hughes Linville

Mrs. Earl Greene Cranberry

T. Cass Ballenger Hickory

Mrs. Paul Deitz Hickory

Ed Canupp Statesville

Eleventh District

*W. P. Bradley, Chairman Hayesville

Mrs. W. E. Silvers, Jr., Vice Chairman Mars Hill

Arthur Buchanan Spruce Pine

Mrs. Guy Synder Bakersville

William D. W. Howe Hendersonville

Mrs. Earl Dorsey Mountain Home

W. B. Zink Mars Hill

J. M. Baley, Jr. Asheville

Don Ramsey Murphy

R. N. Tiger, Sr Hayesville

J. Horner Stockton Franklin

Fred Williams ... Rutherfordton

Orville Coward Sylva

Lewis Hamlin Brevard

Ted M. Jenkins. Robbinsville

W. R. Yeager.. Waynes-ville

W. R. Chambers Marion

Dr. William B. Mitchell Bryson City

Garrett Bailey Burns ville

C. G. Fuller Dana

'Members of Central Committee.

State Committees, Republican 257


Membership of Solicitorial, Judicial and Senatorial District
Committees shall consist of those persons appointed by the county
chairmen with the approval of the county conventions. Member-
ship en the Congressional District Committees shall be composed
of the officers elected at the district conventions, County Chairmen
and Vice Chairmen of counties making up the district, and such
others as the District Plan of Organization may provide. (See
Articles VII, VIII and IX of the Plan of Organization.)

Chairmen — Republican County Executive


County Name Address

Alamance Henry Danieley Burlington

Alexander Ewel Dagenhart Hiddenite

Alleghany Tom Nipper Sparta

Anson Mrs. Olin Sikes ...Monroe

Ashe Lavern Watson Fleetwood

Avery Jim Hughes Minneapolis

Beaufort D. S. Swain Washington

Bertie E. Rawls Carter Powellsville

Bladen R. D. Marshall, Jr Elizabethtown

Brunswick H. L. Willetts Bolivia

Buncombe Dr. W. Montgomery Asheville

Burke Noah O. Pitts, Jr Morganton

Cabarrus Dr. E. M. Tomlin Concord

Caldwell Johnny Farmer Whitnel

Camden J. B. Burgess Old Trap

Carteret T. S. Bennett Beaufort

Caswell H. O. Davis Gibson ville

Catawba T. Cass Ballenger Hickory

Chatham LaVern Thornton Goldston

Cherokee Virgil O'Dell Murphy


Clay W. P. Bradley Hayesville

Cleveland Ed H. Smith Kings Mountain

Columbus Leroy Stocks Whiteville

Craven John Whitty New Bern

Cumberland Tim Newton Fayette ville


Dare V. Gage Williams Wanchese

Davidson J5. R. Everhart Lexington

Davie Garland Bowens Mocksville

Duplin .S. E. Godwin Warsaw

Durham Col. James Holsinger Durham

Edgecombe T. R. Satterthwaite Tarboro

Forsyth W. T. Graham Winston-Salem


Gaston James Hughey Gastonia

258 North Carolina Manual


Graham Carniel Crisp Foil tana Dam

Granville John D. Mackie Oxford

Greene Arnold Tingen Snow Hill

Guihord George Marschall Greensboro

Harnett Lyman Whitehead Coats

Haywood.. Joe S. Schenck Canton

Henderson... .William D. W. Howe Hendersonville

Hertford Ralph O'Berry Ahoskie


Hyde Gene T. Ballance Fairfield

Iredell Ed Canupp Statesville

Jackson Lewis Bumgamer Sylva

Johnston Grover C. Bolin, Jr., M. D Smithfield


Lee C. M. Mcliryde Sanford

Lenoir. Lawrence L. Moise, II Kinston

Lincoln Don Pendleton Lincoln ton


Madison W. B. Zink Mars Hill

Martin C. L. Greene, Jr Robersonville

McDowell Wade Pyatt Marion

Mecklenburg Marcus T. Hickman Charlotte

Mitchell R. T. Dent Spruce Pine

Montgomery Dr. James Owen Troy

Moore David Drexel Southern Pines

Nash Van Watson Whi takers

New Hanover A. C. Beall Wilmington


Onslow Phyllis Hopfer Jacksonville

Orange T. S. Coile Durham

Pamlico Ralph Forest Vandemere

Pasquotank A. W. Houtz Elizabeth City

Pender W. F. Lewis Rocky Point


Person David L. Woody Roxboro

Pitt H. Franklin Steinbeck Greenville

Polk J. Rutledge Tryon

Randolph Worth Coltrane Asheboro

Richmond Mrs. Olin Sikes Monroe

Robeson Charles T. Davis McDonalds

Rockingham J. C. Rodgers Draper

Rowan John Roy Hann Salisbury

Rutherford W. Fred Williams Rutherfordton

Sampson John R. Parker Clinton

Scotland T. N. Combs Laurinburg

Stanly Ernest H. Morton, Jr Albemarle

Stokes.. Clyde Duggins Rural Hall

Surry Robert Mills Ararat

Swain Bruce Hawkins Bryson City

Transylvania Ralph L. Waldrop Brevard


Union Russell Hariin Monroe

Vance John Adcox Henderson

Wake Don Kimrey Raleigh

Warren Arch Ayscue Warren ton

Washington Bill Prince Plymouth

Watauga Clyde R. Greene Boone

Wayne J. C. Jensen Gildsboro

Wilkes Billy Anderson North Wilkesboro

Wilson Mrs. F. T. Robbins Wilson

Yadkin James A. Hutchens Yadkin ville

Yancev William Wilson Pensacola

State Committees. Republican 259

Vice Chairmen — Republican County Executive



County Name Address

Alamance Mrs. Betsy Stewart Burlington

Alexander Mrs. Ray Sipe Taylorsville

Alleghany Mrs. Beale Poole Sparta

Anson _

Ashe Zola Massey West Jefferson

Avery Mrs. Earl Greene Cranberry

Beaufort Mrs. Mary Van Dorp Washington

Bertie .Mrs. W. E. Sullivan Ahoskie


Brunswick Mrs. Ruby Babson Freeland

Buncombe Mrs. Wesley Potter Asheville

Burke „ Houston Huffman Hildebrand

Cabarrus Mrs. Sarah James Mt. Pleasant

Caldwell Sadie Coffey Lenoir

Camden Helen Stevenson Camden

Carteret Mrs. Ruth Richardson Morehead City

Caswell Mrs. W. P. Allred Elon College

Catawba Mrs. Paul Dietz Hickory

Chatham Mrs. M. T. Selt Siler City

Cherokee Mrs. Boyce Stiles Murphy


Clay Mrs. Geraldine Ford Hayesville

Cleveland Mary Lou Davison Shelby

Columbus Mrs. Anne Warren Whiteville

Craven Mrs. Mary Smith New Bern

Cumberland Mrs. C. W. Jackson Fayetteville


Dare Iris Gallop Wanchese

Davidson Mrs. Martha Nicholson Thomasville

Davie Mrs. Maxine S. Boger Mocks ville

Duplin Mrs. Sally H. Blanchard Rose Hill

Durham Mrs. J. B. Harris Durham

Edgecombe Mrs. J. O. Carter Rocky Mount

Forsyth Mrs. L. Ludlum Winston-Salem


Gaston Mrs. Clyde Pasour Dallas


Graham Ruth Orr Robbinsville


Greene Mrs. Grace Seymour Snow Hill

Guilford Mrs. Roy D. Wooster, Jr High Point


Harnett Mrs. Harvey Raynor Dunn

Haywood Mrs. C. O. Newell.. Lake Junaluska

Henderson Mrs. Jason Futrell Murfreesboro


North Carolina Manual


Hyde Emmett Garowan Swan Quarter

Iredell Mrs. T. G. Hethcox Mooresville

Jackson Ruth Henning Sylva

Johnston Mrs. Roy H. Jones Benson


Lee Mrs. I. Lutterloh Sanford

Lenoir ..Mrs. Betty F. Poole ..Kinston

Lincoln I 'at Marrissey Lincolnton


Madison Mrs. Loy Roberts Marshall

Martin Mrs. Mary Caron Robersonville

McDowell Mrs. Joyce McCall Marion

Mecklenburg Mrs. J. B. Rowe Charlotte

Mitchell Mrs. Guy Snyder Bakersville

Montgomery Mrs. Esther Chappell Candor

Moore June Melvin Aberdeen

Nash Mrs. C. C. Denton Middlesex

New Hanover Mrs. Polly Mebane Wilmington


Onslow George 0' Bryant Jacksonville

Orange Mrs. Robert Faust Chapel Hill

Pamlico Vivian Hardison Arapahoe

Pasquotank Mrs. Maude Channing Elizabeth City

Pender ..Mrs. Betty Rivenbark Burgaw



Pitt Mrs. Doris Bailey Greenville

Polk Mrs. G. Bunch Tryon

Randolph Annie Shaw Asheboro

Richmond Mrs. D. F. Rice, Jr Hamlet

Robeson Mrs. W. H. Kinlaw. Lumberton

Rockingham Mrs. O. R. Barham Mayodan

Rowan Mrs. J. F. Hurley, III Salisbury

Rutherford Mrs. Carolyn S. Gardner Forest City

Sampson Mrs. Kathleen Carter Salemburg

Scotland Mrs. Maisie Parker Laurinburg

Stanly Mrs. Bobbie Jean Furr Stanfield

Stokes Mrs. Vester Marshall Westfield

Surry Mrs. Joyce Gordon Siloam


Transylvania Mrs. Cleaves C. Johnson Brevard


Union Mrs. Martha Adams Monroe

Vance Ruby J. Lassiter Henderson

Wake Mrs. Walter Hunt, Jr Raleigh


Washington Cathy Carter Plymouth

Watauga Mrs. Lura Greene Boone

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