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Grant Ave.. Raleigh, N. C.



Edwin Maurice Gill, Democrat, was born in Laurinburg, N. C.
July 20. 1899. Son of Thomas Jeffries and Mamie (North) Gill.
Graduate of Laurinburg High School; Trinity College, 1922-1924.
Representative in the General Assembly from Scotland County,
1929 and 1931. Private Secretary, Governor Gardner, 1931-1933;
Commissioner of Paroles. 1933-1942; appointed Commissioner of
Revenue by Governor Broughton, serving from July 1, 1942 to July
1. 1949. Admitted to the Bar. January 28, 1924, and practiced
law in Laurinburg, 1924-1931 as a member of the firm of Gibson
and Gill, and practiced law in Washington, D. C, 1949-1950 as
a member of the firm of Gardner. Morrison & Rogers. Member


:tary of Stale

L. Bridges


T. Carroll
rintendent of Public
net ion


jney General

A. Graham

[nissioner of Agriculture


nissioner of Labor

S. Lanier

uissioner of Insurance

|m; Xni; i'ii Cakoj i \ \ M \ m ai.

<i( North Carolina Bar Association and the Bar of the District of
Columbia. Collector and Director of Internal Revenue, Greens-
boro, X. C., 1950-1953. Appointed by Governor Umstead Treas-
urer of North Carolina, July 20, 1953, and elected to this office
November 2, 1954. Re-elected for four year term, November
6, l!). r )<;, Novembers, 1980 and November 3, 1964. Ex-officio: Chair-
man of Stale Banking Commission; Chairman of Local Govern-
ment Commission; Director of Local Government; Chairman of
Tax Review Hoard; Chairman and Investment Officer of Board of
Trustees of Teachers & State Employees' Retirement System;
member of Board of Commissioners of the Law Enforcement
Officers' Benefit and Retirement Fund; member and Investment
Officer for Board of Trustees of Local Governmental Employees'
Retirement System; member of State Board of Education; mem-
ber of State Board of Assessment; member of the Sinking Fund
Commission. President American Parole Association, 1940-1941;
President Southeastern State Probation and Parole Association.
1939-1940; Director American Prison Association. 1939-1940.
Fleet (1 memb r of Executive Committee of the National Tax As-
sociation in 1944 for three year term. Elected member of Executive
Committee of National Association of Tax Administrators in 1946
for two-year term. Former member of X. C. Probation Commis-
sion. Former member of State Art Commission; member Board of
Trustees, X. C. State Art Museum. Member of the American
Legion; Sigma Nu Phi, Legal Fraternity; Omicron Delta Kappa.
leadership Fraternity, honorary member, Duke University. 1940;
Beta Gamma Sigma, honorary member. UNC, Chapel Hill, 1!ยป63.
LL.D., Duke University, June 8, 105'.). Methodist. Address: Raleigh,
N. C.



Charles Fisher Carroll, Democrat, was born in Warsaw. X. ('..
March 'M , 1900. Son of Charles Fisher and Agnes (Robinson)
Carroll. Attended public schools of Warsaw, 1906-1915; Trinity
Park School. 11)15-1917; A.B., Trinity College, 1921; M.Ed., Duke
University, 1930, LL.D. (honorary) 1954; LL.D. (honorary) High
Point College, 1952. Teacher and coach of athletics Vance County

Biographical Sketches 487

Farm Life School, Middleburg, N. C. 1921-1922. Principal Buena
Vista High School, R.F.D., Henderson, N. C, 1922-1923; Newport
Consolidated School, Newport, N. C, 1923-1924 and 1925-1929;
Long Creek-Grady School, Pender County, 1924-1925; Bryson City
Elementary and Swain County High Schools, Bryson City, N. C,
1929-1932. Superintendent Swain County Schools and Supervising
Principal of Bryson City Elementary and Swain County High
Schools, 1932-1937. Superintendent High Point City Schools, High
Point, N. C, 1937 to August, 1952. State Superintendent of Public
Instruction for North Carolina since August, 1952. Member North
Carolina Education Association, National Education Association,
American Association of School Administrators. Member N. C.
High School Textbook Committee, 1936-1943; N. C. Committee on
Secondary Schools, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary
Schools, 1945-1950; N. C. Education Commission, 1947-1949; for-
mer member Policies Committee of Superintendents' Division of
North Carolina Education Association. President, Council of Chief
State School Officers, 1960-1961; member Commission on Accredita-
tion of (Armed) Service Experiences of the American Council on
Education, 1959-1962; Advisory Council of Project Talent, Uni-
versity of Pittsburg; National Commission on Safety Education
of the National Education Association, 1957-1963; member, Presi-
dent's Panel of Consultants on Vocational Education, 1961-1962;
former member, National Advisory Committee for the Exchange
of Teachers; member Board of Control, Southern Regional Educa-
tion Board since 1952; member and advisory councilman on Educa-
tion for Exceptional Children of Southern Regional Education
Board; President, Associated Public School Systems, 1951-1952;
member Civil Defense Advisory Council; member ex-ofncio, Board
of Trustees of Greater University; member Board of Trustees,
High Point College; member ex-officio, N. C. State Art Society;
Museum of Art; State Library Commission; Teachers' and State
Employees' Retirement System; Local Government Employees' Re-
tirement System; North Carolina Atomic Energy Advisory Com-
mittee; N. C. Recreation Commission; N. C. Symphony Society;
Governor Richard Caswell Memorial Commission; Advisory Com-
mission for the Museum of Natural History. Former State Direc-
tor of Rural Education of the Department of Rural Education of
the National Education Association. Honorary member and Past
President of Rotary Club of High Point. Former member High

is.s Noutii Carolina Manual

Point Housing Authority; Parks and Recreation Commission; Li-
brary Board; former Chairman of Budget Committee of High
Point Community Chest. Mason. Phi Beta Kappa. Member Beta
Omega Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi and Omicron Delta Kappa fraterni-
ties. Coordinator of Civilian Defense, High Point, 1943-1945. Stu-
dent Army Training Corps, 1918. Past Commander, Sergeant Free-
man Post, American Legion. Methodist. Former Chairman of
Board of Stewards, Bryson City Methodist Church and Wesley
Memorial Church in High Point. Married Nellie Jane Wynne of
Williamston, N. C. One son, Charles, Jr., M.D., of Concord, N. C.
Address: 2207 Whitman Road, Raleigh. N. C. 27607.



Thomas Wade Bruton, Democrat, was born in Capelsie, N. C,
September 10, 1902. Son of David Dudley and Susan Eleanor
(Wade) Bruton. Attended Montgomery County Public Schools;
Virginia Military Institute, A.B. degree, 1925; Duke University
Law School, 1925-1927. Admitted to practice law in North Carolina
in 1927. Member North Carolina Bar Association; Honorary Order
of the Coif (1960), Duke University. Representative from Mont-
gomery County in the General Assembly of 1929 and 1931. Mem-
ber Officers Reserve Corps, 1925-1940; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant
Cavalry Reserve; active duty with U. S. Army, 1942-1946, Captain
to Lieutenimt Colonel; Colonel, JAGC, North Carolina National
Guard since 1955; retired in 1962. Member Kappa Sigma Social
Fraternity. Duke University. Methodist. Married Elizabeth Nelms
Flournoy in 1964. Address: Justice Building, Raleigh, N. C.



James Allen Graham, Democrat, was born in Cleveland, Rowan
County. N. ('., April 7, 1921. Son of James Turner and Laura
Blanche (Allen) Graham. Attended Cleveland High School, gradu-
ated 1938; North Carolina State University, 1942, B.S. in Agri-

Bioukaphical Sketches 489

cultural Education, permanent President, Class of 1942. Farmer,
owner and operator of commercial livestock farm in Rowan County.
Member Grange, Farm Bureau, N. C. Farm Managers and Rural
Appraisers. N. C. Cattleman's Association, National Association
of Producer Market Managers, past president and member of
Board of Directors; named "Market Manager of the Year". Mem-
ber N. C. Soil Conservation Society, N. C. Branch United Fresh
Fruit and Vegetable Association, secretary, 1959-1964, Board of
Directors. Member Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Board of
Directors 1967; Scotch Ireland Lodge #154, Cleveland, Rowan
County, N. C. ; Woodmen of the World, Board of Directors, Execu-
tive Committee; Raleigh YMCA, Recording Secretary, 1962-1965;
President, Raleigh Kiwanis Club, 1965, member of Board of Direc-
tors and chairman of Agricultural Committee; State Committee
of Natural Resources, State Emergency Resources Management
Planning Committee. Member Robert Lee Doughton Memorial
Commission; Board of Trustees, A & T College, 1956-1960, 1962;
Chairman, committee to administer awards program for Best
Retail Promotion of N. C. Food Products; secretary-treasurer of
Capital Area Development Association, 1957-1961; member of
Board of Directors and president, 1964; Chairman of Agricultural
Committee; President, Northwest Association of the N. C. State
Alumni Association and Vice-President, Wake County Association
teacher of Vocational Agriculture, Iredell County, 1942-1945
Superintendent of Upper Mountain Research Station, 1946-1952
General Chairman, First Burley Tobacco Festival, 1949-1950
President, Jefferson Rotary Club. 1951-1952; Executive Secretary,
Hereford Cattle Breeders Association, 1948-1956, first full-time
secretary, 1954-1956; Manager, Dixie Classics Livestock Show
and Fair, 1946-1952; in charge of Beef Cattle and Sheep Depart-
ment, N. C. State Fair, 1946-1952; member Board of Directors.
X. C. Sheep Breeders Association, 1949-1952; Secretary-Treasurer,
Ashe County Wildlife Club, 1949-1950; member Governor's Coun-
cil on Occupational Health; N. C. Board of Farm Organizations
and Agricultural Agencies, Director of Agricultural Foundations
at North Carolina State University; recipient, State 4-H Alumni
Award, 1965; honorary member, N. C. Vocational Agricultural
Teachers Association, N. C. Farm Writers Association, State
Future Farmers of America and member Governor's State-City
< Ooperative Committee. Secretary, Southern Association of State

190 North Carolina Manual

Departments of Agriculture. Appointed Commissioner of Agricul-
ture, July 29, 1964 by Governor Terry Sanford to complete the
term of the late L. Y. Ballentine; elected November 3, 1964.
Married Helen Ida Kirk, October 30, 1942. Two daughters, Alice
Kirk Graham and Laura Constance Graham. Home address: 1810
Sutton Drive, Raleigh, N. C; farm address: Cleveland, N. C.



Frank Crane, Democrat, was born at Waxhaw, N. C August
18, 1907. Son of James Thomas and Mary Emma (Lathan) Crane.
Attended Marvin Elementary School, 1913-1918; Weddington In-
stitute, 1919-1922; Prospect High School, 1923-1927; University of
North Carolina, A.B., 1931 ; University of North Carolina Summer
School of 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1934; night course in Personnel
Management, North Carolina State College, 1939. Athletic Direc-
tor and Instructor, Welcome High School in Davidson County,
1931-1934. Safety Director, North Carolina Industrial Commission,
1934-1938; Administrative Assistant, North Carolina Employment
Service, 1938-1939; Factory and Wage and Hour Inspector, North
Carolina Department of Labor, 1939-1940; Director of Concilia-
tion and Arbitration Division, 1941-1954. Appointed Commissioner
of Labor by Governor William B. Umstead for the unexpired term
of the late Forrest H. Shuford, June 3, 1954; elected to the office
of Commissioner of Labor in the General Election of November
2, 1954; re-elected for four years November 6, 1956, November 8,
1960 and November 3, 1964. Ex-officio member N. C. Employ the
Physically Handicapped Commission. Member Governor's Nuclear
Energy Advisory Committee; Governor's Committee on Studying
Problems of Aging, and Governor's Delegate to the 1961 White
House Conference on Aging; Executive Board International As-
sociation of Governmental Labor Officials ; Board of the Governor's
Occupational Health Council; Advisory Committee to the U. S.
Surgeon General on Occupational Health; Advisory Council on
Naval Affairs sixth Naval District; President's Committee on
Safety. Association of State Mediation Agencies; Society for the
Advancement of Management; American and State Forestry As-
sociations. Attended thirty annual meetings of Southern Industrial

Biographical Sketches 491

Relations Conference. Member Board of Directors Wake County
Chapter, American Red Cross and Chairman First Aid Committee.
Member Carolina Bird Club; T.P.A.; Raleigh Elks Club; Raleigh
Torch Club; Executives Club of Raleigh. Methodist. Married Mary
Browning Cromer of Monroe, N. C. Office address : Labor Building,
Raleigh. N. C; Home address: 2608 Hazelwood Drive, Raleigh.
N. C.



Edwin Sidney Lanier, Democrat, was born in Bullock County
(now a part of Candler. County), Georgia, on July 19, 1901. Son
of Richard and Hassie Banks Lanier (deceased), R.F.D. 1, Metter,
Georgia. Attended State Normal School (a teachers college),
Athens, Georgia, 1917-21; enrolled in the University of North
Carolina's School of Commerce, Chapel Hill, N. C, 1921-24, as
member of the class of 1925; part-time special student in Uni-
versity of North Carolina Law School, 1930-34 (did not graduate).
Teacher and athletic coach, 1924-30, Baptist Orphanage High
School, Thomasville, N. C. Student Financial Aid Director, Univer-
sity of North Carolina, 1930-1961. Member of Chapel Hill, N. C,
Town Board of Aldermen, 1945-49; Mayor of Chapel Hill, 1949-
54; County Commissioner, Orange County, N. C, 1954-56; State
Senator from the 16th Senatorial District, 1957 and 1959. Named
North Carolina Personnel Director, by the Governor and the
State Personnel Council, October 31, 1961. Appointed Commis-
sioner of Insurance by Governor Terry Sanford, July 5, 1962,
as successor to Charles F. Gold who served as Commissioner of
Insurance from 1953 until his death on June 28, 1962. Nominated
by State Democratic Executive Committee for Commissioner of
Insurance and elected by the people in the November 6, 1962
General Election for the remainder of the term; re-elected for four
year term, November 3, 1964. Baptist. Member Board of Trustees,
Baptist Orphanage of North Carolina, 1945-49. Married Nancy
Thelma Herndon, Durham, N. C, 1934. Children: Mrs. John Jacobs
and Edwin Sidney Lanier, Jr. Legal residence: Chapel Hill, N. C,
Raleigh. N. C. residence: 2436 Oxford Road.




Charles Jerome Dunn, Jr., Democrat, was born in Philadelphia.
Pa., June 29, 1934. Son of Charles Rome and Lelia Mae (Whitley)
Dunn. Attended Ahoskie High School, Ahoskie, N. C, 1940-1952;
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, A.B. in Political
Science, 195(5; Graduate School, University of North Carolina in
Political Science. Farmer. Member American Political Science
Association. Served in U. S. Army Signal Corps, 1957-1959, SP4.
Methodist. Married Martha Ellen Sherrill, December 29, 1963.
Address: 420 Emerson Drive, Raleigh, N. C.



George Robinson Ragsdale, Democrat, was born in Raleigh,
N. C, March 26, 1936. Son of George Y. and Susan (Jolly) Rags-
dale. Attended Georgetown Preparatory School, Garrett Park.
Md., graduated, June 1954; University of North Carolina, Chapel
Hill, A.B. in English, 1958; University of North Carolina, School
of Law, LL.B., 1961. Lawyer. Member N. C, Wake County and
American Bar Associations; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi;
Order of the Golden Fleece, U.N.C., Chapel Hill; Raleigh Kiwani.-
Club; Sphinx Club of Raleigh. Winner, Richardson Fellowship
from U.N.C. School of Law to the legal staff of U.S. Senator, Sam
J. Ervin, Jr., U.S. Senate, Washington, D. C, 1961-1962. Served
on Exec. Comm., 10th Judicial District Bar Association, 1964-1965.
Member Roman Catholic Church. Married Adora L. Prevost.
Waynesville, N. C, October 20, 1962. Children: John Robinson
Ragsdale, age 3, and George Y. Ragsdale, TI, age 1. Address:
2401 Churchill Road, Raleigh, N. C.


Biographical Sketches 493



Gerald Hope (Jerry) Elliott, Democrat, was born in Louisville.
Nebraska, June 16, 1922. Son of the Rev. C. L. and Teressa
Amelia (Hope) Elliott. Attended Sebring (Fla.) High School,
1935-1940; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Special
Student), 1957-1958. Received Grant from Fund for Adult Educa-
tion in the Mass Media, 1957. Member Knights of Columbus.
Editor, Roanoke Rapids (N. C.) Herald, 1947-1948; Station Mana-
ger-News Director, WCBT Radio, Roanoke Rapids, N. C, 1952-
1957, News Director, 1948-1952; Newsman, WPTF, Raleigh, N. C,
1958-1959; News Director, WPTF, 1959-1964; Newsman WTVD,
Durham, N. C, 1964-1965; Public Information Officer, State High-
way Commission, July 26, 1965 to October 16, 1965. Served in U. S.
Army, 1940-1946, discharged as Sergeant; simultaneous service
as member of Florida National Guard; overseas, Southwest Pacific
Theatre of Operations, 1944-1945, 31st (Dixie) Division, Artillery
Headquarters Battery for Division. Member Our Lady of Lourdes
Roman Catholic Church, Raleigh, N. C. Married Mamie Marie
Nash, Weldon, N. C, June 19, 1948. Children: Bryan, 18; Hope,
15; Mark, 11. Address: 2903 Claremont Road, Raleigh. N. C.



Claude Thomas Bowers, Democrat, was born in Littleton, N. C,
July 18, 1899. Son of T. R. and Mary (Dowtin) Bowers. At-
tended Bowers Private School, 1905-1914; Aurelian Springs High
School, 1914-1918; North Carolina State College, 1918. Distributor
of petroleum products. Member North Carolina Oil Jobbers As-
sociation, on Board of Directors, 1957; Warren County Chamber
of Commerce, President, 1957-1958; Board of Town Commissioners,
1947-1951; Warren County Development Corp., President since
1953; Bute Development Corp., Chairman, Board of Directors since
1955; Capital Area Development Association, President, 1958-
1959; North Carolina Veterans Commission, Chairman, 1958-1961.
Member 40 & 8; Warrenton Lion's Club, President. 1936-1938;

494 Nouth Carolina Manual

American Legion, Commander, 1927-1928, 1936-1938; Occoneechee
Council, Boy Scouts of America, Silver Beaver Award, 1951.
Served in U. S. Army from September 18, 1918 to November 7.
1918, and from September 16, 1940 to January 15, 1946 as Private
to Colonel of the Line; attended Infantry School (Basic Course),
1930, and Infantry School (Advance Course), 1940. Served in
North Carolina National Guard from January 18, 1921 to Septem-
ber 15, 1940, and from January 16, 1946 to March 31, 1959 as
Private to Major General. Member National Guard Association
of the United States; Treasurer, National Guard Assn. of the
U. S., 1963-. Member Warrenton Baptist Church; Board of Dea-
cons, 1952-1955, 1957- 1960; Chairman of Finance Committee.
1954-1960. Member Board of Trustees, Meredith College. Adjutant
General of North Carolina since 1960. Married Hattie Connell,
1925. One daughter, Mrs. Stanley S. Betts. Address: Warrenton
N. C.



Edward Lee Rankin, Jr., Democrat, was born in Chattanooga,
Tenn., May 12, 1919. Son of Edward Lee and Gladys (Narramore)
Rankin. Attended the public schools of Spencer, N. C. and Spencer
High School, graduating in 1936; University of North Carolina.
A.B. in Journalism, 1940; Naval Officers Training School, Dart-
mouth College, Certificate, 1942. Member Public Relations Society
of America; Raleigh Lions Club; Board of Directors, General
Alumni Association of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Director of Public Relations for N. C. State Highway Commission,
June 1946-June 1947; Press Secretary to United States Senator
William B. Umstead, June 1947-August 1948; worked with Bur-
lington Mills, August 1948-January 1953, having direct supervision
of the Public Relations Department; served as Private Secretary
to Governor William B. Umstead and Governor Luther H. Hodges,
January 1953-1959; became Raleigh Manager for John Harden
Associates, January 1, 1960. Served in U. S. Navy from October of
1941 until January of 1946, with 28 months overseas; entered
service as Yeoman Second Class and discharged as Lieutenant
Commander. Baptist; trustee, Meredith College. Married Frances

Biographical Sketches 495

Wallace of Jamesville, N. C, June 1948. Children: Jane, age 16,
Ann, age 13, and Ed. Ill, age 10. Address: 2405 Rockridge
Court. Raleigh, N. C.



Raymond Browning Brady, Democrat, was born in Benson.
N. C, March 10, 1915. Son of Robert B. and Mary Delia (O'Neal)
Brady. Attended Benson High School, 1932; Wake Forest Law
School, LL.B., 1938. Lawyer. Member Wake County Bar Associa-
tion; North Carolina Bar Association; North Carolina State Bar.
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, December, 1940 to January.
1946. Member Hayes Barton Baptist Church; Deacon. Married
Kathryn Harrison, February 16, 1943. Children: Alice Brady.
age 15 and Dan Brady, age 13. Address: 1508 Duplin Road.
Raleigh. N. C.


(Appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Senate)

Frank Lee Harrelson, Democrat, was born in Forest City.
N. C, September 21, 1910. Son of John and Ellen Harrelson. At-
tended Rutherford College, 1926-1928; N. C. State College, 1931-
1932, special accounting courses. Served in U.S. Navy, 1942-1945.
Member Hayes Barton Methodist Church. Married Martha Langs-
ton. June. 1952. Address: 402 Forsyth Street, Raleigh, N. C.



Daniel Kelly Muse, Democrat, was born in Moore County (Car-
thage Township), January 15, 1913. Son of James Brazel and
Luola Belle (Kelly) Muse. Attended Elise Academy (now St.

196 North Carolina Manx m.

Andrews College), Robins, N. C, 1926-1930; N\ C. State College.
1930-1932; sales management courses by correspondence schools.
President, Mebane Merchants Association; Sales Supervisor, Me-
bane Tobacco .Market, 194(5-1948; Chairman, Alamance County
Democratic Executive Committee, 1948-1956; Chairman, Congres-
sional District Committee, 1966; active in Democratic Party poli-
tics all of adult life. Presbyterian. Married Lillian Terry, January
25, 1938. Two children. Address: Mebane. X. C.



Edward Foster Griffin, Democrat, was born in Louisburg, N. C,
November 4, 1900. Son of Paul B. and Frances Wilder Griffin.
Graduate Louisburg High School; University of North Carolina;
Wake Forest College Law School. Received law license in August,
1923. Lawyer. Member N. C. State Bar Inc.; Franklin County
Bar Association, past President; past President 7th Judicial Dis-
trict Bar Association. Solicitor Franklin County Recorder's Court,
1936-1940; Franklin County Attorney, 1946-1954; member State
Democratic Executive Committee, 1946-1953; Chairman Franklin
County Democratic Executive Committee, 1946-1953. State Senator
from the 6th Senatorial District in the General Assembly of
1933 and 1935. Director of N. C. Civil Defense since March 1.
1954. President National Association State Civil Defense Direc-
tors, 1960-61. Consultant on Civil Defense Preparedness to NATO
Council Meeting, Paris, France, Fall of 1960. Enlisted in the
N. C. National Guard 113th F. A. Regiment, October 1, 1923;
inducted into the Federal Service, September 16, 1940, and com-
manded the 113th Field Artillery Battalion as part of the 30th
Infantry Division through World War II, participating in five
major engagements in the European Theatre of Operations; dis-
charged in November of 1946 and again joined the N. C. National
Guard in August of 1947 as Division Artillery Executive Officer;
holds rank of Major General and commanded the 30th Infantry
Division (Old Hickory) of North Carolina National Guard until
retirement on September 1, 1961, after approximately 38 years
military service. Member American Legion, past Commander
Louisburg Post; 40 & 8. past Chef-de-gare. Mason, past Master

BioouAi'HicAi. Sketches 497

Louisburg Lodge 413 A.F. & A.M.; 32nd Degree Scottish Kite:
Shriner. Methodist; Steward for twenty years; Trustee; Lay
Speaker. Married Mildred Scott Griffin, June 18, 1925. One

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