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Division of Finance and Statistics, 1941-1943; employed by State
Board of Education as Assistant Director of the Division of
Auditing and Accounting, 1943-1949, and as Director, 1949-1960.
Appointed Controller, State Board of Education, July 21. 1960.
Methodist; member Board of Stewards, 1963-1964; member Board
of Trustees of Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc.. 1963-1966.
Married Mabel Watson Kenyon of Raleigh, August 12, 1939.
Children: Julia, Jimmy and Walter. Address: 2818 Fowler Avenue,
Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Director, Department of Administration)

James Russell Smith, Democrat, was born in Wilmington, N. C,
December 31, 1905. Son of James Fulford and Katie Heide
(Craig) Smith. Attended New Hanover County High School, 1920-
1923; The Institute of Government, University of North Carolina;
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Training School, Camp
Glenn, 1929. Member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol,
1929-1960; Patrolman to Colonel, 1929-1950; Colonel-Commanding
Officer, 1950-1960. Member of the North Carolina Police Execu-
tives Association, 1949-1959. Member of the International Associa-
tion of Chiefs of Police, 1949-1959; elected President of the
State and Provincial Section of the International Association of
Chiefs of Police for the two successive years, 1958-1959; served
as a member of the Board of Officers of the International As-
sociation of Chiefs of Police for the two successive years, 1958-
1.959. Member of the National Association of State Agencies for
Surplus Property from 1960; elected President of Area 11 and

510 North Carolina Manual

served as a member of the National Committee of the National
Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property for 1966-1967.
Member of the North Carolina State Employees Association; Wil-
mington Light Infantry (W.L.I.) Reserve Corps, Wilmington.
N. C, Corporal, Battery A, 252nd Regiment, North Carolina
National Guard, 1922-1929. Author of "Police Traffic Supervision
in North Carolina," published in the December, 1958 issue of the
Law Enforcement Bulletin, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
United States Department of Justice; contributed a number of
other published articles to magazines and newspapers on subjects
in the field of Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Traffic-
Safety; Co-author of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol
Operations Manual and its Manual on Police Pursuit Driving.
Appointed Assistant Federal Property Officer, June 9, 1960, and
appointed Federal Property Officer for the State of North Caro-
lina. April 1, 1962. Member of the Masonic Lodge No. 319.
A.F. & A.M., Wilmington, N. C; 32nd degree Scottish Rite:
Shriner, Sudan Temple. Episcopalian; former member of the
Vestry. Married Mary Hemby, Rocky Mount, N. C, November
15, 1934. Address 404 Cole Street, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Director Department of Administration)

Lawrence Adams Watts, Jr., Democrat, was born in Wilming-
ton, N. C. Son of Rev. Lawrence A. and Lallah (Brown) Watts.
Attended Hugh Morson High School; North Carolina State Uni-
versity, Class of 1949. Member Professional Engineers of North
Carolina. Served in Army Air Force, World War II. Member Fair-
mont Methodist Church. Married Mary Ann Waldrop. Children:
Lawrence A. Watts, III and Lois W. Watts. Address: 3330 Cole-
ridge Drive. Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the North Carolina State Board of Health)

Biographical Sketches 511

Jacob Koomen, Democrat, was born in Bristol. N. V.. September
18, 1917. Son of Jacob and Eva (Bunschoten) Koomen. Attended
Pittsford High School. Pittsford. N. Y., 1930-1934; University
of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y.. B.S. degree, 1939; University of
Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry, M.D.. 1945; Univer-
sity of North Carolina, School of Public Health. M.P.H., 1957.
Member American Public Health Assn.; American Medical Assn.;
Association of State Health Officers; Conference of State &
Provincial Health Directors; Southern Medical Assn.; North
Carolina Public Health Assn.; Medical Society of the State of
North Carolina; North Carolina Health Council; Wake County
Medical Society; Raleigh Academy of Medicine; North Carolina
Tuberculosis Assn.; North Carolina Academy of Public Health.
Received Reynolds Award, North Carolina Public Health Assn.:
1960. Author of approximately fifteen papers in various subjects
related to public health. Served as Senior Surgeon, U. S. Public
Health Service. Active Duty, 1954-1956, Inactive Reserve since
1956. Member White Memorial Presbyterian Church. Raleigh.
N. C; Deacon, 1962-1964; Elder since 1964. Married Ruth Elinor
Chapin, August 27, 1943. Children: John Chapin, born August 10.
1945; Marcia Anne, born February 20, 1948; Nancy Carol, born
December 3, 1952; Neil Chapin, born January 28. 1956. Address:
909 Dogwood Lane, Raleigh. N. C.



(Appointed by the Board)

Howard Rai Boozer, Democrat, was born in Monterey, Ken
tucky, August 14, 1923. Son of Claud D. and Ruth (Foster)
Boozer. Attended Wilmore, Ky. Public Schools, graduated. 1940;
Cumberland College; Howard College, A.B. degree, 1946; Wash-
ington University, St. Louis, B.S., M.A. Ed., Ph.D., 1960. Director.
Learning Institute of North Carolina; Director, Regional Educa-
tion Laboratory of the Carolinas and Virginia; Review Com-
mittee for Construction of Nurse Training Facilities of the
M.S. Public Health Service; Trustee, Wingate College; member
American Historical Association; National Council for the Social
Studies; Phi Delta Kappa: Kappa Delta Pi. Teacher, Webster

512 N'oim li C \u<>i in v M \M' vi.

Groves (Mo.) Public Schools. 1949-1951; Staff Associate Ameri-
can Council on Education, Washington, I). C, 1954-1961; Assistant
Director Hoard of Higher Education. 1961-1965. Author of ar-
ticles in professional journals. Served in U.S. Navy, Active Duty.
L943-1946, 1951-1954; member Active Reserve as Captain, Supply
Corps, U.S.N.R. Baptist. Married Frances Kintner. August 23.
L946. Children: Claudia. Margaret, Catherine and Barbara. Ad-
dress: 1005 Picardy Drive, Raleigh. N. C.



• Appointed by the State Highway Commission)

Willard Farrington Babcock, Democrat, was born in Water-
town, Massachusetts, March 14, 1917. Son of John Brazer and
Mildred (Willard) Babcock. Attended Brown and Nichols, Cam-
bridge, Mass., L931-1935; Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1939 and M.S. in Civil Engineering-
Transportation Option, 1940. Professor of Civil and Transporta-
tion Engineering at North Carolina State College, 1940-1957:
Consulting Engineer in Traffic and Transportation Engineering.
1948-1957. Member American Society of Civil Engineers, Insti-
tute of Traffic Engineers, Highway Research Board, American
Road Builders Association, American Association of State High-
way Officials. Member Chi Epsilon Fraternity, National Presi-
dent, L948-1952; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Theta Tau. Author of
many publications, including textbooks, consulting reports and
technical papers. Presbyterian. Married Jane Sweet, March 15.
1941. Children: John Brazer Babcock, II; Susan Forbes Babcock;
Sarah Farrington Babcock. Address: 2011 Wells Avenue, Raleigh.
N. C.


i Appointed by the State Highway Commission!

John Lawrence Allen. Jr., Democrat, was born in Greensboro.
X. C, January 7. 1923. Son of John L. and Swannie (Putnam)

Biookaphioal Sketches o13

Allen. Graduate Greensboro High School and Fork Union Military
Academy, Fork Union, Virginia. Entered State Government as an
Interviewer with the Employment Security Commission in 1946;
served on Employment Security Commission Training Staff, 1947-
1949; Administrative Assistant, 1949-1952; Business Manager,
1952-1961; Assistant Director of the Department of Conservation
and Development, 1961-1963; Assistant State Budget Officer,
1963-1964; State Personnel Director, 1964-1965. Appointed Con-
troller State Highway Commission August 1, 1965. Served with
Army Air Force in the Pacific (1942-1945) and participated in
the invasion of New Guinea and the liberation of the Philippines.
Member American Association of State Highway Officials; South-
eastern Association of State Highway Officials; American Road
Builders Association; American Society for Public Administration;
American Management Association; Steering Committee Highway
Research Program. Past member of Raleigh Optimist Club serving
as Secretary and Treasurer. Past Chairman Supervisory Com-
mittee of State Employees' Credit Union. Former member Com-
mittee on Policies and Practices in Public Employment of the
Governor's Commission on Status of Women; Raleigh Community
Relations Committee representing State Government; State Gov-
ernment Intern Selection Committee; International Association of
Personnel in Employment Security. Methodist; Past Steward and
member of Official Board of Wynnewood Park Methodist Church;
formerly served as Chairman of Official Board, Treasurer, and
Seci-etary of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church; past member of
Raleigh Methodist Board of Missions and Church Extension.
Married Frances Lee Gordon. Three daughters: Sandra (Mrs.
Paul Rogers), Jacqueline Terry and Jane Gordon. Address: 3<il<;
Merwin Road, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Commission)

Willam Freeman Henderson, Democrat, was born in Jackson-
ville, N. C, October 27, 1913. Son of Thomas M. and Viola (Free-
man) Henderson. Attended Jacksonville High School. 1927-1931 :

:. I i Nokth Carolina Manual

University of North Carolina. A.B., 1935; University of North
Carolina Graduate' School, 1DM7-1938. Member North Carolina
Hospital Association; Director American Association for Hos-
pital Planning; President State and Territorial Hospital and Medi-
cal Facilities Survey and Construction Authorities; Member of
Board of Directors Association for the North Carolina Regional
Medical Program; Chairman Medical Center Study Commission;
member Atomic Energy Advisory Committee. Served in the fol-
lowing positions: Superintendent of Public Welfare for Randolph
County; Associate Superintendent North Carolina Children's
Home; Administrator Onslow County Hospital and Assistant Ad-
ministrator Moore County Hospital at Pinehurst. Lambda Chi
Alpha Fraternity, University of North Carolina. President, 1935.
Served in U. S. Army, 1942-1945. Presbyterian. Married Mary
Ruth Bruton. May 23, 1941. Children: Thomas Michael Henderson
and William Bruton Henderson. Address: 214:! Ridge Road.
Raleigh. N. (



(Appointed by the State Ports Authority)

James Warren Davis, Democrat, was born in Glassport, Pennsyl-
vania, April 9, 1913. Son of Chas. Campbell and Grace Margaret
(Leathers) Davis. Attended Glassport Graded Schools, 1918-1927;
Glassport High School, 1927-1931; N. C. State College, B.S. degree
in Forestry, 1937. Member American Society of Civil Engineers;
Society of American Military Engineers; American Association of
Port Authorities; South Atlantic Ports Association; Regional Ex-
port Expansion Council. Baptist. Married Margaret DeLois Os-
borne of Winston-Salem. Three daughters. Address: Wilmington.
N. C.



(Appointed by the State Prison Commission)

Vernon Leland Bounds, Democrat, was born in Salisbury,
Maryland. October 13. 1918. Son of Floyd S. and Lula F. (Ger-

Biographical Sketches ">15

man) Bounds. Attended Elkton High School, Elkton, Md., 1931-
1935; University of California, Los Angeles, 1941; University of
Virginia, 1945-1947; University of Virginia Law School, 1947-
1949, LL.B.; University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1950-1951.
Member American Correctional Assn., elected to Board of Direc-
tors, 1966; American Correctional Administrators Assn., appointed
Treasurer, 1966; National Council on Crime and Delinquency.
Lecturer in Law, University of Virginia Law School, 1949; Bige-
low Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago Law School, 1949-
1950; Bicentennial Fellow in Criminal Law and Administration,
University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1950-1951; Professor in
Public Law and Government, University of North Carolina. Insti-
tute of Government, 1952-1965; Director, University of North
Carolina Training Center on Delinquency and Youth Crime, 1962-
1965. Served in U.S. Navy, 1936-1941, A. S. to Chief Petty Officer;
U.S. Naval Reserve (active duty), 1941-1945, Ensign to Lieuten-
ant; U.S. Naval Reserve (active duty), 1951-1952, Lieutenant
Commander; U.S. Naval Reserve (inactive), since 1952. Married
Marjorie Belle Sorrell, July 15, 1966. One daughter, Bobbi Lee
Wilson, age 24; one son, Michael F. Bounds, age 22; and one
stepson, Michael L. Upchurch, age 20. Address: P. 0. Box 1134.
Chapel Hill. N. C.


(Appointed by the North Carolina State Probation Commission)

Charles Meade Clodfelter, Democrat, was born in Lexington.
N. C, January 10, 1918. Son of Dr. Charles M. and Theresa
Lucille (Hege) Clodfelter. Attended Lexington High School;
North Carolina State University, Wake Forest College; Institute
of Government. Member Southern States Probation and Parole
Conference, Chairman, Resolutions Committee, 1965-1966; National
Council on Crime and Delinquency. Entered State Government as
Probation Officer, 1947, Division Supervisor, 1962-1965; appointed
Director, Probation Commission, November 1, 1965. Served in
Army Air Force, 1942-1945. Member First Methodist Church;
Board of Stewards. Married Faye Snipes, August 24. 1940. Four

f, it; North Carolina Manual

children; Mrs. Barton Pollard, Reynolds Craig. Janis Claire and
Carolvn Olivia. Address: 810 Woodlawn Drive. Lexington, N. C.



(Appointed by the Director Department of Administration)

Frank Brown Turner, Democrat, of Dare County, was born in
Oxford. N. C. Son of Lewis B. and Emma Caroline (Bumpass)
Turner. Attended Durham High School, 1920-24; North Carolina
State College. B.S., 1928, M.S., 1931. Consulting engineer. Mem-
ber Professional Engineers of N. C, President, 1956; American
Society of Professional Engineers; American Society of Mechani-
cal Engineers; Raleigh Engineers Club, President, 1954; Ameri-
can Society of Testing Materials. President N. C. State College
Alumni Association, 1954; Senior Vice-President Planters National
Bank and Trust Co. Member Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi
Kappa Phi (honorary). Member Hayes Barton Methodist Church.
Married Huldah May Brinkley, 1928. Children: Mrs. Camille
Lawrence; Dr. Ruth Jackson, dentist; Lt. Vance Turner. USAF;
M is. Jacqueline Bates.



(Appointed by the State Board of Public Welfare)

Clifton Morton Craig, Democrat, was born in Durham, N. C,
August 4. 1918. Son of Clifton M. and Hester (Billings) Craig.
Attended University of North Carolina, B.S. degree in Commerce.
1 939; George Washington University, 1953, Master Business Ad-
ministration; U.S. Navy Postgraduate School (Comptrollership) ;
U.S. Air Force Radar School; U.S. Army Communications School;
LB.M. Executive Course. Member American Public Welfare Assn.
Industrial Director, Durham Chamber of Commerce. 1962-1965;
Colonel. U.S. Marine Corps, active duty, 1940-1962; placed on

Biographical Sketches 517

retired list, 1965. Prior to retirement was a member of Secretary
of Defense Staff, and made management studies for the Secretary
of Defense. Member First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, N. C.
Married Gertrude Iredale of Philadelphia, July 24, 1950. One son,
age 9 and one daughter, age 5. Address: 5706 Deblyn Avenue,
Raleigh, X. C.


(Appointed by the Director Department of Administration)

Eston Yates Brickhouse, Democrat, was born in Creswell, N. C.
August 14. 1913. Son of Frank N. and Mildred (Armstrong)
Brickhouse. Attended Creswell Elementary School, 1920-1927;
Creswell High School, 1927-1931; Wake Forest College, 1931-1933;
Wake Forest Law School, 1933-1934; Wake Forest College, 1936-
1937, B. S. degree; graduate. Naval Training School, Cornell
University. 1942; graduate, Advanced Mine Warfare School, Yoi'k-
town, Virginia. Member Elks; American Legion; VFW; Reserve
Officers' Association. Chairman, Democratic Party, Tyrrell County;
Executive Committeeman, Tyrrell County. Entered U.S. Navy,
July 1, 1942. as Ensign; released to inactive duty, February, 1946;
recalled to active duty, October 1950; released to inactive duty,
May, 1952, with rank of Lieutenant Commander. Baptist. Single.
Address: Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Recreation Commission)

Ralph James Andrews. Democrat, was born in Norton, Kansas,
July 6, 1906. Son of Fred R. and Effie M. (Stout) Andrews.
Attended University of Nebraska, 1924-1929. BPE and B.SC;
Graduate Schools of University of Nebraska and University of
Montana, 1935-1939; Peabody Graduate School. M.A. and 2 years
of work toward Ph.D. Member American Institute of Park Ex-

.'lis North Carolina Manual

ecutives, elected member of Board for L959-1962, Associate Editor,
L957-1962; American Recreation Society; American Red Cross;
North Carolina Recreation Society, President. 1949-1950; Ameri-
can Association Health, Physical Education & Recreation; North
Carolina Society of Safety Engineers; North Carolina (and Na-
tional! Adult Education Association; World Press Association;
X. ('. Travel Council; N. C. Council for Social Service; N. C.
Family Life Council; Family Camping Club of America; Boy
Scouts of America (Committeeman). Has worked in education
in elementary, junior high school and high school through under-
graduate (Head of Department of Athletics, Health. Physical
Education and Recreation of Western Carolina College). Professor
in Graduate School, Peabody College, Coordinator of wartime
education for the North Carolina State Department of Public
Instruction and North Carolina Director of a Kellogg Foundation
Study on School-Community Health Study. Who's Who (in (1)
American Education and in (2) South and Southwest). Has con-
tributed many articles to recreation and education journals; As-
sociate Editor, Park and Recreation, American Institute of Park
Executives; also articles in American Banker, Journal of Ameri-
can Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
and others; State College Certificate of Appreciation (1963) in
recognition of services. Received highest honors of American
Fnstitute of Park Executives, American Recreation Society (the
Fellow Award); Appointed by Governor as member of Kerr
Reservoir Development Commission, Governor's Committee on
Juvenile Delinquency and Adult Crime, Governor's Coordinating
Council on Aging, Governor's Committee on Water Safety, and
North Carolina Council on Natural Resources. Captain, U. S.
Army. L943-1944 and 1950-1952. Local Commander (1957) and
State Commander (1958), Amvets. Member Highland Methodist.
Married Clarine G. Anderson, May 27. 1928. One son, Robin 1).,
born in 1945, and one daughter, Tarnie F., horn in 1950. Address:
1419 Ridge Road, Raleig-h. N. C.


(Appointed by the Commission)

Biographical Sketches 519

Collin McKinne, Democrat, was born in Louisburg, N. C, Janu-
ary 27, 1921. Son of Malcolm and Ethelynd (Peterson) McKinne.
Attended Mills Elementary School of Louisburg, 1927-1935; Webb
School, Bell Buckle, Tenn., 1935-1939; N. C. State College, B.S. in
Industrial Engineering; graduate, Regular Course, Command and
General Staff College, U. S. Army. Member Board of Alcoholic
Control of Town of Louisburg; Secretary-Treasurer Franklin
County Young Democratic Club, 1953-1954; Deputy State Director
of Civil Defense, 1954-1955. Appointed Director North Carolina
Veterans Commission, October 15, 1957. Served in European
Theatre of Operations, U. S. Army World War II; discharged
as Captain; member N. C. National Guard since World War II
and presently Executive Officer 30th Infantry Division Artillery,
with rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Member Kappa Sigma; Ameri-
can Legion; Forty & Eight; Veterans of Foreign Wars; American
Veterans of World War II. Episcopalian; Vestryman, St. Paul's
Episcopal Church of Louisburg. Married Betty C. Hochenedel of
Houma, La., March 18, 1944. Two daughters, Jane Elliott and Eliza-
beth Peterson. Address: Louisburg, N. C.



( Appointed by the North Carolina Board of Water Resources)

George Eugene Pickett, Democrat, was born in Durham, N. C,
October 20, 1907. Son of Henry Saunders and Betty (Ward)
Pickett, both deceased. Attended Fuller School, Durham, N. C,
1914-1921; Central High School, Durham, 1921-1926; N. C. State
University, 1930, B.S. in Engineering; University of Pittsburgh,
Advance Management, MPE-15, 1955. Member National Society
of Professional Engineers of North Carolina; American Society of
Civil Engineers; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers;
Society of American Military Engineers; Raleigh Engineers Club;
Raleigh Lions Club. Served in U.S. Army, 1940-1962, Colonel.
Member Edenton Street Methodist Church; member Board of
Stewards since 1964. Married Queoga Ward, October 8, 1926.
Two sons; George E. Pickett, Jr., Raleigh, N. C. and J. Dan
Pickett, Charlotte, N. C. Address: 3308 Felton Place, Raleigh,
\t. C.




(With no approving authority)



(Appointed by the Executive Board of the Department)

Christopher Crittenden, Democrat, was born in Wake Forest.
N. C, December 1, 1902. Son of Charles Christopher and Ethel
(Taylor) Crittenden. Attended Wake Forest Grammar and High
Schools. A.B., Wake Forest College, 1921 and A.M. in 1922, Litt.D.
in 1956; Yale University, Ph.D., 1930; LL.D., University of North
Carolina in 1961. Director State Department of Archives and
History (formerly the State Historical Commission) since 1935;
Secretary State Literary and Historical association since 1935;
member American Historical and Southern Historical associa-
tions; President Society of American Archivists, 1946-1948; Presi-
dent American Association for State and Local History, 1940-
1942; President Archeological Society of North Carolina, 1948-
1950, 1955-1956; member Board of Trustees, Olivia Raney Library;
member Wake County Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, 1959. Principal
Roxobel, N. C, Public School, 1922-1923; Instructor in History.
Yale University, 1924-1925; University of North Carolina 1926-
1929 ; Assistant Professor of History, University of North Caro-
lina 1930-1935. Author of North Carolina Newspapers before
1790; The Commerce of North Carolina 1763-1789; and various
historical articles and book reviews. Editor-in-Chief the North
Carolina Historical Review. Baptist. Married Janet Quinlan of
Waynesville, N. C, 1930. Threa children: C. Jr., born 1933;
Robert Hinton, born 1936; Ann Lane, horn 1938. Address: 1537
Caswell St.. Raleigh. N. C.


Biographical Sketches 521



(Elected by the Board of Trustees North Carolina Museum of Art)

Justus Bier was born in Nuremberg, Germany, May 31, 1899.
Son of Jacob and Minna (Honig) Bier. Studied at Universities of
Munich. Erlangen, Jena, Bonn and Zurich; Ph.D. Magna Cum
Laude, University of Zurich, 1924. Member College Art Ass'n of
America: Southeastern College Art Conference; Southern Art
Museums Directors Association; Southeastern Museums Confer-
ence; International Council of Museums; American Society for
Aesthetics, Chairman of session on problems in Aesthetics, 1954;
Midwestern College Art Conference, President, 1951-1952; Society
of Architectural Historians; American Federation of Arts; Asso-
ciation of American University Professors; International Art
Critics Association; Delta Phi Alpha (honorary fraternity in the
German language) ; Kappa Pi (honorary art fraternity) ; Phi
Kappa Phi (honorary scholarship fraternity). Research Grant

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