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and Publication Grant, Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissen-
schaft. 1928. 1930; Albrecht Durer Medal, City of Nuremberg,
Germany. 1928; August Kestner Medal, Kestner-Gesellschaft,
Hannover. Germany, 1938; Research Grant, Institute for Advanced
Study. Princeton, 1953-1954; Guggenheim Foundation, Publication
Grant. 1959 ; Fulbright Fellow, University of Wurzburg 1960-1961 ;
Visiting Professor, Free University of Berlin, 1956-1957; Univer-
sity of Southern California, summer semester, 1959; University
of Colorado, summer semester, 1963. Director and Curator,
Kestner-Gesellschaft Art Institute, Hannover, Germany, 1930-
1936; Founder and Director, Museum fur das Vorbildliche Serien-
produkt, Hannover, 1930-1936; Head of Fine Arts Dept., Univer-
sity of Louisville, Kentucky, 1937-1960; Director, Allen R. Hite
Art Institute, 1946-1960; Art Editor and Art Critic, Courier-
Journal, Louisville, 1944-1956; Board Member, Deutscher Werk-
bund, Berlin, 1931-1934; Advisory Board of Art Education, Univer-
sity of Kentucky, 1947; Advisory Committee, Kentucky State Fair
and Exposition Center, 1949; member of Boai'd of Directors,
Louisville Art Center Association 1940-1960; Director, Junior
Art Gallery, Louisville, 1949-1960; Louisville Council of Historic
Sites and Buildings. 1950-1953; Professional Advisor. Junior

522 North Carolina Manual

League, Louisville, L945-1960; Editorial Council of Journal of
Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 1951-1953. Author of following
books: Nurnbergisch-frankische Bildnerkunst, 1922; Delsenbaehs
Nurnbergische Ansichten, 1 924 ; Tilmann Riemenschn eider, Vol. I.
1925, Vol. 11, 1930, Vol. III. in print; Old Nuremberg, A Work of
Art in Town-Architecture, 1928; Tilmann Riemenschneider; Ein
Gedenkbuch, Sixth Edition, 1948. Articles in American, English,
French, German and Italian scholarly art journals including Th<
Art Bulletin, Art in America, Art Quarterly, Studio, Gazette des
Beaux-Arts, Munchner Jahrbuch der Bildenden Kunst and Metro-
politan Museum of Art (New York) Bulletin. Married Senta
Dietzel, March 17, 1931. One son, Max Robert. Address: 201
Peartree Lane, Raleigh, N. C. 27610.



(Appointed by the Commission)

Grady R. Galloway, Democrat, was born in Jackson County,
N. C. Son of Elbert Daniel and Sarah (Ward) Galloway. Attended
Sylva High School, Sylva, N. C, 1933-1937; Western Carolina
College, Cullowhee, N. C, 1941, B.S. degree; Western Carolina
College, 1961, M.A. degree. Member National Rehabilitation Assn.;
Rehabilitation Counseling Assn.; North Carolina Rehabilitation
Assn.; past president American Association of Workers for the
Blind; Raleigh Lions Club. President, Western Carolina College
Alumni, 1963; president, Hawk Creek Lions Club, 1965; Regional
President, Rehabilitation Counseling Assn., 1962. Treasurer, Blue
Ridge Chapter, Society for Crippled Children and Adults, 1963-
1965; member Board of Asheville Exchange Club Workshop for
Retarded, 1964-1965; member Planning Council of Buncombe
County for Retarded, 1964-1965. Serving as Commander, U.S.
Coast Guard Reserve; participated in major invasions of North
Africa, Sicily, Salerno-Italy, Normandy, Southern France and
Okinawa; decorated for gallantry in action for performance at
Salerno, and received citations during other invasions. Member
Beverly Hills Baptist Church; Sunday School Teacher. Married
Irene Graham, 1950. Children: Karen, Neal and Mark. Address:
Route 3, Box 616, Raleigh, N. C.

Biographical Sketches 523



i Appointed by the State Board of Education)

Isaac Epps Ready, Democrat, was born in Johnston, S. C,
December 17. 1903. Son of Edgar Lowndes Ready and Elise Epps
Ready. Attended Johnston, S. C, public schools; University of
South Carolina, A.B. "Cum Laude," 1925, A.M., 1929; New York
University, Ed.D., 1949; other graduate study: University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill; University of Chicago; Harvard
University, and Columbia University. Member North Carolina
Education Association; National Education Association; Ameri-
can Association of School Administrators; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta
Kappa; Kiwanis Club. Teacher and Coach, Olar, S. C; Rocky
Mount, N. C; Ridgeland, S. C. Assistant Principal, Central High
School, Charlotte, N. C. ; Principal, Rocky Mount High School,
Rocky Mount, N. C; Hugh Morson High School, Raleigh, N. C.
Superintendent, Roanoke Rapids City Schools; Director, Curricu-
lum Study, State Board of Education. Member Edenton Street
Methodist Church. Married Marguerite Cook, 1928. Two sons,
Epps, Jr. and Judson; one daughter, Lucia (Mrs. Ronnie Waters).
Address: 744 St. George Road, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Chief Justice)

J. Frank Huskins, Democrat, was born in Burnsville, N. C,
February 10, 1911. Son of Joseph Erwin and Mary Etta (Peterson)
Huskins. Attended Yancey Collegiate Institute, 1924-1926; Burns-
ville High School, graduated, 1927; Mars Hill (Junior) College,
1927-1929; University of North Carolina 1929-1930, A.B. degree;
University of North Carolina Law School, 1930-1932. Member
N. C. Bar, Inc.; N. C. Bar Assn.; Wake County Bar; American
Judicature Society; National Conference of Court Administrative
Officers; American Legion; Raleigh Executives' Club. Mayor,
Town of Burnsville, 1939-1942; Chairman, North Carolina In-

524 Nokth Carolina'al

dustrial Commission from May, 1949 to January, 1955; Represen-
tative from Yancey County in General Assembly, 1947 and 194V
Sessions. Judge, Superior Court, 1955-1965; appointed Director,
Administrative Office of the Courts of North Carolina. July 1,
1965. Served in U.S. Navy, 1942-1946; Lieutenant Commander
U. S. Naval Reserve, Retired. Baptist. Married Mary Bailey (now
deceased) of Burnsville, N. C, January 22, 1938, no children;
married Ruth Houck of Spruce Pine, N. C, October 20. 1963. Step
children: Robert Glenn McNeill, age 23, in U.S. Air Force and
Ruth Elizabeth McNeill, age 17. Address: Burnsville. X. C:
Official address: Justice Building, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Board)

Alexander Kenan Brock, Democrat, was born in Winston-Salem,
N. C, December 26, 1924. Son of the late Judge Walter E. and
Elizabeth (Ashcraft) Brock. Attended Raleigh Public Schools;
The Citadel, Charleston, S. C; University of North Carolina;
U.S. Army School of Administration; School of Insurance, Hart-
ford, Conn. Engaged in office furniture business, and also operates
Brock Office Supply Co.; distributes ULTRAVOX electronic equip-
ment. Member Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and several civic clubs;
Precinct Committee, 1958-1960; Democratic Finance Committee.
Wake County, 1961-1962. Long active in political affairs and
campaigns of the Democratic Party. Served as Sergeant-Major,
Division Artillery, 75th Infantry Division; Sergeant-Major Head-
quarters, 195th Labor Supervision Center; inducted 1943 and
served through December, 1946; attended Army School. Rheims.
France. Member Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church, Raleigh;
served as Vestryman, 1955-1957; Treasurer of the Vestry, 1958-
1.959; Board of Trustees, Saint Timothy's School, 1960-1963; now
serving as Vestryman and Parliamentarian. Married Doris Pool
Green of Raleigh and Charlotte. Two children: Kenan, age 18.
student at East Carolina College, and Danny, age 14, student at
Canoll Junior High School, Raleigh. Address: 428 Oakland Drive
(P. 0. Box 2682), Raleigh, N. C.

Biographical Sketches 525



(Appointed by the Director subject to approval by the Commission)

Cameron Waddell Lee, Democrat, was born in Asheville, N. C.
November 23, 1914. Son of Ralph E. and Mabel (Robinson) Lee.
Attended Asheville City Schools, 1921-1931; University of South
Carolina, B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1935. Member N. C. Society
of Engineers; Southeastern Association of State Highway Of-
ficials; American Association of State Highway Officials; Ameri-
can Road Builders' Association; appointed as member of Trans-
port Committee of American Association of State Highway Of-
ficials, 1960, and a member of the Planning and Design Policies
Committee, 1964 and Joint AASHO- National Highway Users
Joint Committee, 1965. Commander U. S. Navy (Reserve); active
duty, 1942-1946 and 1951-1953. Baptist; formerly belonged to
Presbyterian Church and served as Deacon, 1948-1951 and Elder
1954-1957. Married Helen Lawhon of Union, S. C, June of 1942.
Children: Cameron, Jr., age 23; Richard, age 19; David, age 17;
Edwin, age 11. Address: 205 West Sycamore Street, Wake Forest,
N. C.



(Appointed by the Attorney General)

Myron Homer McBryde, Democrat, was born in Sanford, N. C,
July 27, 1923. Son of Forrest Glenn, Sr. and Ann (Stone) Mc-
Bryde. Attended Mclver Elementary School, Sanford, N. C,
1929-1936; Sanford High School, Sanford, N. C, 1937-1938;
Rockingham High School, Rockingham, N. C, 1939-1942; Rollins
College, Winter Park, Fla., A.B. degree, 1950; University of Mis-
sissippi, School of Law, LL.B., 1954. Lawyer. Member Lowndes
County Bar Association; Mississippi Bar Assn.; Mississippi State
Bar; American Bar Assn.; American Judicature Society; Kappa
Alpha (social fraternity); Phi Alpha Delta (legal fraternity);
Elks Club; Rotary Club. Vice President, Kappa Alpha Fraternity,

526 Nok mi (' \i:oi.i.\a Man i \i

Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla., 1949, President, 1950; Vice
President, Phi Alpha Delta, University of Mississippi, 1963, Presi-
dent, 1964; co-founder Phi Alpha Delta Legal Research Exchange.
University of Mississippi Law School. Attorney, Columbus, Mis-
sissippi, 1966-19(57. Former instructor in Criminology and Politi-
cal Science. Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus.
Mississippi; former Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investiga-
tion. Author, "The Nature of the Judicial Process with Emphasis
on Legislation". Sergeant, Military Transportation Corps, 1943-
1946. Presbyterian, Married Ann Garner, August 4, 1950. Chil-
dren: Bruce Garner McBryde, age 11, and Lory Joan McBryde.
age 9. Address: Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Board of Juvenile Correction)

Blaine Mark Madison, Democrat, was born in Olin, Iredell
County, N. C. Son of Charles M. and Molly (White) Madison.
Attended Union Grove High School, graduating in 1926; High
Point College, A.B., 1929; Duke University, M.A., 1933 and M.Ed..
1939. Member National Association of Training Schools and
Juvenile Agencies; American Prison Association; American Wel-
fare Association ; North Carolina Council for Social Service ;
Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Scholarship Fraternity in Education.
Author of numerous professional articles for North Carolina
Education, North Carolina Christian Advocate, The State, PTA
Bulletin and Bulletin Service of the Methodist Church of the
United States. President Adult and Juvenile Delinquency Division
North Carolina Council for Social Service; President North Cen-
tral District of North Carolina Education Association, 1950;
President Raleigh Unit North Carolina Education Association,
1949; Treasurer Southeastern Division of Child Welfare League
of America, 1948; Chairman Governor's Committee on Juvenile
Delinquency and Youth Crime; Special Consultant President's
Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime; President
of the National Association of Training Schools and Juvenile
Agencies July 1965-June 1967; Member of the Professional
Council of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency Janu-

Biographical Skkkhis 527

ary 1966-December 31, 1968; President Raleigh Family Service
Society, 1949. Appointed Commissioner of the State Board of
Correction and Training July 1, 1956. Member Raleigh Lions
Club, First Vice-President, 1951. Member Edenton Street Methodist
Church of Raleigh; past Chairman Board of Stewards; Teacher of
Fidelis Bible Class; former Lay Leader of the Raleigh District
of the Methodist Church; former Treasurer of the Board of Lay
Activities of the North Carolina Methodist Conference; member
Board of Education of the North Carolina Conference; Executive
Committee of the North Carolina Council of Churches; Executive
Committee of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Council of the
Methodist Church. Married Helen Williams, 1935. Address: 1809
McDonald Lane, Raleigh. N. C.



(Appointed by the Board of Commissioners)

Elwood Boyd Dixon, Democrat, was born in Edward, Beaufort
County, N. C, February 27, 1905. Son of Dr. William Harvey and
Carrie Maxwell (Boyd) Dixon. Attended Ayden High School,
Ayden, N. C, 1918-1921; Randolph Macon Military Academy, Bed-
ford, Va., 1921-1922; University of North Carolina, graduating,
1926, B.S. in Business Administration; Stonier Graduate School of
Banking; Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N. J., 1955-1956,
graduating, 1957. Former Treasurer and Director Raleigh Chapter
National Office Management Association; past President Raleigh
Clearing House Association ; former Treasurer and member of the
Board, Wake County Chapter, N. C. Society for Crippled Children
and Adults. Former member Advisory Board, Raleigh Y.W.C.A.
Past Director Raleigh Chamber of Commerce; member and past
Vice President Raleigh Lions Club. Charter member Delta Sigma
Pi, National Business Fraternity, U. N. C. Member William G.
Hill Lodge, A.F. & A.M., No. 218, Raleigh, N. C; Scottish Rite
Bodies and Shriner, Sudan Temple. Former Vice-President North
Carolina National Bank, Raleigh, N. C, retired March 31, 1962.
Member Fairmont Methodist Church, Raleigh. N. C; currently

528 North Carolina Manual

Chairman Board of Trustees and member of Finance Committee;
Chairman Official Board, L954. Married Roberta Smith, LaGrange.
N. C, March 20. 1<K',2. One daughter, Roberta Harvey, now Mr?.
Hart H. Gates, Marietta, Ga. Address: 2700 Van Dyke Avenue,
Raleigh, X. C.



I Appointed by the North Carolina State Library Board)

Philip Smythe Ogilvie, Democrat, was born in Savannah. Ga..
March 14, 1919. Son of Philip Smythe and Mary Eva (Moore)
Ogilvie. Attended Savannah High School, Savannah, Ga.; St.
Charles' Jr. College, Catonsville, Maryland; St. Mary's Seminary
and University, Baltimore, Md., B.A. degree, June, 1944; Catholic
University of America, Washington, D. C, B.S. in Lib. Sci., Aug..
P.I47. Member American Library Assn.; Special Libraries Assn.:
Southeastern Library Assn.; North Carolina Library Assn. Con-
tributor to pi"ofessional periodicals. Member Roman Catholic
Church; Associate Editor, North Carolina Catholic, 1947-1949;
Executive Secretary, North Carolina Catholic Layman's Assn..
1947-1949; Executive Secretary, Catholic Committee of the South.
1949-1953. Married Joan Marie Forshag of New Orleans, La.,
May 29, 1952. Children: Elizabeth Mary; Patrick Albert; Henry
Alton; Anne Lillian; Joseph Andrew, and Jane Katherine. Ad-
dress: 030 Peartree Lane, Raleigh, N. C. 27010.



(.Appointed by the State Treasurer)

William Ewart Easterling, Democrat, was born in Marlboro
County, South Carolina. Son of Gary Thomas and Columbia
(Wyatt) Easterling. Attended Wofford College, A.B., 1918; East-
man-Gaines School of Business, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Certified
Public Accountant. Secretary, North Carolina Local Government

Biographical Sketches 529

Commission since November of 1932. Served as Private in United
States Marine Corps, June of 1918 to July of 1919. Presbyterian;
Deacon, 1938-1941, 1950-1953; Elder, 1954-57, 1958-62. 1963-68.
Married Hannah McCutchen Montgomery, October 27, 1927. One
son, W. E. Easterling, Jr., M.D. Address: 2412 Everett Avenue.
Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the State Board of Mental Health )

Eugene Alexander Hargrove, Democrat, was born in San Elizerio,
Texas, August 2, 1918. Son of William Franklin and Nell (Dasy)
Hargrove. Attended Austin High School of El Paso, Texas, 1932-
1936; University of Texas, A.B., 1939; University of Texas School
of Medicine, M.D., 1942. Fellow in Psychiatry, University of Penn-
sylvania, 1947-1950. Physician, specializing in psychiatry. Diplo-
mate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1950. Member
American Medical Association; American Psychiatric Association;
American Academy on Mental Retardation; American Association
on Mental Deficiency; North Carolina Medical Association; North
Carolina Neuropsychiatry Association; Wake County Medical So-
ciety. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of North
Carolina School of Medicine. Co-author of "The Practice of Psy-
chiatry in General Hospitals." Also has contributed many articles
appearing in various medical journals. Served as Captain in Army
Medical Corps, 1944-1946. Member First Presbyterian Church,
Raleigh, N. C. Married Ethel Crittenden, September 2, 1946.
Children: Eugene Alexander, Jr., age 19; Thomas, age 14; William.
age 13. Address: 2429 Wentworth Street, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the State Personnel Board)

Claude Edward Caldwell, Democrat, was born in Meriwether
County, Ga., Oct. 25, 1918. Son of Lamar and Martha Elizabeth

530 North Carolina Manual

(Funderburke) Caldwell. Attended Georgia State College, B.C.S.,
June, L945; Emory University Law School, LL.B. degree, 1948.
Member Public Personnel Association; American Management
Association; American Society for Public Administration; Phi
Delta Phi Fraternity. Member Milbrook Baptist Church; Chair-
man, Board of Deacons, 11)60-1962; Superintendent, Educational
Organizations. 1963-1986. Married Mary Frances Tollison. Chil-
dren: Mary Claudia; Steven Lamar; JohnWeston; Martha Eliza-
beth, and Nancy Ann. Address: Route 9, Box 38, Raleigh. N. C.



(Elected by the Rural Electrification Authority)

Gwyn B. Price, Democrat, was born in Warrensville, N. C, June
2, 1900. Son of Avery A. and Victoria (Graybeal) Price. Attended
Jefferson High School of Jefferson, N. C; Duke University, 1919;
Emory & Henry College, A.B., 1924; graduate student University
of North Carolina, 1928. Owner, Rich Hill Farm. Member Farmers
Cooperative Council of North Carolina; N. C. Board of Farm
Organization & Agricultural Agencies; Director Farmers Coopera-
tive Exchange, Inc.; member Yadkin Valley Dairy Cooperative,
Wilkesboro, N. C; Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation
and Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation, West Jefferson,
N. C. Awarded certificate by the North Carolina State Grange
for Distinguished Service to North Carolina Farm People, 1954.
Principal of Jefferson High School, 1924-1938. Chairman North
Carolina Rural Electrification Authority since 1941. Member
Rotary Club; The North Carolina State Grange; Kappa Phi
Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; Sigma Chi. Methodist. Married
Pauline Shoaf, 1925. Children: Joe Gwyn Price and Mrs. Virginia
Ruth Price Roberts. Home address: Warrensville. N. C. Office:
Box 630, Raleigh, N. C.



(Elected by Board of Trustees)

Biographical Sketches 531

Nathan Hunter Yelton, Democrat, was born at Bakersville,
N. C; son of David and Sarah Jane (Deyton) Yelton. Graduated
from Yancey Collegiate Institute, Burnsville, N. C; B. S. George
Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee; Graduate work at the
University of North Carolina; and in School Administration,
George Peabody. Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws presented
by Elon College during June, 1966, commencement exercises.
Teacher, elementary and high school principal; Superintendent,
Mitchell County Schools; State Director Public Assistance 1937-41;
Executive Secretary, State School Commission, 1941-42; Controller
State Board of Education, 1942-43; Director N. C. Public Em-
ployees' Social Security Agency since 1951 and Director and
Executive Secretary of the North Carolina Local Governmental
Employees' Retirement System and the Teachers' and State Em-
ployees' Retirement System since 1945. Captain U. S. Army, In-
telligence, December 19, 1943 to October 7, 1945 with eighteen
months overseas; attached to British 11th Armored Division for
eight months; participated in the invasion of Normandy, North
France and Rhineland Campaigns; attached to 3rd Army with
headquarters in Munich in charge of Military Government Educa-
tion program for Bavaria in the denazification of the German
School System; promoted to rank of Major. Member Municipal
Finance Officers Association, U. S. and Canada; Southern Con-
ference on Teacher Retirement, having served as Chairman in
1948 and 1964; National Council on Teacher Retirement, a division
of the National Education Association, having served in the past
as a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the
Legislative Committee and later as Chairman ; State Democratic
Executive Committee; Governor's Coordinating Committee on
Aging — a past Chairman; Board of N. C. Police Voluntary Benefit
Association; Board of Directors, Raleigh United Fund; American
Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Governor's Coordinating
Council on Aging; Raleigh Lions Club. Mason, member Raleigh
Lodge 500. Presbyterian and Chairman of Board of Deacons.
Married April 16, 1922 to Cerena Sue Polk (Deceased) of Mary-
ville, Tennessee; one child, Natalie (Mrs. Robert E. Morton) of
Chicago, Illinois. Married Betty Glyn Holland of Clinton, N. C.
May 12, 1956; two children, Molly Dawn and Yolanda Jane. Home
address: Garner, N. C. Office: Raleigh, N. C.

..::■ North Carolina Manual



(Appointed by the Commission)

Clyde Pharr Patton, Democrat, was born in Monroe County,
West Virginia, September 17, 1913. Son of Clyde Thompson and
Glenna Robinson (Pharr) Patton. Graduated from Herndon, Vir-
ginia. High School in 1932; Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S.
in Biology in 1936 and M.S. in Wildlife Conservation in 1939.
Member Wildlife Society; Outdoor Writers Association of Amer-
ica; N. C. Outdoor Writers Association; N. C. Wildlife Federation;
Atlantic Waterfowl Council, Chairman 1954, 1955, 1958 and 1959;
Inteiiiational Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Com-
missioners. President 1960; Southeastern Association of Game and
Fish Commissioners, President 1952; Atlantic Flyway Repi'esenta-
tive. National Waterfowl Council; Editor, Virginia Wildlife Maga-
zine, 1946-1948. Co-author of "Wild Mammals of Virginia." Author
of numerous articles in scientific and popular publications. Member
Raleigh Lions Club. Member Raleigh Lodge No. 500, Ancient, Free
and Accepted Masons. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry
Reserve (ROTO. May 31, 1936; called to active duty with Air
Force. June 1H41 ; served in European Theatre of Operations from
August 1!)42 to September 1945; released from active duty as
Lieutenant Colonel, March 1946; Reserve Officer at present. Execu-
tive Di lector North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission since
February 1. 194iS. Presbyterian; Elder; Clerk of Session; past
president and teacher of adult Sunday School Class. Married Lucile
Xadine Jennings, December 7. 1945. Address: 1101 Bancroft St.,
Raleigh. North Carolina.



Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Democrat, was born at Morganton. N. C,
September 27, 1896; graduated from University of North Carolina
with A.B. degree, 1917, and Harvard Law School with LL.B. de-
gree, 1922; granted these honorary degrees: LL.D., University of
North Carolina, 1951, LL.D., Western Carolina College, 1955, and
D.P.A., Suffolk University, 1957; served in France with First
Division in First World War; twice wounded in battle, twice cited
for gallantry in action, and awarded French Fourragere. Purple
Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Star, and Distinguished Serv-
ice Cross ; subsequently served in National Guard ; admitted to
North Carolina Bar, 1919; practiced law at Morganton from 1922
until present except during service on the bench; Representative
from Burke County in the North Carolina Legislature, 1923, 1925,
1931 ; Chairman, Burke County Democratic Executive Committee.

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