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Tax Supervisor Hazel Tice Wadesboro

Tax Collector CM. Pratt Wadesboro

County Accountant Hazel Tice Wadesboro

Coroner H. H. Leavitt, Jr Wadesboro

Surveyor F. S. Clarke Wadesboro

County Health Director Dr. P. H. Creech Wadesboro

Supt. of Schools Arthur Summers Wadesboro

Director of Public Welfare Charles P. Haskell Wadesboro

County Ext. Chairman John Potter, Jr Wadesboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Baxter McRae Peachland

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. C. Gray Wadesboro

Wildlife Protector Ralph Griffin Rt. 3, Wadesboro

Forest Ranger Earl Robertson Anson ville

County Manager L. P. Zachary Wadesboro

County Attorney Taylor, McLendon & Jones Wadesboro

County Librarian Mrs. Shepherd L. Pritchett Wadesboro

Civil Defense Director L. P. Zachary Wadesboro

Veterans Service Officer R. C. Covington Wadesboro

County Criminal Court:

Judge B. T. Hill Wadesboro

Solicitor G. C. Childs Wadesboro

County Commissioners:



. F. J. Cloud, Jr Wadesboro

John J. Crawford. . Wadesboro

Ralph Bricker Polkton

. L. C. Springer Ansonville

Edwin Wall Morven

6il() North Carolina Manual


\ he ' lounty was formed in 1 799 from Wilkes. Was named in honor of Samuel Ashe of
New Hanover, brother of General John Ashe Samuel Ashe was a Revolutionary patriot,
one of the tirst judges of the state, and afterwards governor.

Population 19,768 County Seat— Jefferson

State Senator 21sl District Worth Gentry, King

Members House of Representatives .'{7th District Basil D. Barr, West Jefferson

P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs
Hugh L. Merritt, Mt. Airy

Office Officer Address

< 'lerk of ( ',ow 1 Don L. Francis Jefferson

Register of Deeds .John G. Gentry .Jefferson

Sheriff W. R. Brown Jefferson

Vuditor Will A. Worth Jefferson

Tax Supervisor George Shepherd Jefferson

Tax Collector J\yle Baldwin Jefferson

County Accountant Edith G. Laughon Jefferson

1 "toner Dr. Dean C. Jones, Jr. . Jefferson

( 'on n ty Health 1 (irector Dr. Mary Michal Boone

Supl . of Schools Frank James Warrensville

Director of Public Welfare Frances Tucker Jefferson

County Ext. Chairman A. B. Addington Jefferson

Chmn. Bd. Education Circle Sheets Jefferson

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. H. Lemly Fleetwood

Wildlife Protector Roland Koontz Jefferson

' Hunger Luther Anderson, Jr Jefferson

County Attorney Thomas S. Johnston Jefferson

Civil Defense Director. Hoyle Stringer West Jefferson

\ olenitis Service Officer Hoyle Stringer West Jefferson

County Commissioners:

( 'hairman Karl B. Graybeal West Jefferson

Commissioner Frank McMillan Crumpler

Commissioner . Bruce Bowlin Laurel Springs


Avery County was formed in 1911 from Mitchell, W r atauga, and Caldwell. Was named
in honor of Colonel Waightstill Avery "of Revolutionary fame," Attorney General of
.North Carolina, 1 i 77 -1779.

I '"l" ,la,i,in l 2.°09 County Seat— Newland

State Senator 30th District Clyde M. Norton, Old Fort

Member House of Representatives 14th District . . . .. .Mack S. Isaac, Newland

° fflce Officer Address

< 'lerk of Court I ) e an B. Filer Newland

ter of Deeds Dan G. Vance Newland

Snerifl Ernest Turbvrill. Newland

Treasurer Avery County Bank Newland

lax Supervisor ... Buster Hayes Newland

rax Collector Howard Turbvrill . Newland

< ounty Accountant B. E. Burleson Newland

ner . d • , Carl Osborne .Newland

Supt. of Schools Harry McGee. Newland

Director of Public Welfare Billye Hughes (acting) ... Newland

xt. Chairman Sam Cartner Newland

'''■ Education.. Martha Guy Newland

u !'!,"; V • Kl '" " LeRoy Riddle Banner Elk

Wildlife Protector .Wallace Carpenter Three Mile

Forest Ranger.. Julis Ollis Cranberry

( ountj An., me;. j. R ay Breswell Newland

County Government 691

Office Officer Address

County Librarian Dorothy Thomas Celio

Civil Defense Director L. E. McGuire Elk Park

Veterans Service Officer Jack Winchester Morganton

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. M. Heaton Rt. 1, Elk Park

Commissioner J. M. Ellis Newland

Commissioner Lonnie Aldridge Banner Elk


Beaufort County was formed in 1705 from Bath. Was first called Archdale and name
changed to Beaufort about 1712. It was named in honor of Henry Somerset, Duke of
Beaufort, who in 1709 became one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. He purchased
the share originally owned by the Duke of Albemarle.

Population — 36,014 County Seat — Washington

State Senator 2nd District Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members of House of Representatives 2nd District Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr. Washington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Bessie J. Cherry Washington

Register of Deeds John I. Morgan Washington

Sheriff Jack D. Harris Washington

Treasurer Jay M. Hodges, Jr Washington

Auditor Jay M. Hodges, Jr Washington

Tax Supervisor Jay M. Hodges, Jr Washington

Tax Collector D. E. Redditt Washington

County Accountant Jay M. Hodges, Jr Washington

Coroner J. Bonner Paul Washington

County Health Director Dr. William A. Browne New Bern

Supt. of Schools W. F. Veasey Washington

Director of Public Welfare James P. Clark Washington

County Ext. Chairman Maxwell P. Chesnutt Washington

Chmn. ABC Board George W. Taylor Washington

Chmn. Bd. Education W. B. Voliva Belhaven

Chmn. Bd. Elections G. D. Elliott Bath

Wildlife Patrolman John R. Kennedy Chocowinity

Wildlife Protector Freelen L. Fraley Washington

Wildlife Protector Donald W. Deese Aurora

Forest Ranger Henry S. Woolard Washington

County Manager Jay M. Hodges, Jr Washington

County Attorney L. H. Ross Washington

County Librarian Mrs. Hal Wilson Washington

Civil Defense Director Earl E. Alligood Washington

Veterans Service Officer Carolyn C. Taylor Washington

Aurora Recorder's Court:

Judge C. A. Litchfield Aurora

Solicitor William P. Mayo Washington

Belhaven Recorder's Court :

Judge R. H. Allen R.F.D., Pantego

Solicitor William P. Mayo Washington

Washington Recorder's Court:

Judge Hallett S. Ward Washington

Solicitor William P. Mayo Washington

County Commissioners:

Chairman Jake Van Gyzen Pantego

Commissioner Alton Cayton Grimesland

Commissioner W. A. Broome Aurora

Commissioner James A. Hackney, Jr Washington

Commissioner William H. Page Washington

North Carolina Manual


Bertie Countj was formed in 1T22 from Bath. Was named in honor of James and
Henrj Bertie, Lords Proprietors, who in 1728 owned the share of Lord Clarendon.

Population 24,350 County Seat — Windsor

Stair Senators 1st 1 list rid J- J- Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives <>th District Emmett W. Burden, Aulander

Roberts H. Jernigan, Jr., Ahoskie

Office Officer Address

< 'lerk of ( lourl Robert E. Williford Windsor

Register of Deeds Joe S. Warlick Windsor

Shrrilf Edward H. Daniels Windsor

Treasurer. ... . Ethel R. Cherry Windsor

Tax Supervisor .Jack A. Williford Windsor

Tax < lollector Jack A. Williford Windsor

< loroner . Goodwin Byrd Windsor

County Health Director Dr. K. L. VanHorn Windsor

Supl . of Schools .1. L. Dupree Windsor

Director of Public Welfare . . .Mrs. Norma P. Smith Windsor

( 'mini v Ext . ( 'hairman G. C. Jennings Windsor

Chmn. ABC Hoard . .W. L. Perry Windsor

Chmn. Bd. Education Geo. W. Capehart, Jr Merry Hill

Chmn. Bd. Elections Roy Powell Aulander

Wildlife Patrolman . . Charles Davis Windsor

Wildlife Protector Jim Anderson Lewiston

Forest Hanger Miles White Windsor

County Attorney John R. Jenkins, Jr Aulander

County Librarian Mrs. J. L. Byrd Windsor

Civil Defense Director George L. Mardre Windsor

Veterans Service Officer . Mrs. E. S. Pugh Windsor

Recorder's Court :

Judge J. B. Davenport Windsor

Solicitor . M. B. Gillam, Jr Windsor

( lounty Commissioners:

( 'hairman B. F. Hoggard Aulander

Commissioner Russell Knowles Rt. 4, Windsor

< 'ommissioner W. J. Barnacascle Merry Hill

Commissioner. . . B. F. Bazemore RFD, Windsor

Commissioner C. H. Edwards Lewiston


Bladen County was formed in 1734 from Bath. Was named in honor of Martin Bladen,
one of the members of the Board of Trade which had charge of colonial affairs.

Population— 28,881 County Seat — Elizabethtown

State Senator 15th District James C. Green, Clarkton

Members House of Representatives 12th District Chatham C. Clark, Elizabethtown

C. Graham Tart, Clinton

Office Officer Address

1 ' • t- R of Court Carl C. Campbell Elizabethtown

Register of I leeds Carl S. McCulloch Elizabethtown

Sheriff John B. Allen Elizabethtown

1 urer.... . ... Bank of Elizabethtown Elizabethtown

Auditor . p. G. Cain Elizabethtown

Tax Supervisor Paul Campbell Elizabethtown

ollector H. M. Chason Elizabethtown

Coroner Gordon Kinlaw Elizabethtown

County Health Director Dr. Caroline Callison Clinton

County Government 693

Office Officer Address

Supt. of Schools D. M. Calhoun Elizabethtown

Director of Public Welfare Russell Sessoms Elizabethtown

County Ext. Chairman Ralph Sasser Elizabethtown

Chmn. Bd. Education Elliot Henry Kelly

Chmn. Bd. Elections Herbert Sasser Elizabethtown

Wildlife Protector Sam Culbreth Elizabethtown

Wildlife Protector Sterling R. Baker RFD, Council

Forest Ranger Frank Sholar Rt. 2, Elizabethtown

County Attorney R. J. Hester, Jr Elizabethtown

County Librarian Mrs. Roy Williford Clarkton

Civil Defense Director W. G. Fussell Bladenboro

Veterans Service Officer Louis T. Vaught, Jr Elizabethtown

Recorder'sCourt :

Judge Giles R. Clark Elizabethtown

Solicitor Leon D. Smith Elizabethtown

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. S. Singletary Clarkton

Commissioner Carl L. Suggs Bladenboro

Commissioner B. E. Carroll Dublin

Commissioner Edd Nye Elizabethtown

Commissioner F. L. Tatum White Oak


Brunswick County was formed in 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen. Was named in
honor of the famous House of Brunswick, of which the four Georges, Kings of England,
were members.

Population — 20,278 County Seat — Southport

State Senator 15th District James C. Green, Clarkton

Members House of Representatives 13th District Clyde M. Collier, Rt. 1, Hallsboro

Odell Williamson, Shallotte

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. E. Brown Southport

Register of Deeds D. T. Clark Southport

Sheriff Harold Willetts Southport

Treasurer Ressie Whatley Southport

Auditor Ressie Whatley Southport

Tax Supervisor Ira D. Butler, Jr Southport

Tax Collector Homer McKeithan Southport

County Accountant Ressie Whatley Southport

Coroner Lowell B. Bennett Southport

County Health Director Dr. John R. Black Whiteville

Supt. of Schools George Williams Southport

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Emma Chadwick Shallotte

County Ext. Chairman Archie Martin Supply

Chmn. Bd. Education O. K. Bellamy Ocean Drive Beach, S. C.

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. Foster Mintz Bolivia

Wildlife Protector Walton B. Chesson Supply

Wildlife Protector Henry Barber Leland

Forest Ranger Kenneth Johnson Bolivia

County Attorney E. J. Prevatte Southport

County Librarian Mrs. Sue King Southport

Civil Defense Director Col. Frank Moffitt Southport

Veterans Service Officer Crawford Ruark Southport

County Recorder's Court:

Judge C. E. Bellamy Southport

Solicitor A. H. Gainey, Jr Southport

KJM NoKTii Carolina Manual

oilier Officer Address

i !i nint y ( Commissioners:

( Chairman .r< > hn L. Barbee Southport

i Commissioner George T. Rourk Leland

Commissioner V. A. Creech, Jr Leland

i Commissioner A . < 'limit I Ioldcn Supply

< Commissioner A. Berl Frink Shallotte


Buncombe County was formed in 1791 from Burke and Rutherford. Was named in
honor of Colonel Edward Buncombe, a Revolutionary soldier who was wounded and
captured ai the battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777, and died a paroled prisoner,
May L778, in Philadelphia. Colonel Buncombe lived in Tyrrell County. He was noted for
his hospitality. Over the door of his house were these lines: "Welcome all to Buncombe

Population 130,074 County Seat — Asheville

State Senators 31st District Bruce B. Briggs, Asheville

R. Theodore Dent, Spruce Pine
Members House of Representatives 45th Dist.. . Gordon H. Greenwood, Black Mountain

Herschel S. Harkins, Asheville

C. Edley Hutchins, Black Mountain

David D. Jordan, Asheville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court R. Curtis Ratcliff Asheville

Register of I >eeds William Digges Asheville

Sheriff Harry P. Clay Asheville

Auditor James C. Garrison Asheville

Tax Supervisor Edward McElrath Asheville

Tax Collector Gordon Ramsey Asheville

< 'mint y Accountant James C. Garrison Asheville

Coroner Robert C. Moffitt Asheville

County Health Director . Dr. H. W. Stevens Asheville

Supt. of Schools. . . . T. C. Roberson Asheville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Margaret Coman Asheville

County Kxt. Chairman Riley Palmer Asheville

Chmn. Bd. Education T. C. Roberson Asheville

Chmn. Bd. Elections . . William Reeves Asheville

Wildlife Protector Frank D. Spears Weaverville

Forest Hanger . . . . Ralph W. Sales Rt. 2, Asheville

County Attorney Tom S. Garrison, Jr. Asheville

County Librarian Mrs. Margaret Morrow Asheville

Civil I lefense Director Mrs. Nora Gunter Asheville

Veterans Service Officer . . E. B. DeBruhl Asheville

( reneral County Court :

Judge Robert B. Wilson Asheville

Solicit, H Robert D. Lewis Asheville

Police < 'ourt :

Judge Sam M. Cathey Asheville

Solicitor William C. Hampton Asheville

( Countj I Commissioners:

Chairman Coke (Candler Asheville

tissioner William Britt Asheville

Commissioner Roy Trantham Asheville

CcMvn <;<>\ i- k n \m \r »;iir>


Burke County was formed in 1777 from Rowan. Was named in honor of Dr. Thomas
Burke, member of the Continental Congress and Governor of North Carolina.

Population— 52,701 County Seat — Morganton

State Senator 28th District Joe K. Byrd, Morganton

Members House of Representatives 42nd District. Sam J. Ervin, III, Morganton

Donald R. Kincaid, RFD, Lenoir
Earl H. Tate, Lenoir

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Tellis G. Bumgarner Morganton

Register of Deeds Boger McGimsey Morganton

Sheriff Alvin H. Wise Morganton

Treasurer Betty Whitaker Morganton

Auditor Graham S. DeVane Morganton

Tax Supervisor Richard M. Perkins Morganton

Tax Collector Wm. M. Avery Morganton

County Accountant Betty Whitaker Morganton

Coroner Dr. John C. Reece Morganton

Surveyor E. A. Mallonnee Morganton

County Health Director Dr. Geo. F. Reeves Morganton

Supt. of Schools John L. Johnson Morganton

Director of Public Welfare. James A. Blakley Morganton

County Ext. Chairman Herbert M. Speas Morganton

Chmn. Bd. Education J. Perry Abernethy Hildebran

Chran. Bd. Elections Carl P. Giles Morganton

Wildlife Protector Garland Hamrick Morganton

Wildlife Protector Phillip R. Williams Rt. 2, Valdese

Forest Ranger Robert Perkins Rt. 2, Morganton

County Attorney Livingston Vernon Morganton

County Librarian Mrs. Douglas Barnett Morganton

Civil Defense Director J. C. Sossoman Morganton

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Nancy Duckworth Morganton

County Commissioners:

Chairman Leighton W. Harbison Morganton

Commissioner Ivey Lee Griffin Rutherford College

Commissioner Joseph A. McGimsey, Jr Morganton

Commissioner Everett T. Eckard Hildebran

Commissioner Roy L. Fox Valdese


Cabarrus County was formed in 1792 from Mecklenburg. Was named in honor of
Stephen Cabarrus, of Edenton, several times a member of the Legislature and often Speaker
of the House of Commons.

Population— 68,137 County Seat— Concord

State Senators 24th District John R. Boger, Jr., Concord

C. Frank Griffin, Monroe

Members House of Representatives 35th District James C. Johnson, Jr., Concord

Dwight W. Quinn, Kannapolis

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court W. D. Ratchf ord, Jr Concord

Register of Deeds James O. Bonds Concord

Sheriff J. B. Roberts Concord

Auditor Alfred L. Hurt Concord

Tax Supervisor Ralph Litaker Concord

Tax Collector C. Gice Allen Concord

County Accountant Alfred L. Hurt Concord

Coroner Dr. J. O. Williams Concord

Surveyor . . W. L. Furr, Jr Concord

lifti; North Carolina M \nual

Office Oilier Address

Supt. of Schools Jay M . Robinson ('(incur,!

i Public Welfare Mrs. Frances B. Long Concord

County Ext. Chairman I. R. Allen Concord

('limn. Bd. Education H. E. Cline.. .Concord

('limn. Bd. Elections John Sharpe Hartsell Concord

Wildlife Protector Kenneth W. Beam Concord

Forester . Larry K. Lawrence Concord

County Librarian Mrs. Mary A. Cline Concord

Civil Defense Directoi II. I'. ( 'rowel I Concord

Veterans Service Officer Corum F. Miller Concord

Recorder's < lourl :

Judge Robert L. Warren Concord

Solicitor \V. S. Bogle Concord

Domestic Relations Court:

Judge < 'larence E. Horton, Jr. Kannapolis

( 'mint v ( lommissioners :

Chairman ('. Frank James Concord

Commissioner C. McNeill Petrea Kannapolis

( 'ommissioner R. H. Rankin, Jr Concord

Commissioner S. Glenn Hawfleld, Jr. Concord

('ommissioner Kstus B. White Kannapolis


Caldwell County was formed in 1841 from Burke and Wilkes. Was named in honor of
Joseph Caldwell, the first president of the University of North Carolina. He was one of
the first and strongest advocates of the public school system and of the railroad through
t he cent it of t he state from Morehead City to Tennessee.

Population 49,552 County Seat — Lenoir

State Senator 2,sth District Joe K. Byrd, Morganton

Members House of Representatives 42nd District Sam J. Ervin, III, Morganton

Donald R. Kincaid, RFD, Lenoir
Earl H. Tate, Lenoir

Office Officer Address

( 'lerk of ( 'ourt Mrs. Mary Hood Thompson Lenoir

Register of Deeds . Margaret B. Moore Lenoir

Sheriff S. Ray Moore Lenoir

Treasurer L. Norman Shronce Lenoir

Auditor L. Norman Shronce Lenoir

Tax Supervisor. . . Kenneth K. Kiser Lenoir

Tax Collector Howard Correll . . Lenoir

County Accountant L. Norman Shronce Lenoir

Coroner Dr. Robert N. Wilcox Lenoir

Surveyor Thomas Isabell Lenoir

County Health Director Dr. William Happer Lenoir

Supt. of Schools K.M.White ...Lenoir

I Hrector of Public Welfare Curlee Joyce Lenoir

1 ountj Ext. Chairman Tommy Andrews Lenoir

Chmn. Bd. Education Brendon Doll Patterson

Chmn. Bd. Elections. . . L. M. Ahernethv Granite Falls

Wildlife Protector. . Phillip H. Buckner Rt. 2, Granite Falls

Wildlife Protector . James R. Ross Lenoir

Forest Ranger William F. Everhardt Lenoir

County Attorney Hugh Wilson. ... Lenoir

County Librarian Mrs. Joyce B. Whitman Lenoir

Civil Defense Director Roger Robbins Lenoir

\ eterans Service Officer Pelham Jackson McMichael Lenoir

County Government 697

Office Officer Address

County Commissioners:

Chairman E. M. Dudley . . Lenoir

Commissioner Emory McCall Lenoir

Commissioner Floyd Wilson Lenoir

Commissioner Earl Land Lenoir

Commissioner Bill Tysinger, Jr Lenoir


Camden County was formed in 1777 from Pasquotank. Was named in honor of the
learned Englishman, Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden, who was one of the strongest friends
of the Americans in British Parliament. He took their side in the dispute over taxation
without representation.

Population — 5,598 County Seat — Camden

State Senators 1st District J.J. Harrington, Lew iston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

( 'lerk of Court Mrs. Caroline G. Halstead Camden

Register of Deeds Jack Leary Camden

Sheriff John J. Walston Camden

Treasurer First & Citizens Nat'l Bank Elizabeth City

Auditor R. E. Aiken Camden

Tax Supervisor Robert Bray Camden

Tax Collector John J. Walston Camden

County Accountant Mrs. Polly B. Mathews Camden

Coroner Carroll Godfrey Camden

County Health Director Dr. Isa Grant Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools Dempsey Burgess Camden

Director of Public Welfare Aiko Williams Camden

County Ext. Chairman E. W. Register Camden

Chmn. Bd. Education W. Frank Williams Camden

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. W. Forehand Shiloh

Wildlife Protector Harry McPherson Camden

County Attorney E. Ray Etheridge Camden

Civil Defense Director George W. Johnson South Mills

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. A. Jones Camden

Commissioner Lamar Harrison Camden

Commissioner Walter L. Burgess Camden


Carteret County was formed in 1722 from Bath. Was named in honor of Sir John
Carteret, afterwards (1744) Earl Granville, one of the Lords Proprietors. When the other
Lords Proprietors sold their shares to the king in 1728 Carteret refused to sell, and an
immense tract of land in North Carolina was laid off as his share in 1744. It w as called
the Granville District and was the cause of a great deal of trouble. He lost it by con-
fiscation when the Revolution freed North Carolina from British rule.

Population — 30,940 County Seat — Beaufort

State Senator 3rd District Sam L. Whitehurst, New Bern

Members House of Representatives 3rd District R. C. Godwin, New Bern

James R. Sugg, New Bern
Nelson W. Taylor, Morehead City

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court A. H. James Beaufort

Register of Deeds Vaughn Yeomans Beaufort

Sheriff Ralph Thomas Beaufort

I59S Noki ii Carol] \ \ A I \ m m

Office Officer Address

Treasurer Louis Edwards. Beaufort

Auditor Louis Edwards Beaufort

Tax Supervisor .lames If. Willis Beaufort

illector ( 'harles Harris Beaufort

County Accountant Louis Edv ards Beaufort

< !oroner Dr. M. T. Lewis Beaufort

Surveyor Phillip K. Ball Morehead City

County Health Director Dr. Luther Fulcher Beaufort

Supt. of Schools Linwood Lee Morehead City

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Ann S. Rady (acting) Morehead City

( 'omit y Exl . Chairman K. M . Williams Beaufort

Chmn. ABC Hoard M.S. Gibbs, Sr Morehead City

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. Alfred Chestnut Morehead City

( 'linin. lid. Elect ions Raymond Edwards Ne vporl

Wildlife Pat rolman .lames Alston Morehead City

Wildlife Protector James Lewis Beaufort

Forest Ranger. ... . . . A. N. Chad-wick Rt. 1, Beaufort

County Attorney. Herbert (). Phillips, III Morehead City

< !ounty Librarian Louise Arrington Beaufort

Civil 1 >efense Directoi Harry G. W illiams Morehead City

Veterans Service Officer Carl M. Bunch Beaufort

Recorder's Court :

•Indue L.H.Morris Atlantic

Solicitor Sherman Rock Morehead City

Morehead < 'it \ Recorder's:

.Judge Herbert O. Phillips, III Morehead City

Solicitor . N. W. Taylor, III Morehead City

i !ounty < 'ommissioners:

Chairman Moses Howard Newport

Commissioner George Phillips Morehead City

t lommissioner Staton Moore Marshallberg

Commissioner E. W. Downum . Beaufort

Commissioner Alfred Cooper Morehead City


I i well County was formed in 1777 from Orange. Was named in honor of Richard
ell, member of the First Continental Congress, first Governor of North Carolina, after
the Declaration of Independence, six times re-elected Governor, and Major-General in the
Revolutionary Army.

Population— 19,912 County Seat— Yanceyville

State Senator 16th District Frank R. Penn, Reidsville

Members House of Representatives 17th District Jno. O. Gunn, Yanceyville

James E. Ramsey, Roxhoro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court G.M.Harris Yanceyville

Register of Deeds J. B. Blaylock Yanceyville

Sheriff B. E. Poteat ...Yanceyville

rax Supervisor J. P. Moore Yanceyville

Tax Collector J. p. Moore Yanceyville

County Accountant J. N. Slade . . Yanceyville

ner E. W. Smith Yanceyville

County Health Director |) r . O. David Garvin . Chapel Hill

Supt. ol Schools Thos. Whitley Yanceyville

Director of Public Welfare Da vlon T. Greene. Yanceyville

Countj Ext. Chairman R. M. Aldridge Yanceyville

Chmn. ABC Board G. R.Smith Rt. 1, Ruffin

( limn. Bd. Education C. N. Barker Semora

Chmn. Bd. Elections \V. D. McMullen Yancevville

County Govern m i \ i


Office Officer Address

Wildlife Protector R. Y. Allen Leasburg

Forest Ranger Vincent Carter Yancey ville

County Manager J. A. Brooks Rt. 3, Mebane

County Attorney C. L. Pemberton Yanceyville

County Librarian Lloyd Osterman Yanceyville

Civil Defense Director Wallace L. Burke Yanceyville

Veterans Service Officer Al. Miller Oxford

Recorders Court:

Judge James M. Long Rt. 1, Blanch

Solicitor W. A. Cobb Rt. 1, Ruffin

County Commissioners



.A. D. Swann Rt. 2, Yanceyville

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