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. O. B. Watlington, Jr Rt. 1, Yanceyville

. W. R. Briggs Rt. 1, Leasburg

. Franklin Murphy Rt. 3, Mebane

J. Y. Black-well, Jr Rt. 1, Yanceyville


Catawba County was formed in 1842 from Lincoln. Was named after a tribe of Indians
which dwelt in that section of the State. Catawba County voted with Gaston and Lincoln
until 1854.

Population — 73,191 County Seat — Newton

State Senators 26th District C. V. Henkel, Turnersburg

Adrian L. Shuford, Jr., Conover

Members House of Representatives 40th District Loyd A. Mullinax, Newton

J. Reid Poovey, Hickory



Clerk of Court Mrs. Eunice W. Mauney

Register of Deeds Mrs. Marguerite Trott . . .

Sheriff T. Dale Johnson

Treasurer Mazelle Bollinger (acting)

Tax Supervisor Kermit W. Gilbert

Tax Collector Locke W. Low ranee


. .Newton
. . .Newton
. . .Newton
. . .Newton
. . . Newton

County Accountant Mazelle Bollinger (acting) Newton

Coroner William E. Bass Newton

Supt. of Schools Harry M. Arndt Newton

Director of Public Welfare Villard C. Blevins Newton

County Ext. Chairman Jesse F. Giles New ton

Chmn. ABC Board Donald E. Shuford Hickory

Chmn. Bd. Education A. C. Henderson Hickory

Chmn. Bd. Elections Ray E. Pitts New ton

Wildlife Patrolman James C. Hurley Conover

Forester S. R. Swanson Rt. 1, Newton

County Manager W. Stine Isenhower (acting) ... ... Conover

County Attorney Jesse C. Sigmon, Jr Newton

County Librarian Mrs. Mary L. Summers New ton

Civil Defense Director W. O. Richards New ton

Veterans Service Officer Reid Crawford Hickory

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. Stine Isenhower Conover

Commissioner James Peden Hickory

Commissioner Terrell Webster Conover

Commissioner Cass Ballinger Hickory

Commissioner C. G. Nuzum NeWton

,'iiu North C vrolik \ ManI w


Chatham County was formed in 1771 from Orange. Was named in honor of the great
Englishman who won for England all of French America and was the most eloquent de-
fender of the American cause in the British Parliament during the Revolut ion -William
Pitt, Earl of < Chatham.

Population 26,785 County Seat — Pittsboro

State Senator 13th District Robert B. Morgan, Lillington

Members House of Representatives 20th District . . Ike F. Andrews, Siler City

Donald Mclver Stanford, Chapel Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J.W.Drake Pittsboro

Register of Deed L.R.Johnson Pittsboro

Sheriff J. W 7 . Emerson, Jr. Pittsboro

Treasurer Bank of Pittsboro Pittsboro

Auditor Clyde R. Jones Pittsboro

Tax Supervisor Harold T. Seagroves . . Pittsboro

Tax Collector Harold T. Seagroves Pittsboro

Coroner Eugene Foust . Jr. Pittsboro

Surveyor R. H. Hancock Rt. 1, Bear Creek

County Health Director Dr. O. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools Walter R. Dudley Pittsboro

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. C. K. Strowd Pittsboro

County Ext. Chairman . John Cooper .Pittsboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Lewis Norwood Rt. 1, Pittsboro

Chmn. Bd. Flections W. B. Morgan Pittsboro

Wildlife Patrolman A.E.Jones . Siler City

Wildlife Protector Walter Don Augustine Pittsboro

Forest Ranger A.B.Clark. Pittsboro

Counts Attornej . - . Wade Barber Pittsboro

County Librarian . Evelyn L. Parks Siler City

Civil Defense Director. . Lemuel R. Johnson Pittsboro

Veterans Service Officer Ernest E. Brooks Pittsboro

County Criminal Court :

Judge .J. L. Moody Siler City

Solicitor ... , B.C.Smith Pittsboro

Siler ( !it y Municipal < 'ourt :

Judge . ..W.C.Webb Siler City

Solicitor . .. T.F.Baldwin Siler City

( 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman June Wrenn Siler City

Commissioner Earl J. Dark . . . Pittsboro

Commissioner George T. Yates Rt. 3, Apex

Commissioner A. D. Phillips Rt. 1, Bear Creek

Commissioner Ben S. Wimberly Moncure


Cherokee County was formed in 1839 from Macon. Was named after an Indian tribe
which still dwells in that section of the state.

Population —16,33 i County Seat -Murphy

State Senator :(:ird District Mrs. Marv Faye Brumbv, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 49th District Wiley A". McGlamery, Hayes ville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Donald W. Ramsey, Sr. Murphv

Register of I >eeds J. E. Graves ... Murphv

s herifT Claude M. Anderson Murphv

Auditor Clarence Hendrix . , Murphy

fax Collector Clarence Hendrix Mtirph\

County Government 701

Office Officer Address

County Accountant Clarence Hendrix Murphy

Coroner J. C. Townson Murphy

Surveyor Roy Stalcup Andrews

Supt. of Schools Lloyd W. Hendrix Rt. 1, Murphy

Director of Public Welfare V. O. Ayers Murphy

County Ext. Chairman Jack Earley Murphy

Chmn. Bd. Education Noah Hembree Rt. 1, Murphy

Chmn. Bd. Elections Hayes Leatherwood Murphy

Wildlife Protector J.J. Jefferies Murphy

Forest Ranger Harold E. Hatchett Murphy

County Attorney L. L. Mason, Jr Murphy

County Librarian Josephine Heighway Murphy

Civil Defense Director DeWitt Sharp Rt. 1, Andrews

Veterans Service Officer Frank Swan Andrews

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. T. Moore Andrews

Commissioner Ray Sims Murphy

Commissioner Carlyle Matheson Andrews

Commissioner Andrew J. Barton Rt. 1, Murphy

Commissioner Jack Simons Rt. 1, Copperhill, Tenn.

Commissioner Luther Dockery Rt. 3, Murphy


Chowan County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named for an Indian tribe
dwelling in the northeastern part of the State when the English first came to North Carolina.

Population — 11,729 County Seat — Edenton

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Eli2abeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Lena M. Leary Edenton

Register of Deeds Mrs. Bertha B. Bunch Edenton

Sheriff Earl Goodw in Edenton

Treasurer George C. Hoskins Edenton

Tax Supervisor William P. Jones Edenton

Tax Collector Earl Goodwin Edenton

County Accountant Mrs. Pansy S. Elliott Edenton

Coroner Carroll A. Boyce, Jr Edenton

County Health Director Dr. Isa Grant Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools Hiram J. Mayo Edenton

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Carolyn C. McMullan Edenton

County Ext. Chairman C. W. Overman Edenton

Chmn. ABC Board R. F. Elliott Edenton

Chmn. Bd. Education O. C. Long, Jr Edenton

Chmn. Bd. Elections West W. Byrum, Jr Edenton

Wildlife Protector R. E. Evans Rt. 1, Edenton

Forest Ranger Roger C. Spivey Hobbsville

County Attorney John W. Graham Edenton

("ounty Librarian Dorothy Harbin Plymouth

Civil Defense Director Murray D. Ashley Edenton

Veterans Service Officer John Lee Spruill Edenton

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. E. Bond Edenton

Commissioner J. Clarence Leary. Edenton

Commissioner C.J. Hollowell Tyner

Commissioner Dallas L. Jethro, Jr , Rt. 2, Edenton

Commissioner C. M. Evans Rt. 3, Edenton

, Hi' \"mi:i ii ( ' \k<>i iv\ M \\i \i


Claj County was formed in iMil from Cherokee. Was named in honor of the great
orator and statesman, Henry < 'lay. Trior to 1868 Clay voted with Cherokee.

Population 5,526 County Seat Hayesville

State Senator 33rd District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 49th District Wiley A. McGlamery, Hayesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Ralph A. Allison Hayesville

Register of Deeds Paul Kilpatrick Hayesville

SherilT Hartsell Moore Hayesville

Treasurer .... Neal R. Rogers Hayesville

or Neal R. Rogers Hayesville

Tax Supervisor Hartsell Moore Hayesville

Tax Collector Hartsell Moore Hayesville

County Accountant Neal R. Rogers Hayesville

( loroner Dr. L. R. Staton .... Hayesville

Surveyor . . Newell Crisp Hayesville

Supt . of Schools . . Hugh S. Beal . . Hayesville

Director of Public Welfare . . . .Alvin L. Penland . . . Hayesville

County Ext. Chairman P. W. England Hayesville

Chmn. Bd. Elections B. M. McClure Hayesville

Wildlife Patrolman. Harrison Martin Hayesville

Wildlife Protector Harold Norton Hayesville

I m, -i Ranger Jack Parker Hayesville

County Attornej . .William E. Carter Hayesville

County Librarian Cora Johnson Hayesville

Civil Defense Director Howard C. Martin Hayesville

Veterans Service Officer Ray White Hayesville

County Commissioners:

Chairman . Andrew F. Padgett Hayesville

Commissioner . ( )dell Shook Hayesville

Commissioner 0. A. Blankenship Hayesville


Cleveland County was formed in lis 11 from Rutherford and Lincoln. Was named in
honor of Colonel Benjamin Cleveland, a noted partisan leader on the western Carolina
front ier in t he Revolution, and one of the "Heroes of King's Mountain."

Population 66,048 County Seat Shelby

State Senators 29th District Marshall A. Rauch, Gastonia

•lack H. White, Kings Mountain

Members House of Representatives 13rd District Robert Z. Falls, Shelbv

William D. Harrill, Forest City
W. K. Mauney. Jr.. Kings Mountain

Office Officer Address

l 'lerk of Court Paul Wilson Shelbv

Register of Deeds Ralph J. Tucker. ...Shelbv

Sheriff.. J. Haywood Allen Shelbv

treasurer Harriett R. Evans Shelbv

Auditor... Max Hamriek . Shelbv

Tax Supervisor Robert S. Gidney Shelby

Tax Collector James Hardin Shelbv

County Accountant Max Hamriek Shelbv

Coroner . .J. Ollie Harris Shelbv

County Health Director Dr. Z. P. Mitchell. . . . . .Shelbv

Supt. of Schools Lee C. Pheonix. ... Shelbv

Director of Public Welfare . Hal Smith Shelbv

County Ext. Chairman Howard Clapp Shelby

Chmn. Bd. Education J. D. Fib's . . . Grover

County Govern men r


Office Officer Address

Chmn. Bd. Elections Ralph Gilbert Shelby

Wildlife Patrolman Lewis N. Barts Shelby

Forester Robert G. Carney Shelby

County Manager Joseph R. Hendrick Shelby

County Attorney C. C. Horn Shelby

Civil Defense Director J. Don Shields Shelby

Veterans Service Officer C. Z. Falls Rt. 3, Lawndale

County Recorder's Courl :

Judge Joe F. Mull Shelby

Solicitor Charles William Wray, Jr Shelby

County Commissioners:

Chairman Hugh W. Dover Shelby

Commissioner C. A. Greene Shelby

Commissioner Spurgeon Hewitt Rt. 2, Lawndale

Commissioner Coleman W. Goforth Rt. 1, Shelby

Commissioner B. E. Simmons Rt. 2, Mooresboro


Columbus County was formed in 1808 from Bladen and Brunswick. Was named in
honor of the Discoverer of the New World.

Population — 48,973 County Seat — Whiteville

State Senator 15th District James C. Green, Clarkton

Members House of Representatives 13th District Clyde M. Collier, Rt. 1, Hallsboro

Odell Williamson, Shallotte




Clerk of Court Lee J. Greer Whiteville

Register of Deeds Leo L. Fisher Whiteville

Sheriff A. L. Duke Whiteville

Treasurer Mazzalee T. Sanderford Whiteville

Tax Supervisor J. Hubert Norris Whiteville

Tax Collector J. Hubert Norris Whiteville

County Accountant Mazzalee T. Sanderford Whiteville

Coroner Dr. L. R. Darden Whiteville

County Health Director Dr. J. R. Black Whiteville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Alice S. Wright Whiteville

County Ext. Chairman Charles D. Raper Whiteville

Chmn. Bd. Education Worth D. Williamson Chadbourn

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. N. Peal Chadbourn

Wildlife Patrolman Troy L. Sigmon Chadbourn

Wildlife Protector James H. Coleman Bolton

Wildlife Protector Hoyt Giles Rt. 1, Whiteville

Forest Ranger Lacy C. Hayes Rt. 2, Chadbourn

County Attorney R. C. Soles, Jr Tabor City

County Librarian Mrs. Edna Creech Whiteville

Civil Defense Director Lathal Wayne Whiteville

Veterans Service Officer H. Hugh Nance Whiteville

County Recorder's Courl :

Judge W. A. Williams Tabor City

Solicitor Joe W. Brown Whiteville

Fair Bluff Recorder's Court :

Judge J. A. McNeill Fair Blutf

Solicitor Joe W. Brown Whiteville

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. O. Johnson Rt. 2, Chadbourn

Commissioner T. E. Burns Riegelw ood

Commissioner J. Roland Gore Rt. 3, Tabor City

Commissioner H. J. Watts Rt. 3, Whiteville

Commissioner Edward W. Williamson Cerro Gordo

, II I Xnli I II ( ' \k<>i IN \ \1 \M \L


Craven Counlj was formed aboul 1712 from Bath. Was named in honor of William,
Lord Craven, one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.

Population -"kS.TT:! County Seat — New Bern

State Senator 3rd District Sam L. Whitehurst, New Bern

Members House of Represental ives 3rd 1 )istrict R. C. Godwin, New Bern

James R. Sugg, New Bern
Nelson W. Taylor, Morehead City

Oilier Officer Address

Clerk of Courl Dorothy P. Pate New Bern

Register of I »eeds Jane Holland New Bern

Sheriff < '• B. Berry New Bern

Auditor J. W. Williamson New Bern

Tax Supervisor Paul L. Liver man New Bern

County Accountanl J. W. Williamson New Bern

Coroner R. Clyde Smith New Bern

Surveyor D. D. Daniels New Bern

Count's Health Director Dr. W. A. Browne New Bern

Supt. of Schools R. L. Pugh New Bern

I lirector of Public Welfare Constance F. S. Rabin . New Bern

CountJ Ext. Chairman A. T. Jackson New Bern

Chmn. ABC Board E. W. Summerell New Bern

Chmn. Bd. Education C. A. Seiferl . . New Bern

Chmn. Bd. Elections. A. A. Kafer, Jr. New Bern

Wildlife Protector.... .I.B.Willis Rt. 4, New Bern

Wildlife Protector W. S. Warren Rt. 1, Ernul

Forest Ranger H. E. Bremer New Bern

i nimty Attorney L. A. Stith New Bern

County Li lira rian Mrs. Elinor D. Hawkins New Bern

Civil 1 lefense I lirector . W. J. Edwards New Bern

Veterans Sen ice < Ifficer . R. E. Sumrell New Bern

Recorder's ( lourt :

Judge. Preston H. Robinson New Bern

Solicitor Rodolph Duffy New Bern

New Bern Municipal ( 'our! :

Judge C. E. Handcock, Ji New Bern

Solicitor L. J. Eubank, Jr New Bern

County Commissioners:

Chairman 1). Livingstone Stallings New Bern

Commissioner. . . Grover C. Lancaster Vaneeboro

Commissioner Johnnie E. Daugherty New Bern

( lommissioner , . W. J. Wynne Havelock

Commissioner James Chance , . . New Bern


Cumberland County was formed in 1754 from Bladen. Was named in honor of William
Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, second son of King George II. Cumberland was the
commander of the English army at the battle of Culloden, in which the Scotch Highlanders
were so badly defeated. Many of them came to America, and their principal settlement
was at Cross Creek in Cumberland County.

Population lis, lbs County Seat — Fayetteville

State Senators 14th District John T. Henley, Hope Mills

N. Hector McGeachy, Jr., Fayetteville
Members House of Representatives 23rd District. . Norwood E. Bryan, Jr., Fayetteville

Sneed High, Fayetteville

I. H. O'Hanlon, Fayetteville

Joe B. Raynor. Jr., Fayetteville

County Government vo..

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Marion B. Person Fayettevillc

Register of Deeds Marion Clark Fayetteville

Sheriff W. G. Clark, Sr Fayetteville

Treasurer Carter L. Twine Fayetteville

Auditor Carter L. Twine Fayetteville

Tax Supervisor J. H. Goforth Fayetteville

Tax Collector Leon H. Calhoun Fayetteville

County Accountant Carter L. Tw ine Fayetteville

Coroner Alph R. Clark Fayetteville

County Health Director Dr. M. T. Foster Fayetteville

Supt. of Schools F. D. Byrd, Jr Fayetteville

Director of Public Welfare E. L. Hauser Fayetteville

County Ext. Chairman Paul E. Dew Fayetteville

Chmn. ABC Board I. B. Julian Fayetteville

Chmn. Bd. Education E. Bruce McFayden Fayetteville

Chmn. Bd. Elections G. E. Edgerton Fayetteville

Wildlife Patrolman David Gause Fayetteville

Wildlife Protector Gilmer S. Forbis Fayetteville

Forest Ranger Waymon W. Webb Fayetteville

County Attorney Heman R. Clark Fayetteville

County Librarian Mrs. Dorothy E. Shue Fayetteville

Civil Defense Director Hans C. Larsen Fayetteville

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Joyce Carter (acting) Fayetteville

County Commissioners:

Chairman M. M. Beard Fayetteville

Commissioner J. McN. Gillis Fayetteville

Commissioner Hector E. Ray Fayetteville

Commissioner Robert F. Williams Fayetteville

Commissioner Henry M. Tyson Fayetteville


Currituck County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named after an Indian

Population — 6,601 County Seat — Currituck

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Ralph E. Saunders Currituck

Register of Deeds William Brumsey, Jr Currituck

Sheriff Luther L. Sanderlin Currituck

Treasurer Bank of Currituck Moyock

Auditor J. P. Morgan, Jr Currituck

Tax Supervisor William Brumsey, Jr Currituck

Tax Collector Luther L. Sanderlin Currituck

County Accountant J. P. Morgan, Jr Currituck

Coroner J. Bryan Smith Currituck

County Health Director Dr. W. W. Johnson Currituck

Supt. of Schools F. L. Pendergrass. Currituck

Director of Public Welfare Cora Edge (acting) Currituck

County Ext. Chairman J. W. Hardesty Currituck

Chmn. ABC Board H. E. Bishop Powell's Point

Chmn. Bd. Education E. M. Cooper Knotts Island

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mark Wright Jarvisburg

Wildlife Protector John H. Forbes Moyock

Wildlife Protector Walter Sawyer, Jr. . Mamie

County Attorney E. R. Woodard Coinjoek

County Librarian Grace M. Austin Poplar Branch

Civil Defense Director J. B. Brumsey Currituck

, 111, Xiiui ii ( ' \i;in in \ \1 \ \ i \:

Office Officei Address

i '< in ii t v ( !ommissioners:

Chairman H. D. Newbern, Jr.. . Powells Point

Commissioner. Herbert L. Waterfield Powells Point

Commissioner < Hair 1 »oxey Maple

( !ommissioner R. H. Ferrell Moyock

Commissioner Harold Capps Knotls Island


Dare County was formed in 1870 from Currituck, Tyrrell, and Hyde. Was named in
honor of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.

Population 5,935 County Seat — Manteo

State Senator 2nd District. Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members House of Representatives 2nd hist rid Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr., Washington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court C. S. Meekins Manteo

Register of Deeds Melvin R. Daniels. . Manteo

Sheriff Frank M. Cahoon Manteo

Treasure! The Planters National Bank & Trust Co.. Manteo

\uditor C. Jackson Luper Manteo

Tax Supervisor B. Sheldon O'Neal Manteo

Tax Collector A. B. Scoggins. Manteo

County Accountant John H. Long Manteo

Coroner M.C.Mitchell.. Manteo

Surveyor Kermil R. Sinclair Manteo

County Health Director Dr. W. W. Johnston Manteo

Supl. of Schools Scth B. Henderson Manteo

Director of Public Welfare. Mrs. Goldie H. Meekins Manteo

County Ext. Chairman . R. I. Spake Manteo

Chmn. ABC Board C. Ralph Davis Manteo

< !hmn. Bd. Educat ion Jack W. Cahoon Manteo

< 'hum. Bd. Elections . Mrs. Dorothy S. Garrison Manteo

Wildlife Protector Foster Forbes Manteo

Forester Hobby Faircloth Rl . 1, Manteo

County Attorney. Wallace H. McCown . Manteo

County Librarian Mrs. Jean Ward Manteo

Civil Defense Director Frank M. Cahoon Manteo

Veterans Service Officer Isaac P. Davis Manteo

< 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman. . . . W. Stanford White Manns Harboi

Commissioner. . Pennel A. Tillett Kitty Hawk

Commissioner Calvin D. Burrus Buxton

Commissioner James W. Scarborough Avon

Commissioner Dr. W. W. Harvey, Jr Manteo

Commissioner Rondal K. Tillett Wanchese


Davidson County was formed in 1822 from Rowan. Was named in honor of General
William Lee Davidson, a soldier of the Revolution, v ho was killed at the Battle of Cov an's
Ford. When General Greene retreated across North Carolina before Cornv allis in 1781, he
stationed some troops under General Davidson at Cov an's Ford over the Catav ba River
to delay the British Army. The British attacked the Americans, killed General Davidson,
and forced the passage. The United States has erected a monument in his honor on
Guilford Battleground.

Population 79,493 County Seat — Lexington

State Senators lltth District J. F. Allen, Biscoe

Voit Gilmore, Southern Pines
Member \\^<i e of Representatives 3 1st District Joe H. Hege, Jr., Lexington

Wayne Whicker, Rt. •">, Winston-Salem

Counti Government 7(>7

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Elmer R. Everhart Lexington

Register of Deeds Buren Craven Lexington

Sheriff Fred C. Sink Lexington

Auditor W. H. Turlington Lexington

Tax Supervisor D. L. Rickard Lexington

Tax Collector P. G. Myers Lexington

County Accountant Jimmy M. Varner Lexington

Coroner Dr. Joel Leonard Lexington

County Health Director Dr. Dermont Lohr Lexington

Supt. of Schools Lawson Brown . Lexington

Director of Public Welfare Doris Lopp Lexington

County Ext. Chairman C. E. Bernhardt Lexington

Chmn. Bd. Education Robert Ripple Welcome

Chmn. Bd. Elections Thurman Briggs Lexington

Wildlife Patrolman Jimmy J. Wheless Lexington

Wildlife Protector Billy D. Hedrick Rt. 6, Lexington

Forester John H. Lively Lexington

County Manager Jimmy M. Varner Lexington

County Attorney Sim A. DeLapp Lexington

County Librarian Mary Lee Crouse (acting) Lexington

Civil Defense Director Archie Disher Lexington

Veterans Service Officer Coy Young Lexington

County Court:

Judge Jack Klass Lexington

Solicitor Robert L. Grubb Lexington

Thomasville Recorder's Court:

Judge L. R. Hughes Thomasville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Wilmer Mizell Rt. 5, Winston-Salem

Commissioner Bill Everhart Lexington

Commissioner Shutt Hartman Rt. 2, Clemmons

Commissioner Bob Carroll Denton

Commissioner Robert Huss Thomasville


Davie County was formed in 1836 from Rowan. Was named in honor of William R.
Davie, distinguished as a soldier of the Revolution, member of the Federal Convention of
1787, Governor of North Carolina, special Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo-
tentiary to France, "Father of the University of North Carolina."

Population— 1 6,728 County Seat— Mocksville

State Senator 25th District T. R. Bryan, Sr., Wilkesboro

Members House of Representatives 39th District. . . Gilbert Lee Boger, Rt. 3, Mocksville

Homer B. Tolbert, Rt. 2, Cleveland

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Glenn L. Hammer Mocksville

Register of Deeds J. Kermit Smith Mocksville

Sheriff George E. Smith Mocksville

Treasurer Eloise C. Stephens Mocksville

Auditor Eloise C. Stephens Mocksville

Tax Supervisor C. David Hendrix Mocksville

Tax Collector Veatrice Tow ell Mocksville

County Accountant Eloise C. Stephens Mocksville

Coroner Dr. F. W. Slate Mocksville

Surveyor J. C. Comer Rt. 3, Mocksvi He

Supt. of Schools James E. Everidge Mocksville

Director of Public Welfare B. C. McMurray (acting) Mocksville

County Ext. Chairman Leo F. Williams Mocksville

Chmn. Bd. Education G. H. C. Shutt Mocksvil le

Chmn. Bd. Elections Dr. Ramey F. Kemp Mocksville

ros North Carolina Mani m

Office Officer Address

Wildlife Protect w T. B. Woodruff Rt. 5, Mocks v ill,

i nr< iter Paul J. Bonarei Rt. 3, Mocksville

County Attorney John T. Brock Mocksville

County Librarian Mrs. Paul B. Blackwelder .... Mocksville

Civil Defense Director Samuel W. Howell . . Mock villi-

Veterans Service Officer W.J. Wilson Mocksville

< 'ounl y ( Criminal ( lourl :

Judge. John T. Brock Mocksville

Solicitor Lester P. Martin, Jr Mocksville

( ouni y ( lommissioners:

( Chairman II. R. Hendrix, Jr. Mocksville

( 'ommissioner 1'aul 1 1 . Si mud ... Rt. 1, Mocksville

Commissioner Charles Alexander Cooleemee

Commissioner Jerry Swicegood Rt. 4, Mocksville

Commissioner John M. Bailey Rt. 2, Advanee


Duplin County was formed in 1749 from New Hanover. Was named in honor of George
Henry Hay. Lord Duplin, an Fnglish nobleman.

Population 40,270 County Seat — Kenansville

Stair Senators 10th District John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

LeRoy G. Simmons, Rt. 1, Albertson
Member House of Representatives 1 It h District Hugh S. Johnson, Jr., Rose Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court R. V.Wells Kenansville

Register of Deeds Christine W. Williams ..Kenansville

Sheriff T. Elwood Revelle Kenansville

Auditor F. W. McGowan Kenansville

Tax Supervisor F. W. McGowan Kenansville

Tax Collector John A. Johnson Kenansville

County Accountant F. W. McGowan ... .Kenansville

Coroner H. B. McNeill Kenansville

County Health Director Dr. J. F. Powers Kenansville

Supt. of Schools (). P. Johnson Kenansville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Thelma D. Taylor. . Kenansville

County Ext. Chairman . . . . Vernold Reynolds . . .Kenansville

Chmn. Bd. Education . D. 1). Blanchard . Kenansville

Chmn. Bd. Flections. . . Claude Hepler Wallace

Wildlife Protector . . Kay J. Dunn . . Kenansville

Forest Ranger Eugene Wells Rt. 3, Rose Hill

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