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County Attorney Winifred T. Wells .... Wallace

Civil Defense Director. Stephen Williamson Kenansville

Veterans Service Officer J.B.Wallace. . ...Kenansville

General County Court :

Judge Russell J. Lanier Kenansville

Solicitor W. E. Craft Kenansville

i urn t j ( !ommissioners:

Chairman E. E. Kelly Rt. 2, Mt. Olive

< ommissioner J. W. Hoffler Wallace

Commissioner. J.B.Stroud Magnolia

< Commissioner Joe Sutton Warsaw

Commissioner Leon Brown . Rt. 1. Beulaville

County Government 709


Durham County was formed in 1881 from Orange and Wake. Was named after the
town of Durham, a thriving manufacturing city.

Population— 111,995 County Seat— Durham

State Senators 11th District Claude Curne, Durham

Don S. Matheson, Hillsborough

Members House of Representatives 18th District W. Hance Hofler, Durham

Wade H. Penny, Jr., Durham
Kenneth C. Royall, Jr., Durham

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Alton J. Knight Durham

Register of Deeds A. J. Gresham Durham

Sheriff Jennis M. Mangum Durham

Treasurer Waldo A. Stone Durham

Auditor Ed Sw indell, Jr Durham

Tax Supervisor Bruce Mangum Durham

Tax Collector L. M. Bryan Durham

Countv Accountant Ed Swindell, Jr Durham

Coroner Dr. D. R. Perry Durham

County Health Director Dr. O. L. Ader Durham

Supt. of Schools Charles H. Chewning Durham

Director of Public Welfare Howard M. Williams Durham

County Ext. Chairman W. F. Wilson Durham

( 'hmn. ABC Board Wyatt T. Dixon Durham

Chmn. Bd. Elections Sigmund Meyer Durham

Wildlife Protector Larry C. O'Quinn Durham

Wildlife Protector Marvin L. Ward Rt. 1, Mornsville

Forest Ranger William D. Colville Durham

County Manager Ed Swindell, Jr Durham

County Attorney Robert D. Holleman Durham

County Librarian George R. Linder Durham

Civil Defense Director Buford A. Pittman Durham

Veterans Service Officer Buna O'Briant Durham

County Commissioners:

Chairman George F. Kirkland Durham

Commissioner Edwin B. Clements Durham

Commissioner Howard Easley Durham

Commissioner Dewey S. Scarboro Durham

Commissioner James A. Ward Durham


Edgecombe County was formed in 1735 from Bertie. Was named in honor of Richard
Edgecombe, who became Baron Edgecombe in 1742, an English nobleman and a lord of
the treasury.

Population— 54,226 County Seat— Tarboro

State Senators 4th District Julian R. Allsbrook, Roanoke Rapids

Vinson Bridgers, Tarboro

Members House of Representatives 14th District Allen C. Barbee, Spring Hope

Joe E. Eagles, Macclesfield
Julian B. Fenner, Rocky Mount

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Don Gilliam, Jr I ar {| oro

Register of Deeds Mace Edmondson Tarboro

Sheriff Tom P. Bardin Tarboro

Auditor Allen L. Harrell Tarboro

Tax Supervisor James A. Pitt . .Tarboro

Tax Collector Joseph P. Wimberley Tarboro

\< iktii Carolina \l \ m \i.

Office Officer Address

Coroner Dr. J. G. Ral.\ Tarboro

County Health Director Dr. J. S. Chamblee ..Tarboro

Director of Public Welfare Claudia M. Edwards Tarboro

County Ext. Chairman C. H. Lockharl , ..Tarboro

Chmn. ABC Board Robert L. Corbetl Macclesfield

Chmn. ltd. Education Clarence Weeks . Whitakers

< 'limn. Bd. Elecl ions Franklin R. Brown Tarboro

Wildlife Protector Joseph Wynn Pinetops

Forest Ranger Herbert E. Hathaway, Jr. Tarboro

County Attorney Herbert A. Taylor, Jr. .Tarboro

County Librarian Janie Allsbrook Tarboro

< 'ivil 1 tefen e I lirector Elmer R. Daniel Rocky Mount

Veterans Service Officer I. eon B. Edmondson. Tarboro

Recorder's < lourt :

Judge l>. C. Sessoms . . Pinetops

Solicitor Joel K. Bourne . . .Tarboro

Rocky Mount Recorder's Court:

Judge Tom Matthews Rocky Mount

Solicitor .lames E. Ezzelle, Jr. Rocky Mount

( 'ount y ( 'ommissioners:

Chairman R. ML Fountain . Tarboro

Commissioner B. L. Anderson Leggett

Commissioner Hassell Thigpen . . . . . .Conetoe

< Commissioner. Robert L. Dunn Pinetops

Commissioner Wiley Mears Rocky Mount


Forsyth County was formed in 1849 from Stokes. Was named in honor of Colonel
Benjamin Forsyth, U. S. A., a citizen of Stokes County, who v as killed on the Canadian
frontier on June 28, 1X1 1, during the second war with Great Britain.

Population 189,428 County Seat — Winston-Salem

State Senators 22nd District. . . Harry Bagnal, Rt. 1, Winston-Salem

Mrs. Geraldine R. Nielson, Winston-Salem
Members House of Representatives 3Ct.h District Wesley Bailey, Winston-Salem

Claude M. Hamrick, Winston-Salem

Ronald K. Ingle, Winston-Salem

Howard A. Jemison, Rt . 8, Winston-Salem

E. M. McKnight, Rt. 2, Clemmons

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court W. E. Church Winston-Salem

Register of Deeds Mrs. Eunice Avers. . . Winston-Salem

Sheriff E. G. Shore Winston-Salem

rax Supervisor Fred C. Perry Winston-Salem

Fax Coll, etui J. Arvol Hepler Winston-Salem

County Accountant H. H. Walker Winston-Salem

Medical Examiner. Dr. W. D. Vreeland . Winston-Salem

Surveyor < )t is A. Jones Winston-Salem

County Health Director Dr. James Avery Finger . . Winston-Salem

Supt. of Schools. . Marvin M. Ward Winston-Salem

Din ctor of Public Welfare John T. McDowell. Winston-Salem

County Ext. Chairman F. H. Harmon. . Winston-Salem

Chmn. Bd. Education C. L. Ray Winston-Salem

Chmn. Bd. Elections Richard G. Badgett . . ..Winston-Salem

Wildlife Protector W.W.Jones. . Winston-Salem

( ounty Manager . . . . G. R. House, Jr Winston-Salem

County Attorn.;, Roddev M. Ligon, Jr Winston-Salem

County Librarian Paul S. Ballance Winston-Salem

( ivil I lefense I hrector Hamilton W. Howe .... Winston-Salem

tns Service Officer Charles D. McNatt . . ..Winston-Salem

County Government 711

Office Officer Address

Kernersville Recorder's Court:

Judge Clive I. Goodson Winston-Salem

Solicitor R. Kason Keiger Winston-Salem

I )omestic Relations Court:

Judge Edward S. Heefner, Jr Winston-Salem

Solicitor. ... T. Conway Pruett Winstcn-Salem

Municipal Court:

Judges Leroy W. Sams, C. F. Burns

and J. Clifton Harper Winston-Salem

Solicitors Carmon J. Stuart, Archer Neal

and Walter Holton Winston-Salem

County Commissioners:

Chairman Fred D. Hauser Rt. 8, Winston-Salem

Commissioner Mrs. Bess Warren Winston-Salem

Commissioner Jack L. Covington Rural Hall

Commissioner W. L. Thompson, Jr Winston-Salem

Commissioner. . . Grover R. Shugart Rt. 7, Winston-Salem


Franklin County was formed in 1779 from Bute. Was named in honor of Benjamin

Population— 28,755 County Seat— Louisburg

State Senator 7th District Wills Hancock, Oxford

Members House of Representatives 16th District John T. Church, Henderson

James D. Speed, Rt. 3, Louisburg

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Ralph S. Knott Louisburg

Register of Deeds Alex T. Wood Louisburg

Sheriff William T. Dement Louisburg

Treasurer Kenneth A. Braswell Louisburg

Auditor Kenneth A. Braswell Louisburg

Tax Supervisor C. W. Strother Louisburg

Tax Collector C. W. Strother Louisburg

County Accountant Kenneth A. Braswell Louisburg

Coroner James H. Edwards Louisburg

Surveyor Phil R. Inscoe Rt. 1, Castalia

County Health Director Dr. James B. Wheless Louisburg

Supt. of Schools Warren W. Smith Louisburg

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Jane M. York Louisburg

County Ext. Chairman Clifford T. Dean, Jr Louisburg

Chmn. Bd. Education Mrs. T. H. Dickens Rt. 4, Louisburg

Chmn. Bd. Elections Taylor W. Boone Rt. 4, Louisburg

Wildlife Protector James H. Duke Rt. 3, Louisburg

Forest Ranger Joseph E. Smith Rt. 2, Louisburg

County Attorney Charles M. Davis Louisburg

County Librarian Mrs. Elsa C. Yarborough Louisburg

Civil Defense Director George Champion, Jr Louisburg

Veterans Service Officer George Champion, Jr Louisburg

Recorder's Court:

Judge E. C. Bulluck Louisburg

Solicitor Charles M. Davis Louisburg

Franklinton Recorder's Court:

Judge Joe W. Pearce Franklinton

Solicitor William P. Pearce, Jr Franklinton

Louisburg Municipal Court:

Judge V. A. Peoples Louisburg

Solicitor Wilbur M . Jolly Louisburg

l 2 Noeth Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

I lount} t 'omm

Chairman Eugene M. Sykes Rt. 1, Castalia

Commissioner George H. Harris Rt. 3, Louisburg

Commissioi .N.E.Faulkner Rt. 2, Louisburg

( 'ommissioner Richard H. Cash Rl . 1 . Louisburg

( 'omn Brooks W. Young Rt. 1 , Ybungsville


Gaston County was formed in 1MU from Lincoln. Was named in honor of Judge
William Gaston, member of Congress and Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina
From 1846 to 1852 Gaston voted with Lincoln and Catawba.

Population 127,074 County Seat Gastonia

Stan S. natoi 29th District - . . Marshall A. Rauch, Gastonia

Jack H. White, Kings Mountain
Member? House of Representatives list Di 1 >avid W. Bumgardner, Jr., Belmont

H. Max Craig, Jr., Stanley

Clarence E. Leatherman, Lincolnton

Carl J. Stewart. Jr., Gastonia

Office Officer Address

Clerk of * ourt George C. Holland Gastonia

Register of Deeds . James M. Todd Gastonia

SherilT - Dwight L. Beam - Gastonia

Auditor .... C.E.Dent.. Gastonia

Tax Supervisor Cam Easton Gastonia

Tax Collector James H. Harmon Gastonia

County Accountant . .C. E. Dent Gastonia

( loroner W. J. McLean. Jr Gastonia

Surveyor J. H. Findlay Gastonia

County Health Director. . . Dr. B. M. Drake Gastonia

Supt. of Schools Hunter Huss Gastonia

Director of Public Welfare Joseph F. B. McCauley Gastonia

County Ext. Chairman Max G. Erwin Gastonia

Chmn. Bd. Education. . John R. Rankin Gastonia

Chmn. Bd. Elections. L. B. Hollowell, Jr Gastonia

Wildlife Protector. ... J. D. McLean Gastonia

Forester Earl Dutton. Rt. 1, Bessmer City

( 'ount\ Manager A. R. England Gastonia

County Attorney H.B.Gaston Belmont

County Librarian... Barbara E. Heafner Grouse

Civil Defense Director Albert McGinnis Gastonia

Veterans Service Officer Charlie Hawkins Gastonia

Recorder's Courts:

Belmont :

Judge ... W. A. Mason Belmont

Solicitor Robert W. Kirby Cherryville

Bessemer City:

Judge ' Daniel J. Walton Gastonia

Solicitor Tom D. Kurd Gastonia

I lallas :

Judge William G. Holland Gastonia

Solicit..' Robert L. Bradley, Jr Gastonia

Gastonia Municipal Court:

Judge O. F. Mason, Jr Gastonia

Solicitor Robert H. Forbes Gastonia

Domestic Relations Court:

Judge W. J. Allran, Jr Cherryville

Robert W. Kirbv Cherryville

County Government 713

Office Officer Address

County Commissioners:

Chairman C. Grier Beam Cherryville

Commissioner Dr. Charles A. Glenn Gastonia

Commissioner Polie Q. Cloninger, Jr Dallas

Commissioner W. J. Pharr McAdenville

Commissioner Gene Froneberger Bessmer City

Commissioner Charles A. Rhyne Stanley


Gates County was formed in 1778 from Chowan, Perquimans, andlHertford. Was
named in honor of General Horatio Gates, who commanded the American Army at the
battle of Saratoga.

Population —9,254 County Seat — Gatesville

State Senators 1st District J- J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court v>un,isV. Powell Gatesville

Register of Deeds Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Sheriff William H. Eure Gatesville

Treasurer Tarheel Bank & Trust Co Gatesville

Tax Supervisor William P. Mitchell Gatesville

Tax Collector Mills N. Felton Gatesville

County Accountant Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Coroner J. M. Eason Gatesville

Countv Health Director Dr. Q. E. Cooke Winton

Supt. of Schools W. C. Harrell Gatesville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Clarine G. Carter Gatesville

Countv Ext. Chairman Richard H. Bryant Gatesville

Chmn! ABC Board G. W. Ward Sunbury

Chmn. Bd. Education D. A. Willey Gates

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. P. Taylor Gatesville

Wildlife Protector J. D. Savage Sunbury

Forest Ranger H. L. Langston, Jr Gates

County Attorney Philip P. Godwin Gatesville

County Librarian Louise Boone Winton

Civil Defense Director J. E. Gregory Sunbury

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. E. Gregory Sunbury

Commissioner Lamar A. Benton Hobbsville

Commissioner W. J. Sawyer Gates

Commissioner Kenneth D. Close Gatesville

Commissioner L. Z. Felton Eure


Graham County was formed in 1872 from Cherokee. Was named in honor of Governor
William A. Graham, United States Senator, Governor of North Carolina, Secretary of the
Xavy, Confederate States Senator. Graham County voted with Cherokee until 1883.

Population —6,432 County Seat -Robbinsville

State Senator 33rd District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 49th District Wiley A. McGlamery, Hayesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court O. W. Hooper, Jr Robbinsville

Register of Deeds Howell Rogers Robbinsvill.

Sheriff . Arnold Crisp Robbinsville

714 North Carolina Manual

(Wire Officer \ddress

Treasurer E. H. Jenkins Robbinsville

Tax Supei Dock Orr Robbinsville

Tax Collector .E.H.Jenkins Robbinsville

County Account mi! E. H. Jenkins Robbinsville

Coroner Hayward Crawford Robbinsville

Supt. of Schools Kenneth Barker Robbinsville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Christine Corpening Robbinsville

County Ext. Chairman . J. K. Perry Robbinsville

Chmn. Bd. Education Lloyd Millsaps Robbinsville

Chmn. Bd. Elections Herve Cody Robbinsville

Wildlife Protectoi Lincoln Long Robbinsville

Forest Hunger John A. McKeldrey Robbinsville

County Attorney. ... . L. W. Lloyd Robbinsville

County Librarian . . .Mrs. Jep Rogers. Robbinsville

<"i\il Defense Director .Troy Grindstaff Robbinsville

Veterans Service Officer . Mrs. Frank Rogers Robbinsville

County ( Commissioners:

( Chairman James Huffman Robbinsville

t Commissioner . . . Frank Long Rt . 1. Robbinsville

i 'ommissioner < >. L. Colvard . Robbinsville


Granville County was formed in 1746 from Edgecombe. Was named in honor of John
i Carteret, Earl Granville, who owned the Granville District. He was Prime Minister under
King George II, and a very brilliant man.

Population— 33,110 County Seat— Oxford

State Senator 7th District Wills Hancock, Oxford

Members House of Representatives 17th District Jno. O. Gunn, Yanceyville

James E. Ramsey, Roxboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Mary Ruth C. Nelms Oxford

Register of Deeds Mrs. Flora O. Mann Oxford

Sheriff J. C. Cash Oxford

Treasurer I. W. Bullock Oxford

Auditor I. W. Bullock Oxford

Tax Supervisor I. W. Bullock Oxford

Tax Collector . I.W.Bullock Oxford

County Accountant I.W.Bullock Oxford

' Coroner G. C. Saunders, Jr Oxford

Surveyor Johnnie C. Currin Oxford

County Health Director Dr. J. U. Weaver Oxford

Supt. of Schools D. N. Hix Oxford

Director of Public Welfare W. W. Mullen Oxford

I Count y Ext. Chairman James M. Stewart Oxford

Chmn. ABC Board G. F. Mayes Oxford

( 'hmn. Bd. Education Harold L. O'Brien Rt. 5, Oxford

< 'hmn. Bd. Elections John N. Watkins, Jr Oxford

Wildlife Protector . . . James W. Gant Oxford

Forest Ranger D. C. Critcher Rt . 3. ( )xford

County Attorney W. M. Hicks Oxford

County Librarian Mrs. Edith Cannady Oxford

1 Civil Defense Director T. C. Jordan, Jr Oxford

Veterans Service Officer T. G. Stem, Jr Oxford

Recorder's Court:

■fudge W. Z. Mitchell, Jr Oxford

Solicitor Roy H. Royster Oxford

1 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman S. M. Watkins Rt. 4, Oxford

f Commissioner T. Morgan Daniel Rt. 1, Oxford

( Commissioner Watkins Carrington Oxford

Commissioner Henry Currin Rt. 4, Oxford

( 'ommissioner Elmo Blacklev Rt. 2. Oxford

County Government 715


Greene County was formed in 1799 from Glasgow. Was named in honor of General
Nathaniel Greene, Washington's "right-hand-man." Next to Washington General
Greene is regarded as the greatest soldier of the Revolution. He fought the battle of
Guilford Courthouse and saved North Carolina from the British.

Population— 16,741 County Seat— Snow Hill

State Senator 5th District Thomas J. White, Kinston

Members House of Representatives 9th District Guy Elliott, Kinston

I. Joseph Horton, Snow Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Seth T. Barrow Snow Hill

Register of Deeds Lula H. Heath Snow Hill

Sheriff P. L. Barrow Snow Hill

Tax Supervisor G. L. Mewborn, Jr Snow Hill

Tax Collector J. M. Carraway Snow Hill

County Accountant G. L. Mewborn, Jr Snow Hill

Coroner Lemuel Wayne Rouse Snow Hill

Surveyor Ray W. Jones Rt. 2, Snow Hill

County Health Director Dr. Joseph L. Campbell Snow Hill

Supt. of Schools Robert E. Strother Snow Hill

Director of Public Welfare Rachel Payne Sugg ... Hookerton

County Ext. Chairman John W. Grant Snow Hill

Chmn. ABC Board H. Kirby Cobb Snow Hill

Chmn. Bd. Education Sarah M. Stocks Hookerton

Chmn. Bd. Elections Rudolph E. Joyner Rt. 3, Snow Hill

Wildlife Protector Melvin Hill Snow Hill

Forest Ranger Zell Smith Rt. 3, Snow Hill

County Attorney Walter G. Sheppard Snow Hill

County Librarian Mary Virginia Kilpatrick Snow Hill

Civil Defense Director Fred Speight Snow Hill

Veterans Service Officer Walter G. Sheppard Snow Hill

County Court:

Judge Walter G. Sheppard Snow Hill

Solicitor Sam Jenkins, Jr Snow Hill

Municipal Court:
Judge Melvin Oliver Snow Hill

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. J. Grimsley Rt. 1 , Ayden

Commissioner J. Roy Vandiford Rt. 1, Snow Hill

Commissioner Joe Edmundson Rt. 3, Snow Hi! 1

Commissioner Claude Wade Rt. 3, Snow Hill

Commissioner Oscar Patrick Miller, Jr Snow Hill


Guilford County was formed in 1771 from Rowan and Orange. Was named in honor of
Francis North, Earl of Guilford, an English nobleman. He was the father of Lord North,
who was Prime Minister under King George III during the Revolution. Lord North
afterwards succeeded his father as Earl of Guilford.

Population— 246,520 County Seat— Greensboro

State Senators 18th District Ed Kemp, High Point

L. P. McLendon, Jr., Greensboro
John L. Osteen, Greensboro
Members House of Representatives 26th District

Hargrove (Skipper) Bowles, Jr., Greensboro

Elton Edwards, Greensboro

James G. Exum, Greensboro

C. W. Phillips, Greensboro

W. Marcus Short, Greensboro

Daniel P. Whitley, Jr. , High Point


North Carolina Manual


i 'lerk ol I
Regisl it of I >eeds

Tax Supervisor
Tax < ollector
Countj Accountant
Medical Examiner -
i 'ount > Heal! h Dii .riot
Supt . of Schools ... -

ir uf Public Welfare
i nun! y Exl . Chairman .
c'hmn. Bd. Education
1 'hmn. Bd. Elect ions
Wildlife Pal rolman
Wildlife Protector

i Hunt y Manager
i 'nunty Attornej
( 'ouniy Librarian
t 'ivil I )efense 1 >irectoi
Veterans Service < Ifficer.

Municipal-CounI y < )ourt :

Senior Judge



Officer Addre-s

•I- 1'- Shore Greensbo ■-,■

J. Mark Stewarl Greensboro

Paul H. Gibson Greensboro

Waller R. .!;imes Greensboro

Hugh L. Ros~ Greensboro

< '. R. Brooks Greensboro

( '. R. Brooks Greensboro

Hugh L. Ross Greensboro

Dr. Allen B. Coggeshall Greensboro

Dr. E. H. Ellinwood Greensboro

E. P. Pearce, Jr. Greensboro

L.M.Thompson Greensboro

W. H. Kimrey Greensboro

Howard E. Carr Greensboro

Z. H. Howerton, Jr Greensboro

Thomas M. Daniels Rt. 1, Jamestown

Bruce D. Byrd Rt. S, Greensboro

John F. Spivey, Jr. Greensboro

Carl G. Johnson Greensboro

\. D. McNairy Greensboro

Olivia B. Burwell Greensboro

J. M. McGough Greensboro

Van L. Trexler . ... Greensboro

J. Benjamin Miles Greensboro

Herman Enochs, Jr Greensboro

E. D. Kuykendall, Jr Greensboro

William A. Vaden and

Walter E. Clark Greensboro

High Poinl Municipal Court :
Solicit or

Domestic Relations Court:


Byron Haworth High Point

1 tonald L. Boone High Point

W. E. Comer Greensboro

Henri Ronald Mazzoli Greensboro

< 'ounty Commissioners:
' onimissioner
I 'ommtssioner
i 'onimissioner
i 'ommissioner

Dale C. Montgomery High Point

Percy H. Sears Greensboro

Willard Gourley, Jr Greensboro

R. N. Linville Oak Ridge

John E. Walters Greensboro


Halifax I ountj was formed in 175S from Edgecombe. Was named in honor ol George
Montagu Dunk. Earl of Halifax, President of the Board of Trade, which had control of the
colonies before the Revolution.

Population 58,956 County seat Halifax

State Senators 1th District Julian R. Allsbrook, Roanoke Rapids

Vinson Bridgers, Tarboro

Members House oi Representatives i"th District J. A. Everett, Palmyra

Thorne Gregory. Scotland Neck

Office Officer

I lerk of Court .I.e. Taylor

Register of Dei ds F. D. Wilson

Sheriff . J. Reuben Daniel

urer Bank of Halifax

tor R. L. Ferrell

Jami ? F Hunter



County Government 717

Office Otticre Address

Tax Collector Vivian Birdsong Halifax

County Accountant Riddick & Urquhart Halifax

Coroner W. H. Crawford Halifax

Surveyor J. C. Shearn Roanoke Rapids

County Health Director Dr. Robert F. Young Roanoke Rapids

Supt. of Schools W. Henry Overman Roanoke Rapids

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Esther N. Minturn Roanoke Rapids

Countv Ext. Chairman Clyde Peedin Rt. 2, Halifax

Chmn. ABC Board Balfour Dunn Scotland Neck

Chmn. Bd. Education CM. Moore, Jr Littleton

Chmn. Bd. Elections Wiley D. Connell Roanoke Rapids

Wildlife Patrolman H. A. Townsend Roanoke Rapids

Wildlife Protector Jerome Latif Scotland Neck

Wildlife Protector Jerry R. Rich . Roanoke Rapids

Forest Ranger Jordan W. Johnson Rt. 1, Scotland Neck

Countv Attorney Rom B. Parker Enfield

County Librarian Mrs. A. S. Daughtridge Scotland Neck

Civil Defense Director Carl Peoples Roanoke Rapids

Veterans Service Officer Haywood Cochrane Weldon

Recorder's Court:

Judge J- T. Maddrey Weldon

Solicitor W. E. Murphrey, III Roanoke Rapids

County Commissioners:

Chairman Harry Branch Enfield

Commissioner T. W. Myrick Littleton

Commissioner R. Hilliard Hux Rt. 2, Littleton

Commissioner Frank B. Neal Roanoke Rapids

Commissioner Travis T'zzell Scotland Neck


Harnett County was formed in ISod from Cumberland. Was named in honor of Cor-
nelius Harnett, eminent Revolutionary patriot, President of the Provincial Council,
President of the Council of Safety, delegate to the Continental Congress, author of thr
Halifax Resolution of April 12, 1776. Harnett voted with Cumberland until 1865.

Population— 48,236 County Seat— Lillington

State Senator 13th District Robert B. Morgan, Lillington

Members House of Representatives 22nd District Jimmy L. Love, Sanford

William W. Staton, Sanford

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Elizabeth F. Matthews Lillington

Register of Deeds Inez Harrington Lillington

Sheriff W. H. Stewart Lillington

Auditor H. D. Carson, Jr Lillington

Tax Supervisor Thomas Allen Lillington

Tax Collector W. Earl Jones Lillington

Coroner Paul Drew Lillington

Surveyor . Walter Lee Johnson Lillington

County Health Director Dr. Melvin F. Eyerman Lillington

Supt. of Schools R. A. Gray Lillington

Director of Public Welfare Fletcher C. Hubbard Rt. 3, Lillington

County Ext. Chairman C. R. Ammons Lillington

Chmn. Bd. Education J. R. Baggett, Jr Lillington

Chmn. Bd. Elections Dougald McRae Rt. 3. Lillington

Wildlife Protector C. H. Tripp Rt. 1, Lillington

Forest Ranger J. Ellis Byrd Bunnlevel

County Librarian Mrs. Margaret R. Randall Lillington

Civil Defense Director Carl E. Lucas Erwin

Veterans Service Officer Jean M. Irvin Lillington

i l v North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

K. corder's ( "ourt :

Judge Robert B. Morgan, Sr Lillingion

Solicitor .1. T. Lamm Lillington

Dunn Recorder's Court:

Judge Wood row Hill .Dunn

Solicitor Howard (1. Godwin Dunn

( 'iiunl v < 'ommissioners:

( 'hairman

( 'ommissioner

( lommissioner

( lommissioner


M. II. Brock Erwin

C. E. McLaml) Dunn

. W. J. Cot ten, Jr Kipling

.Gilbert Brown. . Rt. 2, Cameron

J. E. Womble Lillington

HAY \\(i( H i

Haywood County was formed in 1808 from Buncombe. Was named in honor of John
Hayw 1, who for forty years (1787-1827) was the popular Treasurer of the State.

Population t!»,711 County Seat — Waynesville

State Senator 32nd District Harry E. Buchanan, Hendersonville

Members House of Representatives 17th District Ernest B. Messer, Canton

Liston B. Ramsey, Marshall

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. B. Siler Waynesville

Register of 1 >eeds . .Charles G. Howell Waynesville

Sheriff C. Jack Arrington Waynesville

Auditor Mrs. Gwen G. Medford Waynesville

Tax Supervisor. ... .George A. Brown, Jr Waynesville

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