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Tax Collector . . . .Carl A. Setzer Waynesville

1 'on 'tier . R. Stuart Roberson Waynesville

County Health Director.. Dr. Raymond K. Butler Waynesville

Supt . of Schools Jerome Melton Waynesville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Marian C. Savage (acting) Waynesville

County Ext. Chairman. . . V. L. Holloway Waynesville

Chmn. Bd. Education. . Mack S. Setzer Waynesville

Chmn. Bd. Elections Charles Beall Canton

Wildlife Protector David R. Stroup Lake Junaluska

Forest Ranger Hugh L. Rathbone Rt. 3, Clyde

County Manager. George A. Brown, Jr Waynesvilh

County Attorney Zebulon I). Alley Waynesville

County Librarian. . . Mrs. Robert A. Le vine Waynesville

Civil Defense Director Jack Fullbright Hazelwood

Veterans Service Officer J. H. Howell, Sr. Waynesville

County Commissioners:

Chairman George A. Brown, Jr Waynesville

Commissioner ... Medford Leatherwood Waynesville

Commissioner Turner A. Cathey .. Rt. 2, Canton


Henderson County was formed in 1838 from Buncombe. Was named in hi, tier of
Leonard Henderson. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

Population 36,163 County Seat— Hendersonviil.

State Senator :!2nd District Harrv E. Buchanan, Hendersonville

\T( mber House of Representatives 4fith District Don H. Garren, Hendersonville

County Government 719

iilh,, Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. Seldon Osteen Hendersonville

Register of Deeds . . Marshall Watterson Hendersonville

Sheriff. . . James F. Kilpatrick Hendersonville

Treasurer. . . Clyde Jackson Hendersonville

Auditor. . . M. B. McDaniels Hendersonville

Tax Supervisor Betty Lawrence Hendersonville

Tax Collector Preston E. Drake Hendersonville

County Accountant Clyde S. Jackson Hendersonville

Coroner Dr. J. H. Willson Hendersonville

Surveyor Donald Hill Hendersonville

County Health Director Dr. J. D. Lutz Hendersonville

Supt. of Schools J. M. Foster Hendersonville

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Anna Belle Parks Hendersonville

County Ext. Chairman D. W. Bennett Hendersonville

Chmn. Bd. Education L. C. Youngblood Fletcher

Chmn. Bd. Elections Fred W. Streetman Hendersonville

Wildlife Patrolman J. D. Renegar Mountain Home

Wildlife Protector Clarence L. Beaver Mountain Home

Forest Ranger James Rhodes Rt. 2, Hendersonville

County Attorney W. B. W. Howe Flat Rock

County Librarian Mrs. Elizabeth C. Marshall. . . Hendersonville

Civil Defense Director J. C. Belue Hendersonville

Veterans Service Officer Asa Hadden Hendersonville

General County Court:

Judge W. R. Sheppard Hendersonville

Solicitor M. F. Toms Hendersonville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Clyde S. Jackson Hendersonville

Commissioner M. K. Sinclair East Flat Rock

Commissioner C. E. Staton Hendersonville


Hertford County was formed in 1759 from Chowan, Bertie, and Northampton. Was
named in honor of Francis Seymour Conway, Marquis of Hertford, an English nobleman.
He was a brother of General Conway, a distinguished British soldier and member of
Parliament, who favored the repeal of the Stamp Act. The word Hertford is said to
mean "Red Ford."

Population— 22,718 County Seat— Winton

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 6th District Emmett W. Burden, Aulander

Roberts H. Jernigan, Jr., Ahoskie

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Arthur W. Greene Winton

Register of Deeds T. D. Northcott Winton

Sheriff R. V. Parker Winton

Auditor Riddick & Urquhart Ahoskie

Tax Supervisor T. M. Condon Winton

Tax Collector T. M. Condon Winton

County Accountant E.G. Johnson Winton

Coroner Harvey J. Purvis Winton

County Health Director Dr. Q. E. Cooke Winton

Supt. of Schools R. P. Martin Winton

Director of Public Welfare . Margaret Newbern Winton

County Ext. Chairman Larry L. Hodges Winton

Chmn. ABC Board P. B. Woodley . . .Ahoskie

Chmn. Bd. Education George E. Gibbs Murfreesboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections Clarence L. Willoughby Ahoskie

Wildlife Protector . Henry L. Bazemore Ahoskie

Forest Ranger Charles M. Edwards Winton

7 2

North Carolina -Manual

Office Officer tddrc>~|

i ounty Manager E.G.Johnson. Winton

Countj \ttorney J. Guy Revelle, Jr Murfreesboro

f muiiiv Librarian. Louise V. Boone Winton

Civil Defense Director W. M. Smith ... Ahoskie

Veteran? Service Officer C. K. Friddle Winton

Recorder's < lourt :

Judge Joseph D. Blythe Ahoskie

Solicitor L. Frank Burleson, Jr. . . ... Murfreesboro

I mint v ( lommissioners :

Chairman W. T. Modlin. Ahoskie

Commissioner Fred Jones. .. . . . Winton

Commissioner . Hunter Sharp, Jr Ahoskie

Commissioner . Bob F. Hill. . . Murfreesboro

Commissioner R. Gilbert Whitley Como


Hoke County was formed in 1!»11 front Cumberland and Robeson. Was named in honor
ii Robert K. Hoke, of Norl h Carolina, Major-General in the Confederate States Army.

Copulation Hi, 356

State Senators 14th District

Members House of Representatives 24th District


County Seat — Raeford

John T. Henley, Hope Mills

Hector McGeachy, Jr., Fayetteville

David M. Britt, Fairmont

Roger C. Kiser, Laurinburg

Neill L. McFadyen, Raeford

R. 1). McMillan, Jr., Red Springs


I 'lerk of Court

Register of I >eeds



Tax < 'oiled or

< 'ounty Accountant
i 'oroner
County Health Director
Supt. of Schools
Director of Public Welfare

< 'ount v Ex1 . Chairman. .
Chmn. ABC Board

' 'limn Bd. Education

< 'hmn. Bd. Elections

Wildlife 1'rotector
Forest Ranker
i 'ounty Manager

< 'ounty Attorney
( 'ounty Librarian

' 'ivil Defense I >irector
Veterans Service Officer

Officer Xddress

E. E. Smith Raeford

J. E. Gulledge Raeford

D. M. Barrington. . Raeford

T. B. Lester, Jr Raeford

Archie McQ. Byrne Raeford

T. B. Lester, Jr Raeford

G. Franklin Crumpler Raeford

R. H. Gatlin Raeford

Dr. H. H. McLean, 1 1 1 Raeford

W. T. Gibson, Jr Raeford

Mable McDonald Raeford

Wendell S. Young Raeford

Alfred K. Leach Raeford
. D. R. Huff, Jr. Rt. 1, Aberdeen

• I. Scotl Poole Raeford

J. W. Rudd Raeford
Clyde Leach.. . Rt. 1, Shannon

T. B. Lester, Jr. Raeford

Charles A. Hostetler Raeford

Mrs. Lee Cameron . Raeford

Alfred Cole . . . Raeford

Mrs. Marion Clark Raeford

ount y i lommiss
( 'ommissioner

< 'ommissioner

< 'ommissioner

< 'ommissioner.

T. ( . Jones Rt. 2, Raeford

T. F. McBrvde Raeford

J. A. Webb' Rt. 3, Raeford

R. H. Barnharl Raeford

John G. Balfour Rt. 1, Lumber Bridge

County Government



Hyde County was formed in 1705 from Bath. Called Wickham until about 1712.
N'amed Hyde in honor of Governor Edward Hyde, of North Carolina, a grandson of thi
Karl of Clarendon. The Earl was one of the Lords Proprietors. Governor Hyde was a
first cousin of Queen Anne.

Population- 5,765 County Seal Sunn Quarter

State Senator 2nd District Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members House of Representatives 2nd District Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr., Washington



Clerk of Court . . . W. Allen Credle

Register of Deeds . . . Mrs. Evelyn S. Dixon

Sheriff C.J. Cahoon

Treasurer Bonner R. Lee

Auditor Bonner R. Lee

Tax Supervisor Bonner R. Lee .

County Accountant. Bonner R. Lee. .

Coroner C. P. Williamson.

County Health Director Dr. W. W. Johnson

Supt. of Schools Allen D. Bucklew

Director of Public Welfare. William A. Miller

County Ext. Chairman George O'Neal

C'hmn. Bd. Education William I. Cochran

Chmn. Bd. Elections.
Wildlife Patrolman
Wildlife Protector .

Forest Ranger

County Attorney. .
County Librarian. .
Civil Defense Director
Veterans Service Officer

Recorder's Court:



Fred A. Mason

T. H. Robbins. .
W. FJ. Lawrence. .
Ben C. Simmons
George T. Davis
Mary B. Wilson
David M. Darden. .
. Mrs. Evelvn S. Dixon

.J. L. Simmons, Jr
. George T. Davis

County Commissioners:


Commissioner. . .

Leon G. Ballance.
Tommie V. Jones .
Leonard Smith . .

Swan Quartet
Swan Quartet
Swan Quarter
Swan Quarter
Swan Quartet-
Swan Quarter
Swan Quarter
Swan Quartet
Swan Quarter
Swan Quartet-
Swan Quarter
Swan Quarter
Swan Quartet-
Swan Quarter

Swan Quarter


Swan Quartet



Swan Quartet

Swan Quarter



Swan Quarter


Iredell County was formed in 1788 from Rowan. Named in honor of James Iredell, of
Edenton, who was one of the foremost lawyers of the State. In 1788 and 1789 he was one
of the leaders in the State in advocating the adoption of the Constitution of the United
States. His speeches in the Convention of 1788 at Hillsboro were among the ablest
delivered by any of the advocates of the Constitution. Washington appointed him in 1 790
a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Population— 62,526

State Senators 26th District.

Members House of Representatives :ii<th District.

County Seat Statesville

C. V. Henkel, Turnersburg

Adrian L. Shuford, Jr., Conover
Gilbert Lee Boger, Rt. :S. Mocksvilh
Homer B. Tolbert. Rt. 2. Cleveland


Clerk of Court
Register of Deeds




Tax Supervisor. . .


Carl G. Smith . . .

L. Lynn Nesbit

Leroy Reavis

R. L. Shuford.

Mrs. Bernice McJunkin.

Robert Black


States villi
States villi


722 Nobth Carolina Manual

( >lli« . Officer Address

Tax Collector .. R. L. Shuford Statesville

County Accountant Mrs. Bernice McJunkin . .. Statesville

( loroner Wm. L. Baynard Statesville

Surveyor L. B. Grier Statesville

Supl . of Schools T. Ray Gibbs Statesville

Director of Public Welfare . Mrs. Dorothy Fleming Statesville

County Ext. < 'hairman . . W. L. Franklin Statesville

< 'h m n. Bd. Education. Mrs. Fred Bunch Statesville

Chmn. Ud Elections C. B. Winberry Statesville

\\ ildlife Patrolman W. C. Phipps Rt. 2, Harmony

U ildlife Protector. Gary ('. Maddox Rt. 1, Troutman

Forester ...CD. Eskridge Statesville

County Manager R. L. Shuford Statesville

County Attorney Jay F. Frank Statesville

County Librarian Violet Caudle Statesville

Civil Defense ] lirectoi Floyd Templeton Statesville

Veterans Service Officer . Floyd Templeton Statesvillt

i; i order's ( 'ourt :

Judge . .. R. A. Hedrick .Statesville

or Boyde G. Gibson, Jr Statesville

Mooresville Recorder's Court:

Judge Wm. S. Neel . Mooresville

Solicitor Wm. R. Pope Mooresville

Statesville Recorder's ('ourt:

Judge. C. H. Dearman Statesville

Solicitor Wm. E. Crosswhite Statesville

< 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman A. J. Waring Statesville

Commissioner . C. C. Bryant Statesville

Commissioner John S. Hardaway . . Statesville

Commissioner Norman Joyner Troutman

i 'ommissioner James H. White ... . Union Grove


Jackson County was formed in 1851 from Haywood and Macon. Named in honor ol
Andrew Jackson, who was born in Mecklenburg County (the site of his birth-place is now
in Union), won the brilliant victory over the British at New Orleans in 1815, and was
twice elected President of the United States.

Population -17,780 County Seat— Sylva

Slate Senator :!3rd District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murph\

Member House of Representatives 48th District Charles H. Taylor, Brevard

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Margaret W. Henson Sylva

Register of Deeds Glenn Hughes Sylva

Sheriff Fred Holcombe Sylva

Treasurer George W. Sloan Sylva

Ta\ Colli. i-t, ii Kathleen M. Owens ..Sylva

Coroner . James E. Oliver Sylva

Surveyor G. T. Knight Balsam

Supt . of Schools Paul Buchanan Sylva

Director of Public Welfare G. C. Henson Sylva

County Ext. Chairman J. K. Perry Sylva

Chmn. Bd. Education George J. Stewart Glenville

< "limn. Bd. Elections Harvey Fisher Sylva

Wildlife Protector Wiley M. Danner Sylva

Forest Ranger . Ben Sumner Rt. 2, Slyva

County Attorney Lacy Thornburg Syiv

County Librarian Sadie Luck Sy'

Civil Defense Director Boyd B. Sossamon Syh .

Veterans Service Officers . R. U. Sutton and James Bennett Sylvi

County Government 723

Office Officer Address

County Commissioners:

Chairman George W. Sloan Sylva

Commissioner B. F. Pell Cashiers

Commissioner Wm. B. Dillard Sylva


Johnston County was formed in 1746 from Craven. Afterwards parts of Duplin and
Orange were added. Was named in honor of Gabriel Johnston, Governor of North Caro
lina from 1734 to 1752.

Population — 62,936 County Seat— Smithfield

State Senators 8th District Dallas L. Alford, Jr., Rocky Mount

Jesse H. Austin, Jr., Clayton

Members House of Representatives 15th District William R. Britt, Smithfield

J. Ernest Paschall, Wilson
Barney Paul Woodard, Princeton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court James C. Woodard Smithfield

Register of Deeds W. G. Massey Smithfield

Sheriff Rayford Oliver Smithfield

Treasurer J. Narvin Creech Smithfield

Auditor W. H. Britt Smithfield

Tax Supervisor W. H. Britt Smithfield

Tax Collector Harper Godwin Smithfield

County Accountant W. H. Britt Smithfield

Coroner V. J. Underwood Smithfield

Surveyor William Ragsdale Smithfield

Supt. of Schools E. S. Simpson Smithfield

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Edith H. Park Smithfield

County Ext. Chairman C. W. Tarlton Smithfield

Chmn. ABC Board Jack B. Wooten, Sr Smithfield

Chmn. Bd. Education Norman B. Grantham Smithfield

Chmn. Bd. Elections Marvin E. Taylor Smithfield

Wildlife Protector Harold J. King Smithfield

Forest Ranger H.J. Whitley Rt. 2, Smithfield

County Attorney W. R. Britt Smithfield

County Librarian Mrs. Eleanor Hooks Smithfield

Civil Defense Director Wilson J. Broadwell Selma

Veterans Service Officer L. P. Creech Pine Level

Recorder's and Domestic Relations Court:

Judge William I. Godwin Selma

Recorders' Courts:

Benson District:

Judge C. P. Trader Benson

Solicitor E. A. Parker Benson

( 'layton District:

Judge JDewey W. Huggins Clayton

Solicitor Howard Doyle Clayton

Kenly District:
Judge D. Osborne Wilder Kenly

Selma District:

Judge E. Hughes Lamm Selma

Smithfield District:

Judge G. Gilbert Grady Four Oaks

Solicitor Ed Batten Smithfield

County Commissioners:

Chairman H.M.Johnson Four Oaks

( Commissioner J. D. Bailey Kenly

s Commissioner Frank B. Holding Smithfield

• Commissioner Norman C. Denning Rt. 1, Four Oaks

Commissioner Adam J. Whitley Rt. 1, Smithfield

North Carolina Manual


om < 'raven. Was named in honor of Willie Jones,
Hi- •■ the leading patriots oi the Revolution, was President of the

Safely, and wa '1 to the adoption of the Constitution of the United

due lo hi influence I hat the Convention of 17,SiS rejected it.

r.'i'iil.ii ion II, County Seat -Trenton

Thomas J. White, Kinston

Guy Elliott, Kinston

I. Joseph Horton. Snow Hill

'•Hi.. Officer Address

Walter 1'. Henderson Trenton

I '< . d W . I). Parker Trenton

W B. Yates Trenton

Branch Bank Trenton

Julian l>. Waller Trenton

Tax Collector Julian I >. Waller ... . Trenton

lanl Mar\ E. Brock Trenton

Dr. George Davenport. . . .Trenton

E. C. Armstrong. Pollocksville

Health Director Dr. John Parrott Kinston

iblic Welfare Zeta G. Burt Trenton

n. Chairman Jimmy Franck Trenton

VBC Board V.E.Banks. Kt . 1. Trenton

limn. Bd. Education J. ('. West, Jr. . .Trenton

hmn. Bd. Elecl John C. I'.. Koonce Rt. 2, Trenton

K'ildl ctor Frank Ward .... ..Pollocksville

Lawrence Pollock . Rt. 1, Trenton

nty Attorn. James R. Hood. . Trenton

County Librarian.. Mrs. (;. L. Kube Trenton

Civil D i i Director.. R. C. O'Bryan Pollocksville

Vetera: ce Officer W.D.Parker Trenton

1 'ount> Ri corder's < 'ourt :

Judg' Joe II. H..t..n. . . Trenton

ounty ( 'ommissioners:

Chairn James Barbee Maysville

Comn Charles Battle, Jr Comfort

i ommissioner Clifton E. Hood Rt. 2, Dover

ssioner Horace Phillips Rt. 1, Trenton

oner W. Denford Eubank Pollocksville


rjuntj was formed in 1907 from Chatham and Moore. Named in honor of
I Lee.

Population 26,561 County Seat— Sanford

State Senator, 13th District Robert B. Morgan, Lillington

House of Representatives 22nd District . Jimmy L. Love, Sanford

William W. Staton, Sanford

01,11 • Officer Address

Sion H. Kelly Sanford

ienist, • of 1 1. e.i: J. Chandler Eakes Sanford

-V h ' r, ' r D. P. Holder Sqnford

James L. Clark Sanford

°"< "" ! Nathan Crissman Sanford

(ounty Accountant Mrs. Beatrice Fields Sanford

Medical Examiner. Dr. J. H. Byerly Sanford

Lacy M. Johnson Lemon Springs

'ounty Health Director Dr. (). David Garvin Chapel Hill

""'"■ ' J-J. Lentz Sanford

CotiNTY Government 7 25

i >lli" Officer Address

Director of Public', Welfare Raymond Ledford Sanford

County Ext. Chairman Thomas M. Haislip Sanford

Chmn. Bd. Education J. Glenn Edwards . Rt. 8, Sanford

Chmn. Bd .Elections W. H. Ray Sanford

Wildlife Protector A. C. Godwin Rt. 4, Sanford

Forest Ranger Harold L. Coleman Broadway

County Attorney Kenneth R. Hoyle Sanford

County Librarian Mary Scott Gurley Sanford

Civil Defense Director L. L. Beckham Rt . 4, Sanford

Veterans Service Officer W. D. Gregson Sanford

County Criminal Court:

Judge Woodrow W. Seymour . . Sanford

Solicitor Clyde K. Atkins Sanford

County Commissioners:

Chairman Dr. John E. Dotterer Sanford

Commissioner Max McLeod Sanford

Commissioner Charles Yow Sanford

Commissioner Aubrey E. White Sanford

Commissioner Frank D. Wicker Rt. fi. Sanford


Lenoir County was formed in 1791 from Dobbs and Craven. Was named in honor of
General William Lenoir, one of the heroes r>f King's Mountain.

Population — 55,276 County Seat — Kinston

State Senator 5th District Thomas J. White, Kinston

Members House of Representatives 9th District Guy Elliott, Kinston

I. Joseph florton, Snow Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court John S. Da vis Kinston

Register of Deeds Catherine Cooke Kinston

Sheriff Fred L. Boyd Kinston

Auditor Hugh M. Stroud Kinston

Tax Supervisor Milton G. Williams ... Kinston

Tax Collector Milton G. Williams . . Kinston

Coroner Raymond T. Jarman Kinston

Surveyor Robert J. Strickland Kinston

County Health Director Dr. John A. Parrott Kinston

Supt. of Schools H. H. Bullock Kinston

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Martha Bovinet Kinston

Count v Ext. Chairman F. J. Koonce Kinston

Chmn. ABC Board J. C. Hooten Grifton

Chmn. Bd. Education Earl W. Kinsey La Grange

Chmn. Bd. Elections F. E. Wallace, Jr Kinston

Wildlife Protector Laurie Bradshaw Kinston

Forest Ranger John L. Ives Kinston

County Attorney Thomas B. Griffin Kinston

County Librarian Hollis C. Haney Kinston

Civil Defense Director Lloyd Barnette Kinston

Veterans Service Officer R. B. Edmondson Snow Hill

County-Municipal Recorder's Court:

Judge E. R. Wooten Kinston

Solicitor P. H. Crawford, Jr Kinston

La Grange Recorder's Court:

Judge William E. Coltrain La Grange

County Commissioners:

Chairman Richard S. Whaley RFD, Kinston

Commissioner Luby L. Edwards RFD, Kinston

Commissioner Daniel T. Lilley. . Kinston

Commissioner. J. R. Davenport Deep Run

Commissioner W. E. Brewer Pink Hill

7 26 North Carolina Manual


Lincoln I Dimly was formed in 1779 from Tryon. Was named in honor of General
Benjamin Lincoln, a distinguished general of i he Revolution, whom Washington[appointed
he swords of Lord Cornwallis at the surrender of Yorktown.

Population 28,814 County Seat— Lincolnt on

State Senators 2nth District C. V. Henkel, Turnersburg

Adrian L. Shuford, Jr., Conover
Members House of Representatives list District .... David W. Bumgardner, Jr., Belmont

H. Max Craig, Jr., Stanley

Clarence E. Leatherman, Lincolnton

Carl J. Stewart. Jr., Gastonia

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court . . M. L. Huggins Lincolnton

Register of Deedi Elizabeth S. Carpenter Lincolnton

Sheriff J- Earlie Norwood Lincolnton

urer Fred M. Houser Lincolnton

Auditor Fred M. Houser Lincolnton

Tax Supervisor . . W. Blair Ahernethy Lincolnton

Tax Collector . . W. Blair Ahernethy Lincolnton

County Accountant ... .Fred M. Houser Lincolnton

i loroner . .L. David Warlick Lincolnton

Surveyor Hoke S. Heavner Lincolnton

Supt . of Schools Morris S. Childers Lincolnton

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Betty A. Rhyne Lincolnton

County Ext. Chairman . George Stoudemire Lincolnton

Chmn. Bd. Education. . Pat H. Harrill Lincolnton

i 'hum. Bd. Elections . . L. A. Grooms Lincolnton

Wildlife Protector . Donald M. Edwards Rt.l. Lincolnton

Forest Ranger ... Charles L. Tate, Jr., Lincolnton

Count} Attornej David Clark Lincolnton

County Librarian Antionette Earle Lincolnton

Civil Defense Director I. Robert Willis Lincolnton

Veterans Service Officer Willard Lambert, Jr Lincolnton

der's < 'ourt :

Judge John R. Friday Lincolnton

Solicitor William L. Morris Lincoltnon

1 Jounty Commissioners:

' hairman Dr. John R. Gamble, Jr Lincolnton

Commissioner James W. Warren Lincolnton

• !ommissioner Don W. Cherry Rt. 1, Stanley

< 'omniissionor A Ferd Houser Rt. 2, Vale

Commissioner . ... L. M. Aderholt Rt. t. Lincolnton


Macon ( ounty was formed in 1828 from Haywood. Was named in honor of Nathaniel
Macon. Speaker of the National House of Representatives, United States Spnator, Pres-
ident of the Constitutional Convention of 1835.

Population L4.935 County Seat. — Franklin

State Senator :i:ird District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 19th District Wiley A. McGlamery, Hayesville

< >ffice Officer Address

i lerk of Court . A. Winton Perry Franklin

r ol I iced Lake V. Shope." Franklin

Brice Rowland Franklin

urer Thomas A. Henson Franklin

Auditor Thomas A. Henson Franklin

Tax Supervisor Thomas A. Henson Franklin

Thomas A. Henson Franklin

County Government 727

Office Officer Address

County Accountant Thomas A. Henson Franklin

Coroner Dr. J. H. Fisher Franklin

Surveyor Richard S. Slagle Rt. 1, Franklin

Supt. of Schools H. Bueck Franklin

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Dorothy R. Crawford Franklin

County Ext. Chairman T. H. Fagg Franklin

Chmn. Bd. Education W. T. Jenkins Franklin

Chmn. Bd. Elections J. D. Southard Rt. 4, Franklin

Wildlife Protector C. H. Boring Franklin

Forest Ranger J. Fred Cunningham Rt. 2, Franklin

County Attorney R. S. Jones Franklin

County Librarian Mary K. Jenkinson Franklin

Civil Defense Director Phil McCollum Franklin

Veterans Service Officer Bill Waldroop Franklin

County Commissioners:

Chairman Oscar Ledford Franklin

Commissioner Lon Dalton Franklin

Commissioner W. P. Bryant Franklin


Madison County was formed in 1851 from Buncombe and Yancey. Was named in
honor of James Madison, fourth President of the United States.

Population — 17,217 County Seat— Marshall

State Senators 31st District Bruce B. Briggs, Asheville

R. Theodore Dent, Spruce Pine

Members House of Representatives 47th District Ernest B. Messer, Canton

Liston B. Ramsey, Marshall

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court C.N. Willis Marshall

Register of Deeds Chauncey Metcalf Marshall

Sheriff Roy Roberts Marshall

Auditor W. B. Zink Marshall

Tax Collector Jim F. Craine Marshall

Coroner Fred McDevitt Marshall

County Health Director Dr. Majorie Lord Marshall

Supt. of Schools R. L. Edwards Mars Hill

Director of Public Welfare Frances G. Ramsey Marshall

County Ext. Chairman Harry G. Silver Marshall

Chmn. Bd. Education Zeno H. Ponder Marshall

Chmn. Bd. Elections Rex Allen Mars Hill

Wildlife Protector Raymond C. Ramsey Rt. 2, Marshall

Forest Ranger Charles L. Craine Walnut

County Attorney Clyde M. Roberts Marshall

County Librarian Elizabeth Dotterer Hot Springs

Civil Defense Director Charles Crowe Marshall

Count v Commissioners:

Chairman W. C. Silvers, Jr Mars Hill

Commissioner Doyle B. Cody Mars Hill

Commissioner Roy McDevitt Marshall


Martin County was formed in 1774 from Halifax and Tyrrell. Was named in honor of
Josiah Martin, the last royal governor of North Carolina. It is probable that this name
would have been changed like those of Dobbs and Tryon, but for the popularity of Alex-
ander Martin, who was Governor in 1782 and again in 1790.

Population — 27,139 County Seat — Williamston

State Senator 2nd District Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members House of Representatives 7th District J. A. Everett, Palmyra

Thorne Gregory, Scotland Neck

North Carolina Manual

on,,. Officer Address

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