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Clerk ol I curt L. Bruce Wynne Williamston

. oi I >. eds .1. Sam Getsinger Williamston

Sheriff W. R. Rawls Williamston

urcr W. L. Howell Williamston

Auditor M. C. Cobb Williamston

Tax Supervisor W. Cecil Brown Williamston

Tax Collector W. Cecil Brown Williamston

County Accountant ...M.C.Cobb Williamston

Coroner CD. Taylor Williamston

County Health Director Dr. K L. Van Horn Williamston

Supt. of Schools . R. Eugene Rogers Williamston

Director of Public Welfare . Mary W. Taylor Williamston

Count \ Ext. Chairman D.W.Brady Williamston

Chmn." ABC Board . .V. J. Spivey Williamston

Chmn. Bd. Education . H. B. Gaylord Jamesville

Chmn. Bd. Elections. . C. D. Carstarphen Williamston

Wildlife Protector . Harold R Dail Robersonville

Forest Ranger Marvin H. Leggett Jamesville

County Attorney Peel&Peel.. Williamston

5 Librarian Mrs. Mary B. Wilson Washington

Civil Defense Director. Don E. Johnson Williamston

Vetei ce Officer W.C.Purvis Hamilton

Recorder's Court :

Judge . ..H. 0. Peele Williamston

Solicitor R. L. Coburn Williamston

< 'ounty ( Commissioners:

Chairman John L. House Robersonville

Commissioner Paul Barber Jamesville

Commissioner Joseph H. Thigpen Williamston

Commissioner . . . . . J. C. Gurkin, Sr. Rt. 1, Williamston

Commissioner John Sledge Oak City


McDowell County was formed in 1812 from Ritiarford and Burke. Was named in
nonor of ( Colonel Joesph McDowell, an a ■' i .- • i fi ??r of the Revolution. McDowell voted
with Rutherford and Rurke until 1854.

Population 26,742 County Seat — Marion

State Senator 30th District Clyde M. Norton, Old Fort

Members House of Representatives 45 thDist. . Gordon H. Greenwood, Black Mountain

Herschel S. Harkins, Asheville

C. Edley Hutchins, Rt. 1, Black Mountain

David D. Jordan, Asheville

Office Officer Address

( 'lerk of < oun Robert G. Jarrett, Sr Marion

Register of Deeds Ruth Lackey Lambeth Marion

Sheriff J. Hubert Haynes Marion

Ruth Lackey Lambeth Marion

Ernst & Ernst Winston-Salem

Jack Harmon Marion

. . B. B. Byrd Marion

Accounl Sue M. Chrisawn Marion

< Coroner T. Walton Clapp, Jr. Marion

County Health Director Dr. W. F. E. Loftin Marion

Supt. of Schools James E. Johnson Marion

or of Public Welfare H. Gene Herrell Marion

County Ext . Chairman R. L. Love Marion

in. Bd. Education Gudger C. Welch Old Fort

Wildlife 1'atrolman. . W. E. Gooden Nebo

Monroe V. Marlowe Rt. 1, Mar on

County Government 7 29

Office Officer Address

( ounty Attorney E. P. Dameron Marion

( ounty Librarian Alice Newell Marion

Civil Defense Director John L. Sullivan Marion

Veterans Service Officer H. R. Early Old Fort

County Criminal Court:

Judge William D. Lonon Marion

Solicitor Charles E. Burgin Marion

("ounty Commissioners:

Chairman Terry A. Moore Marion

Commissioner Dr. O. D. Rowe Marion

Commissioner J. B. Walker, Jr Marion


Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 from Anson, Was named in honor of Princess
Charlotte, of Mecklenburg, Queen of George III, King of England. The county seat,
Charlotte, one of the prettiest cities in the State, was also named in her honor. Mecklen-
burg County was the scene of some of the most stirring events in the Revolution.

Population— 272,111 County Seat— Charlotte

State Senators 27th District Mrs. Martha W. Evans, Charlotte

Charles K. Maxwell, Rt. 1, Huntersville
Herman A. Moore, Charlotte

Members H<TUse of Representatives 36th District Philip Jackson Baugh, Charlotte

James Tully (Jim) Beatty, Charlotte

Richard B. Calvert, Charlotte

James H. Carson, Jr., Charlotte

G. Patrick Hunter, Charlotte

Arthur H. Jones, Charlotte

James B. Vogler, Charlotte

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. Edward Stukes Charlotte

Register of Deeds Edgar Smith Charlotte

Sheriff Donald W. Stahl Charlotte

Treasurer Juanita Cadieu Charlotte

Auditor J. Harry Weatherly (acting) Charlotte

Tax Supervisor R. P. Alexander Charlotte

Tax Collector P. W. Davenport Charlotte

Coroner Dr. Walter M. Summerville Charlotte

County Health Director Dr. Maurice Kamp Charlotte

Supt. of Schools Dr. Craig Phillips Charlotte

Director of Public Welfare Wallace H. Kuralt Charlotte

County Ext. Chairman G. B. Hobson Charlotte

Chran. ABC Board J. Y. Pharr, Jr Charlotte

Chmn. Bd. Education William Poe Charlotte

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mrs. Samuel C. Hair Charlotte

Wildlife Protector J. O. Brown Charlotte

Wildlife Protector William H. Cordell Cornelius

County Manager J. Harry Weatherly Charlotte

County Attorney Thomas Ruff Charlotte

County Librarian Hoyt R. Galvin Charlotte

Civil Defense Director Kenneth D. Williams Charlotte

Veterans Service Officer Vernon O. Tucker Charlotte

Recorder's Court:

Judge Winfred R. Ervin Charlotte

Solicitor E. Clayton Selvey, Jr Charlotte

Charlotte Municipal Court:

Judges P. B. Beachum, Jr. and William T. Grist . . Charlotte

Solicitors J. Marshall Haywood and Warren Blair Charlotte

7 30 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer \ddress

i 'ounty < -ommissioners:

( 'hairman John A. ( lampbell Charlotte

i 'ommissio M. W. Peterson Charlotte

Commi ionei James G. Martin Charlotte

Commissioner Robert I). Potter Charlotte

• 'omm Sam T. Atkinson, Jr Charlotte


Mill ( (.uni. \ was formed in 1861 from Yancey, Caldwell, Burke and McDowell.
Was named in honor of J >r. Elisha Mitchell, a professor in the University of North (Carolina.
While "ii an exploring expedition on Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Rocky
Mountain-., I >r. Mitchell fell from a his,'" peak and was killed. His body is buried on top
< > f this lofty mountain. Mitchell County voted with Yancey County until 1868.

Population 13,906 ;. County Seat— Bakersville

Senators :11st District Bruce B. Briggs, Asheville

R. Theodore Dent, Spruce Pine
Member House of Representatives 44th 1 (istrict Mack S. Isaac. Newland

< Office Officer Address

< 'lerk of ( 'ourl Guy E. Snyder BaKersvilie

Register of Deeds Frank G. Whitson Bakersville

Sheriff Brownloe L. Moffett Bakersville

Treasurer Frank P. Garland Bakersville

Vuditor Frank Jones Bakersville

Tax Supervisor Frank Jones Bakersville

1 ollector Frank P. Garland Bakersville

I -ounty Accountant Frank Jones Bakersville

>ner James Henline Bakersville

Supt. of Schools Walter Thomas Bakersville

Director of Public Welfare Rayburn Yelton Bakersville

County Ext. Chairman George Conrad Bakersville

Chmn. Bd. Education Lat Westall Spruce Pine

1 Ihmn. Bd. Elections Lewis Turbyrield Bakersville

Wildlife Protector Scott Beasley Spruce Pine

Ranger J. Bruce Street Bakersville

< ounty Attorney Warren H. Pritchard Spruce Pine

County Librarian Mrs. Vaughty B. Young Bakersville

Civil 1 letense Director George M. Bartlett Spruce Pine

\ ei, ran Ser\ ice Officer Charles Foster Bakersville

( 'ounty ( 'ommissioners:

,;in J. Eston Peterson Spruce Pine

' ommissioner Warren Pitman Bakersville

( ommissioner Glenn J. Buchanan Spruce Pine


County was formed in 1778 from Anson. Was named in honor of the
il Richard Montgomery, who lost his life at the battle of Quebec in 1775 while
trying to conquer Canada.

County Seat -Troy
SI ate Senat ors 1 9t h 1 >isi net j. F . Allen, Biscoe

,, Voit Gilmore, Southern Pines

ntatives 27th District Colon Blake, Candor

C. Roby Garner, Sr., Asheboro

Officer Address

£ ler . k " f ' ' Charles M. Johnson Troy

" f ' >eeds Thad Cranford Troy

Elwood C.iLong Trov

County Government 731

i Mlu < Officer Address

Tax Supervisor A. P. Guyer Troy

Tax Collector A. P. Guyer Troy

County Accountant James S. Smitherman Troy-
Coroner John C. Wallace Troy

County Health Director Dr. George H. Armstrong Mt. Gilead

Supt. of Schools H. Wade Mobley Troy

Director of Public Welfare Frank M. Ledbetter Troy

County Ext. Chairman Austin M. Garriss Troy

Chmn. Bd. Education Howard Dorsett Mt. Gilead

Chmn. Bd. Elections Homer Haywood Mt. Gilead

Wildlife Protector Cleat E. Poole Troy

Forest Ranger Carl Wood Troy

County Attorney Garland S. Garriss Troy

County Librarian Mrs. P. L. Shamburger Star

Civil Defense Director John C. Wallace Troy

Veterans Service Officer E. A. Pipkin Tory

Recorder's Court:

Judge Kester O. Williams Star

Solicitor Edmund 0. Kenion Candor

County Commissioners:

Chairman R. B. Jordan, Jr Mt. Gilead

Commissioner Henry Allen Troy

Commissioner Harold A. Scott Troy

Commissioner John Paul Mcintosh Star

Commissioner H. Page McAulay Candor


MoorelCounty was formed in 1784 from Cumberland. Was named in honor of Captain
Alfred Moore, of Brunswick, a soldier of the Revolution and afterwards a Justice of the
Supreme Court of the United States.

Population— 36,733 County Seat— Carthage

State Senators 19th District J. F. Allen, Biscoe

Voit Gilmore, Southern Pines
Member House of Representatives 28th District T. Clyde Auman, West End

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court CM. McLeod Carthage

Register of Deeds Mrs. Audrey McCaskill Carthage

Sheriff W. B. Kelly Carthage

Treasurer Carolina Bank Carthage

Auditor John C. Muse Co Sanf ord

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Estelle T. Wicker Carthage

Tax Collector J. Douglas David Carthage

County Accountant Mrs. Estelle T. Wicker Carthage

Coroner W. K. Carpenter Carthage

Surveyor Paul Ward Southern Pines

County Health Director Dr. A. G. Siege Carthage

Supt. of Schools R. E. Lee Carthage

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Pauline C. Cole Carthage

County Ext. Chairman F. D. Allen Carthage

Chmn. ABC Board James W. Tufts Pinehurst

Chmn. Bd. Education Jere McKeithen Aberdeen

Chmn. Bd. Elections S. C. Riddle Carthage

Wildlife Protector Charles J. Smith High Falls

Forest Ranger Travis A. Wicker Southern Pines

County Attorney M. G. Boyette Carthage

County Librarian Mrs. Doris M. Stewart Carthage

Civil Defense Director Col. A. M. Roster Southern Pines

Veterans Service Officer N. A. McLeod Carthage

North Carolina Manual

< Mil, .

Recorder's ( 'ourt

Officer Address

.). \ ance Rowe Aberdeen

W. Lamonl Brown Southern Pine."

Aberdeen lice order's < lourl :

J. (1. Farrell. Aberdeen

Solicitoi R- ^ Pa^. nl Aberdeen

Southern Pines Recorder's Court


W. H. Fullenwider Southern Pines

Solicitor H ( ' Broughton Southern Pines

i ouni y Commissioners:

i 'hariman John M . ( 'urrie Carthage

( 'ommissioner W. Sidney Taylor Aberdeen

• 'ommissioner C. Wiley Purvis RFD, Robbins

I lommissioner Robert S. Ewing Southern Pines

( ommissioner Floyd T. ( 'ole West End


Nash County was formed in 1777 from Edgecombe. Was named in hum : of General
Francis Nash, a soldier of the Revolution, v ho was mortally wounded while fighting under
\\ ashington at Germantown. The United States has erected a monum nt in his honor at
the Guilford Battleground near Greensboro.

Population 61,002 County Seat Nashville

State Senators 8th District . 1 >allas L. Alford, Jr., Rocky Mount

Jesse H. Austin, Jr., Clayton
Members House ol Representatives 1 tth District Allen C. Barbee, Spring Hope-
Joe E. Eagles, Macclesfield
Julian B. Fenner. Rocky Mount

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Ben H. Neville Nashville

Register of Deeds Catherine F. Griffin Nashville

Sheriff Glenn O. Womble Nashville

Vuditor .J.C.Ellis Nashville

Tax Supervisor . . . . J. C. Ellis Nashville

Tax Coll. ■ctor J. C. Ellis Nashville

County Accountant J. C. Ellis Nashville

t 'oroner W. Russell Williams Nashville

County Health Director . Dr. J. S. Chamblee Nashville

Supt. of Schools C. H. Fries Nashville

! >irector of Public Welfare James A. Glover Nashville

County Ext. Chairman J. P. Woodard Nashville

Chmn. ABC Board George I. Womble Nashville

Chmn. Bd. Education W. S. Williams, Jr. Middlesex

I 'hmn. Bd. Elecl ions Don Evans Rocky Mount

\\ ildlife Protector Charles A. Boone Red Dak

Forest Ranger W. L. Lawrence, Jr Nashville

County Attorney James W. Keel, Jr Rocky Mount

1 outi'y Librarian Mrs. Ruth Jeffreys Rocky Mount

Civil Defense Director Elmer R. Daniel Rocky Mount

County Recorder's Court:

Judge John B. Exum, Jr Rocky Mount

Solicitor F. E. Turnage Rocky Mount

Rockj Mount Municipal Recorder's Court :

Tom H. Matthews . . Rocky Mount

James E. Ezzelle, Jr. Rocky Mount

■. Commissioners:

Chairman Henry M. Milgrom Battleboro

''ommissioner . F. B. Cooper, Jr Nashville

Ralph I. Bass Spring Hope

Commissiu . Fred E. Harris Bailey

Frank Baldwin . .. Rocky Mount

County Government 733


New Hanover County was formed in 1729 from Bath. Was named alter Hanover, a
country in Europe whose ruler became King; of Fngland with the title of George I.

Population— 71,742 County Seat — Wilmington

State Senators 10th District John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

LeRoy G. Simmons, Rt. 1, Albertson

Members House of Representatives 5th District George T. Clark, Jr., Wilmington

William L. Hill, II, Wilmington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court James G. McKeithan . Wilmington

Register of Deeds E. Paul Blanchard Wilmington

Sheriff Marion W. Millis Wilmington

Treasurer Perry Shepard Wilmington

Auditor Perry Shepard Wilmington

Tax Supervisor William G. Houck Wilmington

Tax Collector. . Sam W. Johnson Wilmington

Coroner L. Starr McMillan Wilmington

County Health Director Dr. C. B. Davis Wilmington

Supt. of Schools Dr. William H. Wagoner Wilmington

Director of Public Welfare Lela Moore Hall Wilmington

County Ext. Chairman . . Durwocd D. Baggett Wilmington

Chmn. ABC Board Dr. J. A. Oldham Wilmington

( hmn. Bd. Education. .. Emsley A. Laney Wilmington

Chmn. Bd. Elections Otto K. Pridgen, II Wilmington

Wildlife Protector John L. Musselwhite Wilmington

County Manager James E. Marshall Wilmington

County Attorney L. Bradford Tillery. Wilmington

County Librarian Katherine E. Howell Wilmington

Civil Defense Director Spotswocd H. Huntt Wilmington

Veterans Service Officer Thurston Formey-Duval Wilmington

Recorder's Court:

Judge Winrield Smith Wilmington

Solicitor John M . Walker Wilmington

County Commissioners:

Chairman Dr. Joseph W. Hooper Wilmington

Commissioner Laurence O. Bow den Wilmington

Commissioner M. H. Vaughan Wilmington

Commissioner John Van B. Metts, Jr Wilmington

Commissioner James M. Hall, Jr Wilmington


Northampton County was formed in 1741 from Bertie. Was named in honor of George
Earl of Northampton, an English nobb rr an. His sen, Spencer Ccmpton, Earl of Wilmin-
ton, was high in office when Gabriel Johnttcn was Governor of North Carolina, who had
the town of Wilmington named in his honor.

Population — 26,811 County Seat — Jackson

State Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 6th District Emmett W. Burden, Aulander

Roberts H. Jernigan, Jr., Ahoskie

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court R. J. White, Jr Jackson

Register of Deeds Wilson Bridgers Jackson

Sheriff E. Frank Outland Jackson

Treasurer The Farmers Bank Woodland

Tax Supervisor Melvin C. Holmes Jackson

Tax Collector W. T. Bradley Jackson

North Carolina Manual

* > Hi « . Officer Address

countanl Melvin C. Holmes Jackson

J. ('. Edwards Jackson

i ountj Health Director . Dr. W. K. Parker Woodland

Supt. of Scl Roy I-'. Lowry Jackson

Director of Public Welfan Mrs. J. W. Brown Jackson

( 'ount \ Ext . ( 'hairman B. H. Ilarrell Jackson

( 'hmn. A B( Hoard Bartlet t R. Burgwyn Jackson

Chmn. Bd. Educal ion W. ('. < !onner Rich Square

( 'limn. Bd. Election Russell H. Johnson, Jr Conway

Wildlife Protectoi V B. Hughes Jackson

Forest Hanger Leroy M. Wheeler Rt. 1, Seaboard

County Manager Melvin C. Holmes Jackson

ton' E.B.Grant Jackson

County Librarian Mrs. Nancy M. Froelich . Jackson

Defense Director J. Guy Revelle Conway

ce Officer. . Merrell Gay/ Jackson

Recorder's ( 'ourl

Judge Ballard S. Gay Jackson

Solicitot J. Buxton Weaver Rich Squar.


Chairman J. Guy Revelle Conway

Commissioner . H. C. Guthrie Garysburg

( lojmissioner John H. Liverman, Jr Woodland

< 'ommissioner David E. Gay Seaboard

nissioner Jasper Eley Jackson


Onslow County was formed in 1731 from Bath. Was named in honor of Arthur Onslow .
for more than thirty years Speaker of the House of Commons in the British Parliament.

Population <S2,7<)<; County Seat— Jacksonville

State Senator 6th District Albert J. Ellis, Jacksonville

Members House of Representatives 4th[Districl William D. Mills, Rt. 1, Maysville

J. F. Mohn, Richlands
Hugh A. Ragsdale, Richlands

Office Officer Address

< 'lerk of ( ourt .... Everitte Barbee Jacksonville

Register of Deeds Mildred M. Thomas Jacksonville

Sheriff Thomas J. Marshall Jacksonville

Treasurer First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co Jacksonville

Auditor . H. U. Justice, Jr Jacksonville

rax Supervisor James H. Justice Jacksonville

Tax ( lollei W. H. Walton Jacksonville

Talbert Jones Jacksonville

Roscoe Sandlin Jacksonville

> Health Director . Dr. Eleanor Williams Jacksonville

"' Schools Paul J. Tyndall Jacksonville

of Public Welfare.. . Edward C. Sexton Jacksonville

Ext Chairman . D. A. Halsey Jacksonville

■\BC Hoard Timmons Jones Jacksonville

Bd. Education Dr. James Fiver . . Jacksonville

i. Bd. Elections O. T. Marshburn . . Richlands

£.! l'!j e Patrolman Paul S. Metters Jacksonville

•J lldllfe • Shelton Brickhouse Richland-

Robert H. Kinsey Rt. 1, Jacksonville

County £ James R. Strickland Jacksonville

Adelaide McLartv Jacksonville

Mrs. Ilaeru Taylor Jacksonville

J. B. Pollock Swansboro

County Govern mkxt 73 5

Othct Officer Address

County Criminal Court

Judge Harvey Boney Jacksonville

Solicitor. A. Turner Shaw, Jr Jacksonville

Municipal Court:

Judge Alex Warlick, Jr Jacksonville

Solicitor Paul G. Sylvester Jacksonville

County Commissioners:

Chairman Ormand Barbee Richlands

Commissioner Luther Midgett Sneads Ferry

Commissioner Frank Smith Jacksonville

Commissioner A. D. Guy Jacksonville

Commissioner Edward Hurst Swansboru


Orange County was formed in 1753 front Granville, Johnston and Bladen. Was named
n honor of William of Orange, who became King William III of England. He was one of
the greatest Kings of England and saved the English people from the tyranny[of James II.
His name is held in honor wherever English liberty is enjoyed.

Population — 42,970 County Seat— Hillsborough

State Senators 11th District Claude Currie, Durham

Don S. Matheson, Hillsborough

Members House of[ Representatives 20th District Ike F. Andrews, Siler City

Donald Mclver Stanford, Chapel Hill

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Frank S. Frederick Hillsborough

Register of Deeds Betty June Hayes Hillsborough

Sheriff CD. Knight Hillsborough

Tax Supervisor S. M. Gattis Hillsborough

Tax Collector Ortense Dickson Hillsborough

Coroner Allen Walker, Jr Hillsborough

County Health Director Dr. O. D. Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools G. Paul Carr Hillsborough

Director of Public Welfare Thomas M. Ward Hillsborough

Countv Ext. Chairman E. P. Barnes Hillsborough

Chmn. ABC Board W. E. Thompson Chapel Hill

Chmn. Bd. Education Roger Marshall Hillsborough

Chmn. Bd. Elections Marshall Cates Hillsborough

Wildlife Patrolman Wilton B. Pate Hillsborough

Forest Ranger John D. Harris Chapel Hill

County Attorney Graham, Levings & Cheshire Hillsborough

County Librarian Lloyd J. Osterman Yancey ville

Civil Defense Director Burch Compton Hillsborough

Veterans Service Officer Walter Wrenn Hillsborough

Recorder's Courts

Judge . W. Marshall Smith Chapel Hill

Solicitor .F. Lloyd Noell Hillsborongh

County Commissioners:

Chairman Harvey Bennett Chapel Hill

Commissioner Carl Smith Chapel Hill

Commissioner Ira Ward Chapel Hill

Commissioner Bill Ray Hillsborough

Commissioner Henry Walker Hillsborough

North Carolina Manual


ii County UH> formed in L872 from Craven and Beaufort. Was maned after the
.1 of the same name, which was the name of a tribe of Indians in eastern North Caro-
lina. There was a Pamlico Precinct in Mort h < 'arolina as early as I 705. Pamlico County
h Beaufort up to 1883. 9,850 County Scat -Bayboro

State Senator 3rd District Sam L. Whitehurst, New Bern

Member House of Representatives 3rd District R. C. Godwin, New Bern

James R. Sugg, New Bern
Nelson W. Taylor, Morehead City

Office Officei Address

i 'lerk of < •■■. SadieJW. Edwards Bayboro

Register of Deeds T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Sheriff Leland V. Brinson Bayboro

Treasurer Wachovia Bank & Trust Co Bayboro

\uditor T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Tax Supervisor. T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Fax Collector Leland V. Brinson Bayboro

< 'ounty Accountant T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

i 'oroner Sherwood B. Norris, Jr Bayboro

Co. Health Director Dr. W. A. Browne Washington

Supt. of Schools -lames A. Vinci Bayboro

Director of Public Welfare Willie C. Sutton Bayboro

1 'ounty Ext. Chairman . James L. Rea, Jr Bayboro

Chmn. ABC Hoard . Preston Spruill Oriental

Chmn. Bd. Education Bert C. Day Florence

Chmn. Bd. Elections Frank C. Barnhill Whortonsville

Wildlife Protector . . Dennis C. Barkley, Jr Oriental

l-'orest Ranger Vernon J. Daniels Rt. I, Arapahoe

'Dunty Attorney Bernard B. Hollowell Bayboro

('ounty Librarian Mrs. Elinor D. Hawkins New Bern

Civil Defense Director Eugene Alligood Washington

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Rebecca Cahoon Bayboro

Recorder's ( 'ourt :

Judge Bernard B. Hollowell Bayboro

Solicitor L. J. Hubanks, Jr New Bern

' 011111 y < Commissioners:

Chairman Thurman C. Smith Lowland

Commissioner Troy D. Potter Rt. 1, Bayboro

' Commissioner Bryan McAdoo Whorton Whortonsville

1 Commissioner James Ray Hunnings Grantsboro

Commissioner Joe Shines Arapahoe


Pasquotank County was formed in \i\~2 from Albemarle. Was named for a tribe of
Indians in eastern North Carolina.

Population 25,630 County Seat— Elizabeth City

ate Senators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden
House ol Representatives 1st District.. . W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

Naomi A. Chess,,,, Elizabeth City

Register of 1 J. C. Spence.. Elizabeth Citv

R. C. Madrin Elizabeth City

The First & Citizens National Bank Elizabeth City

J. F. Ferrell Elizabeth City

County Government





Tax Supervisor J. I. Saunders Elizabeth City

Tax Collector R. C. Madrin Elizabeth City

County Accountant J. F. Ferrell Elizabeth City

Coroner Dr. John F. Weeks Elizabeth City

County Health Director Dr. Isa Grant Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools F. L. Britt Elizabeth City

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Emma J. Edwards Elizabeth City

County Ext. Chairman S. L. Lowery Elizabeth City

Chmn. ABC Board S. B. Jordan Elizabeth City

Chmn. Bd. Education J. H. LeRoy Elizabeth City

Chmn. Bd. Elections F. V. Dunstan Elizabeth City

Wildlife Patrolman Lester Pierce Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

Wildlife Protector W. P. Barber, Jr Elizabeth City

Forest Ranger Graham C. Harris Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

County Attorney Aydlett & White Elizabeth City

County Librarian Mrs. A. V. Irvin Elizabeth City

Civil Defense Director Francis W. Clark Elizabeth City

Veterans Service Officer E. Pratt Fearing Elizabeth City

County Commissioners:

Chairman Selby Scott Rt. 1, Elizabeth City

Commissioner M. B. Brothers Elizabeth City

Commissioner. . . Alphonso Nixon . . . . Rt. 1, Elizabeth City

Commissioner W. L. Hooker.

Commissioner F. P. Markham,


Elizabeth City
Elizabeth Citv


Pender County was formed in 1875 from New Hanover. Was named in honor of General
William D. Pender of Edgecombe County, a brave Confederate soldier who was killed at
i he battle of Gettysburg. The last order ever given by the famous "Stonev all" Jackson
on the battlefield was to General Pender: "You must hold your ground, General Pender,
you must hold your ground," he cried as he was carried off the field to die. General Pi r.dpr
held his ground.

Population— 18,508

State Senators 10th District

Members House of Representatives 4th District

County Seat — Burgaw

John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

LeRoy G. Simmons, Rt. 1, Albertson

William D. Mills, Rt. 1, Maysville

J. F. Mohn, Richlands

Hugh A. Ragsdale, Richland-

OfticeJ Officer

Clerk of Court Mrs. Frances N. Futch

Register of Deeds Hugh Overstreet, Jr. .

Sheriff K. S. Powers

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