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Treasurer Mrs. Esther Padgett .

Auditor Howard Holly

Tax Supervisor Howard Holly

Tax Collector Harry L. Webb

County Accountant Howard Holly

Coroner B. Simmons

County Health Director Dr. N. C. Wolfe

Supt. of Schools B. L. Davis

Director of Public Welfare H. B. Thomas

County Ext. Chairman J. N. Honeycutt

Chmn. ABC Board C. A. Bowling

Chmn. Bd. Education W. D. Robbins

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. R. Marshburn

Wildlife Protector John E. Waters

Wildlife Protector J. J. Rivenbark

Forest Ranger Maxie J. Lanier

County Attorney C. L. Moore, Jr

County Librarian Mrs. Eleanor D. Casey

Civil Defense Director W. M. Baker.

Veterans Service Officer R. W. Fussell


Maple Hill

North Carolina Manual

till,,, officer Address

Judge ■•'■ Winford Blanton Willard

Solici . .Clifton L. Moore, Jr Burgaw

< 'ouni y Commissioni

( 'hairman . Reece M . Lefler Willard

Commissioner Harvey Jones Wilmington

Comn B. F. Williams Currie

Commissi! Arthur ('. Bat son Burgaw

Commissioner Cecil Eakins. [vanhoe


Perquimans wasjformedlin 1672 from Albemarle. Was named'after ajtribe'of Indians.

Population 9,178 County Seat — Hertford

iate S 'iiators 1st I >isl net J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members Mouse of Representatives 1st District W. T. Culpepper, Jr., Elizabeth City

Philip P. Godwin, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

W. Jarvis Ward Hertford

Register of Meeds Julian C. Powell Hertford

Sheriff Julian H. Broughton Hertford

urer Floyd Benton Hertford

Tax Supervisor Julian C. Powell Hertford

Tax Collect,,! J. K. White Hertford

( 'ount v Accountant D. F. Reed, Jr Hertford

( loroner Dr. T. P. Brinn Hertford

Surveyor David Cox Hertford

County Health Director Dr. Isa Grant Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools ... C. C. Walters Edenton

tor of Public Welfare .('. Edgar White Hertford

( ounty Ext . ( 'hairman R. M. Thompson Hertford

( 'hmn. Bd. Education . . A. B. Bonner Hertford

Chmn. Bd. Elections . ... .William A. Tilley Hertford

Wildlife Protector Horace A. Cohoon Hertford

Forest Ranger Lewis Stallings Rt. 1, Belvidere

< 'ouni y Attorney Silas M. Whedbee Hertford

County Librarian . Mrs. Lucy T. Whedbee Hertford

I lefense Director W. S. Long Hertford

rans Service ( Iffieer ('.('. Banks Hertford

< 'ounty Commissioners:

( 'hairman . R. L. Spivey Rt. 3, Hertford

( 'ommissioner . R. S. Monds Hertford

Commissi,,' Thomas I). Mixon Rt. 2, Hertford

i 'ommissioner Ellis Winslow Belvidere

Commissioner W. W. Bundv Rt. 1, Hertford


'ounty was formed in 1791 from Caswell. Was named in honor of General
•.. Revolutionary patriot, member of the Council of Safety, and trustee of
He gave a large sum of money to the University, and a building was
■l in his honor called Person Hall.

County Seat— Roxboro

ors 11th Dist rict Claude Currie, Durham

Don S. Matheson, Hillsborough

lepresentatives 17th District Jno. O. Gunn, Yanceyville

James E. Ramsey, Roxboro

County Government 739

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court G. R. Perkins Roxboro

Register of Deeds J. Alex Bass Roxboro

Sheriff Clifton E. Palmer Roxboro

Treasurer Mrs. Rachell Long Roxboro

Auditor Mrs. Rachel Long Roxboro

Tax Supervisor S. C. Tillman Roxboro

Tax Collector S. C. Tillman Roxboro

County Accountant Mrs. Rachel Long Roxboro

Coroner G. W. Gentry, Jr Roxboro

Surveyor W. R. Cates, Jr Roxboro

County Health Director Dr. O. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools R. B. Griffin Roxboro

Director of Public Welfare W. Max Davis Roxboro

County Ext. Chairman W. J. Reams Roxboro

Chmn. ABC Board Clyde T. Satterfield Timberlake

Chmn. Bd. Education E. E. Bradsher, Jr Roxboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections D. D. Long Roxboro

Wildlife Protector John K. Davis Rt. 1, Roxboro

Forester Eugene Hayes Longhurst

County Attorney Charles B. Wood Roxboro

County Librarian Mrs. K. L. Street Roxboro

Civil Defense Director J. Vernon Huff Roxboro

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Jeanette Jones Roxboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge C. C. Holeman Roxboro

Solicitor T. Jule Warren Roxboro

County Commissioners:

Chairman Bennie L. Bradsher Hurdle Mills

Commissioner Roy S. Carver Roxboro

Commissioner W. T. Kirby, Jr Roxboro

Commissioner Robert Wagstaff Roxboro

Commissioner Sam Shotwell Roxboro


Pitt County was formed in 1760 from Beaufort. Was named in honor of William Pitt.
(See Chatham County.)

Population — 69,942 County Seat— Greenville

State Senators 4th District Julian R.'AUsbrook, Roanoke Rapids

Vinson Bridgers, Tarboro

Members House of Representatives 8th District W. A. (Red) Forbes, Winterville

H. Horton Rountree, Greenville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court D. T. House, Jr Greenville

Register of Deeds Elvira T. Allred Greenville

Sheriff Ralph L. Tyson Greenville

Auditor H. R. Gray Greenville

Tax Supervisor R. S. Moye Greenville

Tax Collector Fred L. Owens Greenville

County Accountant H. R. Gray Greenville

Coroner E. W. Harvey, Jr Greenville

County Health Director Dr. R. E. Fox Greenville

Supt. of Schools Arthur S. Alford Greenville

Director of Public Welfare W. T. Gartmen, Jr Greenville

County Ext. Chairman S. C. Winchester Greenville

Chmn. ABC Board J. W. Joyner Farmville

Chmn. Bd. Education T. G. Worthington Ayden

Chmn. Bd. Elections I. Bruce Koonce Greenville

Wildlife Protector Robert S. Wright Greenville

Forest Ranger Joe R. Allen Greenville

North Carolina Manual

ml,,, Officer Addrdes

Count} Atiorne} W. W. Speighl Greenville

i "ount> Librarian Elizabeth H. Copeland Greenville

Civil [")< fense I (irector J. H. Rose Greenville

Service Office! Walter L. Tucker Greenville

County Recorder's Court:

Judge Dink James Greenville

Solic Willis A. Talton Greenville

Recorder's Court :

Judge Larry Davis Ayden

Solicitor Robert Booth Ayden

Greenville Municipal Recorder's Court:

Judgi Charles 11. Whedbee Greenville

Solicitor Eli Bloom Greenville

( irifton Recorder's ( 'ourt :

Judge J. A. Rodgers Gifton

'ounty < 'ommissioners:

Chairman B. Alton Gardner RFD, Ayden

Commissioner J. Vance Perkins Greenville

I 'ommissioner R. L. Martin Bethel

i "ommissioner Bruce Strickland Bell Arthur

< 'ommissioner Vernon Cox Winterville


Polk * ounty was formed in 1855 from Rutherford and Henderson. Was named in honor
.f ( olonel William Polk, "who rendered distinguished services in the battle of Germantown,
Brandywine, and Kutaw, in all of which he was wounded." Polk County voted with
Rutherford until 1868.

Population 11,395 County Seat -Columbus

State Senator 32nd District Harry E. Buchanan, Hendersonville

Members House of Representatives i:ird District Robert Z. Falls, Shelby

William D. Harrill, Forest City
W. K. Mauney, Jr., Kings Mountain

<>lli< Officer Address

< lerk ol i 'ourt Robert S. McFarland Columbus

Register of 1 >eeds Doris M. Scoggins Columbus

Sheriff H. M. Shelton Columbus

Treasurer W. W. Wilkins Columbus

Tax Supervisor Rav Watson Columbus

Tax Collector . W. W. Wilkins Columbus

Count} Accountant Frank B. Johnson Columbus

< oroner . . Dr. Joseph C. Placak, Jr Columbus

Survivor Howard B. Frankenfield, Jr Tryon

County Health Director Dr. T. F. Hahn, Jr Rut herfordton

Supt . of Schools . David Cromer Tryon

Director of Public Welfare Richard L. Shambaugh Columbus

County Kxt. Chairman Paul Culberson Columbus

Chmn. Bd. Education Glenn York Rt. 1, Tryon

'hmn. Bd. Elections Walden Thompson Columbus

Wildlife Protector .Arthur Pack Rt. 1, Tryon

Forest Ranger Joseph B. Ritchie Columbus

1 'ounty Attorney . . . Wm. A. McFarland Tryon

Kathryn B. Dunlap Columbus

Civil Defense Director E.B.Hall . Saluda

Veterans Service Officii . Loraine Page Columbus

1 ounty ( ommissioners:

E. B. Hall Saluda

John McGinnis Rt . 1 , Tryon

Theodore Burrell Tryon

County Government 741


Randolph County was formed in 1779 from Guilford. Was named in honor of Peyton
Randolph, of Virginia, the President of the first Continental Congress.

Population — 61,497 County Seat Asheboro

State Senators 18th District Ed Kemp, High Point

L. P. McLendon, Jr., Greensboro
John L. Osteen, Greensboro

Members House of Representatives 27th District Colon Blake, Candor

0. Roby Garner, Sr., Asheboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court. John H. Skeen Asneooio

Register of Deeds Annie Shaw Asheboro

Sheriff Lloyd E. Brown Asheboro

Treasurer Annie Shaw Asheboro

Auditor Fred J. Phillips Asheboro

Tax Supervisor James E. Raines Asheboro

Tax Collector James E. Raines Asheboro

County Accountant Fred J. Phillips Asheboro

Coroner C. Julian Brady Asheboro

Surveyor Clotus Craven Asheboro

County Health Director Dr. H. C. Whims Asheboro

Supt. of Schools Lacy M . Presnell, Jr Asheboro

Director of Public Welfare Marion S. Smith Asheboro

County Ext. Chairman B. P. Jenkins, Jr Asheboro

Chmn" ABC Board Sherrill Shaw Randleman

Chmn. Bd. Education Lynn Albright Coleridge

Chmn. Bd. Elections Robert W. Wood Asheboro

Wildlife Protector Paul I). Lamphere Rt. 3, Asheboro

Forester Charles A. Fox Asheboro

County Attorney T. Worth Coltrane Asheboro

County Librarian Charlesanna Fox Asheboro

Civil Defense Director C. Julian Brady Asheboro

Veterans Service Officer James Weldon Smith, Jr Asheboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. T. Hammond, Jr Asheboro

Solicitor William W. Ivey Asheboro

County Commissioners:

Chairman I. L. McDowell Asheboro

Commissioner J. W. Plummer Asheboro

Commissioner Colon O. Byrd Randleman

Commissioner Clark G . Langley Staley

Commissioner William Farlow Archdale


Richmond County was formed in 1779 from Anson. Was named in honor of Charles
Lennox, Duke of Richmond, principal Secretary of State in William Pitt's second admin-
istration. He was a strong friend of the American colonies and made the motion in the
House of Lords that they be granted their independence.

Population — 39,202 County Seat — Rockingham

State Senators 19th District J. F. Allen, Biscoe

Voit Gilmore, Southern Pines
Member House of Representatives 29th District . . . . Thomas B. Hunter, Rockingham

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Thomas L. Covington Rockingham

Register of Deeds Mrs. Agnes C. Carroll Rockingham

Sheriff . . R. W. Goodman Rockingham

Treasurer Mary T. Covington ' Rockingham

7 42 North Carolina Manual

Oftice Officer Addres*

x ,,, Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Supervisor, \msey A. Boyd Rockingham

ollcctor . . . . J. W. Ashford Rockingham

mer Grover C. Baxley, Jr Rockingham

Sur\ eyor Thomas M. Bray Rockingham

. Health Director, Dr. L. Thomas Morton Rockingham

Supl . of School Dr. J. H. Wishon Rockingham

ctor of Public Welfare Brenl P. Yount Rockingham

County Ext. Chairman Wallace G. Flynt Rockingham

('hum. VBC Board. James W. Smith Rockingham

('limn. Bd. Education Jack Land Hamlet

Chmn. Bd. Elections .Lester Adcock Rockingham

Wildlife Patrolman Lacy M. Ray Hamlet

Hanger Lester Johnson Hamlet

County Attorney • .John T. Page, Jr Rockingham

( '[iimiy Librarian Eugenia Baybalon Rockingham

Civil Defense 1 lirector Virgil E. Bratton Rockingham

Veterans Service Officer .... . Jack Ingram Ellerbe

Richmond County Special Court:

Judge Walter M. Lampley Rockingham

Solic Z. V. Morgan Hamlet.

Hamlet District Recorder's Court :

Judge C. C. Taylor Hamlet

Solicitor Harvey C. Carroll Hamlet

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. Richard Conder Rockingham

Commissioner . . D. L. McDonald Rockingham

Commissioner N. Palmer Nicholson Rt. 3, Mt. Gilead

Commi loner Robert L. Diggs Rockingham

Commissioner ....... Willie Reid Rockingham


Robeson Counts- was formed in 178(5 from Bladen. Was named in honor of Colonel
Thomas Robeson, a soldier of the Revolution. He was one of the leaders at t he battle of
Elizabethtown, which was fought in September, 1781. By thisibattle the Tories in the
southeastern part of the State were crushed forever. The commander of the Whigs was
Colonel Thomas Brown.

Population 89,102 County Seat —Lumberton

Stale Senator 20th District Hector MacLean, Lumberton

Members House of Representatives David M. Britt, Fairmont

Roger C. Kiser, Laurinburg

Neill L. McFadven, Raeford

R. D. McMillan, Jr., Red Springs

Office Officer Address

( lerk of ( ouri . . Ben G. Floyd, Jr Lumberton

Register of I teeds D. G. Kinlaw Lumberton

Sheriff. Malcolm G. McLeod Lumberton

Treasurer W. Paul Graham Lumberton

Audit S. P. Douglas Associates Lumberton

. .V. D. Baker, Jr Lumberton

Carl D. Stephens Lumberton

County Accountant \V. Paul Graham Lumberton

I ). W. Biggs Lumberton

Surveyor Wavland McDuffie Red Springs

I >r. E. R. Hardin Lumberton

Schools Young Allen Lumberton

>r ol Public Welfare Mrs. Mary R. Vitou Lumberton

< ounty Ext. Chairman... \V. C. Williford , . . .Lumberton

County Government 743

Office Officer Address

Chmn. Bd. Education W. K. Culbreath Rt . 4, Lumberton

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. F. French Lumberton

Wildlife Protector Bruce R. Beck Red Springs

Wildlife Protector Gene H. Abernethy Lumberton

Forest Ranger John I). Wilcox Rt. 2, Lumberton

County Manager W. Paul Graham Lumberton

County Attorney Dickson McLean, Jr Lumberton

Civil Defense Director M. G. McLeod Lumberton

Veterans Service Officer A. E. Watson Rowland

County Commissioners:

Chairman J. A. Singleton, Jr Red Springs

Commissioner D. D. McColl St. Pauls

Commissioner M. Carr Gibson Lumberton

Commissioner John Grey Griffin Rt. 2, Fairmont

Commissioner George Reed Pate Rt. 1, Rowland

Commissioner Herman Dial Rt. 3, Maxton


Rockingham was formed in 1785 from Guilford. Was named in honor of Charles Watson
Wentworth, Marquis of Rockingham, who was the leader of the party in the British Par-
liament that advocated American independence. He was prime minister when the Stamp
Act was repealed.

Population— 69,629 «.. County Seat— Wentworth

State Senator 16th District .N^. Frank R. Penn, Reidsville

Members House of Representatives 2 5th- District Jule McMichael, Reidsville

Earl W. Vaughn, Draper

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court J. Hoyte Schultz, Jr Wentworth

Register of Deeds Irene Pruitt Wentworth

Sheriff Carl H. Axsom Wentworth

Treasurer G. H. Taylor Wentworth

Auditor G. H. Taylor Wentworth

Tax Supervisor Henry E. Sands Wentworth

Tax Collector Henry E. Sands Wentworth

County Accountant G. H. Taylor Wentworth

Medical Examiner Dr. Robert E. Balsley Wentworth

County Health Director Dr. C. T. Mangum, Jr Leaksville

Supt. of Schools Allen Lewis Wentworth

Director of Public Welfare Mary O. Page (acting) Reidsville

County Ext. Chairman Horace J. Hux Wentworth

Chmn. Bd. Education Otis P. Joyce Stoneville

Chmn. Bd. Elections David M. Blackwell Reidsville

Wildlife Protector A. D. Neal Rt. 1, Stokesdale

County Manager A. S. Daniels Wentworth

County Attorney Jule McMichael Reidsville

County Librarian David Flick Leaksville

Civil Defense Director A. S. Daniels Wentworth

Veterans Service Officer J. H. Crews Wentworth

Leaksville Recorder's Court:

Judge Herman L. Peters Spray

Solicitor Charles J. Nooe Leaksville

Reidsville Recorder's Court

Judge Charles W. Campbell Reidsville

Solicitor Clark M. Holt Reidsville

Madison Recorder's Court:

Judge J. L. Roberts Madison

Solicitor Benjamin R. Wrenn Madison

I i North Carolin \ M vntj \i.

Office Officer Vddress

mini y ( "ommi

Chairman Wesley D. Webstel Madison

Commissioner Russell S. Newman Reidsville

Commissioner J. Leonard Powell Reidsville

Cnmn Virginia R. Tiller Draper


Rowan County was funned in 1753 from Anson. Was named in honor of Matthew
Rowan, a prom in en f leader before the Revolution, and for a short time after the death of
Governor Gabriel Johnston, acting Governor.

Population 82,817 County Seat — Salisbury

Senator -I:ird District C. U. Parrish, Salisbury

Membi : House of Representatives 34th District Austin A. Mitchell, Kannapolis

Samuel A. Troxell, Rockwell

Office Oliicer Address

Clerk ol ( i niri Frank M. Montgomery Salisbury

Register of Deed James W. Davis. . . Salisbury

Sheriff John F. Stirewall Salisbury

Auditor Francis Glover. .. . Salisbury

Tax Supervisor Ed. Haden . . Salisbury

Tax Collector Glenn Trexler. ... . Salisbury

Coroner Rufus G. Honeycutt Salisbury

Surveyor Thomas F. Hudson Salisbury

County Health Director Dr. Moffitt K. Holler Salisbury

of Schools J. C. Carson, Jr. China Grove

Director of Public Welfare . . .Mrs. Lucile M. Donnelly Salisbury

County Ext. Chairman Rowe R. McNeely. Salisbury

Chmn. ARC Board J. Allen Dunn . Salisbury

Chmn. Bd. Education J. Frank Harrelson Salisbury

Chmn. Bd. Elections. J. Giles Hudson Salisbury

Wildlife Protector Clay V. Clark ... Salisbury

Forester. . Obie R. Willingham, Jr.. . . Salisbury

County Attorney Clarence Kluttz Salisbury

County Librarian . .Edith M. Clark Salisbury

Civil Defense Director Clarence 0. Bowers... Salisbury

Veterans Service Officer Richard T. Thompson Spencer

( lounty Court :

Judge Odell Sapp . Salisbury

Solicitor Robert V. Somers ... . Cleveland

< lounty Commissioners:

Chairman Eugene L. McCombs Faith

Commissioner Charlie Walters Rt. 3, Salisbury

Commissioner. . . .J. Lewis Sowers Salisbury

I Commissioner Harry L. Welch. . Salisbury

missioner R. B. McKinney Rt. 3, Salisbury


Rutherford County was formed in 1779 from Tryon and Burke. Was named in honor
of General Griffith Rutherford, one of the most prominent of the Revolutionary patriots.
He led the expedition that crushed the Cherokees in 1778, and rendered other important
both in the Legislature and on the battlefield.

Population 15,091 County Seat— Rutherfordton

•or 30th District. . Clyde M. Norton, Old Fort

rs House of Representatives 43rd District ' Robert Z. Falls, Shelbv

William D. Harrill, Forest City
W. K. Mauney, Jr., Kings Mountain

County Government 745

Office Officer Address

( 'lerk of Court Edgar W. Tanner Rutherfordton

Register of Deeds C. Francis Jones Rutherfordton

Sheriff Damon Huskey Rutherfordton

Auditor . . . . Charles H. Metcalfe Rutherfordton

Tax Supervisor Horace Yelton Rutherfordton

Tax Collector Orland M. York Rutherfordton

County Accountant Charles H. Metcalfe Rutherfordton

Coroner D. G. Padgett Rutherfordton

Surveyor W. O. Justice, Sr Rutherfordton

County Health Director Dr. T. F. Hahn, Jr Rutherfordton

Sunt, of Schools Forest Hunt Rutherfordton

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Gladys W. Doggett Rutherfordton

County Ext. Chairman John A. Crawford Rutherfordton

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. Beaty L. Bass Rutherfordton

Chmn. Bd. Elections John H. Jones Spindale

Wildlife Protector W. H. Ragland Rutherfordton

Forest Ranger C. E. Parton Gilkey

County Attorney J- Toliver Davis Forest City

County Librarian Mrs. Effie Sellers Rutherfordton

Civil Defense Director S. Bobo Tanner Rutherfordton

Veterans Service Officer Herbert Downey Forest City

County Recorder's Court

Judge Wade B. Matheny Forest City

Solicitor Jean A. Benoy Forest City

County Commissioners:

Chairman S. Bobo Tanner Rutherfordton

Commissioner Jackson D. Koone Union Mills

Commissioner Fred James Caroleen

Commissioner Hoyle Elliott Forest City

Commissioner George R. Helton Ellenboro


Sampson County was formed in 1784 from Duplin and New Hanover. Was named in
honor of Colonel Sampson, who was a member of Governor Martin's Council.

Population— 48,013 County Seat— Clinton

State Senators 10th District John J. Burney, Jr., Wilmington

LeRoy G. Simmons, Rt. 1, Albertson

Members House of Representatives 12th District Chatham C. Clark, Elizabethtown

C. Graham Tart, Clinton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Charles A. Britt Clinton

Register of Deeds Edith H. Goodwin Clinton

Sheriff Jimmy W. Norton, Jr Clinton

Auditor Jean S. Lockamy Clinton

Tax Supervisor B. L. Peters Clinton

Tax Collector B. L. Peters Clinton

Coroner Colman Carter Clinton

Surveyor Fleet Moore Clinton

County Health Director Dr. Caroline Callison Clinton

Supt. of Schools J. T. Denning Clinton

Director of Public Welfare Margaret Gunter Clinton

County Ext. Chairman W. W. Gurkin Clinton

Chmn. Bd. Education Bynum Jackson Clinton

Chmn. Bd. Elections J. B. Chambliss Clinton

Wildlife Protector Foster D. Harrell Garland

Wildlife Protector George H. Perry Clinton

Forest Ranger William E. Herring Clinton

County Attorney Harry M. Lee Clinton

County Librarian Mrs. Margaret Weeks(acting) Clinton

Civil Defense Director Charles J. Marcus Clinton

Veterans Service Officer Fred C. Hairr Clinton

i fi Nor mi C vrolin \ Manual

i hIm i < Kficer Vddress

i ..tint y ( 'ourl
,Iud| Paul M- Grumpier Clinton

■or David J. Turlington, Jr. Clinton

i 'ounty i 'ommissioncrs:

rman \- McRae Warren Garland

issioncr Perry B. Lockerman Clinton

Commissioner David Herring Newton Grove

Commissioni Harvey llinson . .Clinton

Commissioner Jack Faircloth . .. Salemburg


Scotland County was formed in 1899 from Richmond. Was named after the country of
Scotland, the northern part of the island of Creat Britain. Most of the people of this
county are descendants of Scotch Highlanders.

Population 25,183 County Seat — Laurinburg

State Senators 19th District J. F. Allen, Biscoe

Voit Gilmore, Southern Pines
Members House of Representatives 24th District David M. Britt, Fairmont

Roger C. Kiser, Laurinburg

Neill L. McFadyen, Raeford

R. I). McMillan, Jr., Red Springs

Office Officer Address

( lirk of Court James D. Nance Laurinburg

Register of 1 (eeds Margaret S. Peeden Laurinburg

Sheriff . B. P. Lynch Laurinburg

Treasurer John Byrd Laurinburg

Auditor John Byrd Laurinburg

Tax Supervisor . Wra. M. Monroe Laurinburg

Tax Collector .Wm. M. Monroe Laurinburg

County Accountant John Byrd Laurinburg

< loroner ... Hewitt. B. McDougald Laurinburg

( 'ounl v llealt h I lirector Dr. L. Thomas Morton Laurinburg

Supt. of Schools A.B.Gibson Laurinburg

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Marion J. Rogers (acting) Laurinburg

County Kxt. Chairman K. V. Perkins Laurinburg

Chmn. Bd. Education Halbert Jones Laurinburg

Chmn. Bd. Elections. Floyd Nichols. . . Laurinburg

Wildlife Protector Carl Colvard . Laurinburg

Forest Ranger J. Spurgeon McMillan .. . Rt. 2, Laurinburg

County Manager John Byrd Laurinburg

('ounty Attorney . . Walter J. Cashwell, Jr. Laurinburg

Counts Librarian Helen H. Thompson . Laurinburg

Civil Defense Director Wm. B. Farmer . Laurinburg

ins Service Officer Loraine Odom Laurinburg

County Commissioners:

Chairman A. W. Bunch Laurel Hill

( 'ommissioner Kenney McKenzie Laurinburg

< 'ommissioner . Hmmerson Langley ... .Laurinburg

( ommissioner . Paul P. Harris Laurinburg

Commissioi Daniel Shaw Wagram


stanly County was formed in 1841 from Montgomery. Was named in honor of John
inly, for many years a member of the Legislature, and several times Speaker of the
House of ( 'ommons.

Population 10,873 County Seat— Albemarle

state Senators 2 lth District John R. Boger, Jr., Concord

C. Frank Griffin, Monroe
nber House ..I Representatives 32nd District Clyde Hampton Whitley, Albemarle

County Government 7 47

Oflice Officer Address

Clerk of Court Joe H. Lowder Albemarle

Register of Deeds L. R. Almond Albemarle

Sheriff Ralph L. McSwain Albemarle

Tax Supervisor Vernon Underwood Albemarle

Tax Collector H.N. Thompson Albemarle

County Accountant Mrs. Doris Little Albemarle

Coroner Odell Russell Albemarle

Surveyor .... Ellis Huneycutt Oakboro

County Health Director Dr. George Lieby ... .Albemarle

Supt. of Schools Luther Adams Albemarle

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Mildred Bolton (acting) Albemarle

County Ext. Chairman Vernon A. Huneycutt Albemarle

Chmn. Bd. Education Reece McSwain Rt. 4, Albemarle

Chmn. Bd. Elections Walter A. Carpenter Albemarle

Wildlife Protector Joe W. Goode Albemarle

Forester Floyd F. Arnold Rt. 1, New London

County Attorney S. Craig Hopkins Albemarle

County Librarian Margaret Johnston Albemarle

Civil Defense Director Henry L. Snuggs Albemarle

Veterans Service Officer William Bowers Albemarle

County Court:

Judge Gerald R. Chandler Albemarle

Solicitor E. H. Morton, Jr Albemarle

County Commissioners:

Chairman Berry Lambert Albemarle

Commissioner Hazel Efird Stanfield

Commissioner John E. Cranford Richfield

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