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Commissioner Dewey R. Sides Albemarle

Commissioner Merril Lovelady Norwood


Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry. Was named in honor of Colonel John
Stokes, a brave soldier of the Revolution, who was desperately wounded at the Waxhaw
massacre, when Colonel Buford's regiment was cut to pieces by Tarleton. After the war
Washington appointed him a judge of the United States Court in North Carolina.

Population— 22,314 County Seat— Danbury

State Senator 21st District Worth Gentry, King

Members House of Representatives 37th District Basil D. Barr, West Jefferson

P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs
Hugh L. Merritt, Ml. Airy

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Robert Miller Danbury

Register of Deeds R. L. Smith Danbury

Sheriff Wesley T. Dunlap Danbury

Treasurer Wesley T. Dunlap Danbury

Auditor John Hutchins Danbury

Tax Supervisor Robert Carroll . . Dnaburv

Tax Collector Robert Carroll . . Danbury

County Accountant R. L. Smith Danbury

Coroner Ellis Boyles. Danbury

Surveyor Hiram Adkins Rt. 3, Walnut Cove

County Health Director Dr. J. S. Taylor Danbury

Supt. of Schools R. M. Green Walnut Cove

Director of Public Welfare Benjamin W. Thomas, Jr Walnut Cove

Country Ext. Chairman S. B. Brandon Danbury

Chmn. Bd. Education J. Van Tuttle Pine Hall

Chmn. Bd. Elections Wesley D. Cox Rt. 1, King

Wildlife Protector Victor P. Gregory Walnut Cove

Forest Ranger R. E. Cromer Rt. 3, Walnut Cove

County Librarian Elizabeth Smith Danbury

Civil Defense Director Arch Tuttle Rt. 2, King

Veterans Service Officer Robert Hedgecock Walnut Cove

I S NOH'J ii (' \i;ni,i.\ A Man i ai.

< Mln i- Officer Address
Danbury General Count} Court:

Richard E. Stover King

Solicitor Leigh Rodenbough. Madison

i 'ounl y ( 'ommii oni

Chairman William J. Helsabeck King

Commissioner Zack Wood .Danbury

Commissioner Claude Priddy Danbury

Commissioner Ralph Tuttle Walnut Cove

Commissioner Harvey G. Johnson King


Surry County was founded in 177] from Rowan. Was named in honor of Lord Surry
a prominent member of Parliament who opposed the taxation of the American colonies
by Parliament .

Population 18,205 County Seat— Dobson

State Senator 21st District Worth Gentry, King
Members House of Representatives 37th I >istrict Basil 1). Harr, West Jefferson

P. C. Collins, Jr., Laurel Springs
Hugh L. Merritt, Mt. Airy

° mce Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mart ha ( ). Comer Dobson

Register of Deeds Bertha Shinault Dobson

S, henff Jim Taylor Elkin

treasurer .. .Northwestern Bank Dobson

Aud Paul Melton Dobson

Tax Supervisor Vance Thompson Dobson

fax Collector .Vance Thompson Dobson

County Accountant Paul Melton Dobson

"jer Dr. Carl Thomas Dobson

1 ounty Health Director Dr. Robert M. Caldwell Mt Mrv

Supt of Schools .1. Sam Gentry. . Dobson

Director of Public Welfare Shirley Blackburn Dobson

County Ext. Chairman Charlie C.Jackson Dobson

'"!"' I' Education J oe A. Pell, Jr. Pilot Mountain

u-i r ,' ' KI V'""" S Edward Swanson Pilot Mountain

,.','' , a ' mlm:l " Vernon F. Ball R ( 2 Elkin

\\ ildhfe 1 rotector George L. Wheeless Dobson

Ray E. Norman State Road

> Manager Vance Thompson . . Dobson

; oun v Attornej Folger & Folger Mt Airy

••'Tr\ •' Kathleen Gilleland Dobson

' Directoi Roy H. Kane , Elk

ce Officer Robert A. Freeman, Jr. Dob.,,,,

\iry Recorder's Court :

Charles Randlemen Mt Airv

S "'"" Key Clark Mi! Airy

< 'ounty ( 'otnmi

Chairman Marion Whitener Elkin

Randall T. Reeves Pilot Mountain

commissioner Fletcher Harris. . . . Mt. Airy

County Government 749


Swain County was formed in 1871 from Jackson and Macon. Was named in honor of
David Lowrie Swain, Governor of North Carolina and president of the University.

Population — 8,387 County Seat — Bryson City

State Senator 33rd District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 48th District Charles H. Taylor, Brevard

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court H. H. Sandlin Bryson City

Register of Deeds Maggie M. Warren Bryson City

Sheriff Vincent N. Gasaway Bryson City

Treasurer Odell Shuler Bryson City

Auditor H. Harrison Smith Bryson City

Tax Supervisor Odell Shuler Bryson City

Tax Collector H. Harrison Smith Bryson City

County Accountant H. Harrison Smith Bryson City

Coroner Dr. William E. Mitchell Bryson City

Supt. of Schools T. L. Woodard Bryson City

Director of Public Welfare Lee Roy English Bryson City

County Ext. Chairman R. L. Lyday Bryson City

Chmn. Bd. Education James L. Coggins Bryson City

Chmn. Bd. Elections Bennett C. Arvey Bryson City

Wildlife Patrolman Wade Crain Rt. 1, Bryson City

Wildlife Protector Roy Beard Bryson City

Forest Ranger Wade A. Sutton Bryson City

County Attorney George Davis, Jr Bryson City

County Librarian Mrs. C. A. Cassada Bryson City

Civil Defense Director F. L. Day Bryson City

Veterans Service Officer Odell Schuler Bryson City

County Commissioners:

Chairman Odell Shuler Bryson City

Commissioner Jack C. Smith Bryson City

Commissioner Clyde Arvey Bryson City


Transylvania County was formed in 1861 from Henderson and Jackson. The name is
derived from two Latin words, "trans" across, "sylva" woods. Transylvania County
voted with Henderson until 1868.

Population — 16,372 < 'ounfy Seat — Brevard

State Senator 33rd District Mrs. Mary Faye Brumby, Murphy

Member House of Representatives 48th District Charles H. Taylor, Brevard

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court R. H. Caldwell Brevard

Register of Deeds Fred Israel Brevard

Sheriff , Carter R. McCall Brevard

Treasurer Carl Bryson Brevard

Auditor Carl Bryson Brevard

Tax Supervisor Jack Breedlove Brevard

Tax Collector L. R. Hipp Brevard

County Accountant Carl Bryson Brevard

Coroner William A. Kilpatrick Brevard

County Health Director Dr. John R. Folger Brevard

Supt. of Schools S. H. Helton Brevard

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Edith G. Jenkins Brevard

County Ext. Chairman J. E. Davis Brevard

Chmn. Bd. Education E. B. Matheson Brevard

Chmn. Bd. Elections Harry Patton Brevard

Wildlife Protector Steve W. Morrison Brevard

Forest Ranger Clark Grissom Rt. 2, Brevard

, .,ii Nok'j n i ' vrolin \ Manual

Office Officer Address

County Attorney Ralph Ramsej ...Brevard

County Librarian Mrs. Lehman Kapp Brevard

Civil Defense Director F. I- McCall . Brevard

ms Service ( Ifficer Fred Israel Brevard

t 'mini \ ( -ommissioners:

Chairman Donald Lee Moore Brevard

lissioner Charles L. Newland Brevard

oner Hale Siniard, Jr Brevard


Tyrrell County was formed in 1729 from Albemarle. Was named in honor of Sir John
Tyrrell, who, at one time was one of the Lords Proprietors.

Population 1,520 County Seat — Columbia

State Senator 2nd District .Ashley B. Futrell, Washington

Members House of Representatives 2nd District Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr., Washington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Com t Melvin Pledger . Columbia

Register of Deeds Mary M. Spencer Columbia

Sheriff Thomas K. Yerby, Jr. Columbia

Treasurer The East Carolina Bank Columbia

or R. L. Spencer Columbia

upervisor.. R.L.Spencer Columbia

rax Collector Thomas K. Yerby, Jr. Columbia

( 'ount y Accountant R. L. Spencer Columbia

('oroner Dr. Robert Albenese Columbia

alt h Director . Dr. Claudius McGowan Plymouth

Supt. of Schools ... . . . M. L. Basnight Columbia

Director of Public Welfare . . William E. Bateman ... Columbia

County Ext. Chairman H. H. Harris Columbia

Chmn. ABC Hoard Lonnie E. Liverman Columbia

Chmn. Bd. Education Colon Snell Columbia

Chmn. Bd. Elections . .Harry J. McClees Columbia

Wildlife Protector E. L. Mosley Columbia

Fores! Ranger J. Edward Swain Rt. 1, Columbia

County Attorney . Sam S. Woodley Columbia

< 'ounty Librarian Mrs. W. B. Reynolds Columbia

Civil Defense I )i rector David M. Darden Columbia

Veterans Service Officer Borden McClees Columbia

Record) r's < lourt :

Judge . H. L. Reynolds Columbia

Solicitor Sam S. Woodley Columbia

( 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman Lem A. Cahoon Columbia

Commissioner... ... Gerald Selby . . Rt. 3, Columbia

Commissioner . .Edward Davis. Rt. 2, Columbia

Commissioner. Larry Jones . . Rt. 1, Columbia

' 'ommissioner Jessie Spencer Columbia


Union County was formed in 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg.

Copulation 44,670 County Seat — Monroe

Senators 2 1th District . . John R. Boger, Jr., Concord

C. Frank Griffin, Monroe

Members House of Representatives 33rd District Richard S. Clark, Monroe

Fred M. Mills, Jr., Wadesboro


Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Ethel M. Gordon Monroe

Register of Deeds Clara Laney Monroe

Sheriff D. S. Griffin Monroe

Treasurer American Bk. & Tr. Co. and

Security Bk. & Tr. Co Monroe

Tax Supervisor Tom Haywood Monroe

Tax Collector B. F. Niven Monroe

County Accountant H. L. Jenkins Monroe

Coroner Roy B. Funderburk Monroe

County Health Director Dr. C. A. Bolt Monroe

Supt. of Schools Dan S. Davis Monroe

Director of Public Welfare Thomas B. Home ... — Monroe

County Ext. Chairman James A. Marsh Monroe

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. C. C. Burris Wingate

Chmn. Bd. Elections Robert H. McGuirt Monroe

Wildlife Patrolman Stewart M. Armfield Rt. 1, Marshville

County Manager H. L. Jenkins Monroe

County Attorney Smith & Griffin Monroe

County Librarian Jane L. McDaniel Monroe

Civil Defense Director Simeon L. Wentz Rt. 6, Monroe

Veterans Service Officer J. Neal Clark Monroe

Recorder's Court:

Judge Carroll R. Lowder Monroe

Solicitor W. H. Rooker Monroe

County Commissioners:

Chairman H. F. McCray, Jr Monroe

Commissioner R. Hall McGuirt Monroe

Commissioner James R. Braswell Wingate

Commissioner Oren S. Starnes Rt. 5, Monroe

Commissioner Leston Hilton Rt. 2, Matthews


Vance County was formed in 1881 from Granville, Warren, and Franklin. Wa.s named
in honor of Zebulon B. Vance, "the Great War Governor," a member of Congress, Governor
of North Carolina, United States Senator.

Population — 32,002 County Seat — Henderson

State Senator 7th District Wills Hancock, Oxford

Members House of Representatives 16th District John T. Church, Henderson

James D. Speed, Rt. 3, Louisburg

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Henry W. Hight Henderson

Register of Deeds H. M. Robinson Henderson

Sheriff L. B. Falkner Henderson

Auditor Emily Whitten Henderson

Tax Supervisor W. W. Wortham Henderson

Tax Collector W. W. Wortham Henderson

County Accountant Emily Whitten Henderson

Coroner Dr. Millard W. Wester, Jr Henderson

County Health Director Dr. J. U. Weaver Henderson

Supt. of Schools John L. Honeycutt Henderson

Director of Public Welfare Betsy Rose Jones Henderson

County Ext. Chairman H. Q. Simmons Henderson

Chmn. ABC Board W. Carson Ellis Henderson

Chmn. Bd. Education G. T. Wilson Rt. 5, Henderson

Chmn. Bd. Elections George T. Blackburn Henderson

Wildlife Patrolman N. G. Crews, III Rt. 3, Henderson

Forest Ranger Rufus C. Daniel Rt. 2, Henderson

County Attorney S. G. Gilliam Henderson

County Librarian Nannie A. Crowder Henderson

Civil Defense Director E. L. Brantley Henderson

Veterans Service Officer Roscoe E. Orr Henderson

Noin ii Cakolijn \ .Man i \i

Office Officer Address

( 'ourl :

Judgi Thomas I). Hardie Henderson

Solicitor B. \V. Rogers Henderson

( '.mil! y i 'ommissioners:

'I'. W. Ellis, Jr. Henderson

Commissioner J. L. Roberson Henderson

Commissioner Arthur Crocker Henderson

Commissioner J.E.Wilson .Townsville

Commissioner J. I'- Wilson Kittrell


Wake Count} was formed in 17V1 from Johnston, Cumberland, and Orange. Was
named in honor of Governor Tryon's wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Wake.
Some historians say thai the county was named for "Ester Wake," (he popular sister of
Tryon's wife, bul there is no reason to suppose lhat any sueh person ever existed. She is
purely a creature of the imagination.

Population 169,082 County Seat — Raleigh

State Senators Ilith District .1. Ruffin Bailey, Raleigh

Jyles J. Coggins, Raleigh
Members House of Repre entatives 19th District Thomas D. Bunn, Raleigh

Samuel H. Johnson, Raleigh
A. A. McMillan, Raleigh
Howard Twiggs, Raleigh

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Conn .1. Russell Nipper . .Raleigh

Register of Deed James A. Rowland Raleigh

Shrntr Robert J. Pleasants Raleigh

Treasurer Lee Murray Raleigh

Auditi Garland H. Jones , ..Raleigh

Tax Supervisor J. M. Brothers Raleigh

Tax Collector .1. M. Brothers Raleigh

Count;. Accountant Garland H. Jones Raleigh

Coroner Marshall W. Bennett Raleigh

Surveyor J. Carl Rowland . Fuquay-Varina

County Il.alth Director Dr. M. B. Bethel 'Raleigh

Supt. of Schools Aaron E. Fussell Raleigh

or of Public Welfare .. Mrs. Josephine W. Kirk Raleigh

Count} Ext. Chairman G. W. Miller, Jr. Raleigh

Chmn. ABC Board .1. E. Treadwell Raleigh

Chmn. Bd. of Education Ferd L. Davis Zebulon

Chmn. Bd. Elections. William H. Stephenson Raleigh

Wildlife Patrolman C. B. Spain, Jr Wendell

Wildlife Protector Bob D. Perry. . Raleigh

I Ranger C. W. Stoffregen, Jr. Raleigh

Count} Manager Garland H. Jones. . . .Raleigh

County Attorn, Thomas A. Banks. Garner

County Librarian William O'Shea. Raleigh

Civil Defense Director John C. Thome Raleigh

ervice Officei Wiley Pickens Raleigh

Recorder's ( lourts:

Apex I Mstrict :

Judge 14. L. Savage . Apex

Solicitor Wm. A. Bason.. Raleigh

( 'ary I >istrict :

,Uf lK'' Harold W. Blacklev ..Cary

Solicitor Ted R. Reynolds." . . .Cary

Fuquay Springs District :

•lack Senter Fuquay-Varina

W. I. Rowland Willow Springs

County Government 7 53

Office Officer Address

Garner District:

Judge Robert W. Brooks Raleigh

Solicitor Charles Clements . . Raleigh

Wake Forest District:

Judge Donald Gulley Wake Forest

Solicitor Edward Paschal Wake Forest

Wendell District :

Judge CM. Kirk Wendell

Solicitor Bourke Bilisoly Wendell

Zebulon District:

Judge Irby Gill Zebulon

Solicitor Ed ward P. Pizer Raleigh

City Court of Raleigh:

Judge Samuel Pretlow Winborne Raleigh

Solicitor Henry Barnett Raleigh

Domestic Relations Court :

Judge William R. Pierce Raleigh

Solicitor Howard G. Doyle Raleigh

County Commissioners:

Chairman W. Hal Trentman Raleigh

Commissioner Billy K. Hopkins Zebulon

Commissioner James L. Judd Fuquay-Varina

Commissioner W. J. Booth, Sr Apex

Commissioner Vassar P. Shearon Wake Forest

Commissioner Joe W. Barber Raleigh

Commissioner Swannie D. Bryan Raleigh


Warren County was formed in 1779 from Bute. Was named in honor of General Joseph
Warren, a brave Massachusetts soldier who fell while fighting at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Population — 19,652 County Seat — Warrenton

State Senators 4th District Julian R. Allsbrook, Roanoke Rapids

Vinson Bridgers, Tarboro

Members House of Representatives 16th District John T. Church, Henderson

James D. Speed, Rt. 3, Louisburg

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Lanie M. Hayes Warrenton

Register of Deeds J. H. Hundley Warrenton

Sheriff Clarence A. Davis Warrenton

Treasurer A. P. Rod well, Jr Warrenton

Auditor A. P. Rod well, Jr Warrenton

Tax Supervisor A. P. Rod well, Jr Warrenton

Tax Collector A. P. Rod well, Jr.. Warrenton

County Accountant A. P. Rod well, Jr Warrenton

Coroner Bobby Blaylock Warrenton

Surveyor E. P. Fitts Macon

County Health Director Dr. Lloyd H. Harrison Warrenton

Supt. of Schools J. R. Peeler Warrenton

Director of Public Welfare J. W. Farrar Warrenton

County Ext. Chairman F. W. Reams Warrenton

Chmn. ABC Board Roy Pittman Warrenton

Chmn. Bd. Education Eugene Davis Warrenton

Chmn. Bd. Elections Wiley G. Coleman Warrenton

Wildlife Patrolman A. D. Pridgen Rt. 3, Warrenton

Forest. Ranger W. F. Davis Rt. 2, Macon

County Attorney James H. Limer Littleton

( bounty Librarian Georgie Tarwater Warrenton

Civil Defense Director Jesse B. Martin Warrenton

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Loyce Connell Warrenton

N'oktji Carolina M \ m m

Office Officer Address

Recorder's ( lour! :

.hi, i Julius Banzel Warrenton

tor Charles M. White, III Warrenton

( 'mint y ( Commissioners:

Chairman Amos L. Capps Warrenton

( 'ommissionur A. J. Ellington. Warrenton

( 'omm •'■ A. Wilson . Manson

Commissioi Richard R. Davis Warrenton

Commissioner R. P. Thome Littleton


Washington County was formed in 1799 from Tyrrell. Was named in honor of George

Population 13,488 County Seat — Plymouth

nators 1st District J. J. Harrington, Lewiston

George M. Wood, Camden

Members House of Representatives 2nd District Archie Burrus, Manteo

William R. Roberson, Jr., Washington

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Mrs. Louise S. Allen. . . Plymouth

Register of Deeds Mrs. Bertie (). Lilley . .... Plymouth

Sheriff Paul Basnight Plymouth

Treasurer Branch Banking & Trust Co. Plymouth

tor Ralph Hunter. . . Plymouth

Tax Supervisor Phillip M. Spruill Plymouth

Tax Collector Ralph Hunter Plymouth

County Accountant ('. .Jackson Luper Plymouth

Coroner Dr. Claudius M. MeGowan Plymouth

Count v Health Director I >r. Claudius M. MeGowan Plymouth

Supt. of Schools S. D. O'Neal Plymouth

Director of Public Welfare Mrs. Ursula B. Spruill Plymouth

County Ext. Chairman Guv M. Whitford Plymouth

Chmn. ABC Board D. J. Brinkley Plymouth

n. Bd. Education Sidney Hassell. Roper

< 'hmn. Bd. Elections. . . . . .Andrew M. Maloney Plymouth

Wildlifi Protector. . . . . Larry T. Barnes Plymouth

Forest Ranger. ... . Wilton E. Spear Plymouth

County Attorney . . Norman, Rodman and Hutchins Plymouth

County Librarian . . Mrs. Eleanor C. Ayers Plymouth

Civil Defense Director George Jackson, Jr Plymouth

-> ■:• ce t »t! . . W. R. Gaylord Plymouth

Ri corder's < !ourt

Judge W. R. Gaylord Plymouth

tor W. Blount Rodman Plymouth

< 'ounty Commissioners:

Chairman W. W.White Roper

oner J. C. Hassell. . Roper

Commissioner H. W. Pritchett . C res well

Commissioner P.W.Brown.. Plymouth

Comi Pussel! Owens Plymouth


Watauga County was formed in L849 from Ashe, Wilkes, Caldwell and Yancey. Was
named after an Indian I ribe.

Population 17,529 County Seat — Boone

Senator 25th Disl i T. R. Bryan, Sr., Wilkesboro

Meml of Representatives 11th District Mack S. Isaac, Newland

County Government 755

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court O. H. Foster Boone

Register of Deeds Helen Underdown Boone

Sheriff Ward Carroll Boone

Tax Supervisor G. Claude Danner, Jr Boone

Tax Collector James W. Vines Boone

County Accountant G. Claude Danner, Jr Boone

County Health Director Dr. Mary B. H. Michael Boone

Supt. of Schools Guy Angell Boone

Director of Public Welfare Dave P. Mast Sugar Grove

County Ext. Chairman L. E. Tuekwiller Boone

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. Charles Davant Blowing Rock

Chmn. Bd. Elections John H. Bingham Boone

Wildlife Protector Tommie F. Osborne Boone

Forest Ranger Crayte P. Teague Boone

County Attorney John H. Bingham Boone

County Librarian Mrs. Joanne Payne Boone

Civil Defense Director Dave P. Mast Sugar Grove

Veterans Service Officer J. W. Norris Rt. 3, Boone

County Commissioners:

Chairman Tom Jackson Rt. 1, Boone

Commissioner Dr. Len D. Hagaman Boone

Commissioner D. Glenn Hodges Rt. 3, Boone


Wayne County was formed in 1779 from Dobbs and Craven. Was named in honor of
General Anthony Wayne, one of Washington's most trusted soldiers. His courage was
so great as to amount almost to rashness, and his soldiers called him "Mad Anthony

Population — 82,059 County Seat — Goldsboro

State Senator 9th District Lindsay C. Warren, Jr., Goldsboro

Members House of Representatives 10th District Mrs. John B. Chase, Eureka

Thomas E. Strickland, Rt. 2, Goldsboro

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Shelton Jordan Goldsboro

Register of Deeds Eula B. Whitley Goldsboro

Sheriff W. I. Adams Goldsboro

Treasurer C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Auditor C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Tax Supervisor Bruce Grice Goldsboro

Tax Collector Rodney Knowles Goldsboro

County Accountant C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Coroner I. T. Seymour Goldsboro

Surveyor A. E. Little Goldsboro

County Health Director Dr. Carl Hammer Goldsboro

Supt. of Schools Dr. Gerald James Goldsboro

Director of Public Welfare Floyd R. Evans Goldsboro

County Ext. Chairman G. M. Goforth, Jr Goldsboro

Chmn. ABC Board James D. Evans Goldsboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Elton Aycock Goldsboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections John B. Hooks Goldsboro

Wildlife Protector A. G. Howell Goldsboro

Forest Ranger James W. Williams Rt. 1, Dudley

County Attorney Fred P. Parker, Jr. Goldsboro

County Librarian Susan Borden Goldsbroo

Civil Defense Director Claude H. Irby Goldsboro

Veterans Service Officer William Chaffin Goldsboro

N'iik i ii (' vrolin \ Mam w.

nfllri' Officei Vddress

. .urn j < '( mi I

Charles P. Gaylor Goldsboro

Solicit I'. Ogden Parker. Goldsboro

Mi. Olive Courl

.hid,:, Milton Nowell . ... . Mt. Olive

Solicitor W. Dortch Langston, Jr Goldsboro

( "ounl y < 'ommissioners:

man Charles T. Hooks Fremont

i 'ommissioner Richard Grady Seven Springs

Commissionei Lloyd Griffin Goldsboro

( Commissioner Paul Garrison, Jr Mt. Olive

Commissionei Norwood Vinson New Hope


Wilkes County was formed in 1777 from Surry and Burke. Was named in honor of

John Wilkes. Wilkes was a violent opponent of the Tory party in England, who would

not let him take his seal in Parliament to which he had been elected. The Americans

imagined he was suffering in the cause of liberty and named the county in his honor.

Population 15,269 County Seat — Wilkesboro

State Senator 25th District T. R. Bryan, Sr., Wilkesboro

Members House of Representatives 38th District Claude Billings, Rt. 1, Traphill

Jeter L. Haynes, Jonesville

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court . Wayne Yates Wilkesboro

Register of Deeds RayWelborn. Wilkesboro

Sheriff E. Hoke Wiles Wilkesboro

Tax Supervisor John Hoots Wilkesboro

Tax Collector C. G. Bumgarner Wilkesboro

County Accountant C. M. Brown Wilkesboro

Coroner Eugene Wood Wilkesboro

Surveyor Grant Lyon Wilkesboro

Supt. of Schools C. Wayne Bradburn ...Wilkesboro

Director of Public Welfare. Charles C. McNeill Wilkesboro

County Ext. Chairman Dwight Williamson. Wilkesboro

Chmn. ABC Hoard Robert Morrow North Wilkesboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Robert Smoak Wilkesboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections R. T. McNeil, Jr. . . .North Wilkesboro

Wildlife Patrolman Vance M. Link. . Rt. 1, Millers Creek

er . . H. McGee Wilkesboro

Countj Ait urn. , Ralph Davis North Wilkesboro

County Librarian . , Mrs. Beulah Castevens North Wilkesboro

Civil Defense Director G. L. Stoker Elkin

ans Service Officer C. M. Elledge . . Rt. 1, North Wilkesboro

( County Special < 'ourl :

Judge J. Gary Vannoy . North Wilkesboro

Solicitor Richard A. Vestal Rt. 3, North Wilkesboro

County ( 'ommissioners:

Chairman James Spicer Millers Creek

missioner Richard B. Johnston North Wilkesboro

(ommissioner Clifton Prevette Roaring River

missioner E. C. Eller, Jr. Ferguson

( ommissioner Clyde R. Lowe Moravian Falls

County Government 757


Wilson County was formed in 1855 from Edgecombe, Nash, Johnston, and Wayne.
Was named in honor of Louis D. Wilson, many times a member of the Legislature from
Edgecombe County, a soldier of the Mexican War who died near Vera Cruz of fever, and
the benefactor of the poor of his native county. From 1856 to 1868 Wilson County voted
with Edgecombe.

Population — 57,716 County Seat — Wilson

State Senators 8th District Dallas L. Alford, Jr., Rocky Mount

Jesse H. Austin, Jr., Clayton

Members House of Representatives 15th District William R. Britt, Smithfield

J. Ernest Paschall, Wilson
Barney Paul Woodard, Princeton

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court Chas. C. Lamm Wilson

Register of Deeds Edna B. Carson Wilson

Sheriff J. W. Thompson Wilson

Auditor K.J. Herring Wilson

Tax Collector George Thomas Davis Wilson

Coroner R. E. Goudy Wilson

County Health Director Dr. Joseph M. Campbell Wilson

Supt. of Schools H. D. Browning Wilson

Director of Pubic Welfare M. G. Fulghum Wilson

County Ext. Chairman W. D. Lewis Wilson

Chmn. ABC Board S. D. Lovelace Wilson

Chmn. Bd. Education Norwood Whitley Stantonsburg

Chmn. Bd. Elections Marvin E. Daniel Wilson

Wildlife Protector Elmo L. Walls, Jr Wilson

Forest Ranger R. E. Denton Rt. 1, Wilson

County Attorney Carr & Gibbons Wilson

County Librarian Nancy Gray Wilson

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