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Civil Defense Director James E. Ellis, II Wilson

Veterans Service Officer L. C._Martin Wilson

General County Court:

Judge R. L. Brinkley Wilson

Solicitor John L. Whitley Wilson

Recorder's Court:

Judge A. W. Harrell Wilson

Solicitor T. W. Graves Wilson

County Commissioners:

Chairman Thomas Daniel RFD, Wilson

Commissioner M. Arpe Newton RFD, Wilson

Commissioner Garland R. Smith Wilson

Commissioner John D. Wilson Wilson

Commissioner Glen Watson Lucama

Commissioner Roy B. Williams RFD, Elm City

Commissioner Donohue Bryant Saratoga


Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry. Its name is derived from the Yadkin
River which runs through it. It is supposed to be an Indian name. Yadkin voted with
Surry in 1852.

Population— 22,804 County Seat— Yadkinville

State Senator 25th District T. R. Bryan, Sr., Wilkesboro

Members House of Representatives 38th District Claude Billings, Rt. 1, Traphill

Jeter L. Haynes, Jonesville

Nor im Carolina Manuai

i mi,,. Officer Address

' 'lerk of Court Lon H. West, Sr. . Yadkinville

' Deeds .1. Howard Poindexter Yadkinville

Charles T. Speer Yadkinville

James Albert Hutchens ... Yadkinville

or .lames Albert Hulchens Yadkinville

latins Allieri Hulchens . .Yadkinville

Tax ( 'ollector ( !ressie J. Brown . . Yadkinville

County Accountant James J. Hulchens ..Yadkinville

Coroner Grady M. Mackie ..Yadkinville

Supt. of Schools Fred C. Hobson ...Yadkinville

I >irector of Public Welfare Frank W. Wilson Yadkinville

< 'ounty Ext . Chairman H. D. Smith Yadkinville

Chmn. Bd. Education. Leon F. Thomasson ,. .Hampton ville

Chmn. Bd. Elections II. Karl Stryker Yadkinville

\\ ildlife Protector Frank W. Mackie Yadkinville

ter Arthur W. Stallings Yadkinville

County Attorn, H. Smith Williams ... . ..Yadkinville

5 Librarian Mary Harding .. . Yadkinville

Civil Defense Director Delma Hoots Yadkinville

Veterans Service oilier Walter Reynolds . .Yadkinville

i 'ountj < Criminal Court :

Judge H. Smith Williams Yadkinville

Solic Walter Zachary ...Yadkinville

i ',,uni y Commissioners:

( Chairman I )elbert Caudle Boonville

( ommissioner Pride E. Wooten East Bend

1 ommissioner Sam J. Bray Cycle

Commissioner .lames H. Wallace . . . .RFD, Yadkinville

I ommissioner Burlin J. Joyner . Rt. 3, Yadkinville


Yancey Count} was formed in 1833 from Burke and Buncombe. Was named in honor
Ban let i ^ ancey, an eloquent orator, many times a member of the Legislature, Speaker
t he Male Senate, and a Member of Congress. He was one of the earliest advocates of
the public school system in North Carolina.

Population U,008 County Seat— Burnsville

State Senators 31st District.. Bruce B. Briggs, Asheville

,, , .. ,, R. Theodore Dent, Spruce Pine

Members House ,,l Representatives 17th District. ... Ernest B. Messer, Canton

Liston B. Ramsev, Marshall

Office Officer


Clerk of Court Fred Proffitt. Burnsville

R . e 8'?ter of Deed Mrs. Grace Ayers . . . [ \ \ burnsville

S /'' , r ' ir Donald Banks Burnsville

. ." lli '" r Boyd Laws Burnsville

JaxSupen Boyd Laws Burnsville

}■« < ollectoi Boyd Laws Burnsv 1 e

County Accountant Boyd Laws Burnsville

' " r " n *r , u Dr. Melvin W. Webb " Burnsville

Supt. of Schools H.I). Justice Burnsv e

Director of Public Welfare . Mrs. Ruby R. Smith (acting) ..".:::::::: burnsv le

u-'m', ;• ,',"• ' halrman E. L. Dillingham Burnsv lie

lector D. R. McGalliard Burnsv e

' Rf«JK« John C. English Burnsv le

County Attorn, Bill Atkins Burnsv Ue

2$?X f jlbrar r a . n Mrs - Dorothy Thomas. ........... i. .i! ! '.Burnsv le

nseDirec Phillip O. Styles Burnsville

Veterans Service ( tfficer H. G. Bailey [ [ \ \ \ burnsville

l ounty Commissioners:

!.' h:lir ' O. W. Deyton Burnsville

James Proffitt ... BaldCr k

' >ean Chrisawn Rt. 5, Crnsvlfle

Online LibraryNorth Carolina. Secretary of StateNorth Carolina manual [serial] (Volume 1967) → online text (page 59 of 59)