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shall be composed of the Democratic Governor or his representa-
tive (or the nominee), the Democratic Lieutenant Governor, the
Democratic Speaker of the State House of Representatives, the
State Chairman, the several State Vice-Chairmen, the National
Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, the Chairman and
members of the Democratic Caucus of the State Senate and State
House of Representatives, a member from each Congressional
District elected at the biennial Congressional District Convention
and five persons appointed by the officers of the State Executive
Committee, so as to insure that this committee shall more nearly
reflect the make-up of all registered Democratic voters in the state
as to sex, age, ethnic background and, where practical, geography.

The State Chairman shall serve as Chairman of this committee.

This committee shall meet at least once monthly while the Gen-
eral Assembly is in session and at other times upon the call of the

This committee shall formulate recommendations for State and
National Democratic Legislative Policy. It shall communicate to

Plan of Organization 201

state and national legislators grassroots sentiment on legislative
issues. It shall assist in sponsoring public forums throughout the
state on state and national issues.

Section 3. County Issues Committees:

Each County Chairman shall appoint a minimum of three "Issue
Committees" of between five and fifteen members, and a Chairman
of each to serve until the succeeding County Conventions. The com-
position of each of these committees shall reflect the make-up of all
registered Democratic voters in the county as to sex, age, ethnic
background and, where practical, geography.

The substantive concerns of these committees shall be determined
and announced by the County Chairman who shall endeavor to
make such committees relevant to the concerns of citizens of his

Such committees shall solicit the views of citizens of the county
and shall formulate and adopt, by simple majority vote, resolu-
tions and/or proposed legislation for submission to the County
Executive Committee.

The County Executive Committee shall meet at the call of its
Chairman to vote to endorse or not endorse such resolutions or
proposals but shall in any event pass a record of such proposals
and their action to the Democratic State Headquarters for sub-
mission to the appropriate State Party Committees and elected



Section 1. Purpose:

There is hereby established a Council of Review for the purpose
of hearing and rendering fair and impartial decisions on such
disputes and controversies which have arisen or which may here-
after arise within the Party when the same are filed with said
council by the State Chairman, or by the State Executive Com-

202 North Carolina Manual

mittee, or wlitMi they are broufi^ht to the attention of the Chair-
man of the Council of Review by an ap:p:rieved Democrat.

Section 2. Composition:

The Council of Review shall consist of one member from each
Conji'ressional District who shall be elected by the biennial Con-
.uressional District Conventions, and two members at large to be
appointed by the officers of the State Executive Committee so as
to more nearly reflect the make-up of all registered Democratic
voters of the state as to sex, age and ethnic background. Members
of the Council of Review shall serve for a term of two years be-
ginning January 1st following their election, provided that persons
elected to the Council of Review at the 1970 biennial Congressional
District Conventions shall take of i ice immediately upon their
election. The Council of Review shall elect from among its mem-
bership a Chairman. The Chairman of the Council of Review shall
always be entitled to a vote.

Section 3. Rules and Decisions:

A majority of the entire membership of the Council of Review
shall constitute a quorum. All decisions concurred in by a majority
of the Council of Review present and voting shall be final and
binding upon all North Carolina Democratic Party meetings, con-
ventions and officials, except that any decision of the Council of
Review may be appealed to the State Convention. The State Chair-
man is hereby directed to issue such further and supplementary
directives as may be necessary and proper to implement the
decisions and directives of this council. The Council of Review
is further empowered and directed to adopt necessary and appro-
priate rules to assure that each dispute and grievance is settled
impartially, equitably and according to the rules of justice and

Section 4. Rights Reserved:

The State Executive Committee shall have the right to remove
from office any member of the Council of Review upon two-thirds

Plan of Organization 203

of said committee present and voting being satisfied that the
council member has been disloyal to the Party or guilty of any
misconduct which is not in keeping with his high position of
honor in the Democratic Party.

Section 5. Vacancies:

A vacancy in the membership of the Council of Review shall be
filled by the Congressional District Executive Committee of the
Congressional District in which such vacancy exists, provided that
vacancies in members at large shall be filled by the officers of the
State Executive Committee.

Section 6. No'iiication:

The Council of Review shall assume jurisdiction of matters and
disputes arising from any party meeting or convention provided
lor in this Plan of Organization, provided such dispute or griev-
ance is brought to the attention of the Chairman of the Council
of Review within seventy-two hours after such meeting or con-
vention was convened or was to have been convened. Any griev-
ances not brought to the attention of the Chairman of the Council
of Review within the seventy-two hour period shall be deemed
to have been waived. An aggrieved Democrat shall be deemed
to have brought such to the attention of the Chairman of the
Council of Review if written notice was filed with or deposited
in the mail to the Chairman of the Council of Review, the State
Chairman or State Democratic Headquarters within the seventy-
two hour period. Additionally, the Council of Review is directed
to assume jurisdiction of all matters and disputes pending and
hereafter brought to its attention by the State Chairman.

Section 7. Calls:

Upon receipt of the grievance by the Council of Review, it shall
immediately notify the County Chairman of the county in which
the aggrieved party resides, of the nature of the grievance filed
and the time and place that the Council of Review will hear the

204 North Carolina Manual

Section 8. Exceptions:

Nothing: herein shall prevent preliminary adjudication of griev-
ances by appropriate Credentials or Grievance Committees at
the county or district level, provided that the seventy-two hour
notice period shall begin at the time of the decision by the said
County or District Credentials or Grievances Committee.


Section 1. Committee Meetings:

All committees shall meet at such times and places as the Chair-
man of the respective committee may from time to time appoint
and designate in the call.

Section 2. Quorum:

Thirty percent of the entire membership of any committee shall
constitute a quorum.

Section 3. Proxy Voting:

(a) State Executive Committee. A member of the State Execu-
tive Committee may designate an "active Democrat" from within
his county to serve as his alternate for a particular State Execu-
tive Committee meeting by notifying the State Chairman, State
Secretary or Executive Director of such designation in writing-
prior to the call to order of any such meeting, provided however,
that no one person may serve as an alternate for more than one
member at any meeting and no member or alternate may be
entitled to more than one vote.

(b) District Executive Committees. A member of a District
Executive Committee may designate an "active Democrat" from
within his county to serve as his alternate for a particular District
Executive Committee meeting by notifying the committee Chair-
man or committee Secretary of such designation in writing prior

Plan of Organization 205

to the call to order of any such meeting provided, however, that
no person may serve as an alternate for more than one member
at any meeting and no member can also serve at the same meeting
as an alternate.

(c) County Executive Committee. A member of the County
Executive Committee may designate an "active Democrat" from
within his precinct to serve as his alternate for a particular
County Executive Committee meeting by notifying the County
Chairman or County Secretary of such designation in writing
prior to the call to order of any such meeting provided, however,
that no one person may serve as an alternate for more than one
member at any meeting and no member can also serve at the
same meeting as an alternate.

Section 4. Vacancies:

Vacancies occurring on any District or State Executive Com-
mittee shall be filled by the County Executive Committee of the
county in which such vacancies exist. Vacancies occurring in the
officer positions of the County and State Executive Committee
shall be filled by the Executive Committee in which such vacancies
exist. Vacancies occurring among the membership or in any officer
positions of any Precinct Committee shall be filled by the remain-
ing members of the Precinct Committee. Within thirty days fol-
lowing the creation of a vacancy which is to be filled by a County
Executive Committee or by a Precinct Committee, the County
Chairman shall call a meeting of such committee to fill the vacancy.

Section 5. Candidacies in Primary:

Any member of any executive committee — precinct, county or
state — or any officer thereof, who announces his candidacy for
an elective office in the primary shall resign immediately his pai'ty
office and the vacancy shall be filled within thirty days as hereto-
fore provided. Any officer of a County or State Executive Com-
mittee who manages a campaign for a candidate in a primary
shall resign immediately his party office and the vacancy shall be
filled as provided for in the Plan of Organization.

206 North Carolina Manual

Section 6. Sub-Committees:

All executive committees shall have the power to appoint sub-
committees or special committees for such purposes and with such
powers in their respective jurisdictions as may be deemed neces-
sary or desirable.

Section 7. Filling Vacancies Among Candidates:

Vacancies shall be filled among candidates, and the selection of
candidates shall be as prescribed by statute.

Section 8. Municipal Committee:

In the nomination of candidates for municipal offices to be voted
for in any town or city election, where the same is not controlled
by charter or legislative enactment, a Municipal Executive Com-
mittee may be created for the purpose of facilitating the orderly
selection of such candidates. The committee shall be composed
of five "active Democrats" who are residents of the municipality,
reasonably reflecting the make-up of the registered Democratic
voters in the municipality as to sex, age, ethnic background and,
where practical, geography. This committee shall be elected bi-
ennially at a meeting of all members of the County Executive
Committee who reside in the municipality, the meeting to be called
and presided over by the County Chairman. It shall be the sole
function of any Municipal Executive Committee created under the
provisions of this section to supervise and direct the selection of
candidates for municipal offices, and to that end, the committee
may formulate such rules and regulations as may be deemed
necessary or practical. Those persons present at the meeting
called by the County Chairman shall elect from the membership
of the Municipal Executive Committee a Chairman, three Vice-
Chairmen and a Secretary-Treasurer. The First Vice-Chairman
must be of opposite sex to the Chairman. If the Chairman and
First Vice-Chairman are of the same race, the Second Vice-Chair-
man must be of that race, other than the race of the Chairman
and First Vice-Chairman, which constitutes at least twenty per-
cent of the registered Democratic voters in that precinct. The
Third Vice-Chairman shall be thirty years of age or younger, if

Plan of Organization 207

none of the other precinct officers are thirty years of age or
under. All vacancies in membership shall be filled by the Municipal
Executive Committee.

Section 9. Appeals:

Unless a grievance has been filed with the Council of Review,
the right of appeal shall lie from any subordinate committee or
convention to the committee or convention next superior thereto,
and in all county or state conventions, appeals shall first be
referred to the Committee on Credentials and Appeals, or a
special committee provided by the convention, and the findings
and reports of such committee had before action therein by the

Section 10. Reports:

It shall be the duty of the County Executive Committees and
their Chairmen to make such reports and furnish such informa-
tion to the State Chairman and Chairmen of the several District
Committees as the said State and District Chairmen may desire.

Section 11. "Active Democrat" Defined:

(a) An "active Democrat" is defined to mean a person who is
registered to vote as a Democrat, and who, as a volunteer, takes
part in party affairs, giving of his time and/or means to further
the interest and efforts of the Democratic Party.

(b) An "active Democrat" is also defined as a non-voter who is
between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, who declares himself
an "active Democrat" by making the following written statement
to his local Precinct Chairman or County Chairman: "1 intend to
register as a Democrat upon reaching legal voting age and would
like to work with the Democratic Party until I reach voting age."
Such persons may participate in meetings of the precinct in which
they currently reside and fully participate in Party affairs at all
levels. For this purpose, the term "reside" shall be interpreted as it
is tor the purpose of registering to vote in the state under North
Carolina law. The local Precinct Chairman and County Chairman
shall be required to keep a list of the names, ages and addresses
of the persons who declare themselves to him.

208 North Carolina Manual

Section 12. Plan-vs-Law:

In the several counties of the state where primaries are
provided for by law, whether optional or mandatory, this Plan
of Organization shall nevertheless be followed in all matters not
inconsistent with such laws.

Section 13. General Rules:

Procedural or parliamentary questions not specifically covered
by this Plan or rules adopted pursuant to authority granted
herein shall be governed by the provisions of Robert's Rules of

Section 14. Unit Rule Abolished:

The use of the unit rule is prohibited in all activities and at all
levels in the Democratic Party in North Carolina.


Section 1. Power to Amend:

The state Executive Committee shall, at any regularly called
meeting duly held, have power to amend this Plan of Organization.

Any amendment adopted by the State Executive Committee in-
cluding those herein contained shall be effective immediately and
remain in effect until and unless the same is repealed or amended
by action of the next State Convention. All amendments to this
Plan of Organization must be approved by a two-thirds vote of
the members or delegates present and voting at the State Execu-
tive Committee meeting or State Convention considering same.

The foregoing is the Plan of Organization of the Democratic
Party in North Carolina as adopted by the State Democratic
Executive Committee at a meeting held in the City of Raleigh
on the 13th day of January, 1970, and amended the third day
of December, 1970.

W. Eugene Simmons, Jr.



(From list furnished by Executive Director,
State Democratic Executive Committee)




Chairman W. Eugene Simmons, Tarboro

Assistant to the Chairman John R. Boger, Jr., Concord

Vice Chairman Mrs. James M. Harper, Jr., Southport

Deputy Vice Chairman Mrs. Kenneth Williams, Winston-Salem

Vice Chairman Howard N. Lee, Chapel Hill

Vice Chairman Charles B. Winberry, Rocky Mount

Secretary Mrs. E. K. Powe, Durham

Treasurer Joseph W. Yates, Raleigh

Finance Director John H. Wheeler, Durham


National Committeeman Irwin Belk, Charlotte

National Committeewoman Mrs. John A. Winfield, Pinetown

President, Young Democratic Clubs of N.C Charles B. Winberry, Rocky Mount

National Committeeman, Young Democratic

Clubs of N. C J. Floyd Ammons, Fayetteville

National Committeewoman, Young

Democratic Clubs of N. C. Mrs. Jeanette David, Fayetteville


First District

County Name Address

Beaufort Mrs. Delmar Keech Rt. 1, Pinetown

Beaufort Wilton Smith Belhaven

Bertie S. C. Rochelle Windsor

Camden._ Mrs. Annie Sanderlin Camden

Chowan George Alma Byrum Edenton

Craven..._ Mrs. Harold Orringer New Bern

Craven W. E. Brinkley, Jr New Bern

Currituck Mrs. Mable Wright Jarvisburg

Dare._ Archie Burrus Nags Head

Gates Philip P. Godwin Gatesville

Hertford Thomas W. Hill Murfreesboro

Hyde.. W. J. Lupton Swan Quarter

Jones B. L. Parker Rt. 2, Trenton

Lenoir Paul A. Barwick La Grange

Lenoir Marshall Isler..._ Kinston

Lenoir Thomas J. White Kinston

Martin Nat W. Johnson Oak City

Martin Mary Lib Davenport Williamston

Pamlico Ned E. Delamar Oriental

Pasquotank Phil Sawyer Elizabeth City

Perquimans Robert Sutton Rt. 3, Hertford

Pitt._ Janice Hardison Greenville

Pitt Henry C. Oglesby Grifton

Pitt H. L. Lewis Greenville

Pitt..._ John B. Lewis, Jr Farmville

Tyrrell W. J. White._ ...Columbia

Washington _ Alton B. Dough Rt. 2, Plymouth


210 North Carolina Manual

Second District

County Name Address

Edgefombe Mrs. Cameron Weeks Tarboro

EdRepombe Dr. M . A. Ray Tarboro

Franklin Ashcr Johnson Louisbi rg

Franklin Bertha Whitfield Franklinton

Ciranville Claude A. Renn Rt. 1, Oxford

Cranville Mrs. Joe A. Walk ins Oxford

Crecne Mrs. George M. Harris Snow Hill

Halifax Ernest D. Shearin . Weldon

Halifax Forest Shearin Scotland Neck

Halifax Rufus B. Hux Roanoke Rapids

Nash John E. Davenport Nashville

Nash.._ Alda Jones _ Nashville

Nash David Ghist Nashville

Northampton W. H. S. Burgwyn, Jr. Woodland

Northampton Mrs. Maggie Bridgers Jackton

Person Mrs. A. F. Nichols Roxboro

Person Dr. J. C. Owens Roxboro

Vance Mrs. Frances B. Horner Henderson

Vance Robert S. Hight Henderson

Warren Amos L. Capps Warrenton

Wilson Carl Ren fro Wilson

Wilson Frank Emory Wilson

Wilson Mrs. John McCain Wilson

Third District

Carteret T. T. Potter Beaufort

Carteret Moses Howard Newport

Duplin Gerald Carr.. Rose Hill

Duplin Mrs. David R. Smith RFD, Kenansville

Harnett A. J. Stephenson Lillington

Harnett Mrs. Rachel Spears Lillington

Johnston Mrs. J. Don Johnson Rt. 2, Benson

Johnston J. T. Smith Rt. 2, Clayton

Johnston E. Hughes Lamm Rt. 3, Smithfield

Onslow Marshall E. Dotson, Jr Jacksonville

Onslow Mrs. C. L. Shields Jacksonville

Pender Howard Holly Burgaw

Sampson Maxton Bass. Rt. 2, Newton Grove

Sampson John N. Lockamy Rt. 1, Clinton

Sampson Mrs. Willie Belle Crooms Ingold

Wayne W. Dortch Langton, Sr Goldsboro

Wayne C. Brantley Strickland Goldsboro

Wayne Mrs. E. L. Smith Goldsboro

Fourth District

Chatham Mrs. Bruce Strowd Rt. 3, Chapel Hill

Chatham Mrs. Wallace V. Kaufman Rt. 3, Chapel Hill

Durham.. William L. Brogden Durham

Durham A. J. H. Clement, III Durham

Durham Mrs. Ethel B. Cordle Durham

Durham A. C. Pledger Durham

Durham Mrs. Laura L. Scott Durham

Durham John S. Stewart Durham

Durham Mrs. Lucie Lee Wing Durham

Orange Clarence Jones Hillsborough

Orange Mrs. Marolyn McMillan Rt. 3, Hillsborough

Orange Roger B. Foushee Chapel Hill

Orange Howard Lee Chapel Hill

Randolph Joe D. Ross, Jr Asheboro

Randolph Clyde Lucas Asheboro

State Committees, Democratic 211

County Name Address

Randolph Bertha Fitzgerald Asheboro

Wake Douglas Brown Rt. 2, Apex

Wake Bruce Poole Raleigh

Wake Jack Ashby Raleigh

Wake Clarence Kirk Wendell

Wake Nathan Yelton Garner

Wake Simon Muktarian Fuquay-Varina

Wake Harold Webb Raleigh

Wake Mrs. William Hatch Raltigh

Wake Mrs. Dewitt Moore Raleigh

Wake David Wooten „ Rt. 2, Gary

Wake Dr. Gerald Elkan _ Raleigh

Fifth District

Alleghany Mrs. Wade Choate..._ Sparta

Ashe C. Frank Golvard, Jr W est Jetterson

Davidson J. Lee Wilson Lexington

Davidson Mrs. George Hundley Thomasville

Davidson Wayne Shoaf Lexington

Davidson Wilson Carter Denton

Davidson.. Mrs. Lacy Caple Lexington

Davie Ken Sales Mocksville

Forsyth Mrs. Velma Jackson Winston-Salem

Forsyth Mrs. Marie Lucas Winston-Salem

Forsyth Charles Brooks Winston-Salem

Forsyth ...Judson Davis Winston-Salem

Forsyth... Mrs. Virginia Newell ...Winston-Salem

Forsyth Jerry Gilmore ..._ Winston-Salem

Forsyth Mrs. Eugene Groce Winston-Salem

Forsyth Claude Tatum Kernersville

Forsyth Mrs. Robert Sosnik ...Winston-Salem

Forsyth Charlie Hauser Winston-Salem

Forsyth Otho McManus Winston-Salem

Stokes W. F. Marshall, Sr Walnut Cove

Stokes B. M. Wright Germanton

Surry Mrs. Robert Merritt Mount Airy

Surry Mrs. Jack Underdown Elkin

Surry Charles Graham Dobson

Yadkin Richard N. Randleman Yadkinville

Sixth District

Alamance George A. Long..._ Burlington

Alamance._ _ E. T. Saders Burlington

Alamance Dr. S. B. Thomas Burlington

Alamance Jane Curtis Graham

Alamance ..Mrs. W. Clary Holt Burlington

Alamance John B. Leath Burlington

Alamance J. Fred Bowman Burlington

Caswell Montrose Angle Milton

Guilford._ B. J. Battle Greensboro

Guilford ...Mrs. Max Miller Greensboro

Guilford._ ...Mrs. Chase Benson Greensboro

Guilford Tom Gilmore Rt. 1, Julian

Guilford Mrs. Julian Blantley..... Greensboro

Guilford William Hemphill Greensboro

Guilford Ottis Tillman... high Point

Guilford Mrs. Henry Patterson. .._ Greensboro

Guilford Mrs. R. N. Linville Oak Ridge

Guilford Jake Froelich high Point

Guilford Mrs. Waldo Falkener Greensboro

Guilford. Mrs. Arthur Corpening High I'oint

212 North Carolina Manual

County Name Address

(lUilford Auhurn Lovo Greensboro

(iuilford Mrs. Ann I'artin High Point

(iuilford Mrs. Zoe Harbee Rt. 6, Greensboro

Guilford John Ridenhour Greensboro

Rockingham ...Mrs. Leone H. Dunn Eden

Rockingham Rev. A. D. Logan Reidsville

Rockingham Fred Hamic Mayodan

Rockingham Turner Coleman Reidsville

Seventh District

Bladen Rufus A. Britt Bladenboro

Bladen Mrs. J. R. Ferguson Clarkton

Brunswick V. A. Creech, Jr Leland

Brunswick Eugen Gore Southport

Columbus Annabelle Williamson Tabor City

Columbus Jim High Whiteville

Columbus Williard Small Fair Bluff

Cumberland ._ I). A. Williams Fayette ville

Cumberland Mrs. J. R. Hooks Fayette ville

Cumberland John S. Butler Fayetteville

Cumberland Pat Reese Fayetteville

Cumberland Layton Norris Spring Lake

Cumberland ...R. A. Edwards Rt. 1, Hope Mills

Hoke R. Palmer Willcox Raeford

New Hanover L. J. Poisson, Jr Wilmington

New Hanover Mrs. Beatrice Mclntire Wilmington

New Hanover Mrs. Mercer Rowe Wilmington

New Hanover Fred Brown _ Wilmington

New Hanover Henry Bost Wilmington

Robeson Mrs. Julia Neese Lumberton

Robeson Johnnie Sanford Hunt Fairmont

Robeson Dr. E. B. Turner Lumberton

Robeson.. Mrs. Har B. McDonald Fairmont

Robeson James R. Oliver Rt. 1, Fairmont

Eighth District

Anson Robert L. Cagle Wadesboro

Anson Jane I'ratt Wadesboro

Cabarrus Mrs. Art Thomas, Jr .Concord

Cabarrus M. S. Lyles Concord

Cabarrus. Mrs. Henry Penninger Mt. Pleasant

Cabarrus William E. McCrary Kannapolis

Lee Ralph Monger, Jr Sanford

Lee J. Allen Harrington... Sanford

Montgomery Albert McAulay Mt. Gilead

Moore W. Lamont Brown Southern Pines

Moore Bess McCaskill Carthage

Richmond Hugh A. Lee Rockingham

Richmond Mrs. Mirian Taylor ..Hamlet

Rowan James F. Morton Salisbury

Rowan Robert Davis Salisbury

Rowan Mrs. Carl Hall, Jr Mt. UUa

Rowan Rev. Clarence Carr Spencer

Rowan Mrs. John DeMarcus China Grove

Scotland William Winn Laurinburg

Stanly G. A. Rudisill Badin

Stanly Crayon C. Etird Albemarle

Stanly W. H. McSwain Albermale

Union Mrs. Mary B. Carriker Monroe

Union J. Max Thomas Marsha ville

State Committees, Democratic 213

Ninth District

County Name Address

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