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a quality education under circumstances and conditions fair and
equitable to all children alike, and which will be conducive to a
child's gaining the most in education in keeping with his individual
God-given talents and interests as an individual human being. This
party further supports those principles, activities, laws and actions
which will best achieve these educational objectives.

After careful consideration of all factors involved, it is the
opinion of the North Carolina Republican Party that involuntary
cross-busing of school children is in violation of the "freedom of
choice" principle. Furthermore, this practice is not conducive to
achieving the high educational objectives for all our children. The
North Carolina Republican Party, therefore, is unalterably opposed
to the involuntary school cross-busing principle and practice.

The Republican Party is committed to the principle that each
generation should furnish adequate support for the training of its
youth. It is opposed to programs of deficit finance, which bind fu-
ture generations to relieve the present of its responsibilities. We
pledge ourselves to efficient administration, maximum use of school
facilities, and elimination of waste, in our educational system. We
promise constant scrutiny of the entire educational system to the

242 North Carolina Manual

end that essentials be held in focus and the goal of an educated
citizenry be realized.


The Republican Party favors a strong system of quality, higher
education in keeping with the steady increase of population. How-
ever, we are highly suspicious of the Democratic Party's motive in
establishing 16 universities for less than 38% of North Carolina
high school graduates who attend college. We feel support for 15
universities will be an added burden to the taxpayer and quality
education will suffer.

Believing the comprehensive community college system, includ-
ing technical and vocational training institutions is a sound solu-
tion for those who want the education it affords, but are financially
unable to bear the high cost in colleges and universities, we favor
the careful location of these institutions so that all sections of the
state will be provided with these facilities. We favor better financial
assistance from the State in capital outlay, especially in those sec-
tions where the indebtedness and tax rate will prohibit the estab-
lishment of a community college without greater state support.

We feel that in any expansion of our system of higher education,
the interests of the State's excellent private colleges should be given
consideration. In order to facilitate state aid to private education
and to encourage increased college enrollment by North Carolina
high school graduates, we propose the state adopt a system of di-
rect aid, student scholarships, to be awarded on the basis of fi-
nancial need to any North Carolina student who attends any North
Carolina college or university.

The Republican Party believes that justice demands that the
governing boards of all institutions of higher education be selected
on a non-partisan basis.


The Republican Party of North Carolina maintains that tax-
payers of this state are not receiving the maximum benefit from
state taxes.

Republican Platform 243

The condition of our state highway system is appalling, when
the people of North Carolina now pay the highest gasoline tax in
the country for the building and maintenance of our roads.

We deplore the continued maintenance of an excessive surplus in
our state treasury while Democrat politicians place more and higher
taxes on the shoulders of our people, and we urge a revision of
state law to reduce the funding of vacant positions in state govern-

We believe that a thorough revision of our state tax structure is
needed, and we condemn the arbitrary manner in which Democrat
politicians have established our present tax structure. In particular,
we condemn the action of the Democrat majority in the 1969 Gen-
eral Assembly in ramming the largest tax package in state history
through the legislature with virtually no floor debate after a closed
party caucus.

We urge an all-out effort to achieve a high level of efficiency in
state government, firmly believing that such an effort will result in
improved programs with lower taxes.

In the face of a possible $200 million surplus, and remembering
the examples of administrative inefficiency and special favors on
major purchasing contracts, we deplore the Governor's secret caucus
device for coercing the necessary votes for unnecessary tax increases
without legislative debate or public disclosure. Further, we com-
mend the Republican delegates to 1969 General Assembly for their
courageous opposition to both the unnecessary taxes and the heavy-
handed tactics. We recognize the need for reasonable and equitable
taxes for essential priorities, but we pledge ourselves to continued
opposition to taxes that are excessive, unjustified, and poorly de-


We are committed to the protection of the rights of all American
citizens. The Republican Party believes in equal job opportunities
and non-discriminatory hiring.

We deplore the past Democrat administrations arbitrary meth-
ods of withholding or threatening to withhold federal funds in order
to achieve forced racial balance in various programs receiving fed-

State Represent

jve Districts -1966

246 North Carolina Manual

eral assistance. However, we commend President Nixon's fairness
in dealing- with federally-assisted profjcrams on all levels.

To ignore the free choices of all citizens and to insist upon forced
racial balance is insulting to members of all races.


In order to promote better state government we advocate:

1. The governor should have the power to veto as do all other
49 state governors and as does the president.

2. State employees should be protected by civil service in order
to attract and hold capable persons. We deplore the political
pressures constantly applied to state employees and will take
measures to allow these state employees to work without un-
due political pressures.

3. A comptroller general should be appointed by the legislature
to oversee the budget and be responsible only to the legislature.

4. The combination or abolishment of agencies and commissions
which would lead to a more effective use of personnel and
money while better serving our citizens.

5. Providing a check on the majority party by including at least
two members of the minority party on the membership of the
Advisory Budget Commission.

6. Legislation that sets standards of ethics for those holding pub-
lic office and for lobbyists who deal with public officials and
state employees.

7. Fair and impartial legislative and congressional redistricting
based on true population representation rather than political

8. We believe that members of the General Assembly should
receive adequate compensation. But we advocate that the
present legislator's retirement program created by the 1969
General Assembly, whereby a member of the General Assem-
bly with four terms of service would receive more retirement
benefits per month than a teacher with 30 years' service, be

Republican Platform 247


The Republican Party commends the excellent service of State
Employees. It has been and is the desire of the Republican Party to
enhance the position and security of State Employees. A politically
free Civil Service System w^ould eliminate political servitude as it
now exists and would allow State Employees to concentrate upon
the productive work of their offices.


The Republican Party takes the position that no person, or group
of persons, has the right to deny people the access to meetings and
deliberations of any branch of their government. We advocate a
system that would put all members of the General Assembly on
public record and deplore the Democratic administration for stifl-
ing this legislation.

We further believe that the citizens of this state should have the
absolute and unqualified right to know all the facts concerning the
affairs of their government.

We oppose secret meetings of any Legislative Committee, Com-
mission, Board or Administrative Department.


A network of well located and well maintained highways is es-
sential to the well being of our State. We deplore Democrat methods
of making road improvements and locating new roads based on pure-
ly political patronage as well as appointments to the Highway Com-
mission. We regard the Governor's expansion from 15 to 23
commissioners as purely political. The gasoline and license taxes
which the Democratic 1969 General Assembly imposed is punitive
and discriminatory. We demand efficiency and economy in the State
Highway Department.


There is no simple solution to the increasing slaughter upon our
highways, but an effective state program dealing with every aspect

248 North Carolina Manual

of the problem is urgent. Despite the stronpr Democratic opposition,
the Republican members of the legislature managed to have enacted
in the law one of the strongest pieces of highway safety legislation
to be passed in recent years. The "Implied Consent" Bill will do
more to rid our highways of drunken drivers than any other legis-
lation ever passsed.

Increased emphasis upon driver education, both in our schools
and adult clinics, and upon public information forums is essential
in making our citizenry safety-conscious.

Highway engineering and construction to eliminate locations of
high accident frequency is a life-saver which cannot be delayed.

Above all, there should be vigorous and impartial law enforce-
ment to instill in law violators a healthy respect for the traffic laws.
Meddling with the State Highway Patrol for political reasons is
inexcusable whether on a local or gubernatorial level.

The Republican Party condemns such political interference with
highway law enforcement and commits itself to a strict, impartial
enforcement of our traffic laws.


The Democrat politicians have demonstrated hypocrisy and bad
faith by opposing Republican legislation designed to eliminate the
reprehensible practice of nominating Superior Court judges by
district while depriving the citizens of that district of freedom of
choice by placing election on a statewide basis. The Republican
Party will continue to advocate open and uninhibited election of
these judges by the people of the district in which they are to serve.


The Foundation of any civilized society is a system of law and
order. If the foundation is poorly constructed, or allowed to de-
teriorate, the social structui-e collapses. The Republican Party is
irrevocably dedicated to an orderly society ruled by law with justice
for all citizens without the least regard to their race, religion,
political affiliation, or personal wealth.

Realizing that laws exists and functions in an orderly fashion

Republican Platform 249

an unrelenting effort on the part of our General Assembly to make
certain that the rules which govern our conduct are morally and
socially acceptable. We commend to our citizens their moral, finan-
cial and physical support of our courts and law enforcement agen-
cies. We encourage them to disapprove, disavow, and eliminate by
vote those who have failed in the performance of their important

We insist that our law enforcement officials strictly resist both
organized and individual breaches of the public right. We demand
that our courts administer our laws uniformly and decree punish-
ment for violation in keeping with the circumstances of the crime.

We deplore the advances of both flagrant and clandestine crime.
At all costs our streets must be safe for the law-abiding citizenry,
our persons and our property inviolable. In this respect we mark
well that the attraction of the forbidden fruits of crime seek out
those in high places as well as those in low and that gasoline, bombs,
bullets, rocks, and bottles are colorblind and totally without racial

We advocate for the preservation and strengthening of law and
order in this State (1) increased financing to the end that compe-
only so long as it commands the respect of the citizens, we endorse
tent personnel can be attracted to and retained by our law enforce-
ment agencies and that those agencies can be equipped to meet the
public need; (2) an adequate staffing of law enforcement agencies
at all levels and personnel programs designed to encourage person-
nel to look upon law enforcement as a career; (3) an expanded and
continuous training program for our law enforcement personnel to
assist them in the acquisition of skills designed to enable them to
fulfill their responsibilities.

Enforcement of the law is the primary means of combating the
immediate problem of protecting the rights of our citizens. Educa-
tion and training are long range solutions to the same problems
and are "preventive law enforcement" which will reduce many of
the causes ot crime while making better and more responsible citi-
zens for the future. But the needs of the future should not over-
shadow the present demands for certain and equal justice to restore
the confidence of our citizens in rule by law rather than rule by

250 North Carolina Manual

Due to larjre increases in druR' traffic, especially among the youth,
we supTfi'est educational training' at the school level. We advocate
stricter hiws regardinji' those convicted of selling drugs to youth.

We suggest that the State's resources of training and law en-
forcement personnel be increased to sufficiently handle the drug

And, finally, we, as individual citizens composing the Republican
Party, rededicate ourselves to the assistance of our law enforcement
agencies, and encourage all other citizens of our State to join us.
We will be "involved" because we realize that those who "don't
want to become involved" in everyone's duty to assist in law en-
forcement does, by his or her silence, aid and abet the forces of
violence and evil. Nor will we be deterred in our involvement by the
popularity of a cause which is thought to excuse today's infraction.
For should we do so, we perceive that our concessions of today are
potential precedents for tomori'ow's tragedy.


We believe that the greatest single indictment against the De-
partment of Conservation and Development is the shockingly low
per capita income for the people of our State. The per capita in-
come of the wage earners of our state is and has been near the
bottom in comparison with wage earners of other states.

We recognize that the low per capita income of our state laboring
force has become a way of life under Democratic conti'ol that has
existed for more than 70 years; and we, the North Carolina Re-
publican Party, recognize the importance of every possible effort to
increase the per capita income of all our laboring people who are
willing to and are woi'king for a living.

Recognizing not only that a high level of per capita income is
desirable, but also a full level of employment week in and week out,
year in and year out in all sections of our State, the North Cai'o-
lina Republican Party strongly feels that the Department of Con-
servation should (1) Induce ttie non-industrialized communities of
our State to encourage the present industries within our State to
locate within their community insofar as practicable and in keep-
ing with their specific needs and requirements on a mutually satis-

Republican Platform 251

factory basis; (2) Encourage present industry to expand within
its present communities rather than move out of our State; (3)
Strive to maintain a wholesome labor climate in all communities
so as to hold onto present industry and attract new and diversified
industry, to raise the general level of income; (4) Be selective in
attracting new industry so as not to put present industry or busi-
ness firms at a disadvantage, and (5) The Department of Conserva-
tion and Development should give more attention to creating within
our state new and diversified industries in the utilization of our own
natural and human resources, whether these be with respect to
farm products and produce, fresh and salt water resources, lumber,
mining, land, or others.

Altogether, by broadening our base, we should enjoy not only a
higher level income but fuller employment, larger paychecks and
payrolls throughout with the obvious tax and other revenues while
preserving the good industries and good things we presently enjoy.


The Republican Party has long held that minimal agricultural
diversification, low per capita income and a declining rural popula-
tion have accentuated the plight of North Carolina agriculture.

We recognize the inevitable changes which will be reshaping our
farm economy through increased technology and mechanization.
Therefore, we recommend :

1. Greatly expanded technical assistance to enable farmers to
face rapidly changing methods of production.

2. Basic research through experiment stations which will open
up new potentials in crop and livestock diversification.

3. Availability of reasonable long-term capital with which to
finance needed mechanization.

4. We sympathize with the dairy industry. We strongly urge
that a complete investigation be made of the production, pro-
cessing, and retailing of milk in North Carolina because of
the outrageous price of milk.

252 North Carolina Manual


The Republican Party of North Carolina believes the need for
better management of potable water is of such importance that
water resources development should be put on a par with agricul-
tural and industrial development. While water problems in the
State have not yet reached serious proportions, there are some de-
veloping areas where total water demands soon may exceed avail-
able supplies; and, adequate water quality shortly may pose serious
problems for the entire state. Thus, while there is still time to do
so, the Republican Party of North Carolina advocates that increas-
ed emphasis be placed on fully developing water resources of the
State to meet foreseeable State demands for decades to come. We
must immediately get down to the task of systematic planning for
the best use of the State's water resources in an orderly and rational


As this division of the North Carolina Department of Conserva-
tion and Development has functioned in the past, little constructive
emphasis has been placed upon either of the fundamental functions
of conservation or development of Noi'th Carolina fishery resources.

The Republican Party advocates the assumption by the Depart-
ment of Revenue of tax-collecting functions of the Commercial
Fisheries Division which is presently handled by the Department of
Conservation and the North Carolina Department of Conservation
and Development.

We further deem it necessary that the law enforcement functions
of the Commercial and Sports Fisheries Division of the North Caro-
lina Department of Conservation and Development be assumed by
a duly constituted law enforcement agency of the State, the North
Carolina Waterway Patrol. The North Carolina Republican Party
believes that, in this way, more effective and constructive practices
can be established and that valuable contributions to the economics
of the coastal areas of North Carolina can be made. We, further-
more, believe that these accomplishments will inure to the general
benefit of all North Carolinians.

Republican Platform 253

Once relieved of these two functions mentioned above, the Com-
mercial and Sports Fisheries Division of the North Carolina De-
partment of Conservation and Development should direct its efforts
toward the proper objectives of conservation of basic brood stocks
of the State's fishery resources and the development of the fishing
and related industries.

We believe that the Division of Commercial and Sports Fisheries
should be a separate department of government which will place
added emphasis upon research, seafood processing, and marketing
in an attempt to raise the economy of coastal North Carolina and
that this new division should also place added emphasis on the de-
velopment of the sports fishing industry in North Carolina.


The Republican Party recognizes the rights of all persons to enjoy
inland lakes and rivers. We also recognize the dangers and prob-
lems involved when the same streams and lakes are used by different
persons for different forms of recreation. We propose statewide
regulation for the protection and control of boaters, swimmers,
skiers, fishermen, and divers while using our inland public waters.


The progress of North Carolina should not continue to be hamper-
ed by an antiquated, out-moded state constitution adopted in 1868
and cluttered with a hodge-podge of unrelated and confusing amend-

The Republican Party advocates the submission to the people of
a modern up-to-date constitution; the Republican Party shall strive
toward this end.


We recognize that in every economy there are two groups of
indigent citizens, one which is unable to provide for itself and the
other which is unwilling to provide for itself. It is the responsibility
of our State and local government to care for all those handicapped

254 North Carolina Manual

by unfortunate circumstances. Under present pi'ocedure, there is
too much opportunity for abuses in qualifying for welfare assist-
ance. It is true that in all too many cases, persons are receiving
welfare assistance who refuse to work. It is imperative that more
clearly defined limits and restrictions be placed upon recipients of
welfare assistance to the end that cases of necessity are adequately
cared for and cases of abuse are immediately checked and dis-


The North Carolina Republican Party believes that the North
Carolina port facilities at Morehead City and Wilmington are
vitally important to the State and its industries by affording the op-
portunity for world-wide commerce, and we advocate that major
emphasis be placed upon our ports for their expansion in areas re-
garding promotion, advertising, and capital improvements; and we
believe that a modern East-West highway is essential for the growth
and usage of our ports.

We believe that these port facilities can and should continue to
operate on a self-supporting basis in the tradition of a free and
competitive economy.


The North Carolina Republican Party is aware of the tremen-
dous increase of pleasure boating in our coastal water, and is also
awai-e that the lack of concern regarding the boating public is a
detriment to tourist trade in our coastal areas. Therefore, we ad-
vocate the following policies:

1. That there be an acceleration in the construction of boat ramps
and relief stations in our coastal areas to be under the direc-
tion of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

2. That the State inaugurate a politically free Waterway Patrol
to promote safe boating practices, and to provide assistance
and protection for the boating public.

Republican Platform 255


Under the proper interpretation of the philosophy of government
01 our forefathers which we seek to bring into realization, we, the
Republican Party, believe it to be fundamentally true that the will
of the majority ought to prevail within the framework of the Con-
stitution. In the proper exercise of that will, however, a proper re-
gard must be used to safeguard the rights of minorities — whose
members are entitled to equal and full citizenship of this state, and
to the rights and freedoms of choice of the individual citizen.


The people of our state are entitled to have honest elections. If
the people are to have honest elections, it will be as a result of re-
forms in election laws initiated by the Republican Party. After 69
years of Democrat rule, the State's election laws are still the delight
of the unscrupulous politician, being filled with unjust provisions
and handy loop-holes. The recodification of the election laws by the
1967 General Assembly did little more than renumber the sections
and incorporate therein the same inequities that have been the basis

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